• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Memphis murders *Jessie Dotson, brother of one of the victims, arrested for the murders*

cecildotson.jpg hollis-seals.jpgmarissa-rene-williams.jpg shindri-roberson.jpg
Cecil Dotson
Hollis Seals
Marissa Williams
Shindri Roberson
Cecil Dotson Jr.
CeMario Dotson

    Jessie Dotson Jr.

Jessie L. Dotson Jr., brother of victim Cecil Dotson, was released from prison in January after serving time for the Jan. 8, 1994 murder of Halle Cox. According to the news conference this afternoon, this is a death penalty case
New Developments in Lester Street Killings
Police to Announce Arrest in Lester St. Killings
Arrest made in Memphis, Tenn., killings of 4 adults and 2 children, police say
Reaction to Brother’s Arrest in Lester Street Mass Murder
Family member charged in Lester Street mass murder
Police say arrest made in Memphis murders



92 Responses

  1. This guy was “serving time” for a murder committed in 1994, yet, our corrupt political-legal system let him back on the street. This guy only did what guys like him do. The blood is on the head of our politicians and the legal system who enabled him.


  2. He served 14 years in prison for murder and was released in January.. He sure didn’t waste time killing again did he? He killed his own brother? See those of you who holler’ let them out after so many years cause they won’t murder again, here is proof that they will and do… He should never gotten out and this wouldn’t have happened.

  3. this is just crazy how they let people out after they have already took the life of another!! My best friend was killed years ago by the same kind of guy that was recently released from prison after serving nine years in prison on a second degree nurder charge then was only out for a few months then killed him.

  4. Proof that our legal system needs a full “make-over”.

  5. Well our legal system is not designed for rehabilitation, it is designed only to house people who have committed crimes. They play cards, run up the phone bills of the relatives that love them, and learn how to commit other crimes. We need more rehab programs, mandatory rehab programs inside the jail system. The inmates are human, regardless of their crime, and taking into consideration that someday they will be released, we need to teach them a marketable job skill, the jobs need to understand that ex-convicts need to work in order to keep them off the streets. In today’s society, all employers want criminal background checks and if you have a conviction, there is no explanation needed, you just dont get hired. Rehabilitate the offenders and give them jobs, show them a better way of life.

  6. This is a damn shame. And I bet you he was one of the ones calling home everytime he get a chance talking about how he is going to change and get his life together or how he found Jesus. Cause you know they all find Jesus or Muhummad while locked up and when they get out they still dont apprieciate a second chance or the value of another’s life. How can you kill kids and yours own family. How full of the devil was this guy.

  7. For those who were outraged at blogger thaddeus matthews for posting pictures of murder victim Shindri Roberson in the morgue on his blog read this blog by thorne peters to see the revenge.

  8. Melissa : I agree that our Justice System needs more rehabilitation programs , mental disorders such as , a sociopath , can be hard to recognize . So we need to have very thorough psychiatric guidelines to follow so we can try to determine who is eligible for rehabilitation . The truth of the matter is that the human psyche is such a complex arena of possibilities , not everyone can be rehabilitated . Non – violent offenders could be first up for re – hab programs , but each individual case should be studied closely . You just never know what any one person is capable of . Thanks .

  9. If you were as outraged by the photos of Shindri Roberson taken in the morgue by Thaddeus Matthews and posted on his blog then visit this website to speak out.

  10. It is a proven fact that an executed murderer has never killed again.

  11. Bob,

    Yes, that is so true! See, the death penalty *is* a deterrent (actually, that is called a specific deterrent).

    You made me smile!

  12. this guy needs to get life with no parole. death would be to good for him. he needs to suffer the nightmares and images of the people he killed, and the hate from his family who survived and those who weren’t there. let the nightmares and images drive him crazy and he be moved to the prison mental ward where he wears a diaper the rest of his days.
    i know a man who killed someone who use to see that person when he tried to sleep. he use to scream ” please forgive me, please make him go away “. he was like this until he died.

  13. Don’t forget he tried to kill another inmate the last time
    he was in!
    If they do give him life, I don’t see how they could put
    him in general population!
    Not everybody in prison is there for murder and kiddy rape,
    Don’t they deserve to be protected to?

  14. what’s jail, to rehabilitate, or to make a brother worse
    when he come home to catch another case?
    Life’s about decisions, you choose it, you gotta live it
    You did it, heaven or hell or prison
    Who knows when your clock’ll stop tickin,just know prison isnt ur mission.

  15. this was a horrible crime he is pure evil. how do you hurt innocent children. he should be punished horribly. stabbing babys in the face only a monster could do that. But u are right death would be a reward for this guy excuse me monster!!he should have to remember this forever and remember the crys of those babys!!!

  16. i saw him on the first 48

  17. If the death penalty is not issued to someone that killed 6, left 3 physically and mentally scared for life, and has already been incarcerated for murder, then i don’t know what to say.

  18. …..and WHY would you shoot the adults but brutally stab the children???????

