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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Scott Rhode murder 10/15/2003 Brownsville, TX *Wife Traci found guilty, sentenced to jail time and a fine*

Scott Rhode

48 Hours Mystery: Point Blank
Rhode’s deathbed displayed in court
Traci Rhode found guilty
Brownsville woman given six months for husband’s murder
Traci Rhode fined, set free for murder
Fort Madison real murder mystery on ‘48 Hours’ Saturday
Traci Rhode’s Mother Speaks to NewsCenter 23
Traci Rhode talks

48 Hours Mystery: Point Blank

     Traci Rhode


134 Responses

  1. I cannot believe this jury found her guilty. Traci, don’t risk your future with an appeal that may take you away from your children. God Bless.

    • why the fuck not. because you feel sorry for her. the jury felt pitty for the children. i hope she fucking die’s

    • gee, anyone who has loving children should be exempt from going to prison. give me a break.

    • I just saw the story and I think that their decision is wrong. Stay strong in the LORD and he will give you strength. I don’t believe you did this and I think the only two people who know are u and the Lord. God Bless

  2. please, the bitch is guilty; who the hell walks 2 miles in the middle of the night? definitely not a woman. murderer!

    • She is the worse liar, I have ever seen.
      That documentary of her, made me want to puke.
      That constant fake sniveling, with no tears was so repulsive.
      What a monster, she should have life in prison.

      • yes its true, i so fucking hate her. tell me how many people put pillows over there heads when they want to kill them selves? she is the best actor ive ever seen! she will pay legaly or NOT!!!!!

      • my thought exactly, she makes me sick.

  3. I think I have to roll with Justin on that one.

  4. I am rolling with Shauncey and Justin on this..

  5. Being from Ft. Madison, Iowa, I personally knew both these people. I have known Scott since kindergarten. When I watched the program the other night it made me sick to my stomach how they portrayed the couple. My memories of Scott was that he was a smart, somewhat quiet person who always had a smile on his face. My memories of Traci is that of a loud-mouth, possessive, girlfriend who kept Scott on a very short leash and who would fly into a rage if he so much as talked or god forbid befriend a girl. I don’t know if she is guilty or not, but I find it strange that a person would commit suicide by shooting through a pillow placed over their head. He did not care enough to stay alive for his family, why would he care enough to try to silence the sound of the gun going off by shooting into a pillow???

  6. sam, i too knew these people and you are right, traci seemed very jealous and controlling of scott, i was shocked when i watched the show as well, they left out a lot of things about scott and traci’s marriage, i dont remember him being jealous, of course i wasnt married to him either, im not saying she shot him but this show left me with more questions than answers? no fingerprints on the gun at all ? did he wear gloves to shoot himself? did anyone witness her walk? where was the shower in relation to the bed room? could you not smell gunsmoke?

  7. michelle,
    I feel the same way. I still have more questions than answers too. I want to know the whole story. I do, however, believe that Traci is where she belongs.

  8. I told my wife that had I been on the juty, it would have been a “deadlocked” jury because there was not enough substantial evidence to find her guilty or innocent. Nor proof or disproof that he killed himself. I believe there was insufficient “motive” on her part and suicide is an undeterminable momentary reaction to much stimuli.

    As to the “blood pattern” blood[liquid] “seeps” through carpet there would not have been enough “external pressure” on the holster and trigger mechanism to block the natural absorption. Then, what about the conflicting pictures of the pillow over that specific blood pattern.

  9. Michelle,
    I wonder why, if Traci claimed to love Scott so much, she had to trash him the way she did on national TV. He is not here to defend himself. I also find it very odd that Scott was so afraid of Traci cheating, which she claims he had no reason to worry about, but she ends up sleeping with a guy within 10 days of his suicide? The other thing that doesn’t add up is Scott using a pillow over his head. If he didn’t care enough to stay alive for his family, why would he care enough to try to muffle the sound of the gun??

  10. woops! Sorry, I repeated myself!!

  11. To all that knew Scott and Traci, you know in your hearts how biased this story was on 48 Hours. To all that are basing an opinion purely off of the CBS tabloid network, grow a brain. We don’t need any more lemmings in this world. The trial spanned over a period of about a month. Even if 48 Hours WANTED to tell both sides of the story, they would not have been able to do it in one hour. The story was so one-sided, it was sickening. Traci made Scott out to be some kind of a monster. What I found bizarre was how many things she said about Scott that I can see in her. She projected herself onto Scott and placed the blame of her own faults onto him. I knew Scott and Traci. I knew Scott to be a very giving, rational acting and sound minded person. He had dreams and plans for the future. I knew Traci to be controlling, possessive and selfish. I have even seen her go into one of her traumatic fits with the shaking hands and bugged eyes. She put on this little act in the courtroom when the verdict was read. You all might find it interesting that 48 Hours paid for the interviews. Those that had things to say that did not fit the sensationalized story line were not interviewed. Scott’s former boss in Tennessee is no longer working at the company where Scott worked. The company went under. It sounds like Scott had legitimate reasons to be concerned about his job. Maybe this Kyle guy (Scott’s former boss) was part of the reason Scott did not feel like his job was secure. I’ve had a boss or two like that along the way. And then you have Scott’s boss’ wife, Raina, who thinks she’s a shrink. She gave such an expert opinion of Scott mental state. How many times did she say Traci told me this and Traci told me that? I never once heard her say anything based on first hand observations. I guess she has her husband wrapped around her little finger. After all, the pair of them now owns some kind of fashion shop. What a great job dude! Glad to see you’re a real man. Traci puts on quite the act, but she always forgets one very important part. Out of all the times they showed her crying, where were the tears?!! How many times did she refer to herself as vindictive, selfish, a tramp and a wh**e? I never once heard Scott refer to his wife in such a manner. Although I did hear him say “I love my wife.”

    • I strongly believe Traci Rhode was a victim of the on going Texas Rangers strong need to their consistent “Open Shut” procedures. In my view she is completely INNOCENT…never knowing either of them, it is clear that Scott had huge issues…to up root his wife and family on a continuous basis is clear proof of his obsession. What sane person does this to children who thrive on being “rooted” I watched the program intensely and after knowing that the crime scene was “compromised” and there were no fingerprints of Traci’s on the gun…well…what is left but to know that this beautiful woman who was tormented by her demented husband and a good nurse and mother is INNOCENT.

      • Get a life Tellier. Did you know Scott personally. I didn’t think so. I believe it is you who has issues to even comment on this “beautiful woman” being innocent. OMG! Did you not see the fake crying? Did you not see the fake display of emotion in the court room? Beware the next man she’s with. She got away with it once and probably could do it again. Hopefully, she doesn’t meet a man who doesn’t want children.

  12. I was so glad to see your post edgewater! I knew the Scott and Traci from high school….not the people they are (were) today. It seems to me that not much has changed in 20 years. The Point Blank program just left me feeling so empty and sick to my stomach. Her mom still lives back here in Fort Madison, Iowa and is always posting things in the newspaper wanting people to help fund Traci’s appeal. I don’t think many people around here that knew Traci will help out. Oh, by the way…I was SHOCKED to find out she was a nurse…..she never had a compassionate bone in her body…I’m sure she did it for the money.

  13. Sam – Scott will always have friends in this world. We know who he was and he will not be forgotten.

  14. A devoted father who meets with Traci and his lawyer 1 day before he dies…tells his wife he wants his son, she freaks out…then the next day Scott is brutally killed…
    Hmmmmm….not too hard to know what really happended…10 days later she is with another man in a hotel…Hmmmm…I know people don’t want to believe it, but the man loved and wanted his children and was done with Traci…obviously she was done with him too…

  15. Sad situation, but Traci knows what happened…I feel sorry for Scott’s sons…they deserved to be able to have a life with their father…he wanted them…VERY sad. Please Traci tell the truth, at least to God.

