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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Lesa Buchanan murder 7/04/2005 Franklin, TN *Boyfriend Chris Koulis convicted of criminally negligent homicide, recieved 2 years in prison*

lesa-buchanan.jpg lesa-buchanan-and-chris-koulis.jpg dr-chris-koulis.jpg
Lesa Buchanan                Lesa and Chris                     Chris Koulis

Addicted To Love
Unit 5 Investigates Suspended Doctor
Doctor Accused Of Giving Model Girlfriend Lethal Overdose
Surgeon Pleads Not Guilty In Girlfriend’s Death
Murder case filled with legal twists
Rogue doctor Koulis suspended in Illinois
A Doctor Is Accused Of Murder
Attorneys to dispute homicide charge in OD death
Judge Delays Plastic Surgeon’s Murder Trial
Opening statements begin in Koulis murder trial
Opening Statements Begin In Surgeon’s Murder Trial
Sex video shown as evidence in murder trial
Defense, Prosecutors Argue Over Koulis’ Written Statement
Koulis trial: Relationship was ‘up and down’, mother says
Koulis Testified In His Murder Trial
Closing Arguments Underway In Koulis Murder Trial
Koulis murder case goes to jury
Jurors find Koulis guilty of criminally negligent homicide
Koulis Guilty Of Criminally Negligent Homicide
Doctor Faces 2 Years For Girlfriend’s Overdose Death
Doctor gets two years in death of girlfriend
Despite Sentencing, Koulis Free On Bond

Chris Koulis is dead. He died of a heart attack on 3/26/2010.

Franklin Murder Defendant Dies In Chicago

Thanks to Gene for sending the information.


59 Responses

  1. […] Lesa Buchanan murder 7/04/05 Franklin, TN *Boyfriend Chris Koulis convicted of criminally negligent… [image] [image] […]

  2. Yes, this is a sad story…I saw the special on 48 hours. However, I feel that everyone should be responsible for their own actions, even in death. Lesa Buchanan made some fatal decisions to continue a relationship with the Dr. Her daughter mentioned that he wouldn’t leave them alone when they tried to get away…did he place a gun to their heads? I would have filed a police report, or even relocated to keep myself and my daughter safe. The bottom line is that Lesa is responsible as much as the Dr. I am appauled that the Dr. is still allowed to practice at all. Whether he administered the drugs or not, he was being unethical by providing the. I am a current biomedical student, and I never plan to use drugs for anything other than curing a patient. I am blogging b/c I feel that Dr. Koulis IS responsible for not behaving as a Dr. having taken the hippocratic oath. However, Lesa is responsible in my opinion: not for being a drug user (if she was) or for being involved in deviant sex. I feel she is responsible for not severing all ties when she realized what a monster this guy is. When are we going to learn that titles such as Doctor or lawyer doesn’t equal loyal, honest and trustworthy. Hell, the title, “Priest” doesn’t even equal trustworthy anymore.

    I wisht the best to Lesa’s family and daughter, but they need to stop blaming everyone else, and realize that she is partially responsible. Just b/c someone dies, doesn’t make them unaccountable for their actions.

    • ifebossert,

      You have obviously never been the victim of domestic violence. You asked if he placed a gun to their heads – how insulting to victims of domestic violence to imply that this is their own fault. There is no need for a gun when domestic violence is involved. Most times, it is the threat of violence that can hold a victim (male or female) hostage in a relationship. Do not blame her for this. You make it sound like it is so easy. Try it and see how easy it is. Wak a mile in her shoes before condemning her.

      • Oh my! You stole the words from my mouth! Thank you so much for your responding to him or her, but it must be a him, for his inability to imagine what life would be in a woman’s shoes. In a beautiful woman’s shoes shall I say, because it’s even worth when you’re attractive.

        • I hope domestic violence advocates do a better job educating police and men who care to understand, the myriad of behaviors an abuser uses to keep a woman frightened, feeling hopeless, isolated, and cornered.