  19. I too saw The First 48 on this lastnight and all I could od was pray for the fallen victims as well as the ones who survived. Those poor children have to live the rest of their lives knowing they could have died at the hands of a sorry ass uncle who was nothing more than jealous in my eyes. It is sad the system allows such trash to walk the streets when they have killed in cold blood before. have always said in some cases your family is your worst enemy…In this case this is far to true! I will keep the family in my prayers and the victims as well. What a sad case! RIP

  20. I saw the on “the first 48” last night and I could not sleep. I just kept thinking about the children. This man is a psychopath and if someone would have diagnosed him years ago as this I don’t think this would have happened. He has been troubled for years he even threatend to kill his own mother when he was a teenager. Prison is not good enough for this man. Go old school–“firing squad” The world is not safe with this man in it.

  21. I also saw “First 4” last night and am sorry that I did. I cannot begin to imagine what must have been going thru the minds of the survivors. I am glad that the child was coherent enough and brave enough to say what happened. He will be scarred for life and without his parents. God bless the family. They have a long road ahead. You all have my prayers……………………..

  22. I saw this story last night on the First 48 and I was shocked. I cried and was astonished that someone with that type of sick mentality was walking around. I hope that the only punishment that comes from this is the death penalty. You have got to be a sick individual to kill anybody. But to kill the kids and critically injure 3 more innocent children is beyond understanding. What could those kids have really said. Especially an infant? I dont get it. My heart and prayers go out to the families.

  23. I say “an eye for an eye”. They ought to beat his ass to death…let him suffer.

  24. As the last few people I too saw this story on the first 48 and by GOD was I in awe.There are no words to express how I feel about this, it has taunted me all night and morning. This man is heartless and is very troubled. I just want to know what was he thinking while he was stabbing these children who will live with this for the rest of their lives. I know he has to live with this too but I hope he doesn’t suffer to long,lol lol.

  25. I also watched The First 48 last night and was horrified by the story of Jessie Dotson. How can this happen? How can someone shoot his own brother? Well, we can say that a brother killing his own brother goes back to the dawn of man kind; Cain and Abel is a perfect example of sibling jealousy and rivalry. I do believe that he was jealous of his brothers family. But, he might have thought his brother had snitched him out to the cops. There is a lot of speculation on the motives for this tragedy; But one thing is for sure, Jessie Dotson is a monster! How could he stab those babies? Stabbing is a personal crime where your up close and personal with your victims. He stabbed them until the handles on the knives broke. He killed 2 defenseless babies, a 2yr. old and a 4yr. old. I will pray for all the surviving children. I wont pray for the murdered children, for they are with our Lord.

  26. i saw first 48, OMG!!!!! first this jessie guy had problems when he wes young, even though he is a killer, he needed help himself before all this idon’t know how he was raised and was there a father in the home or not,people we need to reach out to our young they are seeing way to much out here and holdin in a lot of hurt and and they are in need of love. This jessie is a prime example… i’m just still amazed about this story, everyday is a new day as long as we live we need to help each other, thats why we are on earth to do. WHEN YOU GET HELP GIVE SOME HELP!! GOD IS GOOD

  27. It is a shame that those individuals had to fall victim to Jessie Dotson. My prayers go out to the mother and all of the family and friends that this has torne apart. However; Jessie was a 19yr old boy when he went into the system and a grown man when he came out. So, basically he was raised by all of the hardened criminals that were in prison with him. Yes he commited a murder in 1994 and deserved to go to prison but I think he should have received some type of help before being released back into society. The average person can’t just take a persons life. When that happens its something wrong and it requires more than just a jail cell.

  28. This sicko, otherwise known as, Jessie….. seemed to have indicated the guilt should be associated with and/or placed on a man named “Doc” in the GD’s…. Wouldn’t the GD’s be upset with this & seek some revenge for his LYING ACCUSATION that it was them that committed this horrific, sick, inexcusable KILLING?

  29. Bob,
    The best one-liner I’ve heard in a while.
    Jessica, I agree.
    Mystery man,
    Damn good point.
    I think his is beyond rehab. He needs to die as quickly as possible for what he’s done.

  30. This dude was a straight up predator…The Lord will deal with him and his punishment here on Earth won’t matter…I feel sorry for the children…They did nothing. Although the adults were victims too, they weren’t angels either. Sometimes, doing dirt only makes you filthy…What a family..Bless all of those young children!!!! Maybe his time in prison will be full of pain and torture. Damn the legal system. I see people get 25 years for drugs, but murderers get less time….Shister Lawyering…Lawyers only want your money. They care less about the legal system and human society….Watch the movie “Devil’s Advocate”…it says it all!

  31. Tone,
    That happens to be a favorite movie of mine. Your comment, “I see people get 25 yrs for drugs, but murderer’s get less time”. Couldn’t of been said better. Per Yahoo (2 days ago) the value of a human life has gone way down. I’d like to know WHO determined this, because no other person on this EARTH could convince I’m not as valuable as I think I am.