  16. John, why would you say that they are trying to discredit you. If you have pictures of Traci nude in the bathtub, I guess that would be all the proof that you would need. If you spent such a romantic weekend with her, why are you telling all this here? You don’t sound like somebody I would want to waste my time with. Is Traci supposed to become a nun? Maybe that may not be a bad idea if there are more guys out there like you.

  17. John, I appreciate your explanation and accept it. I am just an outsider looking in and don’t know any of these people personally. Sometimes that really is better because you can sometmes see things clearer as you don’t have any emotions involved. Being a woman that was physically abused for 17 years, it is easy to lean towards someone that has also experienced this even though it doesn’t sound as if it was much, if any, physical abuse. Mental abuse can be just as bad and jealousy is a horrible thing to experience. I would love to know all of the facts and not just what 48 hrs decided to divulge. I do realize that they will choose just what they want to look the way they want it to look.

    Thanks again for explaining more to me.


  18. Sorry, I meant Dateline!

  19. It has been well over five years since someone good was taken from us. Today marks the celebration of Scott Rhode’s life. For those of us that had the pleasure of knowing Scott, we will remember him as being genuine, down-to-earth and good-natured. We will remember his humor, his enthusiasm, the excitement when he told a story, his pride and concern for his kids, his devotion to family, and his love for his wife. For those that wish to cast stones, cast as you might, but understand this. You cannot change the hearts and minds of those who knew Scott. Those memories are etched in stone and the man that we know as Scott Rhode lives on in those collective memories. We miss you brother.

  20. The 48 Hour story was extremely biased and in bad taste. Having said that, only Traci knows the real truth. I find her to be very believable but it wasn’t a live interview either. If it’s a paid appearance and if she had attorneys dictating the taping and editing process, then her credibility goes south.

  21. I’m very pleased she received parole and solely parole. Poor lady, irregardless of the stuff spewed above my posts, I believe the right sentence was offered. Traci, God bless you & your boys. May you have a wonderful life.

    I have my own thoughts as to WHO the palm print belongs to and it is very sad that the LE did not test everyone.

  22. Guilty is determined not by a preponderance of evidence, but evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes convictions can be obtain using circumstantial evidence only, when no other explanation is compelling.

    In this case, it appears to me quite clear that there was insufficient evidence to convict. Nothing to do with her sex life or his alleged conduct, or the use of a pillow or anything else. Solely because there was poor evidence linking her to the trigger of the gun. The scene was compromised and reconstruction lead to conjecture. On that basis, acquittal was the better option.

  23. Only 2 people know what really happened – and 1 of them is dead. That being said, I’ve been in desperate situations where I wasn’t sure violence could be avoided….but each time I was saved. We don’t know what happened in that marriage, we can only speculate. Either way, she will suffer for the remainder of her life, and so will her children. At the very least, she should be allowed to raise them herself to help them deal with the mess made by their parents.

  24. I saw the show last night and was very disturbed after watching it. When I went to bed, I snuggled up to my husband and told him I love him very dearly.

    I believe there were problems in that marriage that nobody other than Scott, Traci and the Lord know about. We saw on TV what 48 Hours Mystery wanted us to see. We also did not see people from High School, we saw people and stories from the last six years.

    I do not disagree with the decision as there was not enough evidence to prove murder or suicide. The police compromised the scene and decided Traci was a murderer before there was reason to truly suspect her.

    Perhaps the palm print on the gun belonged to another man – another man that wanted Traci for his own. This apparently was not investigated. For that reason and the others mentioned, there was not enough evidence to convict.

    I do not believe that Traci killed Scott, but I think that maybe somebody else besides Scott did and she may know who.

    I believe the bottom line is this: Traci and her children will live with this for the rest of their lives regardless of who did what. Those boys love their mother, need her and as far as they are concerned, their dad took his own life. Instead of arguing over who did not get what they deserve and who got away with what, the best thing to do at this point is pray for Traci, her sons, Scotts loved ones and that whoever really did take Scott’s life (if it was not Scott) would come to repentance.

    Peace to all.

  25. I am a criminal defense attorney and several things jumped out at me from the show:

    1. Remember, you did not see all the evidence from the show. The jury did. All 12 of the jurors believed, and believed beyond any reasonable doubt, that Traci Rhode killed her husband.

    2. The expert hired by the defense had to have been discredited by the prosecution for the jury to discount his findings. You did not hear the prosecution’s rebuttal to his findings, but they must have been substantial for the jury to discount them and find Traci Rhode guilty. Any defense attorney can find an “expert” somewhere to say anything he wants. Hell, even Scott Peterson had an “expert” to say when Laci was pregnant.

    3. The suicide makes no sense. A father goes to his attorney with his wife, says he wants full custody and is willing to go through hell and high water to get it, then goes home and commits suicide so he can’t have them?That makes no sense whatsoever.
    What does make sense is the wife saying like hell you’ll have them, then commits murder to keep her husband from having them.
    You have to remember that this woman had another man on the side and was scared it would lead her to losing custody of her children to her husband. How does she resolve that? Why, by killing her husband.

    4. A loving father, and there is no evidence that Scott Rhode was nothing but a loving father, would not commit suicide in his home with his children present. He put a pillow over his head so his children woulnd’t hear the gunshot, but left himself there with his head blown off for them to see? Again, that makes no sense whatsoever. Traci Rhode’s version is inconsistent with the facts.

    5. Why would Scott Rhode, who wanted full custody of his children, kill himself while his wife was out of the house? He didn’t know where she was. He killed himself to leave those kids all alone in that house when he had no idea where his wife was or when or if she was coming back? Again, it makes no sense whatsoever.

    6. When Traci called 911, her first words were, “My husband killed himself.” Or words to those effect. If I found my wife shot in our bed, my first words would not be that she shot herself. I’d be scared to death that someone was in the house, shot my wife, and my children’s safety would be paramount. What did Traci say? She said she got the kids out of the house so they wouldn’t see what her husband did to himself. Not that she was scared for their safety, but that they couldn’t see that their father did to himself. How did she know he shot himself and why was she not concerned about her children’s safety?

    7. As a nurse, her first instincts should be to check for a pulse, anything. She saw the loss of blood and would have at least tried to stop the bleeding. She did nothing. Absolutely, nothing. Well, she called 911 and said her husband shot himself. All while she was out of the house. How convenient.

    8. Why the walk and the shower? The walk was to hide the gloves. As a nurse, she had easy access to gloves and knew their importance. She walked to throw away the gloves. She came back, noticed the gun on the floor, put it in his hands, and took a shower to clean up and called 911. Commit the act, hide the evidence, clean up, call 911. Classic scenario the cops have seen a thousand times.

    9. What you didn’t hear from the story is that the bullet trajectory did not match up with a person lying in bed and shooting himself in the head. IT DID MATCH UP with someone standing over Scott and shooting him in the head.

    10. A person will put a pillow, blanket, etc. over a person they killed or will kill to hide THE KILLER from seeing the result of what they did. She also did it to hide the blood splatter which would have come in contact with her clothes, hair, etc. Again, it makes no sense whatsoever for Scott to have used a pillow to shoot himself to hide it from his children, but to leave himself in the house to be seen by them.

    I could go on and on and on, but the complete evidence was presented to all 12 members of that jury and ALL !2 MEMBERS were convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that Traci Rhode killed her husband.

    I am convinced as well.