    • Lesa was an artist. An actress, a puppetmaster, a model, and a wonderful mom. She also had a disease, the same I’ve had since I was 13 yrs-old. She had an addictive personality, and this is one of the worst mental disease, believe me. As an AP, when you fall in love with someone, you actually get addicted to the person you love. It happens so quick, you wouldn’t even know at the beginning that you’re addicted (the exact same process than drugs and alcohol and gambling, etc). Once you realize you are hooked on someone, it’s too late, you feel that you depend on him/her to survive! You are obsessed with the person. It’s a powerful drug, really. This man, as a doctor, must have known perfectly what he was inflicting to his beautiful girlfriend, mentally and physically. He first got hooked on oxycodone, he was addicted to it, and even so he told Lesa to try it, that it was NOT addictive, and that it would improve their sex life. Lesa, who never used drugs, remember? must have felt she owed this to the guy (forgot his name, I don’t care), and that she would make him happy, putting her health on jeopardy, but very well manipulated by this narcissistic personality obsessed with his own penis. Somehow he made her believe she would lose him if she didn’t take the drugs. And she certainly tried to rationalize “he’s a doctor, he knows what he’s doing; he loves me, he wouldn’t do anything bad to me”. This man knew what he was doing to this girl, he was just using her, took pleasure in stealing her health, her beauty and making her lose her family. When he would have finally sucked all the life within her, he would have dumped her, and found another pretty girl eiger to fall in love.

  3. Dr. Koulis is a bad toupee wearing creep. I know people need to take responsibility for their actions, but he was an MD, and he gave her the means. I do hope the family sue him for wrongful death. People tend to blame the victim…If he was not an MD, the story may have “washed better”!!! Well, at least he will not be able to wear his toupee in the joint!!! When I was arrested, they took my hairpiece….

  4. I am a recovering addict and no longer a victim of any domestic violence but I do firmly agree that everyone has to be responsible for their own actions. There are good and bad choices and you have to make the good ones. Prescription drugs are extremely dangerous and the disease of addiction is a very cunning situation. I was able to keep my addiction to oxycontin and many other opiotes a secret from my family for about 10 years. When things got really bad and I was broke it was then my family learned of the problem but to Lesa’s dismay she had a regular supplier in her home and had many plastic surgery’s and an unhealthy relationship to boot, oh and also several years for this addiction to become aggressive. My addiction started from a simple shoulder injury and a doctor that had no probelm writing prescriptions at my request eventually your body requires the narcotics to function. The point, being addicts that are active will never be truthful. The doctor, I hope no longer is a Dr., and Lesa could not be believed until she or they are ready to get and stay clean. It is like a crackhead going to a crack dealer and buying drugs and dying and the family and our judical system charging the drug dealer with murder, when that adult made the decision to put poison in his/her own body. Our judical system should be prosicuting for illegal drug distribution, and that Dr. also took and oath to remain ethical, which he didn’t that is the true crime.
    Although deeply saddened for the family and especially the daughter of Lesa for the result of this tragedy. We all should learn this one thing from this that sometimes the people that we truly love most we don’t always know their deepest darkest secrets. These people, that are addicts share that part of themselves with others that most of the time aren’t worthy and sometimes it is to late when we find out. Hang on to the our loved ones and don’t keep secrets and don’t pass judgement, just listen.

    • I disagree. He was more than a drug dealer, he was the love of her life! She was almost more addicted to him than to opiaces, and he perfectly knew how to take advantage of that. He knew he was destroying her, and he enjoyed it. I mean, this is a man who can only get an erection if his partner is half-dead!! I’m glad he’s dead, I hope it was a painful death.

      • sorry. The astonishing methods of partner abuse, by intent and definition, turns an otherwise morally strong woman into a vulnerable victim. I am so terribly sick of victim blaming. Women are brainwashed, they lose an accurate sense of self, and become hostages. Until you have walked that road with
        “the kindest, most loving man in the world” then you are not qualified to comment on these monsters and their victims. These monsters are so very good at what they do. Their astonishing repertoir of behaviors are finely honed to trap vulnerable women, and keep them from escaping, except through death.

  5. This POS needs to die. Arrogant little man. I PRAY that someone does the right thing and remove this piece of trash from the living.

  6. I doubt if she would have stayed with the dude if he had been a street cleaner no matter how persuasive and attractive her was. She was always looking to get somewhere and probably saw him as a good goldmine to tap. She made her own destiny and stuck with him for the $$$ and the free boob jobs and lip and botux and unfortunately for her the price was a bit higher than she expected. Bottom line is she was no better than a hooker and occasionally they get killed by their clients or pimps.

    anyway that is the end of her short and uneventful life apart from appering in a sex vid that made a few old jurors happy.

