• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Ronald Wojcik murder 6/3/1982 Harrison County, MS *Attina Cannaday and David Randolph Gray convicted for his murder*

Ronald Wojcik
Ronald Wojcik with his daughter Dolly

Thank you Dolly for sharing your photos with us!

Some time after midnight on June 3, 1982, Ronald Wojcik and Sandra Sowash were awakened and forced by knifepoint from Wojcik’s Biloxi apartment by Attina Cannaday, David Gray, and Dawn Bushart. All five got into Wojcik’s van and Cannaday drove to a remote wooded area north of Gulfport.On the way, Gray raped Sowash at knifepoint in the rear of the van.After the van stopped, Cannaday told Wojcik to get out. When he hesitated, Gray pulled him out. Holding a butcher knife to Wojcik’s back, Gray marched him 50 to 60 feet into the woods. Cannaday yelled “Kill him”, and Gray yelled back for Cannaday to bring Sowash into the woods to him.Sowash turned and ran down the road. Cannaday threw her knife at Sowash but the handle hit her in the back. Sowash hid at a nearby house, while Cannaday, Gray and Bushart fled to Slidell, Louisiana. At sunrise, the body of Ronald Wojcik was found with 19 stab wounds to the head, hands, upper body, and back.Gray stated that after he yelled for Sowash to be brought out, Wojcik hit him. Dropping the knife, Gray had a fist fight with Wojcik in which Gray knocked him to the ground, breathless. Picking up the knife, Gray suddenly saw Cannaday who asked for the knife and said she wanted to talk to Wojcik. Gray did so, telling her to say what she had to, but to make it fast. Gray then returned to the road. About five minutes later, Cannaday returned. He asked her what happened, and she replied, “Nothing, he got up and ran off.” Gray denied using the butcher knife against Wojcik at any time during or after the fight. He said Cannaday did not return with the butcher knife. He likewise denied ever using either of the folding knives in his possession against Wojcik.Sowash gave the police a detailed description of Wojcik’s white van, as well as the name of Tina as a participant. Sheriff’s deputies knew that Cannaday had connections in Slidell, Louisiana, and informed the Louisiana authorities to be on the lookout for the white van and occupants. Wojcik’s wallet was found on the highway near Slidell.Wojcik’s van was sighted near Slidell, and Gray and one Timmy Page were arrested. Cannaday was arrested at Page’s residence

Murderpedia: Attina Marie Cannaday
Attina Marie Cannaday appeal 1984
David Randolph Gray appeal 1985
David Randolph Gray appeal 1987
David Randolph Gray appeal 1992
Death Row inmate wins ruling
Wikipedia: Attina Marie Cannaday
Wikipedia: Too Young to Die?

Women and the Death Penalty in the United States, 1900-1998
Kids Who Kill

Too Young to Die?

Important news for this case:

One of the defendents, Attina Cannaday, is coming up for parole. The victim’s family does not want her to receive parole. I am trying to get the information on when the parole hearing is and the address to send letters in support of the family. I hope to update this on Monday.

*update 3/5/2008*

Attina will be released on parole on 3/7/2008

Attina Cannaday #42451


DavidGray prison mug

MDOC# 01440
Date of Birth 5/29/1954
Height 5′ 10”
Weight 205
Complexion FAIR
Eye Color GREEN
Hair Color GREY OR
Entry Date 8/19/1982
Location SMCI
Unit SMCI 2
Location Change Date 2/11/2013 4:41:59 PM
Number of Sentences 3
Total Length LIFE
Offense 1
Sentence Length 1 3 YEARS
County of Conviction 1 JONES
Sentence Date 1
Offense 2

Sentence Length 2 2 YEARS
County of Conviction 2 JONES
Sentence Date 2
Offense 3

Sentence Length 3 LIFE
County of Conviction 3 HARRISON
Sentence Date 3
Tentative Release


Please read my comment policy before commenting. If you are here to just praise or talk about the killers, please go elsewhere. This is a place to remember the victim, not the killers. Think of the victim and his loved ones. Here, they are the ones that matter. ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT THE VICTIM WILL NOT BE APPROVED.  Also, you need to leave a real name, not anonymous, just me, Amanda Sue Bradley, etc. My blog, my rules.


378 Responses

  1. What this woman did was when she was a child. I have three girls the oldest being eleven. I would hate to think that our society would make her pay for the rest of her life for a mistake she made as a child. Not to mention the way society let her down to begin with. We have shelters and hotlines many different ways for children to get off the street today. We still only provide help till they are eighteen. Hell even at eighteen these kids are not prepared to be in society. It is a hell of alot easier for them to get quick cash then go the hard road of being self sufficient through schools and low paying jobs. I am a grown woman and I live a middle upper class life this is a big change from the way I grew up. Let me tell you with out some guidance it would have been easy to fall just the way she did. Not she is up for parole after this many years and you post a sight to send in letters to stop is. Listen i am sure she has learned a great deal and paid dearly for it but don’t you believe she deserves another chance. a chance for a full life with a loving husband and children. I am sure prison has been hell for her she needs that chance before she is institutionalized if she hasn’t already. Don’t you.

    • I must say that I agree with you on this Tonya..she was a mislead child that made a hugh mistake and shouldn’t be punished for the rest of her life..thats very harsh..she was only 14 years old…i think her dying in prison is a harsh sentence for what she did..i can’t believe they didn’t even take in concideration on how the girl grew up and what she had been through…my heart goes out to her and the victims a situation like this nobody wins..everyone really ends up losing..

    • what happened was tragic. People should watch the movie too young to die? It was just like this. She was broken. Dave gray hurt her and drugged her and made her be a protistute. She loved Ronald. He knew she was sixteen. Dave called his commanding officer so she would get kicked out. david made her like that. He provoked it with his vile malicious disrespect for children. He needed the death penalty. I do not excuse murder. Murdering Ronald was totally messed up. He was innocent, She should of just got life which the overturned her death sentence, Now she is out. I do not believe she will murder again. If she gets the right help, She will be okay. As for David. He will always be a preditor.

      • i read the appeal. if dave didn’t go with her should would have not gone through with it. dave was 10 years older,

      • Angela,

        The movie is only loosely based on this murder. It is not exactly the same at all. For one thing, Attina was the leader of this, not David, although he was just as involved. The movie was designed to make you feel sorry for the killer. I am guessing you did not read all of the comments or you would have read comments from others who were in prison with her and say she was proud of it and was not sorry. I do not know if she will or won’t kill again, but I don’t think society should be having to worry about it. I hope she will be a law-abiding citizen, but I do not have much faith in that.

        • Bonny if u reach them and they don’t want to talk will u let me know? I want bother any more or comment if so. O I know your the blog owner are you the same person as my life of crime?

          • Yup, that is me!

          • O ok

          • Why would we want to talk to you? Your dad is a evil person and robbed me of my father. He stole my childhood and now my kids won’t have a grandfather either. My life has been a constant struggle because of your father and nothing you can do or say will change that.

          • I’m sorry u feel that way but he chose not to be my father! I didn’t do it and if I was old enough and had been there I wouldn’t have let that happen! Just please remember I didn’t do that and he is not my father as far as I’m concerned! Please find it in your heart to realize this.

          • Iv been a cast out my whole life by the Gray family but that’s ok I found my own way. I don’t care if I ever see another Gray as long as I’m alive as far as I’m concerned I’m not a Gray and never will be! I just needed to try to let dolly and Ben know that I am sorry and I’m nothing like them.

      • Look here , I was in prison and slept right beside my uncle and he told me the whole story, and I believe my uncle to the fullest ! U must not know the impact younger women have on older men !!so before u go running ur mouth about my family get ur facts straight buddy!!

    • Kidnapping then murder with a knife is not a mistake. Deliberate acts. People who commit crimes like this, no matter their age, need to be locked up to protect innocent people.

    • YOU are an idiot. So you’re saying, “oh you can kill if you are underage, don’t worry you’ll get out and be able to live your life”. This disgusts me. That man didn’t get to live his life. Why should she? She should have been put to death.

      • I agree with you completely. She was so not the innocent person she was portrayed to be. She was the one who wanted to kill him. Threatened him for weeks before she finally went through with it. Some of these comments just sicken me

      • Where is the sorrow for the loss of Ron? Let me tell you something, Ron was among the greatest influences in my life. He was a good man through and through. He was selected as the NCO of the year in 1980 or 1878 for all of Europe. He was a man who would literally give you the shirt off his back and ask nothing in return. He was a friend whom I still miss dearly. Unfortunately, military life separates people, so I haven’t got to see Ben and Dolly grow up, but I did see the love, the cherish that Ron held for them. The people who took the life of a man who undoubtedly would have done great things if given the chance deserved to die or at the least rot away in prison. It sickens me that she is free.

        • Joe, nice to hear good and true things about the man that Ron Wojcik was: kind, affectionate, funny, generous. His greatest downfall: he loved women, he had that “white knight” personality. I can’t even read these comments any more, written by strangers who had no clue who Ron was. He made a devastating mistake in getting involved with Attina, he tried to correct it, he was murdered. Not killed accidentally. Murdered by a couple of people who had evil intentions. None of these comments and opinions of strangers matter, they are a vapor that mean nothing and change nothing: Ron is gone. What matters is that that he touched people’s lives and he is not forgotten by the people who mattered to him.

          • Thanks MW, he was truly one of a kind and any of us who knew him are better off for it.

    • Yes this is several years later because it is hard for me to read some of these comments like yours. I am Ron’s daughter and he deserved a chance at a full life too… but he didnt get that because of her. He never saw me or my brother grow up. Never walked me down the aisle and never met his amazing grandchildren. Many people went through worse as a child but they never kill anyone so think about that. Yesterday was 33 yrs since his death but the years do not lessen the pain. So just think if he was your family member. You may think a little differently.

  2. I don’t think she deserves a second chance! Did she give him a 2nd chance? No she did not. She went there in a rage that he dumped her when he found out she was 16 and kicked her out and then starting sleeping with someone else. She was jealous and pissed. She knew exactly what she was doing and she should never be let out.

    • he knew she was young when he asked her to move in..and she was not all her self when that was going on..and her pimp didn’t help the fact either..if she would have been sober and the pimp not around i truely don’t think she would of killed him.but thats just my opinion

      • Amber,

        Don’t rely on the movie for the facts. The movie is very far off. Read the appeal and see what the Judge said.

        • From some of the blogs iv read you have had some bad things happen to you and your family these things should never happen to a woman or a child of either gender.

        • Thank you Bonny.

        • Thank you Bonny. It seems there holding this against me when I didn’t have anything to do with it and wasn’t even there! I’m not him nor am I anything like him.

          • David,

            Put yourself in their shoes. It is completely different. Forgiveness is not easy. I personally have never forgiven the killer of my mother. And honestly, I don’t think I would want to talk to him or his family. It is very emotional and difficult.

        • Bonny did you get my face book message about just learning how to face book?

      • To Amber= WHAT???? Im sorry that girl took a life. I do not care what the circumstanses were. You are going by what the movie said……..that is all bull. She was never forced to do drugs … She was never forced into being a whore. But for arguments sake lets say that she was………So what. We are all resposible for our actions.That girl took a life and in my opinion she should have been executed. That woman is a nasty waste of space. The ones I feel sorry for is those poor kids. Ask them if they give a flying leap what her reasoning was.

      • i agree with you. dave provoked the whole thing.

      • You are talking about the movie. Hollywood doesn’t make documentaries.

        But if the movie is accurate, he met her in the strip joint she worked in. Why would he know she is under age 18?

        • Thank you Margee. I get so tired of all the comments not here but on other sites that call him a pedophile or say he knew her age. He did not. He met her in a bar for goodness sake and she was a stripper. My mom saw her out in the bars and when my dad picked us up. She thought she was older too. People sicken me with their comments when they do not know all the facts

    • It’s really not about second chances; Attina never had a chance to begin with considering her childhood abuse. She techically, had no control over her actions because her traumatic childhood fueled her to commit this horrific crime. I think society should do a much better job in protecting children who are risk for this type of behavior. Childhood plays a significant role in how one will perform in their adolescent and adult years. And no, I don’t agree with what Attina did because it was awful; but please look at this from a historical standpoint to understand why it happened

  3. Okay that is fair. No she didn’t but isn’t it society to take the blame for some of this? First we create her then punish her. Isn’t that a little hypocritical? Don’t you remember being a teen and how passionate you were about life and love. Nothing but life itself can calm that passion, and that would be part of growing up. She was a child put in an adult situation and she reacted like a love scorned teenager. Not just any normal teen earthier we are talking about one whom has not been raised with any morals or values the only instinct this child had at the time was survival. Not to mention the drugs that were involved. I could only imagine how she felt. If anyone has ever spent one night much less months on the street no knowing who to trust or where you r next meal will come from then you are looking and judging from the outside in. You know the old saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. As far as the man who died I feel his families pain he was involved in more than he knew how to handle. He showed more compassion for this girl than anyone is now what happened to forgiveness. How about being the better party and giving her a chance at life. hell maybe she could contribute more out here than in there. There are many people who do things they regret but when push comes to shove it is them who have to live with what they have done everyday. I don’t feel it is for us to judge her that judgment will come later don’t you think?

    • I am pleased to see that someone understands why Attina did what she did. I know that you don’t agree with it;, but you are very analytical as to what caused to do it. Good Job! Attina never really was given a fair chance in life. Her mother abandoned her, and she was sexually molested by her mother’s husband or boyfriend at a very young age. So, this pretty much sums up Attina’s behaviors and actions. My heart aches for not only Attina, but adolescents who are now currently experiencing what Attina went through. It is still happening you can best believe that. So , by nailing Attina to the cross, that won’t prevent nor stop future cases of this nature from occurring. But, society has to become more involved in protecting children from incompetent and abusive caregivers. There is a common link between criminal behavior and childhood abuse. A large percentage of criminals grew up in abusive homes

  4. Don’t say ‘we’ cause I never created her. No, I am not hypocritical. I do remember growing up and I had a good childhood and NOT one time did I ever desire to do crap that she done. Time to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions because God put innate knowledge in each and every one of us to know the difference between right and wrong no matter what her age is or how her life sucked.
    She knew better but she is another selfish brat who is underage and thought is playing the ‘poor pitiful me’ but I don’t feel any sympathy for her.
    How about being the better party? What the heck are you smoking? What, let her out so she can do it again. What if it is your brother or uncle or someone that you love that she kills next? You still going to be hollering WE in this society need to give her one more chance?

    Glad you to know that you felt a little sympathy for the victim.
    BS is what that is and don’t you dare put her stupidty off on me or this society!!!!!

    • It must have been nice to have grown up in a privy little life, too bad for you that you haven’t a clue. It’s people like you that there is no room for you and your opinions, good thing mommy and daddy loved and sheltered you your whole life. You really shouldn’t even be here posting what you have to say with your one sided opinion, it’s like seriously. Try being a child that isn’t loved. Hell try being an adult that isn’t loved or even try having one difficult day in your wonderful life. If you don’t know what you are talking about, then maybe you should keep your mouth shut. What if it was your little princess involved in this and don’t think it couldn’t happen then you would be singing a different tune. People like you are repulsive. If you want to gossip because you have nothing else to do all day while your husband is out working. Then do it with someone who cares what you have to say. Call mildred and complain about the new plants the jones got just stay out of the real world. The real world would knock you right off that pedestal you have put yourself on.

      • Kevin,

        Your comment does not make any sense. Are you trying to defend Attina? If so, why not read the comments from people who knew her in prison, and will directly say that she was proud of what she did, had zero remorse for her behavior and actions. Even the Judge who sentenced her had no sympathy for her. He even talked about how she was the instigator of this tragic event. Attina knew exactly what she was doing when she did this. If you have sympathy for a cold-blooded killer, please go elsewhere. This is for Ronald and for justice. Remember, Ronald lost his life, Attina is still alive and breathing.

        • i do feel for the family..cause he did lose his life..i feel bad for all the parties breaks my heart..his kids are the ones that are suffering.

        • I was in Prison with Attina , Matter of fact i was her bunkmate for a short while and she had no remorse nor had she changed upon her release ……I once was standing next to Attina in our room as we were looking out the window watching other women come in to their building when a certain female passed that she had beef with over a “girlfriend” she made the comment ” I wish i could do to her what i did to that sob that i’m doing my time for ” ……I have spoke with Attina and asked her what happened she still denies being the one who actually did the killing saying she stayed behind with the women….I asked her if she would have not ran would you have killed her and she replied laughing and said “hell yea ” she said she was to high to chase her….I seen first hand her manipulation and deceit but i also have seen her get her ass whipped in prison which she deserved and deserves many more……..

      • Kevin:

        My entire life my parents treated me like I didnt matter. I have been told that I was not good enough my whole life so I know what it is like and I don’t go and kill people in cold blood because they rejected me. You get on everyone’s case for having a “one sided opinion” but look at yourself. You have a one sided opinion of your own and on top of that you are bitter and angry at anyone who dares to have a different opinion than you. She is out of jail now so what the hell are you bitching about? She killed someone in cold blood no matter how you slice it. There are children who know longer have a father becaus of her actions and because he was stupid enough to try to help her. If you have ever been in th military then you might understand what he was looking at when he put her out. And for the record I have been in the military and have served my time in Iraq so I know what hell is like. There are millions of people who have bad childhoods who are unloved and they don’t kill people. She needs to take responsiabilty for her actions and unfortunatly we live in a society that is always looking for someone else blame and a socety that does not hold people accountable for what they are responsible for. Ive been to hell and back in my life and I don’t think killing anyone is the answer to my problems. I have learned to rely on myself and we all make our own choices. So if anyone needs to be knocked off a pedestal it is you. Oh and BTW you must have no clue what grief is and what it is like to lose someone you love. Well ask the victim’s family how it feels to live with the loss of a loved one day after day after day! I just lost my husband recently and I truly understand the pain that family is going through. Even worse, actual women who served time in prison with her have all talked about her lack of remorse and the fact that she bragged abput what she did. The word is called sociopath and her home life and childhood have nothing to do with the fact she is a monster who killed someone in cold blood! In fact with your bitterness and sttitude I fully expect to find you in the news one day for killing someone. Seek help.

      • Well done! I agree not all adults or children had the luxury of growing up in an immaculate, loving environment with wonderful parents. So, people on the other end of the spectrum, are clueless as to how abuse affects adults and adolescents

      • I can’t say I had a good childhood. But I did know that difference between right and wrong at 12 years old. She was 16 years old when she butchered this man. In the movie they made it look like she cared for his children. Excuse me? What kind of love butchers the father of these children?? She was old enough to know what she did, what they did, was wrong. Chose to do it anyway. She should have died of old age in prison. I just pray to God she didn’t get out and start a family. Just plain evil.

    • ….Then you were lucky……most aren’t. Glad your good childhood made you such a good, judgemental person. Let’s see how good anyone is when everything in their life is hell.

    • First of all, how do you know for sure if she will do it again. That is like saying that someone who has never killed or committed crime never will. No, we don’t know, as we don’t know if an outstanding citizen won’t ever break the law, either. You believe that punishing this girl for eternity will solve society’s problem and that this will never, ever happen again? The problem is, children of Attina’s nature, were abused terribly as children, so their actions are a reflection of what was done to them. However, society should be more proactive in detecting these situations, so that children aren’t abused to no point of return

      • Are you getting your information basically from the movie? Because the movie changed things to make you sympathetic to the killer. From what I read, there is no proof of childhood abuse or anything like that with Attina. Please remember that.

        Also, you made several comments, but you only concentrated on the killer. You obviously did not read my comment policy. Please do that before leaving any more comments. Your comments should be about Ronald Wojcik, the victim. My blog focuses on the victims, not the killers. Please remember that his children read my blog, so have some respect for them. By concentrating on the killer, you imply that the victim does not matter. But here, the victim does matter the most.

      • It’s societies respionsibility to become proactive? Are you serious? We can’t racial profile people to protect ourselves.. We can’t culturally profile people to protect ourselves. But we proactively stop evil teenagers from acting out their desire to kill and destroy?

        So how do we do this? The Minority Report? Sheesh!

  5. I find it interesting that so many of you feel so much sympathy for Attina, but forget the victims of this crime. Ronald’s children are still living and live with it day to day, everyday. I know, I have emailed with his daughter, and her pain is real. She has had to live most of her life without her father. So while thinking of Attina, don’t forget the victim and his loved ones. When she is released this week, she gets her life back, but what do they get?

  6. Ms. Blogger 🙂 I have no sympathy for Attina and I don’t think that she served enough time. Ronald isn’t coming home and I don’t think she should be released back into our world. When you email his daughter again please tell her that alot of people are keeping her in their prayers. I will for sure and I am very sorry that she and the rest of her family is going to have to go through this hell that they never should be going through in the first place.

  7. I do understand the victims family suffered a loss at the hands of another person. As citizens and a soldier myself we have all made bad decisions as teenagers. Ask yourself have you ever been partying somewhere and had a little too much to drink? I know a young man serving twenty years for killing a family because he was driving drunk. He didn’t think he had had too much to drive, have you ever done this? Had one too many at a party? It could have been you that killed that family and it could have been you spending twenty years in jail, all from one little teen age mistake. We have all committed little mistakes as teenagers that we thought were ok at the time. I do not think this woman would have committed the same mistake if she had a proper upbringing or if she had been a few years older at the time. I agree she should have been punished and punished severally but to keep her locked up for the rest of her life over a mistake equivalent to driving home from a party when you have had one too many is a bit extreme to me. And to the little girl “who didn’t have a bad upbringing” above give up your trust fund and new car and college scholarship, move to the ghetto and see what you are willing to do just to eat and then you can cast the first stone.

    • Hey Ralph,
      Let me put a word in here.Attina didn’t simply have a little to much to drink. She is out now(unless she broke the law in New Mexico and in their jail). She served a lot of years in prison. Spent lot of time on death row but the Judge took in account her age and etc. Changed her sentence to life. While there, she could be sweet as honey one minute and the Devil’s right hand the next.Sometimes spoke of what happened and wasn’t sorry even a bit.
      Anyway, just don’t like to hear people feeling sorry for her when she wasn’t sorry herself.
      By the way, she went to live with her mother that taught her to be what she is.

