• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Caffey Family murders *Suspects names released; Daughter of victim involved*


Terry Caffey, father, survived
Penny Caffey, 37, mother
Mathew Caffey 13
Tyler Caffey, 8

News Archive: Caffey Family murders
Daughter, 16, charged in murder of mother, brothers
Investigators Say Family Opposition to Boyfriend May Be Behind Brutal Texas Murders
The Caffey Family Murders (has links to some MySpace pages also)
Suspects arraigned in East Texas slayings
3 Dead, 4 Jailed In East Texas Murder
Four Teenagers Arrested In Connection To Triple Murder Investigation
Family Killed in Texas; 3 Youths Held
Officers Probe Attack on E. Texas Family

Caffey Four

Charlie James Wilkinson, 19
Charles Allen Waid, 20
Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18
Erin Michelle Caffey, 16 (daughter)


277 Responses

  1. retarded people should not be accused of murder because they are too dumb to know what they are doing.

  2. As sad as it seems I guess those horse crap shows like the Jerry Springer show are truly a mirror image of the majority of our society. These kids have that same blank, stupid, ignorant look like so many young people of today. Growing up being brainwashed by all the crap on TV, I guess it isn’t any wonder. To add to that so many of their parents lack good common sense as well, and no, having a college degree doesn’t seem to matter much at all, simple is simple, no matter what.

  3. bobbi is my friend. she has been acting really weird latly. she was so stuck up her boy friends butt, 20 year old, that she would do anything for him. bobbi has never been this way, straight A student, very talented, and always had a good head on her sholder, i cant even believe this. she is in jail for life, all shit did was drive the boys there, but i guess she is in the wrong, i believe that she probably knew about it.

  4. I do not know any of these people, however a horrible dispicable act happened here. BUT, this is NOT the time to be calling people names or making dumb and stupid statements. Better yet, use that energy you expend on bad mouthing and evil and instead pray for the Husband/Dad that survived for having lost his wife and two sons in death and for losing his daughter to evil doing. This man lost his entire family and even his home in this tragedy. I am not a very religious person, but there are times that all one can do is just pray for them all. I hope you will do that instead of showing further ignorance by bashing anyone.

  5. Erin went to my school -Celeste ISD- and was in the same grade as me. She left when we were in the 7th grade. She was always the good one, never getting in trouble at all. She made good grades, and had a descent amount of good friends. I would have never suspected her of doing this to Terry, Penny, Matt, and Ty.

    • when erin moved she came to my school and i began goin to church with her and her parent si babysat the boys and then they took her out of public school n homeschooled her at the end of the yr and then she came back when i was a jr and she was a freshman bcus of credits anf ruined my friends lifes!

  6. The above comment regarding “retarded people” and the kids being “brainwashed” was totally uncalled for, this family loved their children and taught them the teachings of Jesus. I live in this community and while we do have some minor crimes occasionally, for the most part it is a very peaceful and trustworthy community. Also for “Bobo” I have a college education as does many people in this community. This is a tragic crime and I hope those responsible are punished to the full extent, I am also praying for the father who has lost his family at the hands of his daughter.

  7. Although all involved should be condemned, the girls were probably under the sway of sex-mad boyfriends. Passion is a cruel and all-consuming thing among the young, who have no other anchors or stability in their lives. They believe that love is a celestial gift and if their parents don’t approve it is because they are stupid and ignoble. I feel great sorrow for the father who lost his entire world. How can he go on? And also great hurt for the two angel boys who died innocently in this matter. I shed a tear for all family. I think the fabric of society must surely be unraveling.

  8. Apparently, Erin’s boyfriend signed a full confession.

    And Terry Caffey’s own father, Sonny, died Feb. 21st. He has lost his entire family.

    I guess Erin’s parents had good reason to not want her with this boy.

  9. You always think stuff like this can never happen in a small town until something like this happens, three factors make this crime especially disgusting in my view, first of the fact that this attack was carried out in a cowardly way while the familiy was asleep, second the killing of the brothers and last but not least the reason for the slaying itself over a relationship! a spoiled rotten teenager who didnt get his way and decidet to take it out on the family !
    Our society and our children have been numbed by too much violence on TV and in Videogames, parents buy there underage kids M rated games that should never reach their hands, the comment you get is oh its not real and they know its not, well it may not be real but still it lowers the thereshold for violence and numbs the concience !

  10. This is one of the saddest things I have ever read. What could bring any human – let alone 3 young people – to murder an innocent mom and two children while they sleep?

    I don’t know how the dad will find the strength to go on – losing his entire family, with his only surviving child responsible for it. I send my prayers his way.

    I suspect we will find out that drugs- probably methamptheamine – played a part. No one in their right mind would do this.

  11. That is another tragic story in the news. It makes me wonder about our teens? How can you kill someone and how can you even kill a child? hell…publish the pic and name of this stupid little girl, she deserves to go to jail as an adult, spend the rest of her days there, being tortured, beaten, abused and etc.
    No mercy for her and her friends and pls…NO EXCUSES EITHER. She is not retarded, not insane…she is only the reflexion of the evil.

  12. Andrea,
    I agree with you.. She is evil.


    These im sure will be down soon but it looks like Wilkinson was in the army

    *note from blog owner* Jeff, these links are already in one of the stories in my post. The one that states the MySpace links are included.

  14. Erin was my friend, I really never expected her to do anything like this. She got in the wrong crowd and that sometimes is all it takes. Before this boy came along she loved her family very much and would have never done anything to hurt them or their feelings. She was very religious and sometimes it is just the wrong influenses that can change a person for the worst.

  15. thanx for the links jeff, but I think the second one is the wrong last name?
    I think the only good that comes out of something like this is that it will serve as an example to others.
    Perhaps if Erin’s parents had gotten her out of town, farmed out to relatives or boarding school. But I don’t think you can anticipate this sort of violence, and not everyone can afford to ship wayward children out of town.
    Charlie would have probably hurt someone else eventually, perhaps even Erin. I think people capable of this sort of violence eventually find an excuse to carry out their fantasies.

  16. Hate to do it….but I HATE the double standards of the media. Although this is a very sad story and reprehensible act the media never ceases to amaze me in their bias. They (the media) took great care and tact not to release the name nor picture of the juvinle suspect. Where was this same tact when it involve the young black teen who killed his mother and sisters. ITS THE EXACT SAME CRIME! I guess preservation of journalistic integrity only applies to non blacks. Mark my words…the black youth will be tried as an adult while the white girl will claim to be sooooo impressionable due to her “young” age! What a world we live in!!!!!!

    *note from blog owner Shelly, it is not the media that decides this, it is the LAWS of the states. Georgia and Texas are very different states. You can do one thing in one state but not the other. And maybe you did not notice, but the ages of the two teens are not the same. One is 16 and one is 17. That actually makes a huge difference. So don’t blame the media and some preconceived racial prejudice that you have decided exists. Race has absolutely NOTHING to do with this. In fact, I suspect as soon as they decide to charge Erin as an adult, her picture will be posted.

  17. Everyone really needs to stop blaming the boyfriend. Charlie was not a bad kid either.. he was actually a really good kid! He just made a stupid decision.. but he was not the only one involved and should not be the only one to blame!! Charlie is a really good friend of mine and I never imagined him capable of this type of crime either!

    **note from blog owner
    Can this person who wrote this contact me please? Thanks!

  18. Cases like this are so shocking because the fact that one person could kill a family is awful but when four people in a community get together and are able to justify killing a family its craziness. I hope none of them ever see the light of day. My prayers go out to Mr. Caffey not only is he fighting for his life but his whole family has been destroyed by his ungrateful daughter and her friends.

  19. That is an evil story. I am sad to see these things happen.

  20. Hate to do it….but I HATE the double standards of the media. Although this is a very sad story and reprehensible act the media never ceases to amaze me in their bias. They (the media) took great care and tact not to release the name nor picture of the juvinle suspect. Where was this same tact when it involve the young black teen who killed his mother and sisters. ITS THE EXACT SAME CRIME! I guess preservation of journalistic integrity only applies to non blacks. Mark my words…the black youth will be tried as an adult while the white girl will claim to be sooooo impressionable due to her “young” age! What a world we live in!!!!!!

    *note from blog owner Shelly, it is not the media that decides this, it is the LAWS of the states. Georgia and Texas are very different states. You can do one thing in one state but not the other. And maybe you did not notice, but the ages of the two teens are not the same. One is 16 and one is 17. That actually makes a huge difference. So don’t blame the media and some preconceived racial prejudice that you have decided exists. Race has absolutely NOTHING to do with this. In fact, I suspect as soon as they decide to charge Erin as an adult, her picture will be posted.

    AND, the media HAS released her name (not law enforcement) based on what was gleaned from people that know her! So, keep your faith (or lack thereof) in the media – they are still at it!

  21. I’m not surprised anymore to hear about things like this when last month, crime blogs were posting about the the kid who killed his family because his driving privelleges to a car/SUV that was a birthday present were revoked and about the college student who murdered his family because they wouldn’t pay for his trip to Europe (he couldn’t be grateful enough they were paying for his college, I guess). There have been quite a few cases in the news where a sense of entitlement or disagreement with parents about a relationship and/or peer pressure leads young people to killing thier whole families. My parents forbade me to see somebody I was dating when I was seventeen but I never killed them over it, as much as I disagreed with them. I wonder what causes the people in these types of situations, especially the ones who are remembered by people who knew them as having been perfect people living normal lives, to resort to such violence over such trivial issues. Some people have commented about this girl being developmentally disabled or brainwashed but I think somebody who could enlist thier friends to carry out an almost complete massacre of thier family had to know what they were doing. So many lives have been destroyed by these selfish actions, in the end I can’t help but to pray (despite not being that religious myself either) for the poor father who has lost his family and who almost lost his life.

  22. I am a personal friend of the family, and I don’t think Erin could have done anything like this. Please stop believing everything that you hear and read until it is all over with. It’s still too fresh, and the story changes from day to day. Just wait.
    God be with Terry. And goodbye sweet Penny and your angel boys. We love you all.

  23. My heart goes out to Terry. He has lost those he held most precious in his life and he is going to find it very difficult to live with this.
    The suspects in this case have taken the lives of Penny, Matt, and Ty. They have physically and mentally wounded Terry. These four young people have ruined their own lives. Finally, they have caused a great deal of grief to the loved ones of the Caffey family (excluding Erin), as well as, their own families.
    The motive for these killings was allegedly so the two young people could be together. What in the world made them think that killing an entire family would actually accomplish this? Not only will they not be together, but with the passing of time, each will come to realize the other was not worth the killings of this special family and Erin will have to live with the fact that she was responsible for the killings of her entire family.
    To Terry Caffey and is family (again, excluding Erin) I am sincerely sorry for the pain you are experiencing. I hope you find comfort in the memories of happier time and that you find comfort in knowing that your loved ones touched the lives of so many people.

  24. I know the family, I know each individual involved, and it breaks my heart into pieces knowing that this tragedy took place. This was a good Christian family, and I’m sure that the other people involved in this despicable crime were good kids too, but they just got caught up in a situation that spiraled out of control and probably didn’t know how to stop it. I know that God has a plan and that this happened for a reason, but humanisticly speaking, I can’t help but question the kids reasoning behind the senseless deaths. It was done in the name of ‘love’ and how ironic is that? The person they claimed to love is a person they’ll probably never see again because of the ridiculous actions they took. I won’t stand here and point the finger at one person or another (who am I to judge?), because you can’t single one individual out and say ‘oh, this is the one that did it! S/he is the one to blame!’ because I truly believe that it’s not just one person who did this, it’s not just one person’s idea set into action, it’s an accumulation of all persons involved that committed this heinous crime. Each should be held responsible for what was done whether they held the gun or swords, drove the get away car, lit the flames, or just helped to plan it. Each one should be held accountable for their actions because they chose to do them. You can’t blame the parents, the media, movies, video games; you can only give credit where credit is due and realize that they made the choice to do what was done. I pray that justice will prevail and that the family will be able to heal in time.

  25. God does not have anything to do with this evil. He does not have a reason for this. Only a fool would think this is part of God’s plan. We live in a fallen society , ruled by evil. And yes , we can give some blame parents, media, movies,music, politics etc. for influencing acts of violence we see every day. (You will see that the other Girl was a fan of Horror movies- glamorizing this behavior). Good kids???!! Are you kidding.?? Only an evil person can be involved in the planning or commission of such acts. Thank God for the death penalty!

  26. I can remember being mad at my parents when I was young. I think I may have even been immature and
    angry enough to say I HATE YOU a time or two
    Maybe more.

    But to stab, shoot, or kill anyone, especially a little child!!!
    Even if abuse was involved in this family somehow, how it could lead to this is beyond immagination. They have shelters and people run away and stay with friends or family – but to shoot and stab everyone!?!?!?!?!
    It’s gotta be meth related.

  27. All four of them should burn. This isn’t getting caught up in the wrong crowd–this is succumbing to pure evil and being so selfish that you would endeavor to take four lives just to be in a teenage relationship. For one, I can’t believe the father is still alive after being shot so many times, but now he has nothing except the knowledge that he raised a girl who took it upon herself with her friends to destroy all he’s built in his family. They killed two children.

