• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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New Bedford Highway Killings Serial Killer


Debra Madeiros, 30
Nancy Paiva, 36
Deborah DeMello , 34
Deborah McConnell, 25
Rochelle Clifford Dopierla, 28
Robin Rhodes,
Mary Santos,
Sandy Botelho, 24
Christine Monteiro, 19,
Marilyn Roberts, 34

Christine Monteiro Marilyn Roberts
The Doe Network: Marilyn J. Roberts
The Doe Network: Christina Monteiro
Unsolved Serial Killings: Massachusetts, New Bedford
Highway Murders – New Bedford, Ma.
Cold cases at a glance
A MySpace for a movie 195 (which is about the New Bedford Serial Killer)
Secrets of a Serial Killer
9 serial murders still unsolved
Indictment Names Man in Killing Tied to 9 Deaths in Massachusetts

Killing Season: The Unsolved Case of New England’s Deadliest Serial Killer


59 Responses

  1. Hi Bonnie;
    Don’t know if you still monitor this site, but I wanted to say thanks for keeping Robin’s murder of over 20 years ago in the limelight until the scum that did this to her is caught.

    I had to raise a very troubled son because of what happen to his mother. Robin was a good but troubled mother to her son Michael. A “friend” of hers, and I use the term loosley introduced her to cocaine while I was away in the military in the early eighties. Our marriage and her life spiraled downward and out of control as a result of her cocaine abuse. She wasn’t a prostitute as far as I new. I took Mike to live with me a few month’s before she dissappeared. She was going to go into re-hab as soon as space was available. I know she wanted to clean up her act, and be a proper mother to our son, even though our marriage was beyond repair.
    Anyway…. Thanks again for bring attention to her’s and all those other girls senseless murders. Feel free to e-mail me a responce if you get this message.


    note from blog owner

    Thanks Mike! I am still here, but lately just busy with life!

    • Is this some joke? My mother along with the other victims are dead because of a botched police investigation and a freak junkie lawyer, how does a person get away with murdering a list of women? By greasing the palms of a corrupt New Bedford Police Dept. This blog site is fucking retarded, what is the point? Tomorrow we’ll all wake up my mother along with others will still be dead, her murderer will never be brought to justice in this world anyways. I’m sure Ponte is burning right now, I’ll be sure to find his grave on my next trip to new Bedford and piss on his tombstone. Let my mother RIP and stop digging up this shit, you better be affected by this in some way Bonnie and not simply exploiting my mothers death. Sorry Dad but I disagree. I still remember kissing my mother for the last time and my heart breaks knowing my daughter will never know her. All this blog does is piss me off. Lori we need to talk get in contact with me please (all lowercase) please, I beg u.

      • Michael,

        I have never suggested that a botched police investigation or a lawyer is the cause of anything. This post is basically to remember the victims and that this is still an open case. I hope that it is resolved. I am not exploiting your mother’s death, either. My own mother was mudered (not associated with this crime). I personally believe that every victim needs to always be remembered and never forgotten. I am sorry you are upset with my post.

  2. hey mike. First of all let me start by saying i truly feel bad for u and your son. i am 16 years old and i am doing a junior english research paper on this case. i need 10 pages of notes due tomarrow (lol ya i got llike 3). but anywho it is hard to find information. i mean most websites are just repetitive of each other. i was wondering if u could email me with what u know about the case and whatnot.

    my email is

    thx and any information will be very much appreciated

  3. Hello,
    I am trying my hardest to EXPOSE THE TRUTH!!!!!
    I married the highway killer and I AM ABSOLUTELY POSSITIVE of this FACT!!!!! I found this out mostly through my children! I want to reach out to the family members. My so-called husband exposed my (our) children to the snuff films. It has taken years for all of this mindboggling information to become clear but, It IS ALL THERE! and a VERY EXTREMELY LONG STORY! I have been journaling since 1996. As soon as I got the perp away from my children, I couldn’t drive on highways because it scared my children too much , but never could understand. That was just the start of the symtoms. My son was strangling other children and getting pleasure from it, at a very young age. They were 2 1/2 and 4 when I was able to save them. They were also sexually, mentally, and physically abused in the most horrible ways. All the DA needs is his DNA. I acyually saw him out last night. The first thing I wanted was a paper bag. I got it but he is too clever, a professional. He won’t drink while he’s out there in the public. I wanted his glass so bad!!!!!!! God help us!!!!!

