• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Tierra Adams murder *Boyfriend, Neriah Roberts, has been charged with her murder; Manhunt on to find him, he is believed to be out of the Country*

Tierra Adams
Tierra Adams

Missing: Tierra Lechall Adams since 1/28/2008 from Houston, TX *Tierra was due to give birth today*
Missing Pregnant Woman Found Dead
Pregnant woman who vanished in January found dead
New details in death of pregnant woman
Possible Blood Found At Boyfriend’s House
New details in death of pregnant woman
Houston cops eye suspects in disappearance
Boyfriend Charged In Pregnant Woman’s Death
Man wanted for pregnant woman’s murder
Boyfriend sought in slaying of pregnant woman
Sheriff asks for public’s help in tracking down murdered woman’s boyfriend
Mother-to-be killed 3 years ago finally laid to rest
Update: Tierra Lechall Adams murder *Boyfriend, Neriah Louis Roberts, charged with her murder*

Neriah Roberts
Neriah Roberts


196 Responses

  1. It is about time, truly!

    There will be justice for Tierra and her baby.

  2. Horrraaayyyyy!! This is a blessed day for us bloggers!! We knew it, knew it, knew it. And here it comes. Lavonna, where are you??? You see that?? This fool has the nerve to RUN.
    Neriah supporters: Where the hell are you all? Please say something, anything. I want to hear again how “innocent” he is. Fools!!
    Here’s a toast to you Tierra, and your baby. But girlfriend, you still haven’t gotten the last word yet. There’s more to come. God bless you Tierra.

  3. he transact business all over the country, he was here two weeks ago and is now out of state transacting business but hes coming back tomorrow IDOITS

  4. and you guys need to ready carefully “Evidence obtained up to this point has assisted law enforcement in placing Neriah Roberts at the burial site located in the northern portion of Walker County. On Friday, March 29, a search warrant was also executed at an undisclosed location in northwest Houston, which has also assisted in establishing “PROBABLE CAUSE” obtain an arrest warrant for Roberts,” said Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae.

  5. I am here girlfriend.. Hey where is fat checker 🙂 and his friends?
    Thank you Lord for letting them be found out

  6. We have been waiting for this for over two months. This is a bitter-sweet moment. I just wish we could have gotten to this point earlier. Just to be able to look at her face one last time would have been good. It’s kind of hard when the there is nothing left to look at. I pray that someone gets some scrupals or morals and comes forward with information about where he is. What gets me is that he is actually going to make them hunt him down. Nothing inside says to him that he has done something wrong and needs to give up. He still wants to get away with it. He can’t lie anymore so he’s running. This is a cold brother. His mother should be proud. I believe that in his heart he is glad she is dead and intended to make her dead all along. This just didn’t happen. It’s okay though, Tee is in a better place. She doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore. Rest in peace Tierra and Ayana. See on the other side.

  7. Lavonna & #1,
    This is a damn good day for me. I am at work smiling from ear to ear.

  8. Lavonna,

    They are all on moderated status due to their failure to comply with my comments rules! But they are still around, spouting alot of nastiness and not having any compassion for the victim and her loved ones. 🙂

  9. I was too.. I am sad that Tierra and her baby is gone but I am so happy that I could just spit that they know who her killer is. I also believe others were in on it too..

  10. Bonnie,
    LOL Good for you. I think you do an awesome job of letting people voice their opinions but at the same time not put down the victims.

  11. You are right. They have evidence that the murder took place at the house. Remember, Same Guy admitted to being at the house that night. I knew he was involved. Ms Blog owner, don’t delete too much, we may need it as evidence. Let ’em talk. There we two other people with him at the burial site. Same Guy is in on it and he’s shakin’ in his boots. He won’t be talking anymore because he’s trying to figure out how to run away, too.

    note from blog owner I have not deleted any comments, they are just unapproved. But, not to worry, I will always turn over any comments, email address and IP addresses that law enforcement may ask for. And if people are actually stupid enough (which we have seen!) to post things they shouldn’t, they only have themselves to blame. It is widely known that law enforcement does look to the Internet for leads if necessary.

  12. the same guy,
    So your still defending him huh?? He conducts business all over the country?? You make him sound like some sort of CEO. If he “has it like that”, why didn’t he PAY someone to kill Tierra?? Why did he do it himself?? A man with his power and money (let you tell it) should never have gotten “his hands dirty”. Oh well, too late now. Stupid people ALWAYS make stupid mistakes.

  13. Thanks Lavonna! There is no reasn to trash a victim. People can and should voice their opinions. But trashing a victim should not be done here.

  14. I agree. People have a right to thier opinions and they can go on forever defending the criminal that they know and love for all I care but I don’t believe they should be coming on here and trashing the victim, especially when Tierra and many of the victims on this site victims aren’t able to defend themselves and when trashing the victim is just so disrespectful and hateful not only to the victim but to the victim’s family and friends as well.

  15. Amen, sister.

  16. The fact checker is here dummies ! i see ya’ll been waiting for me!! The evidence isn’t proven yet, if it was they wouldn’t keep saying that there still to gather more evidence plus they would say the evidence. Anything thats said ya’ll love jumping to believe it, because all of you easliy manipulated people (women) help send the innocent people to jail.

  17. Y’all harlets are something else!! lol

  18. Well, Mr. Checker,

    I see Mr. Roberts has another friend on here. Let me tell you something. You are connected to Mr. Roberts personally, just like Friend and Same Guy. I figured that out by reading your blogs as you continued to attack these ladies. You are probably one of the other two suspects and you think that you guys were smart and got away. Listen, stupid! With just the information that they have shared with the media is enough to convict Mr. Roberts. Of course you know that law enforcement will never release all the information they have. Not gonna happen. They probably already know you were in that car and are waiting at your job right now to pick you up. Don’t get it twisted. You guys only think you are smart, but it’s only what you THINK. Roberts and possey are a group of bumbling idiots. What’s sad is that no one has any thing that tugs at there heartstrings to just comeforward. This went too far in the first place. Anyone that helped him should be ashamed of themselves. Just dumb! Why would you let someone lead into something like this? How could you be such a follower. It’s Junior High all over again. Don’t worry Checker, they’ll be coming for you and yo’ boyz soon enough. Start saving your checks, because unless you and Roberts got long money like Michael Jackson, YOU’Z goin’ to jail sir.

  19. Look here!!! Dumbass i’m just an ordinary person like you, I take that back your different you don’t have everything up there miss #1. They can come get me all they want, but i’ll tell you when they do, I will sue!!! Cause I have no connection with this case I’m a person that believe a person innocent until proven gulity. So watch your F’ing mouth you dumb haurlet. like said if they had enough evidence, they wouldn’t back around and say they need to collect more. the tire tracks results and other results haven’t came in. Dummy

  20. Hey fat checker. You should learn to spell harlot the correct way before you call someone names.
    Time will tell buddy about those tire tracks and the blood at his house. Why would he run if he was so ‘innocent’?
    He is hiding because he knows he is guilty.

  21. I need for everyone to comment on this page. Some folk are still on the other one.

  22. Lavonna,
    Fact checker:
    I’d rather be a harlot ANYDAY than a murderer. In case you haven’t noticed, ASSHOLE, innocent people DO NOT run. And you calling us “harlots” (like Lavonna said, if your gonna try and clown please use spell check) is a compliment coming from a cat like yourself.

  23. 🙂 Shauncey. Glad I could make you laugh today. Lord knows you make me laugh all the time.. You’re still funny.

  24. Lavonna,
    You had me cracking up!!! You are definately my friend, my sister. Love ya girl.

  25. Look her biatch!!! Do a sppel check yourself too it’s “harlet” get righ!! how are you so sure he’s running?

  26. READ THIS ONE!!!
    Look here biatch!!!(I SPELLED IT LIKE THIS FOR A REASON) Do a spell check yourself too it’s “harlet” get it right!! how are you so sure he’s running?

  27. Fat checker,
    Takes a bitch to know one doesn’t it? Sorry but you are still not spelling it right… Hey all you have to do is
    1. Bring up word
    2. Copy and paste what you are writing in to the blank document.
    3. Word will usually bring up the correct way to spell.
    4. Copy (ctrl +c)
    5. Paste (crtl +v) back into this little square box that Bonnie so graciously allows us to write in.
    6. Hit submit
    Ta Da there you are finished and your words are spelled correctly.
    Oh and one more thing.. Yes I am a bitch and one of the best 🙂

  28. Look here!!! Harlot is spelled like this not harlet.. really try doing that spell checking in Word.. It is a wonderful tool.

  29. Shauncey
    You know I am your friend and I love you too!!

  30. Dumb Checker,
    How am I so sure he’s running? Could you really be that DUMB?? The whole WORLD knows he’s running. News flash asshole, didn’t you see his mug on Bonnies blog of crime?Bonnie won’t post a mug-shot unless your in DEEP shit. (like your friend) Boy, I sure hope Neri doesn’t call YOU for any advice. You seem as dumb as a bag of hammers.

  31. Shauncey I think he was talking to me because I had said that “Why would he run if he was so ‘innocent’?”
    LOL.. he was calling me the bitch.. he must think that hurts but it didn’t, I have been called bitch quite a bit 🙂

  32. Lavonna,
    We must do lunch when I get your way. I loved loved loved your post. Too funny!!

  33. 🙂 Yes if you ever come to KY let me know and we will do lunch.. You are hilarious too..

  34. I know Neri really well. And I’m going to say this. He is a person that has to be in control at all times, especially about anything that concerns him. Having to spend time in the pen. And get permission to shit, piss, eat, whatever. If yall knew him for real. You would know that he would kill himself before he turned himself in. Or allowed authorities to haul him off. He will need to be totally caught off gaurd if the watch to bring him in alive.

  35. Ypu know what Factual, you may be right. He is very controlling. I realized that about him concerning this naming of the baby and other little incidences that I won’t bother to mention. I have thought about the very same thing as far a suicide goes. But then I thought about how much he thinks of himself to actually kill someone because he felt he lost control. Whatever the case, it needs to come to some kind of end. This guy may really need to talk to someone about what happened and consider all the people that have been affected by this. What about his own mother and family. Doesn’t he care what they may be going through because of all this? I feel sorry for anyone that can’t say they have done wrong. That’s clearly a sign of a brotha’ with a problem. I don’t think the thought of jail bothers him. I think the thought of the dath penalty is what concerns him. I think he doesn’t want to die. In his head what he did is justifiable. Otherwise he would have come forward by now. Read his post form March 28th and you’ll understand what I mean. Thanks for the insight though.

  36. I cannot find his post form March 28th. #1 could you please tell me where exactly to find it, I’m really curious to hear what he has to say.

  37. You need to go to the calender down below and the drop down bar will give you the option to select the month. Choose February and click day 14. The blog for that day talks about Tierra due to give birth. The posts from there continue on through March.

  38. I read it. That’s classic Neri. Did they say, how she was killed exactly. Like could have been a tussle that got out of hand? I ain’t gonna lie. I was angry at first, now I’m hurt, worried, sad, I don’t know how. To he honest, Neri was a butthole sometimes. But he did try and help me out. I feel sorry for the both of them, the God I serve, makes my heart pity them both. Of course I feel I’m more and grieved for Tierra’s mom. Because we all from the same hood, whose to say that I couldn’t of been on drugs, in trouble, whatever, it just by the Grace of God that if didnt fall on me that way, surely not by choices that I have my myself. And Neri’s mom and dad. How they must feel, that their son could be facing the death penalty, their hands are tied. This is so very sad. I read his comment on the 28th; and I know that HPD, and police, and the media, are a beast, and I know that there are PLENTY innocent people in jail. I have a family member in jail right now, and the so called victim has wrote letters and everything saying he shouldnt be there, but once you in the system, you stuck. Nevertheless, the fact remains that something happened to girl. Somebody dug that grave and put her and that baby in there. Thats something that cant be denied. And if they have mud and blood and the clincher to me is the cell phone trace, its basically a done deal. It hurts.

  39. You know there is one thing that you said that is right. We should be concerned with Neri as well. It’s a natural thing to be angry for the deed and for causing so much pain to people so undeserving, but I so feel sorry for a guy that has nothing inside him prompting him to do the right thing. I know it is scary to face yourself and your sins, but it is necessary for us all. He will have no peace until he comes clean. It’s true that confession is good for the soul. The Bible says that is we are faithful and just to confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins. Forgiveness is possible, but their is still a penalty. No way around that one. You should go to the Huntsville item online and read the articles they have. Type in her name and it will pull up the articles. They are very informative and sheds more light on what’s going on. Seeing that grave on TV did it for me. Even when we found out that the body had been and the details surrounded it, it didn’t compare to seeing that gravesite. Mrs. Rose thought she would die. It’s aweful to think of your loved one in such a situation. Not only the fact that she was dead, but the fact that you had to take her somewhere where you thought no one would find her and find out what you did. You stand flatfooted and boldfaced and lie and stand on the fact that her lifestyle is cause of her disappearance. What kind of person has so little regard for life that you could bring harm to your OWN flesh and blood for any reason? Isn’t she due the respect of a proper burial and not be tossed out like garbage. Not only that, but to let her family suffer with the lingering thought of not knowing why their loved one has gone missing. You see it was a daily chore for us. Days going by with no word, but hoping that some of what he was saying was true just so that we could see her come through the door again. Feeling like we should be doing more and maybe was out there needing our help, but we could nothing. Wanting to go back to the place where he said he left her and never stop looking. Having the guilt of having to go on with your life without her. Having the hopelessness of just not knowing. Hoping for the best and fighting your gut of the worst. It’s torment. Tierra is not suffering. Her sprirt left her the minute she died. Those birds and hogs had a shell. But the ones left behind are victims as well and desrve peace from all of this. All we have of Baby Ayana is her ultrasound picture that Tee sent her mother from jail. We will never behold her precious little face. We weren’t given the opportunity to even look at Tierra’s face to say goodbye. She is only identifiable by tatoos, clothing and dental records. Not much closure there. I wish someone would talk to this cat and help him to realize that he needs to do waht’s right. His cousin and friend have left the post for time being so we don’t know if Neri came back to Houston yesterday or not. Same Guy/Brian has been so help with information concerning this case. I wish he would come back today. How ’bout it youngster, will you come out and play today?

