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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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48 HOURS MYSTERY: A Murder in Alaska is Solved After 11 Years and A Doctor’s Wife is Brought to Justice

Mechele Linehan with current husband, Colin Linehan (L). Mechele (then Hughes) with Kent Leppink (R).




Mechele Linehan is described by her Olympia, Wash. neighbors as a pillar of the community. But to Alaskan authorities the physician’s wife and PTA mom was a manipulative seductress who they suspected was responsible for the murder of an Alaskan fisherman a decade earlier. “I just feel like there is nothing I can do to make people believe me or make people like me,” Linehan tells correspondent Susan Spencer in an exclusive interview with 48 HOURS MYSTERY on Saturday, March 8 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.** “A witch I may be, but a psychopath I am definitely not.” The body of Kent Leppink was discovered in woods outside Anchorage on May 2, 1996. He had been shot point blank in the back, stomach and face, but more disturbing than the crime was a sealed letter Leppink sent to his parents days earlier with instructions to open it if something were to happen to him. In the letter he named three suspects, including the woman he wanted to marry, Mechele Linehan (then known as Mechele Hughes), a local exotic dancer, and Scott Hilke and John Carlin, who in a bizarre twist also claimed to be engaged to Linehan.

According to many, Hughes was a conniving temptress who used her feminine wiles to prey on vulnerable men. And Hilke, Carlin and Leppink were not immune to her charms, showering her with gifts. According to authorities Carlin was even willing to kill for her.

Linehan tells a different story. “Anybody else that knew me or worked with me didn’t feel that way,” she says. “You tell me how a 22-year-old girl can make grown men do these things.” She also refutes the notion that she was engaged to the three men during this period. “The only person I agreed to marry was Scott [Hilke].” And she claims that she only pretended to be engaged to Leppink as a front to his parents. “I think [he] was gay…he could never tell his family he was gay….He was frantic.”

Authorities were always convinced that Linehan masterminded the murder while Carlin carried it out, but despite a financial motive of collecting on a life insurance policy and a series of suspicious letters, they had no murder weapon or DNA to connect them to the crime. That is, until 2004 when a new witness and forensic technology led a determined cold case squad right back to their initial suspects and eventually Linehan and Carlin were convicted.

For Leppink’s family, these convictions bring closure but little comfort. For Mechele’s current husband Colin Linehan, it means the start of his own family tragedy. Speaking exclusively with 48 HOURS, Colin says, “This whole thing is surreal. [A] nerve-shattering, anxiety-provoking nightmare…the bottom line is that’s not who she is.” Yet, as he adjusts to his own loss, his heart still goes out to the Leppink family. “Their son is dead. You can’t take back the dead. I have nothing but sympathy for them.”

Susan Spencer reports this bizarre case of money, power, greed, and sex on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Love and Death in the Wild.” This broadcast is produced by Josh Yager. Peter Schweitzer is the senior producer and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.

**update** (2/5/2010)
Michelle’s conviction was overturned by the Alaska Court of Appeals. However, that is not the end of the case at all. The Prosecution has to decide whether they are going to appeal the overturned verdict or retry the case. It is doubtful that they will just not do anything. Theoretically Mechele should have a bail hearing soon as well.

Editors’ Note: Click Here to watch a preview of the broadcast. CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on

**Please note this is a special two-hour broadcast beginning at 9 PM



124 Responses

  1. I watched the show. Thank goodness for justice for the Leppink family.

    Michele’s history potrays a woman with social climbing aspirations. Marrying a doctor was her finale.

    She may have changed her behaviors and lifestyle years later in the suburbs. But, she will now pay for the deaths left in her wake.

  2. I watched the program tonight, and I was not totallyconvinced that she is guilty. While her behavior was lacking, that alone doesn’t prove murder. I think there is much more to this, that anyone will ever know.

  3. I could not quit thinking about this show. There was something in Mechele’s eyes that made me believe she was guilty. When her verdict was read she grabbed tight to her lawyer and not her husband who was standing next to her. There was something VERY fishy about that girl. Her behavior did the talking.
    Thank heavens for justice!

  4. i have not been able to find out what michele’s sentence was but she was clearly guilty.

  5. She is definitely pure evil. You can see it in her eyes. She is extremely manipulative and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She may not have actually pulled the trigger, but she manipulated someone else to do her dirty work for her. I think her husband should feel lucky that she was found out before she did the same to him. With someone like her it is only a matter of time before she moves on to her next victim. I hope she gets many long years in prison so she cannot do this to anyone else.

  6. will someone please tell me how mechele lineham was convicted on the “evidence” shown on 48 hours? i always thought one was innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country. where’s the proof? BTW, what was her sentence? there must be more to this case than we saw on the tube.

  7. I found it so strange that her poor husband who hold’s on to her and she just looks away- she is a cold calculating person. The Dr. should consider himself fortunate to be rid of her. I found it hard to believe that she could manipulate these poor men. I can only hope that she gets 99 years without possibility of parol.

  8. I love these “true crime” shows and this was one of the best I’ve seen; I’d love to see it turned into a TC book. When Linehan was read the guilty verdict, I pumped my fist in enthusiasm; I feared she was going to walk.

    I couldn’t believe anything she said. The soft voice, the tears, nothing swayed me from seeing a cold temptress with dark, self-serving motives. Was I merely manipulated by CBS’s spin of the events, or is she really like that?

    Because Mechele Linehan wasn’t subjected to a tough cross-examination (she didn’t take the stand), and because CBS agreed not to go into certain details with her, we still don’t know some important things. We may never know. Mechele says she didn’t really have a relationship with Kent, but why then did she keep paying to keep his life insurance policy up-to-date? How, too, does she explain her e-mails to all three men professing her love to each? Or the e-mail about paying $10M to avoid being extradicted back to America? Or the “Hope” letter about a fictitious cabin in the woods – obviously a red herring to draw Kent to his death in the Hope woods? We haven’t heard her explain away these damning pieces of circumstantial evidence; I’d like to hear her try.

  9. Both maintain their innocence. Why didn’t they go for a reduced sentence to by testifying against the other? Surely they were offered deals. Makes you think.

    Where was she going to get 10 million? She didn’t even get the 1 million? Are you that thick?

  10. Riveting…absolutely riveting. I’m still ruminating on the program. I, too, was absolutely mesmerized by Mechele. I kept asking myself… if I had walked into that Alaskan strip club and seen her, how much money would I have stuffed in her g-string and could she have manipulated me in the same way she did with the four men profiled in the program. I have to admit that I probably would have been virtually hypnotized by her. I wouldn’t have had a chance. Talk about a temptress…WOW! Althought the evidence was circumstantial, there was still enough of it to prove to me that Mechele was involved. Had I been a juror, I would have voted guilty (unless, of course, Mechele winked at me a couple of times..Ha!)

  11. I agree with Tom that there had to be something we weren’t shown for this to have been such a slam dunk verdict. There’s no way she could have been found guilty of Murder One based on what was presented. Maybe it had something to do with her family (barely mentioned) or other testimony from friends or co-workers we didn’t get to hear. I agree that she probably had something to do with it, but you need a smoking gun to put somebody away. This was more like a water pistol. And finally, I think her attorney made a big mistake not putting her on the stand. During her interview, she was very good at deflecting incriminating issues, while at the same time appearing to be a fragile, soft spoken victim herself. If indeed fake, it was an Oscar winning performance if ever I saw one. Bottom line, I saw some room for reasonable doubt in there … I’d like to hear the rest of the story someday.

  12. Mechele Hughes, as I knew her when she and my son were only 14 yrs old, turned out exactly as I feared. She was a girlfriend for a brief period of time of my son’s…..I insisted that he break it off with her as I could see what she was even at that young age.
    My son remembered my words to him that went something like this, “That girl will be in prison one day or cause some man to go to prison and it will not be my son.” He thanked me for my motherly instincts…….this could have been our family’s pain.
    That poor husband of hers is so under her spell. She was described to me by one of her teachers many years ago as a con artist………..oh, how I pity that husband of hers and any others that she has taken down with her beauty and manipulation.
    Our family was clueless about this case until we watched 48 hrs. last night. We are still shaken but not surprised that she is involved in something like this. I do believe she has her lawyer under her spell also.
    She always knew how to turn on the tears in those beautiful blue eyes and to softly talk with that hoarse babylike voice……… skin breaks out in hives when I think of her and how much she put us through so many years ago trying to get her out of our son’s life. Thank goodness he was at a young age when she entered or we would have been powerless. He pointed that out today, I might add.

  13. Wow Susan. Are you serious? You knew her as a kid?

    I too was mesmorized by this story. I’ll admit, I was mesmorized by her as well. She’s a cold blooded killer. Looking at her when the verdict was read it was clear. She did it. She had already accepted her fate by that point. No emotion when her husband hugged her. No love for him at all at that point. He doesn’t know how lucky he is.

    I did some reading and her older sister fled the country so she wouldn’t have to testify against her. Apparantly this sister told prosecutors that Mechele admitted to the murder plot and said “He should have been tortured.”

    They didn’t need that testimony. When the sister returned to the country she was arrested and released in a day cuz the trial was over.

    I was surprised 48 hours didn’t interview Mechele’s mother or any family members.

    Susan, did you know her family? What were they like?

    The one thing I don’t get was why murder? She obviously had control of men and got money from them without committing a crime. She’s a smart women. Why would she risk a crime. I know it was for the million bucks but she had to figure she would get that sugar daddy husband one day. She had to figure she could live well with that eventual husband or divorce him and take half his money anyway. I don’t know why she took this risk.

  14. Her mother had a fantastic personality………very witty and personable, but she gave little time to Mechele when I knew them. She was in a new marriage and had a social life that gave her daughter waaaaay too much freedom for a 14 yr. old.
    When Mechele’s friends described her personality it reminded me of her mother. Of course when it was obivious that my husband and I did not want this relationship with our son to continue with Mechele she and her mother were not so nice.
    I did see her mother in the background crying after the guilty verdict was read. Am not surprised they did not use her to testify because I think that she too is a compulsive liar and it could have been exposed. Never did meet the sister though and actually forgot about her until you mentioned her.

  15. Mechele’s sentencing is scheduled for March 28. It was pushed back so her attorneys can try to find a psychiatrist to say she was insane at the time of the crime. Give me a break.

  16. Insane at the time of the crime! If evil minded and manipulative equate insanity……… well, maybe so.
    BTW, I just remembered when the imprisioned Mechele was being interviewed she referred to the fact the she had never been arrested (or something that would imply she was always a law abiding person). I know that juvenile records do not carry over into adulthood but I do remember her getting thrown out of a public Jr. High when the drug dogs sniffed out something in her locker. Maybe she was innocent, but she didn’t come back to that school. Since I feared that she would keep on trying to see my son because she didn’t give up easy on ending the relationship, I had feelers out from time to time. It seemed that not too many of the local school desired Ms. Hughes presence.
    The very last “Mechele Whereabouts Story” that I heard was that during a high school pep rally about a year after she was out of my son’s life the police showed up and escorted her out. Do not know what that was about and really did not care as long as she kept her distance from my son. After that until the 48 hrs. episode ,I have not thought about her much.
    Really do feel for her victims and that includes her poor little daughter and husband.

  17. I went to college with Mechele from 2002 – 2004. We actually became friends, and she took me to Anthony’s for dinner. In college she was very disturbed, and I remember thinking something is not right. She would get mad at tthe professor, because she felt she should have gotten an A. She shared with us that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she was an utter basket case. I remember her mean glares during class, something always set her off. I grew to be very uncomfortable around her due to her mental instability. She was trying to get into law school, and we worked together at the crisis clinic. At times, she could be very nice, but you never knew when something would set her off. My spouse and I sold her our hot tub, and we would go to her house and visit. I feel bad for her… I really believe that she is mentally unstable.

  18. I appreciate the comments left on this site. I also knew Mechele when she worked with me at the Great Alaskan Bush Co, her name was Bobby Jo. I did not know her very well but said hello in passing. I don’t know if she is guilty but did feel that she was guilty in the court of public opinion since she was a dancer. Many women dance for the adulation they receive from the men, I was no exception to this. Men bring you gifts, flowers, money, it is difficult not to feel your power. She was very young at the time…I remember how utterly stupid I was at that age, and I think she got caught up in the intrigue and the power she had over these men. In the world of dancing you see some really bad behavior on the part of the men who go there. You get a very slanted view of men which came out when Mechele said “You have 40 year old men who are trying to pick up a 21 year old girl.” I understood what she was saying. When I worked there I had a lot of “fans” that wanted to give me gifts and money but I was older and always looked for the “stalker” types and stayed away from them. I don’t think Mechele had that maturity. Even bringing up the fact that she liked the movie “Last Seduction” was a bit silly I thought. I have liked many an odd movie but did not try to carry it out. She may or may not have done it but think how helpless one would feel if they were innocent.

  19. I am from New Orleans and from the story it seems as though she grew up there too. Does anyone know about this? No one says anything about her father, what was his name and where is he?

  20. got to love it when people claim authority because they say they knew someone. susan, you could not have known my mother personally. she is not, nor has she ever been a liar. whatever may or may not have happened when my sister was 14, you know nothing of our family, especially to speak badly of my mother, particularly with all she has been through. as a mother yourself, you should have some sympathy and leave my mother out of your cruel comments. that was unnecessary.
    brian, i didn’t “flee” the country. i had been living in prague. look at your facts and you will see they flew me from there for carlin’s trial. they never served me for mechele’s so i did not go. further i was released not because the trial was over, but because the witness warrant should not have been obtained the way it was.
    gene, our father passed away, if you must know.

  21. And I have to admit, if she’d married an electrician, a computer programmer, a factory worker, or a marine biologist, I’d be more likely to believe her a bit more. The moment they said she’d married a doctor, that sealed the image. It didn’t speak to her credibility, it was actually evidence of her agenda.

    Of course she did charity work and was in the PTA. That goes right along with the doctor’s image. She wouldn’t have married a doctor if she didn’t want that lifestyle.

