Latrese Matral Curtis murder 1/30/2008 Raleigh, NC *Her body was found along the Interstate; A pastor, Robert Lee Adams Reaves, has been charged with her murder*

    Latrese Matral Curtis

Missing N.C. Central Student’s Body Found Along I-540
Woman’s body found off I-540
Latrese Matral Curtis Obituary
Latrese Matral Curtis Obituary
911 Calls Offer New Insight Into N.C. Central Student’s Death
Durham Home Targeted in Investigation of N.C. Central Student’s Death
Family members don’t know suspected killer
Man Charged In Death Of Student Found On Interstate
Deuties Arrest Suspect in N.C. Central Student’s Slaying
Suspect in Central Student’s Slaying Was a Pastor, Faced Sex Charges
Reaves appears in court, Curtis funeral service
Reaves appears in court in student’s death
Pastor denied bond in student’s death
NCCU Student Buried; Murder Suspect Denied Bond
Investigators Back at Murder Suspect’s Home
Questions of faith may have led victim to suspect
Update: Latrese Matral Curtis murder *Robert Reaves convicted, sentenced to LWOP*

Robert Lee Adams Reaves in court

7 Responses

  1. Sick loser!!!

  2. This is no pastor!!!!!!! This is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… . Sex crimes on males and then you kill. You deserve nothing less than death

  3. The question is Why?……she was a sweet and beautiful female that I’ve know for more than 7 yrs…..I will always love you latrese…

  4. What can we do as citizens of NC to protect our children?
    A citizens watch of college campus activities with training by all local police departments would be a start.
    Latrese Matral Curtis is one of four NC college students murdered this year. All of these students were are future leaders.

  5. I cant believe i have killers in my family she looks like such a nice girl you have my condolences

  6. I believe the law states that we are incent till proven guilty. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing pastor Robert Reaves and i do not think he is capable of killing, he is a Son to his mother, a husband to his wife a,a father to his Children,and a paster to his flock , and a chosen man of God in all the years ive known him he was a man of great Honor, integrity and of great Faith. he helped me get my life in order through Jesus Christ, I think his faith is being tested and if so he should know why with God all things are possible… just keep praying for him… GOD IS LOVE!!!!

  7. My condolences to the Family of the decease.

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