  32. I saw the First 48 last night. It wasn’t till then did I know anything about this case. When I googled it, I can see how many people were outraged by this crime since March. This truly made me sick to my stomach last night, and today as I read more about it. But what I really wanted to say, and what I truly since I saw this story…….is that he didn’t commit this crime on his own. oI think there is way more to this story.

  33. All of you who saw this monster on 48 hours last night check out this website it goes to show this guy should have never been allowed to walk the streets. Shout out to Lt. Toney Armstrong!!!!

  34. After seeing this on The First 48 last night, I am still horrified at this story. I would like to know what I can do to help these poor kids. Does anyone know if they have an account or fund set up? I don’t know if money or objects would really help them, but I would like to see that the rest of their lives are much easier than the beginning!!

  35. Are we done with 3 hots and cot? Are we done with weights and cable tv? When are people in this country going to start to apply an eye for an eye. When this POS murdered the first time, we should have fried his azz. So here we are, the community, our society, picking up the pieces.

    The consequences of prison in America are a damn joke and $60k per inmate every year proves your hard working tax dollars are a joke. Are we FED up yet people!?

  36. first and formost i want to thank god that the 9yr old dotson boy survided(also the others)because without him the arrest would not have been made because that cold hearted killer thought everyone was dead once he left the house.he survived for a reason,thank you heavenly father…… it hurt me so much to see the story on the first 48 how can someone brutally beat some damn babies less long his own family. my heart go out to the dotson family and i pray the lord have mercy on jessie soul.

  37. Proof positive that the penal ssystem does NOT rehabilitate inmates. It does nothing to seek or encourage the incarcerated to improve themselves or to change anything. Not to say that everyone that goes in ends up going back, but if they dont it is because they decided to change themselves.
    Its a sick sad world and the worst or the worst (of all races)are behind bars. Its sad

  38. I think he should receive death. Him laying around for 50 more years is not the solution. You have to have a conscience to think about what you did and have empathy. This guy inflicted unspeakable babies and upon his own family no less! If he is willing to do this, he HAS NO conscience! How is he even any better than Ted Bundy or any of the other notorious freaks? If you ask me, he’s worse.

  39. I Tivo’d The First 48 from Tuesday night and just got done watching it. I turned it off an hour ago and am still in tears. As of now, I have no opinion about the legal system and have no suggestions as to this young man’s fate, I’m just in awe that small children had to needlessly die!

    When asked what happened to the children, he practically whispered, “I had to get rid of them”. It sent chills down my spine.

    It was also sad to see the physical toll it has taken on the Memphis detectives who worked the case. By the end of the episode they all looked worse for wear.

    This episode will be burned in my memory for weeks to come…

  40. This is a sad situation for this family. I pray that they find it in themselves to stay strong. It bothers me the most to have learned that a family member was the one that done this yet alone he killed the kids. May god have mercy on his soul because that is the only person that will be able to help him. Sometime prison help people as if it is set up to be a rehabilitation center some people go in and come worst then they were before. This is a good example of how some people should spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  41. Sly Stone expressed this best in his song, “Family Affair”. You see, as long as us black men keep making these bastard children and not being a father in their lives, the streets and america’s culture of vanity will continue to seduce our young men. It encourages massoginy, wreckless behaviour and most of all total disrespect for our women and children. When money is presented as the “god” of power to our children, and with television constantly bombarding them with images of “how” they should live, as opposed to what the right thing to do to live, we will have these problems forever. I am 42 yrs old, with no children of my own, but my wife and I have raised 14 children from various relatives and provided them with love and care. They do excellent in school and have no trouble with the law. It is simple, but adults nowadays are too phuking selfish to care for their children. They look at them as obstacles in a ‘relationship” they are seeking, and pay more attention to their lovers than their children. My own relatives from various income levels are so quick to drop off their children and disappear for days or even weeks at a time. Black people know this is true, but yet will deny it. They rather blame the system for thier problems as opposed to taking ownership for their issues and living right!

  42. I cried and cried after seeing The First 48 on this…I was horrified about the two children being killed and the other three severely injured…I thought that family is suppose to be there for each other REGARDLESS…life problems and beef with siblings should be that bad…life is a learning experience…not intended to make you weak…but that does not make sense either because you gotta be a strong person to kill your three people, your little brother, your two nephews, and attempt to killed your other young family members…My boyfriend, the father of my child, is a Milwaukee Police Officer…Here in Milwaukee we had the 4th of July Murders of 4 young people…I dont understand people my age…why is life so hard to deal with, and why is it so hard that you have to kill to get rid of your problems…please people stop killing…life doesnt get any better…its gets tougher, and usually life is what you make it…if you live and die by the street more then likely thats how you are going to pass on…if drugs gang banging and money is your life more then likely you are going to be going down the fast line for death too…its just not a BLACK thing either…my bf is mexican, they do the same thing, and whites also…its a people thing…i was a young child when the Jeffrey Dahmer was doing his killings…my aunt worked with Dahmer…people are sometyms just plan crazy..we as Black People have and will always be the entertainment of the world…lets not give them anymore…i pray for the dotson family…this should not happen, and please dotson family dont turn on each other…you all need each other!!!

