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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Movies Based on True Crimes: Fatal Desire [based on the murder of Bruce Miller 11/08/1999 Flint, MI]

Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller

Strange as it is, it seems that the most sympathy in this case has not been given to the real victim in this case, Bruce Miller and his loved ones. The other two involved, Sharee Miller and Jerry Cassaday, do not deserve any overwhelming sympathy, nor should either of them be thought of as victims of this crime. They are not. They were both adults who made the conscious decision to kill another human being. While Jerry Cassaday may have been duped by Sharee for the reasons, he still MURDERED a man in cold blood. I have sympathy for his family for the actions that he committed and put them through. However, it is BRUCE MILLER and his loved ones that need to be remembered here. The love, sympathy and compassion should be directed to them.

**Update 4/21/2017** Sharee Miller has confessed and admitted to her guilt in the murder of her husband, Bruce Miller.

Mich. v. Miller: Sex, lies and murder
The Verdict
Michigan vs. Miller: First Documented Murder Planned on the Internet
Internet Related Murder Case: Sharee Miller
Find-A-Grave: Jerry Cassaday
Murder by the book
Instant message murder case
Sharee Miller ‘disappointed’ about returning to prison for Internet murder conspiracy, lawyer says; State AG office pleased
Sharee Miller loses appeal over husband’s death
Woman in ‘Fatal Desire’ case admits guilt to prosecutor
Woman in infamous internet love triangle slaying admits guilt 17 years later

Fatal Error

Fatal Desire
Snapped: Sharee Miller
I’d Kill For You: Liar’s Poker
Murderous Affairs: Dead Silence

Jerry Cassaday
Jerry Cassaday


ShareeMiller prison mug


MDOC Number: 326122
SID Number: 2070747H
Racial Identification: White
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 148 lbs.
Date of Birth: 10/13/1971 (36)
SHAREE PAULETTE MILLER Image Date: 8/23/2007
Current Status: Prisoner Earliest Release Date: LIFE
Assigned Location: Robert Scott Correctional Facility Maximum Discharge Date: LIFE
Security Level: II


Sentence 1
Offense: Homicide – Murder First Degree-Premeditated – Conspiracy Minimum Sentence: LIFE
MCL#: 750.316A
Maximum Sentence: LIFE
Court File#: 00006086FCJ
Date of Offense: 11/08/1999
County: Genesee
Date of Sentence: 01/29/2001
Conviction Type: Jury

Sentence 2
Offense: Homicide – Murder, Second Degree Minimum Sentence: 54 years 0 months 0 days
MCL#: 750.317
Maximum Sentence: 81 years 0 months
Court File#: 00006086FCJ
Date of Offense: 11/08/1999
County: Genesee
Date of Sentence: 01/29/2001
Conviction Type: Jury


92 Responses

  1. What a horrible person. I hope she is never released.

    • She will be. She’s been granted a new trial by pleading insanity.

      And she got the pussy pass. And she’s living happily in Detroit as we speak while she waits for her new trial.

      And the Cassady suicide letter has been dismissed as irrelevant. Which means ALL the evidence had provided for (to the tune of his suicide) might as well be BURNING IN HELL.

      Good luck sending this evil bitch to prison with THAT.

      Have a nice day ^_^

      • Ok so first of all the letter has not been thrown out. They are still trying to throw it out. And if you had any clue you would know about the evidence that still holds strong against her. Now to tell ya the truth the state has has a few things up its sleves still.

        • it was thrown out in June 2010 – you should check your facts – it was voted down by the US appellate court… don’t be a smart@!s when you’re ignorant

          • I think that all my facts are true since they come straight from one of the lawyers and others in the courtroom. As it sits right now still don’t have a ruling on our case but the letter has it sits right now we are still waiting for them to over rule the ruling that threw out the letter.

  2. O my god! In today’s (3/8/08) The Flint Journal (Flint, MI) in the People section, Sharee Miller of Plymouth announced her engagement to Michael Denoyer of Momence, IL. The Robert Scott Correctional Facility is in Plymouth, MI, and the picture sure looks like this Sharee Miller. “An April 15 wedding is planned.” Say it isn’t so!

