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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Update: Caffey Family murder *Capital Murder Indictments issued*

News Archive: Caffey Family murders
Officials: Triple Murder Was Planned For Week
Autopsy Shows Caffey Family Had Smoke In Lungs
Dad Wants Daughter In Triple Murder To Go Home
What Was Erin Caffey’s Role?
Erin Caffey Exposed: Almost Four Weeks Later (a very interesting and informative post)
Caffey Murder Investigation: Bobbi Johnson Sentencing & Truth On Wilkinson
Archive of all Caffey stories
Donation Funds Set Up For Father Of Murdered Family
Blood Drive Set For Terry Caffey
Capital murder indictments issued in Rains County

Caffey Four

Charlie James Wilkinson, 19
Charles Allen Waid, 20
Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18
Erin Caffey, 16 (daughter)


39 Responses

  1. Erin’s father is clinging to the only thing he has left, her. What’s sad about that is he wasn’t supposed to live either.

  2. […] issued*. April 16, 2008 ?? mylifeofcrime. Officials: Triple murder Was Planned For Week ……California Capital Murder Attorney Riverside, San Bernardino County Death Penalty Lawyer Ontario […]

  3. So true, Shauncey. So true.

    When I think this case can’t get any sadder, it just keeps on getting sadder. My heart aches for Terry Caffey, but I am glad he survived.

    But if Erin wants any sympathy, she is not going to get it from me. She chose her boyfriend over her familly. Now she has neither – except for her dad who will bear the physical and emotional scars of this vicious attack for life.

  4. I applaud a website like this, to educate those who aren’t aware of the horrific happenings of this tragic murder case. In discussing the case, with those who’ve known the victims and the murderers best, I am heading down to Emory, Texas for a special 2 week investigation to uncover the truth and shed some new light into this senseless murder case about love.

    I remember speaking to people close to Penny and, as a reporter, you can’t stop and hold back tears. It effects you, it takes its toll, and along the way, people dislike you for uncovering the truth.

    I thank the website owner for providing links for those to understand the true story. You have earned a great deal of respect, from one writer to another, and may this family get some closure that they need.

  5. Thanks, Sean. The truth is what we need in the wake of all of the lies. I appreciate Penny and all she does here; she is very thorough. Any additional information you can provide via this website following your investigation will be appreciated.

    May the family get some closure… and JUSTICE!

  6. ummm… make that Bonnie, not Penny, who is the website administrator. A little Freudian slip there.


  7. I wasn’t aware there was a Penny here, should have been more specific, it was regarding Penny Caffey.

    As for justice, I agree with you. We are working with the investigator and working to find truth, not lies, and I will continue to provide updates.

  8. Sorry Sean… my mistake. Bonnie is the administrator for this website “Bonnie’s Blog of Crime.” I have had Penny Caffey on the brain and erroneously typed that name in.

    I am glad you are working with investigators to uncover the truth in the matter. And I personally look forward to more updates.

  9. Me too!

  10. CBS got a nice shot of Erin when she was shackled to appear at her last hearing. You can check both the photo and the story out at:

  11. Finally a snippet of news on the Caffey case. There is a small picture of the 3 adults in court in their orange jumpsuits. They all pled “not guilty”. Gosh, who do you suppose did this awful thing and is letting the world think Wilkinson Waid and Johnson had anything to do with it? The determination of adult status for Erin is to made next week /

  12. OMG… are the three of them going to band together to frame Erin?

    Charlie Wilkinson is going to have a hard time proving he isn’t guilty since Terry Caffey saw him fire shots at both himself and Penny… and lived to tell about it. He will be there to testify at the trial for sure.

    I was really hoping they would plead guilty and spare Terry the trial.

  13. Yeah, they’ve already killed almost everyone in this man’s family. Let’s twist the knife deeper by pleading not guilty and go to trial. Then at the trial, the defense will try and make it seem like the father “didn’t see who did this” due to trama. I’m sick to my stomach!!

  14. I would have loved to see the kind of looks the perps gave each other.

  15. Oh yes! I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall at the arraignment. At least they were arraigned separately… apart from Erin. I am sure they are going to do all they can to keep her and Wilinson apart.