  40. I have been reading this blog for about a month now. I am a longtime girlfriend of Neri’s. I met him in 1999 and have had an on again off again type of relationship with him. Some of the women speaking here may know me, some may not. I won’t comment on anything about the deceased because I only heard of her. I can sit here and put my business in the street as far as what type of “boyfriend” he was but Im sure he was different with us all. I am very close to his mother and whether you realize it or not, she is hurting to. She is very sorry for what happened to Tierra and we were all praying she was found safe, her and her baby. Like someone else said “This is America and everyone is innocent until proven guilty”, and that is what I stand on. Im not here to fight for his guilt or innocense, I will let the proper people handle their jobs. I will say that most of you here had never heard his name before this happened, therefore you don’t know him, you only know what you have heard or been told. I met him when he was 19. The Neri you have come to know is not the Neri I know, at all. He is not a violent person and he comes from a true christian home. I have never met people like his family. This is very shocking for me and I sit here and read some of your post and it really hurts me to know that people can be so judgemental. Like so many others here, I am a friend. I didn’t understand Neri when were together because he was so strict, didn’t party, didn’t really drink, didn’t smoke, etc. He was always on his computer trying to make money, even at 19. I couldn’t really deal with that because I wanted to have fun and live my life. Through all our ups and downs whenever I needed him for anything, he was there no matter what. I went through my little “hard party” stage where I tried a few drugs once when we broke up and he was livid. That was the first time I ever saw him cry. Neri wasn’t a monster. He is not the man he is being portrayed as. Im not some naive young girl either. I use to be, but not anymore, so this has nothing to do with love. I just have a hard time believing the Neri that I know did something this harsh. Im sorry for everyone involved but Ive been knowing this man for to long, and he has never ever gave me an indication he would do something this bad and trust me……. I have pissed him off to the extreme. Neri if you read this, you know who this is. I WANT U TO DO THE RIGHT THING. YOU ARE STILL MY PRINCE NO MATTER WHAT. I WILL SUPPORT YOU IN ANYWAY I CAN. GOD LOVES US ALL. HE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS. WHEN THE WORLD TURNED THEIR BACK ON JESUS, HE STILL PREVAILED. No matter what people say or how people feel about you, you still have only one God, and that is all that ever matters. I use to be very insecure and you always found ways to make me feel better. It’s my turn now. Im so sorry to the rest of you and Im really sorry to post this as the Adams family/friends may read it and Im sorry for your lost. Im sorry that you won’t ever see Tierra or hold her baby. I have a daughter.

  41. I can’t stop thinking about this. It really has me shook to think that someone I kicked it with on my levels, was in my house with me and my daughter, and was capable of murder. You never know whose presence you are in. I doubt that the guy I am with now is capable of this, but who would date a person who they even suspect of doing something like this. This is really, really bothering me. People come and go out of your life, and you don’t even know that you were in a game of Russian Roulette (i hope I spelled that right) with them, cause at any given moment that could have been my grandma, and my sister and aunts and baby looking for me. I plead the blood of Jesus over me and daughters life daily, I’m glad I was raised to know that.
    That could of been me.

  42. I meant to say I kicked it with on many levels (sorry for the typo)

  43. I have read so many blogs and comments on this case and the whole incedent. I am a true blood first cousin of Tierra Adams, and im very devastated behind all what happen to her and what everybody have negative to say. For those who left consern from the heart and expressed yourselves, I and my family appreciate all what you are doing. For those who are just being ignorant, God help you. You have to ask yourself, what if this happened in your family? How would you react to trying to find out true info. Its all said the Noriah is a prime suspect and i believe that. It dont take all this time thru the legal system to find that out. Its a gutt instinctive feeling to just know. And I also believe He didnt do it alone one where he buried her either, Tierra wasnt no little girl, she had some weight on her. So you know he wasnt alone.
    GOD knows the guilty and the innocent. Yes Tierra and her baby has crossed over and is at piece, but dirty how she had to leave.
    Tierra and her sister was like my shadows when we where little and played together alot. They were years younger than me but they used to love being under me cause i used to beat them up alot. they were tough girls and Tierra was tough and sneaky.
    Im gonna truely miss my lil cousin (one tear drop) But our family will need a long amount of time to heal. This is a gut check to the rest of our family and other outside families to make wiser decisions on who you deal with in life and dont think that you can make a thug into a husband or a controling man is admirable.
    To everyone, Thank you all for you support and prayers, and you all know (Whats done in the DARK will come to the LIGHT) and in due time Justice will be served and Tierra (my dear baby cousin) Will truely be at piece.

    Thank you

  44. Thank you Enough for your post! Some people believe whatever they wanna believe like some of the people on this blog, but don’t know the true facts of the story there are alot of hidden things that the media and police have kept away from the media. Neri is not gonna throw his life away like that.

  45. Fact Checker, you keep coming back. There… you did it again. I knew you knew Neri. You just gave yourself away. Who are you? You were there! Stop lying fool. Everybody else admitted that they know him. Why don’t you? You keep coming with the same lame bull about the real deal. Of course there are things that they have kept from the public and it all points to his guilt. I guarantee you it’s nothing that will get him off. You really belive in Neri. Why don’t you tell us the “true facts” of the story. If you know them then you MUST have been there or he TOLD you. Are you female? I think that you may be another one of those dumb broads like Friend was. Either you are female or you are gay. Something is a little off about you partner. Later for you.

  46. I know i should stay away from these blogs but i cant help it. My family is dealing with this pain and im so far away. I havent seen Tierra since our last year in high school and before that we were just little girls. The last time I was in the US I called and talked to my Aunt and I said I was going to go visit but I never did. Its so easy to get caught up feeling sorry for what may happen to Neriah but, who gives a damn really. No matter what Tierra did in her life nobody deserves to be taken so far away from home and thrown face down in a hole. Can you imagine what that baby was feeling. She was so far along in her pregnancy, this was a baby that could survive outside the womb. Anybody that could kill someone so coldly and a child that may have been theirs deserves what they get. He has shown no remorse since this began. It didnt seem to bother him that she was missing and he had no nice words to say about her. I didnt know Tierra as a woman all i remember is her smile when we were little and the way she used to laugh, it sounded so funny it made you want to laugh even if nothing was funny. Its so unfair and it cant be taken back. For anyone reading this love your family and keep them close.

  47. I’d like to address this to Enough. I hear all the words you are saying about the man you have known. You don’t like it that everyone has already convicted him before a trial. You hate that no one can see how great of a guy he really was and how he cared about his friends. You want his rights to be exercised and let the courts say he did it. Well, What about Tee and the girl we knew? We want everyone to know how wonderful she was. How great she was and how she helped and cared about her friends. How she loved my kids and how she would bathe those dogs iwth body wash. We would like for her to have her rights exercised, too. Your friend and his friends have been on here tearing her down, though and making it clear that what happened to Tierra was a direct result of some terrible life that she led. Bull! Again, I never said that Neri was a serial killer. But just because you or a few others were not his victim does not make it impossible for him to snap and kill Tierra. She wasn’t his victim either before now. I am glad he has friends that love and support him. I believe that he and his family will need you. But contrary to popular belief, Tierra also has family and friends that loved her as well. She has the greatest mother in the world, next to mine. There no river Rose Adams would not cross for her children. Not only that, she wanted the best for them and supported them no matter what. They could tell their mother anything. You was sooo happy when she found out Tee Tee was pregnant. When Tierra came home and she was able to touch her belly, she said that Baby Ayana was just turning flips. She believed that baby knew her already. I don’t doubt that his mother is suffering. Any mother would. But unfortunately so is this mother. It is heartbreaking to witness. I don’t know what happened that night, only Neri, Tierra, and whoever was there knows. But I do know that whatever it was, could have gone down another way. Something went terribly wrong and now two young lives are over. I don’t understand it. I’ve tried to make sense of it, but it makes no sense. Your friend probably feels like he’s on a carnival ride. He probably feels like the walls are closing in on him. I mean this could cost him his life. But as hard as that may be for him to accept, he needs to accept responsibility for what has taken place. Just like Tee met her fate that night and all of had to come to terms with the fact with idea of her never coming back, he will have to come to terms with the fact that he committed this crime and he has to pay. Running away is wrong and I think that is what makes me the maddest. Any Christian man would at some point do what’s right. Why hasn’t he. If he was so against bad living what’s keeping him out there now. He has to know that he did something wrong. And just because the constitution makes us prove guilt does not make guiltless. Whether or not a court of law proves or disproves his guilt, we all know what he did. the good thing is that so does God. He sees all no matter how dark it is, how far you drive, or how deep you try and hide it. I’m okay with that. At this point I think that the Lord is going to have to move on this boys heart to get him to give up. We want the rest of the story. We want to know if our Tee suffered. We need that for closure.

  48. I am responding to #1. I cried when I read your last post. Please understand I am not supporting one and downing the other. I didn’t know Tierra. I can honestly say that if I would have known her and not him, I probably would feel like the rest of the world, so to speak. However, that’s not the case. Im not trying to lessen how Tierr’s family may feel. I can’t even imagine how I would feel had that been my daughter. My heart goes out to them and I still pray that God strengthens them on a daily basis. Any sudden tragedy to any family is devestating, and this family lost two people. On the other hand I know Neri and the type of person he is. I just can’t see him doing anything like this Im sorry. And as far as his friends downing Tierra, well if you look at it from the big picture, that’s exactly what her friends/family is doing to him. I understand their position, but just like the loved and cared for her when she was alive, we still love and care for him. It may seem so horrible for me to say that but that is just the truth. The news is only betraying him based upon the crime that he supposedly committed, which is their job, but at the same time everyone that knows him on personal level, knows he is so much more than that. You can never say what any person will or will not do in any situation, but this is one thing that is just unbelievable. It is just mind blowing. Neri is like the most laid back person I have ever known and this is just a bit much. I actually see him as a very intelligent person and I constantly ask myself is he that stupid to throw his whole life away and I always come up with no, no way. #1 I feel your pain and I pray that God gives you the answer you are seeking, I pray that he puts your heart at ease, but mostly I pray that you have a forgiving heart because one day we all have to see him for ourselves and that’s one of his many requirements…. That we forgive, just as he does.

    This is to everyone else. I have read a of negativity about Neriah’s supporters. And once again I had a conversation with myself (yes I do that often, and no Im not crazy), and if this was my situation and my friends and family turned their back on me, what would I do? It didn’t take 10 seconds for me to break out in a cold, cold chill. I am still blessed with a mother, grandmother, and great-granny. I only have one sister but Im blessed with two really great girl-friends. If I didn’t have them, honestly I don’t know what in the hell I would do sometimes. I can only imagine how any person would feel at this point. If I was his friend before this, and we’ve been through some things, Im going to continue to be his friend. That is just what it is. If you don’t like it, that’s ok. If you don’t understand. Pray for it, if it’s that important to you. If you want to lash at me, they crucified Jesus. Everything in life we won’t understand. Everything we go through, won’t be fair. Everyone who crosses our paths, won’t be good for us. Bitterness is like roots from a tree, it will grow and grow until it begins to destroy everything in it’s path. I have had to learn to let so much go because I was beginning to self destruct. I really pray that this will not tear up anyone else’s life. I understand the anger and frustration on both sides, but I also see the big picture and this is consuming some people’s lives. We all need closure. Only God can provide that at this point. Regardless of what you think you may want to know. I lost my father tragically. I thought I wanted to know how, why, what? When I found out all I thought I wanted to know, I needed serious counseling. I don’t even know what to say now. I just pray God protects us all.

  49. #1 their you go accusing people, like I said to you all in a previous post I have nothing to do with the case, I wasn’t there so don’t start talking crap, and my personal information is none of your business.

  50. If we take all this negativity and use it in a positive way, maybe one of us will help another Tierra or Neriah out there somewhere. It is so sad that we sit here and lash out at each other because we are angry for what happened. On both sides. At this point there is not much else to say so I think it’s a little immature to sit here and pick with one another. The bottom line is a family lost a woman and child and is having a hard time dealing with it and wants answers. Another family is at risk of losing a son and destroying their lives, also. There is no winners here!!!!! There is nothing but a lot of confusion, hurt, pain, anger, and everything else. The only thing I know for sure is God is willing and able. And to all the party’s that’s not involved. It could happen to you on either side of the fence. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  51. Enough, I didn’t date Neri as long as you did. I believe we may have bumped heads over the phone a couple of years ago. As you said before Neri was very strict, and he wasn’t down with any foolishness, even though some of his theories about life were ridiculous, he did come through when you needed him. I know that I am confused about this and I didnt know him as near as long as you did, so I could imagine the emotional roller coaster you are going through. I don’t think Neri is a heartless killer, but I do believe something got out of hand, and now he is in a horrible, life altering situation, and that’s what makes it so sad, because you know like I know, this wasn’t suppose to happen. That boy was suppose to be of the cover of Fortune magazine 10 years from now, not running for his life. That’s what so sad, that Neri’s life is over. Three people have lost their lives over probably some foolish situation that just got out of hand. And all somebody probably had to do is just walk away. I feel sorry for everybody. I have an ex-boyfriend and me and him were on and for 5 or 6 years and still close to this day. And to imagine him getting into a situation like this (killing someone) and actually digging a hole and putting them in there, is impossible for my mind to wrap around. I hope God gives you a peace about it, cause it hard for me to find it, and I wasn’t involved with him as long as you were, so I know it’s hard for you.

  52. Yes Mrs. T I believe we have spoken before. Hard is not the word right now. It’s funny he always thought I was so crazy, but this, this is enough to drive anyone insane. I have read your comments and I know how you feel about the situation, I don’t agree with you and Im sure you don’t agree with me, but I appreciate you respecting my opinion. I feel sorry for everyone also. This is very unfortunate. Im not blind to what is going on but I just don’t believe Neri could do something like this. He use to apologize for raising his voice. This is a bit much at times.

  53. This si for you first, Enough. I do feel like a true will never stop bing your friend. I love me friends so no matter what they do the love will continue. The good wishes and all of that too. That’s what friends do. I don’t condemn any of these people for supporting him, just for tearing down Tierra in order to make him look less guilty. I know it’s hard to vision him doing what he did. It’s like your teenage daughter coming up pregnant and you trying to invision her having sex. You don’t want to believe it, but you know what it takes to get pregnant so you know what went down. You guys are having a hard time accepting what happened because of all his hopes adn dreams and how together he seemed. You are waiting for him to say ” I did it” and then you’ll be past the denial. It was like when she was missing and they called to say they may have found her. They told us enough to confirm that it was her, but we waited anyway for a possitive ID to accept it. It is undeniably difficult for all parties involved, but it is also different. These people literally blamed Tierra for putting herself in a position to be killed. Nonsense! Nobody has talked with the class that you two ladies have the whole time this has been going on. I think it is disrespectful for someone to put down someone that cannot defend themselves. I don’t mean to attack anyone, I just want him brought to justice. It’s a bum deal, but that’s just how it is. Forgiveness is not an issue for me. I’ve had to learn how to forgive and when someone didn’t ask for it. For me, it is a requirement. It also helps to promote healing. God forgives, but there is still judgement. I don’t have anything but advice for him. And that’s to stop the madness and to bring this thing to an end.

  54. I know, I KNOW I should stay away from this blog but my heart is hurting for my aunt Rose, my cousin (Tee Tee’s sister), and grandmother. Every time one of them passes a child’s clothing store or look at pics of Tee Tee….To see my mothers face when she looks at all the things she bought for Tierra’s unborn child…It makes me physically ill. How DARE some of you “people” (fate checker, same guy, etc.) get on a blog meant to catch her killer, and put blame on my cousin and try to flip the script to make it seem like she was a bad person. Every one in life makes mistakes but, Tierra was not the one who toke a life. To think you “people” have the nerve to get on here and talk down on her….I just wish you could feel the same pain my family is feeling right now. But you know what? I have prayed about this situation and I thank God everyday for blessing my family with the fact we have her body. It could have been even worse; we could have gone on not knowing. And for all of my families supporters do not fret! We have a great God who will be the final judge with this “human being” known as Neri. Oh and for all of his little friends and supporters: Denial aint just a river in Egypt baby. Wake the hell up! People change and snap at any given moment. What balls you have to get on this blog and say “well I knew Neri then or at such and such time”, “oh he was such a great person”, well one question: Did you know him the night he murdered my cousin and her unborn child? Did you know him the times he was violent? Did you know him the times he looked down at others and put his own selfish needs in front of a woman and her unborn child? 10 inches-that’s how deep my cousin’s grave was. He was too damn lazy to dig any deeper. Do you know what happens to your body when its only buried ten inches? What kind of wild life can get to it, or how the weather can destroy a body? My family can’t even have the luxury of an open casket funeral. So next time you think about how “great” Neri WAS think about that and what my family is going through. Better yet think about what Tierra went through in her final moments. You “People” make me sick and I hope you burn in hell right along with Neri. And Mr.Neri if your reading this, which I know you are, I hope you pray for yourself from here until kingdom come buddy because your gonna need it honey. It must really be hard to sleep at night with Tierra hunting your every thought and movement. If the cops dont get you your own mind/knowledge of guilt will.

