• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Robert Rogers murder 4/26/1996 Battle Creek, MI *Murdered by caretaker, Sharon Zachary, who received life in prison*

Robert RogersFrom Sharon Zachary’s appeal: Defendant’s convictions stem from the bludgeoning death of an eighty-year old male friend of defendant. At the time of the killing, the victim had taken to spending his nights in defendant’s nearby home because of prior robberies and beatings he had suffered in his own home. The victim had a reputation for storing large sums of money in and around his home. The victim had given defendant his power of attorney to help the victim manage his finances, and also had also designated defendant the sole beneficiary of his will. However, approximately two weeks before the murder, apparently suspecting that defendant had misappropriated some of his money, the victim requested that his attorney revoke the power of attorney. The victim’s body was found in his home on April 26, 1996. Approximately twenty-five to thirty blows had been inflicted to his head by a metal pipe. The pipe was later found in a pond behind the victim’s house.

People of MI v. Sharon Kay Zachary
Michigan Murder Case Illustrates the Durability of DNA
Transcript: Forensic Files – “Prints” Among Thieves

Mansions and Murders: Love Thy Neighbor
The New Detectives: Raw Greed
Forensic Files: “Prints” Among Thieves


Sharon Zachary prison mug


MDOC Number: 259155
SID Number: 1671013H
Racial Identification: White
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 115 lbs.
Date of Birth: 08/05/1965 (42)

Current Status: Prisoner
Earliest Release Date: LIFE
Assigned Location: Huron Valley Complex/Women’s
Maximum Discharge Date: LIFE
Security Level: II

Sentence 1
Offense: Robbery Armed
Minimum Sentence: 15 years 0 months 0 days
MCL#: 750.529
Maximum Sentence: 30 years 0 months
Court File#: 97926
Date of Offense: 04/26/1996
County: Calhoun
Date of Sentence: 09/15/1997
Conviction Type: Jury
Sentence 2
Offense: Murder, First Degree
Minimum Sentence: LIFE
MCL#: 750.316
Maximum Sentence: LIFE
Court File#: 97926
Date of Offense: 04/26/1996
County: Calhoun
Date of Sentence: 09/15/1997
Conviction Type: Jury


43 Responses

  1. Love and forgiveness is mandated by God. Its God’s command. The truth is we are all murderers when we hate someone. We murder within our heart. We are all guilty of murder, spiritually. I recommend reaching out to those in prison. They are no different than you or me. Love them by helping them. You can help in a practical was by writing and sending them articles. I print articles from and Life happens in the mind and you and I can use words to give inmates hope and love. Thats what life is about, loving others on both sides of the bars.

  2. Let’s be adut about this: your implication that hating someone equates to murder of the type perpetrated by Sharon Zachary is profound idiocy. Why would any self-respecting person “reach out” to a violent murderer? And how would one “reach out” respectably?; the way Zachary “reached out” to the poor, violently and savagely murdered Mr. Rogers? Life is about justice, not stupidity.

  3. George,
    No need for me to comment. You said everything that needed to be said. Thanks.

  4. George,
    You did say it very well but I would like to add………
    First of all, in order to forgive someone that someone would have to do something personally to you (or me) that requires forgiveness.
    Second, The Bible says to eshew ourselves from evil so Alan I will not be writing to any of them.
    Third, are you using Bonnie’s site to promote a website? kinda shallow if you are.

  5. No website here, now, past or future ~

  6. George I am sorry, looks like I was addressing you but I was addressing Allan about the websites.

  7. I just watched the story of this murder on Forensic Files. I can’t believe how stupid this woman was! She was the sole beneficiary of his millions! And the man was already 80! Why didn’t she just wait a few years and she would have had it all???

    • Yes, she was stupid, but when she gets out of prison, she will be a rich woman because she is still named in the will (assuming Rogers had not changed the will before he was murdered).