  8. Let me start by apologizing. I do sincerely feel for the victim especially his children. My intentions were not to neglect what the family was and or is feeling. It is very hard to handle what they have gone threw. I myself have been in a similar situation with a cousin and an uncle. My cousin, drunk and high, was doing random drive-by’s one night. When he returned home him and my uncle had words ending with a bullet in my uncles back. His own father is now dead because of a night he vaguely remembers. That was twenty years ago and my cousin made parole this year. He was nineteen when he was sentenced now he is thirty-nine. Twenty years is a long time and in prison I am sure it feels like a lifetime. As a family we choose to forgive him years ago, my grandmother and our prayers gave us the strength to forgive. My grandmother has always been a “old faith” Christian woman. She always says there is no pain worse than the death of your own child but, she also said the bible says to forgive. It was not a rapid process actually it was very slow and we took many steps as a family before we reached that point of forgiveness. We have never forgotten what happened to my uncle that night. A matter of fact the first day my cousin came to my home after all these years visions of that night flashed threw my head. He looks just like my uncle so there was no escaping the tears for any of us that day.
    Back to that subject at hand. We wrote that parole board to release him. Do I believe that my cousin will do this again? No, I do not. Do I believe that this woman will do it again? No, I do not. I totally resent the remark that she will get out and do it again. That is just ignorance, that is saying our judicial system as far as rehabilitation in the prison’s is a joke. Have you known anyone who has been to prison? Have you ever looked at the statistics on murders? It is not likely that she will ever do anything even remotely close to murder again in her life. Even if she commits another crime it won’t likely be murder.
    Pertaining to my comment about society, how old are you honey? Because if you weren’t over 18 when she was 14 then that comment was not pertaining to you. Guessing by your remark you wasn’t. The comment I made about society is concerning the way “it was back then.” Like I said the first time, we as a nation offer tons of programs now from hot lines to shelters. Back then we just turned away and acted as if it never happened. Since then we as a nation have recognized and addressed the issue head on. Our teens have more opportunity now than ever, from free college tuition and financial aid. Hell our department of health and human resources even offer programs for housing, food, and financial assistance just for teens to go back to high school or get there GED. I am sure if any of this was available to this young lady at the time she would have taken it and we would not be having this discussion right now.
    You said you had a nice childhood. That is wonderful but you can’t stand from the outside looking in and assume to know what it is like. You would not even have a clue what one day in that girls shoes felt like. Yet you sit back and persist to pass judgment on this lady’s actions calling her a “selfish brat?” How do you come to that conclusion none of her actions were so simple to be classified as “selfish.”
    By the way nothing that I have written before this was directed directly toward you nor is it BS. Instead of acting “in a rage” and totality immature manor try reading what I have written and acknowledging that you at the least know something about the subject at hand.

  9. Tonya,

    While I do not know if Attina will kill again, don’t be naive. People who kill, go to prison, and then are released DO kill again. Not all, don’t get me wrong. But it happens more than people want to admit. In fact, I recently posted about one on the “This Day in History”. Another famous one is Kenneth Allen McDuff. There are many examples. I hope Attina is serious about becoming a productive member of socieity, I do. However, you cannot say that she will never do this again. I don’t know where you get your stats, but I have seen stats that show the other way. *updated 3/8/08* Tonya, just today there was an arrest in the Memphis Mass murders that happened last Monday. Guess what? The suspect, Jessie Dotson, just got out of prison after serving time for murder.

    And yes, I have known people who were in prison. And the recidivism rate on violent crime is very high. I went to school for Criminal Justice, so I am not just speaking from someone who reads alot of crime. I have studied it.

  10. Tonya
    I do feel that you were talking to me because I was the last to post on the issue because after my post you wrote “okay that is fair’ so were not talking to me? Cause if not you must have been talking to yourself because only you and I had posted anything. I was not in a rage. I was irrated that you felt the need to tell me that ‘we’ created her when it is time for her to take part in the choice of being an adult and dealing with things the right way. I am well aware of what the bible says of forgiveness and people can forgive but not forget.
    ‘Honey’, I am a 40 year old mother and I am very well aware of the fact that prison rehabilitation is a joke.. Many get out and repeat the same thing.
    I am not ignorant and I resent you calling me ignorant and immature and I do know about the matter at hand.
    Her actions were selfish because she was not thinking of what it would do to his kids or anyone else.. She was only thinking of herself and that is selfish and I will always think she was selfish.

  11. Ralph
    I am not a little girl and who are you to tell me to give up my trust fund and car? I was raised with 5 silbing and mom and dad both worked we were middle class but all that I have now I have worked hard for the last 22 years of my life and nothing was given to me.. I bought my own car, my own home and raise my kids with my husband. Every one of my brohter and sisters work and we live off no one so I owe no one my car and I sure don’t have a trust fund. As for the college fund.. Never had one.. I worked 15 years in a factory was laid off in 2003 and was then given the chance to got to college for a 2 year degree. So couldn’t give that up either.
    What part of this did you understand because I don’t remember reading that she was drunk and driving I read that she took a man’s life with a knife and I don’t know why you think everyone drinks and thinks they haven’t had much but I can tell you that I have never drunk and drove. I am not perfect but I am a smart enough to obey the law (well, maybe not the speed limit 🙂 )

  12. Bonnie I hope you let us know that she doesn’t get out.. Today is the day isn’t?

  13. Society’s fault?? What a joke! I’d like to blame alot of s**t on society, unfornately I can’t. I am responsible for my own actions, and so she should be too. So this same society “responsible for her madness” should give her another chance?? Wake up poeple. I was once a teenager too, and I have NEVER even considered taking another life. Bet you wouldn’t be saying the same non-sense if it were your mom, or brother, or dad or someone you love. Can the victim come back to life and visit the people that misses him? Hell no. Murder is final. Her ass should stay in jail forever.

  14. Shauncey,
    Amen 🙂

  15. Lavonna,

    I see her still listed in the Corrections database, with a change made yesterday. But I cannot find any information to verify anything yet. Maybe on Monday.

  16. Thnak you Bonnie aka.. Ms. Blogger 🙂
    I sure hope she didn’t get out… See that you posted somthing on here for Jessie Doston who served 14 years for murder and was released in January and murdered again HIS own BROTHER.. That shows why they should never be released when they have murdered.. They do it again..

    • you are such a bitch and yes she was given drugs and put under grays control. she was pumped full of drugs at the time she killed him. i feel bad for all parties and I believe she deserves a second chance and only because she served alot of time in prison. I strongly feel she will live the rest of her days the best she can and make the best of it! Again I feel for the kids in this and I hope they know they are in my prayers.

  17. I’m watching
    Too Young To Die on Lifetime and found out that it is based on a true story.

    Attina needs to give up her freedom for her crime. I understand her personal circumstances were horrific but that’s no excuse.

    I don’t believe in killing her but I do believe she shouldn’t be allowed to be free.

    • I agree…she shouldnt be put to death but now that I think about it she should spend her days in prison but now that shes out I see it as I guess shes getting another chance and the lord must want her out or she wouldnt be. lets just hope she makes the best of it!

  18. Today, I have watched Too Young To Die on LMN, and I also have a copy of this movie in my movies library. I have read all the posting on Attina. I am not here to create a dispute, but the bible said to forgive. That mean if you forgive a person; you forget it. Jesus forgives us so many times for our sins who died on the cross for us. I couldn’t imagine if he came back and said you just not worth dying for on this cross, and my life ends at that time. The bible states that we should not judge one another. You cannot say what you would have done as a teenage who was living on the street. I was a grown woman who relocated to a state who did not have a place to stay nor did not know where my next meal would come from. I could not find a job in time, but I know it was God who kept me out there. I remember I was was surrounded with drug users because they were the only people who cared enough for me to allow me in their place to lay my head down and to feed me. As of this date, I have to give God the praise for watching over me and protecting me.

    Back to Attina, I do not think she should remains in prison for a crime she committed when she was a teenager. I’m quite sure she paid that crime in prison and with God. If God forgives her, we should forgive her. It is not our place to say that she will get out and do it again because we do not know that. For the family who lost their love ones in this crime, my prayers are with you. I do understand your pain. I have lost my mother, and yes I was very upset when it happened. I was very upset with the people who were involved. However, I know how to walk in God’s love and forgive. I can’t let society or others block me from my blessings.

    To all who posted:
    You are in my prayers, and I love you all too. Remember to walk in God’s love no matter what is going on. I know it will be hard times/challenges when trying to do so. God is with you all.


  19. When kids are born into a hell because of there parents poor choices they should prosecute the parents along with the 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 year olds that are committing these murders. Let see I visited a young man who was sentence to Texas death at the age of 17 Glen Mcginnis he was born addicted to herion and his mother boyfriend sexually abuse him from the age of 6 to 9 years old were he had to put pads in the back of his pants to stop the bleeding I cannot go into his complete case file and explained the other horrific things that happen to this kid and if I did you would be vomiting. I will say this when things like this happen to a kid you create monsters and society is quick to say let them fry, let them stay in prison. For you privledge people who have had the wonderful childhood you need to thank GOD…Attina was born into a hell and prey upon by society worst. Blame the parents who birth them…that who they need to blame.. Blame the grown ass man who had no business jumping up and down on her at the age of 15 years old anyway.

    note from blog owner

    I understand your anger, however, DO NOT blame the victim for his murder. Not here. His daughter reads my blog and I do not want her to think that my blog insinuates that he deserved to be murdered.

    • You cannot expect children who are terribly abused to become perfect, law abiding citizens. Instead of being taught rules and values, they are tortured. How can you expect them to do the right things at the right time? And the victim was involved with her!! Don’t tell me he didn’t know she was that young!! While no one deserves to be murdered, he still used her and dumped her when it became inconvenient – possibly the last draw for her to be able to deal with? And I can understand why she would not feel remorse – unfortunately, he probably received ALL her emotion for EVERYONE who ever hurt her. Its very unfortunate for ALL involved. No child should have to deal with a life like that.

      • Susan,

        Where are you getting your information about Attina? Certainly NOT from the movie right (even though it sounds like it). The movie is not fact-based, they made up much of her storyline to fit their purpose. And no, he did not know her true age. That has been said by several who were around the situation, including Ron’s children and his family, who all thought she was much older than she was. So, who exactly hurt and abused her, since you obviously know the situation better than those who were around it? Even better than the Judge? Did you even read what the Judge said?

      • Well put!

  20. Learning2WalkInGod’sLove,
    We all know that we are to forgive but we also know that you are to take care of the widows and our children and letting someone who killed in cold blood out of prison is not taking care of anyone. Do you really think that letting her out is a good idea? NO it is not. She should be held accountable for her actions and spend the rest of her life in prison.
    I thank God everyday several times a day for the life that he has given me. I don’t see how you can say that someone who has killed should be let out in society. You can blame the parents all you want but that is ignorant. She was of age that she knew exactly what she was doing and needs to give up her freedom.
    Maybe you and Learning2WalkInGod’sLove can rent a place together and let her move in with your families. See how long it would take her to kill again.

  21. Im sorry but I left home aged 16, had to fend for myself, took cocaine all the time, fell in love with an older man, got beaten up, had my hand held on a radiator til I couldn’t breathe, then he left me. And guess what…I didn’t kill him.. I didn’t so much as lay a finger on him, because I thought I loved him and I could never hurt somebody I loved. Now of corse I look back on how stupid I was to be treated that way but still I took it on the chin and used it to my advantage and joined the army to make something of myself. Drugged up or not, you know right from wrong. Attina shouldn’t get so much sympathy. Yes what a horrid thing to be raped and dumped by your family, but what a bigger shame to make a decent man dump his loved ones when he didn’t want to. She should not be given a second chance and viewed as a naive young girl. She didn’t care that Ronalds other half Sandra was being raped, she let in continue which I think is disgusting being as she had been through it herself. The way I see her is not a girl who went through so much and she should be given a second chance. I see her as a girl who thought she was clever and grown up, and her jelousy, drug taking, and trying to impress her pimp got the better of her and as a result of that Ronalds life was stolen from his children, and his girlfriend. Imagine being those children, his mother or his other half. And imagine yourself in Attinas shoes and would you have all done the same????

  22. And by the way yes jesus forgives but it also says in the bible ‘thou shalt not kill’ and ‘an eye for an eye’ so she should of been sent to the gas chamber!

  23. Alex,
    I am so proud of you for looking at your life and realizing that you had to change..
    Stay strong and know that God loves you.

  24. ok i have to say i beleive in second chances and espesically when it comes to children and yes at 16 she was a child. my own sister was murdered a few years back by an adult male and i forgive him i figure if i can’t forgive him and wish him dead i am no better then him and as for all you judgementals people here you are no better then this girl if you can’t forgive her for her mistakes.

  25. Yes, the bible does say to forgive. Forgiving someone for a crime they’ve committed doesn’t negate their punishment for said crime. Forgiving someone for committing the crime of murder doesn’t mean that they should be dealt with leninently. If they’re old enough to commit the crime then they’re old enough to do the time. If my son committed a murder, sure I would for forgive him but I would expect him to serve out whatever punishment he’s dealt even if it’s a death sentence.

  26. shes served her time in the eyes ogf the law anyways at 16 your still a child maybe counseling would have been more suitable for her get her the help she needs insteed of of sending her to prison to become a better crimanal after shes released . i made stupid mistakes at 16 but now i am a law abiding citizen should i still be punished for the mistakes i made as a child i think no

  27. Alex’s story is a perfect example of how people make choices for their own life. And hers, (unfortunately), is one of thousands.

    Yes, Attina lived a hard life. But she killed because she was high and wanted revenge. That wasn’t society’s fault… that was her own.

    And it’s ridiculous comparing this to teenage drunk driving. But even then, there’s no excuse. Too many teenagers think they can do whatever and get away with it. If they want to be treated like adults, (as so many proclaim), then they must receive adult consequences when they do things they KNOW are wrong.

    As far as Attina, I definitely don’t agree with her originally getting the death penalty. However, I have mixed feelings about her being on parole. I feel sorry for the life she had, but she still committed murder.

  28. So when you forgave him, did they let him out of prison? I don’t have to forgive her. She didn’t do this to me… Don’t you personally have to be the one that is hurt to forgive? If not, well hey let’s just go around telling everyone ‘I forgive you’ and let everyone that is in prison out.

    That comment you made (”and as for all you judgementals people here you are no better then this girl if you can’t forgive her for her mistakes.”) is really a bit extreme wouldn’t you think? We are not judging her, she’s already been to court and found guilty. We (I) do not feel that she should be back out in society and that my friend, has nothing to do with forgiveness.

  29. I was putting Jenny’s comments in parenthesis and it made that smiley, sorry not what I was trying to do.

  30. people change alot from what 16 to 42 or 43 however old she is now they let sex offenders out of prison all the time and as far as i am concerned sex offenders are worse then murderers

  31. She was sentenced to death by lethal injections then they gave her life in prison.. She got her 2nd chance then. She does not deserve to have a 3rd chance.

    • Your right cause they sure didn’t give my uncle a second chance! She got out and he’s still in growing old and miserable !!

  32. After seeing the movie about Cannady (Too Young to Die), I can’t believe how much of the movie was false from the documents I read:
    First, she was 16 not 15 as the movie states, at the time of the murder.
    Second, Cannaday met Wolcjik at the bar where He worked, not a a strip club where she worked, again…as portrayed in the movie.
    Third, When Wolckjik found out Cannaday was only 16(not 19, as she stated to him) he put her out (so that makes him NOT a pedophile)
    Fourth, another woman was at the murder scene – not portrayed in the movie…
    So, it leads me to believe that the movie was a sympathetic push for Cannaday – unless parts were cut out for editing (I saw it t on TNT or LMN, I think).

    I grew up in an extremely abusive household – mother was weak and step-father a tyrant but no sexual abuse, thank God. Even so, lots of beatings, etc., but I grew up to have a normal family-education and job and am pretty well adjusted and content.

    I have yet to hear Cannaday’s mother and father be blamed for her ungodly mess. So, blame society all you want – it’s mama and papa that are really to blame. It’s a shame that some decent person didn’t step in to help Cannaday but by the time she was 14 the damage was done and she probably would have just kept on the same loser track she was going down.

    To her credit, Juliette Lewis played the part well and had me feeling sorry for her til the end…that’s good acting!

  33. what kind of a second chance is she gonna get with life behind bars hmmm lets see a ged thats useless in prison she was 16 people can change alot from 16 to 43 i would have never got to where i am today had i not been givin lots of second chances i never killed anyone but not from being smart i could have very easily when i was drinking and partying hurt or worse jkilled someone else i just got lucky and thank god for that. she got very unlucky hooking up with that pimp and being abused her whole life its about time she gets a break

  34. Second chance? She MURDERED a human being! God help anyone who would do this to one of my daughters or any of my grandchildren as I would be the one in jail serving life for murder. You can look at your own kids and say ‘I’d hate to think because of a little mistake made when young they’d have to pay forever’, but put yourself on the other side of the fence!! She took a life! I do feel very sorry for her and the life she had prior to the murder, but she made a choice and I’m sorry, at her age, she knew right from wrong. There was no self defense or abuse from the victim–just cold blooded murder. No second chance on that charge.

  35. The thing that people don’t seem to understand is you have CHOICES in life. I know friends of mine that had a way HARDER life than hers, and they are doctors and lawyers. Why?? Because they DECIDED early on that they didn’t want to live the life they were BORN INTO. I have a friend who is a cardiac surgeon, but his dad is serving life in prison for double murder. (he didn’t want the lifestyle his dad had, so he CHOSE to make a different life for himself. Another friend I have, her mom is a prostitute, has been for years. She is the director of operations at a Fortune 500 company.
    So, you see, we all have choices. For some of us, our goal’s are harder to reach when we are born in “dysfunction”. Being able to overcome adversity and live the life you imagine for yourself is what it’s all about.
    She does not deserve freedom. I agree with Lavonna. She was supposed to be executed, but she got life. She’s lucky to be ALIVE, let alone free.

    • Don’t falsify! Most severely abused children don’t become doctors and lawyers. That is just a lie.

      • Nope most of us end up in retail. Ifeel for her, she had a messed up life,but I feel worse for her victims..I’m against the death penalty but if the person who said they were in prison with her is being truthful, then she should not hadn’t been granted parole. We all have to remember movies base on true stories they aren’t”the true story” who ever said her parents are to blame. True, they are. They didn’t do the one essential job a parent has, to love their child. She robbed others of what she was denied, paroled or in prison, her formative years leave her little to live a happy life. For the children, love one another and hold no ill will..GOD will reward you and judge her.

  36. Please fix her last name:

    Attina Marie Cannaday

    There are three “a’s”.

    You have it both ways.

    Oh, and since she has been released, I guess her page is gone.

  37. Add this to the “Book” section:

    Kuncl, Tom, and Paul Einstein, (1990). – Ladies Who Kill. – New York, New York: Pinnacle Books. – ISBN 1558172491

  38. My name is Olivia. This woman deserved to be put away for life. My sister is Dolly, brother Ben, and mother Connie are the 2 kids and wife of Ronald Wojcik. Attina and Gray left them without a father and husband. Why did they have to do what they did. It was unnecessary and my family is still hurt by this. SHE KILLED SOMEONE! not just killed but harshly murdered them. No one made her do that, and her being a child has nothing to do with the choice. She took a life and hers should have been taken too. My sister was 9, and brother was 6, and they were in their beds when Ron was pulled out of their home. Woken up in the middle of the night to cops in the house. I can’t even stand to think what my mother had to go through. This case was horrible, and I just wish that she would not have been released after what she did.

  39. Hi,
    My name is Dolly Ann (Wojcik) Knight. I am the person Bonnie mentioned earlier in this blog. I am Ronalds daughter and eldest child. First I want to say to Bonnie. I absolutely love your site. Your information on my father’s murder was very thorough and true to fact. I have been on it a couple times but just didnt have the mental energy to post anything. Im so tired of reading the sympathetic BS for Tina that Ive read so much of over at IMBD. Bonnie I do thank you for all your kind words. They truly mean more than you know. I also want to say to Lavonna thank you for your comments. I agree with what you have said. Society did not create her. and I loved the comment when you said Lucy and Learning should let her move in with them. To PJ and Alex, I am so sorry for all that you both went through at one time in your time, but I do commend you on making something better of yourselves. You both are extremely strong. Now I do have a few things to say to a few of you. Tonya do you seriously think that she deserves to be happy and have a life with a husband and children. I truly dont understand how that concept would even come into your head. she murdered my father in cold blood. She didnt allow my father to see his children grow up and we grew up without a father.I do know that being a teenager carries a whirlwind of emotions. I had my heart broken as a teen but I never once thought of killing them. You talk about your cousin being drunk and high and shooting his father. He was using drugs. Did he and his father have a bad relationship? cause if they didnt and it was truly an accident then it was a tragedy. Did he ever threaten to kill his father when he was completely sober. Did he tell other people he was going to kill him. There is a huge difference in my situation and yours. as far as people getting out of prison and not committing crimes again well that is untrue. My ex was in prison for driving drunk and killing his pregnant fiance who was in the car with him. We did meet while he was still in. we dated a little while after he was released and than broke up. He lived in NY and I am in SC. while he was in I really thought he had changed. He swore he wouldnt do drugs and drink,etc..he drank daily and started doing drugs again. and wouldve drove again if anyone wouldve let him have a car. His parole officer wouldnt even let him. I stopped talking to him, but later he called me collect from prison again. He was back in within a year because he was caught with drugs. so criminals that get released do commit crimes again. He said it was very hard on the outside. But you know every thing he did–he chose to do. you cannot blame society for everything. We as a society cannot control how people handle things. There are people that survived much worse than Tina and never did what she did. For instance, I cant think of his name at the moment but the man who wrote the book “a child called it”- that book was about him. He was tortured beyond belief and almost died. He didnt kill anyone..he made a better life for himself. Jenny, you say you had a wild teen life and couldve killed someone while being drunk–the question is would it have been an accident or something you had been planning and talking about. She called my father for weeks threatening him and ralph compared it to drinking and driving as well. There is a huge difference. Drinking and Driving is a very stupid mistake and something I NEVER do. The possible consequences are just too high…but it is not the same as hiring someone to help you murder another person. She did not even think about how it would affect us. Did you know that me and my brother were spending the night at my dads house that night? we were in our bedroom right beside his. Sandy told us that Tina came into our room and kissed us both on the head. I know it was her way to get my father to cooperate. Maybe he wouldve had a better chance if we hadnt been there. She knew exactly what she was doing. That is just evil. She was extremely manipulative. I knew her!and say the bible says to forgive and that means if you forgive a person you forget it. Are you effin kidding me? I mean seriously. Am I suppose to just forget my father and what he had to endure. You cannot be serious. I am sorry about the loss of your mother. How did she die? I guess I could say if my father was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver I might could forgive them because it wasnt their intention to hurt him, but with Tina that was her full intention. I mean how do you almost totally decapitate someone if it isnt your intention to??
    And no I do not let it control me. I live my life. But I will never truly forgive her and well that is my right. She chose to kill my father without even caring what would become of us. Like Shauncey said and quite a few others WE are responsible for our own actions. At 15 and 16 you are fully aware of the consequences of your actions. and please do not blame it on the drugs. it was not that! and to you, LUCY, how dare you make a comment about something you know nothing about..My father did NOT know how old she was, He met her in a BAR and she told him she was 19. He was 29. Yes a big age difference but still very legal as far as he knew! and Jenny exactly what pimp are you referring to?? that was a movie. David was not her pimp! She made her own choices and was the instigator in the whole thing. It was her plan. So as far as I am concerned she deserves no break. So to the ones of you that can truly understand how I am feeling I thank you. Especially you Bonnie and Lavonna, Shauncey and Lisa. Thank you. and to my little sister,olivia. I love you! I didnt even know that she knew about this site. He was not her father but she feels my pain because we are still very close although she is only 18. and I know she mentions our mom. My mom and dad were divorced when he was murdered, but they were still very close and it was very hard on her as well. I do want to say that I didnt come on here to comment on what everyone else has said. Im not trying to start arguments. I just feel like I needed to say something especially to some of the comments. So as far as I know she has been released. I received the letter in Feb letting me know that she would be getting out in March and as it has already been mentioned, her profile is no longer on the correctional facility website. I dont wish bad on her but I dont wish good either. Whatever becomes of her she has brought on herself. I personally do not think she will make it out here. She has been in there since she was 15-for 25 years. I do really appreciate everything that Bonnie has done by making this site and it is an honor to have my fathers story on here. It was very frustrating to be on the IMBD board and read all the sympathetic posts over there because the story was so badly twisted. Hey if I didnt know the truth I mightve felt sorry for her,too. But none of them knew my father. He was a wonderful amazing man. that would do anything for anyone. He had such a big heart. I just cant say enough good about him. and I just really want the world to know that and it really hurts knowing that my daughter will never know her grandfather. It has been really hard on my brother as well. I know my sister mentioned we were 6 and 9 but my brother was actually 5 and I was 8. He had a harder time growing up than I did without a father. but he is still a good upstanding citizen with a good job. My family tells me my father always used to say he wouldnt make it to his 30th birthday, guess he knew something that we didnt. I do hope that I havent come off as a b*tch. I really am not and I do hope that you understand my feelings on this. This wasnt just a movie. This was my father and that would be why I feel so passionate about everything written here. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write. Bonnie, I am going to send you some pics to your email of my father so that you can see just who he was.