  4. Lori,
    what else do you know?? and if you are positive why not go to the police..or have you already?

  5. I’ve been going to the Da’S office since 1996 and I am finally getting somewhere! Lots of dots are being connected! My X screwed up royally by exposing the snuff films to his own children! I guess he ASSUMED it would always be a well kept secret but he was WRONG! WE HAVE DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things I never would’ve thought…. But, my daughter tells a different story that actually makes more sense! My children were 2 1/2 and 4 when I got the perp away from them, so the information is coming from a toddler. Although, my daughter disclosed when she was 13, she is 16 now. Very LONG STORY! I couldn’t drive on highways when I first got away from the perp. because my children would get so scared. Never knowing why? But NOW I KNOW WHY! SNUFF FILMS! My son was strangling other children at the age of 4. had no clue as to why? NOW I KNOW WHY! IT GOES ON! AND ON!

  6. I am also posting on Cheri’s forum

  7. What is Cheri’s Forum?

  8. My best friend when I lived in RI was J.R. McConnell. His sister was one of the murdered. It was very sad. James ended up dying from diabetes a few years back. I miss him. I met him shortly after the events related here.

  9. Hmmm interesting. But did your husband act alone? I don’t think so. I have my own theory about this case.

  10. RE: Chris

    My best friend when I lived in RI was J.R. McConnell. His sister was one of the murdered. It was very sad. James ended up dying from diabetes a few years back. I miss him. I met him shortly after the events related here.

    His sister was a good person with bad habits unfortunatley the addiction won in the end, we love you Debbie. It is so nice to know he is in your thoughts Chris..we love you JR!

  11. what is your husbands name lady,have police brought him in for questioning? how old is he and may he be a police officer himself. who ever did these crimes wasnt to fearfull of policeg ,dumping bodies in high traveled areas, sometimes in populated areas. main question why did the murder stop? most serial killers take short breaks

  12. does anyone have anymore info they would like to share. i looked into the murders around 1995 and came up with a couple thoughts. all bodies where found near a church or cross, all killers give out hints, so i looked for any streets named cross st. the one in dartmouth i went down and there was a 1987 white toyota pick up in a driveway. so i went and asked neighbor about truck guy has owned since new and very unneighborly who know. anyone with more info email me at thx

  13. I think you are missing Dawn Mendes (aged 25 at the time of her murder) from your list of victims.

  14. JewelE, your absolutly right they missed Dawn, she was a good friend and neihbor in blue medows.

  15. and not to detract from the victims listed, but Tony DeGrazia was scapegoated and then killed to make him look like a guilty serial killer, and could also be added to the list, if the DA’s office was interested. which does not seem to be the case lo these 22 years later. after all, no one has ever thought to ask the DA in 1988, Ron Pina, what he knew about these killings that he has never told the world….

  16. Tony Degrazia was an apparent suicide according to my records. He did it over his girlfriend. Also, his DNA did not match. I am frustrated because I know my X’s DNA does match up and the DA’s office excuse is that I don’t have enough for them to pick him up or get a DNA sample, for that matter. I’ll never give up on THIS TRUTH!

  17. to lori and the rest: my earlier comment may have been confusing. the list to which degrazia should be added is the victim’s list — making him No. 12. he did not kill any of the 11 women. they were killed by prisoners on furlough from the Bridgewater Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous, on assignment from their handlers, which is why they have never been charged.
    How would it have looked for Candidate Dukakis — governor of the state that let out Willie Horton — to have furloughed prisoners killing women in New Bedford? It was sheer genius, as far as serial killings go: the perfect political murder.