  8. I have to say, I cannot believe the responses I see with my own eyes. Allan Koskela, you have got to be the most naive, gullible person on this planet. You espouse forgiveness to all no matter how heinous the crime or the motive behind the crime…….in this case, greed. You are a sanctimoneous idiot. I would bet a good chunk of change you would have a differento opinion if it were your father that was the victim of this crime. That’s the problem with all pacifistic, holier than thou, “I’m better than you because I forgive”, unrealistic, rose colored glasses, delusional excuses for life forms. You are a coward. Would you accept murder for profit against your child? If you would, you don’t deserve to have children. You and your ilk disgust me. I spent my life defending your right to spit on me, and now it’s my turn. Do yourself and your “loved ones” a favor, take yourself out of the gene pool. You don’t deserve offspring.

  9. And BTW Allan, prisoners ARE different. They have committed crimes, I haven’t. But I do believe you are committing one by turning a blind eye towards them and their actions. And if you’re quoting the Bible in your delusional rant, remember, it also says “an eye for an eye”.

    note from blog owner


    Please check the accuracey of your statements before posting them. Not ALL prisoners are guilty. Have you not seen all of the people released due to DNA evidence? Innocent people are convicted more than you want to believe and for many reasons. Do not lump all prisoners together as you have.

    • You need to check the “accuracey” of your spelling and punctuation, and maybe your panties, since you seem to have gotten them in quite a wad. If wrongful imprisonment is such an issue with you, why does your blog focus on the guilty? Yes, there are prisoners who are wrongfully convicted, but so many more are guilty as can be, and are right where they should be, so I think generalizing as Cujo did here is natural, if not completely accurate. People are allowed to have different opinions from yours, dear. Not sure why you jumped all over ths guy just for making a statement.

  10. Jesus and forgiveness are two words the world hates. I understand that. Such hatred produces nothing good.

  11. Update on Sharon Zachary. A christian, she is taking automotive repair classes. We have been corrresponding for three years. We have a great relationship. If you would like a great friend, write her.

  12. i’ll pass on writing this loon,the chick got a old man sweet
    nice man age what 80 plus?to be sole beneficiary to his
    millions however elect to beat him “really bad”over the head,not once but twice,then “sat around”his house for 3
    more hours search for cash that was surely NOT hers and or
    to beat him more a second time that blow i hear tonight on
    forensic files finally was the 1 that kill the poor rich guy not
    fair,and i hope she burn in hell however,since she is not yet
    dead,by either inmate and or natural causes, may this haunt
    her forever,but i doubt it,evil like this are “ok”with their type
    of illegal act,but one day i believe the lord shall make her pay,at least the ugly looking wench cannot EVEN get out
    ever,so that is some justice.
    i pass on writing such skank murdering class or
    not will not change how beyond NefArIouS sharon the devil
    zachary is,and i agree much people all racial bkgd.are in jail
    innocent,and i hope more get out as time go on,that i agree
    with from other members here bye now.
    going to watch her story again come on twice tonigth where
    i live.ny nj area.
    god bless.and nice old man she killed,as his son i
    really assume did it until i hear he pass polygraph with flying
    colors,even offer to take it.that prove he innocent sharon is
    a dog and murdering a—s i hope she rot beyond bars bum.

  13. This nasty dog killed that poor old man for money. I guess it’s true blood is always thicker than water. I just wish this old man didn’t distance himself from his son. He let this woman get too close. I hate this trailer trash looking dyke…

  14. First off, Sharon Zachary plotted and schemed to fleece Robert Rogers out of every penny that he had. The murder was premeditated. It’s hard to figure out whether she embezzled and spent so much of Rogers’ money out of ignorance of how criminal investigations are conducted or simply because she was arrogant enough not to care. It’s immaterial that Rogers was a nasty old curmudgeon… this woman got power of attorney, emptied his bank account and, when Rogers discovered the perfidy and prepared to remove her from the will, hit him over the head with a pipe. The fact that… with all the evidence (e.g., the latent print, the sneaker prints with the same incidental marks as hers, the financial motive, etc.)… she continued to maintain her innocence is absurd and egotistical. I believe that one of the cornerstones of Christian practice is to admit one’s wrongs. Catholics have even turned that into the convention of confession. That, faced with overwhelming evidence, Sharon Zachary was unable to confess shows something about her character. She has none.