    • Hi Dolly…..This is your Aunt Patti(Ronnies’ sister)I have to tell you my daughter Jessica found this website and told me about it……I have to tell you I was sickened all over again reading about all that.OMG!!I’m sooooo sooooo sorry that we totally lost track of one another I would love to have seen you and Benjamin grow up…..I loved your father soooooooo much and think about him a lot I try not to imagine all the horrible things he experienced that night….it feels so fresh in my mind to read all of this ….no one will ever know what a good father he was and what a big heart he had!He loved you two so very much….There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t think about him….how old he would be…what he would be doing….I miss him so much.I remember so much of us growing up….I hope you get this …I’m not sure how to work this stuff!! not computer savvy…..I can’t believe they let her out!!Also can’t believe they made a movie(which is sooooooo ridiculous!)I thought we had to allow that kind of thing….I hope to hear from you Dolly……..

    • Hello Dolly,
      I see my mom has already written to you, I am your cousin Jessica my mother was your fathers sister. I know we have never met and don’t know if you know I was even out there. I came across this website and told my mom I had saw your and benjamins name and just felt I should write to you. I would like to talk to you, I don’t have much family because everyone kind of split to the winds or passed away. Please write me here is my email also I have a Facebook.

    • I was a 16-year old high school senior when I met Ron Wojcik on Guam in 1972. He was in the USAF and we met at a bible study taught by Brother Tom James. I became close friends with Ron and his best buddy, Bob Haywood. These guys were hilarious, always joking; yet always showing up for bible study and for sunday night services. Ron and I started hanging out, just good friends as I had a boyfriend on the mainland. Ron finished his SCUBA certification, then started giving me lessons so we could go diving together, which we did. We had a lot of fun, but also a lot of good talks about our walk with the Lord. Ron loved the Lord, but he “loved the ladies” as well, and that created some internal conflict for him. As time went on, Ron moved on as he met another girl and started dating her. Ron was very warm, very affectionate, and big-hearted. I had 4 younger siblings at home, 2 only 4 and 5 years old, and he was great with them. I left the island after I graduated, and I never heard from him again. Then a couple of months ago, just out of curiosity I googled Ron Wojcik just out of curiosity as I was wondering what happened to old friends from the past. I was devastated to find this blog. I feel for his family, and his children, who did not get to experience his love and affection in their lives. I can see where Ron would have impulsively reached out to someone (Attina) who needed help, and perhaps got into a situation that spiraled out of control. I do not hate Attina Cannaday; she is still paying the price for what she has done. I have no doubt that in Ron’s last moments, he reached out to, and was welcomed into, the loving arms of his heavenly father. Peace.

    • Dolly I am so sorry for your loss I grew up without a father to I am the oldest son of David and what they did was very bad wich ever done it they both new better not all of us are bad seeds. Iv spent my whole life wondering just what happened and now I know, we’ll I don’t know but if she said he ran off how come they found him were David marched him? Sounds like she lied, dead men don’t run off! I’m not saying David is innocent because he should have never been there in the first place. I was 9 and my brother was 7 when that happened and I just wanted to tell u I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Does any body know how dolly and Ben can be reached? I would really like to reach them and just talk they can reach me if they are willing at I am David’s oldest son, I hope they don’t hold that against me.

      • This is Susan Gray, wife of Oland gray nothin can be said or done to change what happened, but my husband was a child himself do not hold him responsible for Randolpfs actions. Me and my husband own two 18 wheelers, own our land and our own home. And none of of it was givin to is. Especially by the grays.

  40. Hi Bonnie,
    I just sent you 3 pics. one of him in his uniform and 2 of him and me when I was little. I am in the middle of redecorating and cant find all my photo albums. I can send more later if you would like.

  41. I would like to reach out to Dolly. I was employed 20 years ago at Rankin County Correctional Facility (RCCF) in Pearl, MS – the name has since changed. Anyway, I have several memories of Attina and this case, and wanted to share with you. Please email me at:

    I hope to hear from you Dolly.

  42. God bless you Dolly.

  43. Dolly,
    I am truly sorry for the suffering that your family has went through. Thank you for giving us the update. Take care and keep in touch.

  44. Shauncey and Lavonna thanks so much for you replies. They really mean alot. Bonnie thank you for posting the pictures. I am looking for more that include my little brother as well and Crystal I sent you an email and I cant wait to hear back from you. Again thank you all. Your comments do mean the world to me. take care.

  45. God bless you Dolly

  46. Hi Dolly,
    I’m sorry for the loss of your father. I watched the movie last night for the first time and read alot of posts. Movies can be very decieving, and the truth is never entirely shared, reason I searched for the truth. Thank you for your courage and time to share with so many of us, the truth as to what really happened.

    What bothers me most is, people have forgotten how wonderful your father was in trying to help Attina, he was a kind, loving & caring man.

    I honestly don’t have any idea, what went through Attina’s mind, even after watching the movie, but I do know what your father did for her, and that can never be forgotten.

    She was given a chance to make a difference in her life, but she chose to be evil. I will never understand tradgedies, such as what happened to your father. After watching the movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to your father.

    The forums are to focused around his death & Attina.

    Although he is gone, he is not forgotten, and it would be nice if you posted the happy times you remember about your father, thoughts you have of him, that makes you smile, happy memories you had of him.

    Dolly, what is done is done. But you can make a difference in how his life & story is shared, all the love that he shared.

    You do not have to forgive Attina, but at the same time, it is not healthy to hate, I think it’s time we move away from hate and remember your Dad. What type of man was he ? Where did he go to school ? Did he enjoy any sports ? What was his favorite hobbies ? What did he do in the Air force ?

    Through a movie, we know Attina’s story, but hardly any one knows your father. Reason so much debate is focused on Attina.

    I was actually disgusted by the movie, to tell you the truth, there was another movie, called Dead man walking, that made the audience feel sorry for the murderer, and forget the victims and family.

    Dolly thanks for taking the time to share your story, I honestly don’t know what to share, but God bless you, your brother & family and may your father rest in peace.

  47. Reality shut up.. Dolly (Ronald’s daughter) gets on here and posts and she doesn’t need to read you disrepectful opinion.

  48. Dolly,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You answered many of the questions I had after seeing the movie, which was apparently very skewed in Attina’s favor. I am so sorry for your loss. My husband’s father was shot in cold blood on January 31st of this year by his wife of 22 years. There was no physical abuse involved; they were arguing over lending her sons money. I live in a very small town and have actually overheard people gossiping about our family. Some people here think that my husband’s step-mother should “get off” because of her age (69). I truly feel bad for you for having to read postings about yourself and your family.
    To reality: DO NOT assume that just because someone was young that he or she wouldn’t understand or remember. I was “introduced” to sex at 3 years old by a 13 year old neighbor. I remember EVERYTHING that happened, and I could take you now to the actual room where it happened even though I have not lived in the town where it took place in 30 years.
    As for Attina: I work with disturbed teens, and there has been tons of research recently on the adolescent brain. This research indicates that the human brain is not fully developed until around age 22; therefore, no one is equipped to make good decisions at that age; however, cold-blooded murder cannot be excused.
    Has a book been written about this incident?


    The comment from Reality has been removed, as it violated my comment policy. Remember, do not even imply in any way that a victim was a fault for any reason. And since he decided to be rude to the victim’s daughter, who does read my blog and I consider a friend, that was more than enough to remove it. Reality has obviously never been the victim of a violent crime or had a loved one murdered, so he obviously does not understand.

  50. seamel-

    I am so sorry for what your family is going through. I do not understand why people can think like that. I don’t care about the age myself. Look at all of those now being prosecuted for the civil rights murders. Most of them are in their late 60’s or 70’s. I don’t care. Prosecute them! Not prosecuting due to age is a slap in the face to the victim and the victim’s family. I wish you good luck.

  51. I just want to thank the blog owner for having this information available to those seeking the facts of this case. The way the murderer is portrayed in the movie “Too young to die” is without a doubt intended to generate a sympathetic reaction, which is absolutely despicable treatment of the real victims in this case (Mr. Wojcik and his family). I am dismayed to read of the release of the murderer, and cannot fathom how some people feel she will now go on and lead life as a productive and upstanding citizen. My early years were far removed from Disneyland and involved many mind-altering substances, but never once did the thought of murder cross my mind at any time. The murderer made the choice to end a life, and should never have been given a second chance to live hers within our society again….

  52. I am a survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse. I wasn’t caught up in any wirlwind of forced prostitution, drugs or a boyfriend who beat me. But had I been, had ANYONE been, you might have found yourself in the exact same situation as Attina. And then the question is, would you be mentally sound enough, RATIONAL enough, to NOT murder. Sexual abuse leaves trauma and emotional disturbance. It’s NO excuse by any means to murder, but I do not think Attina was 100% to blame nor should she be punished for life when she never had a chance at one.

  53. I forgot to add what I think was to blame besides Attina. I think mental illness and society. Even today I don’t believe there is enough to protect children from abuse. DYFS(division of youth and family service-the organization that investigates child abuse allegations) is understaffed, and overwhelmed with cases. That is apparent in the news when you hear stories of a 3 year old beaten to death after DYFS missed checking on him and so on. I just think a teenager who was abused her whole life had no rational concept of what she was doing when she murdered.

  54. Diana,
    My sister and I were both sexually abused when we were young by a neighborhood boy. And we did not grow up to be prostitutes or kill anyone. But I guess we should have, huh, since it was such a “good” excuse. Not so.

    And please, don’t make your opinions about her past from what the movie said. It glorified it.

  55. I never said anyone who was sexually abused should murder. And I also never said it was a good excuse for any crimes or harming another person. However I do believe abuse victims, growing up in an abusive home, and teenagers, shouldn’t be treated the same as an adult with no history of abuse. Not that they are more special or deserving. But that chronic abuse does cause trauma and chronic trauma and stress cause mental illness. I don’t just go by any film, I’m aware of how the media does get away with manipulating emotions. All I know are facts: that this woman was a victim of childhood sexual abuse and still a victim when she murdered. Does that mean the fact she took a life, the man she murdered, is any less or even equal importance? Absolutely not (IMO). He lost the did his family. However, although I’m very adament about no possible rehabilitation for serial killers and child abusers…I can not see this as a deliberate act of cold blooded murder. I see it as a teenager (I’m only 18 myself) who was abused and drugged up who had severe mental disturbances.

    I was looking at other topics on this site and read the one about Brooke Bennette’s body found after her uncle planned to initiate her into a child sex ring. And I thought, “What if there was no intervention for one of those girls. What if they became so disturbed and caught up in a situation that they murdered” It doesn’t make it right or any less wrong. But I know what chronic sexual abuse is like from your own father. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and ptsd. With BOTH disorders, there can be brief psychosis (lasting only a few hours). I don’t think anyone who is psychotic can actually be held accountable to the degree as someone who is not.

  56. Diana,

    You keep talking about the chronic abuse that Attina suffered, and imply that it that it was so overwhelming that she could not control herself. Please show where you got your evidence of this, and all of the abuse she suffered. And please, do not say it was from the movie. So, where did you get it from? Or is it that you just want to believe that so much?

    You seem to forget, this murder was not a spontaneous event. It was planned. And DID NOT happen as the movie showed. Why don’t you read the appeal dated 1984, and read where they decided SHE was the principal person in the murder (not David Gray) and what she wanted to do with the victim’s head. Now, in that appeal, the ONLY mitigating circumstances where her age and possibly her IQ (which was only mentioned once, briefly, and did not really appear to be relevant. It was her age and one statement that got her sentenced reversed. If she had suffered so much abuse, that WOULD have been mitigating circumstances, and I might even support that. But it was not even mentioned. So, if you are getting that from the movie, which was very very embellished, that tells me you will believe ANYTHING.

  57. I am Ron’s cousin by marriage and was very close to him at the time he was murdered. I knew Tina and I knew Ron. Tina acted and looked a lot older than 16 and it is true that Ron had no idea of her real age and when he found out, it was quickly over between them. But the thing is even after it was over he still was nice and tried to help her. It’s not like he just cut her off and was mean to her. He was geniunely concerned about her as was his nature. Ron was a wonderful person. He really cared about people and listened to people. He loved Dolly and Ben so much. That has been the biggest hurt in this. It was hard enough to know that Ron was gone. But so much harder to know that Dolly and Ben would not have him in their lives. Would have no more of Ron than memories from their childhood. Tina deserves no sympathy whatsoever! She knew what she was doing I guarantee you that.

  58. Im sorry I havent been on much lately. alot of things going on right now but I guess it was a good thing since I never did see Reality’s post. Thanks for removing it..Im sure I wouldve had plenty to say if I had seen it… I do want to say that I feel so thankful for meeting Bonnie and than meeting many of y’all on this board. It actually makes me feel closer to my father. I locked away alot of my feelings about his death growing up and it really does help me to talk about him and to listen to your comments and points of view. Its late right now but I will be back on here to address each of you. I know this is Bonnie’s website but it means so much to me to get on here and read the heartfelt messages that most of you leave. you truly dont know how much yall lift my spirits soo I would like to leave a little message for each of you. And like someone mentioned earlier I would love to tell you more about my dad.. like my cousin, Rita above said and like I have been saying he was a genuine good guy and well there just arent many of those in the world. Well I could go on and on right now but i am going to save it for tomorrow.. I have to be up to early.have a good night…talk to you all tomorrow:)

  59. Firstly I would like to thank the site owner for an amazing read . Since seeing the film Too Young To Die, I’ve searched long and hard for the facts of the true story, never really getting anywhere close to knowing what really happened. I know so called True Story films add in their own bits for sensationalism but I found it to be a truely horrifying story and never bought the sob story of the perpetrator of the crime. I grew up on a very rough housing estate and have known many junkies and many people who have had terrible abuse in their life but no amount of intoxication excuses committing such a crime. It is cold blooded and calculated and nothing less. Thankyou for the information provided on your site. I always knew it would be very different from how the film portrayed it.
    Secondly, I would like to say a few words to Dolly if I may

    Dolly, how brave you are to come on here and be so open about the terrible tragedy that struck your life and your family at such a young age. I’m so happy to know that you’ve moved on with your life as best you can and not let this act of pure evil take your life away from you too. I can’t begin to imagine how it was for you but you have good memories of your dad in your heart and your mind and no one can ever take that from you. I believe he was a good man and I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world. I don’t think it’s right that this woman has now been released, but never let her freedom take your freedom. It must be hard for you, but stay strong and god bless you.

  60. To Dolly: I am so sorry for your great loss, and for the added pain that this ‘more-fiction-than-fact’ movie has caused for you and your family. I have a friend whose father shot and killed her mother while she and her younger sister and brother were hiding in the next bedroom. It is a long and horrible story and I won’t go into here. I only want to say that I admire you and your brother for being able to move forward and make a life for yourselves. My friend and her two siblings were never able to escape their sorrow and the weight of their loss eventually consumed them. Do not spend time reading hurtful messages from people who have no idea what the facts are, and especially those who don’t care. I already know you have courage, I hope some day you will find peace. Blessings.

  61. Hey Dolly it’s Becky. I just found this website and it really touched me seeing you with your dad, and I just wanted to let you know that I know your pain in loosing a father at a very young age. Although, mine died a different way I can still relate to the of the pain you’ve grown up with and still deal with today. It does effect who you have grown up to be and the person you are today. I know what I went through growing up with out a dad there. It is an awful feeling that stays with you forever!! But just know that he is always lookin’ over ya and we’ll see them again one day!!
    I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing person and I’m here for you if you ever want to talk or vent about your feelings.
    Love ya girl!! 🙂

  62. I don’t really like arguements. You say you are open to all opinions but you already have yours and I have mine (not based on the movie—I know how hollywood does twist things and determines how the public will feel, what side they will take, etc)

    I only know that the murderer was abused. I don’t know whether it was chronic or not actually. I suppose I just feel pity for her as well as for the victim of her repulsive crime, and all who suffer because of what she did.

    I volunteered for toddlers who were victims of sexual or physical abuse. I guess because of my own personal experience with abuse and the young children i worked with, I can feel compassion for Attina and not find her to be of all the blame.

  63. Diana, In some way or another we all have been abused but that do NOT give anyone the right to murder. In case you don’t know who Dolly is on this blog, she is Ronald’s daughter so please be respectful and do not pity little stupid Attina on her.

  64. on here*

  65. I feel if you MURDER someone, I don’t care if your 2, you should be locked up. Why should she get a “life” and she took one. Sexual abuse is in no way an excuse to kill someone, unless THEY were your abuser and it was self defense. No one should get a pass for murder. Can Ronald come back and hug his children and loved ones? No. What I don’t understand is how do you go from the death penality, to life, to freedom?

  66. Well the site allows for different opinions mine is pity/compassion for all…I don’t believe in rehabilitation for everyone, and I can’t say how anyone can determine if one IS rehabilitated. I don’t say sexual abuse is an excuse to murder or any other crime. I do think sexual abuse can cause one to be mentally disturbed. That’s why I feel pity. I hope this was not disrespectful. I differ on the belief that a 2 year old has no understanding of what they are doing if they “commit” murder. Toddlers don’t understand concepts like life and death.

  67. I wanted to add I won’t comment anymore here because I don’t want to upset any of the victims or their friends. I honestly never was one to believe in rehabilitation for criminals.What I guess I am confused about is whether mental illness was a factor and then I don’t know. I still don’t know if I believe they should have freedom, but a mental hospital or community.

  68. Ok, first of all she was SIXTEEN!!! I didn’t know what the HELL I was doing at that age, much less being MARRIED AND DIVORCED!!!! I felt sorry for this child being a child of the streets myself since 15. It’s really sad she didn’t even know what was going ON in trial…Has anyone thought of what that guy she was involved with was doing with her being SIXTEEN, I mean really how good of a guy could he have been?? He set her up for a fall by making her feel comfortable until he GOT CAUGHT with a MINOR in his house then he tossed her like a piece of trash, all she wanted was a stable home and LOVE…He wanted her for OTHER things he wanted to use her, if he were legitimate and wanted to be a father figure to her, he would have tried to ADOPT her since she was a minor…..He didn’t he just used her, how terrible she must have felt with all that rejection in such a short life and then drugged up and out of her mind due to the influences around her… GIVE HER A BREAK!!!! Let her go, she was a victim too!!!! I say all this in defense of a convicted killer and I am a staunch supporter of the death penalty but this case really got to me and this is probably the ONLY one I agree she should be let go…

  69. Diana,

    Where are you getting your facts from? The movie? The movie was embellished ALOT. Read the appeals. You will see that the Judge declared she was the one responsible, that she planned it and was the main person in the attack. From which FACTS did this case get to you.

  70. Diana, In case you don’t understand…… Dolly on here is his child and I resent the fact that you come on here talking crap that you don’t know about!

    Age 16 everyone knows right from wrong. She was and is an evil person who may have had a rough life but that did not give her a excuse to kill!

    She does not deserve to breathe let alone a break.. she already had a break.. she was took off death row and is living, that is more than what Ronald got.

  71. I’d recently watched too young to die and I was curious to find out the the true story, which the film was based on, hence I came across this blog.
    After reading about the murder and reading the appeal document, I’m appalled to think that some people on here think Attina deserves a second chance. Attina knew exactly what she was doing and as others have already said, murdered in cold blood. Upon reading the appeal statement and the remark she made in prison about what she did/ wanted to do would the victims head, sickened me and totally showed how callous she really was. 16 or not she knew exactly what she was doing.

    Now, to hear that she is out of prison and living her life or whats left of it, really leaves a bad taste. Sometimes i despair of the justice system, as it allows murderers like Attina to walk free, while the victim’s relatives are confined to a life sentance of losing a loved one!

    I give huge credit and support to Dolly and the rest of Ronalds relatives who have posted here, what you all went through is unimaginable.

  72. Diana,
    I could swear it’s been mentioned several times that Dolly comes here. Why don’t you start your OWN blog supporting Attina? That way you can ride her coattails all the way to hell. Go away.

  73. Ok I would first like to say that i am currently at the very end of the lifetime movie “Too young to die” and I have not felt one twinge of pity or compassion for this girl even through the movie. I know that LMN often takes true stories and add in their own twists and dramatic scenes so I was curious to know the REAL story.

    Bonnie I would like to thank you for making such an accurate site and Dolly I think its great that you have the courage to come on here and talk about this horrible tragedy.

    Although I agree that at the age of 15 or 16 you are not completely aware of the consequences, they still know what is RIGHT OR WRONG. It truely bothers me that some of you are siding with Attina. No one should be able to murder someone and get away with it.

    And I’m sorry not to be so rude on your site but i cant keep my mouth shut.

    DIANA- all i have got to say is, ARE YOU FREAKING STUPID?! Why don’t you get the facts before you open your mouth and say something that you know absolutely nothing about. I’m no expert in this case but I know the movie isn’t accurate and I have read the above information on the real case. So why don’t you take your little 18yr old self and go back to preschool sweetheart, and think twice before you speak on an adult blog again! Thanks.

    Oh and Dolly unless you couldn’t tell, you have my full support and she should have rotted in there!

  74. I worked for the prosecution back then. I lived, graduated and worked in Gulfport, Harrison County. My employers were Floyd and Waller, shortly after, Mr. Waller died in a car crash on his way to Florida on vacation. Anyways, this girl should remain in prison for life. Trust me, the movie is a brief synopsis, not an accurate tale of that night. But yes, basically, Attina and David – TOGETHER – invaded his home and killed him in another location.

    I was watching the movie and it sure felt familiar so I came online and searched and, now I know why it was so familiar, I typed the papers then 🙂

    Early 80’s and they were all over the news, I never will forget it.

  75. I have to say I am appauled that some of the people on here consider themselves “adults” and still call other people names. That’s the most childish behavior I’ve ever seen.

