• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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James Orr murder 5/14/2003 Little Elm, TX *Wife, Rhonda Orr, convicted of his murder and sentenced to 88 years in prison*

   Rhonda Orr

Jury selection to start in trial of woman accused of killing husband
Official testifies cause of fatal Little Elm blaze is undetermined
Little Elm woman convicted of starting fire that killed her husband
Former Little Elm resident found guilty of arson
Wife gets 88 years in prison for Little Elm fire that killed husand


147 Responses

  1. she was convicted and got 88 years, what an evil person, she deserves to die a horrible death

  2. I used to be really good friends with this womans daughter.
    I would spend the night with her, Rhonda and James all the time. They were like my second family.
    I can’t believe that this has happened, he was so good to them. He loved them more than anything in the world and this is what she did to him.

  3. please callme whoever left the message about being good friends with rhonda’ daughter, i am sure i met you and would love to talk to you, yes James loved Amanda and was the only real dad she ever had, too bad her mother didn’t let him really be that dad he wanted to be

  4. she didn’t do it! I knew her and James and I can tell you that she didn’t do it!

  5. and as for this ‘person’ that was Amanda’s friend, go to hell.

  6. You are not a nice person ‘someone who knows’. I would say that Rhonda had 800.000 reasons to kill him.
    God bless Amanda and James’ family.

  7. did you actually know her? or are you saying that because that’s what you’ve heard?

  8. I know Rhonda she is a nice person. the news is from one side of the bench not both. I should know a year in journalism will teach you that what is posted is from those the pay the most. Lavonna you should look at both sides of things before you pass judgment on someone. Miss poole never i repeat never wish death on someone else. it always turns around to hurt some you love in the long run. You talk as if you are family, if you are then you don’t see that wishing death on rhonda may bring pain on amanda if something where to happen to her mother? I hope god has mercy on all your souls if something should happen to rhonda because i know from experiance its hard to forgive yourself for causing you loved ones more pain.

  9. to forgotten angel and someone who knows
    You need to read the note i wrote both of you on As for wishing death on someone, give me a break-James died a HORRIBLE, TERRIFYING DEATH. Do you not seem to know that!! Amanda would be better off if she never saw her Mother again, all her Mother has done for her is USE her, as for what is posted, beleive me the media prints what they want, money means nothing to them and one year of journalism doesn’t teach you much, dear. You all need to come out and say who you are and quit hiding. Amanda was very loved by James but her mother was not. Amanda is very loved by her Grandpa and Grandma Poole but was never allowed to see them again, I wonder why-because her mother was afraid they would find out the truth that Amanda knows. But it doesn’t matter because the whole world now knows the truth. Why did all the neighbors immediately tell the police it wasnt an accident and that rhonda murdered him? And where is the illustrious Joel, he disappeared quite quickly when he realized the money wasn’t forthcoming. Amanda has people who love her but she just doesn’t realize it yet and Teresa does also. someday they will both realize that and we hope it isn’t too late. When someone murders your only child, that you love more than anyone in the whole world and who was your whole world, you better believe they wish that murderer dead.

  10. Guess what?!? I AM AMANDA!!!! I was there….you weren’t. She didn’t do it. I don’t care what any of ya’ll say. I know my mother better than anyone and i KNOW she didn’t do it. Do you really think this is what dad would want?…..I can’t wait til the day she walks free and ALL of you walk in her footprints out of that courthouse.

  11. Guess what someone who knows aka Amanda, I don’t want to know her and I can say that she wasn’t a nice person! SHE KILLED HER HUSBAND!

  12. Someone who knows, that should have read that I don’t want to know her or you.. neither of you are nice

  13. Lavonna, who the hell are you to say anything? You don’t even know her, so shut your mouth you dumbass.

  14. NO I won’t shut my big mouth.. You the dumbass not me.. taking up for a cold hearted murderer!!!!!!!! I don’t answer to you of who I am to say antyhing.

  15. You’re *

    And another thing.. That man was DISABLED.. He could not even get out of the fire.. She is an evil bitch to set fire to a man who was disabled.

  16. he was NOT DISABLED…dont believe the papers!

  17. Being in a wheelchair is not considered disabled?
    Forgotten Angel, I just now read your post where you addressed me. NO I am not family and it is not for me to forgive her that is between her and God. I am a firm believer that she should pay for what she did. They found her guilty and for them to convicted her they had something on her.

  18. to someone who knows:
    “HE WAS NOT DISABLED” Give us a break, everyone knows he couldn’t walk and used a wheelchair ALL THE TIME. He couldn’t even crawl on his hands and knees. He had to scoot around on his butt if he wasn’t in his wheelchair. And believe me what your dad would have wanted is to LIVE and not be burned to death. On Sept. 11, 2001 people jumped from 40 and more stories up at the World Trade Center, knowing they would die doing so rather than burn to death. You have no idea what my son wanted and you were not there, according to your mother, you were sound asleep so how do you know what happened, or maybe you do know that your mother murdered him and you are so brainwashed and have no mind of your own to be a good Christain and tell he truth. Maybe you just wanted all that money too. I am so disappointed in you. I just hope God forgives you as he will never forgive your mother and believe me she will never walk free.

  19. Marian,
    I did not know James but I want you to know that I am very sorry for your loss and I pray that God grant you the strength and comfort in this world.
    God bless you.

  20. Marian how can you even talk?!? You weren’t even there! I was. Also don’t you remember all the times you disowned him as your son just cause you got mad? Or how about that maybe you came to our house once or twice A YEAR! Which you lied about in a court of law! Oh and saying ‘you talked to him everyday’, hah you talked to my mom four times as many times you talked to my dad. Oh and as for the ‘good christian’ part – obviously you don’t know anything because in the bible God says that when you repent, he WILL forgive. so nice try.

  21. as for you Lavonna – you know nothing except for what’s in the papers, which is only alot less than half the truth.

  22. ok, yes my dad was disabled but he was trying to walk again. Me and mom were helping him to do that. His balance was just off, that’s why. He could balance just fine if he was holding on to something, I saw him do it. and marian…don’t you know that your son could do more than just slide around? Oh wait – i guess not.

  23. One thing I know for sure Amanda and that is that you don’t give a flying rip that your own father suffered or you wouldn’t be on here smarting off like you have been ..
    Your MOTHER was convicted of his murder so it isn’t like they didn’t prove their case.. I feel sorry for you to have lost your father and your mother and then you lash out at your grandmother who lost a son you seem to have alot of anger issues.. I wish you the best in life.. Sorry about your father

  24. I dont know who is posting things with my name, e mail address and phone # on it, none of the above postings with my name on it was from me. A friend called me and told me to look at this website. Obviously a family member or a good friend of Jimmy’s who knew us both. While I agree with that person on most of the issues but am amazed that Amanda doesn’t remember ALL the times we were at their house(3 years of which was MY house) or I guess she doesn’t want to remember. that is fine with me I don’t care, as to disowning my son, I never disowned my son, had I done that all the financial assistance we gave him and his family would’nt have happened. As to his walking, I know his medical situation better than you ever will, he could NEVER walk, yes he could sort of walk if he held on to something but it was not FUNCTIONAL walking and nothing would ever help his balance, you don’t know his medical history. As to talking to him daily, you have no idea what our relationship was or how many times we conversed, he called me from work every day sometimes more than once a day. I think you should get some psychological assistance and Tommy & I feel very sorry for you and what you are going through and what you have gone through as we love you and miss you very much. We remember the sweet Amanda who used to love to tell stories about Lulu and who used to rub Grandpas head for him. We know she is still there somewhere. You have a right to your opinion but others do also. It would be best if everyone stayed off this site, I think it is very damaging, although I do appreciate those who remember my son and who support his murderers conviction. I think Amanda would be best off if she didn’t try to go on websites that are devoted mainly to Jimmy’s friends and hobbies, as you will find no friends of Rhonda’s there. God only forgives some sins, not all. Even when someone repents, it doesn’t mean God forgives that sin, especially when it is the #1 sin in the ten commandments. We wish you well regardless of what you think of us and we will always remember you and the sweet, loving child you were.

  25. God forgives all sins as he does allow any person the right to repent. Those who can not forgive themselves are those that go to hell. I know better then all of you how it feels to live with a sin that i can not forgive myself for. Marian, i did not know james, but from what i have heard of him he seems like he was a great man. But never had i once heard Rhonda talk or act like his death meant nothing to her. I can read emotions of people simply and even the most complex people can be read. I have met murderers, i have read them before, and i can tell you that not once did rhonda every give any show or act that even the most slyist murderer would have tried to pass off. This country allows freedom of speech yes, but there is a such thing as abusing it. As for who ever was using marians email address they need to pray very hard for their little comment about 9/11 because if one of the family members from those attacks where to read this they would have a huge lawsuit for marian right now. That was very un-wise, 9/11 is far worst then this and dont tell me its not i have lost too many of my brothers and sisters to the wars that was started that september day, including my best friend from kindergarden who left behind a wife and his new born son alex. I too am a soldier in this great country of the united states and i too would be proud to die for it but you decigrate the memories of all those that have died and those that will die to keep that from happening again.

  26. It is very sad to see the bitter words exchanged here under the guise of concern or even sympathy. The only truth to this story lies entombed with James. Everything else is merely a muddled, emotional recollection of truth mired in pain and guilt.