    Everyone gets angry at their parents. EVERYONE. FOR THINGS A MILLION TIMES WORSE.

    They should burn. All four of them should burn.

  28. Meth has nothing to do with this evil. I did meth in my teens like everyone else and never had a violent thought…ever!!! If you don’t think media influences you …. how emotional do you get just reading or watching this story????

    *note from blog owner* Jim, You did meth like everyone else. Please tell me who you are speaking for in this sentence? Personally, I do not know anyone who has done meth. Not myself nor my husband. Nor my sister or her husband. Just because you and your friends tried it in your teens does not mean everyone else did. Some of us had no desire to do drugs and didn’t. (not that we were angels either)

  29. Jim –

    I guess you can’t rationalize that which is irrational.
    I tried.

  30. This was such a waste of human life, for what? Evidently teenage lust and raging hormones. What causes apparently normal young people to do this? I think this is a result of the “dumbing down” of our society, caused by TV, video games, neglectful parents, drugs,etc. Such grossly horrendous decisions to do such an act must have been caused by drugs. Why slaughter (that’s what it was) innocent children and loving parents when an alternative would be running away, or waiting? The hopelessness of their situation must have been magnified by drugs. How can four “good” young people be caught up in something like this and not realize ther lives would basically be over. Why didn’t reality thump them on the head and say “Don’t be stupid!” ? How could Erin agree to do this to an obviously loving family? God bless the father, what a heart! How can he face life now, and what will he say to his daughter? I would like to know these answers. This is very disturbing to many people, we need to change society.

  31. I can only begin to pray for everyone involved in this terrible tragedy. I too got angry at my parents when I was a teenager, but to do such a horrendous act cannot be comprehended. I do not begin to judge anyone, but leave this part to our Lord. Each one of these teens will have to account for their actions one day. Things happen for a reason and one day, the family will see the reason for all of this madness.

  32. This story has seriously bothered me all day! But, when looking at Bobbi’s myspace page and seeing her dirty, filthy language that she uses, its no surprise to me that she was caught up in this horrible ungodly act! I looked at most all their friends and most of them have the same kind’a language. So being a Christian is far from this girl and most of the friends thats she around. Thank God for the death penality and all 4 of them deserve just that for what they did to these wonderful people. And ALL this over a StUPID BOY!!!!

  33. I’ve been thinking about this story for the last two days and checking for updates, which isn’t my usual sort of thing.
    It’s hard to say which kid is more at fault- I guess it’s a group crime. Which one first came up with the idea of murder? And why did the others go along with it? This was carefully planned and they were determined to carry out their plan. It seems fitting that Erin and Charlie shouldn’t be able to see each other again, especially for conjugal visits if Erin is released when she’s 18 and Charlie is still alive. Their determination to boink each other has already caused enough problems. Imagine the emotional baggage for any offspring they might produce. Maybe she’s already pregnant.
    I can’t help but wonder if the girl’s homeschooling made her more vulnerable to being scooped up by one of the first guys she had a chance to hang out with away from Mom’s watchful eye. Did she also not watch TV and see how easy it is to get caught? I guess the kids all thought they would get away with murder and be in a paradise of freedom and money.
    What were they thinking they would say when the police questioned them? Did they even have a coordinated plan for that?
    I guess they only thought about doing the deed and figured the fire would hide all the clues

  34. I don’t see Erin getting out when she is 18. She should be tried as an adult and get life!!! Selfish little brat..

  35. This story was sad. I just read about it today at work, and just wanted to try and read more stories and find answers. But I think thats a fruitless search.

    Some people have said this is a mistake. Yeah obviously, but it is not like a ‘speeding ticket’ or something. You must pay the consequences. Erin knew what she was doing, as it was planned for weeks! That is methodical. That is definition of cold-blooded murder. She shouldn’t be let off the hook as she is not 10.

    The family obviously didn’t deserve this, but especially the young boys. It’s sickening how they could kill the two brothers. Seriously that’s beyond messed up. No jury would have any mercy on that. Ever. No matter how many thousands of character witnesses you rolled up to the stand.

    Praying for justice, and praying for Terry and the suspects too. It’s easier to forgive from afar then being in the middle. But yeah, with that said, they deserve life sentences, no doubt.

  36. I agree with lunchlady. Erin probably was so naive and unworldy being home schooled and inexperienced, her first love (sex?) must have erased her basic morals or blurred them for a while. Very grim reality has probably now hit her–very hard I hope. This extremely hopeless plan that 4 people were involved in must have seemed logical to them, but how could they think that they could get away with it? Haven’t they watched CSI? That sounds ridiculous, I know but looks like some little bit of common sense, logic, human decency, or brotherly love would have stopped this from happening. What did she and her boyfriend do after the murders? They had sex. This tells you something–what it was driven by. Such a shame that really 8 lives were ruined besides all of their families lives.

  37. It seems fitting that Erin and Charlie shouldn’t be able to see each other again, especially for conjugal visits if Erin is released when she’s 18 and Charlie is still alive.

    One thing to remember is that this occured in Texas and there are no conjugal visits for anyone at all in the prison system in this state, so that’s out of the question. Also, since it is Texas, this girl will not be released that easily or quickly. Most likely she will tried as an adult (unless she comes up with a hell of a story about being insane or abused and the jury actually buys it) and she will have to serve a long sentence if not pay with her life.

    We tend to fry ’em up here in Texas, but that obviously doesn’t deter the crazies that keep commiting these crimes in our state. In fact, some of the most horrnedous crimes tend to happen here, which sucks to admit because I love this place.

  38. *Oops! I meant to italicize the first paragraph of my post, since I was trying to reply to it!*

  39. dude the myspce for wilkinson you posted isnt even him, that is some kid from colorado? compare pictures, it doesnt even look like him

  40. The page listed for Charlie James Wilkinson was listed incorrectly before, this is Charlie James Wilkinson’s MySpace page, it is set to private but this is what it is:

    Charles Allen Waid’s MySpace page is also set to private, but this is what it is:

    And I’m sure you have seen Bobbi Gale Johnson’s MySpace page so I won’t post it.

    Here is a picture of Charlie James Wilkinson & Erin Caffey leaning on each other [and since they were only together for nearly six weeks, we know it was taken fairly recently]:

    I think that since Erin felt she could plan a murder that they should be posting a picture of her as well as publicly saying her name. Why should they be protecting someone who thought it was okay to kill her entire family?

    My prayers and thoughts go to Mr. Caffey through this tremendously difficult time. It is awful that people do not value human life and take it away for selfish reasons.

  41. I have learned from this case. I will never again judge the personal lives of my children aged 5 and 9.

  42. This crime was apparently set into motion by a girl who was raised in a very religious family, homeschooled and given lots of attention. As far as we know they were also very virtuous and loving- perhaps Erin will eventually say otherwise. This is not the type of family that I expect a child to come out of and commit such a calculating and selfish crime; but I guess I don’t expect any child to go to such extremes. I think the trigger is in her (their) faulty mental processes- the plan was poorly thought out past the actual murders (that part worked pretty well, except for Daddy managing to survive. I imagine Erin’s response to the news that her father survived to be petulant and disappointed. Hopefully that will change over time, as he will probably be trying to visit her in prison and rebuild some sort of relationship with her. Poor guy.

  43. What happened to the dog? I hope he was reunited with Terry

  44. THEY ALL NEED THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!!! who ever feels sorry for them is sick themselves ! they deserve no pitty and should pay the price like that poor family did they all deserve to be on death row and not sit there long so everyone pays for it!!!

  45. … The death pentaly huh?
    you know what? It’s not for us to decide the fate of others… Justice will be served through a jury. but if you people knew the Caffey family, even if you met them just one time, you would know they are nothing but loving, kind people. I’m pretty confident Penny would want everyone to pray & love Erin because that’s what she needs most right now, not ridicule… that’s what all four of them need. So instead of wasting your energy getting mad, pray for them, because obviously that’s what they need.

  46. Lord, I pray that you clean the earth of scum like these 4 . Please strike em all dead and send them to Hell quickly!!!

  47. AMEN!!!!

  48. Guys, come on. It’s not the media’s fault that Erin Caffey’s name wasn’t released earlier. It was the police who refused to tell us her name and threatened us with not giving us any more information in the future about the case if we released it. And yes, I work for one of the major news organizations covering this case locally.

    People love to blame the media, but you wouldn’t know anything about this event at all if it wasn’t for such ‘evil’. We are local hometown people doing our best to cover your news.

    The word ingrate comes to mind. Oh well.

  49. I feel no sympathy for the people involved, but anyone who has remote knowledge of the Texas prison system knows that the death penalty is not the harshest punishment to give. Aside from the fact that it is very “eye for an eye” (if we want to get biblical here, that is very old testament and not what Jesus promoted).

    They will have the rest of their lives to live with regret and nothing to look forward to and will probably want to kill themselves anyway. Plus people on death row have a more comfortable and secluded stay as they are kept away from the horrors of the general population who would love to eat them for lunch. Child killers are not very highly regarded there, you know? Contrary to popular belief, it is more expensive for the state to house death row inmate for 10 to 15 years than it is to house a “lifer”. Think about how much extra security and staff are needed for them, add in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in appeals and other legal moves to attempt to delay or overturn an execution. Not worth my tax dollars…thanks! Let them cool their heels in the general pop. FOR LIFE and trust me, the outcome WILL satisy all of you blood-thirsty types!

  50. Jessica,
    Please stop before I throw up. I have no doubt this was a loving family. This girl is accused of murdering or having someone murder her mother and siblings.
    Now, I met my son’s father when I was very young, and still a virgin. I was very naive, and when I started having sex with him, I was definately ready to run away with him if I had to, just to be with him. (my mom hated him on sight) A comment from above that said “boy crazy” is right on. Now, I would of done anything for this guy, EXCEPT kill my mother and siblings. There is just some lines you never cross, and you need to be mature enough to know when someone asks or suggests something like what happened here, they do not love you. Gob bless these people that I don’t know but continue to think about. And for the record, I hope she never gets out of jail. She is old enough to know better. You don’t sell out or kill your own family for a piece of ass.

  51. Ok so I sent a message to BOBBIE on Myspace regarding her behavior. Not so much a hate mail, more like a disgust mail. Her mothers response was priceless. After seeing I was gay her mother went on to call me a QUEER ASS, and insult me.
    No wonder this girl is so screwed up. Below is the emails sent on myspace from her mom to me.

    —————– Original Message —————–
    From: Doozie
    Date: Mar 7, 2008 5:41 PM
    maybe if you were watching your daughter ahead of time, she wouldn’t be in jail for murdering innocent people. Maybe you should get off your daughters myspace account and get to the jail isnt it visiting hours???

    The media will also LOVE to hear how the mother of a murderer is on myspace calling a gay person a QUEER ASS.

    And you wonder why your daughter is where she is

    Its terrible parents like you who deserve nothing

    wow u know how to spell PATHETIC… so impressed

    —————– Original Message —————–
    From: Doozie
    Date: Mar 7, 2008 1:27 PM

    hmmmmmm so classy no wonder why your daughter will spend her life in jail you pathetic excuse for a living human being, you are a sad pathetic woman
    Have fun visiting your daughter in jail for life

    —————– Original Message —————–
    Date: Mar 7, 2008 2:50 PM

    this is her mom….. FUCK U QUEER ASS !!!!!!

    —————– Original Message —————–
    From: Doozie
    Date: Mar 3, 2008 5:56 PM

    have fun in jail you pathetic excuse for a living being

    you deserve the death penalty

  52. Talk about being farfetched–and that’s an understatement larger that the sun–let’s just say they had gotten away with it–which would be impossible, even with a police department of all Barney Fife’s and the father had been killed with the rest. Could Erin live with herself? Same for the others–but she had the blood ties to her family. She might could for a few months or even a few years. But then her immature pea brain would finally come to realize–was all that brutal carnage worth it? I predict that she will not get the death penalty and she will make a show of turning back to religion after trying to commit suicide. This was an assassination of a family and Jessica I have no pity for any one who is this cruel and heartless to a loving family. They plotted for a month! Just one of them could have said, let’s don’t do this, we can run away together, wait until we’re older or whatever and prevented it. There’s many alternatives to this hopeless ending. You said pray for them (the killers). My only prayer is that they get their just reward.

  53. peacetoyoursoul,
    Thank you.
    Now you know the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I have alot of gay friends, and they are very loyal. Don’t let her “queer” comment bother you. You can definately hang out with us.

  54. I am not letting it bother me, it just goes to show where this girl Bobbie got her anger from……Mommy Dearest!!!

  55. as for Jessicas comment………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    why love those who have killed?

    do they deserve the love?

    have they earned any sympathy??