    I am concerned about Terry Caffey’s gunshot wound in his head. I am going to be sick to my stomach if the lawyers try to make him look and seem confused! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  16. It promises to be an ugly trial, no doubt. I imagine Terry will have to sit through his daughter’s testimony and cross-examination as well as testify and be cross-examined himself. I wonder if he has any real hope that Erin will be released on bail, or will receive a light sentence or parole. It’s kinda sweet and Christian, but it also seems really stupid. If that girl is free to walk around in the world in a few years there will be fresh trouble, I wager, even if its not for Daddy.

  17. I can’t imagine Erin’s attorney letting her testify. He will probably encourage her to maintain her right to remain silent.

    I anticipate that the only one of the defendants that will testify will be Bobbi, and that is because she is going for a plea deal. They have had to keep Bobbi in jail because of threats to her life. If Erin goes free I don’t know where she will go as she will not be welcome in her hometown any more – her life will be in danger.

  18. You’re probably right. They’ll try to discredit Bobbi, say the confessions were coerced somehow, say that Terry just didn’t like Charlie so he accused him even though he couldn’t possibly really see who was shooting, etc. No one in town will come forward because they’re too chicken. Wonder who’s making the death threats against Bobbi.
    Erin could go stay with relatives elsewhere until she goes out on her own. If Charlie and she get out any time soon they could even resume their little romance. True love wins again.
    I doubt any of this will happen, but I didn’t think OJ would get off and get custody of his kids either.

  19. Yeah, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Then there is the inevitable string of appeals.

    I hope they can use the arrest affidavits as evidence. I saw a copy of Charlie Wilkinson’s handwritten affidavit. It was pretty damning. I can’t for the life of me understand how he can plead “not guilty” after having admitting that he did it and why during his arrest.

    OJ had a very clever lawyer who got him off. If the glove doesn’t fit…

  20. They finally made a decision that Erin is to be tried as an adult. She has been transferred to the County Jail, held on 3 capital murder charges, with a bail of $1.5 million. See the breaking news story on the KLTV news link below:

  21. I knew Erin b4 all of this happened and she would have never done anything like this!

    She deserves a second chance!

    Everyone has sinned sometime and everyone has gotten in with the wrong crowd sometime.

    I do agree someone that does this should have a punishment, but she would not have even talked back to her parents b4 she met this guy!

    Today is her 17th birthday!

    Happy Birthday Erin!

  22. Heather,

    Are you trying to say “before”? Please don’t minimalize this tragedy by using slang when trying to defend someone who planned and helped murder her family.

    She deserves a second chance? I bet you would not say that if your family was murdered, or even if one of your loved ones was murdered. Yes, she may be your friend, but that does not matter. THE VICTIMS who were murdered, WHO YOU NEVER EVEN MENTIONED are the ones that matter. Learn some compassion. Don’t come here to defend Erin, especially without a word about or for the victims. That is just plain offensive. Your email address fits YOU very well.

  23. I want to say how sorry I am for Terry Caffey. He came and spoke at my church yesterday and told his very emotional story. I could not believe he lived through this nightmare to tell who was involved and to actually be able to stand in front of our church and tell his story. Amazing! God is really working through Mr. Caffey to help him get through this horrific tragedy. He has lost his entire family and is able to go on and help others become closer to Christ. Mr. Caffey, my heart goes out to you and hope with everyday the pain will get better. Knowing you will see your family again in Heaven….

  24. I agree with mylifeofcrime.

    Besides, Heather, YOU are not the judge in this case. The jury will decide. Furthermore, you cannot blame Erin’s boyfriend for Erin’s actions. They had enough evidence to arrest her. They had enough evidence to indict her. They had enough evidence to keep her incarerated instead of releasing her to her father. They had enough evidence to move her from the juvenile facilities to the county jail where she will remain at least until the court case. The jury will decide if she gets the “second chance” you think she deserves. But if she is found guilty, she will have a very long time to live with the consequences of her actions and what she did to her mother and brothers – not to mention her father.

  25. I have known erin for 3 yrs .she sang with my daughter .just can’t belive this

  26. Regina:

    The whole thing is surreal. It is possitively unimagineable that a young lady from a Christian family could do this sort of thing. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?