    Marain, no one will ever know a Mother’s love and your relationship with your son. Nor is it necessary to justify yourself to anyone, much less a child. You are an innocent victim in the untimely death of your son.

    Amanda, you have experienced an awful tragedy and unbelievable loss in your young life. Please try to keep an open mind as you grow and begin to process all that you have experienced. Not only in your Dad’s death but in the years before his death when it was only you and your mom. and the years since his death. You are a victim here too of many things. Please consider being patient with those that are also hurting even if you don’t agree with them or even understand their pain as you would want others to be patient and respect you.

    Lavonna, thank you for your support but please do not lower yourself by arguing with a child. It negates your good intentions.

    Lastly, please find peace James as you rest. Know that the pain of your loss makes it often unbearable for your loved ones that miss you and sometimes prevents their growth and unity in a family divided.

    I pray you all find peace as you heal. Please be patient with each other and tolerant that everyone is entitled to greive in their own way.

  27. for forgotten angel and truth be told. thank you for once to stop the bashing and actually put some common sense. yes this family is divided. They are grieving the loss of James. They have ever since that day he passed away. It has been nothing but anger thrown around the whole family, the news, and these sites. Amanda does have every right to read these. If she wants to know what is going on she can. They are open to the public. She has every right to believe her mother is innocent. Her mom is innocent. She has grieved his loss every single day. Then she finally did choose to move on 5 years after his death. There is nothing wrong with moving on. People do it every day after there loved one dies. Its all a part of mourning. Also arguing with a teenager who not only is going through a hard time in life, but also having to deal with all of this is hard. I dont agree with her taking it out on this blog, but if that is how she needs to get it out then we should look the other way. Marian, I don’t know if I believe it wasn’t you writing all along. I have faith and hope that you too can move on. I know it is hard that you are living without your son and no mother should never have a child die before her, but it happened. I do not believe Rhonda did it. How could you keep treating her as your daughter-in-law so many months after? I think it is time to let this end. Let it go. It is only fueling the fire of mourning and the pain. It is time to let God take it in his hands. He has a reason why he took James. Its time to just put this to rest. Time to let the court system be wrong and prove itself right. Its time for everyone to go on with there lives, not forgetting James but leaving the anger a lone.

  28. the court system won’t be wrong and lying on any web page like this little kid did is against god’s rules

  29. the only grieving rhonda is doing is losing all that money, everyone knows that. As for god had a reason to take james, god didn’t take him, rhonda did and it wasn’t his time to go and you need to shut your big fat mouth. You weren’t in the court room and I was a reporter there and saw everything.

  30. I will not apologize for my feelings but I do apologize for my words. They were unnecessary. But I want everyone to realize something: they are making a documentary about this funded by Opera because this case was so messed up.

  31. the documentary they are making is not funded by Oprah it is a company that does documentaries about women who murder people and they aren’t doing it because it is so messed up because it is not messed up. They are doing another one here in Texas about another woman. You need to watch “Snapped” the usually aren’t on the side of murderers.The only thing that was messed up was Rhonda wasn’t as smart as she thought she was. You need to quit lying on the internet, Amanda.

  32. OMG!! We went to NDHS together & she asked to borrow my NEW Nissan 200sx & made up some story(came to find out)needed to get some blood work done. I let her borrow it but only to be told by my coach that she had wrecked my car only a block away. I could see it from the school window. I was devastated since my car was totalled. She never attempted to pay a penny back or even apologized. I’m over it & never attempted to get anything from her considering her situation at the time. NOW i hear this news & it saddens me for I’ve always wondered what has come of her life. All I have to say is KARMA is a BEE_AtCH! “do to others as would have them do unto you”- I live by this rule.

  33. Thong-seriously? Grow up…and as for family friend: What are you trying to prove? That my mom’s guilty? Guess what – they already did that. Yet, the Denton Court System had two inexcusable mess-ups that happened and the prosecutor played strictly on emotions NOT on true facts. I heard all I needed to hear on that last day. Look, this whole situation is MESSED UP, so drop it.

    Oh and remember the prosecutor’s little outline of the master bedroom? That WASN’T the correct outline of the master bedroom. I went in that room EVERYDAY to either to tell Dad when I was heading off to school or help go talk to Mom in the bathroom. I was also in there twice a week wrestling my dad while watching WWF/WWE…so yes this case was messed up.

  34. what were the prosecutors mess ups and why didnt the defense attorney bring that up, as to the bedroom outline that was taken directly from pictures of the scene and floor plans from the builder for that specific house. Once again, juries dont make decisions based solely on emotions, especially 12 separate people. All you could have seen were the punishment closing arguments, you saw none of the evidence that was proven in court and your mother’s own “expert” had to admit he falsified his original report of the cause or lack of cause of the fire. It’s in the court record in his own words. Get on with your life and don’t be a clone of your mother. Be your own person.

  35. How come Rhanda didnt testify for herself if she is so innocent

  36. a family friend,

    It is her right not to testify and not have that used against her. It is in the Constitution. It may seem funny to those not involved or on the jury, but it is her right.

  37. if you are really innocent only the truth comes out if you are not then you are afraid to testify because you will be tripped up, just because it is in the constitution doesn’t mean she was afraid to testify and wouldn’t take a lie detector test.

  38. I am not in denial. I’m simply stating what I know. My mom is innocent, as simple as that. Want to know what I hate? Ya’lls cowardsness. I have the guts to stand up for what I know and yet all of you hide behind fake names and guilt.

  39. if you really know what happened why didnt you just tell the police and the district attorney why didnt you testify

  40. Amanda,

    I am sorry for your loss. I was wondering if you and your mom would be willing to demonstrate that you have no interest in Jimmy’s death by not filing a claim against his estate? That would be a great way to prove to everyone that your mom didn’t kill him for his money.

  41. Neither my mom nor I want anything to do with that money. Would it be nice? Yes, it would get me and my brother through college. It would help pay off the five year debt my mom has to pay various lawyers. But we could do without. If it was honestly my choice, I would pay off the lawyer bills (simply because that was no fault of my mom’s) and leave the rest. Money is not what makes people happy.

  42. someone who THINKS they know,
    If she’s so innocent, why the hell did she get 88 years asshole? Yeah, you TALK tough. But someone defending a convicted murderer is no better than the murderer is, DUMMY. Stupidity drives me insane, get lost stupid.

  43. someone who knows is me, Amanda, her daughter. And how do you know anything about the case? Were you there? Are you a family member? Friend? And c’mon 88 years for arson? have you ever heard of that?

  44. I am best friends with Amanda and Roni and Jimmy were like my second parents. Y’all don’t even know the REAL Roni so you have no right to talk about what you “know”. I know Roni didn’t do it! She was a nurse for god’s sakes she saved lives, not taking them away. Roni is the sweetest person. She was an assistant leader for my girl scout troop. I spent the night at their house or was over there a lot. So like I said… unless you know the truth go suck an egg. And by the way she was convicted of ARSON not murder. ILY you Roni and Mandi! Jimmy wouldn’t have wanted all of this BS.

  45. blah blah blah so she was convicted of arson? What the hell do you think James died from? The fire is what he died from.
    You want an egg sucked, then you suck it

  46. I’m gonna second that blah,blah,blah

  47. 🙂

  48. She was convicted of arson that caused a death and since the arson was in one room only and at all the exits of that room-it is quite obvious she murdered him, also arson that caused a death carries the same penalty as murder so it doesnt matter that she was conv icted or arson andyou are just a child you know nothing-rhonda b ecame a nurse because james parents cared enough about amanda that they wanted her mother to be ab le to financially take care of her-something she NEVER did b efore she married James.

  49. ok FIRST – my mom was in school before she and my dad married. She quit to put him through school! And then she went back!
    SECOND – don’t you dare say anything about disrespecting my dad’s name. Nothing anyone can do or say will ever do that! He was an good man and amazing father. Nothing can degrade that.

  50. Amanda, first let me say how sorry I am for your loss. It is not up to me to pass guilt on anybody. I just wanted you to know that people out in the world are praying for you. I only have one question, what do you think about them making a movie about your life and have they talked to you about it?

  51. I just hope that it helps my mom, and no one has talked to me.

  52. amanda your mother was not in school when she met your dad-she was working nights in some hospital as a clerk-she told everyone she had to quit school because she hurt her back in a car accident and she DID NOT QUIT SCHOOL TO HELP HIM-he comes from a family who always took care of him financially and he lived alone for NINE years before he married your mother-he didn’t need her help-she only went b ack to school when James’ parents paid her so she didnt have to work and paid for all her school and she stole money from them for her last semester and lied about it. In fact she hated living with her mother and step father said she hated him and wanted out-thats why she latched onto James-she knew his family had money and he already had a college degree. You are only repeating what you ahve been lied to about

  53. I’m not in denial. She shouldn’t have gotten 889 years. And don’t tell me to forget that Jimmy died. He was like a second dad and I still miss him to this day. AND… I know that nurses are capable of murder but Roni isn’t. Plus don’t tell Mandi all this crap about we are praying for you. If y’all really cared about Amanda or Jimmy’s wishes this whole case would have never happened. Jimmy loved Roni and Amanda. He wouldn’t want Amanda to be without her mom and he wouldn’t want Roni in jail. Like I said I miss him a ton. And… all of y’all don’t even know the real Jimmy when he was with his family. He was a completely different person around them. She shouldn’t be in jail cuz she didn’t do it.

