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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Teenage girl viciously attacked by “friends” who filmed it for YouTube (and apparently for evidence!); 6 girls and 2 boys charged in the assault

I do not understand teenagers these days and their need for violence amongst each other. It is bad enough that so many kill each other, but now they are beating up each other, needlessly and viciously just for a YouTube video. C’mon people! What has happened to morals and values? Are parents forgetting to instill these in their children now? These 6 girls lured the victim to the house and then beat the crap out of her. And for what? For teenage silliness. They say she posted stuff about them on MySpace. SO WHAT! Grow up. Beating her up so viciously that she cannot see properly out of one eye, can’t hear out of one hear and was unconscious. She also suffered a concussion and may be blind in one eye. I sure hope that the parents of these teens actually do something about it rather than blame the victim or say that their child could never do this. Just watch the video. Every single one of these girls were involved. They cannot pretend that they did not know or understand what was going on. I would be so ashamed to be one of their parents right now. And ashamed of my parenting skills and my relationship with my child if it were my child. This is not funny, nor is it entertainment. And each one of these teens needs to be punished, to the severest punishment allowed for this crime. I believe they will be tried as adults (the Sheriff’s Office has stated that is what they want to do, thank goodness!). Hopefully, justice will be served for Victoria. She did not deserve this.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Press Release
8 Teens Charged With Attacking Girl for YouTube Video
The video of the attack
Girl Pummeled In 30 Min. ‘Animalistic’ Attack
Girls Record Brutal Attack On Teen To Allegedly Post On YouTube
Mulberry Cheerleader Recovering From Beating
8 Teens Arrested In Beating of Lakeland Girl

Girl Fight

Our Message Boards Come and join the discussions!

  Zachary Ashley, April Cooper, Britney Mayes, Cara Murphy,
Brittini Hardcastle, Kayla Hassell, Mercades Nichols, Stephen Schumaker

The Accused

Brittany Mayes, 17, (863) 255-7354
421 Carlton St
Lakeland, FL

Mercedes Nichols, 17, (863) 619-5868
6124 Calendar Ct
West Lakeland, FL 33813

Kayla Hassel, 15, (863) 569-3212
4535 Old Colony Rd
Mulberry, FL 33860

Brittini Hardcastle, 17, (863) 712-5996
1242 Thomasville Circle
Lakeland, FL 33811

Cara Murphy, 16, (863) 502-4321
2262 Highlands Creek Dr
Lakeland, FL

April Cooper, 14, (863) 686-7159
1111 West Greenwood Street
Lakeland, Florida

Zachary Ashley, 17, (863)667-1298
931 Sugar Pl
Lakeland, FL 33801-7510

Stephen Schumaker, 18, (863)646-3139
5128 Woodgreen Ln.
Lakeland, FL 33811-1626

**note from blog owner**

Please read my comment policy before commenting. I will not approve any comments that are badmouthing the victim or glorifying the accused.


54 Responses

  1. as far as I am concerned with this subject, I blame the parents and this society as much as the retarded kids.

    Parents can no longer teach kids the value of life, because if they do, they fear of being disciplined themselves by social services. This MTV generation that I am apart of as well, is so socially messed up because were led to believe that once we hit 18, were unstoppable. Like our lives will be rap videos, this people need the worst punishment possible and time in prison. If any of them are charged as juveniles I will lose all respect(the little of it I had) for this country.

    Because if they get free, and charged as juvees, what has that taught anyone? Beat the hell out of someone who is defenseless, don’t film it, and get away completely. I’m just not a fan of what this country has become, and I blame all politics for special interests, and how society has accepted the fact that this world is such a nice place, and can teach values through word and not structure.

    This world is as brutal as it can get, people need severe discipline. Someone needs to beat the hell out of each one of these kids and show them eye for an eye what its like to be a defenseless “bitch.”

  2. claysol13,
    I agree with you.. They should be punished to the extent. The two guys standing outside the door as guards should also get as much time.
    I saw this on Nancy Grace last night at 10:00 just as I was getting my girls in bed but I let them sit down for a few minutes to watch the video. They were as shocked as I was and both made comments that it was wrong.
    I do not understand how 6 girls could take turns beating on one child who would not even raise her hands to defend herself. I was so pissed off to think they would even do this.
    I hope and pray that they have to serve some serious jail time and they have to pay her dr. bills. I also hope her parents get a lawyer and take this to court and can sue the crap out of all 8 of them.