    Which brings us to the reason she would need money even though she was willing to marry for money. She didn’t want just any sugar daddy – like a night club owner or such. She wanted a doctor. And doctor’s don’t marry strippers – even really pretty ones with money. Doctors marry well dressed educated women who speak properly, behave properly, live in the right neigbhorhood and have the right social connections.

    And of course she had switched her main love-focus from her husband to the lawyer during her trial – he was the one who best suited her needs at the time.

    I too think her husband is lucky she was caught now, because eventually he and their kid might’ve become expendable. And if she got away with murder once, why bother with divorce?

    Which brings up the concept of why her & that guy didn’t turn on each other… It could be that if they turned on each other, they would risk incriminating themselves in yet more crimes. They did say the body was only found by mere chance. What if there were more?

    Bottom line is that it’s completely useless to try to figure out the motivations of a sociopath using your own moral compass and emotional yardstick. They just don’t think & feel like the rest of us.
    I highly recommend the books “Without Conscience” and “The Sociopath Next Door”.
    If she’s a sociopath, everything fits perfectly.

    And by the way, sociopaths are NOT considered mentally ill nor legally insane. Though there is a distinct difference in the brain of a sociopath, they nevertheless have the complete capacity to know right from wrong. They just don’t care is all. They can seem unstable at times, and perfectly normal at others. Whatever suits their purposes.

    Oh, and my apologies to the former strip club dancer who posted here. I think most of us haven’t judged her solely on that, if at all on that. I would never just assume someone was guilty just because they’d worked in a strip club. I think it was more her relationships with the men she met there that seemed suspicious, and the fact that one ended up dead. I think the only reason it’s even relevant is that it’s where she met those men, and I think SHE saw the strip club as beneath her, and that the men there were beneath her, pathetic, easy to use, and therefore maybe even deserved it. Thus her comment about the 40 year old men. Like “look at them, the pathetic losers, they were asking for it”. I think that was HER attitude.

  22. Melissa, so what about the other things Susan said? Was Mechele kicked out of schools, or not?
    Also, what about the allegation that she confided the murder plot? You haven’t addressed anything except the innuendo about your mother. I don’t care if your mother is a liar or not. She’s not the one on national television convicted of murder. I’m interested in the other aspects that you didn’t even address.

  23. wp: because i am not here to address your questions. and i am less likely to do so in a forum which attacks my mother. i responded specifically because of that. i know nothing about the other things susan said. i don’t know if my sister knew her son or not, nor do i care, truly.
    you have read, in the papers, or seen, on the news, anything and everything i had to say. none of which, by the way, alleged that she confided to me a murder plot.

  24. ————- My opinion and MILLION cents worth—————-

    This case is simply unbelieveable to me for more than a few reasons! And also because I have intimately known and loved a person involved in this case for over twenty-one years. It also feels absolutely surreal to me as well!

    I absolutely can’t believe that the man I know was involved with this woman– he is such an intelligent, brilliant, charming and also street smart individual– I would never dream he could have gotten himself mixed up in this!

    In 1995 I was working in Las Veges and he called and came to see me at the hotel where I was singing at the time. He told me then that he was moving to Alaska and that he was going to be married. He told me her name but not much else about her at the time. I remember telling him that as long as we would never lose contact with eachother that I didn’t care where he went we’d been friends for so long!

    I had also been an exotic dancer in California when I met him years lo those many years ago when he and I became engaged also. He and I lived together for a little more than a year. And though our relationship sadly but amicably ended , I continue to love him dearly to this day and always will!

    The man I’ve known (from the past and today!) has always been a good and decent person, a man of complete integrity, and one who is incapable of harming another soul intentionally. The police and investigators knew and know this– and I thank God that they do and that he wasn’t involved in this mess more than was proved!

    From one ex-dancer viewing another who has also changed their lives completely ( in the case of Mechele though, I truly can’t help but wonder about her “motives” for doing so), I can’t help but feel and think that this woman is a complete and total “EVIL” opportunist who did orchestrate Kent’s killing (God bless him and his family!).

    Circumstantial or not, I’m one who thinks that this woman is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt! It’s so obvious to me that she is a MASTER minipulater of men! Trust me please, I have known more than just a few of these type of woman (and men too!) in that (former) business!

    I’ve made my judgement not only based on some experiences that she and I have shared in life; but also because I couldn’t help but recognise this when I looked at Mechele’s face, heard her voice, and the words from her own mouth, and saw her body language in her reaction towards her husband of eleven years when the verdict was read!

    I’m just so relieved and thrilled to know that my dear friend was finally able to see Mechele for what she is and that he has been able to survive knowing (and believing in her!).

    I feel convinced that Mechelle would have had plans to “set-up” (For one reason or another!) every man she became involved with or knew! I sincerely hope that she will get the same 99 years (without Parole!) that Carlin received!

    Mechele, to me, is the personification of a Jezabel!

  25. I have a few questions, if I may of Melissa (Mechele’s sister) please since I will assume that she may still still be reading the posts here. Forgive me for my curiosity but I can’t help but wonder about these questions too.

    Was Mechele honest with you and your family about what she was doing while in Alaska? Did you know previously that she was an Exotic Dancer there or did she give you another story and you found out later?

    Did she tell you about any of her fiances? It seems that she was certainly in the market to marry someone, and especially after the murder. Perhaps she was setting up a “Life Style” change for something that she might expect coming back to her in the future?

    Since it has been in print that Mechele had hoped to study to be a Lawyer, and a Veterinarian why did she give up that dream for “Public Administration”?

    Why did she continue an affair and travel to see Scott after she married and while her husband was in Iraq? Is this the behaviour and actions of a “Piller of the Community”? And an honest and true wife?

    A couple of more questions please. Since Mechelle supposedly told her neighbor that she was going to open a “Day Spa”, how was it that had opened, a “Cosmetic Surgery” Clinic with her husband? Is her husband now licenced to do cosmetic surgery?

    And lastly, Melissa, since it has been written that Mechele wanted to have life insurence policies when she was in the fishing business with Kent (M&K Fishing), does she now have life insurence policies with her new husband in the new business?

    It all certainly must make you wonder!

    I am so sorry for the embarrassment and ridicule your family must be facing! God bless you and your mother as you now look forward to Mechele’s sentencing! May God give you strength!

  26. When I worked with Mechele (“Bobby Jo”) at the Great Alaskan Bush Co. she was very quiet and kept to herself. Contrary to the statements made by “Janell” on the 48 hours program she was not a Show Girl but just a dancer there. You really did not notice Mechele/ Bobby Jo because she was so low key. The girl who testified against her was “Zoey”. Zoey was very sycophantic and passive aggressive. She complimented and acted helpless then would zing you when she had the chance.

    Also, the amount of money they said she was making is ludicrous! You do NOT make that kind of money as a dancer. The men in her life may have given her money.

    At the club Mechele/Bobby Jo appealed to the men who wanted very young girls. Men who want girls not women. These men were attracted to her because she seemed very young and soft spoken. What I have found with most men that give dancers a lot of money is they have “buyers remorse” and become a bit bitter.

    I have made wonderful male friends as a dancer. These are men who know that dancers spend time with you for money, it is their job. But they also know that when they become your friend you are “off duty”. I have had the honor of a friendship with a man I met dancing for 25 years. Yes, in the beginning he was generous with me, he is now 78 years old and and I am now generous to him buying him plane tickets to come visit and taking him out on the town. He is my most precious gift. I can tell him anything and yes I say things to him like “I love you, you mean everything to me”. Just like Mechele did in some of her emails.

    I would also like to know about Mechele’s father. My own father was an abuser and an alcoholic….I spent my life looking for a father figure. When they quoted some of the emails on the 48 hours program I could understand how she may have felt about these men. Especially if her own father was absent from her life. I have known mercenary dancers…they are the kind who take and take and give nothing back. They have no conscience, I am unsure if Mechele fit that profile, she may have, I don’t know.

    Please understand that I am not trying to defend Mechele, I hardly knew her. I am just giving another perspective to some of the aspects of the 48 hours implications.

  27. Linehan’s Mother and Sister are not on trial and the comments about them are simply slander and innuendo. I knew Melissa and despite our arguements would not think of making such base accusations against her or her Mother who must be going through hell since the start of this. The whole affair has been distored from the first trial of Carlin where Linehan was made the focal point and followed on including an unwarrented incaseration of Melissa which could not have been pleasant given that she did not break any law that I know of. Inncocent or guilty Linehan deserved a fair trial and did not get one. I know that the defense is trying an appeal based on Voire Dire evidence and for the sake of justice I hope that there is one and that it can be held in a sane and rational manner.

  28. I dated Mechele when I was younger. At the time I was too under her spell to realize how manipulative and evil she is. Years after dating her I compared notes with two other guys (now friends of mine) she dated. Come to find out all 3 of us were dating her at the same time. None of us had a clue! I have not thought of Mechele for a very long time. When I saw her on TV Saturday night I was suprised, but not shocked at what she was convicted for. I feel sorry for her husband and her little girl. I feel no sorrow for her mother. As far as I can remember she was never very much involved in her daughter’s life. Had her mother been more involved this probably could have all been prevented.
    Mechele Hughes Lineham, you got what you deserve.

  29. Cranston: I hope you don’t mind if I ask you: When you were dating Mechele did you tell you you were the only one she was dating? Did you feel she used you? If so, in what way? You seem as though your experience with her was very unpleasant.

  30. correction: When you were dating Mechele did she tell you that you were the only one she was dating?

  31. This is a case that comes very close to my heart. Women that have the capability to manipulate men into whatever there needs are at that time are not uncommon. And men that fall for their manipulation are a dime a dozen.
    I was married to a younger woman that had a bordrline personality disorder. She said whatever she needed to to get whatever she wanted. But the key to her success with this was to play the sympathy card. They can transform almost instantaniously into the victim, and then portray a “who me?” attitude. It is amazing how many men fall for this. But I blame it on American society as well. The trophy wife or girlfriend is a status symbol due to the high value this country puts on beauty.
    My ex wife attempted to poison me and it wasn’t until after the divorce did I even know that. We were still together for a year after my mystery sickness even though the “relationship” was not good after that. My weakness was my stepson that I grew to love as my own son. She knew that and used that in her end game as well making false allegations of sexual child abuse against me.
    If my bitterness and cynacism is showing, there is a justifiable reason for it. Women are considered the weaker sex but I tend to disagree with that. Women can be master manipulators if they have sexual seduction to work with, and they know that. I am not referrring to all women. Just the ones that have a sense of entiitlement and feel superior towards others.
    Yes men can be as Mechele was captioned “inherently evil” too, but it seems that women such as Mechele who are looking inwards towards their own happiness disregard to outward unhappiness that they create with the people around them.
    My biggest regret is to Mechele’s husband who blindly stands by her side. I can understand that. He has a daughter who idolizes her(her love towards her daughter is probably based on self image), and he has been painted into a corner. But what type of mother can she be to a teenage daughter. What type of advise would she give her about boys. I shutter to think.
    I wish that women such as these are isolated incidents, but unfortunately you are seeing it more and more. And until we accept that people can be this way, we need to live a cynical life. The alternative is living the type of life Lepink lived(and died). I have a feeling that when her appeals are exhausted the true nature of Ms. Linehan will be exposed


  33. I missed the 48 hrs….is there anywhere ir anyhow I can see it?

  34. I, for one, believe that justice (in this case) has finally been served! May God forgive Mechelle Linehan!

    And may God bless Kent Leppink’s family and Mechelle’s family as well, most especially her young daughter.

    I believe that Mechelle’s husband has been duped and used by Mechelle as have all the other men in Mechelle’s life have been. God help him, he may have even been saved from being murdered himself– only he may not even realize it. If Mechelle could get away with it once, it might have only been a matter of time before another lover would have “taken care” of her husband in her being the beneficiary of a life insurance policy that they signed for their involvement in a business together (which they had just recently opened ).

    After all, Mechelle had slept with at least one other man over the years other than her husband, while she has been married to him. It’s not so funny that her husband has never doubted Mechelle even though this fact was brought up in her trial! For me, this knowledge begs the question, were there other men who did not come forth or were not found with whom she has cheated on her husband with in the last ten years as well?

    It honestly made me feel physically ill hearing the sweet, small voice that Mechelle used when giving her statement to the Judge that she was a victim of the Prosecution.

    I couldn’t help but wonder, is this the voice that Mechelle used to convince the men in her life to have pity on her? The “Be a Daddy to me” plea’s from this poor, pathetic, little girl crying “woe is me”! Is this the “Baby Girl” voice that she manufactured all the while manipulating these men to do her bidding? Perhaps she used this “I couldn’t hurt a fly” voice while she “implied” rather than stating what she wanted from them directly? Often, that is what some “little” girls will do now isn’t it?

    I feel convinced in every way that this is the voice Mechelle used with men as a tool in her manipulations of them. More than one man who was involved with Mechelle has spoken about her “voice”, including John Carlin (The Third). It seems to me that this voice must have had a “Pied Piper” affect and effect on the men in her life.

    And there is also no doubt in my mind that Mechelle manipulated John Carlin (The Fourth) as the two left Alaska together in the RV after Kent’s murder. John Carlin’s son was seventeen years old, inexperienced and could certainly have been also manipulated by Mechelle even more easily than his father or the older, more experienced men in her life. The young man even “winked” at Mechelle while taking the stand in her trial. What does that tell anyone who viewed it?

    Mechelle Linehan’s manipulating deceits have certainly impacted too many lives! Unfortunitely, more than One might submise, I’m very sad to say!

    My last thoughts: My friend, who Mechelle used as her alibi while the killing of Kent Leppink was taking place, might not be alive today, I will forever thank God that he is!

    And I’ll also thank (my) God that Michelle Linehan got the sentencing she, so obviously (at least to me), deserved!

    For this reason, I pray that Mechelle’s lawyers appeal turns out to be all for naught, and that Mechelle will also have to serve her full 99 years; even though it should be assumed that Mechelle being the “player” in life that she is, will attempt to be a “model prisoner” who displays more than saintly behavior while she incarcerated!

    This will be my last post. Mechelle Linehan’s case and this “inherently evil” woman deserves no more of my interest, or time!

