• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Willie Lee Morgan murder 1/19/2008 Morristown, TN *94 year old man kidnapped, beaten to death and had hand cut off; 3 people arrested*

Willie Lee Morgan

Tenn. Man, 94, Killed, Has Hand Cut Off
Suspects In Morristown Torture/Murder Nabbed In Chattanooga
Chattanooga Police Help Catch Murder Suspects
Police Track Down Murder Suspects In Chattanooga
3 charged in kidnapping, murder of Hamblen Co. man
Money apparent motive in 94-year-old man’s murder, mutilation
4th charged in brutal torture, murder of Hamblen Co. man
Fourth man arrested in brutal slaying
2 women added to list of people charged in Hamblen Co. murder, dismemberment case
Indictments returned in 94-year-old Morristown man’s kidnapping, murder, and mutilation over drug debt
Trial in murder of 94-year-old Hamblen County man put off until summer
1 of 7 defendants cops plea bargain in Morristown torture-murder of 94-year-old man
East Tenn. Man sentenced in kidnapping, corpse-mutilation case
Morristown man sentenced to 25 years for death of elderly man
State of Tennessee v Gevon Cortez Patton 2014 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Darrell Edwin Nance – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison, possibility of parole after 51 years
Brice Whaley – pled guilty, sentenced to 17 1/2 years in prison
Jessica Leann Lane – pled guilty, sentenced to 50 years in prison
Anthony M. Patton pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison
Gevon Cortez “G” Patton – convicted, sentenced to 25 years in prison
Whitney Webb – pled guilty, sentenced to 7 years in prison
Betty Fusion – ??



TOMIS ID: 00383474
Birth Date: 07/24/1985
Race: B
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: HCCF
Sentence Begin: 06/04/2007
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 08/28/2067
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:


Brice Whaley

TOMIS ID: 00503118
Birth Date: 08/24/1969
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: SCCF
Sentence Begin: 10/26/2008
Sentence End: 12/19/2023
Parole Eligibility :
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:


Jessica Lane

TOMIS ID: 00379827
Birth Date: 01/21/1985
Race: W
Sex: F
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: MLRC
Sentence Begin: 01/27/2008
Sentence End: 12/02/2054


Anthony Patton

TOMIS ID: 00470229
Birth Date: 01/04/1990
Race: B
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: MCCX
Sentence Begin: 04/19/2010
Sentence End: 03/07/2059
Parole Eligibility : 09/05/2041
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:


Gevon Patton

TOMIS ID: 00519419
Birth Date: 11/01/1991
Race: B
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: NWCX
Sentence Begin: 03/25/2008
Sentence End: 03/22/2031
Parole Eligibility :
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:


TOMIS ID: 00519831
Birth Date: 02/15/1987
Race: W
Sex: F
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: BCCX
Sentence Begin: 07/02/2013
Sentence End: 02/08/2020
Parole Eligibility : 02/07/2014
Parole Hearing: 07/20/2016
Hearing Result:


44 Responses

  1. Stupid crack heads.. I have a strong dislike (almost hate) for people that abuse babies and old people. Babies and old people depend on us to care for them and love them, not hurt and kill them. This breaks my heart..

  2. Chopped off his hand?

    In Caribbean Voodoo and European Witchcraft a murdered or executed man’s hand is called “the Hand of Glory” and is said to have magical power.

    I wonder if these idiots (i.e., Mr. Morgan’s murdereres) thought they were practicing somekind of Black Magic?

  3. I agree with Lavonna, babies and Sr Citizens are to be loved and taken care of. Murder is one thing, but cutting off the man’s hand? Trailer Trash!!!!

  4. “…the murderer shall surely be put to death… the avenger of blood himself shall put the murderer to death… no atonement can be made for the land, for the blood that is shed on it, except by the blood of him who shed it (Numbers 35:16-33). If anyone deserves the death penalty it should apply to cowards who would mutilate a defenseless old man. The irony of it all is that chopping off their hands would be considered cruel and unusual.