  54. Oh so Rhonda has a child so she should get away with murder, let me tell you, the police do their job as does the District Attorney and a jury of 12 good people. You dont let someone off for murder just because they are a nurse or have a child-get real and grow up. I guess if you mother murdered your dad it would be ok for her not to pay for her crime because you think she is a good person-read the papers-women murder their husbands and other people all the time and people who knew the women are shocked and say i didnt think she would do something like that-maybe someone will kill your dad and you can just forgive tghem and tell the police not to investigate? Believe me we knew James for many many more years than did Rhonda or Amanda and he hated absolutely hated Rhonda-he told all his co workers and all his friends that and told them he was afraid of her. Its all in the court records, James friends kdidnt even know Rhonda they have no reason to lie. You are disgusting in that you want to minimize someone’s death and the terrible way they died. I hope you die the same way some day-maybe you will think about what you are saying

  55. Marian, why are you posting on this site again? Above you said you had never posted here but that was quickly proven to be a lie and now you are up to your tricks again. Jim’s death is a tragic loss but I believe that Amanda is in a better place free from your verbal abuse lies and manipulation.

    Amanda – maybe you could share some of your stories about Marian and open the eyes of the people that SHE has “beguiled” here. Seems like the pot is calling the kettle black.

    Best of luck!

  56. They can’t change the truth but the truth could change them!
    Good eating Tony 😀

  57. Tony. Grow Up. Followers? This isn’t a cult.

    Lavonna. Who are you anyways?

    Co-Worker. Layoff. Becca’s protecting family cause that’s what family does.

    A Family Friend. I’m going to ask you to please stop degrading my dad and please don’t speak of the way he died like I don’t know. I think about that all the time…When I close my eyes, I visualize his body afterwards – not before. I have a picture of me and him that I keep in my wallet and I have trouble even looking at it because although I don’t know what that feels like, I know that pain couldn’t even describe it. Imagine that every time you see your daddy – you get scared and just want to cry. So don’t start. Please.

  58. to disturbed: you obviously didnt know the pooles-we used to rent the house next to theirs in Carrollton when James lived there. As for Marrianne being the evil mother in law-of course she was she only #1 bought rhonda a nice car before she even married James because hers was a complete wreck-something rhondas own parents didnt care about, then when rhonda wasn’t satisfied with that one and went and bought a suv-who made all those payments-not rhonda-it was the evil mother in law #3 and then when rhonda wanted a NEW suv-who made those payments-the vil mother in law again-how mean of her #4 Then rhonda wanted a new house because she didnt want to live in a house only owned by James who paid for the new house-you got it right-the evil mother in law-down payment, upgrades and all the payments including the evil father in law doing a bunch of work on the house-they were so mean and then because rhonda felt inferior because she didnt have a college degree #5- the evil in laws let her quit her job, paid for a bachelors degree paid everything let her work one day a week and paid her a big salary-how mean of them#6 as for Amanda they were really mean to her-never wanted her to visit, never took her anywhere, never bought her anything-what mean grandparents-yeah old rhonda and amanda were really mistreated by their evil in laws–Everyone should have such mean in laws

  59. Ok for one I’m not trying to impress Amanda. I’m saying this because I want to. I know the real Roni and ya’ll don’t. And you can be as mad as you want at what I’m saying but don’t you dare wish the same death on me or my family. I’m not making Jimmy’s death less tragic than it was. Roni didn’t use me or my family and you don’t know her so you can keep your mouth shut about everything you say you know. You don’t know squat. And Grammy is NOT getting the money because she just wants it. Shes getting it to help pay to take care of Amanda and the money legally belongs to Amanda. AND… Don’t bring my mom into this. You don’t know any of my family, me , Amanda, Roni or anyone else who knows what really happened. And like I said don’t ever wish that death on someone.

  60. There is no money that legally belongs to Amanda, she was not James’ child. Also “Grammy” gets social security benefits for Amanda because she was a STEP CHILD of James and had the divorce been final she wouldnt even get that. There are a lot of things you dont know about the insurance, for example the Farmers–Rhonda got the Fidelity to replace hers and james farmers-interesting she cancelled her farmers, didnt cancel james’ but started paying for his out of a bank account in her name only-the CUNA application was filled out in her handwriting already proven bya handwriting expert and james’ signature was forged-when an investigator, Alan Curry, asked Rhonda about the CUNA she said and this is on tape that she knew nothing about the CUNA said she didnt know how it was being paid or anything-guess what SHE FILLED OUT THE APP, FORGED HIS NAME, AND SHE PAID EVERY PREMIUM OUT OF A BANK ACCOUNT IN HER NAME ONLY-HOW DO YOU ACCOUNT FOR THAT LIE-She filed the insurance claims just 3 hours after his death-she called every insurance company, had the phone numbers, policy numbers everything for 5 insurance polciies, one of which she took out over the phone 6 weeks before his death and listed her mother’s address. 3 of these policies were for accidental death!!! why would you take out add insurance on someone you were getting a divorce from?? why didnt she take some out on Joel. He sure split didnt he. If “Grammy” really loved Amanda she wouldnt be trying to get money for herself or amanda. She would provide for her herself out of love. James wasnt responsible for amanda, she wasnt his child. Why isnt amandas biological father taking care of her or why isnt the new husband with amandas 1/2 brother taking care of her. The social security $ is plenty to take care of amanda. They are all a bunch of greedy low lifes living in the ghetto of dallas. And i will wish death on all of you every time i want, little fat girl.

  61. apparently the new husband didnt think she was innocent either, we are all aware that rhonda gave judy power of attorney, what amazes us is that she (rhonda) used to talk bad about her mother saying she never stood up to randall when it came to her kids and how she didnt ever do anything for rhonda –however i am sure judy loves amanda and i had heard that judy spangler pretty much raised amanda anyway, hopefully she will do a better job with amanda than she did with rhonda, but i guess evil is just evil no matter how they are raised. wht is ad is that amanda has another set of grandparents who love her very much but rhonda turned her against them. they did so much for amanda. they are heartbroken from what i heard from someone who used to work for them.

  62. All of you need to get a life. Let this go! Move on with your life. I am on Rhonda’s side, but all i have to say is stop writing on here. It is only keeping the anger going. We all know that you loved James. We know that you angry about his death. We all know that you wanted her in prison. well you got it. now i hope her appeal or whatever goes through. in the mean time just let it go.

  63. i got news for “grammy” she wont ever get any of that money if amanda gets any of it it will go into a trust account and they wil make sure her money grubbing relatives dont get any of it-by the time amanda gets any she will hopefully be old enough to not squander it on her money grubbing relatives including her mother

  64. didiyoung, here we go again….Cybil had fewer identities than you.

  65. Okay for one if you don’t even have the guts to use your real name you have no right talking about any of this. didiyoung? You don’t know me and you don’t know what happened. IF Amanda told her “what she was instructed to” then that would be the truth but she didn’t. You have NOT talked to Amanda or Roni about that night or people who were there. My family and I have. And as for the fat, little girl comment seriously if you have to go as low as that to attempt to upset me your an idiot. You don’t know me and if you do tell me who you are. And as for as Amanda’s other “loving grandparents” who Roni pushed away… They are cold-hearted self centered people just like the rest of you. If they really cared about Amanda all of this blog crap wouldn’t happen. And don’t act like you care about Jimmy, or Amanda because he would have a serious problem with you attacking me, Amanda, my mom, or anyone who actually cares about him. Get a life.

  66. im sure you talked to amanda and rhonda and IM SURE they are going to tell the truth-what a joke-as for amanda’s other grandparents being cold blooded self centered people-get a life-rhonda got 3 cars, a beautiful wedding, 2 beautiful homes, not in the ghetto by the way-got paid enormous amounts of money for doing practically nothing-got a batchelors degree completely paid for-got everything as did amanda-she wouldnt have been a girl scout, in soccer, hd her mothre be able to go to all her stuff and all the other things if it hadnt been for the cold blooded self centered grandparents-yeah they are really mean people-they were really self centered and greedy- kept everything to themselves-didnt help rhonda, amanda or James at all–all this was proven in court it is in the official record-you might want to b uy a copy–rhondas parents never did ANYTHING for them before they thought there was going to be some money

  67. im sure you talked to amanda and rhonda and IM SURE they are going to tell the truth-what a joke-as for amanda’s other grandparents being cold blooded self centered people-get a life-rhonda got 3 cars, a beautiful wedding, 2 beautiful homes, not in the ghetto by the way-got paid enormous amounts of money for doing practically nothing-got a batchelors degree completely paid for-got everything as did amanda-she wouldnt have been a girl scout, in soccer, hd her mothre be able to go to all her stuff and all the other things if it hadnt been for the cold blooded self centered grandparents-yeah they are really mean people-they were really self centered and greedy- kept everything to themselves-didnt help rhonda, amanda or James at all–all this was proven in court it is in the official record-you might want to b uy a copy–rhondas parents never did ANYTHING for them before they thought there was going to be some money and by the way I didnt start this blog-i think amanda did

  68. I find it sad that everyone paints the perfect happy relationship picture between Rhonda and James. Let’s not forget that Rhonda was PREGNANT with another man’s child…the same man she took to James’ funeral and was laughing and joking with and sitting on his lap at the reception after. She was HAPPY at the funeral. She was finished with James and had asked him to move out. He had planned on doing that the Sat after he died. That paints a sad widow picture.