    Like so many others, I’ve seen the movie and wanted the facts on this story. Like so many others, I have my own opinions of “what should have happened” and “why my opinions should have happened.” I’m not going to make any comments on the case itself other than to say this:

    To the family of Mr. Wojcik: I’m terribly sorry for your tragic loss.

  76. I have always been one that is a pushover for forgiving someone for things done wrong. On the other hand I have also always believed in an eye for an eye; you kill you be killed. It is a reality we all face if we take someone’s life by acting in a way that represents no forethought on the consequences for our actions, be it to drink and drive (which I do not consider a mistake necessarily like some have said) or commit cold blooded murder. These are crimes for which no one could claim self defense, even though Tina may have had a horrible past, but was that the victim Ronald or his families fault? NO! Ronald took her in and was trying to help her! I have done many thing in my life that I am nor proud of, including drugs and some theft to support my habit, but I always had enough presence of mind to know right from wrong and to never go too far and to get out before it was too late. I am a very successful woman now and it is all because I KNEW the difference between right and wrong as everyone who is not completely unbalanced does at the age Tina was.

    In my book, there are very few circumstances that justify taking someone’s life and those are obvious being self defense against someone who intentionally inflicts injury to you or where you fear for your own life from this person. That was not the case here!

    In closing; to Ronald’s family uppermost: I feel so deeply sad for what you have had to endure your whole life so far since this has happened and for what you continue to have to endure daily and for the rest of your lives! I can only imagine what it must be like for you. And for that reason I also want to say to all of the people posting on here in support of the murderer, go find a website that supports cold blooded killers to post your opinions, and do not do it on a site that is in support of the victims of these hideous crimes! Why don’t you just join the (released) murderer in inflicting more and more pain on this family by your words of encouragement for her! Hey one more thought, while so many of you have spent months arguing over Tina’s “rights” as if it were your own you were fighting for, where is she??? Why has she not tried to fight for her own? I don’t see any apologies here or ANY reason for any of us to feel sorry for her OR support her! THINK ABOUT THAT!

  77. i just watched the end of the movie, it sickened me. so like many of you i jumped on here and tried to find out more about the whole situation. mostly i got information about juliette lewis and nothing but fluff. i never once felt sorry for her or any pity.

    thank you so much for creating this site and rembering the victim. i agree with many of you…she already got her second change and should not have been parolled. Dolly id love to give you a hug you are an amazing person.

    i have not yet read any of the court documents. but come on people 16 years old is more then old enough to say “gee this guy hurt me” then GET OVER IT. 16 is old enough to know that brutialy murdering someone is WRONG. hell im in the middle of a nasty divorce and i have NEVER thought that killing him would be better. good lord people she KILLED a man, took him away from his children forever. she doesnt deserve anyones sympathy or pity. i think she should still be in jail and Rons children should be allowed to go to the jail and poke her with sticks if they want.

  78. God bless you Dolly. Can you tell us more about your family? Why did your father and mother divorce? I take it your mother then raised you and your brother, then she obviously remarried. Can you ask R. Flowers to post some of the court transcripts. Diana, I feel for you! All who murder except in self defense are insane. I can’t even rationalize it for soldiers as it’s a crime in God’s eyes.
    Dolly you say your brother had if tougher than you, did you all get treatment for the pain you experienced? Perhaps, if you could write the story, we could get the real truth, excerpts like your aunt’s and others are exceptional, and even if you could obtain your fathers military records and what they were doing to him make a great read. I know, I’d by the book Again, God bless you.

  79. and let us not forget that lifetime movie network is also known as the manhating channel. every movie they make some man is getting f**ked up or killed. that channel is completly against anything with testicles. is it any wonder that Ron the VICTIM is made to look like the abuser and that the KILLER is made to look like pathetic lil amanda sue from podunk.

    sorry forgot to tack this on to my earlier post

  80. Also, if anyone knows; did Gray get released? Where are these culprits now? I know, I don’t want them in my backyard.

  81. i just finished watching the movie and lmn and i have to say that i was kind of feeling sorry for attina because of the things that happened to her when she was younger. after finding and reading this blog i think she should have got the death penalty. they really twisted the facts in the movie and i really wish they didn’t. they made it seem like he know how old she was and then threw her out when he got caught. now i see that wasn’t the case. even though she was 16 she knew already that killing someone was wrong. they make it seem spontaneous in the movie but i read dolly’s blog about how she threatened him.

    diana i think you are really stupid for the things you have said and i agree with Shauncey and i think you should start your own blog supporting attina since your so quick to defend her . i was molested by my step dad when i was 12, i am now 24 and i still have to see him every now and then, even though i hate him for what he did, that does not give me the right or excuse to hurt him or anyone else. ronald sounds like a wonderful man who just tried to help and let the wrong person into his life. thank you so much to whoever created this blog for people like me to find the facts.

    dolly, i am so sorry for the lost of your father. i can’t imagine how you feel knowing she has been released back into society, she should burn in hell for what she did. you are so brave coming on here and sharing you story. may god bless you and your family.

  82. I think that this girl was just that a girl and know one knows what really happened but everyone that was involed with it. Yes she was a kid and kids do thing and she has to live with this for ever. If its true that she was on alot of drugs when she did this crime than if you think about maybe she didn’t know what she was doing. But she does have to sit her time out in jail and that is what she is doing and i am sorry for both the familys in this cast cause one lost there dad and the other lost the right to have a life and if everyone would look at it than its sad for both. This girl did not have a life. She was just doing what people told her to do. It looks like to me that she has lost her life

  83. hey all i want to say is….. this girl that got out of prison shouldnt of gotten out she should of gotten death if some one killed my dad i would be on them like flys on sh*t this is to dolly im sorry for your father i seen the movie and it blows i hope you are doing okay

  84. Dolly,
    I’m so sorry for what you and your family have gone through, and I know it’ll never be okay. I also hold hate in my heart, my little brother was shot in the face with a 9mm 10 years ago on the 13th. He’s alive thank god but the kid who shot him never got in trouble. The kid who shot him was my best friends little brother, we’re still unsure how he even got shot. But it happened and I can’t bring myself to forgive/forget it. He’s still in trouble with the law, in jail at the moment for something else he’s done. I noticed in one of your post you said you’re in SC, I’m also in SC. Just thought I’d send you some nice words to let you know you, your father and your family are in my thought and prayer. I wish you nothing but the best!
    Any news about her whereabout since being released?

  85. I have watched “Too Young to Die” several times, and have always felt sorry for the young girl. The Movie does protray Attina as the victim. After finding this site and realizing the movie is not the COMPLETE TRUTH, I cannot believe our system has let her out of jail.
    My brother was shot and killed in 1995, he was a friend, husband, son, brother and father of three small babies. His killer escaped conviction for five years. He is now behind bars. His release date is 7/17/2029. I hope and pray that he is never released. I cannot imagine recieving an e-mail telling me that he is getting out, and all we have, as a family, is pictures and memories of so long ago, of a wonderful sweet man that loved life…..
    God Bless The Wojcik Family. I`m truly sorry for your loss.

  86. One more thought…….Shame on Attina Cannady`s Mother !!

  87. They should have gone through with the execution. 16 is old enough to fry such a savage. All murderers should be fried.

  88. i just watched the movie to young to die i was upset at the movie becouse she was so young. i need to comment on one of your comments thats that dont get out and kill again im sorry but i relly dont beleave that for one moment i live in philda and i watched on the news just a few mouths ago a cop was on duty and a guy who somehow was releaseed from prison he was sent to prison for killing and rapeing a woman this same man killed a 32 year old cop who was makeing a ruteen stop the guy got out of his car and started to run after shotting the cop at point black range in his chest and the cop was able to call for back up before he died this monster was a repete offender and this was his second murder so to set there and say that someone wont come out and do it again is wround you have no clue what they are thinking or will do once out again on the streets. please dont think im being harsh but i have to say this my heart goes out to the victoms familey not the killer i feel if you do the crime you should be able to do the time even if it means death. i dont know this girl and i do feel sorry for her because she was so young and was hurt by so maney others as a child and who knows maybe prison has changed her but to set back and say that she wont repete what she already did is wroung and you cant say she is changed because you dont personaly know anything about her only what you see and watched or read about the case .i watched with a sad heart one of our police officers here in philly be layed to rest he was only 32 years old and he was shot and killed by a man who was released from prison so i dont see how anyone can say she wont do it again because they will and do all the time.

  89. Dolly – did you get in touch with Crystal to learn of his/her memories of Attina in jail? If so, would you mind sharing them? Hope you don’t mind me asking – I’ve read a lot of your posts on here and on IMDB so I know that you usually don’t mind answering people’s questions.

    Sorry for your tragic loss, RIP Ronald.


  90. Dolly

    My wife Amelie and I have just watched the movie that portrays your Fathers death.
    On first opinion we thought the movie to be touching and we felt sorry for Tina, as the movie was playing I had to research the truth.

    Movies are great, but it was important for us to understand an alternative perspective and/or the truth to that of the directors version of the story.

    From what I have read online, the director does not give a true account and I only wonder why he chose a pretty actress to play a vile killer. I can only suggest that the director did not have the skills to ask the question “should under 16’s be sentenced to death” without having a pretty actress looking like an angel.

    Dolly, we know nothing about you or your father. However I would like to draw focus to your comment about Tina, where you say, “I dont wish bad on her but I dont wish good either. ”
    Any father would be proud of his child to have the strength and courage to make that comment.

    We wish you well

    David and Amelie
    Derby, England
    23:15 2nd january 2009

  91. to the site,

    I am blessed not to have a family member to have been murdered, if that has happened my opinion could be different, however I do not believe in the death penalty.
    Regardless of age, cold blooded killers should be held in prison until their death and they should be treated humanely.

    We should treat them humanely because we need to rise above evil and secondly they should not be killed. To sentance to death is to forget our problems, their life term is a remander to society that we have an going responsibility. Prison or the death sentence is not a deterrent, crime is far more deep rooted than that.

    I don’t consider myself to be a passivist, liberlist or any particular label, I just feel we have a stronger responsibility.
    Tina should certainly jave not been released, but as a society we let go of our responsibilty to her when she grew up, maybe that is her justice?

  92. Hi Dolly,
    Firstley, i think you are an amazing women to be able to come on here and open up to all of us about such a saw and hurtfull part of your life! I watched the film for the first time last night and it touched me! I cried! and i got straight on the internet this morning to research it. I do think its wrong that they portrayed things diffrentley in the film, as you say your dad did not know how old she was in real life! where as in the film it makes it look like he knew she was 14! i do wish they wouldnt twist the true story – afterall i watched it on the True Movies chanel where all movies are a true story! yet they had obviously missed bits out and twisted bits! my personal opinion i felt sorry for her but that was only because of the way the film projected her to be a sweet,innocent, abused and mislead -14 year old that is until she done what she did – where as you say she knew what she was doing – i mea you do at that age dont you! you know right from wrong at that age! also in the film it showed her to be injected with Heroin that night ! is that not true either?
    I can never imagine the pain your family must of gone through! she took your dads life and i am not even in a position to imagine how awfull that could be! my dad is my life and if someone done tha to him i would want them dead!!!

    having read all of your comments i have completley changed my mind . If you had of asked me lastnight i would of said she didnt deserve the death penalty – she was young, she was influenced and she didnt know what she was doing – thats how the film made me feel! wrongley so! i dont agre with teenagers being put on death row becuause i know of people who have been sentanced on deah row, killed then new evidence has come out which has proved tem innocent ! when by then its too late – there dead!
    i was searching for a photo of how she looked when she was 14, there only seems to be up to date ones on here.
    also was there a 3rd person involved? im confused as to who Dawn Bushart is?
    i find this story interesting but very very very sad! keep strong you are an inspiration to others!

    I would love to hear back from you .

    Love Charlotte. xxxx

  93. A real tragedy has taken place in the last 30 or so years. Parenting now isn’t the same as it was then. The number of parents who genuinely are concerned for the welfare of their children are dwindling as those who recognize that effective parenting is THE hardest job in the world. Too many parents now take the stance of “I don’t care what you do as long as you stay out of my hair”. Case in point: I have read in the paper too many times how a youth commits a violent crime. My first thought is “where the hell is the parent(s) when all this is going on?” They fail to keep their kids in check or to teach them the difference between right and wrong. That is a failure of the parent, not the child. The responsibility of raising children to become productive members of society is disregarded either because of ignorance, drugs, alcoholism or other reasons. I believe that, if a teen commits a crime, then the parent should be held just as accountable and receives the same sentence as the defendant. I’m not dismissing the seriousness of Cannaday’s crime, but, if “Too Young To Die” is correct, the mother should have been incarcerated as well. Parents need to take better responsibility for the proper upbringing and welfare of their children. Our prisons are too full of those who didn’t.

  94. She has done her time according to the law, there is nothing else that can be done now.

    note from blog owner

    This is actually inaccurate. She is out on parole. She did not serve out her entire sentence. If she violates parole, she will be back in prison.

  95. If you feel sorry for this piece of crap you are a bigger pile of crap yourself! This woman killed my father and ruined what would have been a normal life for my family and me. I woke up to cops kicking in my bedroom door because they found my father with his throat slashed so bad he was almost decapitated. I have had to deal with this my whole life. I have no idea who my father was he died when i was four so if you think she deserves another chance and that society is to blame you can go burn in hell with her as long as you want you unsensitive piece of shit.

    • Could not have said it better myself….. Sorry about your loss.

    • I am appalled by some of the “opinions” I have read here. Cheers to you Benjamin, and a sorrowful thought for the loss suffered by you and yours. I was a Biloxi policeman/detective. I was on the kidnapping scene the morning of the crime. I discovered and secured witnesses and their statements. I knew Tina and David, had dealt with both in the past. Both were low-life white trash who didn’t deserve the powder it would take to blow them to hell. The almost tragic thing about this whole mess is that they almost got off because of the shit investigation done by the Biloxi Police and the Harrison Co. Coroner’s office, and the shit job done on their appeals by District Attorney Cono Caranna. The consensus of the good ole boy Supreme Court was that there was no way they wanted to execute a 16 year old white girl. Good luck to you and yours in the future, Benjamin.

  96. Ralph whoever you are I know Im late in this response but get a life man. Drivin drnk and slitting someones throat are two different things. She knew what she was going to do. She had it planned out. Did your friend plan to kill people by drinking then driving. No. She killed my father and should feel nothing but pain and misery for the rest of her life. I talk to my grandmother and she dosent know who I am all she says is they took my Ronnie away. So if anyone reads this and you want to know about pain just ask me I’ve been living with it my whole god forsaken life.

    • Hi Benjamin……Its your Aunt Patti……I know you don’t know who I am ……. and I’m soooo sorry about that……But we’re all part of this horrible thing that happened to your father and my brother…….I want you to know that I soo regret never really getting to know you and Dolly Ann…….I don’t know how or why this happened?I hope you’re well and doing good and the same for Dolly Ann……I wish you could have really known your dad……he was sooooo special and I loved and miss him so very much!I could tell you some crazy funny stuff about him….He had a big heart and a great sense of humor!Please send me a post!

    • Hello Benjamin,
      I am your cousin, my name is Jessica. I dont know if you even knew I existed. My mother is your fathers sister, I don’t know why it is the we never met my family is so scattered but I know of you and have seen pictures of you in my moms photo albums with Uncle Ronny. I would love to talk with you and get to know you and I know my mom would too. I would also like to get in touch with Dolly, I know it’s a little weird seein as we have never spoken. I came across this website and saw your name and just felt I had to write to you. I have a Facebook if you want to look me up if you have one, it’s under my name and I live in Bakersfield Ca.

  97. Hi, I have watched this movie several times over the last few years, I watched it again a few days ago, which prompted me to look up the story on the internet. I must admit it was a bit of a shock to realize that a lot of themovie was just fabrication. The movie has always made me feel very sad. I have never felt that their was any justification for what she did, but always felt that she was let down by society which led to a total waste of not one but lots of lives. After reading some of the true facts I no longer no what to think. My heart goes out to ben and dolly I always did wonder what did become of them after they were left in the house alone that night. The death penalty is something though that I have never agreed in and these situations are never the same along the board. In the movie she has a best friend called Jean, is she just a fictional character?or is she very loosely based on the third person that was there? god bless to dolly an ben you are both in my prayers xx

  98. Dolly and Ben,

    I have recently come across a picture of myself holding you, Ben, when we were stationed in Spain with your parents. Your father was a very kind, generous man. Your family, my husband and I, and another family in Spain spent a lot of time together. He was a friend’s friend, and he and my husband became best friends during the 3 years we were stationed there. We were heartbroken when we heard about this tragedy. The owner of this blog has my permission to give you my email address if you wish to contact me.

  99. I´ve seen this movie several times, and it´s very moving.
    I understand that Benjamin and Dolly hates Attina and wants her to rot in jail.
    (My father died when i was 5.)
    However: Even if she would spend her entire life in jail, your father won´t be coming back.
    So my advice to you is to get on with your lives as best as you can, because:
    Life is short.
    You just have one.
    You never know when yours is gonna end.

  100. What has Atina Marie Cannaday been doing with herself since her release? Do murderers have to register like sex-offenders do? How flippin’ fascinating would it be to know where that woman lives…

  101. I have the movie “Too Young To Die” and it’s supposed to be based on about Attina Cannady. But I wonder if those things really happened to Attina, before she committed the murder. I don’t know her whole story or anything.

  102. You know right from wrong when you are 16. She took an innocent man’s life, a father away from his children, a son away from his family, etc. She’s sick. I hope she rots in hell.

  103. When I was a teenager, so many years ago, I remember how abstract the concept of ‘forever’ was. I know how easily I could have become Attina. Looking through the blurry half-grown eyes of a teenage girl, extreme actions and consequences carry very little wight. Having lived so few years, it’s impossible to appreciate that what you’re doing can have consequences that last, and shadow not only your life, but everyone else’s too, forever.
    I know that she did wrong, in a monumental way. The fifteen-year-old girl who did it needed to pay and realise what she had done. But Attina the grown woman is a completely different person, shaped and moulded by regret, fear and years. Keeping people in prison forever is impractical, and keeps us from remembering that we are all flawed human beings capable of various degrees of what Attina did. Holding grudges and guilt indefinitely is not helpful to anyone. I don’t believe in God, the responsibility for everything we do and everything we are lies with us. If we are a barbaric race of people who want ‘an eye for an eye’, the death penalty and permanent incarceration; while at the same time seeing fit to preach ‘forgiveness’ (and using the Bible as an excuse for both) we will be living with murderers, barbarians, and violence until the end of our existence.
    Everyone deserves a second chance. No matter what they did. I’m sure even the victim’s family can see that unless we take measures and swallow the pain to heal people who have fallen to this behaviour, it will continue forever. A cycle needs to be interrupted in order for it to stop. Throwing them in prison and forgetting about it is very convenient and feeds our desire to make it someone else’s problem so we can rage stomp on our soapboxes, but someone has to step up and say ‘enough’. Maybe it doesn’t start with Attina, but it has to start somewhere. I’ve had to forgive alot of people in my life, for alot of things, some terrible. But I know how much lighter it leaves my heart to have done so. To the victims family, I need to say this: I know you don’t want anyone else to go through what you have gone through. Please consider forgiveness and mercy as a way to help society to start reducing the number of people who feel pushed, or who run toward, this behaviour.
    I hope nothing I have said has offended or hurt anyone, I only want to be helpful. I know what has helped me, and I don’t think it hurts to share what I’ve learned.

  104. Society places various age restrictions on activities that we consider people may be to young and immature to participate in. In doing so society accepts that adolescents are prone to uncertain judgment and irresponsible behavior. That they need to be “protected” from themselves. Society should apply the same standard when it comes to criminal law. How can a person who is judged too young to buy cigarettes be held legally accountable to the same standards as an adult for an injudicious criminal act? Cigarettes are restricted because it is assumed that even being informed to the detrimental health effects is not enough to discourage youths from participating in this blatantly self destructive act. Similarly, it should be expected that an adolescent may commit a heinous crime possibly not fully comprehending the consequences to the victim or themselves. Add the corrupting influence of an older, dominant person, physical and substance abuse and the odds for irresponsible and devastating behavior is magnified.

    An adolescent committing a crime under any circumstances should be punished and face the consequences of their actions. But, the consequences should be tempered to allow for their age and other mitigating circumstances. It’s not about giving second chances but rather giving a first chance. One criminal act does not make a career criminal by any standard and it is only by allowing such a person the opportunity and dignity to prove themselves in society that they can ever be rehabilitated.

    Twenty six years is a long time to pay for any youthful mistake. The consequences for the victim and his family are permanent and that is tragic, but revenge should not be the goal when determining just and reasonable punishment. The emotions of the victim’s family should not be the driving force when determining sentence or eligibility for parole. No prison term or death penalty can undo the victim’s plight and benefits no one, especially when the perpetrator is no longer considered a risk.

    I am pleased to see that that Attina has been granted parole. I hope she will make the best of her chance at a “normal” life and that society will grant her the opportunity to integrate and make up for lost time. While offering my condolences to the family of Ronald Wojcik, I believe they would be better off forgiving.

  105. I really think that the last comment perfectly states my assessment of the situation. I watched the movie for the first time this week and was saddened for the victim and his children. I also believe that the girl was wrong for what she did, beyond wrong, but she was a girl a child and im sorry but an eye for an eye is truly not going to help anyone,ever. Whether you are Christian or not think about the whole “Eye for an Eye” theory (which jesus did away with in the new testament, *turn the other cheek*) If someone took your eye so you take theirs for instance that is not going to give you your eye back. In other words if Attina had been put to death that would not bring Ron back to life. People change everyday, lots of people never will, but some people do you never know. My beautiful little girl is five years old and she is my world. I think about what if someone took me away from her in such a brutal fashion. (0r my mother from me) I would want her to rise above it and find a way to forgive that person, not for that person’s sake but for her own, so that she might move on a find peace with her life. I would not want her to carry hate in her heart and forever live in the past. I am not saying this is what the family in this instance is doing just what i would want my own children to do. Dolly I know you take comfort in the fact that your dad was a good man, perhaps attina’s parents were not

    note from blog owner
    Please remember that while the movie is based on the murder of Ronald, much of what was said about Attina is not based on fact. Read what the Judge said and it will give you a better understanding of what happened. She was the ringleader, not the man. She was not innocent at all but she is the one who planned it and carried it out. All of the sympathy factors you saw in the movie were for entertainment value, not based on fact.

  106. I just saw the movie last night. Like all of you I looked for more information and like most of you I was surprised to see that the movie was far from reality. I slept feeling compasion for Attina and today I’m mad knowing what really happened.

    I read what you wrote up. You know forgiveness don’t mean that you have to forget your dad. NEVER EVER forget your dad ! Forgiveness mean that you have to forgive the murderer and forget the act of murder. I know, it sounds awful say like that. Of course it’s not something you can just say and do, of course it will take time but it helps to go on with your life. Your father lives through you and your brother, don’t forget that. You said it was a wonderfull man with a big heart, be like him, think like him, remember him by being what he would have want you both to be.