  18. these killings began during the strike at JJ Taylor on Reed Rd. People were hired from the outside, I beleive from California, Washington State or somewhere from the west coast to deal with all the problems that the striking employee’s were causing and too maintain security to protect the property. The killings came to a halt when these strike busters that were hired during that time were no longer needed, and I also beleive that the strike busters who came from the west coast, there was reported killings out there where they had come from. My memory is not good at this time I just can’t remeber exactly where this was…any comemnts could help my memory

  19. There was another body found in 2005 with similarities to the Highway Killings. I believe she may have been a witness and had to be taken out. I also know of another murder which took place while I was married to the perpetrator. I am absolutely POSITIVE that my “now” ex-husband IS the Highway Killer and his father helped. The Bristol County DA’s office has his D.N.A. but has not done enough to solve this case. I live to tell and I will Not Give Up on The Right Thing To Do! They never even looked at my records, Which are Very Compelling in itself. Heck, He admitted it for God’s Sake! Then intimidated the witness. I’ve been coming forward since 1996. Our justice system is SICK! Perhaps it’s because they have money…. ” Politics” & MONEY!
    Ted Bundy family’ understatement…..

    • Hi Lori,

      I am researching this case and would like to know if there has been any progress with the DNA or the case. Thanks.


      • Hi John,
        Unfortunately, they can not give me specific details, however I’m reassured to stay in touch and not to give up hope! I have additional documents to bring to the DA,s office and I’m taking my X to court criminally, in the meantime .

  20. Mary Rose Santos was my sister. I was 8 when she disappeared and I was 9 when her remains were found. I still don’t understand how to this day they still have not found the person responsible. How could these cases have gone cold and stayed that way for so long. What about the blood in the pick-up truck?? What about the fact that they had a suspect and he worked in the Mass., government?? Is that why nothing ever came from that??

  21. Hi Wendy,

    Please think about calling me to talk about this. Ask Donald if you need a reference.




    brewster, ma

    PS the FBI said the blood in Tony’s truck didn’t match any murder victims, and the fibers and hairs they collected from his various places in life didn’t either. your problem is political; to wit, the DA has neither the power nor the courage to indict the killers because they were supposed to be incarcerated at the time, at MCI Bridgewater’s Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous — which is to say, who would he be indicting, the killers or their keepers?

    • Jeff – I am looking for some information on this case. I would like to speak with you as you will be interested in who I am.

  22. I am very sorry for your loss….
    According to our DA Sam Sutter, He stated that they will not have the D.N.A. from the Highway Killing’s until late August. Personally, I try to remain hopeful. I am absolutely positive about who is responsible for these murders. I will not run from the truth. My X and his Father belong off the streets! My X bragged to me about having access to different cars at that time because he was working at a car lot and had the keys and my daughter mentioned a truck being used when all the women where discarded. She also stated that took place in the same night. The story goes on and on..

  23. 1st thing to NEVER forget is that ALL of those women are sadly missed by there families and just because they lived a life unknown to most does not make there lives any less important then say DA Pina wife or daughter. My name is Todd Wilbur and my beautiful aunt Debbie Demello Perry was killed by this person, the media dubs “New England’s Greatest Serial Killer” Bullshit! This person is a coward whom prayed on the weakness of peoples need for money! That’s all he was. I remember that day when the State Police cars lined up in our driveway, spilling onto my Parent’s Cape Cod quite street. My Grandmother and Grandfather went to there graves with a HEAVY Hearts. If these victims were Harvard students or Newport Trust fund babies, this case would have been handled much more differently. The Massachusetts State police did the best they could do at that time but,DNA has come a long way and with most States requiring convicted felons to submit there DNA a small chance that they could get a “hit”. I am starting a journey to find the coward who killed my aunt. My father NEVER talks about it because I know that it pains him to no avail that his sister’s killer walks free as we the family members live in our own “prisons of pain” MARK My WORDS …YOU WILL BE CAUGHT and I will be there to spit in your face when they march your sorry ass in to Court! I need your help, someone out there knows something. An ex girlfriend or ex wife or coworker, someone knows something . Please I beg you to come forward and tell someone, anybody. It has been long enough and this crime spree needs and ending of closer! I miss my aunt and I know she is in a better place but she DEMANDS justice for her murder!