  35. I have been reading though all of your comments. Most all of them are negative. As I do not know Michele, I do know what it is like to live in Alaska. I live there most of my life. And now I to live in Olympia!
    My mom once told me not to throw rocks at glass houses, but I see you all must have missed that. If I was to take a look into all of your passes I’m sure there is a lot to be said of all of you.
    Michele may have made some bad choose in her life, but I think that we all have. She is still a mother and a wife. So I have been reading everything I can find on this case. But you should always look at both sides.

  36. Kiki,

    How does all of that justify her having a man murdered? Do you just consider that a “bad choice”? Think of it this way: What if it was your loved one that she plotted to murder? Would you just consider it a bad choice? Remember, if not for her, this would not have happened.

  37. Hello mylifeofcrimel,
    Nice name!!! You must have made some mistakes.
    If you watched to whole 48 hours show you would no that she never pulled the trigger. So yes I do feel it was just a “bad choice” that she may have made. That show was all one sided. I am researching the other side. I do not feel that she deserve 99 years. She wasn’t even in the state at the time of the murder, so 99 years is absurd. It 48 hours would have waited until after her sentencing to air there special, I feel it would have been a different out come. I hope that she gets her appeal. She was young and the men were dumb. 

  38. Kiki,

    The name is not MY name, but was for the blog. It does not mean tha I have made some mistakes, like you said. But thanks for trying.

    Her sentence is normal for this type of crime. Look at Pamela Smart. She was not present when her husband was killed, but she got the worst sentence of all involved. The rest will get out. She won’t. Look at Charles Manson. He was not present at the murders that he was charged with, however, he got the same sentence. In fact, he received the death penalty originally. In fact, there have been several people executed who did not pull the trigger, but were still involved.

    Think of this, if it was not for her, he would still be alive. That is where her responsibility comes in.

    If you say the show was all one-sided, then what about HER interview that was on the show. The problem is, she was not believable. And the jurors did not believe her. That is what it really boils down to. If she were to find evidence of her innocence, it would not matter. In the appeals process, innocence is irrelevant.

    If you think these types of sentences are absurd, do something! Go out and talk to your lawmakers to change the laws. That is all you can do.

  39. Kiki,
    I wonder had it of been YOUR father that she had murdered if you would feel the same way. I already know that answer, so don’t bother with an unhonest reply please. Had 48 hours waited to air the special, the sorry bitch just may be free right now. Thank you God for small miracles.
    Oh, and for the record, since your “new booty” you obviously are NOT in the know. This is “mylifeofcrime’s” BLOG. Please don’t get it twisted.

  40. Kiki,
    I don’t think you have any class. You are a smart azz to Bonnie and I think you need to show some respect. I don’t like your attitude toward her and you need to go away.. Not a place to speak your thoughts about Michele.

  41. Hello, I just read about this case on msn and ended up here. I really don’t know anything about it, but for some reason, my first thought was: maybe the man Mechele is accused of killing, had some kind of mental problems of his own and set this up to pay back his parents the money he embezzled from them.

    Maybe he found out Mechele was seeing other men and thought he would take her and then other men down with him when he killed himself.

    I’m probably totally wrong, but it is strange how he sent that letter, but did not get away from her, when it seemed like for most of his life he was trying to get as far away from things as he could. Just an observation after reading the articles today!

    Sometimes when we hear a story, it’s easier to believe what is easier to see!

  42. Wow Susan, I just read your post about your son. Thank God for “women’s intuition” I’m glad it all worked out for all of you. I totally believe that mom’s do know best in these circumstances!

  43. Whoa!! Kiki sure has an agenda. Either that, or a fellow criminal?

    Plotting to murder someone, for a life insurance policy, is sure not a “mere bad choice”, some careless mistake of youth.
    It’s a serious & grave matter.
    If it was Kiki who someone decided to murder, I’m sure Kiki would be singing a very different tune.

    And the saying is incorrectly quoted, it’s NOT “don’t throw rocks at glass houses”. The quote is, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Well, I’m not a cold-blooded murderer who plotted to kill someone for an insurance benefit. I’ve never been implicated in a murder plot at all. (Most people haven’t!). So I’m not living in that freakin’ glass house, so as I see it, I’m free to throw stones, because I’ve got the sure walls of integrity built around me – especially compared to a convicted murderer.

    If she’s “still a mother & wife” – that’s pretty scary. I don’t think a woman like that should be allowed anywhere near children, even her own. If she’d use and abuse people, and thinks so little of human life, what possible benefit could she be to a poor young child?

    But I suppose Kiki thinks that we should just open the jails, and let all the crazed psychopaths out, because, after all, poor things, they just make mistakes. *eyes rolling*

    Oh yeah, and by the way, having someone else kill for you is still legally considered murder if it was your idea. If you have a problem with that, like someone else said, you need to take that up with your government representatives and legislators.

    But I, for one, think the law makes complete sense in terms of ethics. And most of rational society seems to agree with me.

  44. mechele linehan got exactly what she desevres! Thank God justice has been served……..Caterina knows NOTHING about this case!!!!!! Kent never would’ve put his family through this…… his only problem was trusting that B****!!!

  45. Hello, this world is such a sorry place. I spent some time in the same jail area as Mechele, and feel that she should not have been convicted and sentenced the 99 years. I too was involved in a situation where two people lied about me and even though I had done nothing, was also guilty before given a chance to prove my innocence. My attorney told me that you don’t have to do a crime to be convicted of one. I am so disappointed and have no faith in the legal system at this time, nor will in the future. There are so many people out there that are instutionalized and do crime after crime and do not receive any punishments, but the ones that may have involved in a past situation, have to spend lots of time. The system is so screwed up that I am sorry for our children and our children’s childrens generations. The innocent get screwed and the guilty get released time after time again. That is all I have to say, and Mechele, in your appeal, I hope you get your sentence reversed as I think you deserve this chance, as you did make changes for the better.

  46. a lady in alaska,

    Wow! All you talked about was yourself and Mechele, but NOT A WORD about the victim here. Have you no compassion? You only came here because YOU had a problem, not due to the murder of a human being. This is not the place to complain about your situation and how you got screwed. This is a place for the victim Kent Leppink. You never even said why you thought Mechele was innocent. Because you don’t care. You only cared about your case.

    But in this case, there is a dead victim. This is a place for justice for him. If you were wrongly convicted of murder, then you can email me off of here. But do not come to this post about yourself or another crime. Have some compassion and respect for the real victim here, Kent Leppink and his family and loved ones.

  47. Just wondering what kind of Dr. her husband is.. or was?

  48. I found a number of things to be disturbing about Mechele… in watching her body language, as well as her wispy, baby voice. (As creepy as Michael Jackson’s). When the verdict was read (99 years) the judge said she could have one last embrace with her spouse, and instead she bends down and picks up her purse! What’s that all about? I’d love to hear from a psychologist about her behavior. I also found it telling when her husband said ‘her daughter’ and then corrected himself and said ‘our daughter’. I assume he is not the father….Freudian slip!?

  49. I think that all this is a crock. Our court sysyems have failed us. It they really did work why the hell are we always building a new one. Our judicial system is all about the money. Something has to be done to change this. Why is it that the Police do wrong and are not hels accountable for their doings. I wastched the 48 Hour Episode and couldn’t believe that they found ger guilty. What a crock!

  50. Just watched this case tonight…what a shocker! I can’t believe she was found guilty. As far as the way she reacted to the verdict, she was clearly frozen with shock, I dont see how any of you on this blog can make judgements torwards Mechelle’s reaction. There was no real evidence to convict her. If I was in the jury, I would have easily voted not guilty. It was made clear that the Kent had mental problems. I bet his murder is more complicated than portrayed and Carlin and Mechell were more or less setup…..this murder is unsolved!!!!!!

  51. She’s a cold blooded killer. No remorse and no conscience. She got exactly what she deserved. A month before he dies she buys him a one million dollar life insurance policy?. Wow, she’s a vicious little thing. She reminds me of the BTK killer who was leading a well respected, religious life with his family when they finally caught the evil beast….You’ll never see it coming folks. They look just like everyone else.

  52. Many smart responses so here are mine:

    1) It’s very rare to marry at the end of 1st yr med school. It’s counterintuitive to plan a wedding during school stress! How many marry at the end of freshman year college? Unheard of. Why did Dr Lineman do it? Mechele wanted him hooked asap.

    2) 48 Hr Mystery could not present more evidence b/c the trial was not over when they filmed it. There is much more untold evidence that add up => it only took 2 days to reach a verdict. 3) Mechele’s 1st response to the news of Kent’s death was, “when?” not “how?” You only ask when if you already knew how he died. The expert witness did not even share that. All he said was that her response lacked sincerity.

    3) I agree that Dr Lineman is lucky to have this happen although he does not see it yet. He is in denial, unwilling to accept his failure to see her soul. He is protecting his self-image when he protects her. I pray that he will soon feel gratitude that he will not be victim #2 for insurance policy #2. It hurts to love and be used. Time for him to move on and find someone who loves him.

  53. 1) Getting married right away would be what I would do if I just met the woman of my dreams and presumably he did… knowing that he’s actually graduating and will have a licence to practice, it’s not the worst time to start living a life. Either way it’s completely irrelevant as proof of anything.

    2) No one sane doesn’t have sympathy for the victim, but asking When vs How it happened is also completely random and in no way implicates her. I might have asked “When ” first as well , simply because it might have been a shock and a person would wonder thinking to themselves… “I just so so and so alive, WHEN the hell did this happen to them” etc.

    3) My gut reaction is that she’s probably Guilty as hell, but I am more concerned that the Judicial system is broken. It’s not Justice to see a conviction on weak evidence. There was no direct evidence, only Emails and some questionable testimony. While the circumstances were damning… the Jury should have considered the evidence and realized that they should probably let a guilty person go than establish a precedent that would lower the standard for convicting the innocent.

    If she did do it, she most likely would not have killed her Husband this time for the insurance money knowing the previous the case against her already.

    She probably would have just went on to have a normal life.

    So her kid will grow up without a parent and Society gets another problem down the road. my 2 cents…

  54. Tom Ill tell you the proof why she was guilty,
    she called the million dollar insurance policy two days before the murder,
    she had an insurance policy out on him.
    She wrote the e mails about extradition running off to an island.
    The murder victim wrote a letter to his parents before he died explaining the plot going down.
    and there is more, open your eyes.

  55. . OK Susan lets see if you know what street She lived on when she supposedly dated your son. Because I know the exact address in order from when she was born.

  56. I am wondering if this Hughes family ever lived in Pearlington, MS near New Orleans? Did she have another sistern named Melanie?

  57. Is she guilty? Probably.

    Is she guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Doubt it.

    Is she mentally unstable or a psychopath? Quite possibly but that does not make her guilty.

    Did she seek out a husband with good prospects? Probably but she’s hardly alone. I remember all the young female nursing students who used to come and study in the law library when I was in university.

    I was really appalled by some of the things that the prosecuting attorney pulled during the part of the trial I saw and the ex-stripper who testified was so obviously addled that her testimony should have been completed disregarded.

    There’s no doubt the prosecution played up on her past but its all hypocrisy. A substantial number of women (perhaps 5%) work in some aspect of the sex trade at some point in their life. So what? And most men over the age of 12 will do really stupid shit trying to please any pretty young woman. (Been there, done that, have only myself to blame.)

    I laughed out loud when the interviewer asked Mechelle what her secret was for getting men to give her furs and jewelry and money and Mechelle looked at the interviewer like the interviewer was stupid.

    What troubles me about the case is: It sounds as though Kent had effectively started stalking Mechelle. The accused leave a note lying around that Kent finds saying Mechelle is out in the woods in a remote place and Kent goes out looking for her. This is supposed to happen a few days after Kent has written a letter saying he is at risk of being murdered by Mechelle. Who, believing their life to be at risk, goes out to a remote location alone seeking out the person they feel they are under threat from. Who waits around in a remote area on the off chance that the victim will find and act on a planted note? Who, having lured a murder victim to that remote area then leaves the victim lying where he falls? The prosecution’s theory around the murder combined with the objective facts are so bizarre that in the absence of really solid evidence linking Mechelle to the crime it is hard to see how she was properly convicted. Unless the bullets in Kent were forensically specifically matched to a gun belonging to the co-accused, neither one of them should have been convicted.

  58. What kind of girl gets engaged to 3 different men at the same time?….What kind of girl takes out a one million dollar life insurance policy on a guy she calls “weird” (with her as the beneficiary), and then writes him emails saying that they shouldn’t delay their wedding any longer, and then calls the insurance company from Lake Tahoe just a few days before he is killed?….What kind of girl cries when the police interview and tell her about his death, but a month after his death tells her own sister that “He deserved it” and “it’s too bad someone didn’t torture him first”?…What kind of girl sends the dead man’s laptop which she supposedly bought from him to her sister right after the murder and asks her to wipe it clean?….What kind of girl is involved with a guy like Carlin who told police that he never owned the type of handgun used in this murder, and then later the police interview his own son who tells them that right after the murder his father and Mechele were in the bathroom cleaning the gun in the sink. And it later turns out that Carlin did buy the exact gun out of the newspaper, and admits later that the gun was probably used in the killing…How is it that her 3rd boyfriend (Hilke) testified that he continued to see her several times more even after she was married, the last time being in 2004 when her doctor husband was deployed in Iraq. He stated that he met her in Minnesota and that she brought her daughter with her, and said that when the daughter when to sleep she came to his room.

  59. Justice was served. I’ve been a detective for 35 years, both PPE ( past police experiance) and private sector. I saw the 48 hrs . show on re-run last Sat. sept.13/08. I know that the subject show was edited but even what I viewed there is not one scintila of eveidence that she was not involved, and this taking into consideration what little we viewed , however all objective information and facts all pointed to her guilt.
    The non verbal communication displayed by the accused was very clear that this woman was into this plot up to her eye balls. I’ve seen many dark sides of life and this one is no differant except that it makes titilating TV watching. What about all the other 20,000 murders every year in the USA that aren’t sexy enough for 48 hour mystery ? Regardles of her gender, her shady past, her present social status this person is just another convict, convicted of a capital crime, and she got a break that she was convicted in Alasaka, many other States would have given her the death penalty. RP

  60. I was really leaning toward thinking that she wasn’t guilty, until I saw a picture of her when her husband was hugging her. Face turned away, arms not extended, letting him hug her. Strange body language; you would think that she would be clinging tight to him. I have not been in that situation, so I cannot empathize, but my gut instinct is that is not a normal reaction. An abnormal reaction can, and I would say more than likely, but not conculsively, reveal there is more than meets the eye. Body language is not a perfect science.