    I read Ben posts and I read hate, anger, despair…understandeball of course but (sorry for what I’m going to tell you), Ben, you sound more like Attina than like your own father. Don’t let Attina win, your father would never wanted that ! Forget Attina, forget that she’s out, think of you, your father, your family. Don’t let Attina destroy that because if you do, it means she wins. Be what your father wanted you to be, it’s the best way to honor him, to remeber him, to make all of us understand that people like Attina don’t destroy you but they make you stronger.

    Again all of this sound easy, don’t get me wrong, it’s not, it takes time, it’s a process, but belive me, it is the way out.

    I’m very sorry for your loss,

    (Escuse my English, I’m French)

  107. only god knows the answers. it is for him to judge and him only.

  108. I saw this movie years ago and just rented it to share with my own children. Mostly to share with them the paths that lead to a life I don’t want for them.

    Honestly, I have always felt sorry for the girl. I, myself was molested, abandoned to foster care and on the street at 17, very much the same way as Attina. Exactly the same way. The difference for me was that I stayed away from the guys I knew did the ‘bad things’.

    Back to the point. I never really researched it back then. As I have gotten older, I look more in depth into things. I see here that it is stated that none of those things happened to her and it was ALL for entertainment purposes.

    Someone stated read what the judge wrote, about her being the ringleader and far from a victim. I would like to know where I can find those documents.

    For my personal feelings, I don’t think she should have been put to death. I’m sorry but that is the easy way out. The court did the right thing. Making her live with that every second of her life forever is much more punishment. I don’t mean to sound cold. But also, if she was abused and drugged by that man according to the movie, then I still think she should have gone to jail, as she did, and released at this time, as she was.

    I wish I could have found help as a teen. I recall how scary every moment on the street was.

    But again, that’s if…


  109. Ben I wish I could take you pain away. No one knows how you feel except your sister, and no one has the right to tell you how to feel. I wish you only the best in life.
    Elaine Valentine

  110. It is said to see so many people are just ready to kill of this young girl. She was a confused little girl and had someone leading her in a very bad direction. I believe everyone deserves a chance to live a normal life. They should have given her counseling not the death sentence. She also deserves to be paroled if she has done her time the way she should have.

    • Christine,

      You must not have read any of the links, especially the appeal document. No, she was not a confused little girl like the movie portrayed her. The movie is slanted to make you feel that way. But it is far from the truth. SHE was the leader of the crime, not the man (portrayed by Brad Pitt). You should actually read some of the links, especially the appeals document. The Judge hit it right on the head.

  111. I meant to say sad to see in the last blog. Sorry I fat fingered

  112. This was my uncle. I met him only a few times as a baby. He was my fathers best friend. They took him from us.

  113. My heart goes out to his family. I pray you all find peace.

  114. There is so much hate in America. The mere thought that a 15 or 16 year old could ever have been sentenced to death or ordered to serve a lifetime in prison should be a cause of shame. The victim’s daughter is very entitled to her anger but this is exactly why they shouldn’t decide sentences. I for one feel it is reasonable to allow Attina another chance. Anyone who thinks she got off lightly must ever have seen the inside of a prison.

    • And anyone who believes murderers should go free has never lost a loved one to murder or violence. Under what your theory, even predators and serial killers should be released. And when that has happened in the past (just look at Jessie Dotson), has it been good for socieity? Sometimes there needs to be just plain punishment. It has nothing to do with hate. And that is from someone who has lost loved ones to murder.

  115. I wish I had seen this site over a year ago. I would have written a letter to keep her in prison. I became aware of her when I went to my boyfriend’s house and he and she were in his bed asleep in May of 1982. As of that minute, my now x-boyfriend, jumped up when I said his name and he ran into an empty bedroom and found clothes. He convinced me that I did not want to wake her up. I was mad and loud but thank God – she never woke up. Passed out from alcohol. He said, she’s drunk and crazy and you don’t want to wake her up. I told him she could keep my nightgown but I wanted my robe (if she hadn’t touched it) and my alarm clock. About a week later when I read in the paper about the murder of Ronald, I got cold chills. When I spoke to the x about it later, he and I were both thankful she did not wake up. He said she told him she was gonna “take care of that pinger” ( a term for military guys back then)that kicked her out on the street. He said he did not know what she would have done and he was just glad she left later that night and didn’t come back. He was thankful that she “loved” someone else. Everything I found out about her over the years was No Good. She was an easy bar pick-up, junkie, liar and an alcoholic. I was abused sexually and physically most of my childhood, along with my 3 sisters and none of us killed anybody. She should be rotting in prison still and I pray she did not come back here. She should go live with some of these bleeding hearts on here that watched a movie that had very little to do with facts about her before she killed Ronald. Now we know -she was evil and surely still is. Depravity does not go away.
    R.I.P. Ronald

  116. I’m sorry, but I’m a little offended by the remark you made.

    “She should go live with some of these bleeding hearts on here that watched a movie that had very little to do with facts about her before she killed Ronald.”

    The first few times I saw the movie I was one of those bleeding hearts you speak of. All I knew was that the movie was “based on a true story.”

    It was years later, as an adult, that I found out how much actual “Truth” was in this movie. But before I did I was very sympathetic towards her. Why shouldn’t I be, right? A kid gets dumped on, abandoned over and over..who would not feel sad for her. Whose heart would not bleed for this poor little girl??

    Those hearts that bleed for her could not know the true story, only the “true” story as told by television.

    It’s not fair to for you to judge someone for their empathy and compassion for a sweet little girl who has been hurt.

    NOW…if someone knows the truth and they still can hurt and ache for that manipulative girl..well then I would back your comments about bleeding hearts and how she should move with them.

    Surely no one can say they feel sorry for her now, IF they know the real story. Those who know the truth know that she was not that sweet little girl who was dumped on over and over and over. We know it was a fabrication to get sympathy, but a lot of ppl don’t really know that.

    Sorry but it just struck me really wrong the way that was put. I guess because I know how easy it is to be fooled by a movie. Personally, I don’t see how they could label that movie as based on a true story. It seems that more facts would need to be true than false to be considered based on a true story.

    It just goes to show you can call anything truth as long as you say it’s so.

  117. I had the misfortune of having spent 1 year at Parchman with Tina. You couldn’t meet a colder person anywhere.

    Her eyes had no soul in them, and when she talked about the killing, she had the gall to laugh about it. She fessed up to myself and another inmate that she was the one who actually killed Ronald, not David.

    I met David too, while I was there. He was very different than he has been portrayed. He was personable, well spoken, and admitted to his role in the crime, and expressed extreme remorse for it.

    Don’t feel too sorry for Tina. She was where she deserved to be.

  118. Most of the people who have posted on here are ignorant. I do not agree with what attina did, it was completely wrong. She did make the decision herself…and it was mostly her fault. All of you self rightious people on here who keep saying “societies fault???!!!!???”….give me a break. Go get educated, society DOES help mold us into what we become and the choices we make. She was a child when she did this. She has served her time and now it is over. It is a pittiful shame what happened that night to that man. I simpathize with him and his family. However, in a situation like this, no one wins. If you are not a adult…you simply DO NOT have the capacity to make rational decisions!! Go to schoo! Read a book! Learn a little something about shit before you write rude crap to people about stuff you have no clue about. YOU JUST THINK YOU DO….

  119. To misty…
    How could’ve you seen attina and david at parchman? Attina is in Pearl and David is in Leakesville.

    • Alisha,

      Inmates are moved around, do not always stay in the same facility their entire term of incarceration. Sometimes they have to go to other facilities for evaluations, doctor visits, etc. And Attina is no longer in Pear. She was released.

  120. I wonder where she is now. Not because I care really. But because I worry about Ronald’s children and if she would try to approach them. It would be just wrong for her to be in the same town, and risk running into each other.

    It may also be hazardous to her health to return amongst his family.

  121. I don´t think she wants to be anywhere nere Ronalds children.
    That would be the dumbest thing she could do.

    But you have to wonder how she´s going to cope with the outside world.
    Will she continue with her destructive lifestyle 27 years ago?
    I hope not, but maybe that´s all she knows how to do.

  122. “And anyone who believes murderers should go free has never lost a loved one to murder or violence. Under what your theory, even predators and serial killers should be released. And when that has happened in the past (just look at Jessie Dotson), has it been good for socieity? Sometimes there needs to be just plain punishment. It has nothing to do with hate. And that is from someone who has lost loved ones to murder.”

    Find me 1 person who says that it should be legal to commit murder?
    But what people think about the length of the prison sentence varies.
    I personally thinks that 20-30 years is enough for 1 murder(I´m talking about real time)
    A person who commits murder more than once should get life without parole.
    Any person can get into a situation where they kill someone(jealousy, a fight etc.),
    but if it happens more than once, then it´s not a coincidence.

  123. I have just watched the movie for the first time today. As with any movie that is a “fact based story”, there is generally more to the tale and this is why I ended up on this blog!

    Yes, the movie did make me feel for 15 year old Amanda, I believe that she shouldn’t have been sentenced to death, BUT, Amanda and Attina are not the same person.

    Upon reading the transcripts of court precedings, I have no sympathy for Attina. I’m not sure she should receive the death penalty but she should definatley serve her full sentence of life, just my personal opinion.

    He didn’t abandon her, he realised her age and asked her to leave, for him to be with her would have been illeagal and immoral. I admire him for making the smart decision in turning away from her. He never deserved what happened to him.

    To Dollyand all your family, I admire your courage and strength to be able to speak openly and inform us of your lives and that of your father. From what has been written, your father was a great family man and was at the very least portrayed as such in the movie. At the very least he will never be forgotten.

    I wish you all happy, healthy lives, free of the violence and pain of the past.

  124. There are a minefield of issues surrounding this case so I will list them in order.

    Why did Attina not come to the attention of the American Authorities when she was repeatedly abused and raped by her Step-Father?

    Why did the American Authorities not notice something was wrong when a 13yr got married?

    Why did the American Authorities not notice something was wrong when a 14yr got divorced?

    When Attina commited the crime of murder, she was high on drugs given to her by an abusive partner who controlled and manipulated every move, where where the Police and the Authorities?

    Ronald Wojcik knew how old she was when she moved in with him and when he went to her bed, he was quite happy with the relationship until threatened with a Court Martial by the U.S. Army because of her age – did they call the Authorities, no, she once again was abandoned by the U.S. Authorities and the U.S. People.

    Now, I appreciate Ronald Wojcik’s family lost a son, a father etc and will have to live with that for the rest of their lives, however, he was not exactly a Saint in this matter was he?

    Did she deserve to be convicted, yes, did she deserve to die – only if allowing children to be raped, abused, drugged etc is permissable in a ‘Civilised’ Society… every American Person that allowed the Senate to pass a Law allowing states to condemn MINORS to death for Capitol Offences should hang their heads in shame… for as long as the U.S. keeps another 28 MINORS on Death Row!!

    We no longer have the Death Penalty in the U.K., it does NOT stop people killing each other, it does not in many cases punish the ‘guilty’ but only gives a misguided sense of ‘justice’ to the family of the victims. If killing someone carries the Death Penalty, then legalising it in order to KILL someone with the Electric Chair, a Lethal Injection, or the Gas Chamber is BARBARIC and makes the legal system no better than the person they are sentencing to death.

    • Demon Lee,

      Where did you get the factual information about Attina being abused and raped by a stepfather? Certainly you are not basing that on anything from the movie (remember, the movie is only “loosely” based on the story – it changes a lot to get the viewers to feel sorry for “Amanda”). None of the documents here say anything about her being abused or raped by a stepfather. As for her being married and divorced by 14, she would have had to have parental permission to be married at 13, so what American Authorities needed to be notified?

      If you read the documents listed, you would see what the Judge said about her as well. If not for her, this heinous crime would never have happened. At 16 years old, you know that murder is wrong. She planned this before that night. Please stop trying to excuse her behavior in any way, shape or form. She knew exactly what she was doing. She told one of the accomplices that she wanted Ronald’s head on a plate. Does that sound like an innocent child???

    • Ya’ know…..?how can you make a judgement about someone you never knew???People like you totally amaze me……This is my brother that you’re talking about… ya’ actually think you knew him better than me??She lied to him about her age…..or maybe you think that that couldn’t be possible……get the REAL facts before you come to these simplistic conclussions of yours……and PLease get your head out of your ass…….

  125. I seen the movie and I knew her family, in fact married to her brother, after this had happen. Didnt know he had a sister until 1 1/2 yrs of being together. The whole family is messed up. It doesnt excuse her for what she had done. I kept hearing things from relatives on things that had happen to her and her brother from their own mother. As for their father, who I did meet, he wasnt any better of a parent then their mother. My own daughter didnt want to sit in his lap and the saying is that kids have a good sense of who is good and who is bad.
    I didnt stay with her brother very long because of the abuse. If you look right now you can find him in the Oklahoma prisons under Earl Oswalt. When I found out why he was in prison it didnt surprise me one bit. I did contact him because he wanted to talk to his kids, but his kids didnt want anything to do with him. I have learned to forgive him, for my sake not his, but I will never forget what he did to me. At one point he almost killed me, choked me so hard that I passed out.
    As for his and Attina’s mother I met her just before I kicked him out. She had another son, which is only a half brother to my ex and Attina. He was left with different men because she didnt want him around. She would tell him that this is your father and leave him with the man, of that time. I had heard that there was a few times that she left my ex and Attina in a room by themselves with no food or a bathroom. This wasnt like a few hours it was a day or more.
    It doesnt excuse anyone of a crime because of how you were raised because it is yourself that can make your life for the better. I want to think that some of this families problems isnt something more in the brain, because my daughter has not seen her father since she was 2 1/2 yrs old and I see her heading down some of the paths they were on. She had a good home. But until my daughter can admit she needs some serious help she will keep heading down that road. She is an adult so there isnt much I can do for her.
    The things I have learned is that you have to forgive, but not forget otherwise it will eat you alive. God will take care of things in his own way when its time.

  126. Okay where is this women today? Does she have a family? Can you image being married to this women who killed someone? How can she have any kind of relationship with anyone?!!!!!!!!!!!! How does she live with herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. I just now found this site, though I saw the movie years ago.

    First I want to say what a travesty it is that, more often than not, if Hollywood picks up on a true story, they turn the criminal into the victim and the victim into a monster or weirdo of some kind. It’s a shame how they will portray the innocent as guilty just because the true story doesn’t fuel their liberal agenda, which in this case, was one of ‘Anti-Death-Penalty”.

    Second, for those of you who speak of forgiveness… Yes, his children suffered a great loss, but the ultimate loss was a LIFE. The only human who could have offered forgiveness to Tina will never be able to do so… because she KILLED him. It is not YOUR right, nor MINE, nor even the right if his children to forgive her for taking HIS life… NO ONE can ever forgive you for victimizing people accept the victims… and in the case of cold blooded murder… YOU, the MURDERER, remove ALL possibility that you can EVER be forgiven by your victim.

    The children could forgive her for taking their father away… but WHY on earth should they do that? They owe her NOTHING. Least of ALL.. an act that would allow her to feel better about herself.

    If YOU were not DIRECTLY effected by this horrific crime, YOU have no right or ability to sit in judgment of those who were… NOR are you in ANY position to forgive the offender for ANYTHING. When she coldly, callously, and with premeditation decapitates YOUR closest loved one… then you can think about forgiving her. Until then… it’s not yours to recommend forgiveness or judge for lack thereof.

    Third… the notion that her AGE or whatever she may or may not have suffered at the hands of someone OTHER than the victim should factor into this is ludicrous. I have been working with violent teen offenders(ages 14-19) for 17 years and I can tell you FIRST hand… any teenager who has the stomach to nearly decapitate a grown man with a KNIFE… is a SOCIOPATH and will have NO problem doing it TWICE. You do not outgrow being a sociopath. It’s not a “phase” people go through. It’s not something that can be counseled or medicated away. It’s not something you can CURE with a hug and a cookie or with anything else. It’s a LIFETIME thing. She has NO ability to feel GUILT, REMORSE, SHAME, or EMPATHY. Anyone who does have the capacity for those things could never stomach even WATCHING someone being decapitated… much less doing it themselves…and a TEENAGER who is already so devoid of empathy that she can do that to someone she claims to have LOVED… ya.. she’s a basket case and completely beyond help.

    Lastly… to the family of the victim. Nothing for you buy my deepest sympathies and admiration for your willingness to stand together in NOT forgiving this monster for what she did to your dad. She doesn’t deserve it, and you are too damn good for the likes of her.

  128. I have responded here so my feelings on this have been stated. I came here after reading Lourie’s response just to perhaps offer a little insight into why the children should forgive her for taking their father away. (Your right about Ronald being the one she needs forgiveness from, but cannot receive it.)

    I’m not on her side, or condone her actions, and I’m certainly not saying she deserves their forgiveness.

    Here is why they should forgive her (when they are strong enough and ready to do so.)

    Forgiveness is NOT for her! Forgiveness is for you! It helps you. It frees you to move forward from the pain, anger, and victimization that she has put on you. As long as we refuse to forgive, we hold on to all that hurt and pain. WE hold onto it, not them. They are not crying on holidays, family get togethers, or late at night when we are feeling our pain at it’s worst. No, they are celebrating, laughing, enjoying their days, and sleeping like a rock at night. (It’s not fair, but that’s the way it really is.)

    When we decide to forgive them then we give up the power they have had on us. They no longer control how we spend our holidays, our daily lives, or our sleep.
    Is it easy? NO WAY!
    In fact, it is very difficult. But once you decide to take back your life by forgiving other people, your world will be changed. Your life will be happier, and you will be stronger.

    Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you forget what has happened. It means you make a decision to move forward and stop allowing that person to continue to hurt you over and over again. (Which is exactly what we are letting them do when we live through the pain day after day, year after year.)

    Our offenders are living their lives and not giving us a second thought. Why would we allow them to continually control ours?
    But, as long as we hold on to it, that’s exactly what we are allowing them to do.

    Forgiveness is not for them. Forgiveness is for YOU!

    That’s why we should forgive others. THey have taken enough from us, made us their victims for to long. Don’t let them take anymore from us than they already have. They don’t deserve it. They don’t have the right to keep taking from us unless we allow them to. If we forgive then we get to take it all back. Our lives become our own again and we can finally free ourselves from the control of those who use it against us.

    Forgive for you!

  129. Ok, I’ve been reading all the posts about forgiveness for Attina and let me start by saying I’m a Christian and I know Christ forgave you & me but that is in NO way an excuse to let murders, rapists, child molesters, or attempted murders free, it’s just that plain & simple my fellow Americans! Self defense (if it can be proven) or a true accident is one thing but premedidated murders, abuses and even habitual crimes….NO WAY!!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH…America has got to get tougher with criminals! Why can’t we take from our tax money being spent on abortions (aka ELECTIVE GENOCIDES)and build more prisons if that is what it takes!!! Society forgave Attina when we took away her death sentence! It frustrates me to hear the very ones of you who think she needs to be released, actually admit how screwed up she must have been and turned out to be! Good Lord aren’t those reasons enough to keep people like that in jail for the remainder of their lives, to PROTECT the rest of society! Lets not forget that if Sandra had not escaped Attina may have very well killed TWO people! They get 3 hots & a cot, they get exercise equipment, they get TV, they get medical care, they get to smoke their cigarettes and heck it’s all for free.. courtesy of the forgiving tax payers who are paying for them to still breath! They aren’t being tortured as POW’s in terrorists camps are they? And I KNOW what some of you are saying..but the inmates have gangs to contend with in prisons and they get raped in prisons….well then maybe they should think TWICE about committing CRIMES! We aren’t talking about a 16 yr. old who stole a car for a joy ride, or was caught with a few blunts on them or was stealing makeup or some beer from a store…we are talking about premeditated murder and the kind which DESTROYS society from the inside out! The Bible says to obey the LAWS OF THE LAND and even when God forgives he says there will ALWAYS be consequences for your actions/crimes/”sins” even unto your sons & daughters from generation to generation if they can’t get a grip on their behavior. Look what happened to King David after he MURDERED Bathsheba’s husband…GOD forgave him and let him live but GOD allowed their 1st born son to DIE, David still had to PAY for disobedience and evil actions! The act of forgiving can still be given even when society decides they must serve their life in prison! Freedom can not be taken for granted and the way we go so easy on those who abuse their freedom is only going to hurt the INNOCENT and the GOOD of society in the end! We have got to bring down the hammer harder in America and show tough love afterall our loving and forgiving GOD still hasn’t done away with HELL has he? The Bible teaches no matter how much God loves us our choices can still send us straight to a place called hell and as far as I’m concerned those that can’t control their behavior should be locked up from the very start and those that can control themselves should be scared as HELL about going to prison to the point they live a crime free life!

  130. P.S. I want to apologize for the Elective Genocide comment! I know abortions are a sensitive issue and I am sorry and don’t wish to offend others with my personal opinion.

  131. One last comment in regard to David Gray, it takes a really sick mind to think about and be able to perform sex in an environment thick with terror don’t you think? I mean how many normal people want to have sex with someone who is freaking out on them and that’s just it, it’s NOT normal but ABNORMAL! Rapists, molesters and abusers have the capacity and ability to allow themselves to get pleasure in ABNORMAL ways…that’s why they need to be locked up and kept out of society for good! David Gray was also guilty by association for murder! He should never be released and yes even if his only crimes were kidnapping & a rape! Look at Betty’s last paragraph about her daughter and Lourie’s 3rd comment in her last entry! Yes, it’s sad people have tendencies to be evil and sure we would all like a perfect world where none of us are born abnormal or raised in abnormal families but reality is that we are in a fallen world and evil happens and it is going to continue to happen and we have a God given right to protect our society and to keep it safe from those with a proven mindset to destroy and corrupt it!

  132. And unlike some I don’t agree with abuses or corruption in the prison systems! Prison guards are paid to ensure the prisoners stay locked up and do not harm society or one another! If we won’t stand for monster behavior outside of prison then we shouldn’t stand for it inside prison neither! Isn’t that the whole point?!

    When I said people should be scared as hell about going to prison I mean we should make the experience hard on them and not a cake walk, like a boot camp! They should be forced to work long hours every day giving back to the free society and providing for their own self sufficency to the point they are physically exhausted by the end of each day! While in prison force them to have to grow their own food! If they don’t work for it then they don’t eat! Make them wear chastity belts 24/7 to reduce the chances of pleasure! I could go on and on…for their personal safety and for them to still be alive it would be more than fair deal!!!

  133. I agree that prison should not be a vacation sporting free room and board. I think they have to work some, but I don’t know that much about it. If it’s like on tv then the only thing they don’t have is access to the outside world.

    Just to clarify, earlier when I spoke about forgiveness, I was in no way stating they should be released into the free world. That doesn’t matter anyway considering at least Attina, not sure of the other, has already been released. I was not speaking on that at all. Do I believe everyone deserves a second chance? Of course. But it would be amiss to say that most people given a second chance from prison/jail..often end up right back there. So it’s hard to say “Yes, let them free and HOPE they don’t do it again to end up back here.” Mostly, they do and the second offense is usually as bad as or worse than the first. Thank the Lord above I never followed through with my desire to be a judge. It would be hard to have that on your chest.

    Anyway, isn’t rare when cold blooded killers get a second chance from prison? It should be.