  3. Janice,

    I could not find anything on this. Was it in the print edition? I could only see the online one.

  4. I couldn’t find it in print either only online.

    Gah couldn’t see the pic! It’s gotta be her. What is she THINKING announcing it?

    Poor groom number 4. Thank God there’s no inmate-messenger. 🙂

  5. I actually SAW the article in our Flint Journal paper. This is the link to the story on-line. Minus picture.

  6. You people should be ashamed for being so damm judgemental of a person. I have personally met Sharee and she is a changed person. Don’t you tell me that you have never made a mistake before. The only person who will judge Sharee is God and he has forgiven her of her sin you should ask yourself would you want people being so judgemental of you if the shoes were reversed? I say Good Luck & Congratulations to her & her future husband may God Bless you.

    • are you out of your mind??? you met her and she is a changed person???? Are you kidding me???? She deserves an Academy award… she fooled her lover and now she’s fooling you… Don’t be so stupid!! No wonder it’s so easy to trick people out there in the world…no one has any street smarts…just dumb and dumber out in the world today

    • Are you seriously that stupid? Have you not read how manipulative she is, you poor, deranged idiot? Changed person my ass! LMAO! I certainly would NOT be in her shoes cause I wouldn’t have anyone murdered and then spurn the man who did it cause I made him do it and stay by and let him kill himself too!

  7. JamiesGirl,
    You should be ashamed of your self for getting on here and defending a murderer.
    God forgives but that doesn’t mean she should walk free.
    I for one don’t think she should ever get out of jail. Once you took a life you should give your life whether it is my dying or prison for the rest of your life.
    We have the right to voice our opinions whether you like it or not.

  8. (typo )whether it is my dying or prison
    meant *whether it is by dying or prison

  9. JamiesGirl,

    How can you possibly condone the murder of another human being? Especially one she once said she loved? I am sorry, but murder is not just a simple mistake that one can just get over.

    And you may believe that God has forgiven her, however, our criminal justice system does not rely on God, religion or any higher power. She needs to pay for her crime. Her sentence was life. She should stay in prison for the rest of her life.

  10. I have a few questions for jamiesgirl
    number one if you know her than let us know is she in love with this fool or is she just using him to get her name in the paper for a book deal. is she or does she have other men she is using for money. Does she really planing on married this guy or just like always using him.

    plus i found out he set up a yahoo e-mail acount for her this guy is nuts

  11. I find it very hard to believe that the person who posted on here as Sharee Miller is for real. Why would prison allow the internet or an email address?
    If you are for real, I would love to be the first to tell you that you are getting what you deserved! There is no excuse for what you did and no I will not stop and think of what you went through that final moment.. Did you stop and think of what you were doing? No you didn’t or you would not have murdered your husband.
    You should rot in jail I hope you never get out.

  12. Ya’ll have no idea!!!!!! Not a clue!!!

  13. Not a clue for what? I have a cluel that she is a selfish whore who doesn’t deserve to breath airl.

  14. air*

  15. Her case is extraordinary. It is a sobering insight into what the Internet can do. I don’t think that she did plan murder and that her explanation is true. We should never convict someone with murder without a provable motive anyway. The reason there is no motive is because there was no murder in her case. Her behaviour may be extraordinary but that doesn’t make her a murderer.

  16. Sharee Miller is a bitch i think she should die in prison. because why would some body kill there husband like that. she wo’nt be parole until 2055. that should give her time to think about what she did. I think all of her appeals should deined. she left 3 children beheind her. they have suffering without their mother. may god bless the miller family for putting that crazy ass heffer behind bars for good

  17. Regarding David Dixon’s comment, I believe that Sharee’s motivation was the sick satisfaction she gets from making people – especially men – commit outrageous deeds to prove their love for her. It was her twisted need for power that led to her husband’s death. With regard to other comments, we can never be truly assured that Sharee can be reformed – especially if she is in denial about her culpability. It is my opinion that she is where she belongs and that, in light of the nature of her crime, she should not be allowed to use the internet. As far as other comments that suggest that she is not guilty because she only “inspired” rather than “committed” the murder, that’s like saying Hitler or Hussein or other demented leaders aren’t really responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. Her husband would not be dead had it not been for her actions.