    Lets play devils advocate

    lets say Erins father molested her, lets say her mother sexually abused her and physically abused her……even THEN its NOT OK TO KILL

    Go to the cops…..

    this girl got her cell phone taken away…..

    and she decided to kill her sweet innocent brothers?

    and her parents?

    and if BOBBIE is so INNOCENT how come she didnt stop this? warn the cops? tell an adult or teacher???

    she deserves life in jail for those 4 lives lost

    Dad may not be dead on the outside…..but I guarantee you he is dead on the inside after losing his loving family…to a cell phone

  56. I cannot wrap my mind around this. How could she?

  57. because duh a cell phone is worth more than her familys life didnt you know???

  58. I didn’t know that a cell phone is worth more than a lfie 🙂
    I can’t wrap my mind either Shauncey..

  59. John,
    I went to her profile and I see that Bobbi’s mom is really upset.. She wrote in all caps and said we were losers 🙂 What did you say that made her delete Bobbi’s page? LOL just kidding.. Mom sounds like she needs to chill out.

  60. i know her mom is pissed, apparently her mom believes we are all insane. Even after the affidavit came out proving its been planned for a month, she believes her daughter is innocent.

    Newsflash mommy

    pulling the trigger isnt the only way to kill someone

    sometimes silence is murder in itself

    in this case its true

  61. I’m really glad I found this blog because I just cannot get this crime out of my head. Like others have already stated…how could not ONE of the four involved come to their senses during the entire process of planning these unspeakable crimes?
    I feel beyond compelled to know the answer to this as it is so far beyond comprehension how even the two who were not emotionally attached could follow through without considering the repercussions.

    There are heinous crimes such as this committed all the time and they all break my heart, but this one has dug much deeper for some reason. How is this father going be able to bear the enormous burden of his own child’s evil, how is he going to face each day? I know the Lord and even so, I truly don’t think I would be able to live through that kind of pain, I think I would die from pure grief.

    I have no hopes for the four murderers, I only have hope for Terry Caffey and I’m not exactly sure for what. Actually, yes I do…I hope that the Lord grants him peace that surpasses all understanding. Only God knows how this could be attained. I wish I could go to Texas and just share in his grief for a moment, just from one parent to another. I love God so much, but I can’t help but wonder why He would let this come to fruition? I’m rambling, I know, but it helps some to vent about this…I will never forget this crime.

  62. where was god when these people were being killed? how come he didnt stop such a horrible crime?

  63. There are many, many things about this crime that I don’t understand. I simply cannot fathom the actions of these young people. I am sure there is much to the story that hasn’t been disclosed, but nothing that would warrant murder. In a previous post I read that the daughter, Erin, may have been sheltered and inexperienced because of her homeschooling family.Maybe she hadn’t watched enough TV. Thus being the reason she was pulled into this mess. What is the excuse for the other three? That they weren’t homeschooled and inexperienced? That they watched TOO much TV? I don’t think any excuses can be made for any of them. There are some things you just don’t do. However, over the years many, many people have crossed that line. Too bad we don’t know what goes on inside their minds before they commit such horrendous crimes. Maybe we could do something about it. Many, Many prayers to the Caffey Dad and family and friends. God is the same place he has always been. World History is full of tragedy, that doesn’t discredit God’s existence.

  64. In the several comments above that I’ve written, I have been trying to work out in my mind, WHY four individuals, one at least from a good family, could be so stone cold to think this was the ONLY solution. Also, why even one did not speak up and say NO, this is inhumane, too brutal, my upbringing forbids me, I love my family too much, OR I saw on CSI that they can catch us easily. Were they that stupid or that stone cold? I’m lost trying to understand some crazy logic. If one of them did this on the spur of the moment I could more readily understand it…but they planned it for a month! I’m sure the father is wondering why this happened to his family, even though it seemed they were a devoutly religious family.

  65. It’s been a week now. The suspects are all sitting in jail and everyone else connected to them is sitting nearby and wondering if it was all a bad dream. Terry has been over to the burned down house and to visit his daughter. He’s probably staying with a friend or neighbor with the dog. Even the dog was deceived by Erin.
    How long until anything more dramatic happens? Is there any courtroom activity scheduled? Now that everyone has a lawyer the stories will increasingly conflicti with each other as everyone tries to save a piece of their own hide. I don’t see how the boys can avoid the death penalty, but I guess the girls have a chance. Do Terry’s wishes have any influence on the course of events for his daughter or is it up to the judges to decide her fate?

  66. those innocent people died, the guilty should die too…..

    all 4 of them that could have prevented this

  67. Everyone just stop. Stop for one minute. What if it was your daughter, your sister, your brother, your best friend… How would you react then?
    i’m here to tell you this murder directly affects my family. we know all them. we still cannot wrap are heads around it, it’s still as though it’s just a horrible nightmare. Some of you are not even citizens of our community, so when you log off your computer it stops affecting you.
    but it will never stop affecting us. especially those of us who knew the caffeys.
    Why should you love someone who has killed?
    because hating only feeds them.
    Why should you forgive someone who has killed?
    because Matthew 6:14 – For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
    Mark 11:25 – And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.

  68. I was raised with a strong Christian education and I agree with Jessica that forgiveness within a family or close community is important, partly for religious reasons and partly because it helps release the one who is able to forgive from their pain and anger, which is a form of bondage and breeds evil in the heart. Relationships don’t last if we can’t get past small things. These crimes are not small, but I still hope that Terry and Erin can eventually rebuild some sort of relationship. Erin especially will need her Dad’s support, but Terry also needs something from Erin, which I hope he can get.
    However, the laws of the land are in place to provide order and to discourage us all from committing crimes like this. You are right that I don’t live in your community but it is sitll of interest to me what happens in other places. I am hoping that there is something to learn here, but I afraid that there is only foolishness, selfishness, and loss.

  69. I disagree with you because I don’t believe you can forgive someone for murder. If my sister went and killed a family of innocent people, then my sister deserves death. It is as simple as that. I don;t believe in god for many reason, 1 he is a figment of all of your imagination, 2 he has NEVER helped anyone in any way, where was he on 9/11? Where was he on the dan of the Tsunami? Of Landslides? Or hurricane Katrina? I had such a bad childhood, and I begged god to help me through it, but it got worse and worse and worse. God never helped me therefor to me he is not real.
    Murder is murder people. HERE WE GO………….Erin will “find god” and Erin will help the homeless and all you religious people will forgive her because god has. She fucking killed her entire family, and she is in jail right now PISSED she didn’t completely finish off her father. The girl deserves death. The father deserves a lifetime of support, love, and money. I would not be able to go back to work after my entire family was killed, my sons stabbed and burnt to death because my slut of a daughter couldn’t use her cell phone, and bang her boyfriend. Also, don’t say she is not a slut, she went and had sex with her boyfriend right after they killed her family. Sorry people I disagree with you.

    By the way this boy is 19 and the girl is 16, isnt that against the law as well in this country. Statutory rape.

    I bet the sex was good after the killings.


    Maybe your “god” is blurring your thoughts but this is a terrible child and the other 3 deserve death along with her

    Not everyone on here is thinking wrong, but I believe I am right

  70. Forgiving someone, in my opinion, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held accountable. I, too, being someone who knows God, am very skeptical of people who find religion after they committed a horrendous crime. He is not a convenience. Forgiving someone shouldn’t free them from consequences. Accountability seems to be a thing of the past, and that’s very sad. There seems to be a lot of people on here that have a great amount of emotional pain…..I can’t begin to judge or interpret your feelings, but I would hope that you find peace somewhere. May God Bless….

  71. John,

    I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion and I respect your right to have yours about God. However, I couldn’t help but to think of a story I heard once that sounded very much like your comment about Him:

    There was once a barber who told one of his clients, “there is no God because if there was, then why did X happen?” and the client said nothing but when we was leaving he saw a scraggly man with long stringy, unkempt hair and he told him, “you know what? I don’t believe there are barbers in this world, because if there were, then why is that man’s hair the way it is?” Then the barber replied, “That’s silly! Of course we exist, all he has to do is come to me!” and the man said, “Exactly!”

    By the way, you wrote that God has never helped anyone and you are incorrect because he has definintly helped me and many, many people I know.

    I believe God has a purpose for your life and maybe there were reasons behind everything that you went through, because he knew that you would be stronger for it and serve a greater purpose in this life. It says in the Bible, “to whom much is given, much is expected in return”. I bet you are a strong and very interesting indiviual who could provide mentorship and counsel to children who face a similar situation to yours.

    The solution is not to be angry with God, but to ask him what purpose you have been chosen for. I will pray for you because I believe you have a great calling on your life.

    God Bless,

  72. Thank You

    I guess my heart is too big to forgive. My heart is too filled with the pain for those lost to ever forgive anyone who had anything to do with their murder

  73. I don’t expect God to prevent bad things from happening. Look around and you see that he doesn’t.
    But that doesn’t mean that your faith doesn’t help you find meaning in life, whether you’re looking at the good things or the bad things.
    We’re looking at something pretty bad here. I think its going to take a good long while for anyone to figure out what the meaning is and feel anything uplifting.
    I hope nothing else bad happens in the meantime.

  74. I am ashamed of the people that are writing on this forum. How can you even say that they were good kids that made a stupid mistake? A stupid mistake is driving drunk. A stupid mistake is stealing something from a department store. A stupid mistake is forgetting to turn your curling iron off after doing your hair. A stupid mistake is NOT a planned murder! These kids knew what they were doing. They are capable of understanding the reprecussions of murdering people. They killed the youngest sibling with a sword…how is that a stupid mistake?

    They all deserve the death penalty. Anything less would not be a suitable punishment for the young lives of her brothers that were haulted and the life of her mother which was ended way too early.

  75. Erin hadn’t been in public school but 6 weeks. So she must have not known her boyfriend for no more than this time period. HOW could she have gone from a religious, loving daughter and sister to this so quickly? I agree, this is not a stupid mistake, that requires probation and a slap on the wrist. I am a father whose children went through some tough times in high school–lost loves, jealousies, dissapproval of friends, etc. If this happened to me, I still would love my daughter and try to understand what happened. BUT I would want the others to be punished to the ultimate. I imagine the parents of each other individual involved don’t think it was their child’s fault.

  76. To Peacetoyoursoul,
    As a Dad right now you are saying you would still love your daughter, and try to understand. But you haven’t gone through your wife being shot to death, your 2 sons stabbed and one burnt to death, and one stabbed with a sword, after all that horrible brutal murder, I have a feeling your hate towards your daughter would be HUGE.

    I would hate my own daughter after this

    I would wish death to her if she took away so much joy and love in my life.

    Hell if anyone killed my dog I would wish death on them

    Murder is murder

    end of story

  77. You know I read an article that stated Erin attended public school in Celeste until the 7th grade. Then when moving to Alba was homeschooled until this past Jan. So she was only homeschooled for what 2 yrs. Also it stated that Charlie started going to her church later last year and they we’re always holding hands and inseperable. Living in Dallas and having inlaws in Alba its a very small town and Im sure she new him before starting public schools. So I dont feel she had culture shock starting a public school. This crime has been in bedded in my head since hearing about it that my husband is getting sick of me googling and talking about it but I guess I just want to understand the stupidity and evil that these kids where thinking. What the hell happened to hey babe lets run away together? When they realize that its pure lust and not love then she could go back home to Im sur open arms. What she did was not stupid or being niave it was pure evil and I feel she had this thought of and planned before she even met Charlie. Sorry my opinion maybe Im watching to much Csi. I have 2 girls and 1 boy and if one of them killed my other ones, there would be no forgiving just alot of why’s. There would be no support from me.

  78. THANK YOU Jess for making sense of this argument over forgiveness. I just dont believe its ok to kill, and god may forgive those people, I never will, NEVER

  79. Jessica,
    I wish when I logged off some peace would come to me regarding these people. It does not. Do not speak for everyone here. I don’t know ANY of these people, and I think about them constantly. Don’t criticize what you can never understand.

  80. Shauncey, I dont recall speaking for everyone here. If you read what I wrote I said this is only my opinion. I know that I will never understand nor is there an explination of what did happen besides pure EVIL. Criticize? What criticizm? Do we need an explination of an opinion? My not forgiving one of my children for slaughtering one of them like an animal and the other shooting to death, I personally dont see how any parent would but hey each there own. If you can find some peace re: these people after logging off then please share with all of us how you did it, cause Im sure like me the others would like to know–Now that is speaking for mostly everyone here.

  81. I feel so sorry for the victims of this crime and who it was who killed them. I have heard that the youngest of the 2 brothers died not from his injurys but from breathing in smoke. I would hate to be killed by someone that I loved and cared for and also be so brutal. And also the 16 year old will have to live with the memorys of her whole family dieing. She is not the only one either her father also hasto live without his wife and all of his kids. I wonder what is going to happen to her relationship with her boyfriend now since her boyfriend is getting a fairly large sentence for his part.

  82. her boyfriend better get the death penalty…..he just better

    especially for stabbing that poor little boy with a sword

  83. Jess I believe Shauncey was responding to Jessica who was the third post at the top of this page, she was Bobbie Gales friend. She obviously is also a complete moron as well.