  26. Saw the report and totally agree with Bob, the attorney. The real shocker is that the jury let her go – I would think that they might have thought about the possiblity of her shooting her kids.

  27. Bob – I agree completely with your argument. You speak with great knowledge. I have thought much of the same things. I know these people. There is no question in my mind that she did it, and that belief has nothing to do with what has been publicized. The trial lasted for three weeks. Very little information was publicly released during the trial, and very little information has been released since. With the possibility of an appeal, everyone was playing it very close to the vest. People argue that it’s best for the kids to just go on to believe that their dad took his own life and their mother is innocent. How messed up is that?! The kids deserve to know the truth, as hard as it may be. It is unhealthy for them to believe that a parent committed suicide. Suicidal traits are not passed by heredity. They are passed by experience. This a potential curse that SHE has placed on those kids. People say that she should raise them to help them get through this mess, the mess that SHE created. That is just plain wrong. Those kids need to be as far away from her as they can get so they can truly heal from this. She put her own selfish needs ahead of the needs of the kids. This is who Traci Rhode is.

    The appeal had previously been dismissed and the sentencing was finalized on 3/23/09. She got JAIL-TIME! It’s only 180 days, but at least it more than she had. Here’s the link to the article in the Brownsville Herald:…gets_traci.html/.

  28. Bob, I agree will all your points.
    Does anyone know who the murder weapon was registered to? How come nobody is looking at this?

  29. Bob does not speak with great knowledge. It’s ALL speculation. He was not in the court room. He did not see or hear actual evidence. He should be ashamed to call himself a lawyer. I’m not sure that I believe him.
    1. That same jury that found her guilty, sentenced her to Probation. Why? If they truly believed that she killed him why would they let a killer free to raise her kids?
    2. “Experts” can be and were used for both sides. All you proved was that she had a poor defense team.
    3. A man visiting his lawyer for a divorce, realizes that his world is about to crumble…suicide. Makes sense to me. Both arguments can be used but, neither are EVIDENCE. It’s just speculation and rumor. A general psychologist would tell you that a lot of people that kill themselves with gunshots to the head use a pillow. Not for sound muffle but, so that they don’t have to look at the gun themselves.
    4./5. People commit suicide everyday with their loved ones in the house. Suicide is a selfish act. Who do you know that has killed themselves off in the woods somewhere for a stranger to find? Why would a murderer kill someone with three witnesses in the house, Bob?
    6. That isn’t even a valid point. She sees him laying there with a gun next to his hand….I would probably say “my husband just shot himself.” Those aren’t the first words she says anyway. What they played on 48 Hours was not the entire tape.
    7.What people are forgetting is that he WASN’T dead when the cops were called. He was making noises which means he was getting in oxygen. No need for mouth to mouth or pulse checking.
    8.SPECULATION. She walked EVERY morning before work. She also showered every morning like everyone else I know.
    9. That is completely made up and you know it! Both sides were presented and both were found to be inconclusive. Don’t make things up just to fit your agenda. Not very lawyer like, Bob….oh wait…maybe you are a lawyer after all.
    10. I think you already tried to use this one. Number 4?

    Reasonable doubt is all over this. I’m annoyed that folks have made comments about Traci and Scott in regards to how they were in high school. I’m not the same person I was in high school and neither are/were they. No one knows what when on in that house on a daily basis but, Scott, Traci, and the three boys. The boys have stood by Traci’s side without hesitation.
    The suicide weapon was registered to Scott.
    Suicide traits are unfortunatly linked to heredity. Here is one of the most current discussions on the topic. It is linked because depression is linked.
    She is serving jail time. Her mother has had to leave her job and family in Iowa, to raise the three boys. No one else has stepped up to the plate to help with those boys like she has.

  30. She will face justice one day…

    • She has paid a dear price for the mistakes of the Texas Rangers and the Criminal Investigators…..if the Jury was completely convinced of her guilt the penalty would have been far more than it was. They would not see her fit to continue to raise her children and regardless of the legal meeting the day before Scott’s death, we all know that a friendship with someone of the opposite sex is not a crime nor reason to loose one’s children it never would have happened…BUT a man who is obsessed with delusions of grandeur regarding his wife being unfaithful and his being in jeopardy of loosing his job…well I guess that may be cause for suicide….I strongly believe in Traci Rhodes INNOCENCE as well as the Juror’s must also

  31. The kids get the insurance money right. Also Traci will be able to collect Social Security on their behalf. It would seem that money will not be a problem for awhile. She did pretty good for someone that is not supposed to benefit if found guilty of the donor’s murder. By the time that runs out she can go before the BON and get her license back. She will have stipulations but nothing hard to handel if someone will hire you.

  32. I saw this CBS special as well. Even as biased as it was in painting Scott as a twisted man… I still could see through Traci and knew she killed him. Only a woman could get 10 years probation for murder. The jurors even said it was “out of sympathy for the kids”. So let’s see you convict her of murder but would want the kids to be with that mother who murdered their father? That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Traci is a psycho killer and a liar. How could anyone be convinced she is innocent? A pillow placed over the head during a suicide? Why would anyone attempting suicide do that? Nobody would want to miss the mark and be left in a vegetable state. She’ll have to live knowing she lied under oath and she will answer to the ultimate judge.

  33. Yet another instance of police framing an innocent person. They, along with the idiot prosecutors, have been responsible for putting scores of innocent people to death.

  34. I believe it wasn’t a suicide. But I believe Traci didn’t pull that trigger.

  35. Traci was convicted and rightfully so. Her pathetic fake sobbing was nauseating to watch as she lied and lied and tried to paint her husband as a bad and evil person.She walked with a sentence that no one in their right mind should have given to her for cold blooded murder.The show on the matter was heavily biased in her favor.Oh of course she didn’t appeal. If she loved her children she would tell them the truth but of course she never will.

  36. The woman never cried a tear. Not even in the court pictures.
    I see her as a sociopath and you folks saying she will have to live with in her mind… she won’t. She as truly convinced herself that she did nothing wrong and that she did not kill Scott. On the other hand, maybe SHE did not…but maybe her little friend did!

  37. I watched the show and was surprised at how
    the police contaminated the crime scene so
    badly that if there was a murder, no evidence
    would have ever been found. Then they came
    up with their own opinion of what happened and
    made a case on no evidence, but an expert
    I truly believe that Traci did not kill him as I
    have been married to a man whom everyone
    thought was such a loving family man But
    he was controlling and paranoid due to having
    no one in his life but me and his kids. He also
    threatened to take my kids but had no basis.
    After exhausting all legal avenues and finding
    that what our friends believed to be true
    would not hold up in court, but my true
    character would be my witness, he panicked
    at the thought of losing with no family to
    support him and he swallowed a bottle of pills
    in our bedroom. He survived, but admitted
    to the phychiatrist that he thought of leaving
    a note saying I may have poisoned him and
    also admitted he was too much of a coward to
    shoot himself.
    The pillow thing made me think of murder, but
    then I kept thinking that this man did not have
    the guts to put the gun to his flesh and may
    even have wanted to implicate Traci. Who
    knows? But she had too much going for her
    and he stood to loose everything.
    I believe you and feel for you Traci. You went
    through some hell on earth and Scott has
    punished you as he set out to do. He was

  38. I just finished watching a documentary on television regarding this womans convictiona and allegations. I know many people involved in politics lacally and I’m totally disgusted by the verdict of guilty. Its tragic to lose a loved one, and the way she was probed and accused, dispite her genuine tears and unwaivering testimony… the prosecution was so desperate to label his suicide as a murder. She is a victim. I have been victimized by a wrongful prosecution many years ago regarding an auto accident and my 47thousand dollar show car classic… and I understand how crooked prosecution can get when they decide who they want to ‘favor’. I pray for her and that she may rise above the sick evil judgment she’s been labeled as…

  39. Beyond a shadow of a doubt– rings strong to me. And I dont see that here. So Im willing to call this innocent. And just a matter of prosecution and law enforcement wanting to persue no matter who is jailed. I see lots of doubt, so Id go for freedom if I were on the jury. If at a later date, new evidence proved otherwise, so be it. Shes been judged and freed by me and Ill let God to do the rest as He sees fit.