  55. The only thing I can say right now is IM SO SORRY. Fam I know you are hurting. Im hurting in the same way you are but for a different reason. Im entitiled to post my opinion just as you all are. Im not in denial, I just don’t believe he did it, regardless of evidence. There have been many cases where people have been convicted on “evidence” then you find out 10 or 20 years later that person did not commit the crime. I have the same rights as you as far as my beliefs, opinions, etc. If you want to lash out at Neri, go ahead. I haven’t done anything wrong, Im an innocent person in this matter. Just like you don’t want his friends/family downing Tierra, I don’t appreciate it either. It’s funny how you sit here and point the finger at his friends/family, but you sit there and let your anger lash out at innocent people. And to tell someone to burn in hell, that’s just evil. If you pray (#1) to God, ask him to deliver you from evil. As angry as you are right now and the things you are saying…… How do you know where you will spend eternity? I try and not comment on anything concerning Tierra because I really don’t know anything. What Im wondering is why hasn’t anyone said anything about her plans for the future, besides being in jail for 8 months, let the world know who she was. Take the time and use your negative energy to make an everlasting memory of her. If you feel she hasn’t had justice. Give her some. Does anyone here have anything good to say about anything? Let the proper authorities do their job. I believe God never sleeps and he sits high and looks over us all. Everyone pray for justice. When you sit here and put all this negativity where God is supposed to be, how can he work. I believe God will bring justice wherever it is needed to whomever deserves it. As far as any guilt or shame, I don’t have that. Just like you wish to see Tierra and hold her, I wish that for Neri. I would like to tell him no matter what, Im still your friend. Im here for you. It’s a crazy situation and Im sure you will not understand at this time, but one day you will. You are angry at his friends/family for nothing. We did nothing wrong. To you again I pray that you have peace and a content heart.

  56. Re: Family
    I know you’re upset, but for you to say for the rest of us that knew him, and talk about how he was with us, to “burn in hell” is wrong. No I never got to face the Neri the killer like Tierra did, and as I have said before, that very well could have been me. Hell is a place we all can be condemned to, including you. I’m sorry for your lost, I’ll continue to pray for your family… I’m sorry.

  57. I really would like for Same Guy and rfiend to come back on. I feel like Same Guy has been in contact with Neri and knows where he is. Do any of you guys know him? He called himself Brian at first. He says that he is a cousin of Neri’s. I think he’s younger than Neri is. Do you know of any of his cousins that this could be? I know that all you are committed as friends to Neri, but I think that finding him is for the greater good. If you could shed some light on who he may contact, it would help bring this thing on home. The longer it is dragged out, the harder it is going to be for everyone involved. Please help us if you can. Do you know Brian/Same Guy’s name? Let me know anything that may help. Later.


    To those of you wondering where certain commentors are, they are on moderated status and I have not been able to go through all of their comments. Most of them I will not allow on as they do not follow my comment policy.

    Please remember, this is a place for justice and to remember the VICTIMS, not to argue about the accused or to just argue.

  59. Thanks for the insight.

  60. This is for the ex-girlfriends. Same Guy says that he is 23 years old. Does that help at all. Does he have a cousin that you know that is 23? I knew he was young. That’s sad that he is so foolish. Help me if you can.

  61. I was just reading over the last post from Enough. You commented on Tee’s plans for a future. Why do we need to build Tierra up for you? Firstly, she has no future! Secondly, any plans that she DID have, has no bearing on what has taken place. Everybody has plans for the future even if it plans to go do laundry on Tuesday. Who cares about what Neri says about Tierra. Maybe he said the same things about all of you at one point to her or his other friends. Again, who cares? Yes this person is VERY angry and is lashing out. Where she directs her anger, who can know. When people hurt that’s what they do. You are not HURTING. Neri is not dead. Death is final. Tierra is dead. You are not feeling what we feel. You have time to come to terms with his fate. He is somewhere missing of his own free will. Tee did not go missing of her own free will. I hate to keep singing the same sad song, but let’s not do the Tierra and Neri comparison. It’s not necessary. We are not making Tierra into a Saint and Neri into Satan, we are just stating facts. If you happen to get hit in the crossfire then sorry about that. You may want to move out of the way because there are a bunch of angry people that can’t get to your friend, Neri and need to release. If you put yourself out there, then you will be the next best thing. Don’t take it personally because it is NOT about you. If you can just understand human frailty then you understand where these people are coming from. Yes, many of us have a relationship with God, but even those of us who do, still are NOT God. Therefor we error. We don’t always act in accordance with how God wants us to. But if God can understand that, then certainly you should be able to. We strive daily to crucify flesh, but it is difficult at times such as this. Please don’t support Neri by finding fault in Tierra. We all have faults and no one is exempt from that. You can believe one thing. The mistakes that Tierra made, she paid for. Yet you guys continue to crucify her for her past. Once the debt is paid there should be no more harrassing phone calls, right? That’s strange that you do this to her, but you don’t want to even entertain the thought of Neri doing such a hanous act. Neri is not an angel. In fact he is FAR from it. What he was was deceitful. He showed you what he wanted you to see. There were a lot of things that went on between Tee and Neri that I have never mentioned one time. Even when the others were slandering her, I didn’t retaliate by revealing some of his past sins. It would have been easy to do, but it is not necessary. So please Ms. Enough, ease up on Tierra. It’s great that you support Neri. You should. But you don’t have beat her up to do that. Later.

  62. I agree with you #1. Neri did show you what you wanted to see. He ways were off the hook at times, and me and him battled for control on a daily basis. But when I needed him, he was there. But as far as trying to build a life with him, close to impossible. Me and him talked openly about men, women and what urban society calls “the game.” And he on some aspects was a big. But like I will always say, he was there when you needed him. He made have had hidden motives, but what guy doesn’t. I just moved on, got tired of his Prince Neri theory, I was just coming out of a break up and he help me get through that transition, thank God I was stron enough not to get caught up. Saying all that to say, you are right, he is like most PEOPLE, they only let you see the person that they feel you want to see. I could go into some pretty deep stuff too, but I’m not its not necessary. I didn’t know Tierra, but I’m from Northside (the hood) too. And I have friends that have been in and out of trouble. Some are easy with men. Some might smoke a little too much weed for me. But I love them just the same, it would break my heart if anything would happen to them, and everytime they we go through something I hurt for them, and they do the same for me. If you are a chick out of any hood, you are a Tierra too in some kind of way, I call us Ghettoflowers, in some ways we are all the same.

  63. Enough,
    I’m really curious to know what kind of evidence you need to convince you of his guilt. His picture being across the 6 o’clock news not enough for you? Or the blood found at his house? Him being the person she was with last before she was killed? Him missing in action. I mean, what other proof do you need? Another murder?

  64. Enough, I think that Family has every right to be angry about some of the things that have been written on here about Tierra. Maybe telling the people on here who knew/know Neri but aren’t trashing Tierra or defending him to burn in hell is kind of tough, but I feel it’s well deserved for the people who have come on here to attack Tierra or go on about how Neri’s the victim in this whole situation. I’m sure this is tough for his family but they can still see him. Tierra’s family and friends can never see her again and never got to see her child. You have the nerve to make smart ass little comments like why we aren’t focusing on Tierras plans for the future “besides being in jail for 8 months” which as #1 very finely pointed out we can’t do as she has no future. Why should anybody sit here and depress themselves with thoughts for her future when she doesn’t have one because of some selfish asshole who is now too cowardly to face his punishment? Most of the people on here want justice for the victims, not to come on here and throw a pity party for the suspect. I also disagree with this statement: “You are angry at his friends/family for nothing. We did nothing wrong”. If you read some of the comments on the February 14 post by Neri’s supporters pretty much trashing Tierra you should understand that Tierra’s family member isn’t “angry for nothing” as Neri’s supporters have done plenty wrong by starting a lot of shit on these boards with almost no regard for Tierra and her unborn child.

  65. Shauncey let this sink your head, I have told you many time over and over again. They said they found blood but it wasn’t blood.

  66. Fact Checker, I thought I checked you yesterday. I see you are back again. I was dead on. You do know Neri. I don’t know where you are getting you rinformation, but you have got it twisted. Stay off of this blog with that foolishness. Your constant display of idiot ranting is sickening. Check the facts dummy. You guys may have tried to cover up your crime by washing or painting those walls, but you didn’t do a good job. You need to call Walker County and just confess and tell them where Neri is. I have never seen someone with so much stick-to-it-iveness. You could make a lot of money in sales. That’s a great marketing tool. What do you need to know for you to believe that they have REAL evidence and enough of it to make a murder charge. Neri is not wanted for questioning, he charged with and wanted for M-U-R-D-E-R. And so are the other two stooges (Same Guy/Fact Checker) that were with him. If you have any information about what happened that night , you are guilty as well. The thing about life is that what goes up, must come down. That’s just the law of gravity. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Please know that you are transparent. And if can see through you then someone else can too. You are connected to this thing in some kind of way. Deny it all you want, but I am no fool. When you get home form work today, we’ll talk about it a little more. Just you and me. We’re gonna see if we can’t resolve this thing.

  67. I have been a spectator for both sides now, knowing what I know and coming from what I don’t know my say is reading these blogs it seems like entertainment for all of you! (A reality drama at best) You all lashing at each other, friends and families from both sides… it is to the point of being look down upon! At this point I don’t see the point of blogging about real life crimes especially coming from people who didn’t know any victims or family of the involve. And for the others, including family, friends and individuals who was in contact or came into contact at one point in there lifetime with the involve, the best thing to do is pray and don’t feed fire to the flame by blogging. I know certain people who post there comments on here and my advice to them and all of you is don’t feed fire to the flame! #1… I am curious on who you are but that would lead me into the traps you all are falling into!

  68. By the way… do you realize everybody IP address is being recorded including mines! This is pointless!

    note from blog owner

    Yes, the IP address are recorded, so what? That is the same with any guestbook, blog, etc. you visit online. What is the problem? Why is it pointless? I bet law enforcement does not agree.

  69. Why is that pointless? If you don’t have anything to hide why care?

  70. Well, so we have a new kid on the block. Spectator, it doesn’t bother me that they have access to my IP address. And yes I have been aware of this all along. I know that Neri knows this as well. He hasn’t posted since March 28th. Anyway, I assure you that I am not here to entertain anyone. If anyone is amused I feel sorry for them. This is no laughing matter. I’m sure you would love to know who I am, unfortunately that imformation is not available to YOU at this time. There are people that know who I am, but that doesn’t matter, or does it. Maybe the question should be, Who the hell are you? I am not setting any traps for anyone. What I want to know, I ask. I have not gotten any answers to my questions yet. I am very close to this family. I consider myself a part of it, if you didn’t know Tierra really well, you wouldn’t know me. I assume that you only knew what Neri told you about her like so many others on this blog. There have been several dummies on this blog making confessions like, ” I swear on my life I was there that night”. I had nothing to do with that. He was merely reacting to a comment that I posted. If people are dumb enough to commit a crime, try and cover it up, but then confess, then that’s on them. If you’d like, you can go a few rounds with me. I don’t back down from anyone. I told you before that I hold fast to what I believe and I believe someone here is going to help bring Prince Neri to justice. I will stay on this blog and shout loud and proud that Neri needs to be brought down until the day I see them lead hom into the Walker County Jailhouse. I know he’s reading these blogs because Tierra told us how into the computer he really was. If he was reading on March 28th then he’s reading today. He has to. It’s his window into the outside world. He can’t peak out of the door because he is hiding. So he has to know what’s going on. And that’s quite alright because evertime he comes here I will let him know that we are still looking for his ass.

  71. #1 I am glad to see you on here everyday. I did not know Tierra but it makes me sad to know that she and her baby never had a chance to bond outside of the womb.
    I hope and pray that this case is resolved soon for I know that her family and friends are hurting and need the chance to start healing.
    God bless you all.

  72. Spectator,
    I resent your comment. First of all, you don’t know me. You don’t have a clue what I stand for. No, I didn’t know Tierra, but I’m sure she would definately appreciate me sticking up for her while all these assholes are talking smack about her. She’s not here to defend herself. She doesn’t have a voice anymore. “Neri” TOOK that away from her. I, we, are speaking for her know. She wants justice, and so do we.
    This may be an amusement to YOU, but I hardly find it amusing. A young woman and her baby were brutally murdered, this is far from a game to me. Oh, and I for one don’t give a damn about my IP address, I don’t have a thing to hide. My suggestion to you is to stay off this blog if you don’t like whats happening. Your comment, “a reality drama at best” was highly insulting.
    Dumb checker:
    Out of EVERYTHING I said, that was the only rebuttal you have? “It wasn’t blood”? Can you explain everything else away? No you can’t. Why not do something worthwhile, like telling your “boy Neri” to man the f**k up and turn himself in.


  74. Guy,
    uh, so who are you to get on here and tell us what to do? Someone forget to tell me that you’re the boss?
    I, for one have a life.. I have a job that allows me time between calls to exercise my right to voice my opinion.
    You don’t like it? I don’t care and I have a degree in Office Technology and you telling us to get some education and you can’t spell makes me wonder why you even bother getting on here.
    Probably is spelled like this not the way you spelled it.

  75. You know what? That’s really funny. All of Neri’s supporters say that he is so smart, but alot of them are not (not all of you). I guess that’s why he folled them so easily. There language skills leave something to be desired. Guy, I won’t bother to defend that statement by telling you my occupation, but I will say that I have no money problems. I am flexible and that allows me to blog with you guys anytime I like. Also there are great people that work at public wate plants. See there you guys go again, putting down people for no reason. A job is a job. Anyone that has one is blessed. Who died and made you judge. You see I think that Neri also looked down on people and placed HIMSELF on this MIGHTY NERI mountain. I don’t care what people look like, where they come from, who they know, where they work, or where they live, to me they are just people. And if you would be honest with yourself you would agree that people are the same where ever you. I have black friens that remind me of white ones. How odd is that? But it’s true. The saddest part is the way we as black folk look down on each other like we are better the anyone else. We all came off the boat and into the cotton fields. Some of us managed to claw our way to something better and forgot to reach back and help our brother. Well, I don’t like that and I don’t like you. You PROBABLY need to go back to the beginning and get a clue as to what is going on. Then maybe you’ll come correct. You can’t come in on the middle of the story and expect to pass the class. Wise up Lame Brain.

  76. You are very funny Mr. Guy. Notice how you accidentally hit the Cap Lock key and how your sentence has no punctuation. It’s just a run on (laugh, laugh, laugh). What school did you go to or supposed to have gone to? I’ll make sure no one I know attends there.