  7. I HATE drugs. I have never understood what the attraction is for drugs.

    And, hey, Trevor – nice way to trash the victim. You apparently have some real issues with women. Maybe you should seek professional help for your problem.

  8. Funny how the daughter said right after it happened on the news how she didnt think Dr Chris did it on purpose and she changed her story. Dr Chris was my doc and was considered one of the up and comeing best plastic surgerons around,,how sad what drugs can do to you,,oh,,,and the hair is real,,he just has bad hair

  9. This is very sad, and the boyfriend seems like an enabler and creep. But when will our society start holding adults accountable for their own actions? I am sure this is hard for her family; and I guess it makes them feel better to paint her as a victim of someone else instead of what she really is – an unfortunate victim of her own bad choices.

  10. Derek,
    LMAOff! Great comment. Just curious if they gave you your “rug” back upon release???
    Bottom line, the “doctor” should be locked up for a minimum of 20 yrs. Did anyone read about his background? This was not a mistake.
    RIP Lesa. God bless you.

  11. I too agree that she is just as responsible for her death as he is – I too have been a victim of domestic violence, but I ended that relationship as I was smart enough to know from seeing others mistakes (like this one) that these type relationships can seriously hurt and even get you killed. I know its sad for the family, but place blame in ALL the correct places. Please understand, I am not judging – just stating facts.

  12. tco

  13. Well, for anyone who thinks that it is her fault, you go be that spoiled brats little sex toy. What a sick person. I think he was a control freak and took bad she didn’t get away from him sooner. Anyone can see that he has some definite problems himself. Too bad he can’t land in jail. They will probably rearrange you ugly little face and awful hairdo.

  14. Oh, and Donna, glad you got out, but too bad you feel that way. You are giving you permission to kill, there again, you go be his sex toy. See how you like it.

  15. This guy is evil! I actually worked with him for 2 years when he did his residency at Vanderbilt in the 90’s. He was arrogant and often lied to staff. I know his personality and I have no doubt he killed Lesa. One way or the other, he will have to pay for his actions.

  16. I saw this on 48 hours Hard Evidence, it is so sad to see that he got away with murdering her! I am a feminist and recovering addict, I got clean on my own. It is so tragic that her daughter is now left without a mother! So sad!!!

  17. watch out florida, that’s where bad seed docs like this end up after they’re run out of other states– esp plastic surgeons… he’ll probably change his name, too.

  18. I dare judge this man or any other. I leave it in the hands of God. We all pay for the wrong we do and we are all responsible for the choices we make. It would be a horrible thing to get caught up in a situation where we get convicted for a wrong when we are innocent. I pray for this world we live in.

  19. It is easy for us to simplify Lesa’s situation because we are not part of it.

    I have been in an abusive relationship and what happens most times is the abuser identifies our weakness and exploits it.

    This doctor used drugs to control Lesa. While under the influence he was most likely everything she wanted but then the drugs wear off and that is probably when she would try to get away.

    I am amazed he got away with this in the end. I could tell in the tape he was doing something to her. We couldn’t see the actual syringe in his hand but he wasn’t standing still. His body was moving like he was doing something.

    Like they said only a doctor could have given her the injections just right so major damage wasn’t done. I can only hope he doesn’t do this again to another unsuspecting woman.

    My heart goes out to the Buchanan family and Lesa’s daughter. I’ve been where Lesa was and it is devastating to lose someone you love.

  20. Well, you don’t need to wonder or worry ’bout this a** hole any longer. He’s gone !

  21. I have just completed a trauma course as part of my mental health degree. I was also in an extremely abusive & manipulative relationship for several years in my past.

    Let me clarify something, Lesa’s sister commented that “he isolated her from her family and friends. He allienated her.” and her daughter stated, “He would call her every 10 minutes asking where she was. Very overprotective in a stalkerish kind of way.” These are all indicators that she was in fact in an abusive relationship.
    The person who commented saying that perps of DV prey on your weakness and expliot it is spot on correct – he did that to Lesa. In the 2002 situation where he was taken to rehab by his folks and Lesa was found with needle marks and infections from the sites. He wrote her from rehab and admitted to injecting her. She stated that he chased her around the house and injected her. Then suddenly she refuses to testify against him – because he exploited her weakness – the fear that if she testifies the state will take her daughter.