  40. I watche dthe show and I am WITHOUT A DOUBT convinced that Tracy DID NOT KILL SCOTT. The fact is, that if the gun and holster were on the floor the blood still would have seeped through so it wouldn’t be a perfect fit, but if the large pillow were there it might absorb some of that blood. There are also the two pictures of the same scene, a few minutes apart, were evidence is moved to make it fit a murder, that didn’t happen. And if the gun was on the floor, why were there feathers on it. They showed the very large coagulated blood stain on the bed, which was exactly where the gun was. And that explains the blood on the hammer and it would always explain the feathers on the gun as well. When I heard the verdict, I literally wanted to track this poor woman down and tell her, “I believe you.” I believe that the police wanted it to be a murder, so that’s the direction they went. Even though, EMT’s compromised the crime scene and the fact that they didn’t even start collecting evidence for almost 2 hours! There are plenty of cold blooded killers for the police to try to convict, but those people are out on the streets, free, while an innocent mother of 3, has to walk around a convicted killer, with her poor children having to hear that. TRACY, AS A MOTHER, I WANT TO TELL YOU, EVEN IF YOU CHANCE GOING BACK TO COURT TO CLEAR YOUR NAME, THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT WILL ALWAYS SAY YOU ARE GUILTY. DON’T CHANCE IT! LET PEOPLE THINK WHAT THEY THINK. YOU AND GOD KNOW THE TRUTH. AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. HAVE A LONG HAPPY LIFE WITH YOUR BOYS. I AM SORRY YOU HAVE HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS. YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE IN MY PRAYERS. GOD BLESS

  41. I agree with John that Traci’s crying was fabricated and pathetic. It was a constant whine. You can tell a liar from a mile away by facial expressions and actions. And guess what – she’s a liar.

  42. I just saw Point Blank….this woman is a liar. She killed her husband. No doubt. I read all the comments here and anyone that thinks she didn;t kill him is either an idiot or a woman in a bad marriage who wishes she could kill HER husband but is too caught up in being a female victim. (yes yes I am a mysoginist but it doesn;t make me wrong) Scott probably had enough of her act and decided to kick her to the curb but her insecurity would not allow that so she took him out first. I trust those that knew them in high school. SHE was the possessive one not him. (She just role reversed for the 48 Hours cameras) and tried to play the part of the faithful, dutiful wife who perservered because he was the love of her life…..bulloney. Just another bad actress who married right out of high school, had kids and now wants a little strange on the side but can;t figure out how to do it without looking bad to society. Too bad. I say let her hump a few weasels and get it out of her system so she can keep the family unit intact.

  43. Her body language gave her away. At the exact moment she lied she blinked. At times, she even held her eyes shut while she told some lies. This is a telltale sign when studying body language in liars. No tears. A nurse’s automatic reaction should have been to give aid. A wife’s automatic reaction should be to want to help. And then a jury convicts her, gives her probation and gives the children back to a person they themselves believe killed the children’s father. Are they stupid? As my Grandchildren say….WTF?

  44. Chris, you jump all over Bob for giving his OPINIONs and yet you turn around and say there was definitely reasonable doubt in the case. What makes your opinion any more accurate than Bob’s? Maybe we don’t have all the facts, but the jury did and they found her guilty of murder, which Bob stated. Also, I have often found in life that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s probably a duck. I found nothing credible in Traci Robe’s story. Some of her explanations of events were almost laugable. About a week aftter the tragic death of her husband, she’s having sex with a guy – the same guy her husband supposed killed himself over. Her explantion was they just went to the hotel to talk and “one thing led to another.” Her husband, the father of her children kills himself because she confesses she has feelings for another man and a week later she’s sleeping with that guy. How could she have any feelings for her husband and do that? I would think she would be so ridden with guilt, she wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the guy. It’s her absurd explantions of events like that which make me disbelieve almost anything that comes out of her mouth.

    As for the pillow, what documentation can you cite for your statement that someone committing suicide by shooting themselves often uses a pillow? If you are going to make such a claim, why wouldn’t the thoery that Traci used the pillow when she shot Scott so that the blood wouldn’t splatter on her and the sound would be muffled so that it her kids wouldn’t hear it be any less possible? and frankly, I think the latter explanation sounds much more plausible.

    Maybe the case for the prosecution was largely circumstantial, but I have seen prople found guilty on much less evidence. There are just to many holes in the claim that Scott took his own life. For example, why in the world would he take his wife to his divorce attorney’s office one day before killing himself and tell her he wants a divorce and will seek custody of their kids. It makes absolutely no sense. What does make sense is that it would give Traci a prime motive to kill him and try to make it look like a suicide.

  45. Guilty or not gilty I do not know, but one fact I do know: “Be sure your sins will find you out.” Had she not lied and broken the promise she made on her wedding day, all of the happenings and accsuations would have never occurred.

    • GARBAGE…having coffee and chat is not breaking any marriage vows…but disrepecting your family by moving them repeatedly all over the country because of a sick mind IS

  46. I just watched this show last night- and i beleive 100% that she killed him. She was cheating on her husband ( She acted like kissing another man- in a parking lot wasnt cheating) Bullshit!! She wanted to be with that other guy- Then after he brought her to the attorneys office and said he wanted custody of there boys, it made her pissed that for once she was realizing he doesnt need her and neither do the boys. So the only way she could live life like she wanted to was if he was gone. How cold he honestly hold the pillow to his head and be able to shoot and not miss at all? And if he did this why would the gun have been found perfectly laid on the ground like it was? And as a nurse she was why wouldnt she check for a pulse or try and do something to revive him? And if she truly loved her husband and her family why would 10 days after his suicide would she be found in a hotel with another man? Someday she will pay for this and i hope she goes back to court and lives forever behind bars. SHE IS GUILTY. I feel horrible for her children. THIS DISGUSTS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I have few questions as well. No one gave any thought to what Scott’s former boss said about him. With all due respect for Scott, His former boss said that Scott was somewhat worried that someone was going to harm him at work or trying to steal his ideas or along those lines. So was he seeing a doctor then ??. Also Scott has moved his family 5 times in a very short period ending up all the way next to the Mexican boarder , when there are so many places which would have been better for his family. This shows that he suspected Traci was having affairs everywhere they live. So being close to the Mexican boarder chances are low for her. Is it correct to say that Scott was so worried that Traci was unfaithful. But we did not hear any cases like that except one person in Brownsville. I am not sure if someone came to you & kiss you once that could be considered as an affair. We all know men, they have one track mind. . After the murder I don’t know Traci met with this guy 10 times. I thought once or twice?. 99% of these cases after a while they get married. That did not happen. I am not sure this is really a big affair per say ?.

    The hole in the pillow created by the casing ?. I have no idea about guns. The gun was under the pillow, remember ?. So how was that hole created ?.

    I agree, Police did not do a good job. They now say Traci washed her hands in front of them. This shows how good these cops were. They did not check for gun powder. So many lose ends here . There were not enough evidence to find her guilty . Where is the reasonable doubt in this case?. I think a lot, because of bad police work even if you want not to believe her. Murdering someone is onething but if you are not certain you should not let an innocent person go to jail for life.
    There are so many cases in Texas coming out now due to DNA tests exonerating people who have been in jail for years. How do you feel if that happened to you?.

