Update: Julie Jensen murder *Mark Jensen convicted; Sentenced to LWOP*

Julie Jensen
Julie Jensen

Our Sister Julie
Julie Jensen murder 12/3/1998 Pleasant Prairie, WI *Husband Mark Jensen’s trial begins this week*
Text Of Julie Jensen’s Letter
Jury: Julie Jensen’s Letter Key Evidence
Mark Jensen Trial
Jury: Man Used Antifreeze to Kill Wife
Husband guilty of murder in ‘letter from grave’ case
Jury Finds Mark Jensen Guilty
Jury finds Mark Jensen guilty of murder in ’98 death of wife
Court Decision Could Affect Wis. Appeal
Jensen’s Sons Ask Judge For Father’s Parole
Judge Sentences Mark Jensen To Life In Prison Without Parole
Jensen Sentenced To Life Without Parole
Husband gets life without parole in ‘letter from the grave’ case
Wis. Man Gets Life in Wife’s Poisoning

Scorned Loved Kills: Letter From The Grave
48 Hours Mystery: The Letter
20/20: A Murder Foreseen



DOC: 00525607
Birth Year: 1959
Age: 53
Height: 6′ 1″ Weight: 171
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE

Institution: Dodge Correctional Institution
Region Unit: 2 19
1212 60th St
Kenosha, WI 53140-4047

State of Wisconsin vs. Mark D Jensen

Kenosha County Case Number 2002CF000314
The defendant Mark D Jensen was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case.
1st-Degree Intentional Homicide, a class A felony, Wisconsin Statutes 940.01(1)(a).

9 Responses

  1. Go Ms. Julie,
    Way to slap his face from the grave! RIP for sure now.

  2. He should be thankful that at least he gets to live.. She didn’t get that chance..

  3. So true

  4. I agree he most likely did it…however I was surprised he was convicted. You can’t convict someone because you “think” they did it. She was depressed, had a family member try to whack himself, and she knew he was sleeping around. It is plausable to think “what a better way to get him back for sleeping around on me”. Again, based on what I saw I think he did, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

  5. In response to Jack Ass’s comments, thank God you were not on the jury based on that kind of rationale!!! Did you actually watch the entire trial, evidence, witnesses, ect?? or are you just “ASSuming” you think he did it, but you wouldn’t bet your life on it? What a horrible and stupid thing to say, a loving mother lost her life by her cheating husband! Justice was served and lets hope and pray that you Mr. Jackass never receive a supboena for jury duty. Now Julie’s family can have closure. God Bless them all especially her children.

  6. He’s innocent! What a sham of a trial!Julie,RIP, was a sick cookie..her letter was full of contraditions! That postem note was stuff in her dry bar.!New trial for Mark!First ,she was poison..oh..wait a minute that’s not right ,he suffocated her ,that’s what he did,because that jail bird said he did!LOL.. What a sham!

  7. serioiusly susie? are you having an affair with him too? your a sham for a woman!

  8. I see frank discussion is not welcome here.

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