    What people need to understand about DV is that it is psychological – even when it is physical it is psychological because of the fear and the anxiety that it causes. and getting away is easier said than done. You have been isolated from friends and family. Where do you go? How do you leave if there is only one vehicle and they have it when they leave for work? How do you call when they take the house phone and your cell phone with them when they leave? Even if they leave the cell phone they can see every call made right on the bill (and trust me the bill is in their name) and even if it isn’t they can still get access to it – and you better have a good explanation for the numbers listed.
    Every woman would love to believe that if they were in a DV relationship they would be able to get out because if she admits it could happen to her then she is admitting to weakness but DV victims are not weak. They, like everyone, want to believe the best in everyone especially the ones they love.

    Also, statistics prove that 95% of all DV related homocides happen while the victim had an active restraining order. How can that be? Because the restraining order is only good if the person it is against is willing to comply. DV is about control and power. You think a little piece of paper is going to stop them? Think again. It fuels the need to regain and prove they have the power and the control. If anything it antagonizes the perp into upping the ante and committing the final and ultimate act of power – to take the victims life.

    Yes we are all responsible for our actions. But there is such a thing as a victim. A DV victim is “brainwashed” in the truest definition of the term. They have been psychologically manipulated into believing things that seem illogical to the rest of us. They are being manipulated into doing things they wouldn’t normally do for the sake of a happily ever after with the person they love. They are being exploited just as surely as a child in a pornography ring is. Only they are an adult and we have a preconceived notion that adults should “know better” which is completely rediculous.
    People need to get over themselves and recognize that the only separating them from a DV victim is a healthy relationship. It can happen to anyone. Walk a mile in another poerson’s shoes before you judge them. Live their life better than they did before you say that they lived it wrong.

  22. How sad it is that people can blame someone else for something that they had no involvement in. Easy too being on the outside looking in, but actually living it such a different story. I pray that everyone now finds some sort of peace in a horrible situation.

  23. I was not convinced that Christ had anything to do with Lesa’s drug use. Now, I have been injected, against my will, with narcotics. The police refused to do anything at all. My husband said he got off on it and then raped me while I was incapacitated and kept saying no. Christ is or was as charming as my husband, so it is possible he was involved. But I believe he made his decision to start over in Chicago, offered to pay for rehab for Lesa. I believe he told her to leave when she was using in Chicago, and I believe the facts are that he took random drug tests. He is dead. Double tragedy. For me, no justice what so ever. He has stolen tons of money from me, left me with terrible ptsd, and has drugged me a few other times without my knowledge, once in obtaining a mortgage against my house (granted back to me in our divorce) and still, when I told police he got two huge mortgages against MY property by drugging me, they said it was not a criminal matter, but a civil matter. And I don’t have money for an attorney. So, yes. Men like this do exist. But was a case proven against Christ? NO. The state did not prove its case against the DR. beyond reasonable doubt. I hope Lesa’s family lets go of their anger and blaming. Yes, they loved Lesa, but she made choices regularly that were killing her. I believe she self injected. Should Christ have had her locked up when he saw her shooting up? Perhaps.

  24. I find this to be an addiction to love story. People make stupid decisions for sex. It happens everyday. Not using a condom is one of them. Add drugs to sex and you have a pairing that defies the most brilliant mind’s ability to make rationale decisions.
    They were both guilty. They were drawn to each other like moths to a flame. It is similar to the tragic lifestyle of two alcoholic lovers in the Hollywood movie drama “The Days of Wine and Roses”. The characters lost their attraction for one another once he kicked the habit.
    Trying to figure out “Who” is more guilty and responsible is playing the blame game.
    Neither he or she were innocent. There would have been no crime had they not fed on each others addiction to love with drugs.
    It is sad that these two beautiful, intelligent people not only destroyed their lives but those of the people around them.
    We are all imperfect. Some of us choose the better part of our nature and follow a path that leads to wisdom and understanding. Others choose a path that leads to death and destruction.
    It is called, free will.