  43. I watched the first 48 show about these murders and It was horrible. Jessie dotson should be bludgeoned to death for his actions. , everyone needs to give praise to the memphis homicide unit for the work they put into this case. You could tell that this case took a lot out of everyone involded. This just shows what the men and women. That work homicide. Have to endure on a daily basis. I too work public service. and see a lot of horrific things but. I could never imagine this. Its a. shame he was out of prison in the first place! Also last but not least. Good job to the memphis area fire/rescue for helping to make survival for the three children possible

    could never imagine something like that. Also

  44. what was the disposition of this case .did dotson get the death penalty?

    note from the blog owner
    This case has not even gone to trial yet. It just happened earlier this year.

  45. This was the best first 48 in awhile but this man MUST DIE who in there right mind will kill innocent kids who stab babies please people and jury of this case have no mercy for this man

  46. Will you please keep us informed on this case. I really feel for mother Dotson. Only the LORD has the capacity for the
    amount of mercy this guy needs. The death penalty is so
    needed in this case. For crying out loud!!

  47. I say the episode on the first 48 and still till this day I can not get these names out of my head. Other people that watched it with me was mad at his mom but I doo understand were she stands. I send my heart out to the one’s that live with this everyday.

  48. I will keep the victims and thier family in my prayers i have lost friends and family members to murder


  50. even though this has got to be one of the most tragic crimes that has happened it’s too sad for me to be angry about. he should take blame for what he did but our government and lawmakers are also to blame. i think we should take the time to think how disturbed someone has to be to kill his own brother and nephews. this is a time where we as a people need to reach out and put a stop to the evilness of the world

  51. How can we expect the people we cart off 2 prison 2 serve time w/o proper rehabilitation, resources, treatments, etc. 2 come back in2 society whole? People commit crimes 4 various reasons, but sending them off, most of the time somewhere far away from their families & loved 1s w/ no way 2 contact people on the outside IS NOT THE ANSWER! The recidivism is a growing problem in this country & until we address it & find a way 2 REHABILITATE those in prison & our county jail. Help teach them skills they need 2 survive as upstanding citizens. Stop making it so hard 4 those who want 2 change 2 find jobs, forcing them back in2 the streets. Stop making excuses! They need our help. We need 2 demand that this wasteful spending of our tax dollars be stopped & put in2 a program that will HELP! The people in prison are NOT bad people. They are LOST. The need education, goals, and a REASON 2 LIVE. We cannot keep turning our backs on the people who need us the most! We cannot blame others for their ignorance & lack of stability & education.

  52. Some of the stuff you saying is true promise, but that will never happen. America will never fund programs to help convicts, ex- cons, our own homeless people and ect. You would think, wow we can help everybody else in the world except our own. Why you think the U.S. constantly help various countries around the world except those in Africa. Its all about the money, if our country/government can’t benefit off the programs or the help given. You will never see us help. That’s your answer right there, until America can benefit helping ex-cons you will never see it happen. Sad but true, as for as that animal J. Dotson. It’s our own fault to let an animal like him slip through the cracks. He’s where he belong. If you really want to think outside of the box and get to the root of the problem. What if he belonged to a different economic social class? In which enabled him to get proper treatment early on in his life. Would this have happen? I know a few people who never got early treatment on their mental illnesses. Their family just couldnt afford it, so you got mentally ill people walking as if they normal. But in actuality, just a walking time bomb. Im out take it how you want, it’s the TRUTH

  53. I just watched the episode on The First 48 regarding Jessie Dotson and decided to see if there were any updates. After reading most posts, I’m shocked. There are more people who feel that he should never have been released in the first place, than I figured would think so. I completely agree with you all. Although I do feel that there are those out there who probably wouldn’t do it again, you have taken someone’s life (It’s a little different if it is self defense, in which case you probably wouldn’t be in prison). But for someone to say “Oh, give them rehabilitation, keep them near their loved ones, give them a chance!”, how can you say this? Especially in the case of Jessie Dotson, I’m sorry but I don’t see someone just “snapping” and committing that type of crime without having it in them already. When you go to prison, you aren’t going to day camp. You don’t need to have all kinds of access to your family members, etc., you committed a crime. As far as the legal system, I think the system in the US is pathetic. It seems as though the only way you even DO go to prison these days is if you actually kill someone. And even then, you’re let out after a few years. You took another human being’s life for nothing but selfish reasons, you don’t deserve to be a member of society any longer. Just my personal opinion, but I think that our prison system should be run more like China runs their system. You have no rights, you have nothing. If you notice, they have one of the lowest repeat offender rates in the world. It is because they don’t coddle their criminals. Just my $.02 though.