    The reason I was leaning toward not guilty is because the older I get, the more I realize that most people in their teens and early 20s are complete idiots, and most young people who get into trouble do so because they are fools that don’t adequately think through the consequences of their actions, and not because they intend to harm, or at least harm seriously (i.e., fights that get out of control, etc.). There are exceptions for people who are very street smart or narcissistic, like the Columbine teens, who viewed everyone else as inferior. I am sure there are other exceptions, I am no psychologist. I can easily see some not very well grounded teenage/early 20s girl, head spinning from affection from lots of men, (especially a girl who had no father for some of her growing up) getting caught up in a love quadrangle that results in someone dying, with her not being involved.

    That having been said, even though I now believe that she was involved, I am not so sure, based upon what I saw, that she should have been convicted, because I think there is too much reasonable doubt. It is not fair to armchair quarterback a lawyer when you are not in the middle of a case (I hate it when people do that), but I will say I was surprised that there was not a greater focus on reasonable doubt, and less a focus on “there is no way in the world she did this”. On the other hand, I only saw a few snippets of the trial and seconds of a probably lengthy argument, so I am going on very little information.

    Reasonable doubt would have required a focus on Carlin, though, and I am getting the impression from this blog that neither she nor Carlin shifted the blame onto each other.

    I don’t know very much about the insurance side of the case, because I didn’t see the whole show, and that may have pushed the jury over, in light of a strong motive element.

    Whether or not to have your client testify is a really tough question. A jury that is very conscientious won’t hold it against someone, but not every jury is conscientious.

  61. Innocent people take the stand. She didn’t take the stand because she is guilty and would be tripped up in cross examination. Her attorrney knows she is guilty so he didn’t advise she take the stand. I have been on a jury. You want the defendant to take the stand and exonerate him or herself. I bet during deliberations that they jury kept asking one another why she didn’t take the stand? Instead, her husband who had not even known her during the crime took the stand. I got news for you Dr. We are all capable of murder…

  62. She’s EVIL….Exactly the words that her boyfriend Scott Hilke used to describe her. He called her “inherently evil”. Carlin and Mechele plotted to kill Kent. She did the most disgusting thing to a human being that you can. She told him how much she loved him, then set him up to be murdered. She lied to Kent about loving him, and told him that her grandfather had bought the life insurance policy as a wedding present…Pathetic…Then she lied to police saying that the only reason she ever said that she was engaged to him was that he was gay and it would look good to his parents to say he was getting married….About as cold as it gets….Then she tells her own sister a month after the murder that “he got what he deserved”…and that “it’s too bad someone didn’t torture him first”..
    A few days before his murder Mechele sent the Seychelles email, where she asks how Kent reacted to the “Hope” note about her being in Hope, Alaska at a cabin..Kent’s father was in town for a day or so (that is the “pop” in the email)… Here it is in it’s entirety…..

    “I have to say I am wondering what did he say when you said I was 2 1/2 hours away and he would have to come get me. Is he reading our mail? Did he leave with his pop? So they spent the night there, call me I have been up for about 2 hours. I am wide awake and my throat hurts still. It will go away soon. The mornings are always hard on me. I love you very much I miss you and I can’t wait to go on our getaway. Did you know that you could buy citisenship in the Saycheles for around 10 mill and no matter what crimes you have committed they will not extri. They are the only country that won’t send you back to the U.S. I found that out yesterday. I think I am going to walk to the library. It is down the road about 30 min and be back in 1 hour. I am not calling the house. I hope you like these long letters they are not easy. Have you given any thought to where you want to go?….Learn to live maybe????..Cancun..Cabo…Anywhere
    Love you”……………

    I never believed it before, but now there is no doubt in my mind. There is pure evil in this world. The real deal. Evil.
    Heartless cold people capable of doing the most disgusting things you can imagine. Sadistic, vile human beings walk among us.

  63. Jig

    This is my point. If you are on a jury, you are not supposed to hold it against the defendant that he/she doesn’t testify. Some juries rigidly adhere to that precept, LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO. The jury is doing its job incorrectly, if it goes ahead and draws an inference of guilt from a failure to testify. This country is way overboard in thinking that the ends justify the means. If people don’t do their job conscientiously, then you get, ON AVERAGE, a much higher chance of injustice, such as innocent people going to jail.

    The email referring to the Seychelles is pretty damning, if she mailed that to Carlin.

  64. The Seychelles email was sent to Carlin while she was in Lake Tahoe visiting boyfriend #3 (Scott Wilke) a few days before Kent’s murder.

    Scott Wilke testified under oath that he continued to see her even after she was married. He last saw her in 2004 in Minnesota when her doctor husband was deployed in Iraq. She had brought her daughter with her and he said she came to his room after her daughter went to bed.

    John Carlin’s son lived with her also when her husband was in Iraq. He didn’t have an intimate relationship with her, but he testified under oath that—>>

    “Hughes’s habit of having multiple men in her life didn’t stop in Alaska, Carlin Jr. said. He said he stayed with her in Olympia, Wash. home as recently as three years ago.

    “Mechele contacted me and said her husband was going to be sent to Iraq and said she had room.”

    During the stay, Carlin says his sister-like good friend confided that she had had recent affairs with an on-again, off-again boyfriend from her Alaska days (Scott Wilke) and also with family friend Dr. Alvin Tui. Tui appeared in an October bail hearing, telling a judge he’d be willing to keep an eye on Linehan.”…………..

  65. Isn’t it just like a tv show to give you all the details about someone in order to make you believe the way they want you to believe? I mean look at what 48 hours gave the audience to go on, almost everything they aired was negative toward this girl Michele. So now because of 48 hours chosen information, we, the audience are willing to convict this person of a crime she may or may not have commited. Television shows are created to “trick” us into believeing it thier way and so we do, believe it thier way.

    Michele hugs her husband in a way that we think is inapropriate for the news that she has just been told. She has just been told that shes guilty and to me it looks like she is dumbfounded and don’t know what she’s suppose to do, like she’s waiting for the correct conviction or maybe she’s waiting for the judge to say more, I was waiting for him to say more but that was it.. “Guilty” now hug your husband one last time before we take you to the chambers.

    We all react differently to circumstances and our expressions are not going to be the same. Some people can be read like a book and others are hard to read. Not that they are criminals, they are just not the same. I try to read people and a lot of the time I am right. So I will keep my thoughts to myself on all the characters I saw in this tragic story. Except to say that if this was the complete story (48 hrs version) and there was nothing else to go on then I probably would not have have convicted Michele.

    If she is not guilty then I pray for her release from prison and the real story to be found. If she is guilty then I pray she has to continue paying for the crime.

    I don’t mean to impose upon anyones judgement or say you are right or wrong because I know what evil people can do and some get by without ever getting caught. But I also know that we need to hear the entire story before we pass judgement. Like I said, tv and the media let you in on thier side and never give you the whole.

    In reality, I hope Michele is not guilty and she can go home to her family. For Kents family I hope justice is or will be served and maybe they can find strength in each other and take every day as a blessing. I know how it is to lose a loved one to a vicious crime. My 21 year old cousin was murdered by our local police department about 4 years ago and it was determined as a drug overdose. We know it was murder because there were eyewitnesses (who are to scared to talk) ,his broken hand and wrist, choke marks around his neck(very obvious) bruises, cuts,broken ribs and his hat was glued to his head for the funeral because the markings were so obvious on his head.So basically the police beat the crap out of him (it was a dream of the cheif of police because he hated my cousin who was somewhat of a rebel). The coroner showed his mother and my sister the pictures he took of the body, but he is also to afraid to challenge the police dept. We heard recently that the case would be reopened and a new investigation would happen..But since my cousins death an officer of the city shot himself in his back yard and died. Our D.A. died of a gunshot wound to the heart after he at first shot himself in the stomach. Strange huh.. I want more than anything for the criminals to serve time or whatevers worse.

    How did Scott get to walk free? He failed one part of the lie test. Did Michele take the same test? Did she pass? How about Carlin? There were so many things we don’t know about this case..Is there another place to read about the other details?

    In closing I want to comment on those 40 something year old men. I am in that age group and have girls in the age group of Michele. Why in the heck were they pursueing a girl young enough to be thier daughter? She was a very pretty girl and surely not interested in those ugly old men. Were they that blinded by lust? Stupidity? I just don’t get it.

  66. Just another example of how we live in a superficial world. Justice is black or white- there’s no grey matter. Appearance is everything in this society. All of those who think that she was wrongfully convicted do so because they are attracted to her appearance. There are many humans who are shells, they have zero inside. They have no empathy, no regard and no care for anyone but them selves. This person takes this character flaw to another level by beleiving that she is a cut above the rest of society. She was living in her own world of strip club and peripherol characters. Weak unconfident men are regulars in such places. This person had a field day with this dynamic. Compund this fact with the remote area of Alaska and you get a person who plots murder for the motive of capital gain and executes this crime through one of her weak “lovers”. Her victim, another weak soul, lost in the world of illusion, cought up in her moves. And all of this because she beleives so much in her powers that she will never even be suspected let alone charged and convicted. Well she was wrong. She did everything to confirm that she order the execution of this poor victim except run an advertisement in the local papers. She buys 1 million dollars of insurance on the victim, days before the hit. Come on people wake up ! She buys 1 million dollars insurance on the victim with her as the sole beneficiary and then the guy is murdered ! She didn’t even try to make it look like an accident. The arrogance. Like all criminals she is lazy. It’s an open and shut case. She didn’t take the stand because her ” circumstantial ” defence would have been blown out of the box. And from my 35 years of going to court the jury does view non testifying defendants as being guilty, and rightly so. And her lawyer didn’t look like much of a pleader or trial lawyer, so her one trick pony manipulation of men didn’t help her in court as she chose a lawyer that she could control and manipulate rather than one who could help her defence. All the men connected to her in the story all looked the same. Weak and easy to manipulate.
    So the bottom line is that this female criminal obtained her power by taking power away from weak men to the point that one of them killed another human being so that she could collect 1 million dollars. It’s black and white.
    Please remember that the human brain is half logic and half emotion. Logic always wins in the end. These weak men were letting the emotional side of their brains rule their actions and behavior. As in most criminal activity ( 90& +), emotion, including mind altering chemicals (drugs ) is always present. Compound that with a strip club and a young woman looking like a girl naked under colored lights and the result is disaster. Illusion but not for victim. He is dead for ever. Ms. is going to get a shot at parole when she is 68 years old. RP.

  67. One more thing….so for all of you who think that she is hot looking….you can wait until she is 68 years old to take her out………or if you can’t can find a local strip club…..they are full of people and young women just like her……and you can get used and manipulated,humiliated and totally lose yourself right, right now…………just think of all the fun that you will have being used, abused, manipulated….not to mention the impact on your immediate family,friends and loved ones…….hey you may even end up doing life in a pen……….or you can stay away from strip clubs….there are millions of decent real women in the real world……..

  68. I am waiting for someone smarter than me to explain how Scott Wilke’s testimony about a continued affair with her is relevant to the murder case. A very important principle in evidentiary law is that you can only rarely use evidence to show conduct in conformity with a character trait. For instance, you can’t bring in a bunch of traffic tickets or reckless driving convictions received before a wreck to show that a person was negligent in that particular situation and caused that particular wreck. (I.e., can’t be showing negligent conduct in conformity with a character trait of negligence). A situation where it would be allowable is in an armed robbery case, for instance, you can present proof of previous armed robberies to show a similar modus operandi, if there is a dispute about whether the defendant is the person who committed the crime.

    Prosecution shouldn’t be showing that she is an evil or immoral woman, therefore she committed murder, or conspiracy to commit murder. The general principle is that a case rises and falls on the facts surrounding that case, and not a bunch of extraneous stuff, like the fact that someone is inherently evil, that might prejudice a jury.

    I saw the points of argument for the appeal regarding improper evidence introduced. The points are one sentence descriptions of possible evidentiary error, so each point is not fully explained, but it seems like the defense has a lot to complain about. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new trial.

    Personally, I believe she was involved. Professionally, I want to make sure that the integrity of the system is maintained in the course of a conviction. You would sure want the system’s integrity to be intact if you were wrongly accused. And people are wrongly accused all the time. ALL THE TIME.

    If there is a new trial, I bet there will be a plea bargain, an Alford plea, (which means she doesn’t admit doing it, but that evidence exists to convict), to a lesser charge. She will say that she chose it because she does not want to risk being put away for the rest of her life. She will serve 3-5 and be out.

  69. The character trait that they are trying to show is that she was not the innocent bystander her defense claims, but that she has a history of deceit and manipulation. The same pattern of deceit and manipulation she used to have Lippink killed. I would think that showing evidence of this pattern of behavior even after she supposedly started her new life would be relevant. …(I’m not a lawyer)

  70. jeb

    I appreciate your attempts to explain this to me; I’m guessing you saw the whole special. I think that what you have proffered is exactly what the character evidence rule (F.R.E. 404 in Federal court) is meant to exclude. “She is deceitful and manipulative (her character trait), as indicated by all these incidents, therefore she was deceitful and manipulative in this situation (conduct in conformity with her character traits).

    A parallel would be: “Defendant is negligent (or even reckless) as a driver (character trait), as indicated by all these previous accidents and reckless driving citations, therefore Defendant caused this accident (conduct in conformity with character traits).

  71. I’m not saying that it shows she committed murder by showing a history of deceit, but I am saying it would show she is very capable and willing to deceive those who she professes to care the most about——(particularly her ability to cheat on her own husband, even after having a child—while he is off at war)—-Obviously that evidence alone does not condemn anyone to being a murderer.