  25. Looks like God gave the final verdict. It seems the good doctor died of a heart attack in Chicago 26 March 2010. He was 42.

  26. yeah, i hear guilt weighs heavy on the heart…justice is done..if he didnt inject her why were the cameras only turned off during injection time…i mean if the cameras had continue to roll it could have proved a lack of guilt as well as guilt…

  27. To Rick: He is wearing a hairpiece.. i worked for hair club for men for a very long time, we have a special product line we use called Maxxum… which if u watch this story on Dateline, you see Maxxum spray gel laying right on his bathroom counter. Funny, but true.

  28. that last comment was actually meant to go to LM. Sorry Rick

  29. I just finished watching this story. He was such an arrogant person and childish. All he was worried about was what satisfied him. Jury didn’t find him guilty but looks like fate did and took him out. You can’t do wrong to someone and expect to get away with it.

  30. There is G-d! His heart exploded the same way Lesa’s did. Moral standards are independant of you social status. Insecured selfish prick was a doctor!!!!

  31. I agree, there is a karmic full circle on this case. Justice is for the victim. She didn’t get justice while alive, but in the end, she got justice. I wish these manipulative, charming men wore a “Cain” sign on their foreheads. I suffered at the hands of a husband for 13 years, and the police let him off on horrible crimes. He charmed them. I think the police need to really sit down with victims and hear what it is really like to try to get away from a sociopath.

  32. ifebossert’s remarks are similar to those made by other people who judge victims of domestic violence. We don’t seek out our abusers. They are llike sharks that seek us out. Try to get away. In this day and age there is no way to disappear. A man that says he will get you, will get you. Protection orders only make it worse. Lesa was probably numbing herself to the terrible, sad reality that she woud never, ever be free of the “good doctor.” I know for a fact that I cannot escape my abuser. He has promised me death, and he will get away with it. someday, he will do what he has always said he will do and I cannot prevent it. Believe me, I appealed to the police many, many times. He charms the police, and the more upset and yes, at times, hysterical I sound, the more the police believe, calm surface, mr. Polite, southern charm, charlie and think I am crazy. I feel for Lesa, and every victim out there because with ss card numbers, owning a house, paperwork, one can never, ever disappear.

  33. I just watch this on 48 hours. Dr.s know what drugs do…they are licensed professionals. Dr. Koulis made that first administration to Lesa. He knew what the consequences are and what the outcome could be. This is a girl with no prior drug history. No one can predict how an individual will react to drugs or if they will or will not become addicted. What if it was your daughter, your sister, what if it was a unwilling patient. There is a lot of unknowns. they say she was a willing participant…drugs do strange things to the mind and make you do things you would normally never do…They judged her on a 2 hour video. what about the other 22 hours in the day. I dont blame her for her actions under the influence of drugs under the supervision of a Dr. once he got clean he should have seen Lesa through her rehabilitation and ask for help from her family as any boyfriend or husband would do. go with her to rehab. he knows the symptoms of the state of being “high” He was a DR. There are no excuses. He knew what he was doing…I think it was a thrill kill and he made sure he was not seen administering it to her on video, maybe thats why the videos were accessable to the police. He wanted to see if he could get away with murder and watch it over and over again. Maybe she had become baggage to him once she became addicted. I blame Dr. Koulis! He took the drugs from his office…she didnt go out and buy it…he brought it to her and supported her habit. I agree that adults should be responsible for their actions but Lesa was not an experienced drug user…How do you become responsible and clean when the enabler is keeping you supplied and enabling you day in and day out with drugs. Its like taking a recovering alcoholic family member to a bar after work and buying them drinks, getting them drunk and then stopping off at the liquor store and buying them 3 bottles of vodka to take home with them. how do you expect them to get sober…He had the money and brains to help her…he knew better!

  34. my husband held me down, injected my vein with a narcotic and raped me. The police never held him accountable and this was the thrid reported rape and I reported him for drugging me 3 times. He actually got away with drugging me, as an ex spouse, and getting a mortgage on my home. He got away (while a protection order was in place0 with taking me out of a hospital where I had signed in in my maiden name, put the protection order on top of my medical record, and told staff NOT to release me to him under any circumstances. He came in, surprised me that he had found me, and I believed him when he said the doctors gave him my medicine. I took it (I feel so stupid) and he took me from the hospital, kept me hostage, drugged for 3 days, raped me, all with a protection order, and the police did nothing. That poor girl didn’t have a chance with a predator like Koulis. Even if she had made a report to police, she would have met the same end. Police simply do not understand the depth and perversity of the predator.