    One thing about her being a nurse , why didn’t she attend to him. That is a good question. But then again, if you are not the one who did this you are just out of your mind, don’t know what to think or do. if your kids are in the house you are so worried that they see this . It is hard to think what people would do in this kind of cases, we are just talking after the fact & as outsiders.

    There are so many cases where police thought that husband or wife did the murder & wasted so much time & later finds out out it was someone else.

    We all agree, Only 2 people know. Traci & Scott.

  48. come on folks…I don;t agree that only two people know. That woman murdered her husband. All the half-baked rationalizations I read on this thread are wrong…that woman murdered her husband. In THIS case the contamination of the crime scene is crap. In some cases it may be a valid reason to raise doubt but not THIS CASE. He held a pillow to his head because he didn;t want to put the gun to his flesh? Whoever said that, get a grip. Whoever wants to tell her “I believe you” … you are a nut. This woman murdered her husband. Women…stop using your own bad experiences to justify this killers innocence. Come on girls take responsibility for your bad choices and stop blaming men. If the guy you are with is a jerk and hurts you, GET OUT. I have been married for 26 years to the same person and I consider myself incredibly blessed adn I feel for all the men adn women in bad relationships, but I will never condone a person like this woman who murdered her husband. She is filth.

  49. the tramp walked after murdering her husband because she had kids? are you serious? is she back shacking up with that loser again?

  50. hello Moonshadow,

    You keep saying that women killed her husband. Not giving any facts. Scott’s former boss said that Scott was somewhat paranoid even before. He is not surprised that Scott killed himself. Police had no proof what so ever. Only theories. They wanted to make a story out of this so they look good. This happens all the time.

    She did not ask for an attorney . She is an educated women & if she had killed him first thing she should have known is not to talk to the police without an attorney.

    I have no idea how a jury could find her guilty with not a single thread of evidence. Police even couldn’t prove that she has any affairs.

    • You might consider that Scott’s boss probably only knew about their relationship via what his wife told him, which was what Traci told her. Someone has suggested she was projecting her own attributes onto him when describing him to others. I do note that several who claim to know her say she has an unpleasant personality. I have a brother who projects his shortcomings onto me in rants, so I know this interesting psychological defense mechanism first hand.

  51. anyone notice she never shed 1 tear? obviously lying. guilty and she got away with murder. unreal!

    • Yes she did get away with it, but she’ll go to hell for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a cold blooded killer

  52. oh…….. and by the way…. who commits suicide by putting a pillow over their face before shooting themselves?

  53. I just watched this on 48 hours. Not knowing these people personally its such a hard one to call for me because she seems so believable, although a bit too emotional. The one thing that bugs me that another poster mentioned: why would someone shoot themselves lying under the blankets in bed and through a pillow? Kind of a bizarre way to kill yourself. I think she did it and I feel sorry for her kids but like anyone else she should pay for her crime and her mother should have custody of the kids.

  54. This is a case where Occam’s razor applies. Reading the posts by michelle, sam and edgewater who knew both people Traci was the loud mouthed, controlling manipulator. He wanted the divorce and custody of the kids which seems like someone making plans. The only plan someone who wants to kill themselves makes is how to kill themself. Who cares more about muffling the sound of a gunshot? The person committing suicide or the person who pulled the trigger and will be around later? WHy didn;t she try to help him? Nurses are trained to provide aid, why didn’t she do something to help the “love of her life”? Why did she wash her hands in front of the police if not to clean any GSR off? Why was she with another man a week after her husbands death? Circumstantial? Perhaps, but much more credible adn likely than believing that he was paranoid and killed himself because he was depressed. Traci comes across as a strong woman who knows what she wants for herself. She is also a murderer.

  55. Just saw this show. What morons like Chris seem to be missing is a simple fact that was stated during the show. NO FINGERPRINTS on the weapon. Hmm, did Scott wear gloves to shoot himself? I guess he had the presence of mind to take them off and dispose of them after a bullet put a hole in his head.

    NO FINGERPRINTS people. That points to not a suicide. That does not put the act of shooting squarely in the wife’s hands, her boyfriend could have done the shooting. Regardless, the shooter wore gloves to not leave any fingerprints.

  56. Did anyone ever think that the boyfriend did it? How convenient was it that she went for a walk in the middle of the night and just happens to leave the door open? The boyfriend with gloves on walks into the house immediately after she leaves for her walk, goes upstairs, puts the pillow over the husbands face and fires the Ruger. He then puts the gun in the husbands hand and covers his face and hands back up with the pillow. Remember, their wasn’t any blood and the victims hands. Then the boyfriend walks back out of the house and scurries away. The wife then returns from her walk approximately 30 minutes later and goes upstairs and into the shower. She then hears “moaning” and goes into the bedroom, moves the pillow and notices all the blood that has now run out all over the place. She calls the police and immediately tells them that her husband has shot himself. Wouldn’t the normal response be that ” my husband has been shot”. She clears out of there and can honestly say that she didn’t kill him. She merely planned, orchestrated, and carried out the accessory to murder charge that she should have been charged with. Only 10 days later she’s banging the very man that did kill her husband. Probably because that was part of the deal. Unreal. And of course she doesn’t appeal. People need to wake up.

  57. Seroiusly, how could a pillow with a hole in it and gunpowder burns, be laying ON TOP of the very hands and gun that just shot through it? His hands magically moved under the pillow after shooting himself? She clearly said that she moved the pillow to find him shot and bloody. Its impossible. Lay on your bed, use a pencil as a gun, put the pillow in front of your face, put the pencil gun on the outside of the pillow and “shoot” through it and then explain how could your hand and gun then get under the pillow. You can’t because it’s impossible.

  58. 1. Did you people know that most people used pillows when the commit suicide
    lying on the bed ?. This is a fact.

    2. What kind of a dad wants his kids to show his brains out ?. Kids were sleeping in the house.

    3. I remember Traci telling the cops & 60 mins that Scott was breathing & there was nothing she could do rather than calling 911. Medics confirmed that Scott was breathing when they arrived. Did she wait 5-10 mins to call 911 ?. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    4. Scott moved the family so many times thinking traci was having affairs & cops did not have a single case of that. This “so called” affair is really an affair ??

    5. Scott’s former boss said he was not surprised Scott committed suicide . yes ?

    6. There are so many innocent people in jail . Police corruption, Biased judges, Jury etc. We do have the worst justice system among industrialized ( 1st world !) countries

    7. large no. of jurors can not even think logically in this country.

    8. What kind of a Jury find a person guilty for murder 1 & give probation ?
    They knew they came to a rushed judgment & wanted to make the wrong right.

    9. There was so much of ” reasonable doubt” here . Does anyone know what “reasonable doubt is “, really ???

    10. She said why she cleaned the blood. What kind of Stupid cop let some one wash hands in a case like this ??. These cops were so freaking stupid idiots , most of them are !!!

    11. Only mistake she did was meeting & going overboard with this so called BF after Scott’s death. They did not get married !!. Perhaps the guy was trying to get Traci to love him. We all know , we the men are PIGS !!

  59. Wow! What a puzzling case. 3 “common sense” points allready covered from previous blogs: Being a nurse, why didn’t she help the man she said I DO to; she said I DON’T…second, I DO have real grief—so why are you in the arms of another man right after his death? Maybe she DOESN’T… finally, why didn’t she testify? I DO want to clear myself; maybe she DIDN’T know how.
    All I know is people do lie. What are you supposed to say if you are going to prison for the rest of your life. It was either him or her. Circumstantial evidence, aka common sense, seems to point to her GUILT. The footnote injustice here is that a convicted murderer received probation. What were those 12 people thinking? “Just in case we’re wrong, let’s make it somewhat bearable for her.”