    I could be wrong, but I believe that is who Shauncey was talking about

  84. I think what has happened is terrible. I don’t live far from where this happened and like most of you this is on my mind alot. I hope they all get what they deserve…but who knows what that will be since here in America they have rights and their rights can’t be preyed upon. Ours laws really need to be looked at and changed. I just pray that Terry Caffey will be okay and God give him the strenght to go on. I saw the 2 males my space pages but never could find Bobbi Gale’s, what did mommy dearest take it off? I guess I shouldn’t blame her…her daughter was old enough to know better.

  85. I agree with John I hope the boyfriend does get the death penalty and Im pretty sure he will but we all have been suprised with other cases. Thanks John for clearing that up with me re: Shauncey I had no clue what she was talking about and getting so [pissed off about).

  86. Does anyone know how long it might be before we hear more of Erin’s version of events, aside from her initial statement about being told to get down on the floor and only remembering the fire? I guess she declined to say anything further. I wonder what she knows about the other kids’ confessions and statements. Her little heart might be broken to hear what Charlie honey said in his confession.
    She will appear in court again March 17 for the judge to formally hold her for another 10 working days. I hope she still doesn’t have anything to fix up her frizzy bleached hair for the cameras. But maybe the other girls in juvie will help her primp for her next perp walk.
    I read somewhere that Wilkinson might appear in court as early as this Friday, but I don’t remember where I read it.

  87. I don’t live close enough to go watch the courtroom spectacles, but I would go if I did. Are the courtrooms open to the public in that area? Can suspects be called as witnesses for the other suspects’ cases? Will any of them show up looking like they’re thinking that they’re dumbshits or will they look bored and defiant? And then look incredulous when they’re convicted?
    Sometimes perps get a feeling of glamorous celebrity and enjoy all the excitement and attention, until it finally soaks in that they are going to rot (or worse) in a little box until they are old or dead. They they get real interested in the appeals process, which of course costs the public further $$$$. I know an assistant district attorney who used to work to keep convicts in jail and she said that once people get to the prison they start getting real interested in getting out, and start trying to retract confessions and look for technicalities to get sprung. The convicts that can read like to go to the law library; some places even have people to help them make an appeal and get it started for legal processing.
    But I need to move on from this case and start working on my taxes and other things relevant to my life. I guess I keep thinking about this case because it’s shocking on so many levels and I keep hoping for a tidbit of news that will make it seem less bizarre.
    Here are my conclusions:
    Some or all of the suspects are mentally ill, and all of them aren’t very smart, at least in the way they planned and executed these murders. Sociopathy, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder all seem possible. Sociopaths are capable are being very charming when it serves their purpose, but they are highly amoral when that serves their purpose. Borderlines have distorted thoughts and huge amounts of anger and are also very impulsive and potentially destructive to themselves and others.
    The plan wasn’t very well thought out. Murder should be left to the professionals.
    The homeschooling and religion are probably irrelevant to the murders/arson, given the probable mental illness and/or personality disorders involved.
    Local people’s desire to be left alone will not be met. There will be at least one book about this, and probably a movie.

  88. I just keep thinking about this, but I’m trying to finish thinking about it and then hopefully stop posting replies.
    Erin and Charlie are probably allowed to write to each other without their mail being opened, but I would imagine they are starting to not trust each other with unguarded communication. There’s no honor among thieves, or murderers. Each kid has their own lawyer, and each lawyer is looking for a defense strategy. Placing blame on the others is a basic strategy, as is blaming the victims somehow. The two boys are old friends. Their guilt seems equal although their motivations were different. Perhaps they’ll still be blaming each other to try to save themselves.
    Lizzie Borden avoided execution partly because the jury was challenged by her lawyer to wonder if such a frail and genteel young lady could chop her parents to death, and they felt doubtful enough that they acquitted her. She inherited their property and lived a secluded life until she died.
    Will the jury believe that Erin is too young and naive to have participated in the planning of murdering her parents? Is Charlie lying that it was Erin’s idea too? Why did he tell the police that they had sex shortly after the murders? Bragging? Trying to tell the whole truth? Trying to make himself seem more manly and less of a dope?
    Bobbi’s MySpace page had a blog that got bombarded with negative replies before it was changed to private by someone, supposedly her mother. I saw the page when it was still up. She expressed anger at people who she felt had treated her unfairly- I didn’t understand it any better than that. Bobbi’s involvement seems to be due to her desire to please her boyfriend, Waid. This is how lots of women end up in prison for the first time, rather than coming up with a criminal plan themselves and being the mastermind. Prison time makes their ex-con life a lot worse than before, and often they are still even romantically fixated on the guy who helped get them in prison in the first place. They might not have much else in their lives by the time they get out of jail, and still want to be supportive to Mr. Wonderful.

  89. Whoever Jessica is yeah I bet she knew about it since there was blood in HER CAR dumbass I can’t stand to hear people defend these murders they didn’t just kill the parents or attemp to why those boy what did they do???? Nothing there sister was just a stupid stupid little girl well I bet she’s real happy with herself now she’ll be lucky to ever even see that loser that she killed for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. In Texas, every peice of mail is opened and read (at least it should be) within the jail/prison system. Especially because this is a high profile case, they will get extra scrutiny. But in many jurisdictions, inmates are not even allowed to write each other, so I doubt that they will ever be able to communicate again (at least for a good while, anyway) and also, take into consideration that she is in a juvenile facilty (for the next 2yrs or so) and he is in an adult facilty, even more of a “no-no” for communication priveledges. They commited this horrendous crime to be together and now they more than likely strictly forbidden even to write to each other! Oh the irony! They should have been thinking with their brains and not their raging hormones…dummies.

    Oh and their friends (who apparently did for $)…an education and common sense can you get a whole lot more than 2k in this life!

  91. …and it won’t cost anyone their life!

  92. Mail between co-defendants isn’t likely even allowed and certainly not without being read first. Erin was not some sheltered delicate flower either. She went to public school until the 7th grade when her family moved to their current home. She was then home schooled for a year and a half before returning to the public school system in January. As for friends of the 4 suspects; I know this must be difficult to understand but it is what it is. These 4 are all equally guilty and 3 of them all told the same story. The only one with a different tale to tell is Erin and nobody is buying what she is selling. They all believe at the very least to never set foot outside prison walls for as long as they live. If Terry chooses to forgive Erin thats his business and I respect him greatly regardless. This was no mistake, nor is it a case of falling in with the wrong crowd. These kids planned this for a month and I have read that it was to take place the week prior to when it did. They thoughtfully postponed it because Terry’s dad past away though. Sweet of them don’t you think? They are all evil and have no consience or remorse even right after the crime since Erin and Charlie went to Charles house and had sex before falling asleep! They sure don’t get my sympathy or forgiveness; I save that for those who deserve it!

  93. Sorry guess I can’t edit….. Should say they all DESERVE not believe in my previous post.

  94. Amen, mom of 4, my thoughts exactly. It was not a stupid mistake, Erin had this planned and in one of my post before I feel she had it planned way longer then a month ago. I think she just finally found the right dumbass boy to do it. I just wish I could get this whole case out of my head. Living in Dallas all of my 34 yrs on this earth I hear crimes and violence done daily from this city and surrounding (sp?) areas and having a father that is a retired cop but this one has just baffled me with the WHAT THE HELL where you dumb fucks thinking? Not that any crime has a good exscuse but this wasen’t even a sudden moment of anger or nothing!!!!! Those poor boys, I cant even imagine what those boys went through. I have 2 girls ages 6 and 9mths and a boy 11 and I’ll be damned if I tell one of my girls they cant date Billy Bob or my son cant date Sally Lou and they kill my other 2 or one. I couldnt even imagine forgiving them. But I guess you dont truely know unless it happens to you but still I really dont think I could forgive them. Kill me or their dad (hopefully they wouldnt be stupid enough to do it) but dont kill your brother or sisters, they have nothing to do with it. Sorry Im venting, my husband wont talk to me about it cuz the whole thing pisses him off anyway. So Im just typing my thoughts so hopefully someone out there can help me understand. But you know if Terry decides to forgive his daughter then more power to him, he’s a hell of alot bigger person then I would be. I dont know that man but I respect him and hope and wish the best for him for this long long road that is ahead of him.

  95. OMG Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse it does! They all died from smoke inhalation!

  96. another reason why all 4 of those fuckers should get the death penalty.

    end of story kill em all off

    I bet DAD even wants that little brat killed for what she did to his loved ones…..I BET

  97. Lovely. So if Wilkinson and Waid hadn’t set the house on fire they might have been rescued and saved after Terry made it to the neighbor’s house. This probably doesn’t change the charges much, but it means the family suffered until they were overcome by the smoke. If they were at all alert they would have been aware of the fire and not being able to breathe, but apparently too injured to get up and get out of the house. Terry had to escape through a bathroom window; there might not have been an escape route for the boys even if they had been able to get up.

  98. this daughter erin is such a fucking cunt…..pardon my language but the more i read the more i get pissed i hope this little fucking whore rots in jail or in hell……

    what a whore

    and Bobbie gale the fat fucking low life whore…….I better be careful or her mom is going to call me a fag again
    FUCK OFF Bobbies mom, maybe if you were a better mother your daughter wouldnt be in jail for murder

    Wilkinson and Waid I hope you like cock cuz you will be getting a ton of it in prison for the rest of your life………No more Erin or Bobbi

    Bobbi is a boys name so maybe he will like guys

    who knows

    may they all rot in hell

  99. Hi all. I’m still watching for updates.
    There’s a scathing profile with pictures of Bobbi’s mom on the Daily BS site. Perhaps she is reason that the Daily BS took down their Caffey Memorial, which had pictures of Bobbi other than her mug shot. They were much more flattering.
    Also Erin’s lawyer said that the state is seeking to certify Erin as an adult for prosecution. Erin is going to see a psychologist as part of that decision. The lawyer has the option of waiving the 10 day review, which he plans to do. Perhaps that is the moment that the state has an opportunity to say she’s grown up enough to hang out with the nice ladies over at the regular jail.

  100. Thank you for the update lunchlady.

  101. this is to the person who choose not to use their real name!! THIS IS HER MOM…KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE U COMMENT!!! I would really love to speak with you especially if you are any of the KILLERS mother!!!!! Use your name if your so proud and don’t want people judging than please tell us why you weren’t a better mother and why you let something like this happen???????? that is what I want to know???????????????????? and my heart goes out to the Caffey father I can’t imagine what he is going thru and I wonder where he is staying and how he is getting around!!?? I would really love to talk with him I feel awful for him it’s just bad all around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if anyone has any information you can contact me at and if user THIS IS HER MOM please contact me and tell me who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. John, I just today read your myspace posting… That was funny.. I am glad you stood up for what you believed in and told her what the rest (most) of us were thinking.. Good job.

  103. Thanks for the update lunchlady! I found an article about what you were saying.

  104. This might mean that we won’t get another perp walk for awhile. I was hoping for another glimpse of the little princess with her hands cuffed behind her back.

  105. LOL Me too. I read something on another forum that I agree with. I hope someone sits down with Erin and fills her in on the details about how her mom and brothers not only were stabbed and shot but also that they were all still breathing when the house was set on fire and they all dies from smoke inhalation. Not sure it would affect her though in light of what she did.

  106. Funerals were last Saturday March the 8th. The obituaries were not released until after the funeral, I assume to keep the media away.

  107. I would guess that Erin is blaming her Dad for surviving and ruining the Big Plan to Be Together, again. She might not be ready to care about the dead ones for a long time, instead focusing on her own problems. Maybe she’s even fantasizing that she and Charlie will somehow each escape and Be Together. Given the unrealistic and selfish thinking before the murders, I doubt that Erin’s thinking has changed drastically just because the plan didn’t go off as planned.
    One of the scary things about people, especially ones who can talk themselves into doing something like this, is the ability to keep feeling correct and justified, even virtuous, when they’ve done things that most people would say are wrong. One of the characteristics of people convicted of violent crimes is that they feel justified somehow- the victims had it coming or they didn’t really matter, the whole thing wasn’t such a big deal anyway, the wrongdoer is actually the victim somehow, etc.

  108. I love TEXAS they aren’t afraid to fry em in Texas. I can’t imagine a worse state to commit a crime like this. Hopefully all four of them will be french fries before it is all said and done.

  109. Even in Texas it will take lots of $$$$$ to convict and incarcerate these people, and even more to actually execute them. I imagine it will also take quite a few years to go through the whole process and the appeals and requests for stays for execution, etc. Since they don’t have a long rap sheet already the system will be tempted to go easy on them, imagining that maybe they can return to society and live normal lives.
    I hope I don’t end up living next door to any of these “kids.”

  110. I read the obituaries, mom of 4. They are tastefully understated and trying to maintain ordinariness.
    The quietness of the obituaries seems respectful of the dead, but it also makes me think that the local press is hoping that the situation doesn’t turn into a Lacey Peterson style media free-for-all. They seem to be keeping it quiet news wise, and even event wise, perhaps hoping that outside interest will die out quick and be captured by the next big multimurder somewhere else.
    I don’t usually follow crime stories closely, but this one has really caught my attention. I’m already imagining the casting for movie.