  5. I av seen this kind soul at the store he stayed almost and lived every day we need to put the 5 people that killed him on ropes and sead message to drug users & dealers we dount need low life humanbeings like them to live in this world

  6. I went to school with Darrell….it doesn’t surprise me at all.

  7. I am from the area and it is horrible! they were after the man’s grandson, it was over drug money an 18 year old male was also arrested today. I hope they seek the death penalty for Nance. In addition I hope the man’s grandson quits using drugs…

  8. May Mr. Morgan rest in peace. How can you even look at that dear man and even dream of hurting him. HELL wont even have these pieces of garbage.. If they were after the grandson.. Get his ass.. I will follow this story as much as I can. PAIN, PAIN, AND MORE PAIN to all that had anything to do with this.. I hope some “good ol boys” handle this their way in jail. R.I.P. Mr. Morgan TONI from PA

  9. Toni, if you are still following the story, you will be pleased to know that some of the fellow inmates of these murderers must have thought what they did to dear old Mr Morgan was pretty cowardly too —– because they got a little jail cell vengence on them. Now most of them are sporting some big swollen cuts and bruises. Add that to their possible drug withdrawal symptoms and you might say they are starting to feel a little less “power” these days. I hope their whole future in prison is more of the same over and over and over and over ………. for the rest of their lives. They say that most prisoners can’t stand the child molesters and child abusers and dish out their own brand of justice, so let’s hope they take the same view of elderly abusers and continue to give them their hell on earth for what they did to this sweet old man.

  10. EastTNgirl: thanks for letting me know that info..I live in a small town in PA the only info i hear about this story is sites like these. Could you please share more info as it comes? the cuts and bruises they get can never be big enough. Thanks! your friend in PA Toni

  11. EastTNgirl,
    That was good news to me too! Hope they all get the crap beaten out of them for hurting that little man.

  12. EastTNgirl,
    You just made my day!!! Keep up the good news!!

  13. Hi, I also live in the area and I knew the girl, Jessica Lane when she was growing up. She was a very sweet little girl but did have a rough life. Her mother was a substance abuser and died as of that result. Jessica found her mother overdosed with her aunt dead of a heart attack in the next room about 3 or 4 years ago. Her mother was always in a abusive relationship with one man or another before she died. None of this is a excuse for what happened though. Drugs, drugs and more drugs. I heard she was heavy into them since she has been grown. She has at least on child that I know of and have heard that the child has lived with it’s paternal grandparents since it was born (which is a blessing). I plan on writing Jessica to see if I can see her and ask her what happened. I am in shock. This just proves I guess what drug addicts will do for the high. It is so sad.

  14. Cookie, this page is for Willie Lee, not about Jessica, her mom, aunt, daughter or whoever and the rough life that she had … Not one time did you say anything about little Willie, you talk about Jessica and writing to see if you can see her and ask her what happened.. see if you can get a druggie to tell you the truth. While you’re there tell her that she is where she’s belongs and that I hope and pray she and the others never get out but if they do I hope they get out to be buried.

  15. […] Bonnie details a little more than I do on this henious murder.    […]

  16. Props to Bonnie …how she does this crime blog is beyond me. You can read my thoughts here…
    And Lavonna you get props too…you hit the nail right on the head!


  17. When I read this I wanted to cry.. that was someone grandpa.. He looked like a happy little man and I was filled with rage when I read what they did to him.. I don’t understand why people have to hurt one another especially the babies and old people.. We should look up to them.

  18. Please note that it was not willie’s grandson. It was a son of one of his life long friends.

  19. I hope that they feel the same pain that that poor elderly man did if not more. They need the death penalty for what they have done. What if someone else was to do that to their grandfather over someone else’s in the families problem? I guess that they was just too drugged up and not enough common since,but oh well that is no excuse to do such a horrible act. I hope the family gets what they want! If I was the judge I would send them out to the families and let them beat the shit out of them. GIVE THEM THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i would like for everyone to know that nobody knows the true story of willie’s murder….and before we begin to take up and post comments like “free anthony” i believe we should get the facts..i mean come on…get real…he’s not getting out of this one…and u can believe that …him and the whole patton bunch are nothing but disfuntional….just look at how they acted in court…gosh o’ mighty wat is wrong wit these people…jessica lane is related to me..her dad is married to my aunt…so i know this girl and i am here to tell you…she is just as quilty as the others…u can bet that…but just because her mom was a “user” and she overdosed does not mean that she has had a rough life..she chose to do all of the things she did….her dad my uncle…offered her the best life ever..and she chose to not accept..the only remorse i feel is for her 2 beautiful girls that will have to grow up without there mom. anyways…all 5 of the suspects will get wat they deserve..and i will do my part testifying on willie’s behalf…call me a snitch..but willie and god knows i am only trying to get justice for willie..a man who was robbed of his life by pure evil..and stupidness. and for all you haters..i will be giving my statement (just like i did at gevon pattons transfer trial)…for jessica lane’s trial…darryl nance’s trial…anthony pattons trial ..and brice whaley’s trial…and if anyone dont like it…oh well…this is for willie… R.I.P Willie Lee Morgan