    Then you add in the evidence that directly relates to her involvement in the actual murder (Carlin’s son who testified that she was in the room when the gun was being cleaned–after the murder, her lies about Kent being gay, lies about her grandfather buying the insurance policy, emails to Kent that she didn’t want to delay the wedding any longer and how she was going to do her best to make a strong family for both of them, the phoney note about the cabin in Hope, Alaska that never existed–in her own handwriting, testimony by her sister that Kent should have been tortured, and that she sent her sister the laptop to be wiped clean).
    Like I said I am not a lawyer, but as a juror I would want to know and I think it would be pertinent to know if the defendant is capable and has a history of deception—-which is just one of the pieces of the puzzle in this case, not the whole case.

  72. LIK — the testimony and evidence you question should readily get by on “defendant state of mind” relevance. Evidence of jealousy, love triangles, and lies are tough to keep out. Get past this.

    The admission of the videotape into evidence, however, is a much bigger problem. Should make for some interesting law beyond the prurient fun of this case.

  73. For the lawyer, all evidence presented about her conduct by the prosecution, goes towards her credibility, it was presented as evidence that her multiple character flaws show that she is capable of conspiracy and murder. The defence countered by putting her husband on the stand.
    Anyway, that’s not what convicted her, it was the evidence about the 1 million dollar life insurance policy, the pre- assisination letter written by the victim to his family and the some of the e-mails. The fact that she was promiscuous, narcissist and a patholigical liar which was introduced during the trial was not the sole basis for her conviction. It was the motive that convicted her. The life insurance policy which she purchased and was the sole benificiary of the potential proceeds. That’s what eventually sealed her fate and the poor victim. That is the evidence that convicted her along with the letter from the victim to his family stating that if he is killed she did it and then the e-mails and the character flaws.

    It’s that simple. It’s in that order. The appeal will be turned down. The jury did the right thing and justice was served. She is a murderer and she got caught, had a fair trial and was convicted. She is exactly where she belongs. Her murder victim is not where he belongs, he should still be alive. RP

  74. Yes, Price, but do you not recall the protests for Scott Peterson’s acquittal by scores of online fans of his cute haircut?

    The Jury got it right as usual. So sue me for being a bit curious about the admissibility of crime fiction in a murder. Oscar Wilde lives. (life imitates art…)

  75. Again for Price…

    Keep on fighting the good fight. But know that many on the other side of the aisle are fighting the good fight as well.

    And remember that the worst nightmare for any crim defense attorney is an innocent client.

    Mechele’s attorneys sleep well.

  76. RP brings up a great point. A bunch of evidentiary mistakes aren’t going to do squat if it was harmless error, and there is other evidence to support a conviction.

    LIK, that’s right, I hope my point got across that the integrity of the process must be maintained, and included in that is a zealous advocate for the defendant. It’s my theory that if everyone does their job like they are supposed to, you will usually get the right result. I got a lot of laughs out of your last 2 lines.

  77. In late 1995 Mechele had accepted her 3rd marriage proposal, this time from John Carlin.

    On March 31, 1996 Mechele sent Kent Lippink an email about how much she loved him and that she wasn’t procrastinating the wedding. This was at the same time that she bought the $1 Million dollar life insurance policy. (which she said was a wedding present from her grandfather)
    Here is that email in it’s entirety—>>

    ………”Hello. You got it. You want a response, and here is one. What to say. I want you to know that the time we are spending apart is healthy, although it may hurt a bit it will make everything stronger. I am not trying to procrastinate our wedding. I am just concerned that everything will be rushed and it worries me because I will only have one and you know I want it to be perfect and well like you are so wonderful to me. You have given me a love that is truly from your heart and everyone can see it. Many saw it way before I really knew. I knew you cared but I didn’t know how much. I didn’t know it had no boundaries and I hope I can make you a happy husband. I will try my hardest to keep our family strong, loving”…..

    28 days later (while she was in Lake Tahoe visiting fiance #3 Scott Hilke) she emailed John Carlin the “Seychelles” email and in it she told John Carlin that she loved him and missed him and wanted to know where he wanted to go on their getaway vacation together. This was right after they left the “Hope Cabin” letter out for Kent to find.

    4 days later Kent Lippink was found dead in Hope, Alaska.

    Right after Lippink’s murder she shipped her laptop computer off to her sister and asked her to erase the hard drive. A month later on her drive down from Alaska she stopped into her sister’s house to pick the laptop up and that’s when she made the remarks that Kent “deserved it” and that “it’s too bad somebody didn’t torture him first”

  78. The testimony about her infidelity was certainly relevant — when you consider that the whole line of the defense (starting from their opening statement) was “this woman is a college graduate, married to a doctor, has a young daughter, active in the Catholic Church and the community.” Over and over her defenders said “if you only knew her like we knew her you’d know she couldn’t have done this.” But in fact, even 10 years later, even AFTER she was married to a doctor, college graduate, blah blah, there was exactly the same pattern — have multiple men on the string at the same time, each one so blindly in love with her that they are willing to do anything for her, even overlook her infidelity. I will bet you that doctor husband would help her appeals even if he knew that she WAS guilty.

  79. Hey comrads we don’t have a perfect system, there is nothing perfect in life, but our system is the best thing around and it protects everyone. I was surprised that it took 11 years to bring this matter to justice. It’s hard to charge someone with murder let alone convict them. This young woman was so self absorbed that she left her self wide open on the plan and the execution of this murder. Any other scenerio would have opened the door for reasonable doubt if in fact she would have been charged. Let’s say if she had manipulated the victim to go in and buy the insurance policy with cash payments to him to forward to the insurance company to pay the premiums and she was not seen or connected to the insurance policy purchase. And let’s say that she had the victim name his estate as the benificiary of any death claim. And let’s say that she manipulated the victim to make a notarized will naming her as executor and sole benificiary of his will. And let’s say that she got the victim drunk in private, very very drunk to the point of unconscious. And let’s say that she then got her cohort to put the victim in a small fishing boat. And let’s say that she had her accomplice tow that boat with another boat to a remote part of a lake or body of water. And let’s say that she had her accomplice dump the poor victim into the water, while unconscious so that there would be water in his lungs showing that he was still alive when he went into the water. And let’s say at first it looked like a possible drowning. And let’s say that the letter from the victim to his family surfaced and the police investigated. Do you think that there would be enough to charge her…… absolutly not. And let’s say that she gets paid 1 million dollars after the victim’s family contests the will. And let’s say that her accomplice gets jealous after getting his cut and a few years latter he rats her out. Do you think that she would have been charged let alone convicted of murder ? That’s when reasonable doubt would have come into play.
    This persons crime was crude, vulgar and unsophisticated similar to her personality. She targeted the weak. They came to her den. Stupid people are dangerous. Especially those existing in the under world. I’m not talking about organized crime, I’m talking about the drug world, stripper world, cash business world.
    She’ll never admit to it and the trigger man isn’t going to finger her because that means that he is admitting that he was the shooter. He is still denying it. They deserve one another. Two cowards. The poor victim was shot in the back. That tells it all.
    Take care and remember logic always wins out over emotion. Price

  80. I am not so sure that these men were weak. Anybody can be taken advantage of. Paul McCartney is a brilliant businessman. He was totally convinced that Heather Mills was the 2nd true love in his life. She walked away with $50 million dollars of his money after 4 years of marriage, and he never saw it coming…I think it is hard for most men to believe or admit that they can be taken down. Promises of love from a beautiful woman can be irresistable.
    It’s one thing to target strangers. It’s quite another to live with 2 men for that length of time, and be seeing a 3rd also, and still carry out that kind of manipulation for a girl in her early 20’s, …..and stay in character the whole time….I wouldn’t underestimate her abilities at all. She was able to manipulate 3 men into believing that she was truly in love with each one. Carlin gave her a $11,000 engagement ring, and other gifts. She convinced Lippink to put his fishing business in both their names, have a will drawn up that had her as the beneficiary, and sign the papers on a $1 million dollar life insurance policy that she paid for. All the while still seeing her other boyfriend Scott Hilke.
    She was extremely convincing…She had Carlin so fooled that he wrote her a long email in which he basically apologized for not having enough money to give her to go see her other boyfriend Scott. She did it by playing naive, confused and vulnerable…..She had him so convinced that he was going to be “the one” that he pulled the trigger and killed an innocent man, and she used Hilke as an alibi while the killing was done.
    Do a search on YouTube for “33n85ziRAw4″…It’s a good video that shows the emails she sent and received. Even right before the murder she had Carlin thinking that they were about to ride off into the sunset, and he was going to be the winner of his beautiful prize.
    Jack Nicholson once said…”Women, they’re smarter than us, they’re stronger than us, and they don’t play fair”…..and I would add that they are master manipulators.
    …and this one was a Black Widow.


    The comments that were only about Paul McCartney and the Beatles have been removed. This is not the place for them. This is bout the murder of Kent Leppink and that is where the focus should be, not the Beatles. They have NOTHING to do with this case. Please have respect for the victim here and remember his life and be glad that justice was served.

    I will continue to remove comments about the Beatles. It is CRAZY that people come here to post on that, rather than on this murder case. Just crazy.

  82. the posts here prove one thing – that as Ortega y Gasset proposed in “Revolt of the Masses” people have opinions regardless of whether they are qualified to hold an opinion on a subject. And for reasons that I cannot explain, they seem to believe that those opinions have some value. It is absurd to think that people that who are ignorant of the law, the people involved, and in most cases, the facts of the case feel that their opinion on this subject has any value at all.

    Frankly, all of you come across as idiots who have no life of their own and so wish to immerse yourself in the troubles of another.

    For shame.

  83. What a BITCH! A true face of EVIL… an absolute PSYCHOPATH… It’s vile watching this creature’s face, tears, etc… the detective was right for saying how amazed she was at people rallying to believe, to support this evil… for a doctor, the husband is dump & in denial…
    99 yrs are not enough to serve evil… chilling… nefarious to the zenith… rot in hell… burn burn burn!

  84. Colin Linehan and Mechele were stopped together by a store detective at Nordstrom’s for hiding $700 worth of baby stuff in the baby’s stroller and walking out without paying!

  85. any chances that she was in Daytona Beach, Florida in September, 2002. She very much resembles an unknown girl who scammed me out of nearly $30,000.00, cash & property & truck?

  86. I just read all of the comments, and I am happy to see that the majority of the folks thinks she is guilty as charged.

    I think she Mechele is not well and deserves to stay and rot in jail.

    Her husband is whipped and is blinded by his religious faith!

    And I don’t believe that, Melissa, the one who wrote some stuff above, is Mechele’s sister… anyone could have written what she did.

    May Mechele life a long and miserable life.

  87. I watched the show and am gob-smacked she was found guilty on the lack of evidence. The dude who failed the polygraph looked more suspicious than anybody else. Thank God in Canada our justice laws, while somewhat lacking, would never convict based on suspicion. We have reasonable doubt here. Also the guy who was convicted later changed his tune saying Mechele yelled at his son for pickinig up the gun and he as trying to bleach his finger prints off. I am sure the defence attorneys will bring that up in a new trial/appeal. His story changed so he is absolutely not credible. I really think it was the travelling salesman who pulled the trigger.

  88. I do beleive she is guilty. I just don’t understand how some people (in this case the men) could be so stupid. Did they really believe she LOVED THEM??? They seemed to be doing everything she wanted, why did she have to murder? And for the person that said the reporter asked her how she got men to bend to her will, it was Mechele that asked the question and the reporter looked at her like are you kidding? I hope she has to serve her whole sentence. She is creepy. (also, how long did she have to work on that “voice”????)

  89. Elmo, I find it amusing you pick my post to not believe. Why? because it may represent a bit of truth.

  90. To the man who asked whether Mechele was in Daytona Beach in 2002, she was married and raising a young daughter, and was not in florida.

    You know, next you folks will have her on the grassy knoll during the Kennedy Assasination…jesus. Or the matermind behind 9/11….Get a grip on yourselves.

    The question at hand is did the state prove that Mechele conspired in any fashion, with anyone, to murder Kent Leppink, and the answer to that question, is no, they did not prove any such thing.

    Do they have the murder weapon? No.

    Did they forensically examine the letter Mr Leppink allegedly sent home to his parents, prior to his death? No

    Did they trace the pad of paper the letter was written on ? No

    Did the police provide any explanation as to why Mr Leppink was stalking Ms Hughes? No

    Do they know who mailed that letter Mr Leppink allegedly sent to his parents? No

    Does it make sense Mr Keppink would mail this letter the same day his father just left alaska after a brief visit, rather than hand his father the letter during his father’s visit? No

    Does it make sense Mr Leppink would write a letter defining his fears of potential killers, and yet stay living in the same house with the very people he named in his alleged letter? No

    Was a full handwriting analysis done on the alleged letter Mr Leppink allegedly sent to his parents? No

    Did the police do a thorough investigaton of Mr Leppink’s activities in the months leading up to his death? No

    Do they have any communications where Mechele asked anyone to kill Mr Leppink? No

    Did the state prove that Mechele financially benefited from Mr Leppink’s death? No

    The jury convicted Mechele, because they did not like her. Now, given all the different email exchanges, that were presented at trial, one might be entitled to draw the inference that there was an odd dynamic going on in these different relationships between all parties. One might even be entitled to draw the inference that Mechele was not likeable. Personally, I do not draw that inference, but others might.

    However, if someone can draw the inference, that she conspired to murder Mr Leppink, they are not being honest with themselves, or the facts. Because there is no evidence she conspired to harm anyone. Period.

  91. And i will add a few more things to my post above:

    Does it strike anyone as absurd, that in the alleged letter that Mr Leppink allegedly wrote to his parents, that is basically said (paraphrasing) “If your reading this, I am dead. Use the insurance money to pay off the debt I owe you, and then go on vacation….for at least two weeks….to a beach….”…..Come on people. Does this strike you as in any way normal? How disturbed an individual do you have to be, to write that…think about it….

    Who benefited from Mr Leppink’s death? Surely not Ms Hughes.