  77. LOL.. I saw that too but I figured he was just screaming at us 🙂

  78. Yall still lashing out towards each other on pointless subjects! To clear the smoke I dont care if my ip address gets recorded I was making a point to the people who supports Neri and the other people who wants to know who they are and of course some law enforcemant will appreciate any leads that they have. As far as yall lashing down on me, who cares what yall say. Freedom of speech! I just don’t see the point of you people typing on this blog. But thats my opinion, I am sorry I discover this! #1 like I said I was curious on who u are but didn’t ask, simply just expressing my mind to the public! And if some, think you are going to be detectives and find answers from a website to solve this case… come on, be adults! This is a real life tragic scenerio that has taking place and I am praying for both family and friends from both sides! My point stop feeding fire to the flame…. I am looking at the post times and most of you this is simply just a past time for you. Do you see the mothers of both families typing what they got to say over this…. NO! They are praying because you all and including me don’t know the pain that they are going thru! Some try to feel how they feel and believe me it is a nice gesture but reality is, NO you don’t know what they are going thru! So drop it and stop giving this website traffic over a sad event! Just pray if you want to help!
    “so we have a new kid on the block”… to clear it up once again I was curious, I wasn’t asking! I don’t care to know you… not to be mean! But my opinion is you are not going solve this case on this website by asking the supporters of Neri who they are, what school they from! My final point is just pray!

  79. Mr. Guy,
    Actually I AM the boss at my job, you asshole. So I guess I’ll send myself home (early) for laughing out loud. What a great idea. I’ll just go home early and blog from there, meanwhile still calling all you “Neri” supporters on your bullshit.
    What’s up #1?

  80. dumb asses hores? wtheck is that? If you are going to call us names at least spell it correctly.. it is Whores…
    Son you really, truly need some spelling and grammar lessons.
    Get some ‘hooked on phonics’ and you should be good to go.

  81. Spectator,
    Correction: Tierra’s loved ones will read this blog and realize how many lives she touched. Obviously this is not the place for you. Your new here. This website ALWAYS has traffic. Get over it. Just because your clueless about Bonnies Blog of Crime, don’t hate on us. Wanna be helpful?? Go find “Neri”.

  82. Dumb asses hores? wtheck is that? If you are going to call us names at least spell it correctly.. it is Whores…
    Son you really, truly need some spelling and grammar lessons.
    Get some ‘hooked on phonics’ and you should be good to go.
    Why would we go laugh at our bosses? The first thing I thought was “that is really stupid” and then I remembered who wrote it 🙂

  83. Dumb asses hores? wtheck is that? If you are going to call us names at least spell it correctly.. it is Whores…
    Son you really, truly need some spelling and grammar lessons.
    Get some ‘hooked on phonics’ and you should be good to go.
    Why would we go laugh at our bosses? The first thing I thought was “that is really stupid” and then I remembered who wrote it 🙂 Talking about being a dumbass

  84. Well, it’s kind of hard for me to comment on either one of these people. They make no sense. I get an understanding when I read what they write. I don’t know where all that stuff Guy was saying came form. He was just mad (laugh). I guess people don’t like it when you talk aabout their school. It got even worse after that. I didn’t know hardly any of those words. Wow! Anyway, as for Spectator, you say you don’t think we should waste our time blogging, but you keep doing it yourself. Why don’t you just SPECTATE. I am Tierra’s family. I will voice my opinion. I am not looking to solve the crime here. The crime is already solved. I am merely reaching out to someone with a heart hoping that they call authorities, not me. You see the media is here for just that purpose. I can’t be here and in Florida too. Not physically anyway, but I can be through this blog. Someone may read this and be moved to help because of what they read. Maybe someone that Neri met in another state or city knows nothing about this case and is with him. Maybe by these means, Neri can be brought to justice. Just take a chill pill, the ride will be over soon.

  85. Sorry, I meant to say that I DON’T get an unserstanding….

  86. Sorry, I meant to say that I DON’T get an understanding….


  88. Lavonna,
    Please don’t make me laugh that hard or loud again. I had tears streaming down my face after reading the firt 2 sentences. Too funny!

  89. 🙂 well, sometimes I don’t care to be called names but I do hate to see when it is not spell correct 🙂

  90. #1. You really don’t believe he has got on a little charter plane from south Florida and headed back to the Carribean? I hate, hate, hate to say it but I think he’s gone.

  91. And I also think that they need to hold on to the African girlfriend a little longer, if they haven’t already deported her. Them getting married would allow her to be able to stay in this country. Tierra pregnant with his baby. Him visiting her in jail all the time. Tierra at his house. The African not cooperating with the police, at all. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Not saying at ALL that Neri is not guilty. But I just feel she has a little more to do with this than we think.

  92. I am sure that the authorities already know about his connections to the islands. It is possible that he has gone back there but then again it is possible that he has not. I realy don’t know. Have you ever known him to go back there for any reason before now? I know that someone somewhere will do the right thing. I believe it with all of my heart. He apparently has no heart. If he did he would come out. I don’t know how anyone could support such a person. One thing I do know is that once you see the character of a man one should realize that this man has no respect of person. Don’t think that just because it wasn’t you, that it couldn’t have been you or be you the next time. Think about THAT. There have been no arrangements made for TeeTee at this time. Once they are made I will post them for all who would like to come and say goodbye.


  94. #1
    As I have said when i first posted on this blog. I am well aware that it could of been me. Like I said before, these days bringing people into your life is like a game of Russian Roulette, you never know what you are getting into. A person just has to plead the blood of Jesus over their lives, and the lives of their loved ones anytime it crosses their mind to. I have no respect for anyone involved in this. I pray for her family every time I think about this. I can’t believe this has happen…I think I’m going to stay of the blog for a little while, cause this just hurts all the way around… I will continue to pray for the families involved, and pray for justice.

  95. I do think that the African girl was dismissed prematurely. I think that was all before the body was discovered. I don’t know, but I do know that there were others involved and they have been posting on this blog. I want the police to find Same Guy because he says he was there. This is a very sensitive case for many reasons. There are alot of emotions due to the circumstances. Everytime I look at my precious baby who is now only a few months old, I realize just how great a loss this is for Ms. Rose. I felt my baby move and respond to my husbands voice whne I was carrying her. I saw her face on the 3-D ultrasound. She was real and she was alive. I could not imagine my life without her. She is absolutely wonderful. She knows no wrong. She smiles as she sleeps. I often wonder what she could possibly be dreaming about. I guess it could only be the about the many faces that she sees smiling at her daily. What else does she know? It really hits home for me. These are real lives and real people here. Not a soap opera. This really happened to someone I really knew and it is terrible. Neri is a monster and he is on the run. He is dangerous as far as I am concerned and anyone around him should be afraid. When people are desperate they will do anything. Believe that. I would be disappointed if I was his mother. Her heart must be breaking to think that her son is so heartless. Poor thing. He’s wrong for making her worry.

  96. Yes, Starletta I am a very close friend. Her sister is good and she is there with her mom at the moment. They are hoding on to each other, but they can use the prayers of others. I will let them know that you are concerned and wishing them well. Unfortunately I cannot give out any contact information on how to contact Ms. Rose, but if you call Equesearch they will get your information to her and she will contact you. Thanks for posting.

  97. Hello Starletta, yes the family is ok, as ok as anyone in this situation can be right now. And I actually remember you from when I was a little girl and tee tee and her sister were in their teens. I will let my Aunt and Tierra’s sister know you have posted and are looking for them.
    Moving on #1 I totally agree with your reply from April 7, 2008 at 2:40 pm. What does it matter what Tierra’s plans were for the future? Death is PERMANET. Unlike Enough’s sweet prince Neriah, my loved had no where to run to for salvation from physical harm. Where Tierra is now no physical harm can become her. My point is that I feel like I have every right to be upset with his friends and fam. Especially those who get on this blog and post replies in support of that foul person known as Neriah. I think they know things that they are not saying openly. And what do you know about my pain? Words can not express my pain, but clearly you can spell yours out. Trust me darling I know what hurt is right now. Let the facts shine crystal clear, there are TWO victims in this case, Tierra and her unborn child. We all have the right to walk away and instead of walking away Mr.Neriah thought better to take this situation into his own hands. I do agree with the statement that you made about remembering Tee, so I will bless you with some of my fav memories for all to read and know that she was a human being not just something to be tossed away in an unmarked grave: When I was about ten Tierra taught me how to ride a bike because she felt I was to damn old to not know(laughs at the recurring thought of this happening in my grandmothers drive way), She did my hair almost ALL the time I was around, bought me cloths when her sister and I went to the mall with her even though I begged for pizza(and got both). Now at least you can talk to your loved one through glass when he comes to justice(because it will happen), the only chance Ill get to talk to Tierra is in my prayers and unlike Neriahs friends and loved ones I wont get the luxury of an answer.


  99. You are a sorry POS. Why don’t you go and play in traffic.

  100. I’m sorry Mr. Guy, but that was uncalled for. Why are you here? Are you the victim of some crime? I don’t quite understand why exactly you are so angry. I thought this blog was about Tierra Adams. Last I checked you are not her or her famliy. You are out of line for those remarks and should not hesitate retracting them. You should not be allowed to post on this blog with such comments. It is offensive to all who read it. I think I speak for everyone. I am not here to play cat and mouse with you so whatever you have to say to me from this point on will fall on deaf ears. Your opinion is not welcomed so you may as well go somewhere else with that crap. Who are you anyway? Where did you come from? Why does any of this matter to you? I must admit that #1 is at a loss for words on this one. Wow! I never expected that. You sucker punched me. That just goes to show you just how unstable people are. You don’ t always see it coming. That’s why I’m here sir. Another dufus snapped and took two innocent lives. You may need to talk with someone about your anger issues before you hurt someone. For real.

  101. I have gotten kind of confused reading some of these posts. I don’t know what is going on but I will take no parts in downing anyone. I understand everyone’s frustration about this case. I personally was questioned by the police on a few occasions, so I think they know I have nothing to hide. As far as all the blood in the house and all that, their is so much the media is not saying and the things that they do say can be taken out of proportion. Everyone has the right to speak, feel, think, etc. I am exercising those rights. I have been knowing Neri for 10 years. My feelings are not going to change because he is accused of murder. I feel for the Adams family as well as the Roberts. I will say once again, what or how you feel about me is your business, just like you are here voicing and supporting your loved one, I am doing the same. All the name calling and put downs from either side is totally uncalled for. I dont know who Guy is but I don’t think Neri would appreciate some of the things you are saying. I think you are acting childish and really you are making him look worst than what he is already. I don’t recall anyone like you being around him. If you are who I think you are, please just stop, get over it, move on.

  102. #1 You can speak for me anyday… Thank you for all that you have kept us updated on and the questions you ask are fair but no one wants to answer you because they know they will be in trouble..
    You rock girl friend and keep it up.

  103. #1. Well spoken. I hope he gets the point and don’t come back here. I want to say I was a bit confused about this blog to and out of respect for the deceased and her family, this is my final post. I want to leave you with something I learned throughout my life. I believe God answers prayers. He may not answer when we expect but he always does. I believe God will bring whomever murdered Tierra and her Baby Girl to justice, I firmly believe that. Regardless of who we think he/she may or may not be. There are many christians praying on behalf of the Adams and Roberts families. Sometimes we pray and before we wait on God, we try and take matters into our own hands. God does not work where there is confusion, let go and let God. He has it. Trust me. I will personally apologize to the Adams family for anything negative I and anyone else has said towards Tierra, here and now was not the time. I don’t recall if you were the one that said “we shall burn in hell”, but that is a prime example of people being angry and frustrated. I was always told as a kid “If you dig a ditch for someone, make sure you dig one for yourself”. So you see if you wish anyone to burn in hell, you wish it for yourself. Whoever dug that ditch for Tierra and her baby……….. you get my point. A lot of this blogging is pointless. If you really want answers, the only person I know that sees all is God. That’s where your answers are, not here. Not me. Not anyone. When this first happened I was in shock. I cried and cried. I didnt get peace until I prayed. I believe in God’s Justice. No matter what the outcome is, it’s going to take God to heal you and your family. I pray for that.

  104. Enough, I do appreciate that fact that you have cooperated with the police in this matter. I wish that I would wake up and it’s been a bad dream. Some things are just THAT hard to deal with. I suspect that some others on this blog have also been questioned by the police. Maybe that’s why they haven’t posted in a while (Friend, Same Guy). Whatever the case, this will continue to tug at my heartstrings until that day when Prince Neri is taken into custody. Then we will all know the answers to all of our questions. Until that day, I guess I’ll keep hoping and praying .

  105. I know I was supposed to stay away but the things Mr. Guy are saying is just bugging the hell out of me. I would like to know who you are? As long as Ive been with/around Neri, I don’t ever recall meeting such a nitwit (if that’s a word, if not oh well). If you are a real friend of Neri’s for his sake please stop the madness. It seems as though you are going insane and I would like to know what’s really going on. Everyone is searching for answers and everyone is tired of waiting to see how this unfolds. I think you are highly insensitive to this family and I really believe you have disgraced us all. Come on, crackers, fags????????? What the hell does that have to do with anything. You are starting to look very suspect to me and I try not to go there. I would really like to know who you are so I can tell you how I feel personally. Please remember he always called me crazy, and trust me I can get there quick. Do yourself as well as the rest of us a favor, stick ur thumb in your a$$ and smell it………. SUPRISE!!!!! THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE! Sorry everyone.

  106. Enough,
    You seem to be missing the point here. No one cares how much YOU or anyone else cares about Neri. Don’t you get it?? It’s not about HIM. It’s about Tierra and her baby. All of you Neri supporters should start your OWN blog to support him. I personally don’t want to hear what a “great guy” Neri was. Great guys don’t commit double murder.
    Thank you for giving me some visual into Tierra’s life. Your post made me cry. If I close my eyes, I can see her teaching you to ride that bike. Thank you so much for sharing some of your precious memories. God bless you and please let the family know that you are all in my prayers.

  107. Mr. Guy,
    Go straight to hell. Do not pass go, don’t collect s**t.
    “Neri” will hold the gate for you.

  108. Shauncey,
    There you are!! Thanks for the laughs and the compassion that you have.

  109. Anytime friend

  110. this is amazing… in this country there are laws and a justice system that is supposed to provide due process BEFORE someone is pronounced guilty. It is a system that ensures our rights as citizens of this country and as people are upheld. However, there are a few people on this blog that are tending to ignore that. This is about everyone involved in what happened and everyone who cares about those people. Neriah included. Last I checked, probable cause for arrest is not a conviction. I haven’t seen any smoking gun, only ‘probably blood’, ‘most likely in the area’, and other ambiguous statements that lead to nothing concrete, let alone to a conviction. I personally, knowing what I do about Neriah, can’t envision him doing this. Not intentionally anyway… accident? panic? maybe – things like that happen – but murder, sorry I’m not jumping on #1’s (et al) bandwagon.

    The one thing that I see missing here is anyone’s concern for the truth. Not the perception of what we think is true, but what really happened. Do you really, deep down, for those that know him, believe Neriah to be a killer? Really? Ask yourself that… killing someone and being a cold blooded killer are two different things. Some of you are going on and on about the faults he may had – and in the next breath extolling everyone to forget about Tierra’s. It doesn’t work both ways – one does not become the ultimate sinner and the other a virtuous saint because this happened. Was it unfortunate, tragic? Yes. It was. And the news is full of similar stories… each of which will be closed, one way or another, in a court of law. No wonder Neriah isn’t to be found, with ‘friends’ like some of you (which have professed to have known and been friends with him) I don’t see a support structure that I would hang on to if my life depended on it. Do I think he needs to come forth. I do. But at the same time I understand his reluctance – especially concerning the local police departments and their track records.

    In the meantime, pray for the individuals who are impacted by this. Pray for their families. But remember, none are pure, none are blameless, just as none of us are.

