Gary N. Bell murder 2/5/08 Laurinburg, NC *stabbed to death by another inmate, Edward Wiley*

ricky-bell.jpg         edward-wiley.jpg
       Ricky Bell                             Edward Wiley

Inmate Stabbed to Death in Scotland County Prison
Inmate stabbed to death in Scotland prison
Inmate charged in prison stabbing death
Man Charged in Fellow Inmate’s Death
Prisoner charged in inmate stabbing death
Sampson County Inmate Dead
Offender Information: Edward Wiley
Offender Information: Gary Bell

6 Responses

  1. My husband was stabbed on August 3, 2005 at Scotland Correctional , NC and left for dead. The Doctors at UNC Medical Center stated it was a miracle he lived as no man could have survived the injuries he had. He, too, was a native american as was Mr. Bell. In fact, Mr. Bell and my husband had been long time friends. My husband was a non violent offender yet housed with the worst of the worst. Scotland correctional has had a problem for years with a gang called The Bloods. They are a faction of The Black Guerilla Family, which is one of the most dangerous gangs around. They are antigovernment, pledge loyalty to the death and much more. The DOC in NC has done nothing to try and alleviate this problem and have many staff members who assist this gang. It is time the NCDOC takes some responsibility to provide safe housing for inmates as Federal Law requires! How many more have to die? Most Americans feel inmates should die, until a member of their family becomes an inmate. They deserve a safe environment for paying their debt to society and those who are non violent should never be place with violent offenders. Inmates are people who made mistakes and got caught. There are plenty walking the street that have made mistakes, they just never got caught……….YET!


  2. My dad was stabbed at scotland correctional. I am 12 now. My dad is not a bad person. He made mistakes and he is being punished. He didn’t deserve to be cut all to pieces and left to die. He has a lot of disabilities. He was always a good dad and he still is. People don’t care about inmates and they think they are trash. Most people think we are trash because we are an inmates family. That just shows how ignorant most people are. No one has any idea what it is like to have to see your dad in a prison every week. I’m glad he didn’t die and I feel sorry for Mr. Bell and his family. Inmates deserve a safe place to live so we don’t have to worry about a crazy person killing them and taking them away forever. I love my dad very much and it would kill me to lose him . Why don’t people demand that the DOC do their job like they should to keep inmates safe? No one wants to band together for inmates, but I will stand alone forever to support my dad.


  3. My dad was stabbed at Scotland Correctional 2 and a half years ago and nobody, but his family, cared. He was left for dead and no one holds the DOC responsible for turning their head and allowing it to happen. He was asleep, locked in his cell. Officers opened his door and let the bloods in to kill him. They should be in jail for letting those men get to my daddy. My daddy made some bad choices. I see alot of people making bad choices and getting away with it because they have a lot of money or know people in charge. Why is that ok? We are native american and don’t have a lot of money. My daddy wanted help for his problem but we didn’t have enough money to get him help. So, my daddy went to prison , got almost killed, and has a lot of disabilities to live with. He loves me and he’s learned about his bad choices and he feels so bad inside for not being here with me , my brother and my mommy cause she is real sick. Why are people so mean to inmates and their family? It’s not right. Others never go to jail cause they have a lot of money and sometimes people help them that have big jobs. How is any of this fair? I love my daddy and if we were rich he could be home, or if we knew someone with a big power job he could be home. Why won’t someone stand up for what is right? They should keep my daddy safe while he has to stay there. I would be so angry and sad if my daddy got killed because it would be the DOC’s fault for not keeping him safe. I need to see him every week and hug him and know he loves me. It’s not enough time and I can’t play with him or sit in his lap or close to him, but I need him alive!


  4. Shari, Beth & CJ,

    I am so sorry for what happened to your dad/husband. This is very wrong. I plan on concentrating on inmate murders/assaults and such coming up here in a couple of months. This is a huge issue. If you want me to include your dad, I will. It infuriates me to see this happen. One of my best friends is in prison and I worry about him all of the time. If you want, email me off of here and we can talk.

    Take care.


  5. you are rigth about inmates the they are people too Gary was not a bad person , he would give you the shirt off his back. I am glad your loved one servived. God had his hand on him. The guards and the superatendant should be fired for fallure to do there job.


  6. i was lookingon the offender website, and who did i find Gary, i went to school with gary, hehad some problems growing up as we all do, especially the ones who are looked down on, i was one of those and gary was too, so gary rebelled, but gary was a good person, i liked gary, i guess you could say i had a crush on him, i met his mother once or maybe it was his grandmother, they lived in a sweet little country home and asmuch as i can remember he had a sister also, i was young, we were in like 4 and 5 grades, gary grew up to be a fine looking man from what i can tell in the picture, i really hate to hear what has happened to him, i was keeping up with him profile on the computer, and then he was gone, so very sad my heart is truly broken to see this tragady, i plan to go visit his familys home now very soon, i am sure no-one there will know me but i think it is the least i can do for him…..he never had a chance, gary was a bad seedin everyones eyes from the beginning especially to everyone who looked over him, we were the poor crowd, and no-one cared…and everyone were better than we were, BUT GARY WAS A GOOD KID, i often thought many times i should write him a letter, but then i thought to myself he would never remember me, i quit school and left sampson county, there were very mean and crewel kids there who thought they were better than we were because their families had more money than ours did….AND THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED TO GARY!!!!
    gary was a truly good person pushed in the wrong direction by very mean people, who should be in his place NOW!@!!!


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