  111. Jessica,
    It was my understanding that you said, “once we log off this doesn’t affect us”. I wanted to clarify that this is not true regarding myself. I don’t come here to gossip or to see what tradgedy is going on in other people’s lives. I come here to learn what is going on in this world and to educate myself. If I can make someone feel better or offer prayers along the way, then I have accomplished what I set out to do. I do apoligize for any misunderstanding Jessica. My prayers are with you at this time.

  112. I figured out from the obituary that the “grandmother” who was seen hugging Erin the first day or so after the deaths is Penny’s mother, since Terry’s parents are both dead. Talk about a weird situation to be a grandmother in.

  113. john–
    I am not Bobbi Johnson’s friend.
    I knew the Caffey’s if you read what I wrote, you’d know that. I know what the four did was completely immoral, and deserves the correct punishment.
    But I’m also thinking of how this is affecting my family and how them being so close to the Caffey’s. They were friends with them before they moved to Alba… I guess for about four years now.
    One of my family members was good friends with Erin, so how is a 16 y/o to understand why her friend would do this?
    Another one was best friends with Tyler.
    How do you explain death to a nine year old?
    please tell me.
    So this is how get through it, prayers for everyone.
    For Penny, Terry, Bubba, Tyler, and
    For Charlie, Charles, Bobbi, and Erin.
    I’m not meaning to offend anyone in this forum. But when it hits that close to home for you [not being just a member of the community or reading about it] it really consumes your daily thoughts, and you have to be careful not to let it consume your life.

    But you know what I try to think about? What would Penny do? What would she say?
    I’m confident she would say pray and forgive because they will have their day before God… she’s that type of woman.

  114. I feel kind of stupid here but where are ya’ll seeing all the pics of, Bobbies mom and a lady hugging Erin? Ive been on the daily BS website and cant find these and I thought every other website possible.

  115. They were on the DailyBS site as well as on Bobbi’s myspace page. Her myspace page is gone and the DailyBS site removed them along with pictures of the 2 guys because he decided to only put the victims on the memorial page. I don’t know of anywhere else you can see them Jess.

  116. Thank-you.

  117. The Daily BS site has pictures of Bobbi’s mom in the item called “Teresa Johnson Exposed”. You can see some resemblance to the mug shot, I guess.
    I never saw a picture of grandma, just a mention somewhere that she hugged Erin in public, I think on Saturday or Sunday right after the murder.

  118. Thats what I recall too lunchlady. I have only seen 2 pictures of Erin. One is a family photo taken awhile ago and the other one is Erin and Charlie together. I am interested in the new article on the Daily BS site about the other 2 guys that knew about this plan. Why didn’t 1 of these kids have the common sense to tell someone?

  119. Wow, what an article. I hope the local police in Emory are reading the Daily BS. Somehow I don’t think they’re very tech savvy, but I could be wrong.
    If both of those guys knew what was going to happen then how many other people knew about it ahead of time? If they went around announcing it and other kids acted like they weren’t impressed and didn’t believe them then maybe they felt like they had to do it just to show they were manly enough and not just big talkers.
    So apparently Waid got in at the last minute, like Ringo Starr. Tanis was right, but he didn’t sound any alarm either.
    If someone had called the police before the murders they would have saved those 3 people, and also saved the murderers from completely ruining their lives. They might have been charged with conspiracy to murder or something like that, but that’s a much lesser crime and they would have had a chance to get out of jail with some time left to make a life for themselves. Erin and Charlie could have gotten back to their boinking.
    Dickinson seems like a loser, but he at least saved himself with the decision to not go help kill people. Apparently he didn’t mind helping celebrate afterwards; maybe he felt like he’d missed out on the fun and wanted to hear all about the excitement he’d chickened out on….
    If the Daily BS has got their facts straight at all then Emory seems like a pretty misguided place, in spite of those 17 churches.

  120. I can’t go to bed until I say something else about Emory.
    If its true that lots of “kids” knew about the planned murders and did nothing, then apparently Charlie had more allies than the Caffey family. Either the kids were afraid of Charlie and didn’t want to get him mad, or else they had loyalty to Charlie and wished him luck with his romantic endeavor, or they didn’t believe Charlie would actually do anything, or they just didn’t want to get involved in the mess. Maybe Erin was attracted to Charlie partly because he was a big wheel with the younger set and she felt safe hanging out with the tough guy, like a gangster moll.
    Now that the deed’s been done everyone who knew beforehand is hopefully shaking in their boots that they’ll be implicated somehow, or at least ashamed of themselves. I guess they can say they didn’t believe Charlie and company were serious, which might be true for some of them. Lots of people are all talk and no action.
    I hope anyone that goes there to gather information for a book or long article is really careful. It doesn’t seem like a safe place for outsiders at the moment. One of Charlie’s buddies might be looking for you with their pump shotgun.

  121. Too bad the Caffeys came to Emory, or maybe I should call it Charlieville. They would still be intact. Obviously the younger set didn’t care to do anything to save them. Maybe they were all too busy rounding up beer and vodka and getting it drunk up to care about Erin’s family. If she didn’t care about them, why should they?
    I guess I can go to bed now, but everyday the news get worse on this story.

  122. This is reminding me of a movie called The River’s Edge. One of the teenagers in a small town kills a girl and leaves her body by the river. The kids in town do nothing, for various reasons. One of the other kids is especially determined that no one else tells the police, but one of the kids finally does report the crime. Its an Us vs. Them theme, meaning Kids vs. Adults. The kids all try to deny that’s it even real, but they keep going to peek at the body which doesn’t go away. They try to tell themselves that the girl doesn’t matter, that snitching is unthinkable, but it slowly seems more and more serious and one of them finally is brave enough to go tell the police The kids almost coverup the crime instead, with a plan to hide the body and to all lie to protect the killer from detection. Part of their motivation is that they don’t want their little social world to change or be scrutinized by adults.
    Folks are probably trying to deny reality in Emory, but its not going to go away. A boy from my high school class shot a state patrolman in the face with a shotgun when the cop stopped him and walked up to the truck’s window. His friend, also a classmate, was in the passenger seat and said he was totally surprised and didn’t know why the killer did it. At reunions the killer is noticeably absent since he’s still in prison for murder. His friend shows up but I don’t think anyone asks him how his buddy’s doing in prison. He probably doesn’t know. Prison is pretty lonely.

  123. Another update at Daily BS, who are now under subpeona for the information they’ve collected on the case. The Daily BS sent a message to the investigators and apparently they are very interested.
    Adding suspects doesn’t help the victims, but it might help the cases against the current defendants and even encourage more people to come forward with information.

  124. There’s a new Caffey Memorial, at, with a comments page available. Almost no content yet. Also a good update on the Dickinson/Tanis article.

  125. I tried to see that here at work and I am able to view the profile but not see her blog of her words in all Caps of F**k yall.. LOL
    why are they so mad at the world? She did it.. I am going to email myself to remind myself to see that when I get home… I tried to see on of them the other day but it was set to private and I sure didn’t want to add her as a friend, not like she would have anyways 🙂

  126. I’m sorry Lavonna! I never even checked to see if her blog would open from the cached page. You are right I can’t look at anything but the profile page either.

  127. I saw the page before it got changed to private. It had a different front picture. The new one is more flattering, and she looks thinner.

  128. Thanks mom of 4, I did notice it is a different pic. I tried going to her friends to see if theres anything said but most are set to private.

  129. Mom of 4,I went under her myspace account and went to Robs myspace and under pics theres 8 of the prom. Theres some pics of him and his girlfriend then one with a bobbie, Im not good with faces do you think thats her?

  130. Yes jess Bobbi is the one in the blue dress. The dailybs site had the picture of Bobbi and her friend in the pink dress posted on their site and the girls mom asked them to cut out her daughter from the picture.

  131. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The courts aren’t convicting people these days, the press is.

    But having said that, Charlie Wilkinson signed an affidavit which says he committed the crime and that the four of them were planning this for a month as to how to carry it out. And the four of them would not be in jail/juvenile hall with $1.5 million bail unless there was just cause.

    Erin should be tried as an adult. The murders/assault were clearly pre-meditated. But I also imagine her father will have some say in the matter, and from what I understand, he is a very compassionate and forgiving man.

    This whole thing is incredibly sad and my heart and prayers go out to Terry and the rest of the Caffey family who lost a daughter, grandsons, an aunt, cousins, etc.

  132. Three out of 4 told the same story. Only Erin is telling a different one. It is looking like the DA is going for the death penalty for the older 3 and Erin will be charged as an adult and LWOP will be sought. That comes from Sean at the dailybs site.

  133. lunchlady,
    Damn, you are on it! Thank you for the info.
    Thats strange. Why lie now? The toothpaste is already out of the tube. Thank you also for the info.

  134. Why lie? Because she has a daddy who survived the assault to account to for what she did. When she was arrested all she said was the only thing she could remember was the fire. I find that very hard to believe.

    Lies are like snowballs – they build. Because you have to keep telling lies to cover up the first ones. And, maybe (just maybe), if she lies she can get off the hook. Or at least spend less time in jail.

    And since she is in juvenile hall in Greenville, she has no way of corroborating with the other three so they can solidfy their “stories.” But the truth will prevail in the end. Be sure your sin will find you out, Miss Caffey.

  135. My name is Keith Elliot Greenberg, and I’m a New York-based author, researching this tragedy. What I’m interested in is getting a sense of these people, particularly the victims, as individuals — in the case of the Caffeys, their love of music, their sense of humor, etc. Likewise, the suspects also have people who love them, either because of family ties, or because of positive qualities that are hard to recognize right now. If anyone wishes to communicate about this, please feel free to e-mail me at

  136. I know all of these people. My children have been friends with everyone of those kids, including Matt and Ty. These were all very good, very decent people. No one knows what triggered this. No one will ever know? But one thing we do know, there are other kids involved in this. Kids that have done nothing wrong, but because they have been friends with these kids, (most of them since they were little, as in the case of my children who went to Celeste and Emory), they are being slammed on websites like this, being called “retards” because they are from Texas or because they should have known better than to be friends with killers….PLEASE folks, my kids have known the Caffeys since they were practically babies. They have known Charlie for YEARS and YEARS and this kid has spent countless hours fishing and 4-wheeling with my son, who is crushed because his best friend is a murderer….how could any of these kids have known that this would happen? Please, for the sake of all of the innocent kids involved in this because 4 of the people they came to love like brothers and sisters could not controll themselves. Take it easy on the rest of us ok, we haven’t done anything and we have all lost in this!

  137. Hi Abby,
    I can imagine that your family and all the families in the area are feeling pretty shellshocked, and the interest of outsiders is probably an added stress. I wonder how long it will take your community to not be overwhelmed by this. Perhaps after all the trials are over and there’s no new news for awhile. Once the “kids” have been sitting in prison for a few years and/or have been executed everyone else will slowly stop thinking about them all the time.
    If your son is Charlie’s good friend he should write to him and even visit him, as a friend and also as a good Christian. One of the sad things I heard a prisoner say is that he didn’t want to be remembered only for the worst thing he’s ever done in his life. I don’t think Charlie and the others can avoid that, but if you believe there’s some good in him and Erin then you should try to contact them and help keep that part of them alive.
    The facts may get clearer over time, or they may get more confusing as the 4 defense attorneys come out with their official stories of what happened. But whatever the justice system does it won’t undo the crime. For the dead what happens to the murderers doesn’t really matter.
    It seems that a lot of people heard about the crime before it happened and thought it was joke, and those people will have to secondguess themselves the rest of their lives. I find as I get older that the times I didn’t do the right thing still keep bothering me, like a bill I haven’t paid and I keep finding in my desk or a box of old papers.
    Mourn the dead, tend to the wounded, and finally try to get back to focusing on the good parts of life.

  138. I have had three friends murdered in my lifetime at different times, different places. I can tell you from personal experience that murder is not somthing you get “over;” it’s something you get through.

    Charlie’s and Erin’s friends will struggle with this for the rest of the life. I appreciate lunchlady’s advice and hope you take it to heart. My advice for the kids is to protect your heart from cynicism and fear. Turn to God for comfort.

  139. When Erin thinks about what she “eradicated” from her life and having to live with it, is a punishment worse than death.
    Two innocent younger brothers and a loving mother, never to be seen again. What does she say to her father? I’m sorry? I made a mistake? This was such an incredibly bad choice to solve really a temporary problem. I haven’t heard of any real updates on this case, anyone know anything new?

  140. Stella and peacetoyoursoul,
    Great, great comments.

  141. There’s some news about Waid’s parents wanting to write a book to prove his innocence on the Daily BS. Otherwise things are quiet. I wonder if local LE is trying to keep non-local reporters bored so they don’t hang around the area.

  142. Thanks for the compliment.

    I, too, have been watching closely for updates. The East Texas Daily News printed on March 10th that the DA has not made a decision at to whether or not to try Erin as an adult or not. Besides that, the only thing that’s been in the news is about the fund that has been set up at a couple of banks to help Terry restart his life.

    The DA is being quiet because he wants convictions in this triple murder case. And once Terry Caffey was out of the hospital, news about Erin came to a stand still. He undoubtedly wants to make sure his daughter gets a fair trial.