  54. The above post by PROMISE is the typical LIBERAL response:

    “Everything we do is wrong. I don’t have the answer nor any suggestion, but I know the current policy doesn’t work. Nor do I have the mental capacity to come up with an original plan or solution.”


    One day you may be walking down the street, driving your car or shopping for groceries while minding your own business, and such an animal will perceive you to look at him the wrong way. Then decide to kill you, and your entire family.

  55. I don’t know who all these people are, judging this guy and saying he must die. You got it all wrong. Drug dealer defense lawyers must die. Militant animal rights activists must die. Liberals must die. This guy is in a living hell. Who in his family will ever visit him in jail? Who will ever argue for him to be released back to society? This guy serves a better sentence by being kept alive and knowing that there is absolutely no one in the world who can possibly care about him if he lived or died. That’s a living hell. In death, he can at least be free of pain. In life, he’ll live to the end of his natural life knowing there’s no one in the world who loves him. His own family will never ever say “I love you” – he’ll never be free or have a 2nd or 3rd chance at life. That’s hell right there. I think it’s a better end for him.

    And maybe – just maybe, in his solitude – he’ll realize the utter wrong he did by murdering his own brother, his own kin and that of his 2 nephews.

  56. Check out the A & E tv show the first 48… covers the whole thing and it explains it wow its a big case

  57. Horrific. Some people do change in prison but someone let this guy out overlooking that he hadn’t. More importantly, there is no rehabilitation in our prison systems. Unfortunately, they only come out worse. I would rather have my tax paying dollars go toward rehabilitation than to fixing a crack in a road.

  58. I saw this last night, and i cryed like a baby, when he told his mom i broke, she was very strong and and still told Jr she loved him even though i knew she wanted to knock him senseless. I creid for many reasons but do you see what the jail system does to these men he would rather kill 5 children then go to jail for killing 4 adults. Jail is a far worst place then i ever imagined if he would do that to babies jail is hell. I am so sad and moved to no end as to the crimes done to him in jail as a 19 year old boy to make him so heartless and weak!!!!

  59. I watched this last night also and it made me sick. I am so very sick of this kind of stuff. My brother died from cancer from doing work at crime scenes and using the dusting powder that made him sick. This sick individual is still alive to make more work for other people like my brother to get sick and die. He will die in jail.. but he still has life now… its not fair!!! I feel for the kids they are innocent and I cant imagine the pain they felt and the ones that lived its horrible.

  60. This crime touched my soul, I was in utter disbelief of who could brutally kill toddlers and children. I was so angry with the animals that did this. In the end it was the their own uncle. The pain that the children had to have felt to be attacked by someone that they thought loved them. I think that the children’s suffering is what makes everyone so angry. I wondered to myself who could be vicious and hateful enough to hear those children’s screams and continue to hurt them so badly. I think that the animal that committed this crime has no heart, compassion or soul. He is useless to the human race and therefore should be discarded. I hate stories like this because it brings out the anger and hatred in my heart for selfish murdering bastards! God Bless the children, the men and women that died and the remaining family too.

  61. I saw the 48 hours show the other night and it has haunted me since then. I just cant believe that someone could do something like that.I cried when I heard the child on the tape say it was “Junior”. Im worried about the surviving children and how they will deal with this as adults…this truly touched me. This man obviously had some type of demon in him. Pure evil. God bless those children.

  62. I’m truly disappointed in how we refuse to give up the judgement that we as people cotinue to dish out. God forbid the last little evil thing some of us did. What? You say that this is different because the way it happened. Well think about it, it probably made you feel better that Jessie did this in order to get you from thinking about the God awful things that you have done in your lifetime or just the day before. For all any of us know; this young man may have been crying while comitting this hidious act. You heard what he said in the interview for those who say it. When his mother asked why the kids? Jessie said with a very soft voice,”they saw.” He wasn’t in rage or acting as if he didn’t care just because. He did it because he was just as scared as they were. He didn’t want to go back to jail. I’m sure many of us have acted out in such away that to this day we thank God we didn’t do whatever it was that we were going to do. He who know’s no sin let him cast the first stone. I don’t know about you but that wouldn’t be me. I will agree that there needs to be sometime of punishment but not the death penalty. Why do that, because if you ask me it’s to easy. Think about it who is the best person to explain to those babies why this was done to them. Jessie needs to be rehabilitated most definitely, but I believe that even though he’s a grown man he never had a real childhood, so who better to help him than his own parents and if they don’t know how, then they need to ask how. It’s never to late to be a parent. We continue to say the poor babies, but if we don’t teach them now how to forgive they will grow up to be just like Junior.

  63. When I said that would be me; I meant I know plenty of sins so I won’t be able to throw that stone like I wanted to.

  64. The corruption lies with the NAACP and the ACLU who constantly complain when black men are found guilty of violent crime.Yet I dont hear them saying about the victims of these crimes.I dont care if your white,black or pink with purple polka dots,if you commit a crime you should do hard time.not the wrist slap sentences that these judges hand down

  65. I say just put him to death. Normally I would see this as harsh, but he killed once, does 14 years, gets out and kills 6 more times within 3 months. And tries to kill the 3 babies as well. There’s just no helping some people. And at what point do they not even deserve help. Aren’t the victims more important here?!