    I’m Jewish. Let me tell you something. In the Torah (which is also part of the Christian tradition, obviously), you don’t love the wicked simply because God loves all creatures… but you treat them fairly and give them the chance to redeem themselves. There’s a commandments “Thou shalt not kill,” right? Then I guess the absolution has to come from God. There’s nothing that any of us can do for this person. When she committed that selfish act, she essentially rendered herself incapable of making an amend except in the next world when she meets Rogers again (if you believe in an afterlife.) I’m not particularly concerned about what happens to her… let along loving her. There are children starving in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro who need to be loved and helped. I don’t see any point in wasting time on someone who killed an old, defenseless person out of pure greed when others have no money at all and follow the law. How about them?

    By the way, in the Torah… you’ll notice that God zaps quite a number of people and urges his people to kick the crap out of every pagan people in sight. Did you ever notice what Joshua did after the walls of Jericho fell? They spared no one. So to come with that “God is love”… “turn the other cheek”… “love thy enemies” stuff… that’s all well and good. If that works for you… great. From my perspective… I love my friends and I mostly pity my “enemies,” because they’re almost inevitably sick people. I don’t waste time loving them. If they want to work on themselves, good for them.

    I find it sad that Allan is so overwhelmingly worried with the murderer and not the victim… and his son. Rogers didn’t treat his son terribly well, but did you see him murdering his dad? To me, when you rape, murder or molest children… etc… you’ve pretty much put yourself beyond human absolution. I find it sad that Allan is putting so much energy into worrying about the criminal and not helping the family and community that this sick woman injured. At the same time… Allan is Allan and I’m me… and I shouldn’t be wasting time on him or judging. I think I’m making a much bigger point. There’s so much injustice in the world… so many people in prison who are innocent… so many guilty people running free… so many victims of rape and other violence… so many children starving… all unfair. Sharon Zachary’s imprisonment is justice. We should be happy for that. Now she won’t kill other old men to rob them out of their life savings.

  15. Allan…

    Another quick note:

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say that we’re all guilty of murder, spiritually. What I am certain of, however, is that only SOME of us are guilty of murder in a physical and legal sense. Actual physical murder is volitional… and whether or not one believes in a deity, very few of us believe that we are not endowed with choice. When we make choices, we are responsible for their outcomes, and murder is one of those choices. Not all of those who are guilty of murder receive the same, appropriate consequences… because the world isn’t always a fair and just place. If you eschew the idea of justice, however, not only do you endorse wrongdoing and put even more people at risk of being victimized by those doing wrong… but you essentially throw out the law. You can’t call criminals “lawbreakers” if you don’t enforce the law, because then there essentially ARE no laws.

    I understand that you may feel that it is appropriate for people to be jailed but that they are deserving of our love, just as anyone else. Revert to my last post. Sure… they may be deserving of someone’s love, but it’s hard for me to figure why you’d be showering a cold-blooded, calculating, greedy, vicious murderer with your time and friendship when there are people out there who are essentially more deserving of it and are in far greater need AND can still be of benefit to society at large because they aren’t locked up for the rest of their lives.

    It amazes me, for example, when women marry men in jail. What kind of hollow existence must one be leading to do that?

  16. One more note to Allan–

    Deconstructing your posts, here’s what I gather…

    “Love and forgiveness is mandated by God. Its God’s command.” In your “New Testament”? Are are you speaking for God here? Again, the Jewish conception of God in the Torah is of one who lays waste to the wicked. Just read Leviticus sometime if you want to figure out what Yahweh has in mind for sinners.

    Plus, if you’re a truly spiritual person, as far as I understand, you don’t have to throw your deity at other people. What is my reaction supposed to be when I read those first two sentences of yours? “Oh, well… there you go. It’s God’s command. I’m so glad this guy told me, or I would’ve just gone on breaking the holy laws.”

    “The truth is we are all murderers when we hate someone. We murder within our heart. We are all guilty of murder, spiritually.”

    I remember how much it destroyed my life, my families lives and my friends lives when people used to spiritually murder me when I was a kid. I never saw anyone drop over dead because of my malicious thinking. The only person who is directly affected by my emotions is ME. If I act upon them, then that may be a different story. *ahem* My emotions… such as my stress… may murder me. But, like my thoughts, they are internal… they pertain to me… they have no immediate effect on anyone BUT me.