    Did anyone THINK they were going to benefit from Mr Leppink’s death? Certainly not Ms Hughes. The boat had a loan aginst it, and she knew she was not getting any insurance money.

    Mr Leppink was unable to get along with the people in the house. He spied on them, read their mail, etc…and how is it that he ended up in alaska to begin with? Was it true, that he was kicked out of the family business? so the question is, was he prone to have enemies in his personal or business life, outside the home? I believe that is a fair inference to draw. How do we know he did not have enemies at the bar, the fishing pier, the strip clubs, etc?

    IF Mr Leppink actually wrote that letter to his parents, indicating what they should do, if something fishy happened, what was his state of mind, when he wrote the letter?

    Was a linguist and handwriting analyst brought in to examine the content of Mr Leppink letter? To me, the note reads like a suicide note…..i’m just sayin….

    How does one get shot in the BACK, in the middle of an open clearing? It’s not like anyone can sneak up on you…so someone explain to me how this person came to be shot in the back? In the middle of an open field….walk me through that one, step by step…..the victime is in the middle of an open clearing….and gets shot….in the back….yeah? Okay. How?

  92. Family and friends are never going to admit that Linehan could be guilty. Hell they don’t care anyway. They just want her out of there. Do any of you think for one minute Linehan would help you if you were wrongly convicted. Of course not. She wouldn’t even give you the time of day. If her mother and sister cared so much why didn’t they do whatever it took to get her away from that kind of life. And that voice of hers makes me want to vomit. It is so fake. And of course when asked about the way she used men her response was—“I think we better stop right here because I am feeling attacked” Please. How can you not see this woman has something to hide. I wouldn’t be so smug if I were her family. You don’t know she is going to get off. There is plenty of amunition for the prosecution. And they are not going to drop this case. She will be tried again and found guilty again. So if I were that wimp of a husband of hers I would enjoy her freedom while he can. And of course the previous poster can’t get off of Leppink and how he is so sure he set her up. Man you do not know that for sure. You were not there and you don’t have a clue what was in that woman’s mind. I will be glad when she is back in prison and all of this mess can die down. I have to believe she is going to get what is coming to her.

  93. I know a lot of people are impressed at the club owners offer. Let me tell you that man was pretty sure his offer would be denied. So he had nothing to lose. Since he obviously has the money and if he is sincere about his belief in her innocence then why doesn’t he just annie up the 25 anyway? He will never do that and I will tell you why. Because he doesn’t really mean what he is saying. I swear this is so obvious I don’t know why more people don’t see it. While I believe this woman is no threat to society and I have no sympathy for foolish old losers I also do not believe she is necessarily going to get off the next time as so many of her supporters are claiming. The prosecution has other things going for them besides the stupid Leppink letter and saying she watched a dumb movie. There are two sides to this woman and she is an oppertunist. So, what is so bad about that? She could never take advantage if people did not let her. In that respect they are responsible for what happens to them. Here is something to think about tho. If her supporters were so sure of her getting off then their reaction now would not be to keep repeating she is going to get off. They would be sitting back not worrying. The truth is no one knows. Just have to wait and see.

  94. I wanted to comment with an update, in hopes more people will share their thoughts about and experiences with Mechele. I’m quite interested in comments from people who personally knew Mechele and their thoughts about her case!

    The update:
    Mechele Linehan is free on bond (the money was donated by a stranger and a local strip club owner offered his property as collateral) Mechele is living in a studio apartment in downtown Anchorage and must be with a third-party custodian at all times. She will have a public defender at the retrial which is scheduled to occur this September.

    The only interview she’s done since release:

    A “Free Mechele” Facebook site her supporters have created to provide updates on Mechele and her case:

    • interested,

      I, being the blog owner, need to interject here. For the readers of my blog, I do not endorse the Facebook site for Mechele. I approved his comment as it is basically relevant, however, I am not promoting Mechele or her “innocence”. Personally I do not believe in her innocence. But her upcoming trial is part of the process for justice.

      interested, I personally believe that you really are looking for people who believe in her “innocence” and should have stated as much. In fact, I noticed you did not have a word at all for the victim or his loved ones. It is so obvious that you don’t care about justice for that victim, but rather about Mechele alone. People HAVE been posting their opinions of her and most have not been positive for her. Just read them. I did watch this show when it originally aired and I found her to be acting suspicious and deceptive. She danced around some things. I would have voted her guilty myself. I doubt my opinion will change. I would like to see justice for Kent and his loved ones. After all, he is the one that matters here. He is dead and not of his own choosing. His loved ones will never see him again. They deserve justice.

  95. I’m sorry for not clarifying my own perspective. Thank you for posting my comment anyway.

    I also believe Mechele Linehan is guilty (though of course she is entitled to the legal presumption of innocence at her next trial, just as we are entitled to our personal opinions about her apparent guilt).
    My interest in learning the truth (i.e. untangling the two competing narratives about “good” Mechele and “bad” Mechele) is grounded in an abiding interest in seeing justice served. My sympathy is of course with the victim Kent Leppink and his loved ones.

    I think the Free Mechele site provides a place to access information from the perspective of Mechele’s supporters. I don’t support the Free Mechele site, but I am in favor of seeing what’s happening with this case from all sides.

    On the off-chance Mechele is innocent, as she maintains, then I hope justice is served accordingly. But if she is guilty, I hope the truth comes out clearly at the retrial and she is reconvicted.

    My purpose was simply to revive this comment thread and see if more people who actually knew/know Mechele would post more information about their experiences. It seems most people who support her innocence do not actually know her. I find that telling.

    • I apologize then for my misunderstanding of your intentions. I meant no disrespect. I have received so many emails lately telling me about how horrible I am for not having compassion for those who kill or that those I believe to be guilty are really innocent (even if there is DNA, video, evidence galore, etc.) that I jump to conclusions a lot lately! And thank you for clarifying your comments. I do appreciate it.

  96. Unlike ML’s “positive only!” website and Facebook page of rabid fans who are trying to reinvent the facts of this case and ML’s “real” self (‘I love French cheese and my fabulous haircut and haircutter . . . and the postperson who was so kind to me, because I am so innocent and gravely wronged–oh, vomit), this site is a free-exchange and open debate of unexpected issues! Most people posting think ML is guilty, as do I. I have written letters and sent emails to Pat Gullufsen and the Leppink family lending my whole-hearted support for the much-anticipated retrial and reconviction of this devious psycho _itch. I advised the Leppinks to sue this woman in civil court for wrongful death, and Kent’s father said “first things first.” He is a very good soul whose family has been devastated by the torture, defrauding, and ultimate death at the hands of ML. Keep those posts coming!

  97. ML is staying in a studio apartment at McKinley Tower Apartments in Anchorage: 347 E 4th Street, 99401, 866-881-06222, $725-$1400/mo.

    More telling than her alleged ‘only interview since release,’ above, is this excerpt from The News Tribune article by Meg Holland published 5/13/10. It discloses an entirely false reinvention of the facts as ML would have the public now perceive her for latest PR purposes going into second trial (comments in brackets are mine):

    “Linehan was 23 when Leppink, a 34-year-old commercial fisherman, died. She says she doesn’t know who killed him.” [What codswallop. She knew John Carlin killed KL because, according to her first full 45-minute audio interview conducted on 5/3/96 by Alaska State Troopers (and made accessible by the Alaska Daily News), JC picked up ML at airport on her return from Lake Tahoe.]

    “She and Leppink were staying at Carlin’s South Anchorage house while Linehan’s Wasilla home underwent renovations and Leppink waited for the summer fishing season to start. At one time during those months, Linehan agreed to marry Leppink but it was more of a business deal than for love, she said.” [ML became engaged to KL in November 1995, and she kept up pretense with KL up until his death in May 1996. Nowhere in email exchanges between ML and KL is marriage as business deal alluded to–marriage referred to was strictly the traditional kind. ML’s business dealings with KL, including life insurance policy and his will, emanated from phony marriage plans with KL. Moreover, Fitzgerald and Fricke in first trial transcripts did not attempt to represent marriage as any business deal.]

    “She says Leppink was gay and that he offered to pay her to be his wife, as a front to fool his Christian family in Michigan.” [This is also a total lie, which ML also perpetrated to state troopers. KL was not gay; there is absolutely no evidence or any indication KL ever offered to pay her to be his wife; and certainly not as a front to fool his family in Michigan. Here, ML really trips herself up, because according to all the email evidence, all discussion of marriage was in its traditional sense only, as KL was led to believe. ML’s lies are particularly disgusting, because she continues to perpetrate the erroneous view by exploiting long-outmoded stereotypes of gayness as being a painful condition to be kept hidden from family and friends.]

    “He would live in her house and take care of her animals in the winter while she traveled, and she would live in the house and manage his fishing business in the summer. She backed out of the deal after a week, she said.” [No evidence of any such deal ML backed out of was presented at first trial–this is a recently concocted explanation in latest iteration/storytale ML is trying to purvey, which she believes better clarifies her real position in 1995-1996. The obvious problem this stupid woman fails to realize is that these ‘refinements’ to her position serve only to further contradict the content of her own evidentiary emails. The shocking HAHAHA email provides the most accurate insight into ML’s true position at the time. As far as her “traveling in winter . . . managing fishing business in summer,” these flourishes belie her alleged sole goal to ‘make money for college.’]

    “Prosecutors have painted Linehan as a femme fatale who was engaged to multiple men at once, playing them all for their money. She says that’s not true.” [Engaged to multiple men at once? Check. Playing them for their money? Check. Femme fatale? She does not need any movie to meet definition of this label.

    For more information on ML case, check out my website:

    Read more:

  98. It looks like Mechele Linehan has another stalker in cantlvr. No wonder cantlvr is so obsessed with Kent Leppink. They share an obsessive personality. Her posts are all over the Internet: vile, full of baloney, and increasingly invasive. Given the harassment some have experienced since Linehan’s release, perhaps cantlvr needs to be traced by authorities. (cantlver=Kent lover —Sorry, but unless you are his mom, cantlvr, he didn’t love you back so much, if at all. Don’t go getting yourself into trouble for someone you are fixated on who didn’t even like you like that.)

    The reason some things seem strange to posters here are because they do not know any of the people involved, they do not know any of the many complex details, they know only what the media published as tabloid journalism so that they would tune in and log on to make them money. Those with more questions than answers who are confused have not read the trial transcripts and looked at the evidence that was there—evidence the jury ignored after many months of incessant tabloid journalism about Linehan, and as the judge allowed multiple unconstitutional acts on the part of the prosecution. The appeals court returning a unanimous decision in so short a time, and with clear language about the lack of evidence, was a decided slap against the judge who presided over her trial. Remember, it was the same judge who presided over Carlin’s trial, and his conviction would have been overturned for the same reasons her’s was.

    Why are people interested in this case so uninterested in what the court of appeals said about the trial and the judge’s mistakes? Why is there not more interest in how the very few witnesses against Linehan were discredited during the trial, and how even they were nothing but character witnesses, as pathetic at that as they turned out to be, because they too did not produce any evidence of her guilt regarding the actual crime of which she was accused?

    Instead, there is more interest in frivolous details about Mechele Linehan and wild guessing about her personal relationships despite those things having nothing to do with proving her guilty of conspiring to have Kent Leppink killed. This isn’t E television where people sit and discuss in nauseating detail celebrities they don’t even know, but an everyday woman whose life has been blown to smithereens while her husband and child have been permanently traumatized. This isn’t fiction, but real life.

    There are people in Alaska who know Leppink was gay and that his interest in Mechele was not actually romantic. There are people who know his interest was not only in Mechele, but in Carlin too, because of his need to have them in his life. At his age, he was about to be alone once again, looking for someone else to attach himself to. He was the lone family member not welcome back home, and the only one who’d never been able to satisfy his father. To be welcome at home again required financial success and evidence he was not gay, a bride, because money and his suspected sexuality were issues between him and his family. There are multiple people who know all of this, inside and outside of Alaska.

    Those people who say it outloud or write it are met with hostility and demands for proof as if it is their or Mechele Linehan’s responsibility to solve the case for the state of Alaska and the Leppinks. Of course, the same hecklers do not demand proof from the state of Alaska or from online anonymous trolls.

    The trolls are believable while educated, knowledgable supporters are not?Supporters who open themselves up to attack and reprisals while having nothing to gain personally are not believable, but the heckling trolls are believable when what they claim does not add up, does not make sense, leaving far more questions than answers? How is that logical or intelligent?

    Why isn’t there any interest in why Kent Leppink was the only son who had such a bad relationship with his family, the only one who was not living near and working with their father in the family business? His brothers were married, had children, and worked in the family businesses. Not Kent. He was an outcast who ended up as far from his family as a person can go and still be in the United States.

    Why is there no interest in why the Leppinks have glossed over the embezzlement and banishing of their son? Why is there no interest in the accusations made by his own brother against him, accusations that went beyond the theft, and that actually could be a problem for their parents since one claim included an intended insurance fraud that he said the family knew about? It was printed in the press very early on, but because Lane Leppink suddenly stopped talking, the public and the press just let his claims disappear from the discussion. Why have people been so easily swayed and distracted Away from examining Kent Leppink and the Leppinks themselves, in order to focus entirely, to inappropriate levels, on Mechele Linehan? Even to the point of just making things up about her?

    Emails in the first trial show that Mechele Linehan was moving out of state, Carlin knew she was, and that he’d decided to move too because with her gone, he didn’t see any reason to remain. He and his son had only moved there to please his dying wife. He was lonely, his son was still devastated from the loss of his mother, and with their household breaking up, Carlin didn’t want to stay in Alaska either. The emails also prove that Carlin did not believe he was going to have a romantic relationship with Mechele, nor that he thought he even had a chance to, but rather, he knew she was looking for an apartment in a different state to be with Scott Hilke.

    Kent Leppink stole Mechele’s private papers, including her social security card and her passport. He’d been breaking into her email account, reading her mail and her emails (there are emails between Linehan and Leppink about his invasions of her privacy, and between Linehan and Carlin mentioning it too. Also, troopers found Linehan’s, Hilke’s, and other people’s private papers in Leppink’s car after his death), so he’d seen Linehan’s and Carlin’s emails about both of them leaving Alaska, separately from each other, and he was going to be alone again, looking for someone to take him in again. Pretty depressing for a 36-year-old man. Broke once again, owing money to multiple people, worn out his welcome with the first people he lived with when he arrived in Alaska, another home life with people he’d attached himself to was ending, and ending with them fed up with him just like everyone else before them.