  60. just saw the show tonight—too many suspious details ——–does she always go for walks at that time or just that day??——-why would he put a pillow over his head–most people who want to shoot themselves just do it –they don,t usually plan details like pillows ———having the children in the courtroom -not a great idea!———seen alot of true stories and fictional stories——so you get to know what,s what ———-the jury was maybe too soft on her because of the kids———will this happen again??———–and if the marriage was bad—why would she stay——–was their a large insurance policey on her spouse??——–

    • it wouldnt be unusal to get up and walk at that time of the morning when as a nure, work can start at 6.45am.

  61. It is just sad to watch this kind of show. I watch it because I am curious but I notice the majority of murders take place is about jealousy and money issue.
    I could not understand why people have to kill someone just for MONEY? It’s so pathetic and sickening!!! I think those murders who kill innocent people because they are greedy and lazy. Why can’t those murderers go to school and find a job?

    I think Traci Rhode might be a very good actor or she is really innocent!

  62. I just watched the show and it was so obvious that Traci Rhode killed her husband. All these posts are very interesting and it appears that more believe that she did kill her husband than not. I just wonder how the jury thought it was the best thing for her children to be raised by someone who killed their father? Hopefully one day, they will know the truth. And as for Traci, there is another judgment day coming, the one she can not escape or be put on probation.

  63. I thought insurance will not pay it you take your own life. So if the “big” insurance pay day” was in her mind she should have know as a nurse .

    Why would she say this was a suicide is she wanted to collect insurance money??. Make sense ???

    Police found a palm print does not match Traci or Scott. At least that is what they said. I have no faith in the police in this case. very incompetent.

    is it possible Scott woke up after Traci left for a walk as she did almost everyday , took the gun, came back to the bed & committed suicide after some time?. may be he was thinking whether or not to do that while under the sheets ?
    Medics said he was breathing. It is very possible after shooting in the head he moved his hand & tried to curled up inside the sheets?.

  64. I still want to know –

    If it was a suicide like some people believe here, why no fingerprints? That is an impossibility.

  65. As soon as I heard her say “My husband has shot himself” on the 911 call, my red flag went up ! How did she know he had committed suicide? she wasn’t there when he allegedly shot himself , so how did she come to that conclusion right away ??? I was very angry with the Jury giving her probation. They said they were thinking of the children growing up without their mother and felt sorry for them. Did she think about the children when she murdered their father ???? Did she care that they would grow up without a father ??? the answer is NO. When u convict someone of murder, you don’t let them get away with it. STUPID POLICE WORK AND A STUPID JURY.

  66. Why I believe whole heartedly Traci DID pull the trigger:

    She did lots of yaking and crying, but no one single tear drop formed.

    Why would someone clearly depressed and wanting to kill himself put a pillow over his head?

    The blood pattern in the carpet clearly matched the gun and the holster. The gun was on the floor. Traci is the only one that could have picked it up and placed it in his hands.

    No blood on the outside of the gun.

    Call me crazy or paranoid but it is next to never you hear of a young attractive woman out walking ‘alone’ in the middle of the night…

    Why wouldn’t Scott’s fingerprints on the gun if he was indeed the shooter as she would like for us to believe?

    She was rolling around between the sheets with another man in a hotel room 10 days after her husband and father of her children was dead. This is not the actions of a widow in mourning…

    Traci was a trained nurse and didn’t once try to retrieve him or place ice around his head. She is nothing all at.

    I just keep remembering her cying over and over and NOT ONE single tear !!!

    She’s a murderous, scamming, tramp (who was most likely screwing around on Scott) and basically got away with it.


    Why I believe whole heartedly Traci DID pull the trigger:

    She did lots of yaking and crying, but no one single tear drop formed.

    Why would someone clearly depressed and wanting to kill himself put a pillow over his head?


    The blood pattern in the carpet clearly matched the gun and the holster. The gun was on the floor. Traci is the only one that could have picked it up and placed it in his hands.

    No blood on the outside of the gun.

    Call me crazy or paranoid but it is next to never you hear of a young attractive woman out walking ‘alone’ in the middle of the night…

    Why weren’t Scott’s fingerprints on the gun if he was indeed the shooter as she would like for us to believe?

    She was rolling around between the sheets with another man in a hotel room 10 days after her husband and father of her children was dead. This is not the action of a widow in mourning…

    Traci was a trained nurse and didn’t once try to retrieve him or place ice around his head. She did nothing all at.

    I just keep remembering her cying over and over and NOT ONE single tear !!!

    She’s a murderous, scamming, tramp (who was most likely screwing around on Scott) and basically got away with it.

    • Penny,

      I am sorry, but your other comment won’t be approved. Not because of content, honestly I did not read it, because it was done in ALL CAPS. Read my comment policy and you will see that I do not approve them. It is the same as yelling at people. If you want to rewrite it, it will probably be approved. Thanks 🙂

  68. One of the most important questions of all that no one has considered yet:

    If Scott was indeed angry and wanted to go after the ‘other man’ in traci’s life… and truely intended to kill him, WHY DID HE GRAB THE BAT. Why didn’t he grab his GUN?

  69. Traci Rode was found guilty… because SHE IS guilty.

    You know what they say, if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck… well, you get it!

  70. Very good to see that most posters to this thread think Traci is guilty. She is. Someone stated that it is a fact that most people use a pillow when committing suicide? what are you nuts? Where does that fact come from? Who said most police are idiots… again are you nuts? Please tell me you are in law enforcement and speak from inside knowledge. The police don’t need to prove affairs. Just ’cause they don;t go looking doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. If Scott’s boss wasn’t surprised suicide was a being considered doesn’t mean he did it. Is is possible and reasonable that Scott was depressed because of his choice of spouse? He was taking steps to start divorce procedings. Not the act of someone considering suicide but an act of someone planning a future. I love the posts laying out the facts (rather than speculation on pillows as a suicide accessory or imcompetent police) No blood or fingerpriints on the gun and so on. Now those are facts. She is a sick narcisistic puppy who got away with murder.

  71. This programme has just hit NZ. Guily as sin!!. I hope she appeals and the jury see right through her!!

  72. I watched the program and I believe she is Guilty as sin. I am a psychologist and I am trained to know when people are lying. The way her eyes moved, when she blinked and her facial expressions, all are tell tale signs of a manipulating liar. The woman shed no tears the entire interview, which for somebody who really loved her husband I find hard to comprehend. Plus, she is a nurse and apparently Scott was still breathing at the time of the paramedics arrival, yet what did she do to help him?

    I have also never heard of somebody placing a pillow over themselves when they commit suicide, ever. I found the 911 call suspicious also, any normal person who just found their husband dead would be hysterical, screaming and crying yet she did not sound like she was expressing any of those feelings.

    Also she claims to have only kissed another man and that was the extent of the affair, yet she continues to call it an ‘affair’, most people think of an affair in a sexual nature which leads me to believe she was indeed sleeping with the other guy.

    I believe she was found guilty because she IS GUILTY. How the jury gave her probation I will never know.

  73. okay first to discredit Justin, i walk 2 miles, and i hate to tell you but on a base or active military do a lot walking and running, people do exercise even thou you find it to believe, but i love taking long walks when its great night to do so , it doesn’t mean i would kill my husband, its just stupid to make asumptions about someone elses life, i think every time some makes negative statements walk mile in their shoes better yet, careful who judge it might be you sitting in that interrogation chair for something you couldn’t imagine ever happening to someone you love.