    “I recommend reaching out to those in prison. They are no different than you or me.” Sure they are. They’re in prison. They’re quite probably guilty of the crimes for which they were convicted. I’m not a murderer. I haven’t broken that commandment… that “shalt not kill” one. I’ve probably dishonored my parents before… so I’m not saying I’m Mr. Wonderful… but there seems to me to be a big difference between telling your parents to kiss your ass when you’re 15 years old and bashing someone’s brains in. My parents always taught me to play nicely with the other kids and to avoid killing them, if at all possible.

    “That’s what life is about, loving others on both sides of the bars.” To me, life is about loving… and I’m not sure what it has to do with bars. I’m still trying to figure out why I should direct my love toward people behind bars. I leave that to those good people like you, who are interested in befriending prisoners, and those men and women who marry prisoners because their lives are so empty that they let themselves be manipulated into a device by which prisoners can convince the parole board that they have a stable life awaiting them beyond the bars.

    “Jesus and forgiveness are two words the world hates. I understand that. Such hatred produces nothing good.” I’m pretty sure that Jesus can take care of himself and doesn’t need the pity party.

    “A christian, she is taking automotive repair classes.” What do the two have to do with each other? You mention “a christian” saliently, because that’s what’s important to you. As long as she’s accepted the way of our Lord Jesus Christ then she’s on the right path to recovery from her iniquities, right? And those aren’t “true believers”?

    It’s not what you’re saying here. It’s what you’re implying in this creepy, arch way.

    Truth be told… a lot of prisoners who claim to have found the Lord in prison go right back out and murder. How about that guy that Michael Baden caught with the bite mark evidence… that rapist/murderer who had been working for the prison chaplain for years and was trusted with the highest clearance that a prisoner could get?… until he savagely rape, beat and killed another woman and bit her like a wild beast!!!

    Forgiveness of the kind you’d like this woman to have comes from within her and from some higher power. I don’t feel one bit of guilt in expressing my disgust for a cold-blooded sociopath murderer like Sharon Zachary.

  17. Don; Long time, heh- Know it’s been a while give me a call if you can, can’t sem to locate you in the book after all this crap I imagine your unlisted. 727-289-4151- Beth

  18. We’re not talking about “a lot of prisoners”, we’re talking about an individual. Sharon is doing great because someone reached out to her to help and encourage her. She is doing great.

    • When you say “Sharon is doing great bc someone reached out to her to help and encourage her” do you mean she confessed? did she tell you the truth about what happened? did she say:”yes, i planned and killed that man bc of his money, and i regret it?”
      I think she’s nothing but a psycopath: a personality disorder characterized by the inability to form human attachment and an abnormal lack of empathy, masked by an ability to appear outwardly normal.

  19. Joshua,

    Please remember that people are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. You cannot change them or shame them as you are trying to do by chastising them they way you did. I realize you are the son of the convicted, but think of the family and loved ones of the real victim here, Robert Rogers. Even though you are the son of the convicted murderer, you could have done something considerate and even MENTION the victim. You did not. It won’t help your case here at all.

  20. If that was true, then the evidence would have proven that. But, my blog is still my blog. Not mentioning the victim here is still a bad thing. It should not matter how many times it is said. It should be said daily. And I hope when you testified in court for her (because if what you said is true you would have had to) that you testiifed to the truth.

  21. The evidence in the case was overwhelming, Joshua. You may set yourself free from your own prison in letting go of your denial, but that’s your spirituality. You have yours; I have mine.

    I absolutely DO want to address something you said. You said, “You have attacked someone who has no way to defend herself from your words. I hope you feel REAL brave.”

    I, nor any others here, have “attacked” your mother. This is a blog. If you or your mother can’t take comments of this type… she ought to have thought of it before bashing Robert Rogers over the head with a pipe. We’re merely commenting… sharing our feelings.

    A great deal of what I personally said on this blog had nothing to do with this case. It had to do with the ignorance of those who lavish attention and praise on people “behind bars,” the vast majority of whom don’t deserve it.

    Even if it were the case– which it is undoubtedly not– that your mother were innocent… my last point stands. MOST people in prison are guilty as charged. I think it’s wonderful when such people rehabilitate themselves. Rehabilitation, of any kind… physical, emotional, spiritual, mental… like drug addicts, prostitutes, etc… requires the PERSON HIMSELF to do the work. We can facilitate that process, but it’s up to the individual to heal.