  3. agreed, I too was flipping through the channels and caught nancy grace(personally I hate her guts and think she is a bad rolemodel for any body given her personal life) but i watched to see what was being said and its a general consensus they want these people in serious trouble for a long time. Serves them right, and hopefully the girl that got beat up makes way with some serious money from all of the families.

  4. You have that right to not like her.. I love her because she has the guts to stand up for what is right and doesn’t back down from what she believes in.
    I hope they are able to get money and buy a new home for that child and college education and she goes on to live a productive life.

  5. Three or Four of the perpetrators look like they have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome effects, which leads to low IQs, violence, and poor impulse control. Teenagers alreadyhave the latter problem. I do think they need to be locked up a long time.

  6. […] BLOG.MACMAGAZINE wrote an interesting post today on Teenage girl viciously attacked by âfriendsâ who filmed it forHere’s a quick excerpt8 Teens Charged With Attacking Girl for YouTube Video … ‘Animalistic’ Attack. Girls Record Brutal Attack On Teen To Allegedly Post On… […]

  7. I agree with everyone, but I must say I do adore Nancy Grace.
    These kids need to realize that their behavior is unacceptable. This child that they beat on could of substained a major head injury, or worse. I hope her family sues the hell out of every parent whose child layed a hand on her.

  8. […] MacUser: Mac and Apple news, information, and opinion. wrote an interesting post today on Teenage girl viciously attacked by âfriendsâ who filmed it for…Here’s a quick excerpt8 Teens Charged With Attacking Girl for YouTube Video … ‘Animalistic’ Attack. Girls Record Brutal Attack On Teen To Allegedly Post On… […]

  9. The bottom line is that the responsibility falls upon the parents and the child for their actions. Stop scapegoating MTV, video games, Eminem, MySpace, and everything else.

    How many parents take away their child’s X-Box, or television, or cell phone, or block social web sites? Very, very few. Child services isn’t going to knock down your door because you cut off cable TV and threw out the X-Box.

    I’d love to see a system in place where parents are issued citations and even jail time for their children’s actions. If you got a $250.00 ticket because your kid was bullying… I guarantee you you would make sure it never happened again.

  10. I am sickened by the site of the video, and the scarey part is that the sheriff says that what is being shown isn’t even the worst part. Honestly, I can’t even find words to described by disgust and the perpetrators and my sympathy for the victim and her family.

    What’s even worse is that one of the perpetrator’s moms was on TV saying that the victim shouldn’t have trash talked the girls if she didn’t have the nerve to take what my be dished out. Sounds to me like that mom condones what her daughter did. Has the full impact of what her child did not hit her yet? Seriously? What the hell is that mom thinking?

  11. Liane,
    Oh I agree. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. “trash talk if she couldn’t handle what was being dished out”? That goes back to what Joel said. I would take full responsibility for that one as a parent. And everytime someone even MENTIONED youtube to my son, he’d go into convulsions thinking about the ass kicking he got because of it.


    Look at these pictures from Mercades myspace page. Boy are these disturbing. It say a lot about her and her upbringing.

  13. I just looked at their pictures again. Half of them look like their on some kind of meth, the other half, some kind of crack.

  14. I can’t find them on myspace. That link doesn’t work, just a 404 error.. 😦

  15. Someone posted the link to Mercades Nichols myspace page in the comments section of my blog. It’s not atypical of a teenager’s site. There are at least 3 who are listed as her friends who I am sure are part of her crew of thugs. All now have privacy filters in place. But not Mercades.

    One thing that really bugs me is that it appears the youngest of the thugsters, April Cooper, age 14, appears to have done most of the beating that’s shown in the video. And that video is rumored to be 1 of as many as 6.

    Christina Garcia needs a slap upside the head. With 2×6.

  16. sorry here is the link…………………….

    It’s pretty disturbing.