  21. Nicki
    I am glad that you are taking up for Willie, God knows that little man suffered and I hope they all get the death penalty.

  22. I am from the area as well and attended class with Darrell Nance. I did not know him very well and am glad I didn’t. This bastard is just another drug-addicted sack of excrement and he deserves the death penalty for what he did, pure and simple. If it works, do it. Keep him from killing again. To hell with life without parole.

  23. Note from blog owner,

    The illiterate comment from Heather has been removed. Darrell Nance has NOT been found not guilty since he has not even gone to trial yet. I have verified this. He is still in jail.

  24. Darrell deserves NOTHING but the death penalty and I would love to be the one to inject all three of those jerks

  25. I am the mother of Darryl’s child. I was with him for 4 years. We broke up a few months prior to this incident. I just want to say that in the 4 years we were together I never would have guessed he would do something like this, or I wouldn’t have spent 4 years with him let alone, have a child with him. I don’t know what happened that night. And truthfully I’m not sure I want to know. Everyone has a freedom of speech and I have no problem with anyone’s comments, because when I see something on the news like this I have my own comments about those situations. But at the same time my child is still a toddler, and I hope that one day, when she gets older and can access the internet, she doesn’t find comments like this, because honestly she will have enough to deal with, and it will already be difficult to come to terms with all that has happened. I am not saying that the way you think or feel is wrong, but I think that sometimes when people post comments they forget about the families of those who are charged. My daughter is innocent of any wrong doing, but still must pay an unfair price.


  27. my cuz darrly was found not guilty yesterday so kiss my ass…

    note from blog owner

    And who is your ‘darrly’? It is not any of the 4 defendants as none of them were acquitted yesterday that I can find. And ALL 4 are still in the Hamblen County Jail as of 1 minute ago when I talked to the jail.

  28. hello, christine morgan,
    I did not know little Willie but his senseless death really hurts me. I am sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you are feeling but I pray that God will be with you and your family.
    RIP Willie

  29. I’m a little late since this happened some time ago, but I just came across this little blog. Willie Morgan was my Great Uncle. I didn’t know it until his death that a dear friend of mine at work is my cousin. My mamaw and his mamaw were sisters to Willie Morgan. I hope he was ready to go. That is the most important thing.


  31. you people do not know what was going through there heads at the time so all of you need to get the hell over all this shit and if any of u touch my cuz darlly will be going in rings around and a around…

    • You know what? It does not matter what was going on in THEIR heads. They killed a 94 YEAR OLD MAN. He was a human being, who was dearly loved by his friends and family. He did not deserve what happened to him. They CUT OFF HIS HANDS. What if that was your grandfather that was murdered and mutilated? Would you be defending the murderers then? If so, then you are just as much a sociopath as they are.

  32. Sammy,
    Shut up. This page is for little Willie and not your dumbass cousin who I hope gets raped daily in prison. 🙂

  33. look people Darrell is not the only one in on the crime what about the other 2 people they are just as guilty as him…..

  34. I agree with GURL and Lavonna–the other two is just as guilty as he is and they all deserve the same thing and yes i do think they need to be raped,beaten, and torchered in jail they are cowards for what they done and far as SAMMY goes u can kiss our ass u idiot u think it is ok to murder incident people? U R GOOFY too bad u r not in there with them to be treated the same way put yourself in Willie’s families shoes would you like some dumb ass to defend murders just because they are family I would disown my family for any such thing…U REAP WHAT U SEW…..God Bless Willie Morgan and the family and friends that stand behind him….and by the way SAMMY___who ever u may be—my brother was in jail with that idiot cousin of yours and he said he is a big of a punk,coward, pussy in jail as he was in society so don’t worry ur cousin hasn’t changed;)