  74. Oh my gosh, everytime I see this story rebroadcast, I cannot believe she walked away from this! Have you ever noticed when she speaks, there is much high pitched whining, but never, let me repeat NEVER one tear, when she is trying so hard to produce one? No finger prints on the gun? Really? did he put gloves on before he shot himself? Then she sleeps with her boyfriend and justifies it saying she was so far from home blah blah? If my husband was just killed I would be ready for a straight jacket, whether we were having problems or not, she is guilty!

  75. i think she is hot and i’ll take my chances

  76. I was sickened by the guilty verdict!! I can’t believe that anyone could twist things like that prosecuter did!! The only motive was a kiss from another man and blood on the gun!! Hello genius there is blood everywhere!!! And if the gun fell in the floor from her hands the pattern on the floor still wouldn’t make sense because the part of the gun w blood on it was on clean carpet and the gun would not have soaked up all the blood!!! They said he was a doting father and never would have killed himself!! Wow!!! My brother in law worshipped his kids!! He was w my sister since they were 23 last year he killed himself!! Leaving a note saying here’s me signing your divorce papers!! Although my sister stayed he abused her y the same reason traci did she loved him!!! Good outweighed the few bad! This man Like my brother n law knew that it was a possibility of really losing everything!! I mean every one who files for divorce puts they want custody doesn’t mean they will get it and most men don’t!! Traci I hope that you are doing well!!! This whole situation is dumb!!!! A prosecutor needed some points and ruined an innocent woman!! I stand by traci 100 % when someone commits suicide it’s hard!! But to be painted a murderer!!! Sad!!! Just because you don’t think someone will kill themselves doesn’t mean they won’t!! Traci god knows the truth and he is all that matters!!

  77. Few points left out as I have worked in law enforcement there are a few things I will say! Many cases of suicide are done w a pillow because the person is more likely to hesitate if watching! Also secondly it said there was a palm print but it was not tested if you pick up a gin you do it by the grip and when you shoot it’s palm on fingers touch your hand! So she went walking a lot of us women get up walk and come home and shower before starting the day!! Oh and walk alone in the dark!!! Next she said my husband shot himself.., hmm exactly what I would say if i came in saw a gun beside him and him bleeding!! Then well she had sex with a man ten days after her husband died! She lost her husband had no friends and was being accused of murder! She reached out to a man and her emotions were crazy we all grieve different case in point snapped showed a military woman convicted of murder w Arsnic of her husband because she got a boob Job and partied after his death later to be released because oops no arsenic the lab made a mistake! He takes her to his atty office and says he wants a divorce and is taking the kids wow as a mom I would be like ok bring it!! Prove me unfit!!! He probably talked to the atty who said it’s a long shot since mist Attorneys tell men that right bob!! She didn’t give him aide! First she was in shock even as a nurse you find someone you live like this and it changes you!! Like she said he was breathing what could she do?? I would have done what she did remove my kids so when sirens woke them they would not run to the one place all kids go and see that!! Come on people look at the evidence unbiased and not with your own spin!! Look at it as though it’s your life being judged because you never know when your world will change and your being tried by the jury ! Just because people knew you in school doesn’t mean anything people in school knew me too but they don’t know what goes on in my home!! People think men are great family men then here they come in the jail!!!

  78. Scott’s paranoid behaviors at home and work believing co-workers were plotting to have him fired and that his wife was cheating say he was having a subtle mental break from Subliminal Distraction exposure. When he did something to slightly increase that exposure the mental break peaked causing the suicide. He may have used the pillow to muffle the sound of a gunshot.

    None of it will make sense. Although the mental event usually remits quickly with no treatment or after effects, it is a full psychotic break. My wife hallucinated thousands of dollars were missing because of accounting mistakes she made. Nothing I could argue would change her mind. I had to hide keys, then disable cars to prevent her driving away while I slept.

    There have been at least two other cases where the husband was convicted of killing the wife when the circumstances show Subliminal Distraction was involved.

    Disappearances and disappearance suicides are another outcome of this exposure. Discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers the cubicle was designed to stop it in offices by 1968. There have been two student disappearance suicides at Georgia Tech. Joe Morse’s roommate emailed diagrams of their study/computer desks to show Morse had Subliminal Distraction exposure for months before he vanished, flew to Miami, Florida, and committed suicide the next day.

    A simple presentation of the unrealized history of these mental breaks is on the “Letters” page at VisionAndPsychosis.Net.

  79. I think the prosecution sees only what they want to see…I do not believe Traci killed him. Way too many ppl were all over the scene before any photos or evidence was collected. A severely compromised evidence scene..who can really say who moved what where??…None of that was really brought up which I’m sure the prosec. was glad about.
    Just going to high school with a person doesnt mean a thing..ppl usually only show ppl what they want them to see..I think he hid his other side from everyone except Traci. Jealous rages are extremely hard to live wonder she just wanted someone nice to care abt her for a bit. She’s human.
    No one truly knows what her husband was thinking..ppl do not always think rationally…Maybe he slept with the gun under the pillow for some other reason and awoke to find her gone and had an angry split second decision that he just cldn’t cope any longer….to me, there just wasn’t enough to convict. They talked the jury into it. Our justice system is corrupt & does not work all the time. I have absolutely no faith in it or our government today…most of them should be behind bars!!
    Just saying…

  80. Any body think the boyfriend did it????????? Was he questioned?? hmmmmm?

  81. I would like to address that many of us women get up in the early hours of the morning to go for a jog or walk before starting our daily rituals of grooming and preparing for work. I, too, have a family to pick up from day care, make dinner for, and put to bed after the long work day, so running in the dark early hours is my only option. I would like to think that if something happened to my husband while I was out for a jog at 4:30 a.m. that I wouldn’t automatically be suspected of murder and that I was out hiding evidence.

    This story is resonating with me because an old school friend of mine is just emerging from an endured hell after her husband committed suicide due to jealousy over things he misunderstood. It woke us all up to what depression can do to a person.

  82. OMG….I just watched Dateline and the story was not WHY I think she is guilty of murdering her husband but rarher all the (apparently) fake whining and crying (with no tears I might add) as she retold the events years after it all took place, Come on folks. Yes, the telling of such a tragedy may invoke this type of emotion as you tell it the first 10, 20, or 30 times but after years of recalling the events, anyone becomes more steady and less emotional. She was so obviously fake. The only thing that bothered me worse than her fake emotions was the prosecution and law enforcement and their gross mishandling of the crime scene and how the case was so circumstantial due tho their compromising the crime scene. She was so extremely lucky to have recieved probation and the very idea she even considered appealling the decision of the jury was another example of her fakeness. She seems to only care about convincing people she’s not guilty instead of mourning the death of her children’s father. So, is she raising her children with money from social security death benifits? How bizzare is that? Evil is convincing others that the truth is a lie. Therefore, I think she’s evil.

  83. She is not ‘evil’ as that is simply a construct– a concept of Man. But she thought she could get away with murder, and the forensics caught her. I have read over 2 THOUSAND death penalty cases, and numerous suicide reports. I have read of guys who killed themselves with shotguns, handguns, grenades, ropes, knives, pills, jumping off buildings and more. Guys who kill themselves with a handgun DO NOT PUT A PILLOW between themselves and the gun. I have never read of anyone doing that.

    Even though she was a nurse and knew things about death, she knew NOTHING about how people kill themselves with a gun. She botched the murder, and botched it completely.