  17. Somebody commenting section for this story on the Dreamin’ Demon thread that this isn’t the first time that an assault like that has happened at that school with petty teenage girls. He/she (sorry I’m not sure if they specified their gender) was from Mulbury and said that a few years ago a girl who attended that same school as the victim and her “friends” was beaten so badly she ended up in a coma and everybody thought she was going to to die. She lived but was paralyzed from the waist down and she and her family moved from the town. The perpetrators had to pay the hopsital bills, and there might have been a settlement from the school, but the kids involved in the beating were never really punished, not that I’m aware of anyways. But the reason this girl was beaten in the first place this person said was because she had talked to some other girl’s boyfriend!? This petty kind of violence and brutality needs to end, especially in Mulbury as it sounds like it’s become some kind of epidemic there in the past few years, and I’m glad to hear that these perepretrators can be charged as adults. Throw the book at them so that it can be shown that this kind of behavior is not going to be condoned in society and that you shouldn’t get away with this type of behavior because of your age or because of some bullshit excuse like “so and so wrote about me on MySpace”. The mother that defended her daughter by saying “if you can’t handle wasn’t dished out” just disgusted me…her daughter is not in the hospital with the substantial injuries which Victoria has been described as having, Victoria never physically hurt her daughter, and even if she girl said things or wrote things it doesn’t warrant this type of violence… is pretty low for anybody (though not surprising coming from one of the perpertrators’ mothers *rolls eyes*) to try to justify this kind of abuse by blaming the victim.

  18. Sorry I meant “in the comment section”

  19. We all know high school is full of drama! He said, she said, we said, they said, and so on! It’s such a joke to see kids fighting over boy/girl friends that will last a hot minute or fight over what others think! WHO CARES dumb asses…!!

    Now everyone is talking and pointing about you in the back, front, and side… They all thought they had the last laugh but actually the girl that got beat up is laughing all the way to the bank! Not only do the world feel sorry for her, she’ll be walking in her Vans freely with her head up in the air while the 6 stupid asses have a criminal records and will have work minimum wage because what university hasnt heard their names in the news! ok, maybe community college but what REAL job these days don’t google potential candidates… umm, something to think about peeps!

    And the most dumbest thing these 6 stupid asses did was film it, while the girl said she wasn’t going to fight back! ummm… the 6 knuckle heads can’t even claim self defense.

    Oh, the backstage watcher… tis, tis… didn’t they stop to think maybe I should say STOP just in case this girl dies and maybe be the super hero that saved her life….

    Kids out there… High drama is nothing compare to the real world! Wake up!

  20. I think that this was crazy. there was no need for any of it but for that many girls against one it is ridicoulous. I feel soo bad for her.

  21. would you believe that a mother of one of the suspects believe this is blown out of proportion. That young girl was rendered unconcious. Head trauma is a serious injury and can cause neurilogical damage. What kind of parent is she? Its no wonder why we see her daughter in a line-up. She has all but condoned that act. But if it were her daughter she would have asked for the death penalty. Lets not mention if it were black teens who did it. There would be no question of whether it would have been an adult crime. Lets not forget Jena 6

  22. They’re animals with pack mentality of the Nazi type but I don’t think it is at the level of a life in prison unless she will have serious permanent injuries.

    She complained that her boyfriend was cheating her on one (or more) of her “friends”. And she was right. The cheating is bad enough but no one would care. Whether or not she was the “legitimate” girlfriend or not, compassion is the maximum one could offer her.

    So I think it makes it more likely she was right and they just find it too inconvenient a truth, thinking that they have right to silence her even by destroying her. The video was probably meant as a permanent threat against anyone who would dare to say the truth. Six against one is nasty enough, too.

    I would give them a year or two in the prison.

  23. Claudia,
    Great comment.

  24. “Parents can no longer teach kids the value of life, because if they do, they fear of being disciplined themselves by social services.”

    Oh, really? I never had that problem. But then, I don’t live in a county where 60% of the people voted for Bush and call themselves devoted christians. My kids don’t act like this. maybe if i raised them in Florida, they would.

  25. I am a doctor from Chicago. I watched the video of this young girl being beaten and I was a shocked as everyone else. I would hope that Victoria can get the medical care she needs. She suffered hearing loss, perhaps permanent eye damage, and a concusion. These injuries will take time to heal, and may not heal completely. The emotional scar may last a life time. Hopefully, all of her physical and psychological injuries can be handled with whatever it takes to make her well again.