    I also know if I was falsely accused of ANYTHING, I would be taking my stand in court and SCREAMING my innocence. Not to mention crying and stressed over any verdict not going my way. It wouldn’t be possible for me to keep a straight face and show no emotion when they were talking about how my husband died and suffered, and certainly not when they convicted me to 88 years in prison. It takes a cold person to shut off all emotion entirely.

  69. there is a huge push on in the legislature to change the parole laws in texas so people who commit crimes like this wont get out on parole for a long long time plus even if she is eligible for parole doesnt mean she will get it-believ me there will be plenty of people at those parole hearings telling the parole board they dont want her paroled and the governor and state legislature will be inundated as well. The best thing she could do if she does ever get paroled is move as far away from here as she can get-its interesting the new husband divorced her almost immediatelyi guess he really beleives in her innocence-i guess she will never see her son again-another woman will get to be his mommy-serves her right

  70. a lot of you have no idea what you’re talking about, so please just shut up. I’m sick of all of this! If you have never met my mom, don’t talk about her. As for my mom and dad’s relationship…you weren’t there!!! I was. So just shut up and know that the newspapers don’t always give the exact truth and the the original case is being appealed for breaking the LAW. So, everyone just needs to chill and mind their own business.

    My dad and my mom are loved by an enormous group of people who truly care or cared for their welfare. What everyone is talking about on this site is a disgrace. Ya’ll have no idea who you are hurting and how much you’re hurting them. Please if you are not strictly involved in the case, just drop it and realize you have no idea what’s going on.

  71. Yawwwnnnnnnnnnnnn…….
    Chef Tony,
    Damn good comment buddy.
    For everyone else: This is a CRIME BLOG. People are entitled to their own opinions. So telling peopke to shut up is a waste of breath.

  72. Amanda, I was there, and their relationship was exactly as stated above. She hurt your father by her betrayal. I know because he cried in MY living room over it all. You were so young that they would not have shared all that hurt with you. James didn’t want you to feel bad about your mother so he would not have told you these things. YOU WERE TOO YOUNG TO UNDERSTAND THE GROWN UP RELATIONSHIPS AROUND YOU! And now you are too tied to your mother to think otherwise. There is noone left to tell you the other side of the story. Your mother took them all away from you.

    Your mother admitted to being pregnant to numerous people. There was also evidence that she didn’t have smoke inhalation damage to her body. What happened to that pregnancy if you are so up and in the know???

    And there were dozens of people who saw her being happy at the funeral and sitting on Joel’s lap afterward. You can’t honestly dispute these things, can you??? Too many people saw the truth in this. This information is not from the papers or the news reports. It’s from firsthand knowledge.

    And the case is not being appealed because it broke the law. Her appeal is because she wants to fight the decision. She will lose. She was found guilty in a record quick amount of time. The jury didn’t have many doubts about her guilt. And she just sat there with no emotion. It’s scary to watch someone that emotionless. You would think she would have at least cried knowing she would be away from you and your brother….not even enough emotion for her children. That is a scary and very sad situation. Doesn’t it bother you?

  73. I understand that this is a crime blog. I have defended Roni and her daughter numerous times. I will still defend her to this day. So what they did not have the perfect relationship, nobody has a perfect relationship. Nobody talks about that James’s girl friend was at the funeral as well. I was at the funeral she was not in his lap laughing and carrying on. I saw her crying, i saw her upset. I lived with her, i knew how upset she was. I know what her and mandy went through. Its Amanda’s decision now if she wants to see her other grandparents…if she doesnt then she doesnt.
    Roni is going to get her appeal….EVERYONE has a right for an appeal. So lets just say we will see how it goes.

  74. Yes James’ girlfriend was at the funeral. He started dating her after his relationship with Roni was over because she was PREGNANT BY ANOTHER MAN! I might also add that his girlfriend was forced to leave the lunch after the funeral by Roni and yet Joel was allowed to stay. Roni was NEVER for one second sad at the funeral. Ask the detectives that were watching her very closely at the funeral. She stood outside the mosoleum laughing joking and playing with Amanda and Joel. It was the luncheon afterwards that she was on his lap laughing and carrying on.

    She knew that her free ticket was gone once James moved out. That was coming the weekend after he was killed. She knew her time was up. She has lied NUMEROUS times and has forced Amanda to lie as well. When someone says that everyone else around them is wrong, it usually means that person is the one who is wrong. It is amazing people can think and claim that all of the people who testified to her lies as well as the detectives and the police ALL are liars. It sure is alot easier to think that one person is the liar instead of so many. A heartless completely emotion free person could hurt someone and did. That’s why Snapped is so interested. Seemingly normal people who kill all of a sudden. It’s the proverbial “She was such a nice person, I just can’t believe it. It’s so sad.” She is a convicted killer. End of story.

  75. okay my mom asked me whether or not i felt it was okay for them to stay, and guess what-they did! Also, what do you expect a mother to do? Her child just lost her father. Did you really expect her to sit there and pretend her daughter was perfectly okay?

  76. it seems funny you were running through James’ Aunts house playing with the other kids INCLUDING James’ girlfriends daughter and James’ Dad said you asked your mother if Now can you go to disneyland-yeah you were really upset over his death-get real we all know the real truth it was and is quite evident-you didnt give a rats ass about him–just his money you were going to get. I guess you didn’t care about James’ parents feelings about Joel being there-you didn’t ask him to leave did you–you are such a hypocrite

  77. Ok… First of all it was never about the money so get a life. AND… Amen to knowledge. Seriously people get a life.

  78. you have no knowledge you little dummy-and it was all about the money-maybe you need to buy a copy of the trial transcript and read it-like why did she tell alan curry the life insurance investigator that she knew nothing about the CUN A policy, said James paid for it-guess what it was her handwriting on the application for the”:accidental death” insurance, she paid all the premiumns out of a bank account she had in HER NAME ONLY and she filed the claim along with all the other FIVE OR SIX WITHIN HOURS OF HIS DEATH but she didnt know anything about it–you are the one who needs to get a life and you have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANYTHING EXCEPT WHAT YOU ARE BEING TOLD AND STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE. Your mother needs to beat your ass

  79. Informer:

    This is interesting. As Becca’s older sister I of course want to defend her. All I have to say is that I understand where you are coming from. Mandy is my little sister. I am Roni’s Dutchess. These are things you cant change. I love them no matter what. I dont like you referring it to a dog going back to vomit. My sister doesnt know everything, and well its okay that she doesnt. Let her be a teenager and figure these things out for herself.

  80. Yes you are probably right Sarah, but your parents should make Becca stay off these web sites because a lot of people are VERY ANGRY about James’ murder and no matter what happens with Rhonda’s appeal everyone and I mean everyone knows she murdered him, if I were your parents I would be afraid to leave my child with her at any time, she is obviously a psychopath as well as a sociopath. If she gets off it will only be due to a technicality, not because she isn’t guilty, we all know that. As to Amanda’s biological father going missing, he didn’t go missing, he escaped from prison in Louisiana, he has spend his whole adult life in prison. She best forget about him, he is troublelllllll. No one has forgotten James and how he died and his friends and family grieve for him all the time, he had much to give this world and much life left to live. Its sad when someone is so greedy.

  81. I understand. I have asked my sister to stay off this site. I have asked Amanda to stay of this site and any other sites. I understand that you all need to vent and that it is easier to vent with others who are angry. Nothing can change my opinion of Rhonda. Unless I see it. I do not recognize this guys name of being Amanda’s father. I am not sure where this came from. Well Amanda is with her family members away from this mess. She lives in a good loving house and it is the best place for her. Thank you “Best Friends” for using your words instead of insulting phrases. I am doing my best with my sister and Amanda.

  82. So now Amanda has been shuffled off to her Uncles where her cousin got a teenage girl pregnant and they thought that was great-what a wonderful environment she has been in most of her life-she had the opportunity to have a better life and her murdering mother took that away from her and tghen when she went into prison amanda didnt even want to see the only people who ever showed her any real love and caring-James’ parents-She has made a bad choice

  83. Dearest Amanda; This is your Aunt Joy, your real dad’s sister. I live in Oklahoma. I have not seen you since you were about three years old, and now I truly wish to be in contact with you once again. We all tried to stay in touch with your mom on several occasions, but over the years and everyone moving around and such, we lost contact with you and your mom. I have read the stories and what people say here on this website about your mother. But I personally cannot pass judgement on your mom as I was not there that night, nor was I at the trial. But I can tell you that you are still dearly loved by “this family”, the “Hamlin Family”, your “bio” dad’s family. Whether it is true that he signed over his parental rights or not, he still loves you dearly, and wants what is best for you, “his” daughter too. I know I can’t even begin to understand what you are going through right now, or how you must be feeling. But I can listen to what you have to say with an open mind and an open heart. Amanda, if you would like to make contact with your real dad’s family, with me, please just let me know. You even have a half brother on your dad’s side. I would love to be able to tell you about your ancestry, your cousins (you have so many) and more. Please Amanda! With unconditional love, your Aunt Joy

  84. Dear Amanda, If you still read these things, please contact me. The other half of your family would really like to be in contact with you again. There are no alterior motives here. Just unconditional love for my niece. We dont have to get together for now, just get to know one another again, maybe through email at first. When you are ready, I will be here for you. This is my email address: naturesjoy@hotmail. Write it down and put it in a safe place. When you want to know more about your real dad’s family, then just email me. I have a great picture of you, your mom and real dad all together. Your mom even sent me pics of you when you were little. I love you Amanda!! with love, Aunt Joy

  85. Snapped episode on this airs this Sunday (Oct 18) at 9pm central.

    Watch and see the truth!!!!