  111. Amazed are you? Well, likewise. We all know about due process and civil rights. We are not violating his civil rights. We are voicing opinions. That would also be a constitutional right. All this Neri is above sin is a bunch of jive. Again, I’m sure none of ever thought he could or would do something like this. It probably never entered into ANYONE’s mind. I don’t care about probable cause for an arrest either. I know one thing and that is Tierra is dead and she didn’t kill herself. You can fool yourself all you like and wait for him to be dragged in kicking and screaming to believe that he DID do it if you want. That’s just what you need, I don’t. Just because O.J. was found not guilty does not mean that he didn’t do it. As for the saint and sinner comment, it was never like that anyway. You guys tried to make Neri a saint, but I know first hand of some dirty, rotten things that he has done. I won’t go into details as I said before. Just know that no one is better that another. People just choose different lifestyles, that’s all. We are talking about immoral acts like murder. If you are able to feel less compassion for Tierra because of lifestyle then I pity you. That’s like someone bieng unsympathetic to a person because they are black. I’m not concerned with a court of law because that’s not my job. I’m only concerned with what happened that night. I’m glad he has someone that can relate to why he is running instead of hiring a lawyer. You talk about the law and what’s right just like he did, yet you do the opposite of what’s right. You are talking out of both sides of your neck. Supporting him does not mean you have to defend his actions. You can still be his friend and believe he’s guilty. When I have to tell my kids that they have done wrong and punish them for it does not make me love them any less. It is because I love them that I do those things. You are doing Neri a disservice if you continue to uphold him. By all means, love your friend. God still loves him, but there is still a penalty for his crime. He will stand before the Judgement bar for what he has done. How can God forgive us if we don’t confess our sins? Tha’s scripture. He’s not running because of his turncoat friends, he is running because he is ashamed and doesn’t want to face all of you that he has tricked for so long. What could he possibly say to you now. That’s all it is. His cover has been blown. I’ tired today. I’m going to bed. Amazed, if you like, we can talk tomorrow. You, I can understand what you write. Later.

  112. Neriah’s Nuts, is that you Neri or am I mistakin’? I know you ain’t stupid enough to get back on here. Especially with me. You better come correct when you come here. Straighten it out, playa’. Let me know what’s what.

  113. Shauncey,
    Thank you for the support! I am so glad that I found this blog. Even though there are some jerks who dont want to see the truth and remain blind to the facts, I have been blessed with the knowledge that Tierra has touched many lives. And I totally agree with you. All you “Prince” Neri fans should start your own damn blog. I would be amazed to see how many people actually join. This is a blog about Tierra Adams and her unborn child. Her killer just happens to be Neri. He is only a sad little footnote.
    You know its funny, I grew up thinking that in this life people are not judged by their past mistakes but who they are as a person, yet I see my loved one (aka THE VICTIM) being blamed for her own death by those who did not know her and only have one side of the story. It tickles me because these are the same people who want me to believe that Mr.Neri could never do anything like this. Yes we all sin, but honestly I dont think any one else on this blog has taken a life(the exception being Neri himself when he has the guts to post on this blog). Makes you wonder. I see loads of talk about how great Neri was and how my loved one was nothing but a jail bird, seen as gutter trash of some sorts. It almost seems as though you “Prince” Neri fans are saying Terri was lucky to have been allowed to date him from all this bragging that I see about how “great” he was and how he had big dreams for his future. Seems like he built himself up to be pretty big in your eyes. It almost sounds like a cult leaders brain washing skills if you ask me. Must be a big let down to see him fall from grace like this.

  114. You talk Family. That was very well put. You keep on fighting for Tee. We all know that she can’t fight for herself. I agree totally that people put themselves above others. It’s not written down anywhere that that is how it is, but that’s how people make it seem. I for one have no room to brong a person down for his/her past. I have some things that my mother doesn’t know about me. I think that all of this will turn out alright…..if that’s even possible. Prince Neri will be brought down. He may be royalty in Dominica, but he ain’t shit here(sorry). I won’t feel any better when it comes to him no matter what his friends say. Accident, panic, I don’t care what the reason was, he needs to come out and come clean. Before the reports of the body being found, he had pages of stuff to say. All of it about this girl’s disappearance having to do with drugs. Now, he is a mute. No more jive talk or bullshit. Wise up Neri fans. If he is NOT guilty, then come back and declare your innocence. Tell us the story of that tragic night. All of you talk about all of this constitutional rights stuff, then help him to trust the system and let it work for him.. Amazed, you seem to be a pretty rational thinker. Weigh that and get back to me.

  115. Amazed,
    It’s obvious that you are a “Neri” supporter. I have a few questions for you. Here’s the scenerio: Your 8 months pregnant daughter is with her boyfriend, or “baby daddy”, and you KNOW this. As the night grows older, you wonder where she is. The next day arrives, no daughter. Pretty soon a month goes by, no daughter. She was LAST SEEN WITH her boyfriend. He is NOW on the run and the prime suspect in her murder, because her DEAD BODY with her UNBORN child has been found. Do you honestly expect us to believe that you would give this person the “benefit of the doubt”? That you wouldn’t believe he is guilty until it is PROVEN at a trial??? (now mind you, your daughter’s boyfriend is on THE RUN) If you say that you would, you are LYING. That’s why we have killers walking the streets now, because of people like you. If it walks like a dog and talks like a dog, it’s a dog. I call it how I see it. You should definately stop blowing smoke up your own ass and come to the realization that he IS, in fact GUILTY. You stated, “knowing Neri, I couldn’t see him doing that, at least not intentionally, maybe an accident, or panic”.
    Are you f**cking kidding me? How do you “accidently” kill a PREGNANT woman and her child, then ACCIDENTLY bury them? I guess he’s accidently on the run too, huh? You said, “accidents do happen. Sorry, I’m not jumping on #1’s bandwagon”. I’m sure Neri appreciates your loyalty. It’s just too bad he didn’t get a hold of you first, instead of Tierra. Being that your so sure of his innocence, I’m sure you MIGHT still be alive.
    I for one AM on #1’s bandwagon. Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. It ain’t happening.

  116. Wow! You could try this case, girl. You are absolutely right. Amen.

  117. #1,
    I mean, common sense, right?

  118. Let’s wait and see!!

  119. Amazed,
    I am eagerly awaiting a response from you to my very important questions I asked. If you can come up with a few answers, maybe we can all make some sense of this.

    Dumb Checker: I just have ONE question for you. Just one. (you don’t seem too bright, so I don’t want you on overload. I just need this one question answered) Ready?
    Here goes: If he is innocent, why is he on the run?
    I am so looking forward to your answer. Please hurry.

  120. HEy, Mr. Checker. I see you came back. I thought you were in jail. It was like you never left because Guy took your place. Anyway, it’s good to have you here again. You make for real interestng conversation. So what’s up for tonight. Have you talked with Neri? I thought he was coming back last Friday. I guess his plane was delayed. I think he posted last night but I don’t see it anymore. See when he’s coming back for me.

  121. Oh thank you #1 I plan to continue fighting until this sorry little thing who is Neri comes to justice. It helps to know that there are people like yourself and Shauncey thinking of Tee and my family.
    Wow fact checker. Let’s wait and see what? Im waiting to see when “prince” Neri will stop acting like a run away slave and face the fact he has taken two lives and destroyed many others in the process. Im telling you guys hes going to end up driving himself crazy. To know you killed a woman and your own child? Even animals have more feeling. Oh by the way #1 what name does Neri use when he posts? I would love to read some of his blog posts.

  122. Family,
    It is an HONOR, and very humbling, to even be able to speak with Tierra’s family and friends.
    Neri: Please stop running and turn yourself in. Show some remorse and give Tierra’s family a start at the healing process. Everyday it’s going to get harder and harder to look at yourself in the mirror. Her murder will never leave your mind until you come to grips and deal with what you have done. Real men face their destiny with their heads up, diginity in check. I try not to judge you, but you make it hard. I hope her voice haunts you, and you see her in your dreams, until you go crazy with guilt. Tierra is all around you, whispering for you to do the right thing. Come clean. Maybe, just maybe, in this lifetime you’ll have another chance to be free. Tierra will never be back, but she just may forgive you.

  123. It’s really hard not to say anything. I see a lot of “do as I say, not as I do” going on here. And to whoever asked did I get it? Yes I did, and the last time I checked, I was still an adult and free to do as I please as long as Im not breaking any laws. Have I broken any laws. No I haven’t. Now. I do understand this is a blog about Tierra (the victim), however, just like we only had one side of her life, you all only have one side of Neriah’s. And #1 Im very curious to know what type of bad things do you know about Neri? You have mentioned it a few times but refuse to collaborate, why? I would really like to know what things he has done.

  124. Well, because it really doesn’t matter at this point. I will say that it has helped me to draw the conclusions that I have drawn concerning him. Neri doesn’t need my help in bringing light to a dark world he has done enough damage to himself. It is obvious that things are not as they seemed here. He was very dishonest with a lot of people and this mishap has brought that out. He was having a baby with Tierra and the African. Come on. This typical of a player who was losing at his own game. Maybe the walls were closing in on him. I don’t know. No you haven’t done anything wrong as far as I know. I do know that people have a sick snese of loyalty to people that sometimes allows them to uphold wrong whne they should do the opposite. Look at the marine that killed the ohter marine, buried her in his backyard, and took off for Mexico. He was talking with his wife who still was in love with him even after rape and murder. She was willing to help him get away. It was his other girlfriend that gave him up. How dumb is that? What about the polic officer that killed his pregnant girlfriend for fear of his wife finding out and his life crashing down around him. Do you know how many stops and arrests this guy has probably made during his career. He took an oath to uphold the law, yet he conveniently dsimissed that oath to comit murder for his own selfish reason. He was in that situation because of himself in the first place. But he was not man enough to face up to what he had created because of his deceitful ways. I’m usre no one would think that he could be capable of such a crime, but he was. News flash Mrs. Enough, so is Prince Neri. Your relationship with him wasn’t all peaches and cream either. No one’s is. I’m sure there were other women and issues that you could not seem to work out. That’s why you are not together. I only pray that someone who has talked to him will aid in him being captured and brought to justice. No I am not his judge nor juror, but I am supporter of human rights and justice for all. Even those that have a blemished past. Don’t worry so much about Neri. He can take care of himself. He is not concerned with what’s going on. He’s only concerned with remaining FREE. Anyone that could slepp a wink after such a thing has NO heart. I ask God Daily to tough his heart or the heart of someone that is helping him so that this nightmare can end for Tierra’s family and her mother can finally lay her and her baby girl to rest. Don’t direct your hostilities towards me. I am not the bad guy, but I have a lot more insight on this matter than most. So if you don’t know it all, then don’t speak. I may know a lot more than what I write. Later.

  125. Shauncey,

    sorry – away over the weekend. With response to your hypotheticals – I can’t answer what I would do. Nor would I endeavor to play the ‘what if’ games with you. My point is simple, there is always more to things that what one may think. Its up to our legal system to ferret that out. Until that happens, all of this is conjecture by people who want to think they know everything, but usually are limited to the bigger picture. My message is one of temperance. As to my ‘talking out both sides of my neck’ comment by #1, I only say that understanding is one thing, condoning is another. Do I think that Neriah should be talking to authorities, yes. Do I understand why he would be afraid to, yes I do. The most amusing thing here is the premise that everything the papers print, the news broadcasts, and the police state is true… newsflash, not always. Was there ever a statement about the ‘possible blood’? (I’m asking, I haven’t heard, but then again I don’t hang every minute on this event). I would think that would be a key ‘fact’ the police would come out with. Do I support Neriah, yes. Why, because to date he has given me no reason not to (in the years that I’ve known him). But let me state this straight out, without hesitation, or reservation, if he’s convicted of this, then he needs to face the punishment put forth. But my point is the conviction, not your supposition. And to your question, yes, people are accidentally killed all the time, its called manslaughter – and it is quite common. Bottom line is that I’m not here to fight with anyone, especially you and #1 — my original post was to remind people that nothing has been proved although a lot has been said. There is a reason that the legal system exists. And since you want to play the what if game, i ask you what you would want to happen if you found yourself on the other side of a situation. We also need to remember that there are thousands of people that are jailed for crimes that did not commit, even though the police and the media had ‘evidence’ (including DNA, etc) that they did. The HPD crime lab issue from a few years ago is a prime example. If Neriah did this, then so be it. If he is convicted of the crime, then he deserves the consequences….

  126. Well, put. Let’s go back. You honestly believe that we can’t understand that Neri is afraid. Of course he is. Who wouldn’t be? We’re talking about a persons life. But in the same respect we are talking Tierra’s life. Do you think that it was possible that she was afraid? You guys keep going back to “if he is convicted then he should pay”. Well, that’s not what I believe. I don’t care what a jury says, I am convicted of my beliefs. He IS guilty and it doesn’t take a court of law to confirm that for me. And yes the news DID tell about the blood splatter found at his home. Not only that, You must know that law enforcement will inform the family of alot of things before it hits the media. You may not want to believe the media, but they are not getting the info out of thin air. Someone is giving it to them. I will say they it is NOT misinformation. Tierra’s family wanted to give Neri the benefit of the doubt. I NEVER did. He misled authorities from the very beginning. The story that he told never even happened. Where the search team was searching was a dead end from the start. She was never there. He was not in Huntsville, stuck in the mud at the gravesite by coincidence. YOu guys need to grow up. Denial is idiotic to me. This 2008 people. Anything can happen. Nothing surprises me. It shouldn’t surprise you either. Mother’s kill their own children that they carried in their own bodies and nurtured and birthed. If that is possible, then why are you going on about the Neriah you know. You don’t know him! You only know what he wants you to know. There are things about us that we don’t show the outside world. They can only be seen by the people closest to us. And sometimes not even by them. My best friend was killed about 10 years ago. He was the greatest person that I have ever known. Upstanding and always trying to do right. I couldn’t understand who would want to kill him. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. I found out during the investigation about a double life he had. While we were in bed sleeping, he was out doing all kinds of things. I didn’t want to believe it at first until I was shown arrest records and so forth. I wrestled with the thought of not really knowing this person that I loved so dearly. I wanted to be angry at him for not trusting our friendship enough to trust that it wouldn’t change because of lifestyle choices, but I couldn’t. I think that his fear is what drove him to live a double life. I was very sad for him and I still hold him close in my heart. The minor character flaws has not changed the way I knew him and how much he meant to me. That can never change. I excuse the other stuff, nor do I try. It cost him his life and that’s sad, but he is still my friend. So I understand that he is your friend and it IS okay to support him, but not okay to dismiss the fact that he has done a terrible. You don’t even want to entertain the thought. That’s stupid. We can’t know what people do behind closed doors. Some people eat boogers. But they won’t tell you because they know that it is disgusting and people won’t like them. So what the subject comes up in conversation at work, they just laugh along like they agree with all the others, when in fact they can’t wait to get home or in the car to eat some more. We are not talking about someone they are trying t pin something on. It did not happen like he said it did and we all know including you. Accident or not, Tee is dead and lying on a table being cut up and studied along with her dead baby girl. Her life is gone; cut off at the tender age of 25. How can you justify him running from that. You try, but ain’t nobody hearing you. I won’t stand by and let Neri be made into a victim. If he wants sympathy, he won’t get it here. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who doesn’t even feel bad about what has happened. He has shown how her wafety and well being meant to him formt he beginning with that lame story. Even in the story he was cold and heartless. I hope that God gives you an inner peace about this situation with your friend. You are very smart, but you lack maturity. Somethings you just have to learn to accept because that is just the way that it is. I don’t come on here to fight just to set the record straight. We can talk again if you’d like.