    Everyone in Chicago who has heard of this attack would like to extend our prayers to the victim and to her family. We all want to see a speedy recovery . And, we also want Victoria to know she is safe, and no harm will come to her. She is not to blame for this viscious attack. Nothing she could ever say could ever be an excuse for this. She has done nothing, and she is not to blame. Period.

    You tube and My space are not to blame either. You tube and my space are part of the information high way which speed up dissemination of information. THat allows the whole country and the world to find out about this attack much sooner. THat is why every one is reacting as we are–we can find out about this quicker.

    I look upon this as a moment where we can start a dialogue about violence in our country. We can not condone this kind of violence. We must take a stand against senseless violence. We must come together to eliminate this kind of attack one human by another (or gang of others). We must stand by the victim, punish the criminals, and learn from this what we can to go forward.

    Violence did not begin this year. 40 years ago, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were killed. Violence from Vietnam was coming into our living rooms nightly on the news. Somehow, we overcame the challenge of the violence then, and we can overcome this challenge now. It will take men of courage and leadership skills (do you hear me Barack) to unite us and help us all at this time.

    We have to take a stand against violence and start this dialogue now. But, we all stand united in support of Victoria Lindsay now. We must.

  26. John
    God bless you.. I agree with EVERY word you said. I want to add that ‘ Parents you need to step up to the plate and be parents and teach you children what is right.”
    It has to start at home.

  27. So what charges are we looking at here;
    They lured her with a lie and held her against her will which is kidnapping. Asault with possible permident disfigure. Emtoinal struss for the rest of her life.

    O ya throw the book at them – when they were locked up one of them askes if she would miss cheerleading.

  28. Claudia,

    Actually it was one of the boys’ father who made the comment:

    Eighteen-year-old Stephen Schumaker’s father turned his anger to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, who decided to release the video and is now under a gag order by the court.

    “Grady Judd, our great sheriff, he made a mountain out of a molehill with all these trumped up charges for these kids,” he said.

    That is just plain offensive on his part. Why are these parents so blind to what their children did???? What if it was THEIR child who was physically and emotionally scarred for life due to the others actions? They would not feel it was a molehill.

  29. i can not believe that the parents of these girls are trying to make us feel so bad for thier little girls..bull shit!! they deserve everything that they get!!! i hope they get the a long hard punishment!!!

  30. i just want to say that i hope those kids die in jail and burn in hell

  31. Brittany Mayes, 17, (863) 255-7354
    421 Carlton St
    Lakeland, FL

    Mercedes Nichols, 17, (863) 619-5868
    6124 Calendar Ct
    West Lakeland, FL 33813

    Kayla Hassel, 15, (863) 569-3212
    4535 Old Colony Rd
    Mulberry, FL 33860

    Brittini Hardcastle, 17, (863) 712-5996
    1242 Thomasville Circle
    Lakeland, FL 33811

    Cara Murphy, 16, (863) 502-4321
    2262 Highlands Creek Dr
    Lakeland, FL

    April Cooper, 14, (863) 686-7159
    1111 West Greenwood Street
    Lakeland, Florida

    Zachary Ashley, 17, (863)667-1298
    931 Sugar Pl
    Lakeland, FL 33801-7510

    Stephen Schumaker, 18, (863)646-3139
    5128 Woodgreen Ln.
    Lakeland, FL 33811-1626

  32. David,

    Can you explain your comment, repeating part of the post?

  33. Looks like some people should be receiving some phone calls soon. You know David, I don’t blame you for posting their info. After all, they did want the world to know what they did. Maybe someone will do to them what they did to her.

  34. […] Mercades Nichols, Stephen Schumaker. The Accused. Brittany Mayes, 17, (863) 255-7354 …… Bonnie’s Blog of Crime No Comments so far Leave a comment […]