    Waid’s parents are not wasting any time cashing in on the ordeal. That is almost as sad as the crime itself. I am still reeling from Penny, Matthew and Tyler having smoke in their lungs, proving they were alive while the house was burning.

    I personally hope that all involved plead guilty so Terry does not have to endure a trial on top of everything else he has had to go through. My heart aches for him – a modern day Job – how could any of us endure in such a tragedy? The loss is incalcuable. And the pain of knowing his daughter was involved is beyond measure.

  143. I hope Terry is getting the community/family support he needs. I wonder if he’s read the stuff on the Daily BS, especially the part about a lot of kids knowing something beforehand and not telling the police.
    It is hard to imagine what Terry’s state of mind is. There is so much loss, bad memories, and betrayal. If he’s as good of a man as he seems he will be wanting to rebuild his relationship with Erin; I wonder if she still wants him to be dead or if she has realized how important her dad is to her. If he makes a big public show of forgiveness Erin might even get a lighter sentence. It might be so heartwarming and inspiring that the jury will acquit her, especially since she hasn’t confessed to anything. I doubt it, but the whole burden of proof thing might be in her favor. Like OJ. The other 3 defendants’ confessions might not be admissable evidence.

  144. This is a horrible thing that had to happen to these good people…..great that terry lived….upsetting that his family is resting in peace……but i do have some thing to say…charlie wilkinson is no crazy phsycopath….he was sweet but he just had erin leading him to do bad things…. she wasnt a bad girl and it’s sad to see what she turnen in to…..but there is one thing that is ture……and the things that will happen to them isnt up for everyone to decide that is up to justice……GOD BE WITH TERRY CAFFEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. I still don’t understand how a very young girl, inexperienced in life, love, (& sex?), reared in a christian home, meets a “good” boy and knows him only for several months, could have concocted this horrible crime. Then convinced others that this was the ONLY way to solve their problem. It’s hard to believe that she was “steering the boat.” At least 3 others knew about it (probably more) and they were more mature and “worldly” yet didn’t say “no you shouldn’t do this”. lunchlady, I hope the jurors hearts are not “warmed”. Erin evidently can rationalize like a champ, so if she’s aquitted, I believe that this will ease her little mind. She’s liable to become a little media star with a book and a movie. This horrible act will definitely generate a book. If anything positive comes out of this, I hope it’s that young people will realize what a futile and terrible waste of life this crime has been. I have commented more than my share, but this was a heartwrenching crime that really upset me. Thanks for reading my drivel.

  146. peacetoyoursoul: good comments

    I want justice for Penny, Matthew and Tyler. When Cain killed Abel, his blood was crying out to God for justice. And you can be sure Penny’s, Matthew’s and Tyler’s blood are crying out for justice also. I want justice for Terry. Thankfully God game him enough gumption and strength to crawl out of the burning house and over to his neighbor’s house for help. His daughter being acquitted will not bring him justice. Nor will it bring Penny, Matthew and Tyler back or take away the perpetual sounds of gunfire that Terry hears.

    What the justice looks like is up to the jury to decide. Their will probably be plea bargains, but they are a part of our justice system. And if the DA needs to use them in this case to get convictions – and justice for Terry, Penny, Matthew and Tyler – so be it. But I do hope there are no acquittals when all the dust settles.

  147. According to the Tyler Morning Telegraph (Sunday, March 30th) there will be a blood drive for Terry Caffey on Monday, March 31st at the Carter BloodCare Stewart Center.

    I live out of state and will be unable to participate, but I encourage all those that are in the area to please go and donate blood.

    This is one way you can help instead of sitting idly by. Thanks in advance!

  148. Well, I guess that’s a good thing. Somehow giving blood to replace some of the blood lost seems like a fitting way to show support to Terry. I also live too far away.

  149. I was looking for comforting Bible verses, but it was a lot easier to find ones like this:

    Judges 11:35 And when he saw her he was overcome with grief, and said, Ah!
    my daughter! I am crushed with sorrow, and it is you who are the chief cause of
    my trouble; for I have made an oath to the Lord and I may not take it back.

    > Isaiah 33:1 Woe to you who destroy, but you weren’t destroyed; and who betray,
    > but nobody betrayed you! When you have finished destroying, you will be
    > destroyed; and when you have made an end of betrayal, you will be betrayed.

  150. finally some news. The four were indicted on Monday. Terry and Grandma (Penny’s mom) asked for the judge to let them take Erin home!?!? And Wilkinson now has additional charge for an escape attempt, having dug a hole in the wall of his cell. They’re already so desperate to get out, and they’ve only been in there for about 5 weeks.
    If Terry and Grandma are convinced that Erin is innocent, that the other kids were the bad ones, then I’m not very sympathetic. If they want the judge to revoke the bail so she doesn’t have to sit in juvie for months, I’m still not sympathetic. The likelihood that the 3 confessions are all false and the older 3 were all lying to implicate Erin seems very very tiny.
    If Terry is thinking that the court should make concessions for his Christian attitudes then I’m also not sympathetic. If parents could spring their kids from jail just by asking we’d be in big trouble.

  151. Hello Lunchlady,
    I can understand that Grandma loves her but I think don’t understand why she would want her grandchild out of jail or juvee.. Makes no sense.. Her daughter died because of her grandchild and she wants her grandchild to be let go and live with her?
    How can she believe that Erin is innocent?

  152. I’m starting to think there’s something behind them asking to take her home besides Christian-inspired forgiveness. I don’t know what. It just doesn’t add up.

  153. Oops, only the three adults were indicted. They’re still working on trying Erin as an adult so she hasn’t been indicted yet.

  154. Thank you again Lunchlady,
    I hope she is indicted because she is the reason this happened. Selfish little brat.

  155. Thanks for the update lunchlady.

    Terry Caffey is known to be a loving and forgiving man. But I think that bullet to the head did some drain bamage.

    I hope the court/judge rules that she has to stay in and let the jury decide whether she is lying or not before letting her out. Can this case get any sadder?

  156. For more information on the latest development, check out the news story and video on KLTV’s website:

  157. Someone on another board says that Charlie is on suicide watch and in solitary confinement. Not having a good time apparently. Maybe its the spring fever, and being in jail 5 whole weeks. I hope he has nightmares every night, in addition to whatever lousy time he has during the day.

  158. Wow, I have been trying to keep up with all of this as the father to one of the inmates goes to my church. I read this everyday so please keep posting.

  159. Now that the judge has issued a gag order, the news coming forth is going to be slim to none. Erin Caffey’s next hearing is scheduled for three weeks from her last hearing (April 7th, making the next hearing scheduled for April 28th).

    Nothing yet on when the other three will be having a trial or where it will be. Their defense attorneys need time to plan their defense. I am guessing they will try to get the trial moved claiming they cannot get a fair trial in Rains County.

    At any rate, all four of the kids have much time to think about what they have done. I still want to see justice for Penny, Tyler and Matthew. And for Terry who has lost so much.

  160. Kay- which is inmate is it, if I may ask? And how are they doing? I don’t know if I’d be more upset if I believed my kid was guilty or not guilty.

  161. The inmate is Bobbi Johnson. Her Dad some how seems to think that she’ll be out soon. I guess It’s just deniel?He does not live with her. He lives south of Dallas and had sent her back to live with her Mom.

  162. Seems like denial, from what I figure. I bet he never imagined that sending her off to live the small town life would land her in jail on capital murder charges.

  163. Just checked the Daily BS, and it seems that Bobbi made a deal for a reduced sentence in exchange for testifying against the others. That’s smart, since otherwise she might go up for the death penalty. It also said that she could have gotten out on bail, but there have been death threats against her so they’re going to protect her by keeping her in the jail.
    Maybe her dad thought she was going to be out on bail with her reduced sentence.

  164. Well for Mr Caffey’s sake I hope she still gets some consequences. She knew what they were going to do and still helped out. I know Bobbi’s Dad kept saying she didn’t do any thing. All Bobbi did was sit in the car so surely she can get out soon. Maybe he will get to see her out very soon.

  165. I can sort of understand Bobbi’s Dad feeling that his daughter didn’t do anything, as parents are programmed to protect their children. But participating in the planning and execution of premeditated murder is a serious crime, and the courts treat it as such. I don’t know what the reduced charge will be, but Bobbi does seem like the least guilty one to me, but I don’t think she’s going to get a Get of Jail Free card.

  166. The Daily BS has another update, this time with a theory that Waid didn’t do any actual killing, just acted as a lookout. I thought he had confessed to participating, but I didn’t read the actual confessions myself.

  167. yea, me too. I thought he said when they heard the boys Charlie gave him the gun and he finished them off??

  168. This is the part where all the defendants and anyone else who knew them or maybe has a scrap of information is scrambling to look as clean as possible. We’ll probably be hearing lots of different stories before, during, and after its all settled in court.

  169. I knowand I’m not a premium member on The Daily BS either, so I probably won’t know anything else after this Friday:(

  170. I figured all along Bobbi would do a plea bargain. The DA can use her testimony against the others. They have bigger fish to hook. DA’s do it all the time. I just hope if/when Bobbi gets out, she gets her life back on track again. Guess she was a good girl until she got in with the wrong friends.

    If her testimony helps to get convictions for the others, then it is worth it for a reduced sentence for Bobbi (possibly probation and/or community service).

    According to the arrest affidavit Charlie did shoot the boys. For more information, see the Tyler Telegraph article from March 4th:

  171. Thanx, Stella. Seems like they both admitted to both actively shooting and stabbing the victims. Not to mention the arson, which is what actually finished them off.

  172. Confusing, because they say now that waid was the watchman?? I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  173. Well yeah! Murder and arson are very serious charges. And they have THREE capital murder charges hanging over their heads.

    If the DA cannot use the arrest affidavits as “evidence” in the trials, of course changing their stories, pointing fingers and passing blame become the order of the day. Maybe, just maybe if they lie they can get off the hook (in their twisted way of thinking). And it is very confusing when the stories change. Add parents who want to believe their kids are innocent, but the others aren’t, and you have a very interesting mix.

  174. I guess from friends’ and family’s perspective the perps are survivors of a bad experience, and they need support. The dead are already dead and gone, the remorse and shock fades, and then the damage control starts. Parents especially want to somehow salvage their child’s situation, and they tend to blame the other perps anyway. All that bad influence stuff.

  175. Bad influence or not, someone murdered Penny, Tyler and Matthew, tried to kill Terry and burned the house down to cover the evidence. Little did they know that Penny, Tyler and Matthew weren’t actually dead yet, that the smoke inhalation would finish the job they started. And Terry would survive and crawl out the second story window to his neighbor’s house (at 4:00 a.m., no less) to get help.

    Lying seems so paled by comparison up against all this. But that’s human nature. Cover it up, sweep it under the carpet, pretend like it didn’t happen, blame someone else. And parents who believe their lying little twerps are perps as far as I am concerned. They should be more concerned about justice for Penny, Tyler and Matthew than about getting their kids off the hook. The trial in November seems such a long way off!

  176. Reminds me of the ABCs of surviving a medical residency, not that I’m an MD. Those are Accuse, Blame, Criticize, Deny. I would add Minimize to that list, even though it doesn’t start with an E. I guess Extenuate starts with E though.
    I agree Stella. I was just trying to wrap my head around how friends and family often support their beloved perps beyond all reason. Twerps and perps- funny how that rhymes.

  177. I went back and re-read some of the web postings.

    I want to remind everyone that Erin cannot get the death penalty in the State of Texas because she is under 18. As far as I know, the DA has not made a decision whether or not to try her as an adult (or if he has, it hasn’t been made public). If she is tried as an adult, she can get up to life in prision if convicted. The penatly will be less if tried as a juvenile. The other three CAN get the death penatly, however, because they were all at least 18 at the time of the murders.

    In addition to three murders, there is also the crime of attempted murder of Terry Caffey and the crime of arson for burning down the home.

    I also want to remind everyone that under our constitution all are innocent until proven guilty. The mass media and blogs are not the final determination for guilt. Our court system is. And even if found guilty, there will inevitably be appeals. I still wish they would all plead guilty and spare Terry the horror of reliving that fateful morning from testimonies from the witness stand. But I don’t see that happening.

  178. Oh me too. That would be great if they would. I feel so bad for him and what healing he has had from it will all be coming back in court and reopen all the hurt again:(
    I see this lasting a long time.

  179. By the time the trials come around the young perps will have sat in jail for over 6 months. More than enough time to want to get out at all costs. The dreams of romance will probably be over, I would think, and any remorse they feel will have faded. And so the stories in court will conflict, as much as the four attorneys dare to stretch the truth and make new hypotheses about what happened.

  180. It never ceases to amaze me about how the attorneys can lie, tell have-truths and twist/bend the truth to get their clients off all the while the witnesses have to swear to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.” But the attorneys aren’t on the stand. They can only ask questions. And my of them are denied via sustained objections. Furthermore, If any of the witnesses lie on the stand, they are subject to perjury.