  127. Well, the reason is at this point, it really doesn’t matter. The things I know help me to draw the conclusions that I have drawn. Don’t get me wrong, we all have good and bad qualities, but we are talking about murder. I don’t understand you guys talking about this like it is skipping school. I understand that he had good qualities, big dreams, a good head on his shoulders, and was a good friend to some of you, but it does not excuse nor lessen the crime committed. I, too, would like to know what happened to make him kill her. Do you know how many times I’ve asked myself why or how he bring himself to do that? I’m sure you have done the same thing.

  128. Amazed,
    No disrespect intended, but your answer pissed me off. I don’t ever recall asking you “what if”. I specifically gave you a situation and asked what you would do, not what if. You gave me a horribly long answer that had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I asked. A man MURDERS your daughter and her unborn baby and you “can’t answer what you would do”? A man that is ON THE RUN for doing this? Your answer PROVES that you ARE NOT as intelligent as you’d WANT to be. You state, “he’s given you no reason to doubt him”. Based on your responses, AMAZED, I’m amazed your still alive. Skirt around the issues if you like, but who can respect a person who won’t even stand up for their own MURDERED daughter and grandchild????

  129. ps
    Either “Neri” is absolutely GREAT in bed, or either well endowed. Thats the only reason I can think of why he has such a large female fan-base. Because looking at his mug-shot, he’s nothing to write home about. Sorry Neri fans.

  130. Wow!

  131. #1,
    Any new updates??

  132. What’s up Mr. Roberts? How ya’ livin’?
    I see you are enjoying this. You are a low life piece of scum. When are you coming out of hiding, playa’?

  133. Hey, Shauncey. In response to your comment I really don’t want to tell you what kind of lover Tee says he was. I don’t want to make him look any worse than he already does. I will say that it was a reason why eveybody ended up pregnant(LOL). I won’t go any further minute man.

  134. OMGoodness #1 you are as funny as Shauncey
    minute man. LOL Thanks for the laugh.

  135. #1,
    Honestly, I don’t care about his sex capades or how good he is in bed, doesn’t matter. What is bugging me is why his female base is so loyal. I guess minute men are in!!!!

  136. Shauncey…. sorry to piss you off. I find it sad in a way that an opinion posted on the internet could achieve that.

    First off, it is a hypothetical scenario because it hasn’t happened. Translation – ‘what if’. My question to you is how do I ‘KNOW’ the man did it? Can I be angry, upset, devastated it happened, yes.. should I just pick someone out and target them as the person I thought did it (without guilt being proven)? No. I can suspect it, assume it, whatever, but how do I know? Everything I’ve seen has been high level statements from the police. Again, where is the definitive match of the blood? If you would tell me that the police have positively ID’d the blood as Tierra’s then – fine, different story. They have stated they have evidence putting Neriah at the grave site, but have not released any particulars other than it’s an association with a cell phone tower. Ok, again, not definitive if you understand how cellular systems work, does it look good – no of course not, but not definitive (they want the public to have a negative view of Neriah based on this – but that’s not how the cellular technologies work).

    Part of the M.O. here for the police is to put out as much information to be synthesized by the public as possible without provided hard and fast facts. This serves two purposes, 1. it makes the public feel like they are solving the case (and providing a sense of security) 2. Its places/relieves pressure on certain individuals. If someone feels they are off the hook, they relax and make mistakes. If someone feels like they are being blamed for something they didn’t do, it applies pressure to help bubble up information. (Fun internet exercise for the office technology major – how many people have been wrongly convicted based on police evidence and media influence and subsequently released after extended prison stays with little more than an ‘our bad’)

    There is more to this than the view of — wow, cell phone, blood, guilty…. again back to my main point of there is a process to go through here… and thankfully it’s not up to you or anyone else on this board to pass judgment based upon media and vague reports of ‘evidence’

    Secondly, this doesn’t come down to how smart anyone thinks they are. You seem to want to automatically jump to education and intelligence when trying to discredit other points of view. Trust me; you don’t want to do that here.

    People’s opinion vary, I’m not personally attacking you because I disagree with your view. Issues of character are not based solely on the capacity of one’s intellect or IQ but of the experiences that construct the moral fiber of that person. I’ve met plenty of ‘intelligent’ people with advanced degrees who I wouldn’t trust with anything and others who may not have been as ‘sharp’ who I would trust with my life or my kids.

    You seem to equate intelligence with sharing your opinion, not with the ability to form diverse points of view. The funny thing is that if I was a elementary school dropout, working in a low wage job, drinking, beating my wife and kids, but touting the ‘hang ’em/ kill ’em position, you would consider me ‘intelligent’ and well educated. Conversely, if I am an executive with a major corporation, decorated veteran, and well-respected member of my community who doesn’t agree with you, I’m less than worthy and not as smart as I think I am.

    I find that logic flawed to say the least, but I’ll tell you what, I am smart enough to realize when logical, educated, and informed debate is not achievable. I understand that your position is to degrade those who do not share your beliefs or points of view. That’s fine, I’ve seen that before and frankly I find the propensity to do that amusing in the fact it’s a limited perspective. You go ahead and continue the lynch mob mentality, hang on to the media representations of generalized facts and continue to refuse to use your own minds to evaluate and synthesize information, weigh possibilities, and deduce conclusions. You definitely don’t need me to do that… I’ll continue to monitor the information available, but won’t get in the way of you closed minded lynch mob going forward…

    I’m not saying that Neriah is guilty or innocent… I’m saying that there has not been enough conclusive information to decide. In my view of the world, you are innocent until proven guilty, and nothing has been proven yet…

    But none of that matters to you, so have a great time, hang ‘em high, and god speed…

  137. Amazed,
    You know, you did alot of talking, but you didn’t really SAY shit. I’m not here to “degrade anyone and put them down” as you put it. Most of your post was incorporated by me as just “so much hot air”. Here’s why Amazed: First, I DO respect your opinion. If I gave you any reason to think I don’t, I apoligize. Here’s my beef with you. What pisses me off, Amazed, is when people do not use their COMMON sense. I STUDY and RESEARCH murder and true crime in most of my spare time. Have been for years. Mostly ALL victims of violent murders KNOW their assailant. This is NOT an opinion, this is fact. The FACTS are: Tierra was last SEEN with Neri, her baby’s father. (see the connection) NO ONE on this EARTH has seen her since she was LAST WITH NERI. Her murdered body and her unborn child’s were found in a shallow grave. Statistics show that had she not known her killer, she probably WOULD NOT have been buried. (You ask why?) Because if a STRANGER killed her, he probably wouldn’t go thru the hassle of digging a grave to hide her body. Why? Because he’s a stranger, why should he care? In most cases, sometimes the easiest answer makes the most sense. (back to common sense) Let me repeat the facts: Tierra was last seen with Neri, and that is a FACT, not an opinion. I will tell you this AMAZED. Common sense should tell you that innocent people DO NOT run. I do, of course know that some people are in jail that are innocent. But do you know, Amazed, that innocent people being locked up is RARE. Statistics show that less than 1% of convicted criminals are INNOCENT. So, you see, I know my shit. NOW can you answer my question? If it were your daughter, would they really have to prove in a court of law what you KNOW in your heart and soul is the truth? Let’s take it a step farther and say you weren’t sure he was the killer at first. Wouldn’t him being on thr run change your mind?? Believe me when I tell you the media is DEFINATELY not the source I rely on for accurate information.

  138. Amazed,
    I don’t get why you said, “The funny thing is that if I was a elementary school dropout, working in a low wage job, drinking, beating my wife and kids, but touting the ‘hang ‘em/ kill ‘em position, you would consider me ‘intelligent’ and well educated. Conversely, if I am an executive with a major corporation, decorated veteran, and well-respected member of my community who doesn’t agree with you, I’m less than worthy and not as smart as I think I am”. Being that I AM an executive with a major corporation, I can’t see your point. I would never down anyone who is “a college drop-out working in a low wage job” as you put it. I would however, have a problem with someone beating their wife and kids. For the record, I never “degrade people who don’t share my views”. Why? Because I can LEARN new things from people who have different views than myself. What you refer to as my “lynch mob mentality, I believe the correct word is JUSTICE. I’m really curious how many excuses and reasons you would have for “Neri” had it of been YOUR sister he did this to.
    Basically, I wanted to make myself clear about things that you are assuming, but know nothing about. (myself) I believe my heart is in the right place, right along with my common sense. I am just ONE voice for our victims on this blog, there are many more. Oh, and one more thing. I have too much class to come on a blog FOR a beloved victim, and literally DEFEND her “alleged” MURDERER.

  139. Good morning. I see I have missed alot. Mr. Amazed, I can seeshy you and Neri were friends. You are both show offs. You were writing so well, I thought I was grading and essay. Wow! Anyway, have you ever heard the phrase, “book sense, but no common sense”? You two guys are ridiculous. I agree with Shauncey, you said a bunch of NOTHING. What the hell do you need to convince you of this fool’s guilt. You know him, right. Would he have any business in Huntsville, at that time of night, stuck in the mud, holding shovel, at the gravesite for any other reason that you can think of? Don’t avoid my question, playa’. Answer back in English. Have you seen your friend’s posts on here? He has the nerve to let us know that he is still around and has no intention on giving up. The difference between the March 28th post and recent posts is he has nothing to say. He has stopped declaring his that he didn’t do it. He has stopped trying to cover up the crime becausw it has already been uncovered. We know that she didn’t walk to Huntsville, but was driven ther in his black car (you know the one). Someone that did not know him and is not on this blog put him there. It was not the media, not Shauncey, and not me. No one has set him up! No one is trying to falsely accuse him of anything. Why do you leave your life? Why do you suddenly stop answering the calls from the police. Why do refuse to cooperate to help YOUR friend. All of you claim he such a GREAT friend ’til the end. Why wasn’t he that kind of friend to Tee. Never once did he help with this investigation. Her mother had to keep calling to gather information just to report her missing. If she had no family support like he said, why didn’t he report he missing? He did jail visits in her family’s place. Why wouldn’t he have more concern for her when he supposedly learned she never showed at her mother’s home? Remember there are some things that law enforcement will not share with the media. Trust me, there is much more than you know right now. Why don’t you ask him when you talk to him. You are such a loyal friend, I’m sure he’ll be contacting you. It is easy for you to defend this freak because you want him to be all that you pumped him up to be. You are in denial. a lot of people go through that. Parents, spouses, etc. Again, for the record, Mrs. Rose wanted to give Neri the benefit it of the doubt, but I NEVER did. I knew she wasn’t missing of her own free will. How do I know? Because I KNEW her. Just like I know she was not using drugs either. And I don’t need a toxicology report to prove it; just to disprove his allegations. It doesn’t matter to me how stupid you Neri fans are, because I know what I know. I am aware, however, that I may have an up on you as far AS WHAT I know. A word to the wise: Don’t be so quick to shout, “Neri’s innocent” without really knowing the WHOLE story. You may want to just let him know that he can count on you for money on his books and occasional visits, but as far trying to convince me of his innocense, you can forget it. I know that the truth is sometimes hard to face, but again it is necessary. Be true to yourself bro’. Neri could give a rat’s ass about any of you right now. He’s concerned with staying hidden. If he can use you in the process that’s good, too, but as far as appreciating your loyalty, he couldn’t care less. I’m waiting on you Amazed. Laer.

  140. I can’t believe we have not gotten word yet about “Neri’s” arrest. I know for a fact he can’t run forever. ARE THERE ANY REWARDS offered to turn him in???

  141. As far as I know there is not one. I was reading on Houston’s Channel 13 news blog and there is another Neri fan on this blog. She actually talks about knowing Neri and the African girl as a couple. She defends them of course. She says she wants justice for Tierra, but we are lookin gin the wrong place. How dumb is that? You have this buster running aroung the city (maybe even the country) running game on these women. He gets them pregnant and pretends like he is committed to building a life with them. How can ANYONE stand up for this turkey? Now the African has been deported probably hoping that he will come for her out of the bushes to whisk back to America and take her as his bride. Sorry Africa, not gonna happen. I don’t know the motives behind Neri and all his schemes, but I know that anyone in the way is going to get steam rolled. This is proof that he is a liar and is capable of anything. Wake up all you fools out there! Neriah Roberts killed Tierra Adams and her precious baby girl, Ayana and needs to be found. Do the right thing and tell your friend to give up or just turn him in.

  142. I don’t understand how a woman could protect a man who is accused of something to this magnitude. Whatever happened to sisterhood? To doing the right thing? I could not close my eyes comfortably around a man who has been accused of a crime like this. I don’t understand.

  143. Amazed,
    I work for a cell phone company, and yes Amazed you can trace what tower your call was made, yes you can. I have busted my boyfriend several times with that little piece of technology.

  144. Thanks, girlfriend.

  145. Well. I have been away for a while and it is really going down in here. Amazed, you speak well and I have to agree with you. The police and the media just does not have me convinced. I have spoken to several detectives again and yet they can’t seem to come up with anything else new. As far as his sexual experiences, come on, who is even thinking about sex right now, right here. All my respect flew out the window. How do you even know who slept with him and who didn’t? Where did that come from? And what “real” woman discusses sex with her man? Last I checked, the bedroom is still a secrect sector of any relationship. I think someone has lost focus and starting to speculate a lil to much. Stick to the case at hand, all that bedroom talk is extremely tacky.

  146. I meant secret sector. And most of the time when people do “kill” and they are not murderers, they more than likely would never hurt anyone else. You all are acting as if this man is a serial killer. If you are without sin, cast the first stone. Let the police do THEIR JOB. What if he does show up, go to trial, and the case is dismissed or he is found not guilty, then what? They have circumstancial(?) evidence, not hard cold facts. And what about the blood? Who’s blood is it? How much blood was it? Where is the blood? Did she have wounds that could produce blood? Was it blood in one spot or all over? Was the blood upstairs or downstairs or both? Was there blood in the car? Was it blood on her clothing? The tires? Is that the only tires in Houston made like that? The soil? Is that the only place where that type of soil, with that moisture was? It is way to many unanswered questions for me to just say he did it. Get the facts really. It is a very sad and unfortunate incident but it could have been anyone from anywhere. Tierra did have a tainted past and before Im quick to believe he did, I want all facts, not speculation. The media is quick to “solve” cases on the television. I have heard so much “wrong” info on tv to where I very seldom watch the news now. Some years ago my girlfriend gave her son “to much” medicine while she was heavily medicated herself and the media actually showed her pic and gave her name and said she was trying to “kill” her infant child. That was no where near the truth but it didn’t stop them from airing that short story. What they failed to run later on is how much money they settled out of court for.