    I’m frankly sick of these ridiculous characters who fall in love with prisoners and marry them. They’re sad, empty individuals who have nothing in their lives… FOR THE MOST PART. It’s pathetic… nay, disgusting… to watch people fawn over killers and rapists, when there are so many wonderful people in the world who have never done a blessed thing to another.

    I really don’t give a damn how your mother is doing, because I have a lot of things to take care of in my own life. I have to take care of myself, those I love, and to love the wonderful people of the world. I wish her well. But when it comes to “roasting in the fires of Gehenna,” I can tell you that I believe that people who murder or rape (or both) the old and the very young of our population… those rapists and murderers will probably burn first.

    Moreover, if you read Dante’s Inferno, you will find people like your mother in Ring VIII (second to worst), on Bolge V. This bolge is occupied by grafters, those who stole from people who trusted them, or those who acquired money or gain in unfair and dishonest ways, lie in boiling pitch, hardly daring to bring their heads above the surface, for fear of the “demons, who tear them to pieces with claws, pitchforks and grappling hooks” if they see them. The sticky pitch is symbolic of the sticky fingers of the Grafters. The demons, too, suggest symbolic possibilities, for they are armed with grappling hooks and are forever ready to rend and tear all they can get their hands on. Perhaps he who takes in life, will be forced to give in Hell.

    I wouldn’t expect wonderful things in the future, if I were here… because mortal sin is mortal sin. She committed mortal sin. Again, I wish her well, but I am not hopeful.

    So… back to working with the creatures of love and light for me!

  22. Shoe print? Thumb print on Mr. Roger’s belt ? Both from someone who is at his home constantly? …Gee sounds like “Slam-Dunk” evidence to me!

    Especially coming from those high-level Brain Surgeons of Michigan.

    I just Love how so many folks on this post automatically assume that she’s guilty. I wouldn’t trust the decision of a Michigan Jury if there were videotape — and I would trust the Investigative Practices of any Michigan Police Agency even less. Far less.

    Michigan is not referred to as “The Louisiana Of The North” for nothing.

  23. What sharon did was aweful! Instead of getting in to all of these judgements, we the people of the world need to rally together and pray,pray,pray! Pray 4 both famlies bcuz the truth of the matter is there was a lost on both sides.I don’t know which would be geater because a life was taken fom both sides! Both hurt for the famlies! Some one lost their mom and some one lost their father. One side has to deal with the aweful death of a father, and the other has to deal with ridicule, mockey, and both emotional distress! So let’s pray and not judge!

  24. My sympathies to Rogers son. If anyone has something they would like to say you can go to Oxygen boards and say almost anything. No threats or anything like that of course. I know I gave my opinion and apologized but my apology was not accepted. But that is OK. Anyway I doubt this post will go thru but just in case I wanted posters to know there is a place you can state your feelings on.

  25. Sharon Zachary is actually innocent of this crime. There is NO possibility that she did it. It’s not even a doubt.

    • There is not a doubt that she did it? Maybe for YOU, but the jury believed she did do it. And many others have no doubt that she did it.

      What is your evidence that she did not do it? I would be interested to hear that.

  26. I have seen the show about Sharon Zachary several times now. The evidence against her was overwhelming!! I agree with what Steve C. had to say – both about the “case” and about “religion”. You can’t push religion down anyone’s throat. It’s up to each individual person to choose whether to believe in a “higher power” or not. I question my beliefs on a daily basis. My family has been through so much over the past 35+ years and yet we’ve never murdered anything other than an insect or filthy rodent.

    I have an ex-sister-in-law who was imprisioned for many years for being “involved” in the murder of her youngest son by her 2nd husband. (My brother had divorced her several years prior to her remarriage.) She outright lied to me about the 19 month old’s death. I got the “true facts” from reading newspaper articles and such. She deserved to receive LIFE in prison like her boyfriend did, but alas, she didn’t. A mother always knows when her child is suffering .. my ex-sister-in-law claims she had no clue. Give me a friggin break.