    His father was angry about his finances because after stealing a huge sum of money from the family business, he later borrowed money from his parents to start his own fishing enterprise and then lied to them about being successful at it. Who doesn’t know it is unusual for a father to travel thousands of miles to go over his 36-year-old son’s financial accounts and to have words with him about it? Most 36-year-old adults are independent and do not answer to daddy about their finances anymore.

    Kent Leppink’s father was also upset over his son’s lying about having a fiancée. The family knew he’d never had a girlfriend in his life. At 36, from a rich family, tall and relatively handsome, he’d never had a girlfriend. His father had a history (and still does) of an iron grip over his sons, especially about money, and he’d said anti-gay things, quite harsh anti-gay things. He’d made it clear how much he would never accept a gay son. People heard his statements on the topic. So why no interest in that?

    Why is it so hard to understand Kent Leppink’s frantic searching for Mechele Linehan so she would be there to see his father in the context of what is known about his father and Kent’s relationship with him? Why are the things Carlin, Linehan, young Carlin, and Lane Leppink ignored while unsubstantiated conjecture is used to convict two people and sentence them to 99 years in prison? In the case of investigators, they ignored everything everyone they interviewed said, including people in town besides those principals, that did not fit with their quickly chosen favorite scenario. Why is there so little interest in that fact?

    Leppink’s father was going to find out the truth about his his finances, but at least Mechele would be there to prove he was engaged, that he wasn’t gay. Except, he’d gone too far and burned that bridge so she’d left the state to start arranging to move away from Alaska, to move in with Scott Hilke as they’d just renewed their relationship. Why no interest in how Leppink must have felt humiliated in front of his father—devastated at facing his father after angering him once again? After racing around looking for Linehan, discovering she wasn’t anywhere he could find her and dad was on his way, Leppink must have been really beside himself.

    If Mr. Leppink has so much power and influence over his remaining adult sons that they are remaining silent while their parents use the state of Alaska to crucify other people, even as they know the truth about Kent and his relationship with the rest of them, and at one time Lane Leppink did attempt to be honest so he must know what they are doing is wrong, then imagine how much Kent must have dreaded facing his father with his empty bank account and no fiancee’ after leading the family to believe he was a successful fisherman and his romance with that youngster was real.

    Why no interest in what was said between them when they had their showdown in Alaska right before Kent died? It’s just common sense to investigate that thoroughly. Yet, all of the attention and interest is directed at two people there is no actual evidence against; two people the evidence shows were moving on with their lives separately from each other and from Kent Leppink. Why? Because It is more fun to believe a bewitching woman-child could control men old enough to be her father? It is more fun to believe she still can work black-magic, even from inside prison and through photos and television she can manipulate people who’d never even met her and she doesn’t even know are out there?

    Kent knew the household they’d called their “little family” (it’s in the emails in the trial files) was breaking up, he and his dad had a blow-out, and within 24 hours of his father leaving Alaska Kent was dead. Linehan wasn’t even in the state. No evidence of any kind has been produced showing Carlin and Linehan intended him any physical harm. No evidence was produced showing Carlin was anywhere near the scene of the death. There was and is evidence he couldn’t have been. The evidence that was at the scene, two sets of footprints going in and only one set coming out, neither set were Carlin’s. Where is the blog and reader-board speculation over those pieces of information?

    Where is the interest that should be there over that weirdly contrived letter? The letter is contrived, and it is devoid of any real emotion, including fear or regret. It includes contradictions, a long list of revenge tasks for his elderly parents to do on his behalf, too many details on what to do with their two week vacation with the money he is leaving them, a request to give his friend Gary his fishing boat because it might help Gary, and even the end where he signs off is so casual it doesn’t fit with the intent of the letter, at least not the intent he is trying to get across.

    Where is the public’s and authorities’ interest in the mysterious Gary? Gary, his friend he used to take off with for days to weeks at a time, yet his roommates, including the young woman everyone insists had a real romance with, didn’t know him. She didn’t even know his last name at the time, just that Kent had a friend named Gary he would go off with. Gary ended up dying in the street, a homeless alcoholic, in another state. So, why is no one interested in what role he played in Kent’s life since he was involved with Kent in Alaska clear up until Kent died?

    Where’s the speculation and interest in Kent’s gambling activities?

    Why has what Honi Martin, Mechele’s roommate in Alaska, a woman who knew them at the time and lived with Mechele for a year, been ignored by people so interested in this case? The prosecution knew about her and where she was but didn’t tell anyone because what she said contradicted their hypothesis. She was found by the defense side too late for the trial, but she did write a letter to the judge before sentencing, and she’s been interviewed. She contradicts the prosecution’s description of Linehan and events back then, but I never read anyone interested in this case including what she’s had to say.

    There are people who know Leppink’s anger toward Mechele was because of her not following through with their agreement after he became increasingly unstable and was the one costing the others time and money. He was angry with Carlin for helping her evade him, and because Carlin and Linehan were better friends with each other than with him, and they’d communicated to each other they were bailing on Alaska, in Kent’s mind, bailing on him. He was left out, again.

    He was untrustworthy and it was he who was especially manipulative toward the others in his household. He made commitments he often didn’t keep; he borrowed money and didn’t pay it back; he started behaving inappropriately toward John Carlin’s teenage son; he tried to get both Mechele’s and young Carlin’s private information from counseling sessions and wanted to sue the clinic after they informed Mechele, and he was concerned about what they might have said during counseling sessions; he followed Mechele Linehan out of state at least twice, showing up unexpectedly; he followed she, Carlin, young Carlin, and Scott Hilke when they took a trip to NV together that he was not included and showed up uninvited; he stole and kept the private records of Linehan and other people, including people his housemates did not even know; and on one of the trips Linehan took to join Hilke in another state, not only did Leppink stalk her by following her, he broke into Hilke’s car and stole papers, including hotel receipts. She discovered from Kent Leppink’s brother that Kent embezzled money from his family, and that he’d been involved in arson for insurance fraud.

    Kent Leppink was angry when she backed out of their agreement after she discovered just how manipulative he’d actually been. He’d been lying to his parents for well over a year about his relationship with her-long before she agreed to the engagement. He’d lied to her, someone much younger than he, about who he really was, what he could provide in exchange for what he needed from her, what he really required, and how trustworthy he really was. He did not follow through on his end when he exchanged work for a place to live. He stalked her, invaded her privacy, and was acting increasingly unstable as well as demanding about her performances for his parents. His parents and what they thought and suspected grew to be his entire focus in the last few weeks of his life. Despite all of his bad choices and inappropriate behaviors, in his mind she, a woman much younger then he, was responsible for his parents discovering he’d been lying to them about her. He also needed an excuse for not having any money when his father found out about it.

    Even Leppink himself said he he was a virgin with women. He never even tried to sleep with Mechele. The man was 34 when he met her and moved on to her couch because he had nowhere else to go. He was 36 when he died. She was only 21 when he started showing up at her door and asking to stay at her house, and only 23 when he died. He died owing her and others money, not the other way around.

    Various investigators know who they are, the people who knew Kent Leppink and that he had certain secrets, including his being gay, but they are not people who would be treated well if they went public on their own, just as Mechele has been vilified and it’s been considered acceptable because of her past profession as a dancer. Those most vulnerable in a town are usually those who know the most about what is really going on in the shadows, but their vulnerability leads them to silently protect those in power. It’s the same in every community.

    It is not true there are no emails supporting the contention Leppink was gay. The only reason it matters is because that knowledge explains the odd relationship Leppink had with Linehan, and his past crimes and problems explain his odd relationships with his other housemates as well as other people in Anchorage. Without full knowledge of who Kent Leppink was, one cannot figure out what really happened between the people involved. Without knowing who he really was, it is much too easy to discount every single thing Carlin and Linehan said to defend themselves. That’s what has happened.

    One would think Kent Leppink was a saint the way they are attacked anytime they dare or dared to utter anything the Leppinks don’t want said about their son. It turns into an ugly mob scene from the gallery of viewers, almost all of whom never met any of these people, ever. That ugliness is encouraged and whipped up by the Leppinks and by a handful of people who’ve made it their distasteful crusade, either for their own sick, or petty, or loyalty to the Leppinks or to the prosecution reasons.

    In addition to the testimony of young Carlin that Leppink was sexually harassing him until he complained to his father, there are emails among those in the files of the first trial, written by John Carlin about Leppink wanting sexual relations with him. They are too crude to quote here, but anyone truly interested in justice, versus a mildly twisted pleasure in picking over the bones of Mechele Linehan with innuendo and guesses, will either find a way to read those files, or will cease making unfounded judgments, assumption, inferences, and guesses at the expense of Mechele Linehan, her husband, her child, her mother, her sister, and her friends.

    People, ask yourselves why a very Few individuals spend their time haunting as many websites devoted to this topic as possible, merely to keep posting the same unsubstantiated shrill accusations, and they’ve been doing it for four years. Why is anyone doing anything they can to invade her privacy?

    Ask yourself why the state of AK is so intent on convicting people for a crime that happened many years ago, to no one who lives here or who has family here, and they do so even though both investigations were poorly conducted, they have very little information because of it, and they have no direct evidence of the crime, not even of Carlin or Linehan wanting to hurt Leppink. Isn’t there something odd about that?

    Ask yourselves why it is so important to Kent Leppink’s wealthy, very conservative parents to do their best to destroy a woman who was only 21-23 years old when she briefly knew their almost middle-aged son. When they met her, just a young girl compared to their son, they did not warn her of his history. His own brothers wanted little to nothing to do with him, but his parents blame Her for anything that happened to the son they had so many problems with and his father was so angry with. His parents have made it their mission to ensure the public and the state of Alaska blames her, and his brothers silently let it go on in order to protect their own interests. When examined closely, Kent Leppink’s parents’ behavior toward John Carlin and Mechele Linehan has been very much like their son’s was. Obsessively vindictive when others, in this case Kent, did not behave the way they preferred. Unfortunately for Carlin and Linehan, Kent is no longer here to be angry toward. Perhaps the apple did not fall as far from the tree as Mr. Leppink believed.

    The best thing for their own family and sense of peace would be to accept their son’s death, letting go of their own sense of parental guilt and anger while leaving people who were unlucky enough to pass through his life many years ago alone. Given their values, they would be happier leaving Kent’s memory alone so that they are not forced to learn more of his secrets. Unfortunately, so far the Leppinks have chosen to work out their grief, guilt, and anger toward each other over Kent by making it their mission to place the blame for his life and outcome elsewhere. Not at the feet of their family and their own problematic relationships, and not at the feet of Kent himself, who as an adult man, made his own choices.

    Nevertheless, the Linehans have not said anything unkind about the Leppinks and supporters of Mechele Linehan have no personal interest in them. Their only interest is justice and a fair system. It is unacceptable for the criminal justice system to be used against fellow citizens just because others have the money and power to make that their goal. To participate in it is immoral. To accept it is unethical.

    That is why strangers have stepped forward to contribute to the defense of Mechele Linehan and to help her leave prison. It has nothing to do with her family of origin, her mother and sister, her teen years, what she looks like, or what her personality is like. Who she is personally is irrelevant to people looking only at evidence, appropriate implementation of law, and who require public authorities to not bend the law on behalf of the powerful or for their own personal reasons. Whether she was a wild child or a little angel, whether she is nice or not nice, how she speaks, what she looks like, whether she shares intimate details about her relationships with her husband with strangers on the Internet (as some seem to expect, oddly), none of it is relevant. Only whether the state proved her guilt is relevant.

    In fact, it is only voyeurs, the prosecution, and a handful of overactive persecutors who are interested in irrelevant details about her life and personality. Her supporters are focused only on the law and what is just, so really, anyone could stand in her shoes and if the facts of the case and the state’s performance were the same, the support would be the same.

    • >>Ask yourself why the state of AK is so intent on convicting people for a crime that happened many years ago, to no one who lives here or who has family here, <<

      This is extremely offensive to say the least. Guess what? A man was MURDERED, his life taken away. There is no statute of limitations, so it does not matter how long it takes to prosecute. Justice needs to be served. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am by that statement. If you had a loved one who was murdered, you would not be saying that. Maybe you have not noticed, but many cold cases even old than this one are being prosecuted now and that is a great thing! The families of the murdered deserve this. And yes, so does Kent's family, regardless of how you think of them. You sit here and judge them and Kent so harshly, yet, do you know them? Did you personally know Kent? Or do you get your information from Mechele? That is my guess. Or maybe you are Mechele.

      By the way, it is a murder trial, so all parts of Mechele's life are relevant. It is just the way it is. And Kent's parents are not out to destroy Mechele, but get justice for their son who was murdered, unjustifiably.

    • from the “obsessive” attention YOU have given to this case, it seems may be as sick as those you accuse.

  99. Why has the moderator allowed a post that reveals Ms. Linehan’s address, phone number, and so on? That seems exceptionally inappropriate. While awaiting trial, the accused is, as Judge Volland stated, innocent until proven guilty and is entitled to the same respect for privacy in publishing, even online, as any other citizen.

  100. Thank you for posting my comments despite your feelings about them. I would like to correct some misconceptions and clarify my point-of-view.

    1. I have had a loved one murdered. He and his wife were dragged into the desert in Mexico, tortured, and then shot in the head because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They did not know their killers but were missionaries who accidentally crossed paths with drug cartel members in the 1980s. It took years before the site of their bodies were found. He taught me to drive. He took me to my first grown up restaurant experience without our parents, and to my first movies that were not just for little kids. He gave me music I’d never heard before. He took me to the big city for adventures. I loved him and still cry when music or experiences remind me of him and our growing up together in our family.

    Despite that, I do not assume all accused people are guilty, but expect authorities to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt as our law provides for. I do not want any innocent lives ruined because I cannot remain unbiased after our family’s loss. I do not want innocent lives or blood on my hands and what public officials do represent all of us.