    Bobbi’s attorney has the best advantage here since she can do a plea bargain. The other three have their work cut out for them. The lies, speculation and hypotheses are going to come to a screeching halt when the truth comes out… and it will.

  181. make that “many of them” instead of my of them.

  182. Well said:)

  183. I don’t care how experienced and clever their lawyers are, the piper will be paid in this case. To what degree remains to be determined. As previously said, after 6 months of being incarcerated, maybe reality will have thumped them on the head, hopefully like the kick of a mule. It will be very interesting to see how the lawyers “interpret” their stories. What has amazed me is how this whole event was relatively not sensationalized, for which I’m glad. ptys

  184. I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more publicity. The remoteness of the town might be a reason, plus local LE might be trying to discourage the media from hanging around much. I bet that there’ll be photographers when Erin has her next hearing about being tried as an adult or a juvenile. That’s due next week, as is her psychological report.
    Lawyers take the burden of proof concept to the limit. I didn’t understand this until I represented myself in civil court to collect from an uninsured motorist who totaled my car, in a time and place when that meant I had no other recourse for compensation. The uninsured motorist hired a lawyer who made the most outrageous claims and insinuations. Fortunately I was well prepared and the judge wasn’t impressed by the lawyer’s fancy talk, but it was hammered home to me that day why justice is sometimes not served. It seemed to me at the time that the lawyer was a liar and a jerk, but he was doing his job as expected. Even though I won my case and eventually even got my money, this experience made me a lot more cynical and aware when I was not covering my ass legally.
    Judge and jury expect to be convinced of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so if a lawyer can make doubt seem reasonable then the defendant might walk out of the courtroom free.

  185. The reason why there has not been more publicity is because the judge issued a gag ruling on the case. See KLTV 7 news’ story for more information:

    I, too, have had bad experiences in the courtroom, not for myself, but as a witness for others. Lawyers get paid BIG BUCKS to plant seeds of doubt in our courts. And many, many guilty people walk away free as a result. The victims hurt all over again, live in constant fear and daily struggle to thrive. Let us all pray that doesn’t happen in this case.

  186. Has any one heard any thing else about the Caffey trial?? Is there any thing else new going on??

  187. Nothing new as yet. If the judge has made a decision as to whether or not Erin will stand trial as an adult, he has not made it public.

    But CBS got a photo of Erin when she was on her way to her last hearing – shackles and all. Check out the story and the photo:

  188. Wow, thanks for letting me know:)

  189. Charlie Wilkson, Charlie Waid and Bobbi Johnson were arraigned. All three pleaded NOT GUILTY! Check out the story at KLTV, Tyler TX:

    Sounds like the three of them are going to band together to frame Erin to me. Poor Terry. Can it get any worse for him? Now he has to testify in the trial and relive that horrible night.

  190. WHAT! OMG!!! That is terrible. How can they plead not guilty?? I hate that for Terry. That makes me sad and don’t seem right. I don’t understand how they can frame Erin when they pulled the trigger and did the stabing. I feel so bad for him.

    note from blog owner

    This is absolutely normal. Very rarely do people ever go in and just plain plead guilty. I have personally only heard of it less than 10 times ever. It is just strategy and to be expected. I would be more surprised if ANYONE charged with a criminal offense just went in and immediately pled guilty. Those who do that, usually end up getting the maximum sentence right off anyway. While these defendents may deserve that (which I believe they all deserve the death penalty), they are going to fight it and make the State prove it.

  191. I wonder if Erin will even have any feelings or thoughts about her Mom since tomorrow is Mothers Day? That includes the rest of them in jail that won’t be with their Moms for Mothers Day. Erin may not care. I pray God be with My Caffey in an extra special way tomorrow since his wife will miss her first Mothers Day:”(

  192. Terry undoubtedly will be missing both the mother of his children and his two sons not only tomorrow, but for the rest of his life. I wish the trial was next month instead of November.

    The good news about their “not guilty” verdict is that the DA can pursue the death penatly against them. Once their lawyers see the evidence against them I hope somewhere in the process they change their pleas to guilty and avert the trial… and the death penalty. Let them sit in jail the rest of their lives thinking about what they did – and what might have been had they not carried out their evil plans.

  193. Any word yet about any thing??

  194. Any word yet on any thing?

  195. Nothing that I could find. Still waiting to hear if Erin will be charged as an adult. Also still waiting to hear about her psychological evaluation. I wonder if the results of that are complicating the decision about trying her as an adult.
    Those jails are probably starting to get hot, unless they’re airconditioned. I like the idea of them all sweating like pigs through the summer as they wait to go to trial, but they are probably quite comfortable and provided for.
    I hope Erin felt like shit on Mother’s Day, as well as every other day.

  196. Me too. Thanks for the info. I looked all over the internet about any updates and nothing. So thanks for all ya’ll can tell me. Ya’ll are my only source of info.
    Thanks 🙂

  197. Nothing, nothing, nothing yet. We’re all are waiting like ya’ll are.

    Can we sue because of the gag order? It not only violates our freedom of speech, but our freedom of press also. I am sure the press is fit to be tied!

    Okay, off my soap box now. And waiting… like the rest of ya!

  198. Anyone know what the deal with Diane is??

  199. Kay: who is DIANE?????

  200. She was Charles Waids exwife. She was helping Krouse with his reporting and I think he said she went bad on him and was doing a lot of lying.

  201. Oh. Actually I believe she is his wife as they hadn’t divorced, just separated.

    I don’t know anything about her interactings with Sean.

    Sean: I know you periodically check out this site. Can you fill in any blanks for us here regarding Diane? Are you still working with her, and if not, why not?

  202. Krause says that Waid’s parents paid $2000 for the child custody papers that Charles filed shortly before the murders, which is the same amount that Waid is said to have been promised to help with the murders.
    He also said that he and Diane aren’t working together anymore, as Diane didn’t do much work but wanted to get lots of rewards, and that she can’t write very well.
    Krause is having health problems and doesn’t seem to be tending his site at the moment.

  203. Oh Ok. I hate to hear he is sick. He has so much work that he wants to do.
    Thanks for the update:)

  204. A bit of news. Apparently Erin is still being considered a minor.

  205. Oh Man!! That aint right. She is turning this summer into adult age, so she did adult stuff and should be charged as an adult I think. I have been looking all over the internet for updates on this and can’t find anything. I guess it will all come back to life in Nov trials.
    Thanks for letting us know:)

  206. I guess I could ask her Dad, but he goes to the early service at my church and we go to the late service so he is already gone when we get there.

  207. I mean Bobbi’s Dad for those who don’t know what I’m talking about.

  208. I’m okay with Bobbi not going up for the death penalty, but I agree that Erin doesn’t deserve a chance to be out in the world in a few years. She’ll probably have another dumb boy doing dumb things in no time. If Daddy thinks he’s going to get her straightened out with all that church stuff when she gets out of the slammer my bet’s that he’s wrong wrong wrong.

  209. It still makes me sick that Terry had a family with 3 children and now he’s all alone, except for a stupid girl in the juvie who wanted him dead a few months ago. He said he wanted to take her home- seems like a bad idea to me but I guess he believes in love and forgiveness for his daughter more than I do. I know he’s lucky to be alive, but I wonder if he feels lucky very much of the time.
    I don’t think about this case so much anymore. I just think of it as another example of how stupid, shortsighted and selfish people can be.

  210. Me too. I did think about him on Fathers Day. Must have been sad and lonely. I guess since she is all he has left of what used to be a family, he just wants to cling to her. Maybe he thinks if he gets her back he can pay so much attention to her and he only knows how she really is that he can work things out between them again and have some sort of family still.

  211. Sounds sweet, but I imagine she’ll be off finding another bad boy to party with as soon as she can get out on her own again.

  212. Eerin is not turning into adult age this summer. She is only 16. She will be 18 in summer of 2009. According to a KLTV story, as a juvenile she can get up to 40 years, but could become eligible for parole at age 19 (that would be up to the Parole Board); see the link below:

    Who knows what Erin will do when she gets out? That’s speculation. She can see with her own eyes what has happened to her daddy; that alone may be enough to turn her around – I imagine she is pretty repentive, albeit too late. I don’t even know if she will remain in the community or not. I don’t live in the area, but I cannot imagine the community being receptive to her staying there, especially if she is convicted. Perhaps she and Terry will try to start a new life elsewhere.

    But I agree with lunchlady – I am okay with Bobbi not getting the death penalty. She is plea bargaining to be a witness for the prosecution in exchange for a lighter sentence. Her witness is crucial in this case.

  213. The court has finally decided to try Erin as an adult, and here’s mugshot. She looks like s 6th grader.…3717842/-1/NEWS

  214. Thanks for the update Lunchlady 🙂

    I agree with you – she does indeed look like a 6th grader. Her father Terry needs our prayers now more than ever.

    I couldn’t get the link above to work. Try this one:

  215. KLTV also has the story on video with their news crew.

    It is so nice to finally having some news after waiting for almost 3 months. They sure took their sweet time making a decision about what they were going to do.

  216. Erin should sit her SORRY ass in jail for a very long time. My heart goes out to her father. What do you do when your only surviving family member is the murderer?? He does cling to her. So so sad. What can you say to the guy to ease his pain??

  217. Wow, I’m glad things are starting to move on again. She looks major bad to me. I wonder if they get to shower? I too feel bad for her Dad. Just pray for him.
    Thanks for all the updates.

  218. Terry is my uncle, and i still cant believe this has happened. I always thought this kind of thing only happened in the movies, not to the ones we love and cherish. My cousin is going to spend the rest of her life in prison for something so very stupid, and nothing is ever going to bring back my little cousins and my aunt Penny, but my family knows that they are in Paridise. Heaven. With our Savior Jesus Christ. We just ask for your prayers for the family and friends of Terry

  219. Dear shawn:
    I hope you and your family are getting lots of support and love from your community and each other. You certainly have my prayers and good wishes. I have maintained interest in this case because its deeply shocking to me how it broke so many rules of how a family and a community should function. This crime seems like a very big hole to me, so it must seem like a nuclear blast crater to you.
    Erin looks very young and very sad in her mugshot, perhaps even regretful. I feel sorry for her, even though I also feel she deserves severe punishment.
    If she was my cousin I’m no sure what I would do. Part of me thinks I would never write or visit, part of me thinks I would try really hard to keep her soul alive while she spends her life in prison.

  220. Dear Shawn:

    All of us ache for your Uncle Terry and the rest of the family. And who can look at Erin’s mugshot and not be concerned about what is ahead for her? I truly hope she (and the others) get a fair trial and that the courts find a balance of justice and mercy. All involved have my prayers.

    And you are right about Penny, Matthew & Tyler. They are with Jesus now, safe in His arms – free from pain and free from fear.

    God said unto Moses “I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion upon whom I will have compassion.” It does not, therefore, depend upon man’s desires or efforts, but rather upon God’s mercy. Romans 9:14, 15

    P.S. How is Terry doing physically, emotionally and spiritually? How is he holding up with Erin’s being tried as an adult?

  221. Does anyone know how Terry Caffey is doing? Please let him know many, many people are praying.

  222. I was wondering the same thing?

  223. Kay… 9 days later and still no answers, only questions. Wish we could chat!

  224. Hi all. The Daily BS sites both seem to be out of commission and I’m worried that it means that SM Krause is out of commission also. If so I’ll definitely miss his coverage of this case and others. He said that someone from NY was writing a book so we’ll see if that ever transpires.
    I’ve seen no news either. I predict there won’t be any until the trials.
    Interest was up at the InSession boards recently but then those boards went down and are still down after almost 2 weeks for “security enhancements”.
    The justice system moves mighty slow, but I guess that’s essential for having a prosecution that won’t be shot down easily. They have to cover every potential hole that the defense might try to poke a finger through or else the perps get a Get Out of Jail Free card.

  225. I wonder what happened to Shawn that posted earlier and said that Terry is their Uncle??

  226. Thanks for your update lunchlady (love your handle, by the way). The trials won’t begin until November. I am still praying they will either plea bargain or plead guilty so that Terry doesn’t have to endure a trial. Time will tell. No Get Out of Jail Free cards, for sure!!

    Erin is now in jail facing the consequences of her actions and having plenty of time to think about what she did to her parents and brothers.

    Terry’s family is dealing with a lot of issues right now. Shawn probably hasn’t been back to the site.

    I’m sure sorry to hear about Mr. Krause. Guess he has ongoing health issues. Hope someone picks up where he left off.

  227. Thanx, Stella. Turns out that the Daily BS and Krause are still out there, and the site has a new look. Someone else is working on a book but Krause has abandoned his plans and has parted ways with Diane.

  228. The Daily BS will have a story on their website entitled “Quiet Murderer – the Charles Waid story” by SM Krause. For those who want to check it out, here is the link to their site:

  229. Wow, thanks for the updates:)

  230. That is the end of the Caffey updates on TDBS. I wanted to get that last article on Charles out there, which was to prevent Diane from her now failed attempt at gaining a publisher.

    If there are sentences and such, we’ll continue to provide them, but for the past few months, I’ve slept and breathed Caffey & finally the calls have stopped.

