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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Kent Leppink murder 5/2/1996 Anchorage, AK *John Carlin convicted of his murder, but killed in prison; Mechele Linehan convicted, sentenced to 99 years in prison, but conviction overturned; Prosecutors decided not to retry her at this time*

Kent Leppink

**update** (2/5/2010)
Michelle’s conviction was overturned by the Alaska Court of Appeals. However, that is not the end of the case at all. The Prosecution has to decide whether they are going to appeal the overturned verdict or retry the case. It is doubtful that they will just not do anything. Theoretically Mechele should have a bail hearing soon as well.

**update** (12/01/2013)
According to prosecutor Paul Miovas, the State of Alaska will not retry her at this time for the murder of Kent Leppink due to several witnesses that have died since her trial. However, he said that there is no statute of limitations for murder and if they get new evidence, she may be retried in the future.

Ex-Stripper Who Murdered Fiance in ‘Last Seduction’ Plot Gets 99 Years
Ex-stripper sentenced in plot to kill former fiance
Woman Gets 99 Years in Killing Plot
Wikipedia: Mechele Linehan
Wikipedia: Death of Kent Leppink
Mechele Linehan murder trial
Carlin beaten to death, autopsy reveals
No New Trial for Mechele Linehan
Prosecutors won’t seek new murder trial for Linehan
John Carlin III murder 10/27/2008 Seward, AK *William N. Wassillie and Tyler Warren Heavyrunner convicted, sentenced to prison*

Sins & Secrets: Anchorage
Snapped: Mechele Linehan
Wikipedia: Snapped Episode Guide
Dateline: The stripper and the steelworker
48 Hours Mystery: Love and Death in Alaska
The Last Seduction
People Magazine Investigates: Alaskan Temptress

John Carlin III – convicted, sentenced to 99 years in prison; he was killed in prison 10/7/2008
Mechele Linehan – convicted, sentenced to 99 years in prison; conviction overturned; will not be retried at this time

Mechele Linehan in court John Carlin III


18 Responses

  1. She got exactly what she deserved.

  2. Yes she did and I hope she has a hard time prison.

  3. Die in prison Bitch!!!

  4. Mechele didnt get a fair trial. She was convicted based on the evil monster storyline presented by the state. Good luck with your appeal.

  5. Maybe Phil thinks she’s pretty? haha.

    I don’t think she needed any help from the state in looking monstrous.

    Maybe I would’ve been more inclined to listen to “her side” if she had married, say, a hardware store clerk or a petty officer in the navy instead of a doctor.
    And maybe if she spoke in a manner normal for a grown-up.

    I’m just thankful that most of society seems to see through her manipulativeness and recognize her behaviour for what it has been.

  6. She looks like one evil little bitch. Her husband is a Dr,,,MD. He is just as evil as her if he thinks she dident kill the poor guy. Than to say hes gay only made her look evan more eval.

  7. So pretty and yet, so evil. Women have the capacity to rip out your heart and destroy your soul. Especially when they look like her. Who could resist THAT?

  8. Just another monster in sheep’s clothing. A VERY manipulative heartless woman. Pretty on the outside, evil on the inside. Glad to see that he was at least smart enough to change over his insurance so that his parents got the money and not this witch. What a cold blooded bitch to say that he “should have been tortured first” before he died. She really is a real Black Widow.

  9. What amazes me is that Dr. Linehan still believes in her innocence. The poor doctor was also fooled by her. She has even cheated on him in many occasions (according to Carlin Jr.’s accounts). Amazing to know that so many people can be so easily manipulated and brain-washed by others. She’s very clever in many ways (to know how to use her physical beauty and innocent look to control men) – but she finally got what she deserves. Like they say: “what goes around comes around”. I wonder what kind of family life she had that affected her in such negative way. Although, I don’t blame her family at all, she’s definitely responsible for all her evil actions, no matter what her background. And to know that there are still people (mostly men) that still believe she’s innocent is mind-boggling.

  10. Try living with this bitch in prision. She set me up. She got what she deserves. She will be munching on snatch for the rest of her life. I will be going to Dateline and 48 hours with the letters she wrote me.

  11. I think she got scared after the murder (which she probably committed, though maybe with help), and decided it was time to get out of Dodge (or Alaska), and start fresh. She changed her appearance and played it “straight” as a student, landing herself a doctor husband, living in the posh suburbs. Her husband is another victim, still believing in her. She’s a sociopath, incapable of love.

  12. Let this be a good lesson to all those PRETTY youg girls. Invest your youth and beauty in Good, or you will end up behind bars for the rest of your life!

  13. There some real evil morons posting here. The reasons you give for believing in her guilt have nothing to do with guilt or innocence. You’re exactly the kind of people who were dimwitted enough to be bamboozled by the prosecutor, only flash, no substance. Guess what? He isn’t one of you either, but a well educated, well paid lawyer for the state and he thinks your morons too because he can trick you!

    One sane voice among you. God save us from our mindless citizens who are destroying our country with their weak minds.

    • J Valdez,

      Do you think anyone will take YOU serious with your patronizing comments? I wouldn’t, that is for sure. Sounds to me that you are the mindless citizen you are talking about. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even you. You, however, just criticize people, but do not give a good argument for guilt or innocence. Just complaining about others. Yeah, you should be taken very seriously. But not about this.

  14. Just got done finished reading all the comments. Nothing more needs to be said. All you people are perfect examples of what our society is all about. You all watched the same program, yet saw something completely different I guess! It’s a shame that people can’t take a deep breath, look at what was presented and make an informed decision based on the facts. The evidence showed she was “INVOLVED” in the murder. End of story. My God people. Are some people really that nieve? Maybe people do this. You look at this as though “She” was your daughter. (Innocent)! Or you look at it as though “HE” was your son. (Guilty)! Make sence to anyone? Please don’t even give your opinion if you can’t be objective and most of all use a little common sence!
    PS. Would any of you want the lawyer defending you to be her lawyer? Think about it. I thought I was watching a 7th grade reinactment of a trail in a High School play.
    Have a nice day and live life appropriately !11

  15. The court threw out her indictment and the state decided not to indict her again because they had no case and it was discovered that the prosecutor had illegally withheld evidence in order to convict her. The prosecutor broke the law and duped everyone. Turns out, he withheld evidence in his other big cold case trial he won. That’s two the state knows he illegally withheld evidence, so it is logical to ask how many Other convictions did he win by violating the law and denying defendants their lawful defense? So all you folks quick to judge her guilty despite the lack of actual evidence might want to be mature enough to learn something from this. And the author to this website should do the ethical thing and either remove Linehan’s case from this site or update it to reflect the facts instead of just leaving it as is, appearing things turned out differently than they did.

    • Jackson,

      I plan to update the case, as I do in all cases that I hear about. However, I cannot say when I will do it as I have been extremely ill. I have not posted very much in the last week at all. It has nothing to do with ethics. I am not avoiding this case. I will update it when I can. And it would be more unethical to remove her part as it is still a part of what happened.

      Update: I have updated this post.

  16. This woman is a evil witch…Believe me she have something working for her,something evil!But God’s justice is coming,and no one can give justice like him?

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