  66. It’s a shame that murderers get less time in prison than drug dealers. Our justice system failed, not only the 6 people that were murdered in the home, but also the 3 children who had to lay their in pain, physically and mentally for 24 hours until they were found. So unfair. Justice is “an eye for any eye”. Absolutely death penalty.

  67. I also saw this case on The First 48 and feel the need to respond to all these “lock ’em up and throw away the key” commenters. If you take a look at our prison system in this country, you’ll see that our politicians have already tried that, and along with states who can’t afford to pay for all of the life sentences they’ve issued and jails and prisons that are unacceptably overcrowded, we also have cases like this.

    We need to decide as a nation if we want our prison system to either penalize those who commit crimes or rehabilitate them – not a little bit of both like we’ve been doing. If we’re going to rehabiliate, then we need to do so in an intensive, real, and measurable way that works (and will prevent the likes of these things happening in the future). And if we’re going to penalize, then we need to overhaul our sentencing guidelines across the board to make sure the punishment fits the crime and ensure those who commit the worst offenses don’t get out.

    Obviously the assailant in this case was somebody prone to violence, and I can say without any uncertainty that the 14 years he spent in prison (entering at an age when he was barely an adult mind you, and probably very much a child emotionally and/or developmentally) not only desensitized this man to the type of violence he again committed but may very well have so deeply engrained this type of rage and violent response into him as a matter of sheer survival against any kind of threat (be it real or perceived).

    Crimes like this should sadden us all deeply both because of its senselessness and because we ALL are a responsible for what and who we create as a society. Instead of spewing off with knee jerk reactions, we really all ought to take some time to sit back and think about where we all were to help this offender BEFORE he ever murdered in the first place, as preventing this type of crime is the ONLY real and sustainable solution to the problem of violence in this country. Obviously lock ’em up and the death penalty have failed miserably.

    My heart truly goes out to the mother of this family, and I think we all can learn something by the kindness and forgiveness she offered her son at the end of the show, despite what he had done. This woman has already suffered a loss greater than I (and I’m sure most on this site) could ever possibly imagine, and I really don’t think calling for the state sanctioned death of yet another one of her children is the answer. I haven’t checked for any further updates on the case, and I’m praying our system doesn’t put this mother through the grief of losing another child. Justice is very different from vengence and often requires us to put our own anger aside and replace it with compassion and, untimately, forgiveness.

    My sincerest sympathy and compassion go out to all of the victims and families impacted by this horrible tragedy.

  68. Screw rehabilitation…bring back public hangings.

  69. A Person Guilty of Murder should be sit & rot in jail never to see the again walk free. When you Kill someone, you take their life away from them, their family, their children ect…. So why should after some period of sitting in a jail should someone be released ?? I mean the victoms dont come back after 15 yrs or 25 yrs ….. the victoms are gone for life & the same should go for the ones found guilty.
    when we say life in jail it should mean LIFE !!! not 15-25 yrs

  70. I have watched the First 48 of three years or so now and I would have to say this is the most horrific crime I have ever seen or heard of. When they interviewed with Juinor in the beginning, the smirk he had on his face made me sick. i was thinking how can you smile after the tradgey that just incurred. I couldn’t believe that one man was capable of doing something like this and most of all their own family member. This man should be locked up with the gang members he tried to pin it on. I believe the death penalty will not be justifed because he deserves what he did to the kids done back to him as well. I’m sure the man he blammed this on can teach him how to feel real pain. I just couldn’t imgaine what goes through one’s mind to kill this poor kids, he is a coward. Like the man said above we as tax payers will spend about 60k a year to give him a free place to lay his head. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the air we live in, he sure doesn’t deserve a trial, and he sure in the hell shouldn’t be in protective custody in jail. He needs general population so they can torture him and do the same thing they did for Jeffery Dalhmer. I’m feel for this kids that are left to pick up the pieces and know what has been done to them by there own uncle. GOD BLESS THEM

  71. I saw this story on the first 48 the other night. Its a shame the way this story turned out. People like Jessie Dotson deserves to hang and pumped full of bullets. NO EXCUSE for taking those children’s lives and leaving the surviving children scarred for life because of his actions. Mother Dotson you will be in my prayers. God have mercy on your son’s soul. God will take care of him. He should have never been let out of prison in the first place. MISTAKE NUMBER 1, 2, 3 and 4! He should have stayed in PRISON! In my heart, there’s no excuse for any man or woman to take another person’s life NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER!