  134. I just found this site today after speaking to the daughter of the victim. Dolly is my cousin,sister,best friend. She is an amazing person who has no hate in her heart. I wish this had never happened because Attina took away my uncle and a great man. She took away their father. From what my mom tells me Ben is just like Ron. He is sweet,fun, outgoing but angry to. he has every right to be. She should hav ehad to stay right where she was. even sadder is the fact that his beautiful grandchildren will never know what a great man their grandfather was. I wish I had been able to know him. In the mean time his legacy will live on. I love you Dolly and Ben you have always been my best friends and I am glad god blessed me with as your family. Please do not feel sorry for Attina she doesn’t deserve it at all.

  135. I have seen the movie, but only now read about the actual events. I am disheartened to read about Attina’s release. She should have died in prison. I have a sad feeling, that if she didn’t receive extensive councellng, she will commit another crime against a person and of course, return to prison.

  136. I don’t know the whole story on this, and have not read all the responses here. As I understand it, Attina was married at 13 and divorced at 14 and turned out to the streets. Umm, where was her mother? Why did she ever let her marry at 13? So, Attina finds a man that has treated her better than anyone ever has and she falls in love with him. She finally feels like she is loved and has a real family. Due to her age, he let her go. I believe he still cared about her. If the part in the movie is factual that he was about to be in trouble with the command, he got scared and sent her away. Maybe if he had some time to think about it, he would have found her some help so she would not have been stuck on the streets again. So she got back on the streets and mixed up (again?) with some other guy, back on drugs and they do this horrible thing.
    I think because of the circumstances, she was rehabilitatable. I hope that during her jail time, she has learned something and can be a productive system. Maybe she can help young throw aways, who have gone what she has gone through, so that they can become productive citizens.
    Of course what she did was horrible. I don’t think, though, that she is some kind of sociopath. I think she was a young girl that had been let down by the people who were supposed to be there for her, and then when she finally thinks that someone really loves her, adn everythign is gonna be ok, she looses that too. (I understand why he did it, he had his children to think about. He may have also thought, she had the strength to make it out there. He might even would have helped hre, but didn’t know how.) But can you imagine how much she must have been hurting? Add drugs to that, and it is an explosive sitution. Was it true that it was Grey’s idea to do the robbery adn then it got out of hand? If it was, then she might not have otherwise been there.
    I also agree that her childhood circumstances are not an excuse, but they are a contributing factor. What woudl ahve happend if her mother had actually been a mom?? Would any of you let your daughters marry at 13? Would any of you send your young daughters to live on the streets?? Teenagers do stupid things without proper guidance. I am sure they do even stupider things without. It has been proven that the frontal lobe of a person (the area of the brain that controls common sense, the ability to recognize consequences of ones actions, and decision making skills) does not develop untill in the 20s.
    Take bad raising, strong feelings of rejection, and an underdeveloped brain, and you have a recipe for disaster. It is sad all the way around.
    I do hope that the family or Ronald Wojcik can heal. I know there will alwasy be scars though.
    I also hope, that Attina has learned something and can reach out to troubled youth and maybe prevent somone else from making the mistakes she did.

    • Jean,

      I suggest you read her appeal and what the Judge said. She was the leader of this, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Do not go solely off of the movie, which is what it appears you are doing. She IS a sociopath, who has had little remorse for her actions (more than one person who had contact with her in prison have confirmed this). I believe she should still be in prison and for the rest of her life.

      • I border more twords her being a psychopath. Given the right set of circumstances I think she could have killed before she actually did. I’m shocked that it took her so long. She should still be locked up (if she hasn’t violated yet)Mylife,u have a wonderful site.bless you for your courage.

  137. I have looked at all these comments about Attina (Tina). I was locked up with Tina for 3 years. She was a nice person but it doesnt make her a good person. She should not of been let out of prison. She should have sat there the rest of her life. And paid for what she did. She was released in march of last year.

  138. I just watched this movie last night and I cried my eyes out. I never knew this movie exsited and the reason for that probably was because back in 1989 I was being sexually abused by my step father and it had been going on since I was about 4 years old. In 1990 I was 15 years old and it was then that I told a friend what was going on and it had been reported to the police. Now let me back up just a bit, prior to me telling a close friend about the abuse, I had kept the dirty little secret and by the time I was 15..I was thinking of ways to kill my step father. This very well could have been me in Attina’s shoes. For all of you that think that she may have not be punished enough, let me tell you that her punishment started way before she committed any crime. Imagine you as a young helpless child, without the love and support of a caring adult to guide you in life. Now imagine that every single person you come in conntact with has only their best interest in mind. Who was there for this child? Her mother left her, her husband left her, she was getting beat, on drugs, and having sex with strangers to survive. She meets a decent man who is willing to help (the victim) and what does he do? He sleeps with her and then leaves her, just like everyone else had done. So she is a child with lots of adult pain and how do you ecpect her to deal with it, like a child or like an adult? I am glad that the death penalty was overturned for her, she has lived her life with more pain in her heart and soul then most will never know. I do not know her personally, but we do have the same pain and therefore I can relate with her on that level. To the family that lost a loved one I am deeply sorry. The way I see it, there were two murders that took place here, the first one was Attina’s world that killed her soul and let her down and the life she ultimatly took, because of her pain. As a society we are responsible for the children, not just their parents, because not all parents are doing right by their children. Unless you have walked a day in the shoes of a child being abused, you could not even began to imagine the pain they go through and the difficulties they have during their life spand. Some of us have been blessed that someone stepped up and did something, but not all is or was givin’ that option. Attina has paid for her crime and she does deserve a life, I hope the years she has left are blessed ones.

    • So, it does not bother you that she has absolutely no remorse for what she did? Did you even read what the judge said to her? I have a feeling you are taking everything from the movie, which really embellished the story, made it so you felt sorry for Attina. Not everything in the movie is the way it was in real life. She knew exactly what she was doing and was the ringleader. And that is where your compassion lies. Very sad.

  139. WOW! I just finished watching this movie after nearly 20 years again. This movie was filmed when I was 16 years old. It was filmed where I live. I never paid all that much attention to it before, I suppose, because I never realized it was based on “real” events. I put the word real in quotations because after finding this site…what the heck about the movie was real? There are a few things about this case that I’m not completely clear on. For instance, what was her life REALLY like. I’m assuming from reading some of these posts that it was indeed tormented. Ok so she was molested and raped. She was abandoned by her mother and she got involved with a loser that supplied her with the means to dope herself up. WOW!
    Just to apease all of you whom apparently feel some sort of sympothy for this psychotic b*tch, I will say this. I was molested. I was molested by my step grandfather. It went on for years and after spilling it to my family, not a damn thing was done. I felt abandoned. They may not have just up and left me, but I felt emotionally abandoned. There are other circumstances in my life that have some similarities too. For one thing I live in a town that is well known for its druggie population. In my younger days I did a little drugs and hung out with some crappy people. So what is my point here? Well it’s simple, I was really f’d up. For a very long time I was a complete and utter mental case. I understand the hurt and the pain that this child went through. Maybe not to its fullest extent, but I believe I do quite a bit. There was an innocent child that once lived inside of Attina. The b*tch that she had for a mother was a good start in that desolation of her soul. However, are you seriously going to tell me, that at some point in this 15 year old girls head, there wasn’t some voice, something, telling her this was all wrong? Are you seriously going to tell me that you want me to believe that she was so twisted up in her situation, that it gave her an excuse to become a complete waste of life, a drug addict, and not to mention a cold hearted, unsympothetic, unfeeling murderer? ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME??????
    She was 15 people, not 10. She knew exactly what she was doing and she most certainly knew that she was taking a path to distruction. She made her decisions, chose her own path. She wasn’t force fed a flippin needle, or a line, or a pipe or whatever it was. When I was 15, I knew exactly what to stay away from and what to hold close. My mind was not sooooo different that I made drastic decisions like popping drugs or having sex with older men. At 15 I knew those were lame things to do. I never even took a hit off of weed till I was 18. And yes I did do a little drugs over my time, like experimentally, because yes it was a long road dealing with my life occurances. Yeah they relieved the pain for a spell. Whoo hoo…yeah whatever.
    The point I’m trying to make is this. She was a murdering psychopath. She was calculated and cold blooded. For goodness sake, she kissed his babies and left them alone in that house, knowing full well what she was going to do. That b*tch deserved exactly what God’s word intended. She deserved to die. She killed and therefore she should have been gassed. She did it with malice and hate. It wasn’t an accident or some drug induced whoopsie. She murdered a man!!
    I’m very sorry to hear that woman got out. Believe this people, I don’t know what she is doing with her life right now, and I don’t know if she will be a “productive” member of society. But that poor innocent girl that you feel so sorry for no longer exists and she died inside Attina way before she killed this poor man.
    To his family,
    I hope my words have not brought about anymore pain or sorrow to any of you. My heart and prayers truly go out to all of you. It is a complete and utter misjustice that you had to live without this wonderful man in your life. I feel saddened by all you have endured, and that justice did not prevail for you. I hope that you will take comfort in knowing that even though you may not have been able to see justice in the physical, you can believe whole heartedly that her judgement is still to come.
    I will close with one comment though. A soul lost is a horrible thing. I only hope that somehow Attina’s soul finds true salvation. I know this may sound strange to some, but I truly hope that it is possible for that to happen. However, if she is as evil as I believe her to be, then may God’s judgement be swift.

  140. Wow, I watched this movie on instant view (via netflix) only because heart throb Brad Pitt starred in it. I had no idea it was based on actual facts. I will say I felt nothing for that girl. The moment it showed her connecting with the two lil ones was the moment I hated her. To the daughter who took the painful time to even post on this site, there are no words of comfort. I applauded you in speaking out. I am so sorry for your loss and I am angry that she is able to walk these streets. Who knows what she may have become if things had been different for her….I come from a dysfunctional and abusive family and I am not robbing others if anything I am more sensitive and passionate towards others. I don’t know the real LIFE story but if it is anything close to what the movie portrayed……well I am so sad and disappointed in our system that she was able to walk free. Karma will make it’s rounds. I am so sad for the good Samaritan in your father that it had to be hi biggest mistake. He is a true Angel. I could only hope to be as big of a hero as he. 🙂

  141. . I just watched the movie “Too Young to Die?” I feel a great sympathy towards Amanda Sue Bradley and did a little goggling to find out more about the real story. I found out it was based on the story of Attina Cannady. (No I haven’t read the court transcripts, please send me the web site and I will).
    I can understand that Ronald Wojcik’s children (especially Dolly since she wrote more) are in a lot of pain from your loss. I can’t image how hard it is to have your father taken away from you in such an ugly way, and when you were just a child. But I feel the same compassion for Attina Cannady. No, Im not saying she should be excused from her actions, but what will be enough? What can Tina offer you to give you peace? Nothing.
    I have worked with children for most of my life and I strongly feel the responsibility of doing the right thing, saying the right thing because I know how impressionable children are. I also stand firmly that children should not be tried as adults. A child or a teenager can not reason and understand consequences of their actions like an adult. (To other readers; No matter what You knew as a teenager, you are not in a position to judge what Tina understood and knew). Its time to forgive. No matter how much you tried to get revenge, nothing will bring back your Daddy and fill that void he left in your childhood and your life now. You might have heard somewhere about giving your anger to God and let Him handle justice in how He sees fit. Let it go. There is nothing that you can to make it right. Your anger will only hurt you. Yes Tina Cannady did a terrible thing. Yes its okay to be angry and cry and go through every other emotions. It is justifiable. But don’t hold onto one emotion until you drown in it. Daily its time to Pray and let go. Know that only God can heal your heart and where Attina is in her life physically or emotionally has nothing to do with you. Stop focusing on her and focus on God. Focus on the love in your life. Count your blessing. Know that your Daddy still can hear you and loves you now. I feel urged to write this to you Dolly. I wrote it all first and then read what everyone is saying. It looks like you are getting the same message over and over again. I feel that God is trying to give you a message. Listen.

    • Michelle,

      The links to the court documents are already on this post. And I have a question for you. You said to focus on God. What about those who do not believe in God? Why can’t people focus on JUSTICE, which is what this should be about. Religious beliefs should not take a part in this. It should be about justice.

  142. I think it’s funny that people who have never experienced something like this are always the first to say, “Oh forgive this, forgive that”. No, I don’t have to forgive, that is God’s job. It is recommended in the bible to forgive, but if a murdered can get into heaven by repenting then I think God will forgive me as well for not forgiving.
    When I was 8 years old my father was murdered. Callously, in cold blood over something trivial and ridiculous. I come from a family of violent and abusive drunks/drug addicts, yet at 8 years old I knew murder was wrong. So don’t tell me that at 16 Attina didn’t know what she was doing. She knew, she just didn’t care. And at 16 she is personally responsible for her actions. If she’s old enough to get married and drive a car, she’s old enough to know right from wrong.
    Ronald doesn’t get the chance to start over or see his family again, so why should she? Yes, God recommends that we forgive, but doesn’t he also say, “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man.” Gen 9:6 Doesn’t he also say this, “If anyone with malice aforethought shoves another or throws something at him intentionally so that he dies or if in hostility he hits him with his fist so that he dies, that person shall be put to death; he is a murderer. The avenger of blood shall put the murderer to death when he meets him.” Numbers 35: 20-21
    Don’t just quote at people about God telling us to forgive, because he has quite a bit to say about the punishment of murders as well.
    Murders deserve the punishment that comes with their actions and I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. I’m pro death penatly, but at the very least she deserves to spend the rest of her life in jail.
    And for the person who spouted that crap about drunk driver’s not deserving such a stringent punishment for a “little” mistake………………go tell that to the family he murdered. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY PEOPLE!!! STOP LOWERING OUR SOCIETIES STANDARDS TO ACCOMODATE CRIMINALS!!! They screwed up, so they can suck it up and deal with the consequences!

  143. Did the adult male victim have sex with the child convicted of murdering him?

  144. IN THE MOVIE, Ronald did know her real age, though not at first.

    IN REAL LIFE, Ronald did NOT know her real age. He was under the impression that she was 19 yrs old. I am almost certain that he did have sex with her.

    I felt I wanted to clarify the age issue before just answering the question since the potential for blog assault would become a certainty to those who assumed that ‘he had sex with the minor child’ fully aware of her age.

  145. Yep.

  146. “IN REAL LIFE, Ronald did NOT know her real age. He was under the impression that she was 19 yrs old.”

    You don´t know that.

  147. I just find it hard to believe that a grown man would not know they are ‘with’ a child, regardless of her experience. (not that he should have been brutally murdered for it) But people are painting him to be this wonderful human being, you don’t typically find great men in strip joints nor do great men introduce strippers to their children.

    • Lisa,

      That may be correct, however, please do not talk about the victim in a negative light. On my blog, I am very victim oriented and do not blame the victim for their murder, in any way. Please respect the victim’s family in this.

    • Lisa,
      You have no clue what you are talking about. I am his daughter and he did NOT know her age. My mother knew her as well. And she worked as a stripper but no that is not where he met her. She did not look or act her age and i can remember that. He felt sorry for her in the beginning and didnt want her stripping so he helped her. No I dont know all the details since I was only 8 but I have spoken to many people that can confirm he didnt know. He was a great man and loved bymany. So keep your disrespectful comments to yourself especially about someone you know nothing about.

  148. You know what? Your absolutely right! I think after reading so much here about him not knowing her real age that I just assumed he was under the impression she was 19. I really don’t know why I was thinking that.

    But from everything I have read I am certain he did not know her real age.

    Whatever age he thought she was, I do not know.

    I stand corrected, thanks.

  149. mylifeofcrime:

    Nobodys is blaming the victim for the murder, however life is not black or white, good guy or bad guy, that´s a Hollywood thing.
    There are many colours/people in between.

    It looks like you have an agenda for this blog.

    • I guess you could say that – it is for the victims. To remember the victims, not the killers. Think of it this way, if your mother was murdered, would you only want to hear how bad she was and what she did wrong? Would you want everyone to remember who killed her rather than remember her life? From personal experience, no, you would not. You may not want her remembered as a saint, but not as a bad person. Remember, Ronald’s daughter reads this. Give her some respect in a place she comes to remember her father.

  150. I think it is great what you are doing. I am positive this blog brings healing to many people. My apologies for taking it in a different direction.

  151. omg I seen the movie what can i say only it is so horrible wrong.

  152. I’ve spent the last few minutes reading through the comments on this page, and I just have to say that this is probably the most judgemental and bizare crime forum ever. Crimes, especially violent crimes, are multifaceted and complex and almost always have two sides. Obviously, Attina committed a horrible crime that she deserves to be punished for. Obviously she was greatly abused and involved in a whirlwind of drugs and violence. On top of that she was a kid when she committed the crime. That is defintely not an excuse BUT it is a valid side to her story and just like victim, she deserves to have a story. For you guys to discard her history as if it means nothing is sad and petty. Not to mention it is also sad and petty that anyone would even think to blame the victim. Maybe I’m just a liberal sap who’s taken way too many sociology classes, but it irks me that so many of you on this board are so quick to dismiss and condemn.

    Crime is intriguing because it shows human beings at their worst, but we also have to think of the societal forces that go into forming crime and criminals.

  153. Also, just before any of you tell me to be sensitive because Ronald’s daughter reads this, I am aware. I don’t think that appreciating two sides of a story, because we don’t live in a black/white world, is insensitive…

    • However, Maggie, it appears you are taking her “life” from the movie, which you should not. The movie was made to garner sympathy for her. Read the appeal and what the Judge said. It sums it all up. She was the instigator and knew exactly what she was doing. And some who have been in prison with her say she has had no remorse whatsoever.

  154. No, I’m not taking her life from the movie. I believe that I am well-informed in my opinion, albeit less well-informed than someone closer to the case. However, I still believe in complexity, the impossibility of truth through language, and the grave short-comings of our criminal justice system. No one is disputing that this woman should have been prosecuted and sentenced. The question is whether the death penalty or even a life-sentence should be given to a child, especially a child who could have possibly been drug-addicted, on the streets, and abused.

    • Well honestly it doesn’t matter. She didnt serve life or die on death row. She is free as far as I know. And well that movie is ” her story” since it was made to gain her sympathy while she tried to blame everyone and everything but herself. I assure you she was not a dummy and fully knew what she was doing…

  155. I have just found this site, curious because I seen the movie “Too Young to Die” back in ’90 when I was in the hospital pregnant with my daughter, I too felt sorry for the young girl and everything she went through, but mainly it could of been because of how Juliette Lewis played the part, that isn’t why I am commenting though, it is how everyone talks about forgiveness, I have been on both sides of the track with that one, starting back in ’87 when a neighbor molested my son and during group meetings and counseling sessions individuals would mention “forgiveness” it’s not to say you condone what they did, but for your own peace. well it took over 10 years to forgive the person that hurt my son and it wasn’t for me, but for my daughter because her father was murdered, nearly decapitated, and in the news and paper it was stated over and over again about it being over drugs and in a crack house ect…..that is what upsetted me the most and tried to shield that information from my daughter, (I am a RN because of Mike), but getting back on track I now understand the meaning of forgiveness, and the best way I can explain it is how I explained it to my daughter “forgiveness isn’t for the man that murdered your father, forgiveness is for you honey, to release the pain, emptyness, and what I call “black heart” you are feeling inside, your dad wouldn’t want you to feel this way, he would want you to have a happy life and not know the pain you are feeling, or the evilness the world can bring” well my daughter still haven’t forgiven the man that took her father’s life, but I still work with her on it and it isn’t for the guilty man (who was found guilty and is serving 3 life sentences) it is for my daughter, she was just 16 when her dad was taken from her and yes she thinks about all the memories he won’t be a part of, walking her down the isle when she gets married, or hold his grandchildren, ect…. but I won’t stop trying to teach her forgiveness, I want her to have a happy life, not one where she looks at all the pain and agony it brings, who would want to wish that upon their child? well that is all I have to say for now, maybe one day I will print my victim impact statement, that said it better. I feel for the victims family, esp. the daughter, I can’t say “I know what you are feeling” or “I know what you are going through” but can say I see my daughter is having a rough time and it has only been 4 years for her, God Bless.

  156. I was living in Gulfport Ms. and met Attina Marie Cannaday. She was a monster and derserved to die for what she did. Mark my word; she will kill again and again until stopped. For her to be glorified in a movie is a crime in itself. What has not been released is the fact that she had a pot of wax on her stove to preserve her victim’s head. Fifteen or not at the time, she was the baddest bitch I ever ran across; ever! Sgt. Wojcik did nothing to deserve to die especially in that fashion. If Sandra Sowash had not had the courage to escape she would have been horribly murdered also. I pray that none of you have the misfortune to come across any one near the likes of Cannaday or Gray, but if you should you would see my point of view clearly! I am not a general supporter of capital punishment, mainly because of the chance of an innocent person being executed; that said, a grave injustice to all of humanity was done when that monster walked out of prison!!

  157. After reading these emails some of you people seem so stuck up. So you had a great childhood – good for you. The joke is that working in the criminal justice system i know so many people who judge other peoples children’s behavouir but when their own child does something herrendos like murder they back track on their opinions. All of a sudden they understand that children can make mistakes that they need to be punished for but not killed or punished forever for. Some people have sufferd from similar crimes to this and they have managed to forgive, after all the perpretrator has been punished. Even though the soldier showed Anita the most compassion he was still sleeping with a child. That makes him a peadophile – UNCOMFORTABLE FACT. If it’s ok to talk about Anita’s crime we should also talk about his crime. Being dead does not justify his actions. I am not defending her behavouir in any way and she deserved prison but not forever. He showed her kindness but was happy to have sex with a child despite having his own children. If he had not had sex with this child i wonder if her feelings to hurt him would have been so passionate? i doubt it….

  158. I just want to point it out for everyone. I’ am a 16 year old girl who just seen this movie. When i think about my life and what I’ve actually been through for my age. Sadly It is all things i have made by choice I’ve suffered through everything from dating a older man to drugs and sleeping in cars. I know what it feels like to be in a abusive relationship with drugs going around i know what it feels like to be messed up on crack any kind of drug out there with no place to go All of those things will get to you. I want everyone to remember what it is like to be that age how would this effect someone. How much of a brain would you have? How messed up it could have been. Because When i was high on drugs i couldn’t tell right from wrong what so ever also if someone gets mad while there on drugs anything is possible to happen from being so cracked out. I think all this happened because of the life she had she should be punished for the crime that has happened But it is a time to test her and i think she should be set free but supervised and put on probation to see how she can handle and ajust to life.
    Also has anyone seen “monster” or read documentaries about Aileen Wuornos. Look at the way she grew up in life she lead to more killings yes but i think Attina Marie Cannaday has severed her time to know the difference from right and wrong and is smarter than to go back to her old habits. Because i know if i were to get back old adicttions at my age now i wouldn’t say that this isn’t possible to happen to me just as it did to her a teenagers mind is everywhere but mostly hurt by love and betrayal But i am smarter now than i was while on drugs and educated by movies and books like this and i know my consequences. She wasn’t educated she was thrown into a place she didn’t know it was predictable with a girl like her. I’m sure now things have changed. I am sorry for the victims loss. I want to prevent things like this and put kids in a healthy home and environment in life. I think people should see everything from a actually 16 year old’s mind. I’ve been clean for almost a year and back on tract it all started when i just about turned 14.