  86. Just a bit of an update on family ties….Amanda has been in contact with me, her aunt. We have had many discussions over the past few months. I am so pleased to be in touch with her again. A note to those who are saying things about her biological father, my brother, he did noy spend his entire adult life in prison, but that is beside the point at this junction. He is now released and free and clear. At Amanda’s request, she is getting to know her real father again. I know Amanda loved James very much and she always will. But now is a time for healing, reuniting families and moving on with our lives. May you all find some peace in your lives. May you be blessed.

  87. God Bless you Amanda, and God Bless your mom as well. I wish you both the best.

  88. After watching the case televised on a recent ‘Snapped’ episode I believe she is wrongly convicted and should be released.

    First, let me say that her conduct leading up to these circumstances belies her current saintlier-than-thou stance but, that does not dispense with the jury’s stupidity rendering a guilty verdict and demonstrating their inability to see through the prosecution’s obfuscation.

    My previous and subsequent statements are predicated on the material presented in the television broadcast. Any evidence presented or excluded slanting the program obviously makes my comments moot and I apologize for any mischaracterization.

    I ignore all character and circumstantial evidence because it, as Lincoln once said of statistics, ‘is used as a drunken man uses a lamppost, for support rather than illumination,’ and attempts to justify an argument rather than sustain or prove its veracity.

    My reason for Ms Orr’s release rests on the prosecution’s own arguments. According to the prosecution her statements leading them to arrest and prosecute her were her alleged lies about her presence in her husband’s bedroom at the start of the fire because she bore no trace evidence of soot, smoke or fire that was clearly present on police and firemen who, much later, entered the blaze at its height.

    Based on the prosecution’s expert testimony, reviewing a tainted scene five months after the event, the prosecution states she set two fires; the first in the doorway of her husband’s bedroom, the second in front of the window leading out from the same; yet, she managed to leave the room without accumulating a single piece of trace evidence that she set these fires, the first burning, filling the room with smoke and soot while she set the second and having to pass by or through the first in order to leave the room.

    I am neither a law enforcement official, fire marshal nor an attorney. I am also not a scientist, rather just one of God’s creatures endowed with the common sense I assume all are granted. That sense tells me the scenario the prosecution outlined is as flawed as their basis for Ms Orr’s indictment.

    She is indicted because she could not have been in the room while fire was present as she bore no trace evidence yet, she can set two fires, insuring they catch and trap her husband and then she is able to leave without accumulating any trace of those fires.

    Sure. And, I will gladly sign over my Quit Claim Deed to the Brooklyn Bridge to each of the jurors.

    This is one of the most moronic scenarios I have heard in some time. Hot coffee, anyone?

  89. Saw the documentary, thought it was excellent. HOW ARE THEY LETTING HER OUT in 2015! Keep her where she is!

  90. I was very disappointed in the documentary as it presented only 1/10 of the evidence presented against her. Though I will say her attempt at tears for the first time since he died was pathetic. It was sad what they chose to present and in the trial there was much more substantive evidence against her. I am so glad she is still sitting in jail and I hope everyday is tough for her.

  91. Darrell, you are really stupid, when a fire is set, smoke and soot dont immediately start, fo out in your back yard and set two fires using liquor as an accellerant and then get the hell out of there, you won’t have any smoke or soot on you either. You weren’t at the trial and you didn’t see all of the evidence presented-juries of 12 people don’t find a person guilty and assess an 88 year prison sentence on a whim-they take their job seriously. it was a unanimous decision made thing an hour and a half. The scientific evidence against her was unsurmountable. You also don’t know she took out accidental death policies on him, forged his name, the snapped episode didnt rebut her when they showed that insurance policy that didn’t match his signature and her answer was she always signed stuff for him-she was interviewed by an insurance investigator who showed her the policy and she said she didn’t know anything about the policy-when asked how it was paid for she said she guessed he had it taken out of his credit union account, guess what the D.A. has that recorded statement and they have cancellec checks signed by her paying every one of those premiums out of a bank account in her name only. Pretty incriminating. Also if she didn’t know about that insurance policy how did she know who to call on the very day he was murdered to file a claim, according to the trial records she didnt retrieve any paperwork from the house on the day he died or in the week after he died yet she called 5 insurance companies to file claims. She also took out accidental death policy over the phone on him that he didn’t know about less than a month before he died. Her only “expert” witness had to admit on the stand that his “report” was flawed, incorrect and that he conducted no scientific testing. As to going into the house 5 months after the fire-it would be impossible to change burn patterns on walls to make it look different than when the original fire took place. Spalding on the floor doesn’t change and the house was in the custody of law enforcement the entire time. Anyway you can’t change a fire scene and change the evidence that the prosecution’s expert presented, plus he had the original fire marshall’s pictures taken the morning of the fire and that is what his decision was based on. He only went back to confirm that there were no changes to the “burn patterns, bed springs, etc. You need to not discuss what you don’t know-as to the Snapped episode, it is “Hollywood” nothing more, they left out a LOT of stuff. Intentionally to make it more suspensful. No one has control over these TV people, they do what they want, as to her tears, she shed not one tear after his death, and at the trial she is shown on TV laughing and carrying on with her mother. She is obviously a sociopath as well as a Psychopath, she has no conscience.

  92. Wow. This is all so sad. I knew James (I called him Jimmy). Amanda was about 10 when all this happened. That would make her about 16 now. Whats the poor girl supposed to do? As soon as she says anything negative about her mother, ANYTHING at all – you would all eat that up and use it against Amanda and Rhonda.
    She is just doing what a child would do; defend her parents. I even read where she is saying nice things about Jimmy. Good for her. I was friends with Jimmy, and I can say he was pretty rough on her at times. Rough in a good way. He was demanding. The good traits of a father.
    You really had to know Rhonda to understand her – she is one of those people that is smart, like education wise, but when it comes to common sense…. well, that’s another story. And I mean that as no insult, but it was like talking to a teenage girl sometimes. She has always had a slight disconnect with reality, so her reaction in the court room was no surprise. Sad, but this is just the way she is programmed (in my opinion).

    I do have one question, didiyoung had said that Amanda “went to live at her Uncles house where her cousin got some teenage girl pregnant.” Could you elaborate on that statement please? The reason I ask, is because I tried to visit Amanda recently at her Uncles house; her Uncle was home, very nice man, but I did not see Amanda as she was at school; she apparently does have a few cousins who still live in the same town, but both are grown men – the youngest is 25 (according to her uncle, and the pictures on the wall). She was the only teenager living there.

    I basically am just trying to find the relevance of the statement you made. Thanks for your insight.

  93. What was Orr’s last husband doing? I mean how did he make a living? I can’t find Orr on the BON website. Was her RN in Texas? She must have her license under her last married name. Just curious. She didn’t get very many yrs. in prison if she can get out in 8 yrs. Why does everyone act as if she got a lot of time? Sentenced to 88 yrs. doesn’t mean squat if you get out in 8. I must be missing something.

  94. Amanda, I feel for you to be stuck in the chaos. I do have to say though from everything I have read and watched, I truly believe your mother did commit this crime.

    I watched Snapped on Oxygen and found it hypecritical that your mom went on about God and being a Christian, but was pregnant by another man that was not her husband. Whether or not the relationship was good is not an issue. If it was that bad, split up, but don’t have an affair and get pregnant by another man when you are married.

    I am not trying to pass judgment, I am just stating my observations and opinions. I wouldn’t wish this pain you are going through on anyone.

    Just out of curiosity, why are you so sure that your mother didn’t do this? I know you say that you were there, but were you aware of everything that came out? I know when I was younger my parents kept a lot from me so I wouldn’t get upset if things weren’t good with them.

    For example, the fact there was no alcohol in James’ blood and the insurance policy issues? Those seem very damning. I know you were young when all this happened so I don’t know if you understood everything that was going on at that time. Have you ever wondered if your mom was guilty?

    Please note that I wish you the very best and don’t mean to upset you in any way with this response. I know if I were in your situation, I would want to stand by my mother too.

    Take care of yourself and I hope and pray you are able to heal and move on in a positive way. God Bless You.