  35. Sammy I hope your cousin endures more pain than he ever thought possible in prison, I was in hamblen county jail with your punk ass cousin its people like that that people like me use to enjoy beating the breaks off of in school. Its a shame he had to attack an innocent 94 yr old man. I wish ur punk ass cousin would have tried that shit on someone I knew Imma tell ya now his coward ass wouldn’t have made it to jail. Just so u know ur cousin is a punk ass. Ask him bout the white guy that called him out in the yard. I guess if you’re not helpless your bitch ass cousin aint bout shit, must run in the family. Run rounds around that bitch!!! God Bless Willie Morgan and everyone he loved that is still suffering from a bunch of kids sick acts of wanting to be big. Best wishes to the Morgan family.

  36. I think the three people involved in the murder of willie morgan-if found guilty then they all art to be exacuted in the same manner that they did to Willie,and die a slow painful death in front of the world to see to set an example for those who think of doin the same thing in the future.

  37. It’s an outrage that Willie Morgan had to die in such a horrific manner. I can’t stop envisioning his ordeal….what he must have thought, felt, said while these things were being done to him. My heart breaks to know that Willie took this boy into his home and loved him as his own. Even though he was warned that the boy was up to no good….he still helped him. That’s just the kinda man he was. He enjoyed life….he enjoyed his family and friends….he enjoyed the quality of life he lived, able to go and do as he saw fit. Willie was a goodhearted man who tried to be kind to everyone. My sincere prayers are with his family who are grieving with broken hearts.

  38. This entire case is a shame. This senseless murder of a wonderful old man is one of the most horrific crimes that anyone could ever imagine. I would like to start by offering condolences to the entire Morgan family. Having said this, I also want to offer my condolences to Darryl and his family. I did not know any of the others involved, so I cannot speak on their behalf. I can speak about Darryl though. Let me start by saying this is coming from a law student who knew Darryl very well for a short time in his life. For the time I knew him, he was not this person, he was a very different human being. Extremely humble and willing to help. No one knows what happened that night. The fact that everyone thinks Darryl is solely responsible is reckless and ignorant. It has already been pointed out that these are all heavy drug users. The only people saying it was all Darryl’s fault are the people trying to save themselves. I’m not taking up for Darryl, I think he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison and take his problems up with God when that day comes. I just want to point out the fact that he was a good person at a time and the real culprits in this case are drugs, drugs, more drugs, and this ridiculous, high-life, bs image that rappers and stations like BET portray. For a child who has no parental involvement and no one to teach him right from wrong; this culture of guns and drugs creates situations like this. So I would like everyone to keep in mind that just as poor Willie was a dear friend and family member taken from this earth because of drugs and ignorance. Darryl was also a dear friend and family member of many who was taken by drugs and ignorance. Life is a two way street; there are a lot of truly good, church-going people on the other side. I can assure you we pray daily for both Willie Morgan and Darryl. No of us wanted Darryl to go down this road. We worked hard to give him a way out; but that ganster life worked hard and for that we are all truly sorry. I wish the Morgan’s all the best, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  39. Jeeze and to find out that I lived inthe same town house as they did and moved in not even a full month after that happened. Im out of there now. It happened at 1155 East Main st morristown tn 37814