  35. This is a great blog…. I agree with most of the comments made about these young people….
    John Kelsey…. your comments in particular were very meaningful. So many of these blog spaces are used for nothing more than to spew hate…. I have a Degree in Psychology and would love to see something more come out of these blogs by way of intelligent discussion that could actually deal with the issue of violence in our society. Violence has become so rampant amoung adults and children.
    Another comment that stands out is the one made by Mr. Roach… I do not know if he was just kidding about the fetal alcohol syndrome, but that was the first thing I said when I looked at the picture. I am not sure if it was the camera angle or what, but I think you are on to something there…
    I also agree with Joel… would love to see parents have to face the actions of thier bullying offspring, in the form of tickets and or jail time for themselves and their children. Especially when a problem like this occurs and you have parents acting like this is all “normal childhood/teenage behavior.” While unfortunately violence is becoming quite common in our society… their behavior is NOT NORMAL.
    Lastly, Lisa… you seem to be a great parent and I am so happy to know that at least we still have some parents out there who care deeply about thier children (such as I do for mine) and you make a conscious effort to raise them properly. At least it restores my faith to some degree in the future of our society. Wish there were more parents out there who did the same.

  36. I agree with everything I have read. All of these “Kids” should spend a long time in prison. Joel had a great idea about fining the parents for their kids messing up. The only thing I would recommend would be if the child gets charged with the same crime 3 times the child and one parent go to jail. The child for commiting the crime for a third offense, and the parent for not properly educating and disciplining the child. (You have to leave one parent home to take care of the other children.)

  37. no rickety,
    Great post. Loved it!

  38. Thanks Shauncey 🙂

  39. I don’t think it’s an issue of parents so much as “parent” with these kinds of white trash; moms love to be liked and don’t have the grit or will power to be disciplinarian. So kids are spoiled, demanding, have no discipline or emotional self control, and their tribal peer groups become far too influential.

  40. Seems to be somewhat of a news black out here. But I did notice Gloria Allred, a famous attorney, is on the case. Attorneys can help as a victim’s activist to get attention to the wrong done in this case. Compensation, though probably only symbolic in this case since the defendants in this case will have little, if any cash to shell out, would be a nice gesture. An apology, from the perpetrators, might be appreciated by the victim. Of course, since there was little remorse in the beginning, there might not be much remorse by the perpetrators now in any apology rendered at this stage. And, jail time will be needed as a deterant for any future like minded batterers.

    If Ms Allred, in her capacity as a victims advocate, can draw attention to the increasing violent videos which are showing up on the internet, she will have done what I would like her to do. Even look at America’s Funiest Videos–people are getting hurt!. And this is supposed to be funny? And people keep sending in these videos. And Jackass!!! A whole generation of one up man ship which is getting even more violent.

    I would like Ms Allred to help start the debate on violent contact and violent criminal activity–with actual criminal activity–showing up on the internet. If she can somehow stimulate the passage of any laws which would at least double the damages awarded to victims of crimes which are videotaped for the sole the purpose of further humiliating and degrading the victim, then I welcome presence in this case.

    For me, this is a watershed case. I feel something very positive can come out of this tragedy, and I really hope it does.

    Again, get well soon, Victoria. You must be the primary focus in this case. Hopefully, all of your medical issues are resolving, and you can get back to the business of being a kid. Do not give up on your dreams just because of this brutality. With your attorney, I sure you will soon feel whole again.


  41. WOW is all I can say. Yes teenage life is tough but wow…y in gods name would these teenagers do this to that girl.
    Yeah they do look like they are on drugs.
    Who knows what lies ahead for these girls now…maybe some jail time…and a lifetime of pumping gas or cleaning toilets….it’s just such a waste to see them throw their lives away

  42. And those guys – they look like the type that think they are tough but to do nothing about this girl getting beat up shows that they are nothing but cowardly

  43. They have to get punished even to the adult extent or kids will continue to do this in school

  44. These girls wanted to be famous and do a video that would attract attention. They have no empathy for others, is why they chose a beating. Now there are other copy cat crimes.
    These girls should be punished harshly. Be in jail with no priviledges and when they get released be made to work to pay restitution to the injured party. No always the parents fault, some are bad seeds. A harsh punishment should be widely put on news so my stop others from commiting such crimes.

  45. I think it is horrible what those girls did and they did not show anykind of remorse for their actions. I say lock them up for a very long time. It is one thing to beat someone up but it is different when you beat the person up so badly thier own parents don’t recognize them. I hope the Victoria recovers and live her life as best as she can.

  46. Kids are America’s most precious and most at-risk citizens. With drugs and peer pressure facing them on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that mental illness and drug abuse is at an all time high. Problems facing American children.