  18. It also occurs to me that “publishing” the announcement of her pending nuptials may be a new campaign for Sharee to manipulate the public into believing that she is “reformed” (as well as being a tool to generate interest in her books). I think she is shameless manipulator because she mistakenly believes that she’s smarter than the general public. I can only imagine how her happiness and success would hurt me if her deceased husband had been my father, my son, or my friend. I also have no interest in reading her books because there is nothing she could say that would be of value to me.

  19. One more thing: With regard to the comment about forgiving someone for their “mistake”, a mistake is a hasty error in judgement that would generally result in unintentional harm. According to the facts in the case, Sharee maliciously laid the groundwork for her husband to be harmed and you can bet that she was not intending on getting caught. No, LaVonna, I have never made a mistake that resulted in the intentional loss of life and I would not expect to be forgiven for it.

  20. She’s finally getting another trial. This inocent women needs to be free.

  21. She is not innocent.. She should never get out of jail!!!!!!!

  22. Joe,

    Please state real evidence of her innocence. I have not seen any myself. And remember, a dying declaration (even in the form of a letter) is considered valid evidence.

    Just because you know her or are family or friend, that does not make her innocent. State evidence.

  23. Sharee has a history that none of you know about. Only we the family know. While she is loved by our family we know that she is guilty and needs to remain in prison for the remaining days of her life.

  24. As her family we know she is guilty. Her release would mean a total disruption in the lives her three children and that of her family and Bruce’s family who are innocent victims in all this mess. Call her what you will but remember her children deal with this horror story every day, it is not easy nor is it something they have brought upon themselves. Our prayer is she stays where she belongs, in prison, affording her children an opportunity to gain a good education surrounded by the family that genuinly love them and want the best for them. Please be considerate of the kids when making remarks, they are read by many and these kids deal with it at school.

    • What’s funny is that you make statement of her children, but yet her son is not allowed to see his own father because she accused him of molesting him. I personally know the man and have for many years he would NEVER, I repeat NEVER harm a child especially not in that way. He is a kind, gentle, considerate, giving soul and is a wonderful father to his other three children. She only wanted to hurt as many people as she could even though she was going through hardships herself. Its actually sick that someone like her has children and they aren’t with people who will love them and care for them.

  25. her daughter is one of my best friends and she hates her mother and says shes a total pyshco but the lady is getting out on a tether cuz i guess in the trial they used evidence that wasnt supposed to be hence the retrial

  26. Sharee Miller is a Monster! She is very manipulative. She is Evil! Why didn’t she just kill her husband herself? Nasty bitch thought she could get away with murder! She is a Horrible mother. She never Once thought about her children. She is an evil self-centered bitch!! I hope she rots in Jail Forever!

  27. I certainly hope she stays in prison for the rest of her life! I now trust nothing said over the internet and wonder about things I read or heard about in past years from some weird freak on the net! I once was told a story that was so bizarre, I wondered how anyone could turn out even semi normal after something like that! Now I am actually wondering if it was another woman trying to setup her own parents to be murdered! Lucky for me, I chose to put that person on my ignore list of the group I had belonged to.

    Violence and suffering really get to me, I can not stand to see the film of the water boarding when the news decides to show that!

    This woman is where she belongs and if they try to let her out, I will drive the hour to flint and bring plenty of support to keep her in prison!

    Sick *itch!

  28. Very fascinating, energy-charged, sexual AND “love” (supposedly) story about this on “Lifetime Movie Network” last night..LOVE thriller/suspense loke that – that involves sex and suspense..too bad could not hvae jstu been a “fake” (instead fo a real life) thriller

  29. None of your business,

    You can’t possibly know her daughter because she doesn’t have one.