  95. In the state of texas anything other than the sentence of life without parole or the death sentence, automatically gets set back to 60 years, then that is divided by 4 to determine the first eligibility for parole date, from that date time can be subtracted for good behavior and working time if you work in the prison, so while a jurry may give someone a life sentence, it doesn’t mean a life sentence. If a jury gives someone 88 years, it reverts back to 60 divided by 4=15 and then deduct good behavior and work time and a person can be eligible for parole in 6-8 years, that doesn’t mean they will get parole and especially in this case where a person died, it is unlikely she would get parole so soon. Unfortuntely juries don’t have a choice in this it is the way the sentencing laws are set by the legislature and the parole boards. Definitely needs to be changed, if I were on a jury and felt someo9ne deserved 88 years, i would expect them to serve at least 1/2 of their sentence. As to the teenage cousin, he’s not a teenager anymore, this was about 8 years ago or so. But it is a pattern in the family, having kids out of wedlock, Rhonda was married to another man when she got pregnant with Amanda by a guy not her husband, she was never married to Amanda’s bio father. She aborted the child she was pregnant with when James died. He had been her prior boyfriend when she met James and she continued what she said was a “friendly” relationship all during her marriage to james, then gets pg by him and then aborts the baby once she realizes no insurance money forthcoming. What a Christian. The D.A. has the abortion records but they agreed to not bring them out in court. I, too feel sorry for Amanda, everyone needs to get off her back, but she also needs to not be nasty to people who believe her Mother is guilty. And she has been sometimes.

  96. “As to the teenage cousin, he’s not a teenager anymore, this was about 8 years ago or so. But it is a pattern in the family, having kids out of wedlock”

    This statement is irrelevant. Both of her male cousins were married before either of them had children. And this “pattern” would have no effect on Amanda, especially if it was about 8 years ago as you said. That would have made Amanda 8 years old and she did not grow up with her cousins; thus their influence would not affect her.

    Not only that, I believe the outside family, who has been kind enough to allow Amanda to live with them, does not need to be brought up in any of these discussions. didiyound – this is no different than someone considering you a bad person based on what a distant relative has done in the past.
    It should be noted that her cousins are both married, and have been for years; the older one has been married (to the same girl, no less) for almost 12 years.

    As far as the abortion, that is disturbing; Rhonda has serious mental issues. Anyone who spends a few hours with her can judge that.

  97. Get a life and let Amanda and everyone else involved personally with this case move on to the best of their ability. All of the other bloggers want someone to take out their anger on….GROW UP AND GET A LIFE. Everyone has a right to have a life and not be condemmed for things in their past…I seriously doubt all of the nasty and negative people on this blog would like to have all of their deep dark secrects revealed to the world..especially on the internet for everyone to read and give their personal opinions about. Everyone has a opinion but there comes a time to just shut up and move on.

  98. I just watched Rhonda’s story on “Snapped” I can not believe a jury found her guilt. This was such a joke of a trail. I don’t know whether or not she did it, but there was no way a jury could have convicted her on the information they were given by the prosecution. The fact the Rhonda’s own insurnace agency stated they felt it was not arson! People in this world always want someone to blame no matter what happens in their life. Very sad injustice!

  99. The “snapped” episode does not show most of the evidence that was used nor does it show the rebuttals to all of her and her family’s responses. So to clue you in since you don’t have a clue as to how these “sensational” shows work. The insurance company, hired several investigators, the one who testified for the defense was only one and he had to admit under oath while being cross examined that his report to the insurance company was flawed and contained several errors and that he did not conduct ANY scientific testing. If you don’t believe that, you can buy a copy of the trial transcript-it’s all in there-of course she and her family are not going to mention that in the snapped episode-the snapped people had a copy of the entire trial transcript but according to them-“if we make it look like a slam dunk case from the beginning of the show-then people will change the channel”. Also the insurance company denied payment to her and in a letter (which is also in evidence) to her they stated they were dfenying their claim because they had evidence that she started the fire-this was the homeowners insurance company who hired the guy the defense used to defend her-they obviously also realized his report was no good. 2 other investigators for life insurance companies, including one who also held the homeowners policy-have recorded statements of her lying. One example is she forged a policy, snapped show it on their show-her explanation was she signed stuff for him-when asked about this policy right after his death-she told an investigator she knew NOTHING about the policy-when asked how it was paid she said I DONT KNOW IT MUST HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT OF HIS CREDIT UNION ACCOUNT-guess what the D.A.has copies of cancelled checks on a bank account in her NAME ONLY written by her paying EVERY PREMIUM ON THAT POLICY-WHICH WAS AN ACCIDENTAL DEATH POLICY. She also took one out a month before his death over the phone. Why would someone do this when they were going to be getting divorced? Also she had an abortion, she was pg by another guy and when he found out she wasn’t getting a bunch of insurance money-he dumped her and she had an abortion. So she’s a baby killer also. The prosecution presented 4 days of straight testimony from very professional and well respected people, her defense lasted about 3 hours and over 1 hour of that was from 3 friends of hers who knew nothing about the incident, only were there as character witnesses. They didn’t know she was pg by another man. And by the way, her daughter was conceived while she was married but was not her husband’s child. See a pattern here. You should not be commenting on something for which you do not know all the facts. Buy a transcript of the trial and then you have a right to comment. Also the first words out of her mouth in the tv show were lies-she wasn’t this happy single mom, living happily just her and her daughter-she was living with her mother and stepfather and was DEAD BROKE, DEEP IN DEBT WITH A CAR THAT BARELY RAN. Wonder why she latched on to this guy whose family had money!!! Also he was getting ready to leave her-in 3 days-told his friends he was afraid of her-they used to hear her screaming at him over the phone when she called him at work-everyone at his job knew he was murdered the day he died as did all his friends-they all called the police and told them thats what they thought-were talking LOTS OF PEOPLE-not just a couple

  100. Hey, “best friend of james”, relax and be somewhat respectful. “Amazed” simply stated that based on the Snapped episode, he/she did not see how the guilty verdict was determined. The way you are carrying on is as she was found innocent and is walking around free right now. I know you are upset, and you have every right to be, but please, do not stoop to that level and start throwing insults.

  101. to the happy life-why dont you tell “amazed” to keep her mouth shut when she doesn’t have all the facts-shes throwing insults out when she doesn’t even know anything about this case

  102. Please read my last post….
    Sounds like “Amazed” based their comment off of the Snapped episode. I saw no insults or personal attacks. Heck, even I have to admit that the episode did make the prosecution/jury look bad a few times. BUT, I am aware of some of the details not presented on the TV show. And there are more details that make both sides look bad. All in all, I was just saying to watch the insults and personal attacks. We are all privileged to be able to have our own thoughts and our own opinions and should not be ridiculed for that. I am not trying to start a war of words.

  103. I am guessing no one on here knows the name of Orr’s last husband. Or if she really was an RN. She is not listed on their website.

  104. Wiggins was her last name and she changed it on her rn license which has been taken away from her-she’ll enever get it back-she was about 4 nmonths pg when she mnarried him and he divorced her right after the trial i dont know his first name you can check under dallas vital stats probably unless they got married somewhere else. she really was an rn-at her in laws expense-wonder how many old people she woul dkill after taking out insurance on them!!

  105. Thank you bestfriend. I was just curious as to what the BON said. Couldn’t find that out unless I had her name on license. They let her surrender. That sounds better than revoked. Which is what they do if you don’t surrender. At least she got to work for four yrs. Not that it did her any good. Greed can really bring out the worst in people can’t it? She could have just got her RN to begin with and made really good money herself. I hate nursing but the pay is decent for the amount of time required to be one. It is the lowest form of work there is for the money you make. I have not personally met one nurse that really likes it. I guess that is for another forum tho.

  106. to Donna
    Sure she could have just finished her college got her license and worked and supported herself-the problem was once her husband found out she was pg by another man (this is the second time she did this while married to someone by the way ) he was leaving her-had an apartment rented, etc. and would have been gone in 3 days, once that happened she was —- out of luck because the guy that got her pg ususally couldnt support himself and surely wouldnt have supported her, he was just with her cause he thought she was coming into a boatload of money from killing her husband so she couldnt finish school, also if she delivered that baby during her last semester and missed school she wouldn’t have been able to graduate in 2003, the money from the in laws was going to be gone-so she was going to be in a bad financial situation, so instead of sucking it up, and finally being responsbile and supporting herself, she wanted to continue to live the high life she had been enjoying, so the only thing she could figure out to do is to murder him after taking out a bunch of “accidental” insurance policies on him. Once the boyfriend found out she wasnt getting any quick insurance money he dumped her -she had an abortion so she could finish school, got social security money and for a while according to the trial, got some rent money from somewhere and her tuition was already paid for by the in laws (stolen by the way according to the D.A.) she should have figured out that she could have made it if she was willing to sacrifice some luxuries-like new cars every 2 years, etc. but she was very greedy and manipulative. the boyfriend was probably involved in the murder also. Now her daughter is paying the price and James paid the ultimate price as are his parents. I’m sure they are sorry they ever talked him into staying with her for the daughter’s sake the many times he wanted out before she killed him. He was a valuable person to society and she is a worthless piece of s—.

  107. Yes I am a stranger, a young one at that. I just feel for the girl. Ive never done anything like this so am not sure what i should and shouldnt say. Either way my entry was not to get a smart response back but to get a response that could possibly come from Amanda or anyone that knows her. If not then thats fine.

    Amanda if you are reading this and just want to talk to someone who is willing to be an email pin pal feel free to contact me… we never have to met but something about you and this story i just feel like helping. my email address is, im 25, female and live in houston.

    If i can do anything to help please do let me know.

