Update: Jamie Rose Bolin murder *Kevin Ray Underwood convicted, sentenced to death*

Jamie Rose Bolin

Jamie Rose Bolin murder 4/12/2006 Purcell, OK *Kevin Ray Underwood charged with her murder; He is facing the death penalty*
News Archive – Jamie Rose Bolin
Case of slain girl, 10, goes to trial
Father testifies about slain 10-year-old
Underwood found guilty
Would-Be Cannibal Guilty In Girl’s Slaying
Doc: Okla. killer has deviant disorders
Underwood gets death
Deciding killer’s fate took much consideration
Death for killer of Jamie
Okla. man gets death for mutilation
Murderpedia: Kevin Ray Underwood
Wikipedia: Kevin Ray Underwood


KevinUnderwood prison mug

ODOC# 576482
ODOC#: 576482
Birth Date: 12/19/1979

Underwood info

3 Responses

  1. Jamie was a pretty little girl. God bless her family and Mr. Kevin Underwood deserves the death penalty for this horrifying crime.

  2. jamie really didnt need that!!!!!!!!! she was a really good friend of mine KEVIN UNDERWOOD YOU ARE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so sorry Mr bolin i really am i love you and her and i will never forget her
    !! have a good day:)

  3. nothing surprises me anymore, but this did! i hate to even read or watch the news anymore. i am a big believer in the death penalty…accountability for terrible crimes. in other countries, he would be stoned to death.

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