    • Yes she does! Daughter is NOTHING like her mother apparently. Poor girl. Must be a nightmare for her kid. Sharee cared nothing about what killing her daughter’s father would do to her. Damned shame.

  30. Sharee Miller was a neighbor of a family member of mine. Her first husband was a family friend of the neighbor. I met her once a long time before her crime.

    Don’t let her smile and friendly demeanor fool you.
    She’s a mean person to anyone who she does not find useful or is attracted too. And that didn’t keep anyone safe in her path and wake either. That first marriage wound up with allegations by Miller that the father was molesting the children. I don’t know for sure of course but it seemed like a nastyand false custody battle tactic by Miller at the time.

    There has been a pattern of lies by Miller through her life.

    The afformentioned neighbor completely believes she was capable of her crime.

  31. And of course the school marm look she affected in the trial was no where near her usual garb. She usually dressed on the risque side.

  32. Um, malia, not sure where you’re getting your information, but yes she does have a daughter. I am married to Sharee’s cousin and actually see her daughter 3-4 times a year. She is a sweet girl, and does live with horror everyday of what her mother has done.

  33. I just happened to catch a replay of the case on Forensic Files today. This woman just got released on bail last week for her retrial. Luckily, she was rearrested and sent back to the Genesee County Jail. She begins her new trial on October. A judge ruled that the suicide note from the killer (which implicated Miller) should not have been admissable in court because he could not be there to testify.

  34. I know for sure that Sharee was released from Genesee county jail on 7/29/09 with a personal bond. She walked free. Now if the state sctually had the evidence that they claimed do you think they would have let her walk out of the jail completely free? There is not a new trial starting anytime soon. Getting your facts right before you give your opinion should be a requirement

  35. can anybody tell me if she ever went by the name Sharee Johnson? I dated a woman that fits the description perfectly in 1992 when she was temporarily living in McAllen, TX.

    Her younger pictures look identical to the girl i was with and she was also from Michigan and I’m not certain of her birthday but we dated between September of 1992 to about January of 1993 and remember for sure celebrating her birthday with her between that time. Possibly October 13, like Sharee Miller.

    I first saw her story on A&E on a show that Bill Kurtis does and was never able to verify.

    If anyone knows if she ever went by Johnson could you let me know.

    many thanks!

  36. I heard they threw her conviction out.

    Because the jury was shown the sex tape she sent to Jerry Cassaday.

    Well, duh – she DID make the tape!

    • not why it was thrown out…your information was wrong..
      it was thrown out because the accused has the right to face their accuser and since jerry wasnt alive they threw out his suicide letter, but its being reapplied.

  37. Joe, she is NOT “innocent.”

  38. What I’ve never understood is how she had time to take care of her kids when she spent all her time on the Internet.

    And what was her problem with Bruce – there are a lot of women out here who would give their right arm for what she so callously threw away.

  39. malia,

    you should do your homework before you leave ignorant statements trying to call people out. she does have a daughter.

    it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be of the new trial, being as though the conviction got turned over for showing the suicide note as evidence.. god bless all who have suffered because of this horrible crime

  40. cant wait to hear she is back in jail where she belongs..ive put up with this shit for way too thinking about going to the courthouse just so she can see my face….

  41. in response to david dixon…umm have you heard of second degree murder? she did plan the murder i saw the conversations who do you think taught jerry to print them off? HI thats me…no body knows that much though..oh well..and second degree murder is just as bad as first degree in my book but what do i know i went to college and have a degree in criminal justice and a certificate in police science oh and dont forget my class a license as a police officer..but what do i know..i was just a kid..the bit** is a murderer and deserves to rot behind bars.

  42. ive always wondered what things would be like if this slut never met my father…i know for a fact that even after cheating on my mom she wouldve taken him back in an instant and things could be back to normal for my family..a mother, father and my brothers..but no..this slut ran through and destroyed my family..what would you do if you came home from an eighth grade dance and was told that your father shot himself over some bitch who didnt want him..sounds like a song oh if anyone knows the true facts in the case and what its like for the families involved ask the people themselves.