  108. ForensicPsychologist you must be real piece of work. Try to keep in mind that the girl was about 10 when this happened. And your “theory” does not explain the additional insurance taken out on James by her mother.

    I question if the mother even did it, as I was not there, and I reserve to place blame; but to point the finger in the direction of the daughter? Come on.

  109. I don’t understand why some of you are trying to make excuses for Orr. And blaming a ten yr. old. Come on. And his mother. Please. Who took out all of those insurance policies? And to bestfriend. I understand all that you are saying and I feel your pain. I am so sorry for your loss. The point I was making about Orr being an RN is she could have a new car every two yrs. And she could have lived a very good life. RN’s are in big demand and are capable of bringing in the big bucks. Granted it is a disgusting profession and they are blamed for everything that goes wrong even if there was nothing they could do about it or the fault was clearly the pharmacist or the doc. for example. But if willing to put up with all of that the money is good. She clearly is a very greedy woman who thinks the world owes her something. The whole thing is just to sad.

  110. Amanda- I heard about your kid. Good luck and don’t let all of this affect the relationship with your kid. And remember there are people who care about you…

  111. Best Friend,
    You seem very close to the case. Who was the young woman that James’ mom’s expert talked to in the galley? I want to ask her some follow-up questions. A reporter that said she was related to his family.

  112. Rhonda Orr lost her appeal today. She will be in prison for a long long time people who commit crimes like this don’t get parole easily

  113. Heres the thing, everyone who is posting the comments here need to several things:
    A. Don’t speak about something you know nothing of.
    B. Dont be trash talking and bashing other people.
    C. That I was a good friend of Ronnie and still am to this day. There were many errors with the findings of the fires. And this case should have been dismissed and she released immediately. And another thing is that, I am tired of people talking shit. Its not needed. And I just saw this comment, about this girl named Becca, and Sarah. Who ever was telling them that Becca’s parents should keep her off these sites, well they need not to have said anything. In other words, there would not be any sites like this for her or anyone else to post this on if everyone would stop POSTING.
    Hello wake up and smell the coffee. And I hope and will keep praying for Ronnie’s release, and that her life can get back to normal.

    • A Friend Who Cares,

      This is a blog. People will post their opinions and feelings. Please don’t come to my blog and tell people to stop. You talk as if you are an authority on arson and murder so I am assuming (and probably wrongly) that you are not only her friend, but an arson investigator and expert. If that is the case, then you would not come on here anonymously and why were you not called at the trial?

      And remember, this blog is not for Rhonda. It is about the victim, you know, James Orr, the one who was murdered, that you did not even say one thing about. So you wake up and smell the coffee. Have some compassion for the victim. He is the one to be remembered here. If you can’t do that, don’t comment.

  114. I Have just recently found out about this and am devasting of the passing of James. My heart goes out to his family. This is such a tragedy!!! He was a great person and spirit will live on in all the lives the touched. He is truely missed!!

  115. To Mylifeofcrime:

    I am not an arson expert. But I was not called at the trial for several reasons, but not needed to be shared. The reason why I said people need to stop is talking about other people than Jimmy, I do have compassion for him, because I dont believe he was murdered, But I still have compassion because he died doesn’t matter how, the fact is he did. And that is sad. I dont wish for anyone to die, but please Dont tell me that I dont have compassion when you dont know me.

    I know what I know and that is all that needs to be said at the moment. Sorry if I offended you that was not my goal.

    What I meant is that I have to agree by watching the Snapped episode how the verdict of guilty was reached was even possible. That is my opinion and feeling. I am not trying to bash anyone in any way. Please understand that sir or mam. Please understand that.

    • A Friend Who Cares,

      As it stands, Rhonda was convicted of murder. So, according to the law, James was murdered. And personally I believe that the evidences points that to be correct. You have the right to your opinion however. But so does everyone else. So don’t come here and tell people to shut up, as they are here to express their opinion and compassion, just as you have the right to do.

      As for the sir or mam comment, check the actual name of the blog and you will know what gender I am. I thought it was fairly obvious since my name is in the title of the blog.

  116. I believe Rhonda’s innocent and based the trial footage I saw , and it boggles my mind as to how anyone in that jury couldn’t have reasonable doubt. Her defense should have asked for a mistrial because that stunt that prosecution pulled prejudiced the jury in an unfair manner.

  117. It does not matter what you think or feel. Just because you are her friend you take up for Orr. The jury has spoken. And if she was being honest and saying she is not going to admit to something she did not do then we can reasonably expect Orr to be locked up for a very long time. Which is good since she is guilty.

  118. Truly a sad situation for all parties involved . It is now time for this horrible tragedy to end . Hopefully I’m the very last post on this site . Not to say we should forget but yes its time to go ahead on with our lives . Nothing can be said constructive anymore for a site to go on for 2 years lets all give the families the proper respect of grieving on their own . We have all lost loved ones and their spirit lives on in each and every one of us . My condolences to all effected .
    Sincerely…BoB Mitchell ………….

    • Bob Mitchell,

      Umm, I think you are confused. My site (which is this entire blog, not just this one post) will NOT be shut down. Why would you want me to shut down my entire blog due to this crime being more than 2 years old now? I am not shutting down this post either. I don’t know who you are or how you fit in with the Orr’s, but it is very weird for you to come here and want it shut down just on your say so. If you wanted it shut down, you should have contacted me, the blog owner, with the reasons I need to shut down my blog. However, unless you are law enforcement, it won’t happen. Oh yeah – and with a court order. Doubt that will happen. I talk with law enforcement frequently as it is, and don’t see there to be any issue there.

  119. some of u would like to know how the jury got to a guilty verdict , huh …. well i’ll tell ta real simply . first off , snapped is a on women’s channel and everything on the show is 90% of the time biased in favor of women . the title itself proves it ” snapped ” , if this were a show about men who murder it’d be called ” killers ” on the same exact station and for the same exact crimes . the title leads u to believe that when women murder they ” snap ” , and if ya watch some of the murders on the show and how premeditated they ALL are , calling it ” snapped ” is just about the most laughable , hideous , hypocritical , naive , and just plain old wrong thing they could have done . this woman ( and i use the term very loosely , just as she is ) is exactly where she belongs for the rest of her useless life . i can only hope her daughter has NONE of her mother’s qualities and more of her father’s . … wait i take that back , we have no clue who her father is so he may be just as disgusting as rhonda is . can u imagine having this lying slut for a mother , i shiver just thinking about it .

    anyhoo , , … for the very few of u posters i’ve seen that think rhonda wasn’t guilty because of what they saw on snapped i hope that clears it up for ya . if ya still think she’s not guilty , i’m sorry , it’s not my fault your iq hovers around 75 , on a good day . bestfriendofjames , everything u say is correct , and it’s great to see someone who really sees the light as it were . nuff said.

  120. I was just thinking of James today, because you see tomorrow will be the 7th anniversary of y Sister’s death. You may think this is irrelevant but let me finish. My sister who was the sweetest kindest and most gentle woman to ever live was James’ girlfriend. She is the one he cried to and he talked to about how much his wife had betrayed him. She was the one who loved him and wiped away his tears. The moment my sister heard what happened she knew his wife had something to do with it and told me and my mom, ” Oh god she’s killed him”.

    She was so upset and heartbroken her love was taken away so soon after it was found. My sister passed a month and four days after James did. We miss her everyday and know that she is up there taking care of James. I am so disheartened to read about people talking about Marion in such a manner. My mother and her found friendship together in grief and the times we went over there I will remember and cherish always for her kind spirit was so infectious.

    I am saddened for Amanda losing her mother in such a hard and public way but when you are 10 you do not see the world as it really is, it is skewed by the optimism of youth, the color of love, and the fun house mirror of immaturity. I was 11 when I lost my father and know how when I talk to relatives the view I had was much different from my older family members. It is hard to think that your mother who holds you safe in her arms can then use those arms and hands to do something so horrible. I can see why she copes by denial, I did it too at one time. But one day maybe when she is older and her mother realizes she has robbed her child so cruelly she will learn the truth.

    I light candles tommorrow for my sister and James and I pray they have found peace together at last.

  121. I was also at James’ funeral with my sister and I saw what his ” grieving widow” did and I was so very saddened by her behavior and the grief it caused my sister and James’ family. I think justice was well done and richly deserved.

  122. I was shocked to see Jimmy on “Snapped” last night…I remember him from the Red Jacket days..what a sweet, kind soul he had! Was just looking through some old photos and saw one of Jimmy and my friend Mia and myself on New handsome he was! God Bless you all!

  123. thank you jennifer and vickie so much-yes his family is still so bereaved they barely make it through each day-but knowing James had friends like you makes it easier for them i believe

  124. To Jeff-you are so right on-snapped is a huge joke-they had all the evidence the jury did and that the appeals court had-they just chose not to show it-she did lose her appeal by the way which goes to show she was definitely guilty-I don’t believe God forgives people who commit crimes like she did so she will surely go to hell someday, hopefully soon

    • Actually, for her appeal, it has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. It means the Appeals Court found no wrong doings of procedures, etc. in her trial. Once she is found guilty, that part no longer matters in appeals, unless issues of new evidence are presented. Then they determine if this evidence could have changed the verdict.