  47. The charges were dropped against the boys and Cara. From the start, law enforcement lied. Anyone who actually examined the released evidence knew this.

    People encouraging violence against these kids should be ashamed, you can get them severely or permanently injured. You’re no better than Cara Murphy who failed to stop the beating, in fact you’re worse, you’re like the camera girl (NOT Cara Murphy) who cheered the beating.

    Trying 14 and 15 year-old girls “as adults” for *misdemeanor* battery is simply child abuse and the reasons are purely political, the sheriff is running for re-election in the fall.

    There are still many more lies and a lot of misinformation about this case out there. The girls do deserve a fair punishment for their misdemeanor battery, but they do not deserve a deluge of death threats, massive encouragement of violence against them on the Internet (conveniently ignored by the media and bloggers), biased judicial system (the bail amounts were ludicrously high if you know *anything* about Florida bail amounts in similar cases), and being shut silent by the judge while law enforcement saturates the media with lies about them.

    Those girls went way too far trying to get back for whatever wrong, real or imagined, the victim did to them. Now powerful people are going way too far in exploiting this for their own gain. It’s poetic justice but it is NOT justice. And the difference is those people are adults and they are trying to outright destroy the children’s lives. And the entire world cheers. Hypocrisy is alive and well.

  48. I wonder how much everyone is enjoying the fame the wanted so badly. Some real tough people there huh, takes 6 girls and 2 boys to watch out. All I can say is they should be glad that the child was not my child that they beat up cuz I would probably be visiting them in there cells and not on the other side of the wall for a why did you conversation. The mom that said the girl should have known that she would stir stuff up and should have had the nerve to back it up is a perfect example of what is wrong with children today. i think it high time these kids get a real dose of adult life, they are always screaming how big and mature they are, let us have some more freedom. It is not a form of child abuse to try them as adults and anyone who thinks so is related to the case somehow and is biast. They were big enough to do it they are big enough to pay for it however the law sees fit, election year or no election year, what if it was your child? It would be nice if these kids actually had remorse for their actions but unfortuntely they probably only regret being caught. I guess posting a violent beating didn’t exactly make you famous in the way you thought huh. Oops!

  49. Well I just hope the girls are happy since they have become famous with their video, after all that was their intentions wasn’t it. I think these girls and even the two boy look outs should be punished to the fullest extent. They are old enough to know what they did was wrong and can’t possibly expect anyone to believe that. Anybody who thinks it is a form of child abuse is related closely to these people and therefore are biast. If it was their child that it happened to; it would be a different story. The mother who said that Victoria should have known what she was doing and had the nerve to back it up is a perfect example of what is wrong with these kids and other kids. Sounds like she needs some parenting classes. What parent of any teenager can actually say for a fact that their child does not talk about people or have called other people names. None.

  50. These kids should be tried as adults at their upcoming sentencing. And, how STUPID to film the beating on YouTube, this just gives the prosecuters what they need to send these deserving individuals to PRISON, not jail.

  51. you know, it is so sad what teens will do just to get attention.
    i was hoping when i first heard the story and saw the shocking video that the illeged attackers only had to gather 30 thousand dollars, for what they did i would’ve told them one hundred thousand dollars! im just a teen but i understand whats going on and i am discusted in which these teens did.
    i hope they are too, because of a strive for attention they ruined the rest of their lives. and its sad.
    And one girl got bailed from Dr. Phil. She should be able to take responsability to her stupid action. SHE chose to hurt the girl. why did he bail her out?
    but that doesnt matter. so he bailed her out. but she is still on house arrest, no acsess to the computer, and many other charges.
    i feel they got off easy.
    but whatever. no one will listen

  52. i hope those little bitches get beat up in prison! and die…..k maybe not that

  53. I heard the attackers was all inbreds they seem like it. And Brittini Hardcastle father have a police record.

  54. A little late in commenting, but I just watched the movie Girlfight…I think that the girls where cowards because it took five girls to beat one girl… i think they should have been punished severly. The video made me sick to my stomach what they did to one girl, really it took five to beat one….did they think that they where tough honestly that is a big coward. Maybe if the state would punish the parents of the bullies, these things may not happen to kids just to be put on the internet for the world to see, oh yeah they should fine the internet site that puts this horrible stuff ont eh web.

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