  35. This was a tragic that took place, I seen this on 48 hours. I read a statement made by an individual and it stated that, “you obviousily are not a victim of a crime”. What does that have to do with what happend? What happend in this tragic story Lesa, Lesa had voulintarly took these drugs. As u seen in the video she was fine with the way she was feeling. And yes she had a daughter and but this is the daughter she left as a young child to go pursue her goal in life. One more thing was mentioned about her trying to get away from Chris, but in the video she asked him, “do u luv me” and they wer seen kissing. The weekend they wer having sex and in the video no he wasnt holding a gun to her head and she also wasn’t trying to get away from him either. Now by Chris providing the drugs yes that was very wrong and I believe with wut happend to him was more than likely karma.

  36. Leesa was a drug addict, plain & simple. I’m sure Christ brought the drugs because she asked (or begged) him too. Had he not provided them, she would have bought them on the street. You can’t “make” someone an addict. Leesa had already been to treatment at least once. SHE chose to use drugs. SHE chose to spend the weekend having kinky sex with Christ. Everyone is making her out to be such a victim. I’m sure she asked him to shoot her up, because he was least likely to “miss” & he made a poor decision & did (knowing she would do it herself anyway). Granted, it was stupid. But it was not murder!!

  37. Chris Koulis should have been convicted of 2nd degree murder for the death of Lesa and should have received 20 years in prison. He is a arrogant jerk with no sympathy for Lesa.

  38. I am a recovering addict..i have seen this episode many times on 48 hours….i feel terrible for the family and lesas daughter…but everybody does make their own decisions and i know first hand how cunning and evil this drug is…and its fucked up that this guy would even introduce her into this lifestyle knowing what it does to peOple…he got his in the end and god always knoWs the truth….

  39. Sorry to say she wanted the fast life but there are alway consequences to such a life. Money fame. Not worth it.

  40. good job. Blame the victim. Shameless. I have been a victim and it is a paralyzing situation.

  41. I believe Kris needs a very long lifetime to think about why he is in prison and what he did to a beautiful woman. That, seems to me, to be the purpose of incarceration.

  42. Thanks life of crime. I didn’t realize he died. I just remember the case from a few years back. I wish he had lived the full measure of a life sentence.

  43. I read that the coroner determined he died of pneumonia and acute opiate intoxication (which can cause a heart attack.) I believe both he and his girlfriend were drug-addicted. He was heinous to get her involved and introduce her to his demons, and as a doctor, his behavior was criminal. Still, I think this is more a story about two, “well-raised”, promising, individuals who got addicted to drugs. It’s that simple, and that sad.

  44. […] Lesa Buchanan murder 7/04/05 Franklin, TN *Boyfriend Chris Koulis …Feb 16, 2008 … lesa-buchanan.jpg lesa-buchanan-and-chris-koulis.jpg dr-chris-koulis.jpg … Lesa Buchanan made some fatal decisions to continue a … […]

  45. I think it’s sad he died, sad she died. It wasn’t a death penalty case, so I can’t understand why anyone sane would be gleeful at someone elses death, I think you need to look into your own angry bitter hearts. No one made anyone do anything, this is about bad choices, in men, in women, drug use and the downfall of two people. I have to ask myself why she, who seemed to have so much, chose such a path, chose him and the lifestyle over the daughter she loved so much and her family. It turned her into a liar, a sneak, and someone who would have died due to the damage to her lungs in not too many years, the damage already done to her body. This is the real story, the story of drug addiction, low self esteem and bad choices. Clearly if you remove the drugs from the equation, what you have is a dysfunctional relationship, with two troubled people. Add in the drugs and you have death. It’s cruel to blame sick people and rejoice in anyone’s death, anyone’s death diminishes each and everyone of us. We need more empathy in this world, and it starts with each one of us individually.

  46. I used to read you blog religiously, I can’t believe I ever stopped! Now I remember what got me enamored hooked in the first place.

  47. Is there a book on Lisa Buchanan murder

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