  24. Dear Todd Wilbur
    I am very sorry for your loss! I do know for certain that my now, ex-husband IS responsible for these killings and believe his father was also involved. My X has been working for the telephone co. since 1984 and he IS Very Much Of A COWARD! In addition to what he has done to these woman, he abused his own babies and our dog. Victims that didn’t have a voice, they couldn’t defend themselves. I would be more than pleased to share my evidence, so you can see for yourself as to how I have come to this conclusion. For one, My X has admitted it while he was drunk and coked out. Then, he intimidated the witness. He acted very strange in my presence several times. I married him after the killings happened. I met him in 1989 @ Jimmy Conner’s and I was into doing cocaine. During that time, while I was in his car, he stated to me , ” if I have to kill someone , I will “, I justified his statement instead of realizing that was Not the norm, and there must’ve been a reason as to why he needed to say that to me. Being that I was coked-out and that being a truth serum, I started bragging about having 150,000 in the bank, so I believe, he let me live… Money being, the route of evil, yet, I live to tell. My children were Totally convinced that he was going to kill me. I have a permanent restraining order on him since 2/97. He does not belong on the streets. His father told me that these woman deserved what happened to them. Making an excuse for what they did. I have my information, then there is my daughter’s side of the story. She stated that all of the women’s bodies were scattered throughout the highways in one night and a truck was used. As soon as I got my children away from him, they were petrified to go on highways and I would shake like a leaf and immediately get off the highway. I didn’t know why, at the time, but I could tell that it was something really bad. I had blocked out the truth because apparently it was too much for my mind to handle. When I discovered that I married a Sick, Satanic Pedophile, I told the assitant DA that my husband, at the time ( 96 ) was the Highway Killer, but then, blocked it out! This would’ve come to the perp. unexpected and they would’ve had him, at that point. I am very disappointed with the way this was handled. Instead , I was told that it was all in my mind and put on horrible drugs. When I discovered how sick my own husband ( IS ), I had a nervous breakdown. When I ended up in the hospital, I thought I was on to the next step for help but instead My children and I was re-victimized by the system and put back with the offender in 9/96. In 2/97 my son spilled the beans and we were able to get him back away from us. Although this time he was on to us. He was tapping into my line so he cleaned out the computer and left many empty bags in the drop ceiling in the basement. Sorry for going on and on…. This is how my story goes. It’s a long story that adds up. It leaves me with no doubt. There is much more to this….. DA Sam Sutter claimed that they will not have the DNA until late August 2011, They have to test my son’s, at least, if they can’t get a sample from my X. I will never give up and you CAN NOT run from the truth. This has never been about me.
    These families deserve JUSTICE !!!!!!

    • hello.
      I still have plenty to say in regards to this case. First, I must express that Kenneth Ponte is obviously Not the killer in this case otherwise this case would be closed. I do know that there is a problem with the D.N.A. because of the conditions. However, finally the Da’s office is following up on all the leads I have been coming foward with over the years and this IS the first time I’ve been given positive news. I was told that they are presently investigating my X and to remain hopeful. If anyone wants information from me email @ You have the right to know the truth!!!

      • only if your ex is richard t, kenny j or ronald l, on furlough from bridgewater all, then the DA would be barking up the right tree

        • No, David J Levasseur from Dartmouth Mass. and very familiar with those highways. d.o.b. 10-25-65. He IS a Deranged maggot!
          I CAN GO ON AND ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this isn’t aloud. My freedom of Speech!!!