  72. how can he even look at himself in the mirror everyday? this man had the nerve to sit there with a straight face and not one drop of remorse and pretend like he was interested in catching a killer when he was the killer the whole damn time. how cold hearted can you be to kill your own blood? and not even show a drop of remorse. this man is truely the devil himself. he doesn’t deserve to live. he didn’t think his brother, his brother’s girlfriend, her friend and husband, and his nieces and nephews. if it wasn’t for the strong will to survive of his nephew he’d still be out on the streets today. may god bless and keep that entire family and most of all the mother she is indeed a strong woman to have love for her son after commiting such a vicious crime.

  73. He brutally murdered his OWN family, CHILDREN. And like the above post stated, had that child died, he would’ve walked. He deserves no less than the death penality. Give this fool the “Ted Bundy”.

    • I completely agree! He knows fully well that murdering people is wrong. He is a sociopath who killed before this and will kill again if given the chance.

  74. First of all Jessie should not have been let out of jail when he served only 13 1/2 years of his 18 year term. Not only that but he had been in trouble over 25 times and thought to have killed somoene while locked up. This shows that our system has failed this individual. The real question here is why we call our prisons and jails “corrections” when that is the furthest word to describe these places. He wasn’t even out of prison less than 3 months when he committed these murders. He didn’t know any better. He lived his adult life in prison only knowing and seeing violence day in and day out. It’s a sad sad story.

    My heart goes out to the family, especially the children. I also pray to God that somehow our so called “system” can find alternatives to “correcting” these horrible evil people but then again maybe that’s only up to God himself…

  75. Whats happened in this case? I looked up Jessie on the TN inmate locater and it says his status is “inactive” as of jan 08. Oh and by the way, the only way to insure that murderers will NEVER murder again is to support the death penalty,,join in the discussion at

    • He is inactive for the TN inmate locator because he is in the County Jail, not prison. He has not been tried yet. His trial begins 2/8/2010. This is not a simple case of murder, but a massacre. It takes time. Society should not want it pushed too quickly or the killer will be acquitted. We need justice. Patience is tough, but necessary. I believe he will be convicted and then hopefully given the death penalty. Once it is carried out, then justice will be served.

  76. See the problem with our justice system is this, he said he did it? Admited it already been given a chance he didn’t deserve.. Hmm only on thing to do now.

    Take him out back and send the Executioner out right behind him. Then you have justice.

  77. For some reason this case made me extremely sad for all involved. I cried the whole way through this story. I am a mother of African American Children. I have 4 sons and 4 daughters. We are a family that is blended meaning we are a step family. My son was a child that was caught up in the streets. I have several Nephews and Cousins caught up in the Streets. We are losing our children to the new found families they have, gangs, they are living more and more days out in prison. They are becoming harder and harder and emotions are not easy for them. I will never say that what Jessie did was right, but I am saying we have to start looking into why we are losing so many of our children to the streets and to our prison systems. Fathers you must step up and participate in your childrens lives. Mothers you have to start letting them participate and stop raiding their pockets. This childs spirit was broken and still is. His very self is a fractured person and because of this he committed a very horrendous crime. This family will live with deep pain and a mother has lost both her boys and she is weaping inside. May God find a way to help this family heal. I pray for them daily and I send out healing to them daily. Even for Jessie.

  78. I agree with all who said that there needs to be REHABILITATION to all violent and sick inmates BEFORE they are able to be released. These men don’t know any other way of life. Somone also commented saying that it is hard to get a job if your and ex-con and that is COMPLETELY true. I know. First hand. I have never commited another crime since my first, but I had a good job to come back to, loving family and friends, and the desire to change my life. Most people in prison that are career criminals are lucky if they have JUST ONE of those things to look forward to when they return to the streets.
    This man should be given the death sentence for what he has done. He is well past rehabilitation. Our government has failed to keep the public safe by letting people like this out after they have already been convicted of murder and released without ANY KIND OF REHABILITATION!
    The government needs and OVERHAUL in the WORST WAY

  79. The Issue with him is he had been in the prison system since he was 19 years old. Fourteen years of this mans life was used up in there and he became even more so a product of his environment. People dont always understand about children who grow up in this kind of circumstance and we always tend to think that they are bad children. I know plenty of them that would give you the shirt off of there backs, but I believe he may even be suffering from PTSD. That he may have had that from everything he had been through in prison and with his family. He definantly felt abandon by his family. There is tragedy all around this story. Many of us see him as a monster and ask how could he do that to his brother and his Neices and Nephews, or anyone for that matter. Think of it this way so you get some insight, Prison is a violent place. You fight daily to stay alive inside. You are beaten and raped, sometimes repeatedly, you are someone elses pon and you do there bidding. Whatever they want you do. Some are stronger than others and that they get through it all and become survivors and then there are those that bear the scars on there psychies for ever. This Young Man bares those scars. He now suffers even more because he lives daily with his wrong doings. I saw his face he is sorry that he did that, does it make it right no it doesn’t, but unless you have lived that life you can not possibley understand his thinking. These are just my thoughts.

