Update: Alijah Mullis murder *Mother, Caren Kohberger, charged with child endangerment*

Alijah James Mullis

News Archive: Alijah James Mullis murder
Police looking for mother whose son was found dead
Caren Kohberger arrested
Slain Baby’s Mother Remains In New York
Affidavit: Slain Baby’s Mom Knew Dad Could Hurt Son
Mom Of Slain Baby Arrested In NYC
Texas mother of slain Seawall baby arrested in NY
Mom of slain baby arrested at New York hospital

Travis James Mullis
Caren Kohberger

9 Responses

  1. Child endangerment? Is that the best they can do?
    How about premeditated murder?
    Parents don’t hesitate to kill their children anymore. Why? There is no punishment, just a bunch of excuses from their lawyers. (stress, ran out of pills, divorce) Can we get a better law somewhere to protect our children??


  2. ps
    Obviously this b**ch was guilty if she fled the state. Child endangerment? She didn’t have to run for that. They could’ve slapped her on the wrist in Texas. I am DISGUSTED.


  3. She should be held for premedicated murder because the stupid piece of crap for a ‘mother’ made him take the baby with him. She is a lying bi&*ch. She made him take the baby because she knew he would kill it. If he had to leave for fear (horse crap) of hurting the baby then she knew he would kill it. They probably had a plan of what they were going to say after the baby was found.. I think if they don’t get death, give them both fricking life because she is as guilty as the piece of crap ‘dad’. Or better yet put them out in the public and let people take turns throwing some stones at their heads til they are lifeless.


  4. premeditated * not premidicated


  5. The lady she was staying with said that she showed little interest in the child, then later said that she was always loving on the baby! Contradicting herself!!
    I know the mother of this child, not close to her, but know her through a social site.
    She needs to be held accountable for putting the life of a child at risk.
    Did she not think that when he told her he might hurt one of the kids that maybe one of those kids would be her kid??
    She knowingly let him take that baby as an assurance that he would come back to her…what kind of a mother puts their own selfish desperations to keep a man…before the wellbeing and safety of a child??
    It makes me sick!!!
    What’s happening to our world? Why is it so easy for someone to look at a child and knowingly do harm??

    RIP little angel!!


  6. Amanda,

    My thoughts exactly!


  7. From what I have read… the baby was probably already dead before he left the house. They had been up fighting most of the night and Alijah was probably crying. One or both of them tried to quiet him and went too far. They then hatched the plan to throw the baby out the window of the moving car to cover it up. Why was Caren calling the hospitals when he was supposedly gone too long? She is more involved in this then just making him take the baby.


  8. karen is just as guilty as travis
    she only cared about her rank on a website

    i hope she burns in hell


  9. It’s amazing how 2 ugly people can have a beautiful baby.


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