  159. Hi Brittanie, i have heard about Aileen Carol Pittman. Her childhood was screwed up by rape and tourture. She got sentanced to the death penalty and died didnt she. I am yet to watch the film. Your right, when on drugs your brain is somewhere else and your body releases emotions that you would never usally feel. Attina deserved to be punished and she served something like 30 years i believe. I agree she should be watched carefully but given a 2nd chance in life. simply because she was high when the crime was taken out. However there are reports on here which say that attina was never remorecefull for her actions, someone on here spent time with her in prison and said she was a real nasty piece of work. i feel i cant really comment as there are facts in the film that are not correct, and i do not know attina. i think you cant really judge someone unless youve met them 1st hand only then can you know what they are like. i am incredibly sorry for the family’s loss , they are the victims and they did not deserve this. we can only try and lead other youngsters down the right path in life and off the streets and away from drugs. i know i am a better person for it.

  160. Everybody deserves a second chance, but if she will continue to do crime, then lock her up and throw the key away.

  161. I have just stumbled on this website and have read a few opinions on this case and its “participants”. I was a Biloxi police officer. I was on the kidnap scene. I discovered and interviewed the most damning witness against these suspects. I had dealt with Cannaday and Gray before this crime. I, on many occasions, have asked for leniency for someone who I believed may had committed a crime, but was by no means a criminal. I have taken into serious consideration a suspect’s background, heredity, culture, etc. In this cas, however, it’s not the case. This young girl is a vicious predator. She needs to have been executed or locked up for eternity. The same goes for Gray. The people offering their opinions on this site were not there. I was. They had never handled Cannaday or Gray, or others like them. I have. Becuase of sub-standard police work by the sheriff’s office and other investigative personnel, the public would never know what really happened out there in those woods, or why. This was a premeditated, violent and vicious crime. This was not the first attempt at killing this poor man by Cannaday, she had sworn to it and had tried it before. Gray was her confidante, her boyfriend, her co-conspirator, and a murderer. I hope no one else falls victim to them.

    • wow. Stephen Cook, your post gave me chills. Having watched the movie at least 5 times, I have often wondered how in the world the crime could have been committed the way it was portrayed in the movie. I have many doubts and always reasoned it must have been way more involved and had to have been far more heinous and far less spontaneous for it to have ended the way it did.

      evil met evil, that is how i have always seen it and you confirmed it. no innocent minded person, regardless of age, follows her abuser to the depths of hell. there is a huge difference between being someone’s victim and being someone’s accomplice to murder. i believe she was the one with the relevant agenda and Gray was happy to oblige. they fed off of each other, and had they not been caught, i have no doubt that others would have been victims as well.

      she took a nap and he went to get beer after a rape and murder spree. that’s what i call cold-hearted and heinous. i am only thankful that she didn’t hurt Dolly and Ben as they slept. i do believe that she used their lives to get her victims out of the house. there is no way Ron would have left the scene to go to a second location otherwise. not with his military training. no way in hell!

      i hope she violates her parole without hurting anyone else and is simply sent back where she belongs. i don’t believe she is warm hearted or rehabilitated. i don’t think it’s possible for a sociopath to rehabilitate. i do believe she was created by terrible circumstances, however, but she has had 25 years to offer up the truth, admit publicly what she did, and even from prison, begin to be a person who has learned and wants to take her experiences and make a difference. there is nobody saying or writing that she has made positive steps forward and taken action to be who she never had the chance to be.

  162. Well Stephen Cook. An officer is there to serve and protect not judge. It shows very bad charactor when you critisize fello officers. If this girl is so wicked how comes she’s never killed before?

    It is not for you to condem anyone…

    • katie,

      There has to be a first victim. Perhaps for her, Ronald WAS her first murder victim. I have received numerous emails about Attina and none were good. She has no remorse for what she did and if she does not have remorse now, she never will.

  163. Perhaps every man, woman (and child by the way) in prison serving a life sentence for murder should have a few more life sentences added on- just in case this was their first one and they were planning to do more…
    Perhaps people convicted of theft should also be punished (vigilante style) for anything that has gone missing in a 10 mile radius – just in case that was the first time they stole something and these evil and cunning people where planning to steal more. Sounds ridicules doesn’t it?
    This type of Kangaroo court has no place in a democratic society…

  164. Atina Cannaday was paroled to New Mexico. Is she still there?

  165. katie,
    Bad character? I think not. Plus, with the type of case presented to the jury, can’t you imagine what kind of impression she made on the jury? You do not know all there is to know about this person and this case. Evidence that was mishandled and therefore never presented would have made the jury call for an immediate public execution. Besides, this was not her first attempt at killing him. And her overall attitude , posture, and display of indifference would tell any reasonable person that she is either a psychopath or this is not her first experience with killing.

  166. Stephen,
    Yes it does show bad character so I stand by my earlier statement. I was not aware that she was found guilty in a court of law of a separate attempted murder? It seems u too do not know all there is to know about this person and as for a public execution, I think that she’s getting one right here! I will not be bullied into having an opinion that suits you. She has been punished (and rightly so – she murdered someone) but he also slept with a child and as for her being disturbed if you who ‘knows everything about this girl’ looked at her background it is clear to see how she is unstable. Ask yourself this: if it were your child what would u like to see happen?

  167. Why does it matter where I am getting my information? We all know that she had an appalling childhood and was influenced by non desirables (I noticed that there is no mention of mr grey here)…the question I asked is what would everyone want to happen if she was their child? You cannot punish people forever.

    • katie,

      Actually we don’t know that for a fact. That is why I asked where you are getting the information. My guess is that you are taking it from the movie, which is fictionalized and only loosely based on the story. So, until I see proof of her horrible childhood as portrayed by you and the movie, I will not believe it to be completely factual. And many people have horrible childhoods and turn out to be productive citizens who never hurt anyone.

      And yes, you can punish people forever. I do believe in LWOP and the death penalty. Maybe you don’t mind psychopaths and sociopaths in your neighborhood, but I do. And even the Judge in her case thought she was evil. And if my child committed murder, yes, I would want her to be punished. Because the person she killed would be someone’s child as well. In fact, if you were a regular reader of my blog, you would know that my brother tried to kill his wife. He got 14 years in prison. I, as well as my sisters, do not believe he got enough time. He tried to kill her in front of their daughter, who is still traumatized to this day. Also, my mother was murdered. Her killer left 4 children without a mother for almost their entire lives. Every single day I think of her and miss her and need her. But I guess the victims of these violent crimes do not matter huh? But I guess Ronald’s children don’t matter either, huh? They matter to me however.

  168. My life of crime,

    Likewise until I see proof that this man was not a paedophile, I will not believe it to be completely factual (as in the movie) and actually there is evidence of her horrid childhood but I guess u can’t see that because it doesn’t suit u. Yes many people have bad chilhoods and turn out to be CEO’s of successful companies but guess what – people are not all the same so sometimes u get a different result depending on the person.

    If u bothered to read my postings instead of trying to dictate to me what my views should be u would have read that I said she deserves to be punished. U chose to ignore this because u don’t like the fact that someone has a different view to yours and u jump on anyone who does not conform (I have noticed this).

    I’m not sure what your emotional outburst about your family has to do with this but perhaps u should seek counselling. When she finally dies (as we all will) I hope that u feel nice and warm inside. I thought only psychopaths could be so merciless but clearly not!

  169. Thats awfull that you lost your mum. I hope the killer was found and punished for his actions. Its awfull when you hear of murders where the killer is never found and the family cannot get closure and worst of all tis means they are still on the streets avalible to commit more crime. I however believe in karma and although it can never take the pain away from the victims children, attina will get her come uppance one day. I hope she has turned her life around. I never knew that she had tried to kill him on two occasions or that she had been on trial for killing someone else. If that is true that is awfull and you would of thought this would of been brought up at her hearing and the jury would of considered this. its difficaut as people can go insane through drugs and then come out the other end, it has happend to me but i never killed anyone. You have to be so evil to do what she did and leave those kids with no father. sick.

    • No, there has never been justice for my mother and our family. I doubt there ever will be at this point. But even if there had been, there is no such thing as closure. She will never be alive again and share in our lives. And even as adults, we all need her everyday. There is not a day that has passed in my life that I have not thought of her and wished she was here.

  170. My life of crime,

    I am sorry if I didn’t sound sympathetic about your situation. Believe me when I say that I do understand. My boyfriend was murdered when I was 22. His parents were on holiday and his siblings were very young so I had to identify the body myself and go on to make funeral arrangements as his family were far too distressed to do this. I know what it like to wonder if the murderer has passed u on the street or served u in a store because the killer has never been found. My uncle was murdered when I was 16 and the murderers got off despite being identified by eye witnesses. However on the other side of things one of my close friends son murdered someone for no justifiable reason. He was 18 when he did this and won’t be out of prison until he is in his 40’s. I feel the victims pain but I also feel his mothers pain. It’s terrible that these things happen but working in the criminal justice system has helped me to understand that people make mistakes that scar people like me and u forever. I just have a different point of view. No offence meant. Well done for starting this blog. It certainly has provoked an interesting debate.

  171. “she had tried to kill him on two occasions or that she had been on trial for killing someone else.”

    Where can i find the facts about this?

    • Yes, that is true. However, it still does not excuse her killing another human being. It might explain her attitude and her sociopathy, but she still knew what she was doing was wrong. At 16, you know it is wrong to murder. And all these years later, she still has no remorse.

  172. She should rot for life, plenty of kids with lives like hers make a better life for themselves theres been children who have lost both oparents and raised in an orphanedge and grow up better than that. I have no sympathy for her an eye for an eye she took a father from his kids and she should rot the rest of her life. Hell holds a place for sluts like her. Julie

  173. She should rot for life. Many girls ve been sexually abused and dumped by men and they dont murder especially a father with little kids. If she would of got her revenge by beating him up I would of been on her side. He was way to old for her she needed a guy her age group.

  174. OK, first, can we all wake up here and stop comparing the MOVIE with REALITY??? I don’t care what Hollywood does, this girl is a vicious killer! Stop feeling pity for her based on a fictional movie….the phrase “based on a true story” means that a man got murdered in cold blood. Everything else is written to make the movie audience feel oh so sorry for this poor girl. PLEASE….everyone has struggles of some sort or another. Also, to the bible thumpers, murder is against the commandments. You sit there and tell me if there is a God, he’s gonna ‘let it slide’??

    This family, and all families that are victims of this type of senseless violence, deserve support, not cries of how unfair the criminal is being treated. WAKE UP, and realize that LIFE is NOT a MOVIE!

  175. Vengeance belongs to god….

  176. While all of you who are against attina for the crime she commited, I am not. I dont feel sorry for her because she was forced into a life she didnt want , but i feel sorry for her because of how her own blood treated her. i mean sure the choices were her’s to make but come on we dont know what it feels like to be in her shoes, she was raped, abandoned, and forced to go to drugs. she was sold into prostituition she wasnt even loved by her own mother. what would you feel if your own mother didnt believe you or called you a liar, you would feel unwanted, am i right? do you know what it feels like to be unwanted by your own mother, the woman who created you? if you dont know how it really feels to be unwanted and unloved and not worthy of loving at all then why are you judging a book by it’s cover if you havent even experienced the story yourself? attina commited a crime and she should be punished, but why through death because if it’s through death your just taking her pain and punishment away. make her pay by letting her see what she’s done and force her to understand that it was wrong, dont let her get off easy by ending the pain make her live with her mistakes. let them haunt her so she knows that she is a criminal. dont give her the satisfaction . . .

  177. i am not judging attina i’m just saying she should be punished. i am 14 years old and three years ago my father tried to murder my mother. i do not want him to die because he is my father but i want him to suffer because it is what he deserves, i think attina deserves to suffer as well. it is not her right to be free she stopped being free when she kidnapped ronald and her girlfriend. she should rot in jail where she belongs just like my father and any other murderers . . .

  178. sorry ronald and HIS girlfriend, it was a typo . . .

  179. Lol, that is judging, but I respect your opinion…

  180. I honeslty don’t think she should get a second chance. Sure, she had a bad life, but she made her own choices. Im 16, and i know exactly what i’m doing. I take responsability for my actions and mistakes. So should she. Yes, she has been in prison for years and years. And she should be in prison for years to come. Till death, i say.
    While watching the movie “Too young to die” I didnt know anything about this case, or anything. But it made me quite angry to see, that they wanted the audience to feel sorry for Juliette Lewis’s character. I loved Michael O’ Keefe’s character. The way he took her in, and tryed and wanted to help her. And, i th

  181. Breann
    She did suffer for more than twenty years she has payed for what she has done and in this case I am so happy that the system came through for her. Dont get me wrong I feel so horrible for ronalds family. But forgiveness is a virtue and all of us are sinners and no one can understand what she went through especially not a child like yourself

  182. Sophie,

    I whole heartedly agree with u. The most high will judge us all accordingly.

  183. i am happy that she got out. she was a young dumb child who was only lookin for love and met the wrong people. yes she did commet a crime but she did her time… it only amazes me that people who hurt, rape, or kill a child get gets less time then she did. leave her alone and let finish what is left of her life.

  184. Why do so many people talk like Attina is a young teenager? She is a grown woman married at least twice while in prison. Ran game after game with them and others.
    When she had a bad day she’d threaten to cut heads off. She acted proud of what she did. I don’t know how she convinced the parole board to let her out. Perhaps they wanted to give her a chance. Perhaps they just wanted rid of her. She stayed in trouble all the time while there.
    By the way, she paroled to New Mexico to live with that mother everyone says treated her so badly.She was wild to the bone up to the day she left.
    I expect to read the paper one day to find she has killed again. Being the responsibility of New Mexico, she will go to a prison there if it does happen again.
    Let’ pray for New Mexico…

  185. Wow, is she out? I’m glad to hear it. I hope she can now be a better person and get on with her life.

    • katie,

      If she was going to become a better person, shouldn’t she have done that while in prison? And shown remorse? She has not, according to those (and yes, more than one person has said this) who were in prison with her. She bragged about what she did. So she can “get one with her life”? What about Ronald and his family? Whoops, Ronald can NEVER get on with his life. And I guarantee you this, his family and loved ones won’t either. This will be with them every single day of their lives. There is a part of them that is missing and always will be. But you go right ahead and cheer for the murderer, rather than have any compassion for his loved ones.

      • What boggles me is how many young children are posting on this topic and comparing her actions to their own age. A person’s actions depend on their upbringing, and because you, a 14 year old is not going to kill is not justification for another receiving the death penalty.

        What she did is utterly dreadful. But let’s be honest, after 25 years in prison, she doesn’t stand a chance of being a “valuable member of society.” Who hires a convicted murderer? NOBODY. So how are these released criminals supposed to survive? THIS is the cause of the recidivism rates you speak of. That was criminal justice…. week 2?-I believe? You’re so one sided it’s unbelievable!

        MYLIFEOFCRIME, Good grief, If you would actually believe the opinions of Attina’s fellow PRISONERS, then that makes you a complete fool. You condemn one, but believe the others that speak against her? One of the biggest lessons of forensics is to always consider “what if.” My advice to you is to hit the books!

        • David,

          You certainly are not basing your opinion on only comments left here are you? You are also basing them on the emails I have personally received (which are many as you must be aware) and such. Oh, wait, you are not basing your opinion on emails I received but did not personally mention all by name? Maybe that is because you are only basing YOUR opinion off of limited information. Mine is from emails from STAFF (and more than one by the way) and other inmates, and other people who did not want to post but wanted it known. Hit the books? Be specific, what books? I am again sure you know my educational background, so what have I missed?


    STOP trying to dictate what everyone should feel and think because you have no right to do this. Why don’t you call this ‘my blog of agree with me or go away?’. I don’t hate people like you, i forgive and as i have said on this blog before i have been in a similar situation where i have lost someone (more than once) for no good reason by senseless killing but i will not be bitter forever.

    This is still a free country so i dont need you jumping on my back every time i refuse to condem people who you so clearly hate so back off. You must be a perfect person, save your judgement for yourself (you sound like you need to).

    By the way this man slept with a child, so what do you think about that? I suppose you believe the film that he didnt realise? I don’t know if he did or he didnt but you pick parts of a movie that you like and call it a hollywood nonsense when it does not suite you.

    I am a grown up and i make my own mind up so take your hate elsewhere.


    • katie,

      It is my blog, so you cannot tell me how to run it. Yes, it is a free country, which is why I can have a blog with my opinions. And I did not infringe on your rights, as I let your opinions in as well. If you don’t like my opinions, don’t come here. I will always take up for the victim. And in this case, Ronald is the victim, as well as his loved ones.

      By the way, I do not hate anyone in this world, including the man who killed my mother, and the man who killed my sister-in-law. I do not hate people, just their actions and behaviors.

      I do not know if Ronald knew her age or not. Neither did the Judge who sentenced Attina. However, even if he did, did that mean he deserved to die in such a heinous manner?

      Since this is my blog, if you are going to come here to chastize me, don’t bother.


    Take your foolish childhood ‘this is my toy’ argument to someone who gives a damn. This is my mouth my fingers and my brain so I can say what ever i like. What do you think about that?

    You have been waiting to ask me to leave this blog for a long time because i do not conform to your beliefs and you are trying to draw me into an argument to hide the fact that you are a bully but i’m not the victim type sweetheart, so nice try.

    You are not letting people have their opinions if you attack them when ever they do not hold your view and this is indeed what you do all the time (read your own blog y don’t you for the evidence). You did not ‘let me have my opinion’ as you can not stop me from having an opinion.

    You say that if i dont like your opinion i should leave. I didn’t attack your opinion it is you who jumped on me! Just because i didnt agree with you well tough i still dont and for the record i dont care what you think because you clearly have a problem and need professional help.

    WE ALL KNOW YOU HATE ATTINA so please don’t treat us like fools. You cant stop me from using this blog either. I did nothing wrong except not agree with a dictator like you. You are so childish. How old are you? I didnt even mention any names i just said that i’m glad she’s out and i hope she becomes a better person. What gave you the right to attack me (again) just for saying that?

    This being a free country does not mean that you can continue to write monologues and mascarade them as blogs. Blogs are inclusive and encompass the opionions of a whole community. NOT JUST YOURSELF.

    • katie,

      No, I do not hate Attina. I do not hate anyone at all. If you actually knew me, you would know that. I do not even hate the man who killed my mother or the man who killed my sister-in-law. I dislike her actions and behaviors and lack of remorse.

      BTW, yes, I can stop you from commenting on this blog. It is my blog and I have the right to run it anyway I want. In my blog, it is the victims that need to be remembered and not to glorify any killer or predator. When I see someone who only cares about the killer, yes, it bothers and angers me. You don’t mention the victim or his loved ones. As for forgiveness, it is not your place to give her forgiveness for her crime. It is Ronald’s family and loved ones that would need to do that and from what I have been told by them, they have not forgiven her or the other 2 involved. That is their decision and no one should criticize them for that. It is a deeply personal decision.

      I am a happy, well-adjusted adult. I do not need professional help. So just drop it. And yes, this country, the USA, is a free country. So I have the right to have my blog and all 4000+ posts on it and do it my way. Maybe in the UK they do things different. But I can approve comments or not. And I do not approve based on if they conflict with my opinion or not. And remember, since I am in the US, I do have the Constitutional right to give my opinion as well, even though you don’t like it. But I think you are a bit confused. This website is the blog. When I post on a crime, it is a post. People can comment, but those comments are not blogs, they are comments.

      You said I have wanted you off my blog for a long time and that actually made me laugh. I did not even remember that you had posted before yesterday. There is no way possible for me to remember each and every person who comments, since I have had over 200,000 comments come through my blog.

      I have obviously offended you greatly and I do apologize. But I will not change my opinions or feelings, just as you should not.

    • Katie, the important thing to remember is that this blog isn’t about you. You have some nerve coming on here and telling the owner and the moderator how to run her own blog, knowing full well that the children of the victim are reading your poorly written and even poorer formed opinions. If you were trying out for the debate time, I would have cut you in the first round. I could rip you to shreds here but I won’t.

      You have made your opinions on the case clear, so what more do you want? Go away. You have nothing of any relevance to contribute, you impish little thing. I would guess that you are barely legal and think you know a little something. A little is right, you know how to use your words but not your brain in order to dissect what people who KNOW this monster in real life, or your reason to know when to STFU. How extremely disrespectful of you in every way!

      I hope Bonnie removes your commenting privileges because I, for one, find you extremely out of line.


    Usually My Life Of Crime responds to my responses but she has remained silent and you have replied instead. Don’t treat us like fools its clear what is going on here so for the rest of my response I will refer to you as MY LIFE Of CRIME, LOL!

    Read my posts and compare them to yours. I am not the one who comes accross as someone who thinks this blog is all about them. I make my comments based on what i think (just like everybody else) and then you immediately respond in an attacking fashion with your personal vew. This suggests that it is you who feels that this post is all about you. I have seen you do it to other people on here too.

    You have a problem interacting with other people, you take comments that are not of your view personally which demonstrates poor interpersonal skills on your part.

    How did you know i knew the children of the ‘victim’ read this blog? Are you in my mind now (u wish!)?

    What is a well formed opinion? One that agrees with your ideals?

    I am BEGGING you to try and rip me to shreds because I have already dismissed you on your own blog as everyone can see you for what you are. It doesnt matter if this is your blog, blogs are created for interaction and debate, only a fool would not know that. I DOUBLE dare you to try and rip me to shreads. Lol!

    Oh and dont try to go as low as to involve children into your weak argument for sympathy as it just displays how pathetic you are. You say my arguments are poorly formed (explanation pls??) but it was well formed enough for you to waste a part of your life responding to it. You really are a joke. We all cant wait to see what you post next.

    By the way – I can make my case not that I should have to as everyone on here can see that I was just stating my opinions. You claim to be able to have a well formed argument so why have you resorted to being personal and swearing? Don’t you know that children are reading this post so why would you need to use foul language? Cant you articulate yourself without using bad language sweetheart? Or is it that you think children are too dumb to know what STFU means? Your the only dumb person here.

    Again, this is a free country and I have the right to my opinion. You have no right to tell people that they have nothing to offer just because they do not agree with you. When you attempt to insult me by using bad language and calling me small and impish (without even meeting me) you make your self look unintelligent and ignorant.

    Do yourself a favour.

    STOP insulting yourself and learn to DEBATE with people who do not share the same opinion as you without becoming personal.

    However if you still want to continue to expose your ignorance please continue. As everyone can see, I have no problem handling you’re elmentary behaviour plus I havent had such a good laugh in ages SO THANKS!! LOL


    • katie,

      You are wrong. Christina is not me, the blog owner. Sorry.

    • Plum. Crazy. I could almost here the maniacal, psychotic laugh in my head as I imagine you got your kicks posting yet another poorly formed, self-centered and desperate response. This is clearly the only place you can come to get attention. Who is everyone? I don’t see anyone coming to your defense? I don’t see anyone saying anything about you except, in many forms and fashions, STFU. Who has agreed with anything you have said? For clarification, people don’t always create blogs for the purpose of debate. The owner has clearly stated that this site if for victims and their rights as well as a place for the victim’s family to come for support. Have you no respect at all. Start your own blog if you need so much validation. See below for an idea just for an egotist like yourself.