  125. I personally think this case was very sad and overbearing amanda im sorry for your loss and everybody else back off this young girl doesnt need to be reminded that her mother has 88 years in jail. But Amanda keep your head up Roshunda gets parol in 2015.

    she DOESN’T get parole in 2015, that is her first eligibility date and believe me she WONT get parole then or ever

  127. I’ve seen her type before. She’s a muderer. She says she’s a christian but she was pregnant with another mans baby, up’d the insurance and milked her mother-in-law out of thousands of dollars for the house and schooling. What a miserable person she must be. Daughter don’t hide your head in the sand. You should disown her. she is of the devil.

  128. Hello, I just saw the snapped episode of this last night myself. I saw some comments where people are saying the prosection did not have enough to convict her but I think you are forgetting some of the details. I don’t know how accurate the episode was but it said she had close to 1.1 million dollars taken out on him in insurance. That seems excessive to me. They also stated that the same day he passed away she was already on the phone calling all the insurance companies! Then when they brought her in to question her about it she acted like she didn’t even have any policies on him. They also had her daughter Amanda in a different room and were speaking to her and they said Amanda told the detectives that her mom told her to say that her dad was drunk when he came in the living room. Plus, James had no alcohol in his system when they did the autopsy and that seems strange as I believe Rhonda said when she went in the bedroom the first time to check on him and she saw he had supposedly started a little fire by accident with a candle, she said he was still drunk at that time.

    Now on Rhonda’s side she did seem alittle upset on the episode when they were asking her about James and such. But I honestly just don’t believe her. I watch a lot of crime tv and some people are just really good at portraying themselves as ‘nice’ people but are truely evil on the inside. I don’t want to upset anyone and I know that sometimes you don’t get the true full story in tv and in newspapers but I haven’t really seen anything here where people have posted in her defense that would make me think she didn’t do it. Some poeple will do anything for money and even though she may not want it now, that could just be an act too.

    I hope everyone invovled with this case can find peace and know that James is at least in a better place now with God.

  129. wow it took me a very long time to read down to the bottom of this page i dont really want to comment on the previous but i do want to say that I miss jimmy very much though it has been years and i only had the privilage of being his friend for a short time of less than 6 months before his death I still miss him dearly and always saw myself being friends with him for much longer if this tragedy had never happened i miss his jokes and his laugh and i miss going to drag races with all our friends on torque central i am so saddened by the cruel comments on this site by those who never got know how wonderful of a man he really was and to enjoy the wonderful company he had to offer I have seen the episode on snapped and the main thought that went through my head was that i had NEVER seen jimmy drink but again dont want to talk about …that i send my deepest condolences to his family because i know they loved him so very much and knowing jimmy was truelly a gift i’m sorry i never went to the funeral but i have never gone to funerals for the main reason of wanting to remember the individual as they were before death not after but i do regret not going to be supportive of jimmy’s friends and family and as to this site i hope it stays up because i have wanted to find more closure and i feel this has given me some specially in regards to knowing what happened in the trials and if justice for his murder was ever found
    much much love to jimmy and his family

  130. Thank you Eve, It always helps JIm’s family to know that people haven’t forgotten him. We are still in a lot of pain and your words are very kind and helpful

  131. I read that Rhonda had tried to hire someone to kill her husband but they refused to do it on Oxygen’s Snapped message board. If that’s true they were smart in refusing to do her dirty work. Who did she try to hire to do this?

  132. I would just like to say a few things, if I may. First, God forgives ALL sin, IF we ask for His forgiveness. 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” God forgives any and all sin, provided we ask for it. It would seem that Jimmy’s wife was responsible for his death. I don’t know this for a fact, because I wasn’t there. I haven’t seen Jimmy in years, so I have no idea what was going on in his life at the time of his death. But I will say this…All of the hurt and anger and bitterness expressed here helps no one. Amanda, I’m so sorry about your father and the loss of your mother as well. I can’t imagine what that’s like. To Jimmy’s parents, I’m also sorry for your loss. Anyone who loses a family member in such a tragedy deserves a measure of peace. I, myself, have been through a similar situation, so I know how it feels to lose someone under tragic and unnecessary circumstances. I pray that God gives everyone a sense of peace and forgiveness and they are able to move on. It’s difficult to “forget” that fateful event, but you have to find a way to forgive. Believe me when I tell you that once you find a way to forgive, it makes coping with the person’s death a lot easier. If Rhonda is guilty and she does come to God and ask for forgiveness, then she will be forgiven. She will still have to face her punishment, but she will be forgiven. Amanda, I pray for you and that you have found a way to get through all of this. I know some time has passed now, so I’m hoping you are doing well. The only reason I am just now posting this is because I just found out today from a friend from high school what had happened. May God go with all of Jimmy’s friends and family and grant them peace and tender mercies. RIP Jimmy. And know that you are missed.

    • there will never be nor shall there be forgiveness for this truly evil woman from any of jim’s family or friends . there are some things that can’t be forgiven, this is one of those. I wish her dead every day if my life!!

      • I understand how you feel. My cousin, who was very dear to me, was murdered when I was 11. The two guys who did it basically got a slap on the wrist. One served 6 mos., the other served just under 20 yrs. They both out and doing everything my cousin should be doing. I just meant that God forgives any sin, but only if you admit you’re wrong and ask for forgiveness. I know what it’s like to not be able to forgive someone. Please know I wasn’t tryint to label what you’re supposed to do or feel. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive the men who killed my cousin. It’s been almost 31 yrs and I’m still trying to figure out the why, even though we were given a reason. I’m so sorry for your loss and I pray you have some measure of peace, now that she is in prison. God bless you and your family.

  133. Rhonda will be eligible for parole 5/5/2014. I believe Rhonda will hurt or kill again if given the chance. Please join me in protest against the release of this convicted killer. Here is the info you will need to protest her parole:

    The Victim Services Division receives and processes protest letters and other information submitted by crime victims and concerned citizens for review by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. This is in accordance with Section 508.153, Government Code.

    When submitting correspondence to the Victim Services Division, it is important to include the offender’s name and TDCJ # or SID #(State Identification Number):

    Rhonda Orr
    TDCJ #- 01507163
    SID #- 07265803

    You may email, fax or mail your protest letters or other information to:

    TDCJ – Victim Services Division
    8712 Shoal Creek Blvd, Ste 265
    Austin, Texas 78757
    Fax:(512) 452-0825

  134. I have just watched the Snapped version of this and I really don’t understand why she was found guilty. I was unlucky enough to have a serious house fire. I came home from a 12 hr shift at work to find that my house had been smouldering for hours. I opened doors and am lucky that I got away with my life due to the back draft. I went into the house and spent longer in the soot and the flames than she did and I had no mucky mouth/nose/clothes and no inhalation problems. I wasn’t even offered a ride to hospital, though my neighbour was. The fire crew thanked me for being brave and turning off the electricity. I wasn’t brave, I just didn’t want anyone to die and I knew where the box was but it meant spending time in the choking smoke. But still no mucky mouth, nose or clothes I was very surprised by just how little soot I had on me. They also tried to say I had caused the fire ‘cos they couldn’t suss how it had started. It was an electrical fire caused by the wiring in the wall. The tell tale V shape was there for all to see but they still tried to blame me. They tried to tell me that I had left a heater on. The heater was in the room where the fire started but was not plugged in. It was too far away from any socket to be plugged in. The plug and wire had gone as they melted in the fire and the heater stood there accusing me, My poor grandson, who was 3 yrs old at the time, thought it was his fault ‘cos he had been playing with the heater button the day before. It took us years to convince him it wasn’t his fault. The point is, you go super crazy when your home is on fire. Unless you have been there then you truly cannot understand. My daughter, who is the epitome of sanity, was running up and down the street offering brandy to any passer by. Why? I don’t drink tea or coffee and it was all she had in her house that I might drink. She lived next door, by the way. She and her son had moved out of my house the week before, thank God.The head fireman found the pair of us sitting on her doorstep laughing like ‘loons. Why? I have no idea. Did I set the fire? No I did not. I was way too poor to be able to cover the cost’s of it. My Grandson is now almost 18 and I still can’t smell smoke without breaking out in tears. Stuff isn’t always what it seems.

    • u need to obtain a copy of the trial transcript or for free u can print a copy if the second court of criminal appeals decision upholding her conviction then u would understand why she was convicted. the snapped episode was totally factually INCORRECT and very slanted. don’t make statements about something based on a t v show that sensationalizes things to keep people watching. the physical evidence was very overwhelming as to her guilt. it took the jury less than 2 hours to find her guilty and less than 3 hours to give her 88 years. post again if u can’t find the appeals court decision. I’ll give u the exact case #

  135. the man was disabled and in a wheelchair how did he have the power to kick a fairly heavy woman through the door and it lock behind her also the fact she had no evindence of either smoke or soot on her not to mention the lies she told the investigators about the insurance she herself took out

    • you’ve right he didn’t have that kind of strength her daughter admitted to James parents about 2 years after she was convicted that she now realized her mother killed him and she told them when she and her mother left the house she could hear him yelling for her to help him and she ignored him of course. also amends bio father told patents Rhonda called him about a month before and told him she needed someone to kill james. he didn’t testify cause there was a Tx warrant out for him and he didn’t want to hurt Amanda.

  136. I was just wondering where Jimmy went to school. I knew a Jimmy Orr in Waco, Texas

  137. Did Rhonda get free?

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