  147. I want to know from #1, if Neriah told me bedroom secrets about Tierra, would you like for me to air them here? It’s funny how everyone can say whatever about him, yet if something negative is said about her, we are called everything except for what we are. If this is a blog about her murder and finding who is responsible…….. Can you please tell me what his body parts have to do with all this? You guys seem to live by a double standard. Do as I say not as I do, huh? I have lost a lot of respect for the people here. I will never lessen what has been done and if I could snap my fingers and bring her back I would. I have had a very long relationship with this man and you are right, there were other women. So. I was preganant. So. What does that prove. That seems to be the way of the world. There are much less people that respect relationships than the one’s who do. I don’t believe he was the only person she was seeing before going to jail, therefore Im not 100% convinced that child was 100% his. It is bugging the hell out of me that everyone is painting this ballerina picture of someone that was not a ballerina. We can all sit here and speculate about there relationship but I will still say this. If she feared him in anyway and if he was such a bad guy. Why would you leave jail with him when you have been away from your family for 8 months? Was it his 2 story home and the many cars he had? Was it his ability to take her to any store and buy her whatever she wanted? Or did she genuinely love and want to be with him? Out of all the bedroom talk, did she tell you how he was living and the assets he had? Did she see a secure future with him? I don’t understand what made her come back? And as far as her not being a prostitute, maybe she lived a double life you all didn’t know about because Im sorry to tell you, she was a street walker. Fact. I have no doubts she was willing to change her life but you don’t do that coming home from jail falling into the same gig. And another thing, if he was such a minute man, why did she want him? You sit here and constantly say one negative thing behind the other about him, Tierra was not perfect. Did she deserve to die? Hell no. I wouldn’t even do my dog like that. But at the same time this man had everything to lose. He bought that house for me to live in when he was 21. It didn’t work out. We moved on. He quit a job making well over 50k a year to start his own business when he was about 26. He was about to start building a shop for his business. He had goals he wanted to meet. Why in the hell would he throw that all away? Not only are his parents hardworking but also his siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I use to think their family was so weird because they were so different than the typical American family. They are naive like. See good in everyone, you almost have to do something very bad to them before they see that you are “no good”. I can just about tell if a person means me harm but you would actually have to harm them before they believe it. Even now to this day, if I was to see Neriah, I wouldn’t be afraid of him. I still trust him with my life and I have really moved on. I have very mixed emotions about all of this. I know this man, I have shared many years with him. I can’t bring myself to believe he did this. I just can’t. Call it what you want. Every dog has his day. If he is a dog, his day will come. I don’t see him as a dog. Im sorry for your lost, but enough is enough. You or I have the ability to condemn him or set him free. I said once before, your answers are not here. Tierra was no angel. Neriah is not the devil. I am a supporter of him. Always was, Always will be. If I could talk to him I would urge him to put an end to all of this, but if the world had you convicted and you were afraid, what would you do? What if he is innocent and convicted and sentenced to death? Then what? I don’t know what I would do in that situation so I can’t judge him for whatever he feels he needs to do. I know 2 innocent people sitting in Harris County right now. If I knew then what I know now, I believe I would have told them not to turn themselves in. Now in jail, no money for bail or an attorney because they can’t work, relying solely on a court appointed attorney and the judge and jury, they are basically F—ED! I am 125% sure of both their innocense because they never made it to the supposed crime spot, noone saw them at the crime scene, no weapon was found, yet they sit in jail for over a year with the system resetting the trial date (no evidence) as they feel…. Why? No money. and nice detective work from HPD. So sorry Shauncey your statistics are probably off a bit. Or maybe they are just fabricated because the “system” surely wouldn’t want to look bad, that messes with their money. There is so much politics in all this legeal bs. If you have money to burn floating around (OJ) you get off, if you don’t (Neri) you have to do what you have to do, I guess.

  148. You NOR I.

  149. Well, Enough, I see you are not too bright. You may not know the facts because the media is YOUR only source of information. The evidence they have against Neri is far form circumstancial. As far as blood, tires, mud, etc., they have all been confirmed and tied to Neri. Is blood splatter in YOUR house? I would assume if Tierra was killed, then there was blood on her. I don’t have to assume, you do. Stop coming on here with this dumb shit about he ain’t no serial killer. Serial killer or Cereal killer….a killer is a damn killer. That doesn’t mean Jack! If he wants mercy, then he needs to turn himself in and throw himself at the mercy of the court. Save the bullshit. And you need to stop lying about talkng to the police. They ain’t trying to talk to you unless they think you know somthing about where this fool is. They have no interest in you. They don’t want to know how wonderful you think he is. They want to know WHERE he is. Do you know where he is? Then shut the f*#k up! I am sick of you dumb as broads with this shit about this fool. You’s a fool. That’s in your language. I know you understand that. This has gone on too long and I don’ t want to read this foolishness about the great and wonderful killer. There is no such thing as a good reason to take a life. I am sure his life was not in danger so self defense won’t fly. And remember, he tried to cover it up and is on the run. You are an absolute idiot for continuing to get on here with these sorry excuses for him. You are weak. And he knows it and has always known it. That’s why he was with you. The weak ones fall for the OKIE DOKE. You are easy to control. Get a clue and grow up. Recognize a real man when you meet one.

  150. Enough,
    You stated, “most of the time when people kill, they are not murderers and probably won’t kill again”. I promise you that had to be the dumbest shit I’ve heard in a long, long time. My advise to you is to stick to what you do best, which is defending murderers. (and you do a lousy job at that too) As far as the “sex talk” as you put it, let me clear that up. It’s obvious both yourself and Amazed thinks that the sun shines out of Neri’s ass. I’m just curious as to why?? Sex can be a very powerful tool, but even great sex would not make me come on a blog for a victim and defend her murderer. So maybe Neri has you both “sexually hooked”. I wouldn’t be suprised. (I say this because the saying goes “he ain’t no Denzel”)
    So of course your going to agree with Amazed. You are both “Neri fans”, which in my opinion, makes you both stupid as hell. You need to definately KNOW what your talking about, especially if your going to defend a murderer, a double-murderer at that. You see, by Neri killing BOTH Tierra and her unborn child, that did in fact, make him a serial killer. The defination of serial killer, asshole, is someone who kills MORE THAN ONE person. Can I educate any of you other assholes that want to defend Neri, on serial murder? Just let me know, I’d be happy.
    What’s up #1?

  151. You got it. All I know is that it is going to be damn near impossible to get one of these bitches to turn him in. They are absolutely delusional. I mean did you read what Enough wrote? What kind of madness is that. What do these people want? I believe if Neri himself confessed to the crime they would still try and convinve themselves that he was innocent or had his body taken over by aliens. I’m sorry, but today is not a good day. these men are just killing these women and hiding in trunks and rugs, and barbecue pits, and graves and whatever. Come on people! Let’s not do this. Don’t make this into something that it is not. Remember that a crime has been comitted and it was unwarranted. That is WRONG. Nothing right about it. Tainted past and all, enough, yo’ boy is foul. Get over it and get on the right team. When we DO get a chance to lay Tierra and Ayana to rest, it wil at least be the beginning of the healing process. Right now, we are in limbo. Do you know how that feels. Months of sleepless nights. Days of watching the hours go by. When is it going to end? Ths family needs Neriah Roberts brought to justice….PERIOD!

  152. This is for #1 when is the funeral for Tierra and your baby? If you can talk to me on my email so that I can give you my number. My email is

  153. My bad i meant to put her baby.

  154. Enough states:
    “stick to the case at hand. All that bedroom talk is extremely tacky”.
    I swear, you have to have the biggest set of balls on this side! You come on a blog that is for a beloved MURDER VICTIM………………and defend her murderer???? And your calling US tacky?? Wash your mouth out.
    Dear Tierra:
    God bless you. I must stay focused on why I’m here, because if I don’t, I will verbally smash these people to pieces. We love you. Justice is coming sweetie, hold on.

  155. Enough,

    I’ve heard stories about you, FROM NERI, he said your ass was crazy, and he told me that he had to have your ass locked up. So for you to be defending him is just stupid. I wouldn’t have anything to do with a man who down talked me to another woman. If he was lying that’s one thing, people lie on people everyday, but if it’s true, you should be pissed. You telling the truth he said he bought that house for you and him, but he end up having to put you out, and get the police involved, how ironic. Like I said it may or may not be true, you know whether or not it is, and if it is you know that the only way I would know this is if he told me. Either way, this is the way he spoke to me about you, true or not. Remember me and you had the run it over the phone. How did we bump heads in the first place, because he would be laid up over my house, while you were blowing up his phone and that little pager, and I got your number out of there and called you, goes to show his loyalty to you. I’m not saying these things to discourage you from having his back, I’m just putting it out there the way he defends you. Nothing new, that’s how men are. Talk about you like dirt to make them seem like the victim. Once I seen what type of dude he was, I’m not going to lie, it was about the money with me and him, as far as I was concerned. You know how off the hook Neri would talk sometimes, keep it real. He was very strict, saying he was Prince Neri, and if he left, you would never find a man better than him. And a woman should submit to a man, and all that other crazy bullshit. He was a trip. Like I said I’m not saying to not have his back, that’s your choice, I don’t care. Neri has spent Thanksgiving with my family before, been around my people and friends too. Maybe not as long as you, cause I couldn’t take that foolish talk to long. I’m saying that to say this. I know him on a real personal level too. I don’t put nothing pass NOBODY!!! Including Prince Neri. When I met him I was trying to come out of a relationship, I had to cut him lose for a while because he threaten to come knock on me and my x-boyfriends door while we were still living together. I caught back up with him once I got my own place. I’m just saying I know Neri on an intimate level too, and he is a good person in SOME ways. But he could be a MAJOR asshole at times, and you know it.

  156. Wise,
    Thank you so much for the insight. I admire your honesty. It makes it alot easier for me to say what I need to say to Enough.
    Has anyone ever told you that your a dmb b**ch? Don’t get me wrong, I am all about defending a loved one, if he/she DESERVES to be defended. Example: My son’s pregnant girlfriend ends up dead. My son tells me he did not do it. If my son is doing everything he can to prove his innocense AND cooperate with police, then of course I’m going to stand by him and defend him. This is NOT the case with Neri. This asshole is ON THE RUN. He hasn’t TRIED to prove his innocense, he hasn’t given any statements, he hasn’t showed ANY kind of remorse, need I continue?? I could give 10 damns about Neri’s bedroom prowlness, that’s for you to fantasize on sweetie. Your “ballerina” comment shows just how truly tacky AND stupid you are. I honestly think you were jealous of Tierra, and you still are. How shameful for you. Even in death, you ENVY her. For you to come here and talk shit about Tierra, who is not here to defend herself, shows just how worthy you are of Neri. You two deserve each other. Maybe if you would’ve had his bastard baby (you did state you were pregnant by him, how tragic for you) then maybe, just maybe Tierra would be here INSTEAD of you. Get lost hoe, your time here is up.

  157. Wow. That blew my mind. Enough, you just went left. You ARE jealous of Tierra. You still wanted Neri. I told you about being a dumb broad. Most of the people on this blog posting for Neri are either female or young dumb males. Neri did more buying than anything else. Personality wise, he sucked. He made up for it by talking himself up and spending a little money. Typical of a slacker. I see he did a lot of stuff to you Enough. Well, you are not alone. You were not his only victim. He did that to other women as well. You need to let go of the past and learn from it. If someone loves you, they don’t call the police on you. If someone loves you, they don’t kill you. Make sense? I guess he needs to attempt to murder you for you to accept that this is real and he is REALLY involved…up to his eyeballs. Come on, girl, help us bring him in. He is just using you right now. You need to tell us where he is and we’ll take care of the rest. And anyway, you didn’t know Tierra like that. You don’t know WHAT she did. Did you see her hookin’? No! The fool told you that, just like he told Wise all that jazz about you. It may have been true to a certain degree, but I’m sure he stretched it a little. You know, to make it interesting. Give it up, Enough. Neri is a cold-blooded killer. He loves only himself. He is selfish and self-centered. He preys on women who want material things. It’s nothing wrong with that, but you don’t have to get it from a man. Women, we can get what we want through our own efforts. We don’t have to take crap from these men just to survive. That’s where you mess up. You can buy dick at the store. It comes without all the drama. Wise just came on here and laid it all out on the table. That is like crazy. Then she fronted ol’ girl like that. That’s mad. You girls are wild. Neri had the Jerry Springer thing going on. I’m sure the African would love to get in on this cat fight, ’cause she was pregnant too. Neri is a looser. I hope he goes blind.

  158. #1,
    You said it! I hope the Neri fans just go away. Let them start their own blog to support him. This blog is for Tierra, from Bonnie.

  159. I wasn’t really trying to just put her on blast like that, I was just trying to show how his loyalty towards her lies. He might have said even worse things about me; I don’t really give a dam. She probably doesn’t know how to get in touch with Neri. He has cut that (832) 567-2366 phone number off. He’s too paranoid to surface around here, too much on the line, like his life for instance. Enough, I’m not saying those things to insult you, just giving you a heads up on who you defending. These are not comments I made about you. These are things that he said and done towards you. I could tell you worse things he’s said, that you know probably could have only came from his mouth, that he didn’t have no business telling me. Be careful who you loyal too. I don’t believe she knows how to reach him.

  160. I wish that was a working number. He’d never have any peace.

  161. #1,
    I knew if he was found you would’ve said SOMETHING by now. Promise us you’ll let us know ANY updates, no matter how small, ok?

  162. You got it.

  163. It’s been a while since anyone has posted. I guess Wise really made an impression here. She shut Enough down.
    Actually, all the Neri fans have been silenced. That’s something. Well, there has been no news concerning old boy, but I am hopeful. I just believe that what goes around comes around. It’s nearing Mother’s day and Mrs. Rose has alot of mixed emotions. It would have been her daughter’s first Mother’s day, but as a mother she is mourning the loss of her baby girl and granddaughter. She’ll make it through. It’s been a rough road, but God’s got her back. She may have to cry along the way, but her heart will start to heal in time. Just remember that family as you all go on your way each day and whisper a little prayer for them. I want to keep this blog going until Neri is brought to justice. He will be brought to justice. He is not as smart as he thinks he is. One wrong move like the ones he has already made, and they got him. Later gators.

  164. #1,
    I’m still here. Waiting……….for justice for Tierra and her baby. What a shame she will never get to enjoy her first Mother’s Day here on earth with her daughter. But that’s ok, Heaven is throwing them a party that day. You see, Tierra has no worries anymore. She’s happy now, eternally with her baby girl. The pain and worries are left behind for her loved ones to deal with. Shame on “Neri” for murdering her, but not being man enough to take the reprecussions. I will continue to pray for Tierra and her baby, that their killer be brought to justice. And damn anyone to hell who has helped him escape, and STILL helping him. How do you people sleep at night. Keep your head up #1. Much love.

  165. For sho’.

  166. Well, well, well, people just don’t understand how the law and police works. All i know is they are TRYING to frame him and I know that when the real killer is found, what will you guys say then? lol I can’t wait. Like stated before, JUSTICE….So SWEET especially when the person that they already HAVE IN JAIL has already confessed. Get your facts straight.

  167. boy o boy,
    From under which vile rock did you slither?? I’m pretty sure if there was ANY truth to a word you just said, we’d of heard about it. Since you have unknown information, maybe you can answer this. Since they have “the real killer”, where’s Neri? And why run if he’s so innocent. I think your full of shit just like the rest of the “Neri camp”. I will agree with you on one thing. Justice WILL BE SWEET. Get lost scumbag.

  168. You Americans? What? Is that supposed to be an insult? LOL Whatever… You have no ‘facts’ so have no reason to believe anything you say.

