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  1. I remember the day when you wouldn’t raise your voice to your parent, let alone a gun or knife. How sad what this society has come to. I don’t care how bad it got with my mom. I’d leave her before I killed her. There are so many layers to this case. I hope Tess stays in jail for a very long time. She should’ve just walked away. Her mother brought her here and deserved better than what she got, whether she had a drinking problem or not.

  2. I’m with you Shauncey, in a few years Tess will wake up and wish she could take that moment back. I had a crazy drunk for a mom – but as you say, “walk away” I did. I’ll pray for Tess and that day she realizes what she did.

  3. I heard that if Bryan Groves didn’t plead guilty to the crime he would have still gotten the 40 year prison sentence but he would have to serve all of it.

  4. I feel sorry for the girl for having being raised by a drunk. Many times I wanted to run away, do anything to get away from my drunk mother but never once did I think of killing her. I moved out on my own at 16 with the help of a couple of my friends parents. What she did is inexcusable but I still cant’ help but feel sorry for a child being raised by a drunk.

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