  27. So Erin had her 17th birthday at the women’s jail. Wonder if she got any cake or presents. I hope she thought about all those birthdays her mother made sure she got those things, to whatever extent.
    I agree that Charlie doesn’t get all the blame. Your average girl wouldn’t seriously think about wiping out her family, no matter how angry/frustrated/horny she was, or helping/allowing her boyfriend to do it even if she didn’t participate in the plan.
    Some people can keep two separate lives going pretty easily, so when they get caught doing bad things a lot of people are really shocked, especially family and friends. I guess that means that people who do bad things still have good parts inside. Its easier to think of criminals as being rotten to the core, all bad through and through, but that doesn’t seem to be true even for the worst crimes. Hitler had a girlfriend and a dog, who died with him in his bunker.

  28. It’s the classic “evil against good” battle in our hearts and in our minds. It is not an instantaneous process, but one of deterioration over time. At some point criminal crosses that line from “thinking about it” to “feeling (revenge, frustration, anger, etc.)” to “doing it” and feeling perfectfully justified in the process (at least at the time). The criminal mind doesn’t think like the normal person and that makes it even harder for us to understand WHY.

    Erin’s own pastor had talked to her prior to the murders and warned her about her boyfriend Charlie. But even he admitted he was thinking “sex” and not “murder.” Whoever could have thought that any of them would have been capable of carrying this out before it happened? Even now many of their family and friends are still in denial. Unthinkable! But it did happen and all involved including the victims, other family and friends, live with the consequences and deal daily with the loss, the grief, incarcerated loved ones and the upcoming trial,

  29. Hey lunchlady!

    What do we do while we wait for NOVEMBER?!


  30. Yo Stella! I’m checking here, but don’t have anything to add lately (rare). I’m wondering about the outfits they will wear in court, which has always fascinated me. There was a super creepy guy in Washington state who looked like a psycho hobo (which he basically was) when he was arrested and at his trial he was all dried out and duded up and looked like an MBA student at an Ivy League school, even somewhat handsome. He still went to prison for a long long time, but the transformation was very impressive.
    Erin should try to look as Christian schoolgirl as possible, I think. And the Two Charlies have to try and look like guys who wouldn’t kill women and children. Good luck, guys.

  31. Yeah I hear ya there! Kind of reminds me of Scott Peterson at the trial for his wife Lacy and his son Conner. He was all decked out in his suit and tie, nicely groomed, and looked like he couldn’t kill an ant.

    We know we are going to see at least one plea bargain with Bobbi. I am wondering if there won’t be at least one or two more, not only to avoid a trial, but the potential death penalty.

    It is going to be very intersting what evidence the DA will show against the perps. Very interesting indeed.

    Do you live in Washington State? I lived in Oregon for over 50 years before moving to New Mexico last year. I have two sisters in Washington.

  32. I lived in WA for about 15 years but moved long ago. My parents still live there and I miss it but it doesn’t feel like home anymore.
    There is someone on the InSession boards who is planning to go to the trials so that should be interesting hearing the updates then.

  33. Well, I look forward to more updates when they come down the pike. Thanks for all of your input. It’s hard to keep up on this and the political blogs, too. I am glad the trial doesn’t start until mid-November. Then I can put the political stuff to rest.

  34. FINALLY an update!

    Charles Waid and Charlie Wilkinson were sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole in a plea deal.

    Erin Caffey will have a pre-trial hearing on December 4th. Her projected trial date is January 5th.

  35. When I knew Erin she was very sweet and loved her brothers. I was horrified when I heard the story on the radio. This is very confusing to me because I had seen the good in Erin but that was in Elementary and Junior High.

  36. Justin: It is very confusing even for someone like me who never met her. How to explain such foolishness? Frustrated teenage love doesn’t seem adequate.
    Here’s the new trial info.

  37. KLTV also has an update. Erin’s trial has been moved to Hopkins County.

  38. Now both Charlies have had their sentencing:

    I can’t help but wonder, though, about Charlie Wade’s and Bobbi’s parents who had originally said their children were innocent. What are they saying now that their kids have pled guilty and are going to be spending a very long time in jail?

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