    In all the suicides I have ever seen, the person doing it does not try to hide it because there really is no way to hide it. They don’t care what happens after they die, and don’t care how people find them. This woman was going to see her husband divorce her. She knew the kind of man he was and that he was going thru with it…. if he said he would do it then she knew him well enough to know he was going to do it. He had made up his mind and he was leaving her, and he was taking those kids with him.

    She killed him.

  84. One of the things that convinced me she was guilty, was that day he took her to the divorce office and said he wanted a divorce and wanted custody of the kids. He wanted a divorce. So he had no reason to kill himself that night. Also I thought it was too convenient that the gun landed in his hands perfectly, if he shot himself he very likely would’ve let go of the gun or the gun would have landed in a different manner. She should get the rest of her life in prison. That jury is the most retarded jury in history, how can you convict her of murder, and then sympathize and give her probation because you felt bad for the kids. If you cared for the kids, you wouldn’t leave them in the care of someone who they recently convicted of murdering their dad. Well that’ Texas for ya, bunch of dumbasses.

  85. i hope the bitch gets her’s in prison, she was a cheating whore.

  86. Were the children in the house? He might have wanted to make sure he didnt make it, the pillow muffled the sound so that he could not have made it and he might have did that so that the children wouldnt know and only the lady would find him. I saw another case where a woman wanted to kill herself and blame it on her husband, she went through alot of trouble to make it look like he did it.

  87. My 2 cents does not mean too much……but , i watch TLC all the time & I say The crime scene was messed up ! The gun was probably moved while EMT was there and why did the cop that said he found the gun in his hand and he MOVED IT did not get Fired….many people are looking for work(always not just now with how the economy is) and I say Get rid of the ones that screw up and give the job to a person that does the job right. They move ShTuff around the “crime scene” and that is OK???? Glad she is FREE.

  88. I do not think she did it, after all this time her story hasn’t changed even a minor answer, any good lie does make a mistake at least once she never made that mistake, the one question I have is why she was talking a walk at 4 in the morning..

  89. We see so many things in this country and all around the world, if this man did not kill himself then of course someone else did,if he was a good man he is with Jesus Christ. Someone will pay for this someday, maybe Traci did it, maybe someone else did this,I hope the children will grow up as normal as can be expected after all this. May GOD Bless everyone involved.

    • May God bless everyone involved???…including the murderer???

      If it was Tracie Rhode who was murdered, and not her husband, nobody would talking about “God” and “blessing” everybody.

      Give me a break.

  90. This case shows what a farce our justice system is. Does anybody seriously contend that a man convicted of 1st degree murder of his wife would get 2 days in jail and 10 year probation???? Paleeez. What a joke. Look at all the female authored comments that say things like “Tracie, God bless you”. God bless you??? HOW SICK IS THAT? Another moronic comment I’ve seen is “it’s a known fact that it’s common method of suicide to shoot self in the head through pillows” Ooohh ya. Guys are always shooting themselves in the head through feather pillows. Right.

    The whole thing is a total farce and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our country simply refuses to hold women accountable for ANYTHING, not even 1st degree murder when it’s totally blatant. This cases proves it.

    • Hey…don’t lump all females into the same category. Some of us are actually logical thinkers and realize that Traci is a manipulative woman. Her constant whining and crocodile tears made me want to slap her.

  91. Almost forgot. It’s sick that Tracie Rhode put her kids on the stand to plead for a light sentence for killing her sons’ Dad. The boys testified willingly, but they are still very young and naive. When they get into their 20s, they will they were used in a sneaky way and they will resent it. In time, they won’t be so “cool” with the whole Mom murdered Dad thing. I GUARANTEE the youngest boy, who appears to be about 9 years old, will be mad that he was pressured into testifying at the penalty phase of the trial for his mother’s sentence. Children should not be used in this way in a trial and shame on the judge and everybody else that allowed it to happen. Disgusting.

    Nice justice system you got there Brownsville.

  92. I caught a part of the story again while surfing the channels and I was once again amazed this miserable excuse for a human being got away with murder. She is pure excrement. Ladies if you married the wrong schmuck then either walk away or stand tall and shoot him. Stop hiding behind lame excuses, stop whining and trying to manipulate everyone into believing your victimship story. Men, if you are married to some worthless boat anchor like traci, get rid of them. Don’t shoot yourself in the head through a pillow, shoot them. Don’t settle for some manipulative loser just because they sleep with you. Either hold them accountable for their BS or dump them. Have some pride. Don;t let them continue to run their scam. Scott did and she gave him the gun. She is a miserable turd.

    • Why would a woman bother getting a divorce when she can just shoot the guy in the head?

      If you’re just a regular guy, nobody will care. See how absolutely nobody involved in the case gave a hoot…including his kids?

      Nobody cares at all.

  93. Traci Rhode is a disgusting excuse for a human being. No doubt she is also a Bible thumper. Now she is making money off of murdering her husband. She needs to spend it on some acting lessons. I feel sorry that her boys have a manipulative liar for a mother. It’s incredible that the justice system in this country allowed a convicted murderer to be given only probation, and later 1/2 year in jail. She will burn in hell when her time comes.

  94. I believe she is not guilty, I have watched so many of these shows and generally there is no emotion from the killers at all in their denial’s because they are too cold hearted to care. There is no evidence that I saw that proves she is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I feel for her, and wouldn’t be surprised if he used the pillow because he wanted to make it look like she did it, just to get even with her. God knows the truth and Traci I believe you are innocent.

  95. Guilty or not, I don’t feel that Traci trashed Scott, she didn’t portray him as a monster. She portrayed him as a person with mental health issues, and so did many others, including Scott’s boss.

    This is a REALLY tough case. I haven’t seen a single person who made a compelling case for guilt or innocence. Everybody seems to believe what they want to believe. I know that my opinion is based entirely on what I want to believe, so I’m not even going to express my opinion. It means nothing.

  96. She might have done it, but she should have been found not guilty – too much reasonable doubt. Besides, even if she did kill him, he was a bastard and deserved to die.

    • So there wasn’t enough evidence to prove guilt or innocence but you’re convinced you know who Scott was based on a 45 minute tv program? You’re the kind of person who shouldn’t sit on a jury, vote or voice your “opinions”…ever. You’re an emotional thinker, otherwise known as a sheep. Scott didn’t have fair representation on the show whatsoever, so for anyone to draw a conclusion about him is ludicrous. Heaven forbid the same thing ever happens to you and you can’t speak for yourself.

  97. My problem is the pillow with burn stains on it I don’t see him doing this part he wouldn’t cover it up so the mufling was her doing

  98. They should get ghost adventures crew to go to that house and use sb7 spirit box to here from Scott rhode himself cause if it was tragic than he might still be there

  99. I just saw this story on ID. Traci is a drama queen. A lot of theatrics and not a single tear. She is her own worst enemy. My advice for Traci would be to stay away from the cameras. The crocodile tears were silly and unnecessary.

  100. i don’t know much about this case, i couldn’t watch the 48 hrs show of it because i couldn’t stomach traci’s, what i believe to be, fake cries. i just felt she did it, but wasn’t sure because i didn’t watch it. but reading the comments of them that knew them both, yeah, she sounds very likely to have killed him. & that she only got 6 months is a travesty. many women do run before the sun is up though. and if she did run it, i’m sure it was just for alibi.

  101. Pretty strange that in most shootings the hands and clothes of the suspect are tested for gun shot residue. Tracie rinsing her hands would not remove residue from her arms /clothes and other body parts. Guilty or not it was super sloppy unprofessional police work. I think the police are far more dishonest than she is. Yeah she came across as fake but many people do. Even when they are being honest. Its hard to say guilty or innocent but i can say that i trust her more than i do those redneck cops.

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