  25. he worked at whites managing the hotel 2nd and 3rd shift(during those years) lives and still does in somerset can ride those highways blindfolded had his huge 120 pound attack dog as a companion d.o.b. 11/28/64 hated women wife div him in ’87 wanted and hated all women stil does now he just uses abuses and dumps them would give a name but i am legally married to him sep many years with a gf in somerset now.He confessed during a blackout to me and also threatened if I ever told he wouldn’t hesitate me and my kids fate.His ex wife had many restarining orders on him his parents were well known got him out of police problems so he has no record.

  26. All the women were likely killed by one individual as belongings from previous victims were found with latter victims. The New Bedford killings started just after the still unsolved Worcester serial killings ended (similar m.o.), and ended just before the still unsolved “Lisbon Ripper” serial killings started in Portugal. There are those who believe the killings are all committed by the same person & that this very prolific killer could likely be a fisherman and/or truck driver or involved in some other work that keeps him traveling around the country & world. Serial killers of this type do not stop unless they are caught, incarcerated for other crimes, or dead. Keep in mind that this killer killed 11 women within a year—that is an extremely depraved and active killer who won’t just slow down or stop.

    It is my understanding that DNA evidence has exonerated previous suspects.

    My apologies, Lori, but I doubt your ex husband was involved in any way, and I do not think it wise for you to offer his name here as it could be deemed as slanderous should he seek litigation against you.

    I strongly believe the New Bedford serial killer investigation is deserving of much more attention than it has ever received as this still unpunished killer is probably one of the most prolific serial killers in this country, and I strongly believe he is a traveler who very well could be responsible for serial murders in other locales across the country.

    • yes and no, right and wrong. the killers were not self-motivated, but rather assigned to abduct and dispose of the women as a poltical ploy to deraill the dukakis campaign by creating havoc in his friend ron pina’s world by using furloughed prisoners from the Treatment Center at Bridgewater to do the dirty work, thus creating another willie horton in the bush campign to victory. all 11 were snatched in the five months leading up to nov. 8, 1988, when another body was found and bush won the election, and pina finally admitted a serial killing afoot; ron leftwich is your man, and he’s on lifer’s row so should be easy to find.

    • It’s hard to explain when you have been there! I was brought to whisper’s and something very strange took place at that time. He admitted it and scared the life out of the witness afterwards.
      Time will tell…..

    • With all due respect to you but if you married the killer you would know.
      There would be too many connections for you to deny it never mind your own gut feeling that we all live with. I disclosed this truth then blocked it out because of DENIAL. I live in hell because of this.
      P.T.S.D. etc.

  27. to the families and friends of this case…is there anyone who recalls any involvement of a horse farm in Rochester MA owned by a german man named Ralph Calico?

  28. So the DNA didn’t match up I take it?

  29. Lori is obviously out of her mind!

  30. I remember these cases being in the news in the late 80’s when I lived in Boston. I now live live and work in the south coast area. Every time I drive I pass certain exit off I-195 and 140 I can not help but remember this case.So, I am now reading a book about the case . If this book is accurate the police and DA really screwed up. The book states that all of the major suspects (Anderson, Ponte and Degrazia were exonerated by DNA).

    It is scary to think that person or people involved may still be out there. It is very sad to think that there are 2 family who may never have the closure of bodies being found and that there may never be any justice for the victims.

    • Staying in touch with the state police and the leading detective in this case. Have to stay positive! Not possible to escape the truth…

      • Lori, as a family member of someone involved in this case, i would appreciate it if you would stop commenting and move on with your life. As you do not have any direct involvement and from your previous comments it is clear you are only adding insult to injury with your input. Let the familes of the victims continue their efforts to heal!!!!

        • Sorry! i mean no harm. There is too much to ignore but I will stay away from this blog. Its not at my best interest when i face this case. My x is a suspect so i will just deal with the authorities. I am very sorry for your loss! God Bless! Serenity Prayer…

      • Lori,
        I’d like to hear more, can you post your newest email, as the one you posted earlier bounced.

  31. I would like to hear more too please, Lori. Our family member was murdered in 87, still unsolved.

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