      The post I made in regard to you was my second post. I seem to have hit a few nerves. The truth must really hurt. Also, it sounds like you have some program in you….like you have done time. All of your compassion for the criminal and your defense of people who do wrong should be channeled elsewhere…have you considered starting an I Love Murderers Blog? You should. It seems all of your life experiences have groomed you for such, and I hope it does well. It’s sure to attract people who think like you, people of stellar character and intelligence, sort of like yourself. Not.


  190. I came across this blog in the past and have read through all the comments. I’ve always been a big researcher of crimes and always try to find out about the victims. I never realized this movie was based on a true story or loosely based. I felt very sorry for the Amanda Sue Bradley in the movie. I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for Attina. Nearly decapitating someone involves a very sick and twisted person. And being proud of it? She didn’t just make a mistake. A mistake is something you didn’t mean to do. She planned to do this and meant to do this. And what’s funny is, I’ve never been a supporter of juveniles being tried as adults and I think sending a teenager to jail for life is cruel and unusual. But you have to look at the specifics of each case and the perpetrators involved. If she was a victim of sexual abuse, sure anyone would feel bad of her having to go through that. But she was a sociopath. She walked into that house, kissed his two children on the forehead and the kidnapped the father and his girlfriend. Then she cuts his throat enough to where she nearly decapitates him. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t strike as her being desirable of my sympathy for her. My opinion, her “punishment” should end when those children (now adults) get their father back. Until then, she is not worthy. And yes I have every right to judge her. I would never under any circumstances do something like that to another human being. I know that for a fact. Abuse is no excuse. It might be a factor in explaining things, but it’s not an excuse or a justification.

  191. All of us will be judged someday. Feeling justified in putting people to death in a legal system that has been proven to be driven by ones ability to pay lawyers seems foolish. But this case is pure drama, so of course Hollywood had to get involved and cloud the general public’s view with a movie to serve a certain political agenda. The real case is sickening with little room for empathy for the killers. Thank you again Hollywood! We wouldn’t have legal cases that make murderers the victims if it wasn’t for you. Hey, they might get a made for TV movie made about them! They can tell all their friends in the cell block when they watch it during TV time. It might not sound motivational to commit murder to the well heeled studio executive, but to somebody who has nothing to lose? All the while, you self-satisfied jerks live in your gated mansions with 24 hour armed security. The rest of society deals with the reality. .

  192. That was my uncle, Ronald Wojcik that is. This girl was supposed to get lethal injection and now is walking around free. My mother and grandmother who recently passed tell me stories about what a wonderful man my uncle was he tried to help this girl and she murdered him all of you on here saying she didn’t deserve the death penalty do not understand the sorrow this caused my family, and you do not understand the brutality in which my uncle went through.

    • My prayers are with you and your family. The justice system failed in this case and I cannot even imagine your pain. Im so sorry about your loss and I pray you guys can find peace at last. RIP Ronald.

  193. I have posted on here before… I just want to make one point.
    Yes it is sad how Attina was brought up. The drugs,sexual abuse,bad parents and countless other stuff that has happened to her….. With that being said………..WHO CARES……….. She killed a man for no reason and left behind children who needed him….She deserves to die and not be walking around a free person.

  194. Hi Jessica,
    Just wanted you to know that not everyone wanted Attina to go free. I also don’t think she needed to die on death row.However, Life in prison gives one a long time to think. I believe she was a danger and still could be. I could not believe they let her out.Maybe New Mexico will tame her.

  195. Hello? testing

  196. If i´m allowed to post.

  197. I wonder what Ronald would want done about her…he was, after all, the most kind and loving to her. What justice do the dead require?

  198. I watched this movie today. It was very disturbing. I feel for Ronald’s family a great deal. However, I understand that she was drugged by Gray and did this while high.
    I read a few of the posts above and wonder if she said that she was not regretful of her muderous actions in prison..if that is true…no, in my opinion she should have never been paroled. But if she regretted what she did she has to live with herself the rest of her life knowing what she did, drug induced or not.
    I just think there is alot more that we don’t know and it’s hard to make an accurate assumption about whether she should have been paroled or not.
    Prays go out to both families.

  199. Wow, to hear that Attina was never remoresfull in anyway for what she did, never did she even say sorry or show any sign on sadness for the victim or his family is shocking ! She should not of been released back into society unless she was sorry and was not a threat to kill again. You would of thought being on death row for all those years would of scared the crap out of her. Its interested hearing from people who actually knew her and met her as the film definatley portrays things in a diffrent light and makes you feel really sorry for her. x

  200. Hey Charlotte,
    On the inside, it’s very hard in every way. A lot of the girls didn’t need to be there. Some needed a lot of supervision. Some were total terror. I’ve seen them all. A lot of the girls choose to better themselves while they are there.Attina wasn’t one of those. What ever the damage was done to her as a child did not leave her after she was grown.
    She is out now and nothing anyone can do about it. If she has stayed out of trouble all this time it can only be miracle. I do honestly hope she changed after she got out.

  201. Seems like all the murder’ers move to mexico…maybe she and casey anthony will meet up over there and kill each other…solve 2 problems at once.

  202. I am Dawn Bushart I was there. And though most of this description of the crime is corret and attina cannaday ruined my life. SHE DID NOT GO INTO THE WOODS! She was within eye sight of me at all times. David Grey killed Ronald Wojeck not attina.

    • Dawn,

      If that is correct, then you need to contact the Court of Appeals to have all of the records changed, which would be a big deal. The description is directly taken from Attina’s appeal. Your statement, if it is in fact the truth, could change a lot of things, and may require court hearings with your attendance. I hope you are not lying as I have sent the information on to the appropriate authorities.

      • She is not lying…Tina told me the same thing that David took Ronald into the woods and She was going to take Dawn behind him but she was so high that when Dawntook off running she could not chase her ..So i asked Tina would she have killed Dawn and she siad “Hell Yes

    • Look your the one they called the ugly fat girl. Did u actually see Randolf kill him

  203. YOU SICK PEOPLE!! NO child deserves to die! Even if they murdered. At 14 you are still pretty much a baby in my eyes! Should she be free? NO!!! She should be in prison till the day she DIES!!!

    • Renee85

      Did you even read what the Judge said to her? Doesn’t sound like it. Try to see how it feels when someone you love has been murdered. It completely changes your life, forever.

    • Hello Renee85,
      She didn’t die for her crime so calm down. And no, they did not keep her in prison the rest of her life. She’s free.

  204. This is no movie to me. I haven’t seen it and really don’t want to. I covered this case a reporter for the local paper and I fed the details to a reporter in California who was covering it there and also talking to Ronald Wojcik’s mom. It was clear that Tina Cannaday was a sociopath. She never showed any remorse, had a bleeding heart attorney and was convicted, justly, to death for this murder. I also covered David Gray’s trial. He came across as extremely stupid and definitely one who would follow whatever Tina said to do. Dawn Bushart above is right. That was the testimony, that David Gray went into the woods and killed Wojcik. Tina went in after that, according to testimony, and stabbed him more, almost cutting his head off. Sandra Sowash — Tina called her Sowitch — escaped by running, naked down a country gravel street. Someone threw a butcher knife at her, hit her in the ankle. She hid until she heard the van drive away and then, she ran to a house and banged on the door. She is one lucky girl. David Gray and Tina Cannaday both deserved to die, as they were sentenced. It was a grisly crime and both of them knew what they were doing. I think I still have my clips of that trial. I will have to look.

  205. I don’t know if anyone ever accesses this blog or not anymore. But I would just like to say( after doing numerous hours of research on Miss. Cannaday) I am sickened by a lot of the posts on here. None of you know what the family of victim is going through. To those of you have had positive things to say to the family of the victim, good for you. Really. What happened to victim was horrible and sickening. People need to do their homework before they open their mouths. Read up on Attina Cannaday, find out what she really is about. Don’t base your judgement off a movie that Hollywood obviously decided to make a horrible twist on. All around the world, every day people are abandoned and abused. Every single day. There are numerous nameless victims out there, and they did not harm a single person. Every time someone says something about that b.s. movie, they are giving Attina power. Is that something people want? I should hope not. Also, I do realize that the events of all of this took place years ago, and Attina has been released on parole but healing is a process that can take a lifetime and it isn’t something that can be taken lightly. The family of the victim can’t just “get over it” and they shouldn’t have to. Shame on those of you who said those horrible things and who have twisted everything that woman did to make it look like she wasn’t at fault. Shame on you. All of you. Take the time out of day and look at the facts, not some crap on your TV.

  206. Mrs Mason, I agree but could you help by adding some of the links where you found your information? I just saw the movie, “Too Yound to Die”, today and am very conflicted. In the movie the girl is 15 years old but whether she was 15 or 16, the verdict is still a problem for me and I am for capital punishment! Despite what might be the wrong facts, even the movie shows this girl with no remorse and playing victim. That is conflicting. Indeed the movie begins with her denying killing anyone. Yet, she is so young! Is this the best our society can do with kids that have had this kind of background and made this kind of mistake? I believe it was a mistake under the influence. A very grave one. Being under the influence means anything can happen! Mix that with youth and that kind of background, I’m sorry, but it’s a recipe for disaster. Yes, there must be punishment but death? That is why I would need to know more. Hard to judge this one.

  207. For those of you who think this woman deserved to be released, think about my cousins, Dolly and Ben. This was their father that was murdered and taken from them at such a young age. I don’t care how old someone is. If you commit cold blooded murder like she did you do not deserve a 2nd chance. This woman should have been executed.

  208. I read several comments towards this- and what is missing is Attina history before she met Ronald that these kids who had visitation because their parents were divorce… don’t know. So before anyone says anything is false or based on the story giving to the courts about her history. Please don’t forget that these memories that are on the internet are based on the children who at the time were young.
    She was freed in 2008 and is living her life. This is not to be misinterpret as bashing the family, or discouraging the memories they had with their father.
    I am simply saying that Wojcik children should not be telling this story as they remember it because a lot of confusion to her past- it simply not there for them to know.

    • Terry,

      What you are not understanding is that this should be about RONALD WOJCIK, not Attina or the others involved. So they are most welcome here, more than Attina or her supporters. My blog is to remember the victims (Ronald and his loved ones) and for justice. Not to admire the killers or feel sorry for them. So, the Wojcik children ARE the most important voices here. They lost their father and can never see him again. This is a place for them and others to remember him, that he had a life and lived.

    • I am one of Ben and Dolly’s cousins. I was almost two when my Uncle, by marriage, was murdered. I have no memory of him but I do have pictures of him and our grandparents.kept a.picture of him in the living room. I used to always ask them to tell me about him but it was painful for them to talk about. I did not realize until I was older what had happened to him. All I was told was he had died. To know my aunt is to know a saint and to know Dolly and Ben is to know really wonderful people who have up happy with productive lives despite the tragedy they all suffered. For those of you who support Tina, I pray you never have something like this happen to you. I would dare ask you after if you felt pitty for the ‘child’ who murdered, in cold blood, your loved one. My cousins live every day knowing they will never have their father, never have him at graduations, weddings, birthdays, the births of their children. All they have are their own memories, omes from Aunt Connie, other family members. They were so young that they were really robbed, Ben most of all because he was so very young. And not just his children, I would’ve loved to have known him, not just hear stories. His grandchildren are missimg a wonderful grandfather. It isn’t right that he is gone and she gets to move on with her life.
      To those asking why they were divorced, no offense but its none of your buissness. I am close to Dolly and my aunt and even I would never ask that. For those who think they shouldn’t post on here, this is their father and they don’t have to seek your permission. Yes, they were young but something like this has a way of stickimg with you.

      • It’s too bad the family was so separated. I was two the last time I saw Ronnie and 11 when he was killed. I remember his sister, my mother screaming for hours from behind closed doors of her bedroom. I was a child when the wake was in my home. Italian wakes are something.

    • If you have read all the comments and attached documents you would know this did not just come from our memories. My mom knew Tina. Sandy who survived knew Tina as well as officers and previous inmates and correctional officers. So please do not make this seem like it all came from our childhood memories. Do a little research before running your mouth about things you do not know. And as well as my father as a person I was 8 and still remember so much. Especially surrounding what happened when we were wakened by police officers and taken home to my mom. I remember all the questions they asked. I remember the way the house was completely destroyed especially his bedroom because the police officers took us in there asking questions. I dont know how we didnt wake up that night. As far as his character and the type of person he was that wasnt only based on my childhood memories either. There are many people in here that have commented on the type of person he was family and friends. So maybe you should think before just posting something you know nothing about.

  209. While watching the movie I decided to see if it was based on a true story, when I saw that it was loosely based on actual events I paid closer attention….as I read this blog and the comments from family members of the victim, it made me sick that this movie was made in such a way to make you feel sorry for this girl….to me the movie made her look male dependent and stupid….was Tina in reality abused and had a horrible life yes I guess so (according to other comments) but that does not give any justification to what she did, anyway….I know this comment is late, but I wonder if people really feel sorry for the character that was portrayed or the actual girl….either way she deserved what she got….both the character and the actual girl…both cases were brutal and in cold blood… My heart goes out to the once children that had to endure such a tragic event and grow up with a hole in your hearts. I applaud both Ben and Dolly for having the strength to go on this blog and say how you truly feel. No one will ever know the pain you guys feel, people can have the same experiences, but they will never know your pain because it is yours…..I hope your lives are full of love, I hope that you carry only the brightest memories and smile when you think of him.

  210. I was a 16 year old high school senior on Guam when I met Ronnie Wocjik, who was a young airman stationed on the Air Force Base. We went to the same bible study, and hung out together the year that I was there. He taught me how to scuba dive. Ronnie was a funny, charming, and very affectionate buddy. He had a big heart, and was very kind to my little brother and sister. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He did love the ladies, and I can see how he could get entangled with someone, but he had more of a white knight complex; he was not an exploiter, and was always a gentleman with me. He loved the Lord; at least he was very active in bible study and chapel when I knew him. Knowing this about him, I have no doubt that in his last moments he called on his Heavenly Father, and was enfolded by God’s loving arms. Let’s not forget that Ronnie was a real person, not a character in a movie.

  211. How can you be sure that whoever said that she was in jail with the girl who murdered this man is telling the truth? Im not saying she ISNT telling the truth. I just really wanna know if she is.

  212. I just watched the movie, but also looked it up for research( was curious)..yes i know some of the facts ect..and read through many comments on this site. All it makes me want to do is cry. I do beleive in forgiveness..but also can see how damn difficult that can be , but still to forgive is better then not..I suppose thats why Jesus in our hearts is the only way a person can truly forgive anything. Peace be to you and many blessings from above

  213. Remove This Mugshot
    Location Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Age 46 years
    Booking Date 04-07-2012

  214. Do you know what is going on with David Grey ? I can’t find him under inmate search at Mdoc anywhere………….

  215. I grew up in a horrible enviroment. I was sexualy assaulted at age five, raped at age 14, on the streets at age 15, attacked agian at age 16 and dumped by the boyfriend I thought was my prince. He was a few years older than me and an amazing person. Not long after the break-up he too was with someone else. I can honestly say that I was very angry, and very hurt. The only good thing that had ever happend to me was gone and I was left lonley, homeless, and 16 years old. I have to say that I NEVER ONCE considered hurting him. I loved him. I utlilized ever resource I could find to make my life better. I got a job in fast food, wakled from work to night school. I slept where ever I could going from one friends house to another. I was NO LESS damaged than this woman.. Her experience on the street should have taught her that she was strong and that she could make it on her own. Instead it made her a killer. I can tell you first hand that it is a choice you make! I am now 41 years old. I used my experience to raise an amazing daughter who is headed off collage next year. And guess what… that boyfriend who left me alone all those years ago found me. He never forgot me and has been regretful ever since. We are now dear friends!!!

  216. Wow, this is a long, but interesting post about a killer, when it should be about the victim’s family members. I am so sorry this happened, and I know the wounds of losing someone goes deep. There are good points, Christian viewpoints, and bad, disrespectful opinions. I started watching the movie and found her actions so horrendous, turned it off. Of course I regret that anyone has to be brought up as Attina was, but we all have choices, and she chose to kill. I don’t think from my research she will change much, some folks are BAD, and I feel strongly she is. I held a 3 month old baby yesterday that had to be on a Morphine bed for the first 18 days of his life, he is in Foster care now and will soon be put up for adoption…. so, if this sweet baby grows up in a good home, yet kills someone, should we excuse him b/c of his birth mother’s choices. Attina was and is a misguided, sick woman, which should be institutionalized for her life. All of the young people in prison for minimal offenses should be released into a rehabilitation program, then closely evaluated, resulting in perhaps 75% being released back into society…25% are just BAD people. Sorry, the truth hurt! May God bless you Dolly and the rest of Ronald’s family

  217. I believe that the death penalty is an eye for an eye….if we can condemn someone for murder with death, then aren’t we murderers too? It seems to me that rather than the death penalty she needs to mentally evaluated and treated for any condition she may have. People that are abused sexually, verbally, or emotionally (she of all 3) are without a doubt in need of counseling that may take a life-time of healing. As do the victims’ loved ones for their sorrow. It seems very unjust to murder because of murder. Rather our society is to blame for not having the proper tools in place to help adolescents like her. Regardless of any remorse she may or may not feel, she needs help – not killed. Do I think she should be punished? Yes – by a life time away while receiving medical/mental help. My point: don’t be quick to judge. Even those you hate, those you don’t understand, those you fear, and those that do wrong things. People are walking sinners (regardless of your religious belief). We are all here trying to survive. Lets us not discount the “crime” the victim committed by being involved with a minor. Of which if still living would be the one in jail (if the justice system did its duty properly at the time). The victim did what he thought was best to survive in the situation and she did what she knew…. Betray, abandon and kill those you love.

  218. I would like to know how this story finished ? And also way the solicitor invite her to his house and then kicked her out so easy..!? If he was so good way he didn’t offered her help or adaption ..!? This girl was very naive and plus that she had hard childhood
    I see this is an old case, but I just watched the movie I can’t find any other information …

    • Silviya,

      The movie is only very loosely based off of a true story. Read the appeal to get the story. The real girl, Attina, was NOT naive at all. She is the one who planned it and carried it out. Read other comments and you will see that she still has no remorse. Also, Ronald’s daughter has left a few comments. Ronald is the real victim here. Attina is NOT victim.

  219. Ok this was a case that took a lot of thinking because if u put her trashed childhood and controlling guy u ppl never know what went down so all the blaming should just stop in u ppl send condolences to his family at the end of the day God knows u dont i never picked a side cause I don’t kno the truth but i really care bout his family cause they left without a father n blame it on the law for u feeling that way not her

    • Carmen,

      If you are getting your info about Ronald being controlling from the movie and her childhood, don’t. The movie is only loosely based on the crime. Read the appeal and the Judge says a lot. Attina was in complete control about the events that night. Read Ronald’s daughter’s comments on here, as well.

    • Carmen,

      If you are getting your info about Ronald being controlling from the movie and her childhood, don’t. The movie is only loosely based on the crime. Read the appeal and the Judge says a lot. Attina was in complete control about the events that night. Read Ronald’s daughter’s comments on here, as well.

    • Carmen,

      If you are getting your info about Ronald being controlling from the movie and her childhood, don’t. The movie is only loosely based on the crime. Read the appeal and the Judge says a lot. Attina was in complete control about the events that night. Read Ronald’s daughter’s comments on here, as well.

  220. I have to say Julliet Lewis did a great of making you feel sorry for Amanda Sue ( Attina) but it is obvious the movie was made to make he look like the victim. I don’t know if she was abused or not but I believe she has a mental illness and the drugs didn’t help. The situation is very sad. She should NOT be walking free right now.

    As far as blaming parents and society, maybe a little. But you know I was abused also ( including sexual) and never wanted to hurt anyone not even as a teenager. Abuse does not always create an abuser or violent person. I believe it was a combo of abuse, mental illness and drugs thought caused Attina to do what she did. I feel awful for Ronald’s kids. I feel bad the movie portrayed her so sympathetically, it must be hard for them to see that.

  221. My name is susan gray the wife of DavidOland Gray my husband is a real good man works hard everyday and is good to his family . Please help him to contact Dolly and Ben

  222. I don’t even visit them! I haven’t seen them in over ten years! Put that in your pipe cris Gray and smoke it!

  223. I am glad that she set the bar on when to convict a child as an adult concerning murder. Just recently some twelve year olds murdered a girl. I agree that the matter should be tried as an adult crime. I am sorry for the family for the family that had to go without a father and I am angry about what she did though it was not my family.

  224. Bottom line, no one knows what happened that night except the people there and God. She was a sad sad case. Did it give her the right no but it sure didn’t help her thought process or the fact that she had the mental capacity of a 9 yr old mentally retarded child. Another thing that didn’t help was drugs. He used a CHILD to prostitute and abuse. He is a sick man and was an adult. He is right where he should be regardless of whether he yielded the knife or not. The victim shouldn’t have been a with a child either. Not saying he deserved it, he did not but I feel our actions have a direct relation to our outcome. As for David his son… I raised my boy without his father in his life. His father is also a bad bad man. My child is a wonderful Registered Nurse that made his own way through life. You are not guilty for the sins of the father.. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

    • Sherry,

      Where did you get the info on Attina having the mental capacity of a 9 year old? To my knowledge, that is untrue. If you got it from the movie, please remember that the movie was not completely accurate. Read the appeal and what the judge had to say.

  225. My dad is not a monster.

  226. I could care less if he did it or not. He was never there for me or my brother.

  227. Watched the film quite a few times and only now have looked it up. None of them deserve to be out of prison! I believe she was influenced by him a lot but she chose her own actions. She left two children alone while she kidnapped their father she should rot in hell and anyone that thinks different clearly has issues themselves.

  228. … But after reading all the comments some good points have been mentioned. Fair enough she should be punished but he was sleeping with a underage girl with the mentality of a 8/9 year old! So maybe if he would of not done that he would still be alive today. Nobody forced him to have sex with a underage girl

    • Debbie,

      Where are you getting that this girl had the mentality of 8/9 year old? Certainly NOT from the movie, right? Read the appeal and see what the judge said. The movie was loosely based on this case.

  229. I have read it and I am 100 percent against what happened BUT it was never fact that she killed him and it is a fact that she had the mentality of a 8/9 year old it says it when I’ve read the case and what the judge said. He shouldn’t of been sleeping with this girl fact. I haven’t gone of the movie at all I’ve gone of what I read on your links the movie makes it out like she’s innocent and it wasn’t her fault she wasn’t right and she should be punished (which she has) but also it has to be taken into account that if he was still alive he would proberly of been the one who wound up in prison and this would be a total different story. Why is no one blaming David gray? Easier to blame a messed up kid eh

  230. I don’t understand how someone sentenced to life + two 25 year sentences gets parole after 26 years! I think it’s a travesty of justice and it’s deplorable!! Personally I think the original death sentence should’ve stood!

  231. Was David put to death?????

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