    • kenny,

      I am sorry for the pain you and your family went thru due to your father’s suicide. However, the pity party about Sharee being in your life ends there. Your father still SHOT AND MURDERED Bruce Miller. Period. He was an adult and knew what he was doing. Yes, obviously he cheated on your mom and that is unacceptable (and sorry, but things would not have been normal if he would have gone back to your mom, it never is after cheating) but he murdered another human being. You never once in any of your comments say anything about him and BRUCE MILLER is the victim here. Yes, your family is a victim of your father’s actions, that is true. But this is a place for justice and for Bruce Miller. To remember that he lived and did not deserve what happened to him.

      • Oops, let me say yes, your father did do wrong and of course was not innocent but all in all I’m sure he was a good man and she had a helluva power over him. So yes, he has to be blamed but she was the over bearing evil force here.

    • So very sorry Kenny. No one blames your dad, Hon. He was pushed and manipulated by this cruel bitch. Bless you Honey. So sorry for your loss and I hope she dies in jail and not a pleasant death either! God bless, Kenny. Prayers for you and yours.

  43. Would just like to clarify that Husband number one was NOT the molestor… They shared one child together. Husband 2 was the one that was the alleged molestor or abusive one. Husband one was an honorable man serving our country in the armed forces. They were high school sweethearts and that all ended upon her many affairs while he was over seas fighting for our freedoms…

  44. Sharee is free now, evidence was given that should not have been used, she killed no one

  45. She is out , she has done enough time , she never pulled any trigger

    • Grazalia,

      Because she did not pull the trigger she has done enough time? Ask Pamela Smart how she feels about that. Or Charles Manson. Or Jesse James Hollywood. Remember, if not for her, it would not have happened.

  46. hmm she has done enough time? tell that to every family who has lost a member from a drive-by..the driver was only driving by does that mean they are innocent?

  47. So many people judge by what the media has to say. Have you read the actual court documents, they are now available on line, maybe you all should take the time to read them. She is free for a reason. I know her well. Everyone out there is one bad decision away from prison. It could happen to anyone of you or to someone that is close to you. The system does not care who they convict, only that they convict someone. I do know that an autobiography is coming out soon, Author Terri F. Williams is writing it. Maybe then you all will have the answers that you so desire. I just don’t understand why people insist on talking about other people, are you afraid to look within yourselves? Just wondering why so many people believe they have the right to be judge and jury.

  48. i know for a fact what happened..go figure i dont assume things i know her “well” too and wish i didnt

  49. So I am assuming that you have looked on line and actually read the court documents? I guess that is not important to such righteous people.

    • stacy,

      The person you are responding to DOES know this case. That is all I can and will say. You are assuming a lot. But be assured, this person knows the court documents and the situation, probably better than you.

  50. thank you mylifeofcrime

  51. stacy, if you have read the book about this case that was published and looked at the alias that i use on this site then maybe just maybe youll know who i am and what i know
    🙂 happy holidays to all

  52. We’re you there? That is the question. You see yes I know who you are, I am not dumb. But were you there? No, you were not. So I am assuming you were just a child at the time. Of course your family hated this woman, they blame her for your admission to a killing and his suicide, so yes they would tell you things, but were you there? Have you actually seen the court documents? I have pulled everything off line from the courts, read everything. I also read where the AOL man who testified said that on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest, to change and instant message, forge it, it would be a 2. That is not very difficult. And if a man can kill, he sure can set someone up. I guess we will wait until the final hearing to see what will happen to this woman. She really only has one judge in this life.

  53. wow good to know you know where i was…yes i lived with the man..i know everything that happened more so than anyone on this gossip dont say stupid things like you know where i was that just makes you sound stupid

  54. I would like to say this. For a while now I have felt so guilt for any pain I have cause the Miller and the cassaday families. I was wrong and I would like to say from the bottom of my heart I am so sorry that I made you revisit your lost. The bottom line is two men died and I will now and forever have to deal with the pain I caused.
    Michael Denoyer

    **note from blog owner

    Michael Denoyer is Sharee Miller’s newest husband. This statement is from him, NOT Sharee. He met her while she was in prison, after watching her episode of “Snapped”. Her eyes attracted him to her.