    The updates will be converted over to our spinoff site that we’re doing specifically for murder cases that will continue to be uncensored. Just an update 🙂

    I hope Terry is well, though one person came through on site, any family want the site you can have it for yourselves to provide pictures of your own to honor the memory of Penny, Bubba, and Tyler.

  231. Sure hope you get the photos you need for the Caffey memorial. Penny, Bubba and Tyler deserve at least that much!

  232. hey wasss up what happend well i hop the all get well see ya bye

  233. Hey Tiffany, Kay & others:

    We are just hanging loose waiting for the trials in November now. The DA and the defense attorneys are all gathering their “evidence” and “witnesses.” What do you do when most of the witnesses are dead?

    Hang tight! We will endure together and see this thing through: justice for Penny, Tyler & Matt!!!!!!

  234. LOL!!! Still waiting:)

  235. Dang, Charlie was my best friend in basic training…I’m in Shock, I didn’t believe it until i saw it. My prayers, and sympathy goes out to the friends and family of the Caffey’s…I’m so sorry this happened.

  236. PFC Woodman:

    Thank you for serving our country. And we join you in being sorry this has happened.

  237. I wonder why there have been no updates on this case? A search of the web reveals nothing. Is there a local newspaper which might give some news on the upcoming trials?

  238. Polemic:

    The judge has a gag order in place which prevents all people involved in the case from talking to the press. There will probably not be any more updates until the case goes to trial in November. Even then the information will probably be pretty sporadic unless one or more of the defendants plea bargains for a lesser sentence.

  239. I knew Matthew Caffey. He was an eighth grader last year when he died. I go to the same school he did, and I knew him personally. My friend here, next to me, knew Bobbi. Bobbi wouldn’t do this, it’s just not….right. Everyone stop talking crap about her because if you really knew her you wouldn’t believe it either. You wouldn’t be talking about this.

    Yes, we know, it’s odd and terrible what happened to the family, and it’s horrible that it had to happen to one of my friends, but that is all we can do. Terry is still clinging to his daughter and trying to get her out of it. He still believes that his daughter didn’t do it.

    Her boyfriend, I also knew. Erin…none of them seemed like they would do this, especially Bobbi. It happened a long time ago, and we had to have time to heal, but in /our/ community, in our hometown, it’s so small. It’s basically unheard of. It’s filled with drunk drivers and underage smokers/addicted teens, but that’s all it is, and this, this this horrible thing slapped us right in the face.

    This was long ago, and most of us try to forget, try not to dwell on lost friends, and move on. This isn’t helping. Please, just leave the offenders and the victims alone. We are all allowed to have opinions, but leave them to yourselves. I’m sure in years from now it will still be talked about, but it doesn’t matter.

    Eighth Grade Junior High Students, Friends of the Caffey Family.

    MAy God be with you, Matt especially.

  240. I forgot to add, we’ll miss you, the most, Bubba. (Matt)

  241. I am sad about the loss of the family, but I am thanking God tonight for sparing Charlie Wilkinson’s life. He is a decent person who did something horrible. Last year at this time, he was planning on serving his country, and I know he would have done so with honor. He didn’t plan on destroying the very family that he wanted to be a part of, that wasn’t what he’d planned for his life. Even in prison, though, God has a plan for him. And God bless Terry Caffey for being the Christian example of forgiveness and mercy that many folks on all the blogs about this tragedy need to imitate. I hope all concerned can begin to heal soon.

  242. We should all have mercy upon them, for they did not what they wanted, but what they willed.

  243. When we show mercy, we are most like God because He is merciful. Terry Caffey is a true man of faith who requested mercy for Charles Waid and Charlie Wilkinson. They were both sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole in a plea deal.

    Erin Caffey will have a pre-trial hearing on December 4th. Her projected trial date is January 5th. See KLTV’s website:

  244. Here’s the latest. No photos.

  245. Hope all those “kids” were extra miserable on Christmas. No family Christmas dinner, no presents under the tree, no brothers and mother for Erin. And they probably won’t ever experience Christmas outside of jail for the rest of their lives, except maybe Bobbi if she gets a plea deal. I feel a tiny bit sorry for Erin, but she is being punished partly as an reminder to all dumb boys and girls out there. Also if she could help do this to her family I expect she could be very ruthless to others as well.

  246. According to KLTV, Erin showed up at her pre-trial hearing with “tears in her eyes.” A little late for repentance!

    Case closed! They can repent for the rest of their lives. Wonder if the girls will show up on one of the “pen pal” sites soon.

  248. Wow, Bobbi got more than I thought she’d get. I’m glad its over for Terry’s sake. It’s gonna be a long lonely life for those four. I hope Terry gets involved with family and friends to help with his loss.

    • Technically it is not over. Charlie and Charles have not been sentenced yet. We can only assume that they will get LWOP, but until the sentencing, it is not a certainty.


    note from blog owner
    I have already posted an update on this story.

  250. Now both Charlies have had their sentencing:

    I can’t help but wonder, though, about Charlie Wade’s and Bobbi’s parents who had originally said their children were innocent. What are they saying now that their kids have pled guilty and are going to be spending a very long time in jail?

  251. Terry has since remarried and is living near Emory, but not in Emory anymore. He married a woman who has two sons and he is happy to have a family again. Nothing can erase what has happened to him, but at least he does have some comfort now. He is writing a book which should be finished soon. Also, People magazine interviewed Terri and his new family Friday and they are going to run an update story. He has been approached by people from the Oprah show and from the Dr. Phil show and says he will appear on both shows once his book is finished. We don’t all understand how he can be so forgiving toward Erin, but none of us have ever been in his position, so it’s not for us to judge.

  252. So happy to hear that Terry is remarried now and living in a new home.

    With regards to Erin, he is doing what God has commanded him to do. God says if we don’t forgive others, He will not forgive us. Nothing to judge there. By God’s grace he will be there for Erin just like he has been in the past before all of this happened.

    What a relief to everyone that this must be that a trial was averted and Terry did not have to endure through that. I look forward to reading People’s writeup.

  253. Wow, thanx for the update friend of the family.
    I am glad Terry is doing as well as he is. He has consistently behaved admirably in the last year and I wish him well.
    I sometimes wince when victims or survivors (Terry is both) cash in but it doesn’t bother me with Terry.
    I hope the families of Waid, Wilkinson, and Johnson have done something for Terry who was totally wiped out in every respect by this crime, except for his faith and the community of family and friends. Maybe they can help build him a house or buy him a vehicle or something.

  254. Great idea, Lunchlady! One can only hope!

  255. He actually married a woman who owned her own home, so that is not an issue. I think it would be therapeutic for the families of the other kids to do something nice for Terry though. He travels alot giving his testamony at churches all over the country, so he is trying to prevent this from happening to anyone else. He has certainly done his part to make something positive come out of this and continues to do so every day.

  256. friend of the new family:
    I am glad that Terry is situated comfortably and I am glad to hear that he is trying to help other families avoid such disasters. I’m not sure what more the Caffeys could have done to prevent the massacre but in hindsight he probably sees signs he missed.
    I don’t think parents can usually imagine being murdered in their beds and their children helping plan such a thing but perhaps we should all be worrying more. Even religious training doesn’t guarantee that our children will have good sense.

  257. “Even religious training doesn’t guarantee that our children will have good sense.”

    Isn’t that the truth?

  258. The stupidity of this crime is one the things that really sticks with me and why I still think about it. And the perps now probably think it was stupid idea too, but it’s way too late for that to matter much.
    The transition from citizen to prisoner can be gradual or sudden, caused by one very bad move. These “kids” did something more shocking than most of the habitual criminals they’re meeting in prison. Wonder how that plays out in the prison social scene, especially in the women’s prison. Lots of the women in prison are also mothers- so Erin probably gets some special hate from them.

  259. And wasn’t Erin encarerated in the next county over (Green County, I believe)? That means she knows no one except for her family and friends who chose to drive over there to see her. They have many, many years to think about what they did.

    Too late to matter much? That certainly is true for Penny, Matt and Tyler.

  260. To anyone who remembers Sean Krause who ran the Daily BS website that extensively covered this case for the first several months, Sean died of cancer a few days ago. He was only 25 years old.

  261. RIP Sean. Taken way too soon. God bless you.

  262. completely agree with you.Now i am a regular visitor of your blog.waiting for more

  263. i’m glad to here dad’s doing ok. i was friends with all of them. and they were all very good kids we hung out alot and just had fun. errin was very religous but once charlie came arond that is when things started going bad i’m not blameing just him. it’s all of theif faults!!! but guys do make you do stupid things….but that’s no excuse i just still a year later cant believe it happened you never think this stuff would happen in a small town but this shows anything can happen!!!! well i hope they all get what the deserve.

  264. I want to say that i agree with the original posters comments.Ca someone else make a better point?

  265. Can you provide more information on this?

  266. Lunchlady:

    Thanks for the update on Sean. So sad.

    Hank Sparrow:

    Can you be more specific on what kind of information you want? Links to the news stories in the newspapers and local TV stations are best for information gathering.

  267. The “kids” are all settled in to their respective institutions now. Wonder how they feel on Easter, a religious family holiday.
    I imagine Terry is going to church with his new family.

  268. Here’s a follow-up article to the one above. There is a photo of Terry with his new family plus information about his forthcoming book and what he is doing with his life now. I still marvel at how God spared his life and is using him now to prevent this from happening in other families.

  269. Terima kasih sebab
    membenarkan saya memberi komen.
    Harap jangan padam 🙂

  270. None of you can understand unless you live with us here in Alba/Emory/Lone Oak. You think you can tell how these people are, but you can’t. You can’t understand. It’s been a while since this happened, but those of us who lost the Caffey family, Bobbi and Erin, you don’t know what they were like. So stop pretending you can feel worthy of judging them. Yes, they deserved what they got, but no, they don’t need you making it worse.

  271. It looks like, JOHN, you were not right about Mr. Caffey, and I sincerely hope you (as many others have) will learn something from this. I admire Mr. Caffey. He has really taken this situation and let God make something good out of it. What an amazing man of God. JOHN, I’m praying for you. I love you, and I don’t even know. I hope Jesus’s love can one day fill your heart… The book of Job is awesome and has been one of my top favorites. I had a hard life too, believe me, but God has healed me in ways one can’t possibly understand until you allow Him to…

    Taken from the article Stella posted May 2009:

    It’s a contract between parent and child.

    “I made a promise that I would stand by her,” he said. “I didn’t say, ‘I’ll stand by you if you’re a good girl’ or ‘I’ll stand by you if you do what I say.’ I told her I’d stand by her; and that’s what I’m going to do.”
    “Had it not been for him [Mr. Caffey], I would have sought the death penalty on all three adults,” said Robert Vititow, the Rains County district attorney. “The girl [Johnson] would have gotten life at trial, and I would have sought life without parole on the juvenile [Erin].”

    Caffey started a quiet campaign in the months after the murders to spare the lives of the male defendants and request leniency for his daughter and Johnson.

    He assisted Erin’s attorney in her defense, lobbied Vititow as he prepared the prosecution, and eventually filed a request with the court.

    “My heart tells me there have been enough deaths,” he wrote. “I want them in this lifetime to have a chance for remorse and to come to a place of repentance for what they have done.”

  272. Also:
    “As a spiritual man, I don’t believe it was Wilkinson or Waid,” he said. “Satan was present. Demons were in my house that night.”

    Although, personally, I know he’s leaving out that the Bible recognizes an individual’s right to choose and states that ALL humans are sinners. So, it wasn’t just the devil, although the devil probably had a huge part in it, but anyway, it’s still true that WE ALL DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY (every single one of us) – it is Jesus dying on the cross shedding his blood for our sins that allows us forgiveness. We are saved by His goodness, not ours.

  273. After 2 years my opinion hasn’t changed much. Raised in one of these east Texas Baptists church myself…taught that life isn’t supposed to be good until you get to Heaven…death means living with Jesus…happiness. confusing to a child…Suppose you were taught to love…then told No…not that one, we’ll judge him. He is a worse sinner by far than the rest of us. “You don’t have to pull the trigger to murder someone” So true, you can kill someones spirit and joy and whole idea of love with your judgment. Yes there are many ways to Jesus said, thinking it is just as bad…but we justify our thoughts. Paul/Saul forgiven for murdering…but we ignore that too…we call ourselves Christians…but its only according to Scriptures we pick and choose. Terry Caffey isn’t blameless…to be blameless you Have to accept your responsibility in creating the evil that transpired…not blame others…doesn’t look like that will ever happen. He’s teaching young people….that’s great….he did so well with his own child….but God knows the truths…and no one including Terry Caffey will be free until the truth is admitted. The only innocent ones were the two young sons… Anyone knows it was not mercy Terry Caffey was seeking…he is seeking punishment…a lifetime of hell for them. Death would have been more merciful than a life in Texas prisons. The problem with our society is the same as it was in Jesus’ days….ministers in churches preaching segregation, judgment, hell and damnation…while asking you to pay for ther upkeep….too busy in the church to spend time with your Children’s…I suspect Erin needed love more than sex….but at that age…there’s not much difference….

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