  169. I just can’t stay away from here. To Wise or whoever told you whatever. It is some truth to what you said, the whole truth, whatever. Let me say this….. I have said worse about him and I wouldn’t dare put YOUR business in the street like that because it really has no relevance. Just like most men, when they want some new stuff they will make the other woman look bad, so let’s hear everything he told you about me, it’s really hilarious. If I was all that bad of a girl like he said, I don’t believe he would have bought me 3 vehicles, a house, and the many other things he has done. Including a few very expensive diamonds in the past. Did I also mention we have been on many vacations together. Am I crazy, hell yes, everyone knows that. Once again, that’s between me and God. Another thing. Whoever does not believe I speak to the detectives, why don’t you call Mr. Padilla and his partner. They have actually just popped up at my house a few times. I have no reason to get on here and lie about any damn thing. I hate what happened to this girl, but Im not convinced he did anything. Why did they stop talking about all the evidence they have? I have seen most of it and a child could figure out it’s nothing. I have a close, close relative in jail and HPD hasn’t even investigated his case fully and he’s been in jail over a year!!!! I have no faith in our police department at all so when they come up with the evidence and proof I need to believe, then that’s when I will believe. Until then keep this mess going. And Im being very nice right now. If I was Neriah, I would have left also. Look at the brother that just spent 28-29 years for a rape and murder he didn’t commit and all they have is an apology and $200,000!!!! They put a price on his innocent life and his freedom, who knows what he would have been had he been given his freedom. It’s sad so many women and children are dying this way, but I don’t want my loved one or my friend to have to go through that experience. Have ya’ll fun on here. Matter of fact why don’t ya’ll (my Texas slang) join the police department since you are all experts on these type matters. Good day P.I.’s!!!!!! And like I said before, I don’t run from anything or anyone so I will be back when I have time to “play” with you rookies. Happy Mother’s Day to you here on Earth and above.

  170. No insults intended, however, if the shoe fits feel free to put it on and jump over the moon!

  171. And just one more thing. The IP addresses are recorded and the police do read this blog and they know who I am and where Im at, at anytime they feel I have info for them or I have done anything wrong, I have two addresses. They can find me easily. What they should do is shut this mess down because all this hear say and personal belief mess is a trip!!!!

  172. To Shauncey…… Im not considered a dumb b****, just a b****!!!!! I think all females can be that sometimes. To #1… JEALOUS of Tierra? May I ask what the hell for? I have never been jealous of another woman, Im all that and more. Sorry for her, yes. You guys need to find some enemies to bash, you don’t know me nor do you know anything about me but what you supposedly heard. I had no earthly reason to be jealous of her. NOT ONE!!!! I met this man when he was still a boy so to speak. We were much more than lovers or boy/girlfriends. We are friends, no matter where he is or what he is doing, I will always be his friend and never will I turn my back on him. He was always good to me, and not just financially. We were very close. Guilty or innocent, I will always be his friend. Like I said before, Im sorry for what happened but that does not make a true friend turn their back on you. You all can get off my back because your ideals and beliefs are just that…YOURS!!!! You can feel how you want I can’t control your feelings about me. Bashing me. They crucified Jesus. And all you other Neri Ex’s how much negative talking were you doing when he was wining and dining you all? Now you take the opportunity (since this made the news) to say he was this and that, if he was so good and always there for you….. simply pray for him, not bash him. If you had the opportunity to do it all over again and this hadn’t happened your stories would be entirely different. And I gave him the nick name Prince, because to me he is just that. Never met a better guy with such a kind, happy, and free giving spirit. Now since this is a blog to bring her “killer” to justice, do your jobs and leave the bashing to the media.

  173. Another word to the Wise one. Sweep around your own front door before you sweep around mine. You aren’t as wise as you think you are. What you did is give Shauncey, Lavonna, and #1 some more bs to get wired on. Girl please get your facts all together before you go posting things on the internet. Do you work for abc or nbc? You can be more productive there, if you all are searching for a killer, why the hell are you discussing me, I didn’t kill her! Im just speaking up for a friend. Get a clue, I can say what the hell I want about him, just like you. That is really not giving anyone any insight about me and why Im his friend, really it does not. I am DEFENDING A FRIEND!!!! Im sure every relationship he had with each one of us was different, some serious than others, some better than others, so however you feel about him is based upon the relationship you had with him. I met him so long ago none of you will ever understand the type of relationship WE had so don’t try to figure this out. And as far as his telephone no., half of Houston has that no., it was his business phone plastered all over the internet, anyone can get that one. And I really want to know for all of you that was with him in such a serious relationship, how many family members did you meet of his? Were you someone to take home to mom?

  174. I’m Tierra’s aunt, I’m married to her Uncle Kenny ( her Dad’s brother), Our thoughts and prayers are with Rose and Chavonne, we heard about Tierra on the news and we couldn’t believe that something that cruel happened to our niece, we pray that her boyfiend is caught and he gets what he deserves, Tierra and Chavonne use to spend alot of time with us when they were small, and they are 2 of my husbands favorite nieces, he is sadden by losing a niece so cruelly, we had just lost Tierra’s grandmother in Oct of 2007.
    Rose and Chavonne we have been trying to contact you with no success, to see if we can help with anything.
    Love you both,
    kenny and Tammy

  175. Enough,
    I wish class could be bought, because I’d send your tacky ass a check via air-mail. I’ve met a few TRIFLIN bitches in my day, but you take the cake. You shouldn’t worry about what WE think. From your OWN mouth comes the fact that you were just “one of Neri’s hoes”. Who the hell cares that you met his family? Do you think we care what kind of relationship the two of you had? So what he “wined and dined you”. I’m sure he did the same for Tierra, being that she was expecting his child. I hope the police ARE reading this blog. Then they’ll know how stupid you are, and that you ARE capable of covering for him. Think they dropped by your house on accident dummy? I’m calling you names because you definately deserve it. Once again, you did a lots of talking, but still didn’t say shit. I didn’t need any “push” from Wise to get wired on bs, as you state. I saw you for what you were after your first comment, a dumb hoe who defends murderers. Obviously you still have steong feelings for him, and thats ok. But do you honestly think her family (or us) want to hear what a nice guy he is and how he wined and dined you. (get a clue) No one CARES but you. You think the sun shines out of Neri’s ass, not us. Please take my advise and start your own blog. I can even suggest a name for it. Enough’s Blog of Shame…Come here to defend murderers who are on the run. You asshole. Who cares what YOU think. How many times do I have to tell you that innocent people don’t run. Your STILL so jealous of Tierra it’s sickening. Like I said before, get lost hoe.

  176. Enough
    Not sure why you felt the need to speak my name because not one time have I address you but I will now.

    First of all.. Uh, yes you are a dumb bit**h and if you really think that we believe your Neri is so precious like you are trying to portray him then not only are you a dumb bit**h but a messed up in the head bit**h. (crazy bit**h).
    Like we really give a flying rip of what he has bought you? I for one could care less if he gave you air in a jug.

    You know this page is for Tierra and her unborn baby so do what Shauncey suggested and get your own blog and shut your big ass mouth and stay off of my back.

  177. Lavonna,
    What I love about you is you have a classy way of putting people in their place. Goooo girl!!!

  178. As you do too :D.. You never failed to make me laugh

  179. Well, hello everyone. I was beginning to think that wise shut it down for us. I guess Enough is back at work and can get online now. Let me first start off by addressing Ms. Tammy. You can contact Ms. Rose at She says it’s okay for you to have her email address. She hardly uses it because she’s not at work, but send her your info and she’ll get it and call you. Now for Enough. I don’t know where to start because you said so much. Firstly, let’s think logically. If YOU say that the things Neri said about you to Wise are lies, then do you think it is possible that the things he told you about Tierra could be lies? Okay, then. Tierra has met his parents and their foster kids, and his sisters and brother. She never met the African girlfriend,though. Maybe the night of the murder. Who knows. Listen, sweetie. Neri killed Tierra and it caused the baby to die when he did. That means he killed her too. That’s heartless, period. Everybody can’t kill. It takes a special kind to be able to take a life and live with it. A monster or a demon or something. Not a Christan. You say that you will never change how you feel about him no matter what, but I be you would. If that was your sister instead of Tierra, I bet you wouldn’t be singing that same song. I know you have talked with Neri wherever he is, because that’s the dumb broads’ make up. Go on and tell where he is. He’s lying girl, he ain’t gon’ marry you. He knows that you are a dumb broad, because you have put with all his nonsense over all these years and you are still there waiting. Like FOOL, I might add. He is just using you. Watch t.v. or read the paper or something. Get a clue! Learn the ways of the world. People are doing anything these days; it’s in style. You would love it if he told you to come where he is and live with him forever or until he kills YOU. I have alot of crazy things going on right now concerning this case. I feel very strongly about how this has unfolded and it does not make me happy. Neri should have never gotten away. I won’t bother to comment on the police dept statement that you made, but you can rest assure that whatever you know, is because it is what they wanted you to know. There is more, much more. You are never going to know what all they have on this case, but it is concrete evidence. That’s what made him run. He knew he could not lie any longer and that the gig was up. If they are questioning you, it’s because you are a person of interest not an inersting person. They think you know something and so do I. There is no need for you to get angry with the bloggers here. We didn’t ask for your input. We didn’t know anything about you. You came to the fight. Well, you better man up, baby girl, and put your dukes up, ’cause a fight is what you are going to get. You can’t sway me on Neri. I KNOW what he did. I don’t give a damn what you say. I KNOW! I’ve seen the trail o distruction that heleft behind. You are pitiful. You say that crap about you understand why he ran. Fool! Go somewhere with all that. Can you imagine a mother’s horror to behold the make-shift burial site of her baby girl, the unidentifiable body of her baby girl, and the body of her infant granddaughter that never drew her first breath. How about the fact that those two angels being denied a proper burial because he is nowhere to be found. They are just lying in a morgue being cut and probed and inspected like pieces of meat. There is nothing satisfying and comforting in any of that. It is unnatural and it is torture. What did anyone do to deserve something like that? Don’t you think that after 5 months of pure Hell, they at least deserve to be able to put Tierra and Ayana to rest? Don’t keep talking about how bad you feel for her and how sorry you are about what happened. Bitch, you’s a damn lie. You feel about as bad as Neri feels and we all know how he feels. You are so full of yourself. At leat he has a right to trial and all that crap. If you ask me, he should have the same rights he gave Tee…none. He was her judge and juror. Who the hell is he that he can hand down sentences? No damn body! When you come, you need to come correct. I’m tired of the BS. Nobody wants you here. It’s not getting better with time; it’s getting worse. Respect that if nothing else. Enough is enough. Get over it. Tierra didn’t have to be with Neri. She was okay with herself and her baby minus baby daddy. She may have played the game for a while, but I guarantee one thing, he wasn’t necessary. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe your boy’s ego was bruised a little, because he wasn’t a “prince” to everybody. What kind of shit is that. YOU gave him that name. Dumb broads do stuff like that. I can’t wait to lay eyes on you when they lock you up for aiding a fugitive. You go on back to work now and don’t get caught on the internet. Later.

  180. #1 States: “I can’t wait to lay eyes on you when they lock you up for aiding a fugitive”.
    Shauncey states: “I can’t wait till they lay HANDS on you when you go to jail for aiding a fugitive”.
    One more thing Enough. Tierra does NOT need you OR anyone from your “tramp camp’s” sympathy. She has all the support she needs in the people who actually CARE for her. So take your fake a** remorse and double sided
    “sympathetic” comments and stick them right about where your head is, all the way up “prince Neri’s” ass.

  181. Damn that felt goooood

  182. well, I must say, that girl did not meet his family. She probably heard of them but introduction never. She was just one of thoses (friends with benefits). I know for a fact that DID NOT HAPPEN. Enough, girl you know what’s going on and so do I so, Whatever theses fools saying, we know the truth. They are only speculating and know ONLY what the media allows them to know. lol so sad that they think they know the truth when they are so far from it.

  183. What all of you need to remember is that the most important thing here is that Tierra Adams and her unborn child were murdered, plain and simple. And the police are looking for Neriah Roberts, whether you agree or disagree, like it or not. You can state here how wonderful he is or how well you know him, but that DOES NOT MATTER. All that matters is finding justice for Tierra and her baby and I just plain don’t care if you did not like her or what you thougth of her.

    I will be removing comments from now on that are only about how well you knew Neriah or how wonderful he is. Only justice matters now. And talking about his “virtues” or how other commenters do not really know the situation, does not matter. So take it elsewhere.

  184. Thank you Bonnie.

  185. I haven’t been on here since I posted my last comment. I’m going to respect Bonnnie’s wishes and not talk about Neri, in a personal sense, but I will say, no I didn’t meet his family, didn’t want to. I meet a guys parents when I am in a relationship that I feel is worth it, or going somewhere, he was never a person that I would have got that serious with. Neri has gotten himself in a lot of trouble, and if the evidence is so weak against him, and he is so confident in his innocence, why doesn’t he turn himself in, and get this all behind him? He has enough money to fight this case especially against so called weak evidence, we’ve seen people with all the evidence in the world making them guilty and they still walk. So Neri needs to stand up against this weak evidence and get his innocence back if he can…Can he? I’m out, I won’t be coming back to this blog, I will be back when I see on the news that they have caught Prince Neri slippin and arrested him…. Be blessed.

  186. Wise,
    God bless you. He can’t run forever. Take care.

  187. I know that it has been a while since I posted, but it has been a wild ride here lately. I promised that I would keep you guys informed about this case. The family has recently learned the cause of death for Tierra. The crazy part is that we heard it on the news. We were not notified prior to them airing it on the evening news. That was a heavy blow. I don’t really know what to say about that right now. Anyway, died form multiple blows to the head. I knew he caught her slippin’, ’cause Tee is not the kind to let that go on without a fight. It really hit home though, to know that she died a horrible death at the hands of the man that said he loved you so much. Whatever! One thing I know is that he can’t run forever. Unless he is Michael Jackson, he ain’t got money like that. He will resurface and he’s going down. You can put yo’ money on it baby. All you Neri fans better get your money ready, because he is going to need it. You need to be offering your sympathy to her mother on behalf of your friend. You all are the same kind of friends as he is. A true friend will tell you when you are wrong, even if it hurts. They don’t make excuses to uphold someone and try to make wrong into right. Anyway, keep praying for Ms. Rose because she really needs strength right now. I’ll talk to you soon.

  188. #1,
    Thank you for that info. I am still waiting for Tierra and her baby’s killer to be brought to justice. I’ll keep waiting, and when they bring him in, I’ll need your e-mail address so I can send you pics of the celebration I’ll be having. (serious) We will drink and be merry and toast Tierra ALL night. Please tell Ms. Rose God bless her.

  189. Happy birthday to Tierra Lachelle Adams. R.I.P. Gone from our sight but never from our hearts. Peace.

  190. Her and my mother share the same birthdate. Happy belated birthday Tierra. You are missed.

  191. mylifeofcrime,
    Is there any new info on Tierra’s killer being caught??
    Hi!!! How are you? I hope the family is doing well.

  192. lol Good Luck!! lol lol

  193. ANy new information on this case Bonnie?

  194. Well it’s been over two years since the found Teirra’s body and Chambers County has never returned the body back to the family. I have been emailing reporters to see if they will start investagations into why the will not release the body. I just received a response a few days ago from a reporter @ Fox 26 News the he will re-open the file. I think if alot of people would email them same reporters that were running each other over to get the story then, and ask them to take a look at whats happening now. I am a friend of Teirra’s mother Rose and it is not fair that her and her family have to re-live this whole ordeal when someone decides that they will sign the release of the body so that a mother can lay her child to rest at last. Not to mention that the family will have to re-live it whenever the catch the people responsible for her death. I hope that most of the people that posted on here will write to all the reporters covering the story over 2 years ago.

    • I knew neriah we went to high school together I never thought he was capable of anything like this! But I guess u never know people like u think you do! I pray her family gets justice!

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