    • When these kinds of heinous crimes occur, people want to see something to explain why it occurred, but unfortunately, we won’t always see it or we will see what we want to make ourselves feel better. But please understand, Jessie Dotson is a sociopath. He did this out of revenge. According to many sources, he has no remorse at all, which does not surprise me. If you see remorse in him, you are the only one, including those around him now and before this happened. Remember, he was in prison previously for murder. This was not his first time killing. He is a danger to our society. And yes, prison is a violent place, but some of those things do not happen as much as people believe. I have known people in prison and they have told the truth about it. And if it happened around Jessie, how do you know what happened? How do you know that he was a victim there? Maybe he was but maybe he was a predator there too. Maybe society did fail him somewhere along the way, but he made choices for his behavior. He knew killing was wrong, especially when it is your family and it there were children involved. If you want to have sympathy and compassion, remember the real victims and their loved ones. Think about the children who witnessed this and have to live with those memories for the rest of their lives.

  80. I do understand who the victims are, I know his mother has lost more than one child and grandchildren I know that his sibblings have lost brother(s) and Neices and Nephews, we know that he has killed in the past and that he killed once again. But, his family has many victims. I am not saying we failed him as a society, I am saying we need to recognize what causes these young men and women to commit these types of crimes and then can we look at our system and figure out its failures to our Young Mena nad Women. These are our future children doing these things, and it is a growing segment of our population. I am very sorry for his family, but at the same time I am sorry for this young man as well. He is absent from self. Things can be much more complicated and not so simplified if we could look deeper into what creates these people to do what they do, then we could get a handle on these situations. I have known many murderers and I know that alot of them arent the monsters we all think. Some just lacked the right structures and teachings growing up. There is alot to these stories we dont look at and he will be punished according to his crimes. No sorrow for that. My sorrow comes from somewhere else, it comes from seeing what is truely going on inside of these people and wishing we could resolve this before it gets to these points.

    • And I do agree with these things as well. Maybe over the course of time he will truly understand what he has done to his family and community. But, personally, I doubt it. But I do hope so. And I wish society would wake up and take steps to stop these things from happening in the first place, but it is very hard.

  81. Sometimes we dont want to look at what the cause and affect is. It is a sad situation all the way around. I feel for everyone. Including those having to do the work the night everything happened. Thanks for the conversation it has been good.

  82. just sad!

  83. Well, Jessie Dotson has been tried by a jury of his peers. He has been convicted and found guilty of all counts against him in a court of law. The next day, he was sentenced to the Death Penalty.

    For reasons we may never understand, Jessie Dotson choose a life of crime and murder. During his young life, he has murdered seven people. Seven, the number that is symbolic with rest, perfection, completion – ironic. Who is resting? Who is complete? And, where is the perfection.

    Jessie Dotson is paying his debt to society, but I hope that does not give you a false sense of security. There are many more people with the potential for this type of behavior. Let us pray that God heal the land, and let us work to MEND THE DIVIDE of our social issues; race, status, politics, economics.

  84. I am just posting this in hopes it gets to the Dotson, Williams, and Roberson Family’s Get this late Deep and Dearest Condolences. In particular Momma Dotson. I grieve for her, as a mother with Two Boys who are only 11 and 4. I am writing from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am not perfect and have had some trials and tribulations of my own; but nothin in comparison to the Horrific Story which is Their Reality; which just aired on A&E 48 HRS here (March 17, 2011). And All I could do is cry and look at my Two Boys and how innocent they still are and annoying at times)|, and I think about how she must still be feeling how she felt holding her babies two adult hands has he admitted to shooting his brother and stabbing his (I’m assuming) all his Nephews. I AM SO SORRY!! I am really thinking what is it that we Single Black Mothers can do to avoid this kind of family disaster. I cant imagine what the other family’s are dealing with but in particular the mother’s of the other victims. I AM SO SORRY!! I send LONG DISTANCE Motherly Hugs to YOU ALL, but especially for the Boy who was then only 9, but survived. How is that baby doing? Is okay in school? Is he in extra-cirricular activities? I pray that eventhough you all May have DOubted OUR CREATOR and FATHER , HIS PLAN is PERFECT IT. IS THE DEVEIL WHO IS NOT! Our FATHER gave us all choice. Satan has his job too (this was way before our time), to tempt, entangled, and pull down spirits families and cause a sense of lost hope. I PRAY YOU ALL DONT LOOSE HOPE or FAITH. GOD say he needs faith as big or small as a mustard seed to mainntain healing in your life even when it seems that healing is not happening. PSALM 37 is a comfort to me and I hope a comfort to you all. Psalm 85:4-13 Is a prayer you can say. I hope this add to whatever comfort you all have been able to get/receive since 2008. My PRayers will Continually BE WITH YOU ALL!

    Mother 30, of TwoBoys from Toronto.

  85. Its awful, when your family gets killed by strangers, but by fami,y and on top he killed kids, its true what Bob, said an executed killer never kills again.

  86. I know that he feel sorry when his uncle junior I love you. That’s why the kid surieve. Uncle junior changed his mind and didn’t use full force in him even thou his choice got him da death chair.

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