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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Mina Pajela murder 4/25/2001 Pleasant Grove, UT *Kerri Fae Brown pleads no contest; receives up to 30 years in prison*

Mina Pajela

Pl. Grove woman found dead
Pl. Grove police seek tips in puzzling death
Money motive in Pl. Grove slaying?
Charges loom in death of woman
Embezzlement suspect fails to show in court
Arrest made in ’01 slaying
Bail granted in murder case
Charges dropped in slaying of woman
Murder charge is refiled
Murder suspect remains free
Time line in Pajela case
Arizona woman to face trial in ’01 slaying
Brown jailed in slaying of woman in 2001
March trial date set in ’01 slaying
Arizonan mulls plea bargain in ’01 slaying
Brown pleads no contest
Rearrest is sought for killer of boss
Brown back in jail for court violation
Daughter of murder victim blasts prosecutors in case
Brown gets prison terms
Utah prisoners train service dogs for veterans


Snapped: Kerri Fae Brown
My Dirty Little Secret: Who Killed the Mormon Millionairess?
Momsters: When Moms Go Bad: Deadly Deceit


Offender Number: 169163
Offender Name: KERRI FAE BROWN
DOB: Tue, 10 Jul 1962
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight: 170
Sex: F

Race: White
Gender: Female
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Utah State Prison


14 Responses

  1. I happen to have been in prison with Kerri and know here quite well. Although i will not disclose anything about the crime itself, I would like to talk about Kerri.
    She is a very fun and caring person. She always helps other inmates feel more comfortable and helps everyone with anything that they need. I feel that if Kerri did actually commit such a horrible crime, she had to have felt threatened in some way. I am not saying that what happened isn’t wrong. I am just saying that bad things happen to good people.

  2. I worked at the assisted living facility at the time of this tragedy. In fact, i shared an office with Kerri just to the side of Mina’s office.
    I also don’t believe that Kerri could or would have done this. There’s something very wrong with this story and wish i would know something to be able to help her.
    I found Kerri to be a very warm and caring person and just can’t imagine her doing this to one of her best friends at the time.
    It’s too bad it happened, but i believe they have the wrong person paying for it.

  3. My aunt is Daughter of Kerri Brown and I feel that all of this is all wrong Kerri is such an amazing and caring person and she wouldn’t have the heart to commit such a horrific crime such as this, she is not that kind of person every time we were with her when I was younger she was always very compassionate and always cared about other people’s feelings and is a wonderful and as well joyful mother to all her children and regardless to all of this I cant judge her nor I wont because I love her and im always gonna keep my love and prayers for her! The truth will come out someday and whoever did do this will have to pay and thats a shame that someone so innocent has to pay for someone els’es crime! you should be ashamed!

  4. Kerri is a con artist. She did nothing but lie to the people who cared about her the most. She’s a fake, a phony, a thief, and, I have no doubt, a cold blooded killer. She destroyed trust, personal finances, and the lives of her victim, her victim’s family, and her own children. She’ll rot just like she deserves, either in prison or in Hell.

  5. Minas daughter had a crazy fight with her mother two weeks before the murder. Mina told her daughter that she was going to be disinherited from her large estate. Mina was getting ready to write her daughter out of the will when this happened. Why would a murderer move a car out of a garage where they could light it on fire while being seen? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the murderer didn’t want the house or valuables inside destroyed because they stood to inherit them? Kerri is a thief, not a murderer and she has been made into a scape goat. Another interesting fact is that the forensic team didn’t find the blood splatter in the gun until the second time they had it. The gun had been fired several times in between and firing a gun most certainly destroys biological evidence. BTW the ballistics didn’t match, only the planted blood splatter did. There are political motivations behind this and you don’t offer someone a 2nd degree manslaughter charge in place of a first degree murder charge unless you lack evidence. The criminal justice system is corrupt and mandatory minimums force innocent people to take plea deals because if they lose at trial they face much stiffer penalties. Any criminal defense lawyer will tell you that trial regardless of the facts is a crap shoot. Why did they drop the charges for two and a half years? Why does Kerri continue to proclaim her innocence? What most people don’t know is that her plea deal has already made her eligible for parole. Interesting don’t you think?

  6. I think all you white religious freaks that live in your white creepy utah world can’t digest that one of your own “sweet and caring” admitted thief is also a murderer. Even if she didn’t pull the trigger she was involved and she KNOWS who killed Mina if it was not her. Forget all your sick paragraph long analyses of what a caring sweet person she is and how shocked you all are and pray for the poor murdered woman’s family. God bless Mina Pajela and her family, may they feel peace and may she rest in peace.

    • Faletoa,

      Please don’t lump all Utahns together, we are not all the same. (I live here, but was thankfully not born here). And we have quite a few murders here, including child murders, and have people on death row. So we know that murder occurs, even among the religious (yes, Arthur Bishop, serial child killer, was a Mormon). And there are murders from the non-religious. Some of us who are not of the dominant religion are offended to be lumped in the way you have just done (or rather, implied).

    • You should be ashamed of your racism.

  7. @Faletos YOU are a racist! YOUR comment wreaks of racism, and YOU should be ashamed of yourself, talking about “WHITE” people the way you do, take a long hard look in the mirror while YOU are pointing YOUR finger @ “WHITE” people, guess what? For that BIG HUGE finger you have pointing with your racism spewing from your heart, there are THREE fingers pointing back at YOU! Go suck on that! I just despise it when people have hearts like faletos it is people like faletos that make this world the ugly place it has become to live in.

  8. Even nice people can kill. How do you think sh got close to Mina in the first place? “When youhave friends like this, who needs enemies.”

  9. Kerri Fae Brown murdered her boss and embezzled money. And she’s a filthy skank

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