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Update: Paris Talley murder *China Arnold trial: Judge declares mistrial*

             China Arnold

(please remember that a mistrial IS NOT proof of innocence at all; China will be retried)
Mistrial declared in Arnold case
Judge Declares Mistrial in Microwave Baby
Judge Rules Mistrial In China Arnold Case
Mistrial Declared in Microwave Baby Case
Mistrial Declared In China Arnold Case

16 Responses

  1. Ok, let me get this straight. She confesses to putting her baby in a microwave MONTHS ago. Now the defense has come up with some “witness” (under age no doubt) who says she did not do it. The judge needs to be fired for allowing this to happen. Or was the judge paid off?? I’m really confused about whats going on here. Can someone please explain this to me?


  2. She NEVER confessed to putting her baby in the microwave you idiot!


  3. Me,
    Yes she did, LAST year, you moron.


  4. Me you have no idea of what is going on. You should read up on it also you don’t need to get on here calling people names.


  5. Thanks Lavonna. I have been following this case VERY closely since the middle of last year. This so-called mom CONFESSED to putting her baby in the microwave, just ask mylifeofcrime. Bonnie had her mug-shot on here, and she was looking just like the crack head that she is. What a joke.


  6. Yup I did do that. And personally, I believe she is guilty. That is my opinion. And I hope she is convicted at the retrial.


  7. Shauncey,
    I know you know what is going on.. You are always on top of it just like Bonnie aka Ms. Blogger 🙂


  8. The tone of things here is appearing childish! For the record CHINA DIDNT IT! I know factually from people that saw the boy come out of her apartment. The boy has a history of putting animals in microwaves and abusing them. Im not sure if the media told that, but its true. China kept her house unlocked and would always do that people would come and go. Yes she had a drinking problem and I even heard out of guys mouths she would get drunk and have sex with them. Im not judging and I refuse to pass judgement, Im not GOD and its not my job to condem anyone. I think China has been through enough let GOD be GOD and allow him to deal with her and let his will be done not mine or anybody elses.


  9. Why is she still in jail? Why was her door left unlocked with a baby there? How did the kid KNOW the baby was there unattended? Where was China? Was she drunk THEN? What happened? Since you know China’s innocent, maybe you can answer those questions. I would love it if she were NOT guilty, it would humanize her. Regardless, she was still responsible for that child. Never in a million years would someone get close enough to my child to put them in the microwave and kill them.


  10. Ms.Knowitall,

    Unless you were also IN the apartment, you DON’T know that. So, I sure hope you have already told the police what you saw while you were in her apartment. That is the ONLY way you can know factually. The ONLY way. Just because someone tells you does not make it so. Otherwise, then Scott Peterson is innocent too.


  11. Ms. Knowitall
    You don’t know crap.


  12. I lived in Parkside Homes at the time of the infants death. I know enough about China and Terrell and his sisters and nephews. One of his nephews was one of the worst children that you would ever meet in your life and I believe he did it. China always wanted a little girl and she finally got one. She would NEVER EVER do anything to hurt her or any of her children. I know she didn’t do it and what confirmed it for me was a few days after the baby was pronounced dead, the sister of Terrell suddenly moved and it was said that she was staying in a motel with her children. Why move with young ones into a motel without being evicted from your apartment? It seemed weird to me but it wasn’t just her that moved. Every person she kicked it with on that building suddenly moved without notice. The other thing that got me was the same day the baby was taken to the hospital, later in the evening Terrell was walking around, happy, as if nothing happened. I was very disturbed. I know some of you think that she did it, but I’m telling you that she didn’t. YOU DON’T KNOW HER!


  13. Oh and for the record, Shauncey, she is not a crackhead. Get your facts straight. Holla.


  14. Lady A,

    why, why, why hasn’t anybody brought this boy in for questioning? i just heard about this case after the conviction, and something seemed off. The more I read, the more I’m convinced that the kid did this horrible thing. Kids like that grow up to be serial killers… Scary stuff.

    If she is truly only guilty of being too drunk to notice, then I feel very sorry for her. A terrible mess.


  15. Andrea,

    If you heard the boy’s story, did you hear ALL of it? Like how the story was not credible at all? Read about his testimony and you will see that he said it happened during the day when the sun was shining, when it actually happened in the middle of the night. His story is NOT credible. And that is not a mistake children make. And you do realize that China has confessed to people about it, too, right? Also, what makes you think the police have not talked to him? Why do you think they have not brought him in or even gone to his home? You are making alot of assumptions.


  16. I do not know China personally. But I will say this. Never in a TRILLON years would I cover someone’s ass for killing my baby. NEVER. If I didn’t kill this person myself, they would die in jail.


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