    • I see all over the net that I am married to Sharee Miller or questions if we are indeed married the answer is no we are not. That part of my life is over but I will answer any question anyone might have
      Michael Denoyer

  55. Nope I am not her latest husband, we were never married. the media says wew were and I left it at that. We are not together any longer either.
    I just wanted to say how bad I feel.
    I wish I were have done things different and I will have to live with what I did and pray that I will be forgiven.
    Michael denoyer

  56. Michael Denoyer the woman you are talking to on Facebook is media. Well Latoya is media. Watch channel five news in Flint and you will see your facebook page. If you feel guilty about going to the media once before, your doing it again now. Just thought you should no.

    • As I said I will answer questions if asked and I am able to answer. Just like so many before. I did not know she was from the media and I ask as I always do if she was and she said no.

  57. Hey an Autobiography is being written about this woman. I found the Authors web page. It’s quite interesting,

    • Joyce,

      I could not find that Sharee is on that website at all, nor anything about a book about her. Since you said it is an autobiography, that would mean that Sharee is writing the book, since autobiography is self-biography. Where did you find the information about her writing a book about herself?

  58. I seen it when I googled Sharee Millers name as a question in Yahoo. Then I found it in Worlds Hottest updated news. When I went to check out this Author I found her web page. Once I got into her web page I read where she is writing this Autobiography, apparently she knows Sharee Miller well. Upon further research I seen where Author Terri Williams was a correctional officer at the prison Sharee Miller was in. I read in her web page where she says this book will be coming out in the next couple of months. I also seen that Sharee Miller is a contact on her page.

  59. It’s under the title “My Blog” in I see that she wrote a book called “Mama’s Love” And “Love Letters From Heaven” when I googled her name. Have you ever heard of this Author? I tried to see if she was still a corrections officer, but I cannot find any more information. Apparently Sharee Miller is telling her story to this woman.

  60. well kinda hard to do when her story isnt over yet…the court battle is still going on

  61. I can’t believe such a selfish evil bitch exists. I feel so bad for Bruce. If there is a hell I know that you will go there. I wish nothing but bad things for you. There is no excuse for what you did.

  62. sharee miller is a cold manunipulating black widow, no other words can describe the planing and the time she spent , convincing some washed up ex cop to kill her husband , she will be held accountable if by no other than the u s supreme court it is to bad that the supreme court cant issue a death warrant for her!!!

  63. To mylifeofcrime author:
    Where can I read the actual story? I know it was on tv, and the tvmovie “Fatal Desire”, but where would the true story of the trial be? Or the official records online??? I found this trial, (and the story) to be unbelievable, and sad….but has there been a retrial? So sorry Kenny, for your loss.

    • For the trial transcripts, you would need to contact the courts. To my knowledge they are not online. And I do not yet know when the retrial will be. I will post as soon as I find out.

  64. Wow guess who again. So I have learned new information on this cass from my connections as to why the heck she is still free and go figure it’s the government again. So her cass is sitting on US Supreme court tables waiting for a ruling in another case to happen. That case is currently being seen and should be over any day from now til the spring. The ruling will say when a case decision is final. Then we will go back to sharee vs Michigan. I can’t waif for this to be over and for her to finish her time where she belongs. Anyways. Thought id tell yall the news. Yes all my connections are legal and legit. Any questions please ask someone who knows and not this crap gossip. God bless the her son serving in the military as I too am active duty special forces.

    • More info. The ruling has been made now awaiting for the courts to attach the ruling of one case to another and after that sharee will most likely be back in prison. Her lawyers are struggling to find away out of it but supreme court said that once a ruling is made that it is final and can’t be changed based on a later ruling of another case.

  65. time for an not readily available these days due to my job but i recieved an email stating that a hearing is set for july and should hear what happened shortly..looks like a retrial is still in the works people

  66. i want to does anyone know what the age difference between sharee miller and bruce miller was? can sharee also reply to this does she have computer privileges?

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