    Please do not make assumptions about what those of us you do not know have or haven’t suffered in our own lives. People do not all think a like, even if they’ve experience similar tragedies.

    2. It is true Kent Leppink was killed and it is very possible he was murdered. Unfortunately, we don’t really know if he was actually murdered because of the poor investigations, two of them poorly done. If it were not for his odd behavior right before his death and the odd letter he is alleged to have written, murder would have been assumed. However, those things automatically require further investigation because of the many questions and other possible scenarios they raised.

    If he was murdered, that does not automatically mean Linehan was involved. It doesn’t automatically mean Carlin did it. As I said, no direct evidence of any kind that she or Carlin wanted to hurt him has ever been produced, and there are serious holes in the prosecution’s case trying to prove they did. Therefore, why the knee-jerk belief that it Must be true and anyone questioning it is bad and offensive? I actually believe my position is a moral one because I do not leap to conclusions and I do not confuse personality and lifestyle choices with evidence of guilt.

    3. The link provided stating where M. Linehan would be living does not say her mother released the information. Her mother was not even there and did not join Linehan in Alaska for at least three weeks later. She was not in front of the judge in a hearing until almost a month later.

    I do not understand the derision directed at me, or at her mother either, merely because I do not think intentionally pointing countless strangers at a person’s address, phone number, and even including what rent they may or may not pay is appropriate or responsible. Of course people who are truly motivated can find it, but why lower ourselves to participating in encouraging harassment of anyone? I was surprised you would accept that as the blog owner, the person responsible for the site, especially given some of your other pages look like they are providing truly valuable benefits to people using them.

    4. I do not know why it is inherently offensive that serious questions would be asked about the other people involved in Kent Leppink’s life, and about his own activities and behaviors when they were not stable or normal, even the state said that, and nothing I said came from my imagination but from news reports, statements made by Lane Leppink and his wife, and the first trial records. Why is Linehan automatically a devil and Leppink a saint because he died?

    5. Do you know anything about the state of Alaska and how things are done? How isolated it is? How unused to outside eyes holding it accountable it is?

    6. Did you know Kent Leppink? Did you know any of the people involved?

    Why have preconceived opinions about what happened and who was guilty of what before all has been thoroughly investigated? In my case, I didn’t have any preconceived ideas. I don’t care if Linehan is nice or not. I don’t care what her family life is like. I care only whether the state can prove she committed the crime of which they accused her. (Well, I also care that our entire criminal justice system operates within the law and justly. Currently we have three or four other judicial and prison scandals brewing, unrelated to this case.)

    If the state had proved its cases against Linehan and Carlin, I wouldn’t be writing this. If Alaska authorities had actually done a real investigation, either time, they would probably have found the truth. This case has so many unanswered questions and mysteries that point away from Linehan and Carlin that she is in fact probably the least interesting aspect of it.

    9. Even a trooper admitted they just took the easy path to wrap it up the first time, and so didn’t really do much investigating. Did you know investigators actually interviewed key and non-key people without even taking notes or recording them? And that happened during both investigations all those years apart? That is how unprofessional they were. I have a degree in psychology and know how interviews should be conducted and how fallible memory is. That is only one problem out of many with the way this case was handled. So, you see, I cannot in good conscience jump on the burn the witch bandwagon when I’ve seen up close how unprofessional the state of Alaska handled this case.

    10. You are right, this is not a court of law. It is, though, a site devoted to such, to legal case, is it not? I was under the impression you and some of your commenters are very serious about this topic. If I am correct in that, then I must ask, why is it justifiable to reach conclusions and have opinions on who those people were and what they did without carefully examining all of the evidence and problems with the state’s hypothesis? Why take sides before all information possible has been gathered? And why is accepting that Kent and his family were not the Waltons a terrible thing? Who is? Is it better to sacrifice other people before we will admit they weren’t and that Kent had problems? Some of it is already public knowledge and has been for a long time. And sadly, Alaska already sacrificed John Carlin III. Guards purposely left him in danger and he was beaten to death before his appeal was completed, and he had some of the same points-of-appeal that was responsible for her overturned conviction. His would have been overturned too. But our authorities convicted him without evidence and left him to be beaten to death after he’d already been beaten twice before. Linehan has been sacrificed too, but at least she is still alive and has a chance to make the state prove their case next time or let her go.

    11. In an effort to be unbiased and fair, do you or anyone have answers to my direct questions? Not opinions about whether I should dare ask them because that is what is supposed to happen in an investigation. Questions asked and answered in an unbiased manner using logic and what we really do know versus what we don’t really know, until everything is ferreted out. If we, the public can’t do that or don’t expect our officials to do it, then we have no business convicting anyone. The risk of immorally ruining innocent lives only for revenge or blood lust is too great.

    12. In a murder trial not everything about the accused’s life is relevant. That is why some things are not allowed and why appellate courts overturn convictions. In fact, the rules are very in-depth about what is relevant and why, and what isn’t and why. In general, only what is Directly relative to the actual crime the person is accused of is relevant.

    13. My comment about why the state would take this case to trial was not written because I believe cold cases should not be solved. When they can be, they should be. I agree.

    What I meant is, all public agencies decide what to pursue based on their budgets and total responsibilities. Alaska has weird crimes including murders on a routine basis. Every week in Anchorage. Anchorage has a very high crime and violent crime rate. It has the highest rape rate in the country. There is Much for our authorities to do. This case, however, was very weak. Even the court of appeals said so, as did the first bail judge who said if it was up to him he would throw it out because it was so weak. That is why I asked the question. There are no Alaskans here with attachment to Kent Leppink who are asking for resolution or closure. The death happened a long time ago. Because of the economy, Alaska isn’t even taking care of its infrastructure, people in the bush villages are going without and suffering, and emergency employees and budgets have been cut, including firefighters and law enforcement. So in deciding which cases to prosecute, with so many crimes to investigate and to prosecute in this state on a daily basis, the choice to go forward with such a weak one has really astounded a large number of people in Alaska. Believe me, I’m not the only one asking that question.

    The hostility shown toward serious examination of cases like this that is exhibited on a number of crime blogs leads me to wonder if devoting so much time, energy, and attention to something so painful and negative does not ultimately affect people until it feels normal to assume all people accused of a violent crime, or any crime perhaps, are guilty. Does devoting oneself to the subject matter, much of which is sad and even scary, distort a person’s sense of safety like studies show watching a great deal of local news leads people to believe they are in more danger every day than they actually are? I hope you understand my analogy and do no take offense at the question. I am sincerely curious and have wondered that.

    Thank you again for posting my comments. I am sorry you felt so much derision and anger toward me and what I offered.

  101. Did anyone else notice that she only cried when she considered her own fate and the impact of the trials on her. When discussing the murdered man, she dabbed at her eyes constantly, but not a single tear was shed. Classic visual manipulation. And the call when she learned of his death-her first concern was when it happened-can’t you tell. Obviously, the concern was to fix her alibi. Would you, told of the death of a lover, worry first about WHEN it happened. Her shaky baby voice was obviously put on to seem vulnerable and weak, but she looked defiant the whole time. What a liar.

  102. I didn’t see it that way. Why should she be all-fired broken up over the victim if he wasn’t her victim and if she believes/believed he framed her? I wouldn’t be. I heard the tapes and I didn’t think that sounded fake either, especially after listening to all of them in order.

    I’m curious, what’s with the references I keep reading from posters on blogs about her “baby” voice and her “breathy” voice. What does that have to do with credible evidence of a crime?

    Just my two-cents.

  103. I didn’t see it that way. Why should she be all-fired broken up over the victim if he wasn’t her victim and if she believes/believed he framed her? I wouldn’t be. I heard the tapes and I didn’t think that sounded fake either, especially after listening to all of them in order. Viewers need to remember too that those TV shows are edited for drama and controversy, using lots of innuendo too, because they are for entertainment. We can’t fairly reach conclusions from them.

    I’m curious, what’s with the references I keep reading from posters on blogs about her “baby” voice and her “breathy” voice? What does that have to do with credible evidence of a crime?

    Just my two-cents.

    • … don’t be so naive!!! This woman is obviously extremely capable at displaying convincing feelings for the purpose of manipulation.

  104. @ Susan: I took drugs in high school, late teens, and early 20s. So what? Most kids used to, and a large percentage still do. Even the so-called good kids (like the athletes, cheerleaders, and honors students) do, they just hide it better from the adults. Kids all know that. Self-righteous parents and school administrators don’t.

    I grew up to be a law-abiding citizen, productive, moral, responsible, and a good parent. Pretty boring as a matter of fact.

    I’ve got news for you too, for all parents who don’t realize this yet. If your son hung out with kids who got into any trouble for things like drugs or drinking, your kid did the same at some point because are like adults, they hang out with those that do and like the same as them.

    My point is, gossip about what a kid did that we didn’t approve of isn’t valuable when deciding whether a person, especially later after they’ve fully grown up, is capable of committing a crime or whether they did commit a crime, especially murder. It’s just irrelevant gossip because it has nothing to do with crime or evidence and can’t even be used to know who that person is as an adult.

  105. Response to college friend: I live in WA and the college Mrs. Linehan attended does not give traditional grades. There would be no “A” to get angry over. Got to wonder about your own issues since you gave that example and it can’t be true. If you do really know here, bviously you aren’t a friend, are you?

  106. guilty, guilty, guilty

  107. oh for goodness sake! the woman is guilty, an actress and manipulator. Her tears are for herself. She thought she got away with murder… there’ a thing called karma. Keep her in jail!

  108. Its amusing how everyone that “knows” her cannot face that she did this or at least participated in this crime. Of course not, thats the entire case. She was someone that firsthand did not know who she was herself. In my opinion she used her manipulation to get through life. She seeks the love of people who are inferior to her and takes advantage of them. Why not marry the physician sooner. Why did she wait until after his graduation to SECURE her future? This is a person who was evil and masked it when it was convenient for her. It is called character. You build character it is not simply made from one day to another. Has anyone asked themselves why work at a strip club and not a regular job? The fact that she was willing to do something like this to make “money” gives question to the type of character she IS. I know if I was broke and needed “money” that would be the last profession I would choose temporary or not. Also, what about her family background? What type of child was she and why were her parents not featured to make her case stronger. Hmmm, I wonder why? The husband is precisely the type of person she would pick…

  109. if you have a functioning adult brain you know she is guilty..if you think she is not you are just as crazy as she is..actions are always the truth…she controlled these lonely desparate men..nothing happened without her being in control of it…she needs to be put away for life..her tears, her sadness, her changed life, its all an act…this is so obvious

    • I agree completely. I think there were more men who are not mentioned. I also think she was likely having sex with the boy.

  110. I remember this case on TV & it being very perplexing. I felt that all three had some sort of issues. I really admired the son for stepping forward about his father & her cleaning the gun, he was very brave to do that, it was the right thing & I commend him for it because I know how hard that had to be. A part of me believes they had a part in it but another part of me says the man either killed himself or hired someone to kill him in order to make sure his parents got the money & to get the ultimate sweet revenge by playing her game against her in the end. If you think about it, what better way to go out than giving everyone exactly what they deserve. If that’s the case, no wonder she’s so pissed off.. he knew her well & is laughing beyond the grave.

  111. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time believing Carlin pulled the trigger. Obviously there is some connection to him because he owned that gun and I believe the son’s story about him cleaning the gun. But I think it was set up so it would look like Carlin did it. He just did not seem guilty to me. And he made some good points in an interview I saw regarding the fact that his son never heard him leave the house, and their dog barked when the garage door opened. Also, that he sent an email at 4:30am that morning (at a time where he couldn’t have been home if he committed the murder). If he did commit the murder, the son had to be covering for him, but I get the impression that the son was genuine. Also, he said he knew Kent Leppink removed Mechele from the life insurance policy, and that Leppink would have been leaving soon for fishing season. So Carlin really didn’t have a good motive to kill Leppink. If he was leaving soon anyway, he would no longer be in the picture with Mechele, and if he knew Mechele wouldn’t benefit financially from Leppink’s death, then what motive would there be? I just don’t see enough evidence that he did it. It seemed like the whole case built against him was speculation that the “Hope note” was a ploy to get Leppink to Hope. But it doesn’t mean that Carlin ever took Leppink to Hope. There were tire prints and footprints, but neither were ever linked to Carlin. There is no evidence he was ever there. It’s too bad that he was killed before he got to clear his name.

  112. Also, I think Mechele’s husband is completely under her spell. His argument that she is this wonderful person, wife, and mother all went out the window for me when Scott Hinke took the stand and admitted that he had an affair with Mechele during her marriage to Colin. And I’ve read speculation of another affair as well. It just doesn’t speak well of Mechele for me, and it makes me feel bad for her husband. Of course it doesn’t make her a killer, but it doesn’t speak well of her character.

  113. Michelle has mental issues and can lie without conscience. I’ve observed women, and more frequently, men, like this who live double and triple lives simultaneously. Mr Lineham, this woman’s current husband, only knows the woman she wanted him to know. She no longer needs to live a double or triple life because she has the wealthy husband and lifestyle that she would kill for. What is being overlooked perhaps, is that there may have been another man or men who she had convinced to do anything for her. I’m sure the fact that a man who was likely innocent of murder was convicted and killed in prison, and that a man was murdered in the woods, means little to this woman. All that really matters is that she has the life she wants.
    Too bad they didn’t take scrapings from the man’s penis who died in the woods and see if her dna was on him. I bet it was. Her added cruelty of accusing him of being a closeted gay, was further sign of her lack of conscience.
    What feelings the husband observes are likely carefully contrived even after many years of marriage, in an effort to maintain the life Michelle wants… and she will work even harder to maintain her husbands bond with her as she uses him to pay for and plead for her murder trial and case.

  114. I was very briefly married to a guy who had three lives going on at the same time… he had the bi standers convinced he was a great guy in all three lives… this woman was guilty of manipulating and living multiple lives simultaneously… and that played a role in the murder of one in the wilderness and the murder of another in prison.

  115. I’m so glad that witch was caught.

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