    I added Robert Rogers family to my prayers when I first saw the episode about his murder. However, the only people from his murderer’s family that I included were her family. She doesn’t deserve to be included in my prayers. She had a choice to 1. inherit the old-fashioned way (person dies of natural causes) or 2. murder She CHOSE the latter. Her loss. Robert Rogers’ family’s loss as well.

    I, too, have broken one commandment in my lifetime. “Honor thy Father and Mother”. I was a teenager at the time. My parents forgave me for my actions back then after I asked for their forgiveness. God will decide when I knock on the “Pearly Gates” whether or not I deserve His forgiveness.

    Allan Koskela, you remind me of the women and men who marry prisoners. Most that do are quite lonely. There are also those that are very gullible and “fall” for what the prisoner tells them. I’ll bet 90% of those that were married prior to a loved ones incarceration are now divorced. Most because of the shame it brings the family. Why someone would want to correspond with a convicted murderer is way beyond my comprehension. You must also be a lonely person, Allan. I feel very sorry for you if that is the case. You should try joining your churches singles group. Most every church I’ve ever seen has them. Sharon Zachary will not flourish or better herself just because you’ve deemed it your duty to correspond with her. You’re just as gullible as those others are.

    On another note, thank you Bonnie, for this blog. It’s interesting to see other peoples comments about crime.

    Bless you all – the ones who think clearly and those that have a very clouded judgement.

  27. I just saw this murder on medical detectives 24/2/12 on e-tv . She must have been very evil to take advantage of his blindness to steal money from him and still pretend to be his friend.I hope all the estate went to the victims son ,she didn’t deserve it.Anyway if a person can came back twice to see if the persons dead and whack him on the head again with a steel pipe and still say I am innocent she must be very evil and deserves the death sentence

  28. of course sharons fingerprint could be on the belt they would be eveywhere.the only evidence is the shoe.

  29. Everyone tries to figure out WHY I forgive a murderer. I do not forgive the punishment. I think punishment is in order. But I do forgive the person if the person is repentant and Sharon is repentant. God spelled it out clearly. We are to forgive one another as He forgives us but the punishment applies to us all. Are you guilty of some sins in your life? Thank God for His mercy and grace. We are all guilty of murder in our hearts. Ever hate anyone? Then you are guilty of murder. Jesus said it very clearly.

    • Allan,
      That is great as a personal choice and belief. However, please remember that forgiveness is a personal choice for each person. And religion should not be a part of this. Not everyone believes as you do. Some are atheist or agnostice, whatever. And their personal beliefs are just as important. And forgiveness is not a part of the criminal justice system. So o one should come here and push others to do something that is uncomfortable doing.

  30. You have that choice, to love God or not love him. I chose to love and obey him. by telling the truth about the forgiveness of Jesus. We are both equally sinners. That’s a given. Do you know you are a sinner …? That’s a yes or no answer.

    • If you are not a Christian you would not understand any of this. You may as well just think your own imaginations.

      • I totally agree with you, Allan. Jesus said to hate the SIN and not the person. And yes, we are all sinners. When we’re mad and we say bad things about other people, we are already sinning. There are no big or small sins. Sin is SIN! One person doesn’t have to murder another person to rot in hell. No sin is so little that it will not, if unremoved by the blood of Jesus Christ, send its perpetrator to the pits of hell. Yet, no sin is so large that it cannot be washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ.

        Anyone who asks for forgiveness, and turn from their wicked ways will be forgiven of their sins. Only God can judge us.

        Regarding the people who marry prisoners. I can understand if they know each other before committing the crime. But it also amazes me, how a lot of women were writing to this Serial Killer, who has killed at least 14 people. I think he was called “The Night Intruder” – one of his pen pals was a book writer and they got married. But eventually got divorced, and this serial killer remarried. It just creeps me out! Yikes!

        • Chaira,

          You are talking about Richard Ramirez, The Night Stalker. He died a few months ago, but had been on death row. Yes, he married one of those women and I read that they did eventually divorce.

  31. Who care’s he should have had his $$$ in a trust. That required face to face approval or pre-assigned “Red-Flagged” of over with draws that totalled over 500.00. The bank was just as guilty..20k was with drawned?? Obvious sign of theft…?!

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