  40. hello from mississippi,i am willie lee morgans only little girl.( i am christine) i was born in 1949 of july.i have 10 brothers, birth while mom and dad was married for many youngest brother by mom and dad was little stevie lynn morgan.he was born in april of 1958. mom and dad divorced each other 3 times.we lived some good times and bad times but dad was a hard workin man and our mother annis morgan was always canning cooking sowing taking care of us all.she worked in the garden in the summer, and any thing our dad needed her to do.they were together a lot of years.we were very blessed to have such honest parents,they were so a like its hard to husband left me in 1970 and set me and my two sons out at daddys house on shields ferry rd.i was working with mrs paul rich when thier dad met me i loved my job there they loved me,mrs rich ask my dad to let them a dopt me,dad said no i would think he did,nt love me.anyway we got out at daddys thats where you could most always find me.i ran away from my mom cause i wanted to be save @my daddy,si was just twelve years old,my dad said o.k. i could stay.i was back with my dad i was happy.i went to work right away baby sitting with lee ann and gurny bristol and lived in 5 days and nights back with my dad on weekends.and thats when my dad started bringing the jonhson woman and her 2 little girls over and was feeding them stevie stayed with me in the big house he was about 12 dad would take him to school but,he walk out the back door but,he was a good kid,he was behind in school and i was on overload with 3 boys to care dad never married no woman after the divorce and departure with my mom happen.then fraincis had donnie johnson and he sent most weekends @my dads and when nancy and franis johnson mother bulah johnson died of cancer my dad told me he told her he would watch out for them.and he did:but my dad never one time thought he would be dead because of drugs,dealing.i talked to my dad most days twice a day always though these years away i missed my dad so what you wearing today whose been there today what did you eat?did you go to the big a today/he always say yes to that question daay loved all those people @big a they became his family and they gave him a birthday party every year cake and coffe for everyone and my dad always got that wallet filled with money,i,ve never known my dad to just hand his wallet to any body but the sweet people @the big a,i was alwas just amazed @my dad,we had a lot of fights over the phone about those johnson kids after all i was( the only girl) in all those boys. then mom even had (another boy 0 which i love and hold dear. he was born in(1962)gleen wayne, i wanted to name him( elvis) ,mom said no< but i wrote it in the bible..he was born disabled he made # 12 .my mom came with me to the hosp. in morristown to visit uncle clearence morgan before he died. my mom ask( my dad )could she buy her own space right beside him where they both are now togather dad paid for his and mom paid for hers,dad and mom great people everyone loved them both i miss them both.i was angry with my dad in 1995 when my brother roy died i was in the church and dad sit next to nancy and not me @roys furnal and me and dad had big words on the phone when i came back home we hung up more then once i was so mad,after all that was my dad not hers…but after a few months gone by i couldn,t stop cring i missed talking to my dad too much to stay mad with him i called and said dad don,t hang up on me i don,t care who you love or nothing i miss you to much but those kids are not coming to your furnal if you ever die,and because dad said that would break his heart,when my brothers left this discision up to me @the moment i was ask and my dad was laying there like he was no matter how he was killed and who was to blame i obeyed my dads wish and let donnie,nancy,and francis have the right to come in because me and dad had talked and my dad wishes were grantd.these children cause a lot of pain in our family for i was told that when my dad was being rolled out @ big a to the host he could not breath that donie wanted him to sign his house over and his money to him and nancy because he said,your family will get what you own and the people there told me my dad said he want me to have his house,i said this to say not only did these people want our dad but they wanted what he had,and was not happy that they had our dad to see after them.nancy and donnie was not coming around my dad @all during christmas nancy said she needed three thousand dollars and my dad didn,t give it to her @christmas,she told my dad she had cancer my dad ask me on the phone wouldn,t she have ins. @work since she has been there a long time? then she sent some man to carry my dad places.donie was coming in the late hours @night asking my dad for money said to pay bondsman outside,dad said to him this is getting tough on me money all the time but,donnie wasn,t coming around when i ask him he had not seen donnie or nancy. the night dad went missing on friday did not answer phone @9pm like every nite.warren and hodge visit dad on thurday night then dad went missing on the 19th a friday no answer i called the could not sleep for two weeks before this all happen,we prayed everynite then he said hes @peace nancy took ransom calls and never told us nothing and she had my phone #why none of dads real family was not notivide at all he was in this condition and gave us a chance to try to help our dad? do you know any thing out there to help bring dads death to the truth? please help my dad get true justis in this .love you all thanks for listing. christine morgan

  41. I was looking for some old classmates and neighbors from my childhood. I stumble across this. I was in the fourth grade in Russellville Elementary (1978-79) with Brice Whaley. He was a trouble maker then and we now see just how far that got him. It’s very sad someone else paid for his idiocy. For a short time, my father tried to do some business with Brice’s father. When he told my mom about the ‘dirt bag’ I said, “I know somebody named Whaley…” Turned out that crap doesn’t roll far from the compost pile.

  42. My sympathy goes out to the Morgan family. I knew Willie, and I also knew the johnson clan to and i think it is ashame how they did him he use to take me mowing growning up i lived 2 houses down from Bulah, Francis, and of course Nancy, and i also know all of Francis’s and Nancy’s daughter. I just know all of the girls took advantage of the poor old man. I think it is ashame, i would like for christine to contact me I have things to talk to her about.. and like I said I am very sorry for your lost.
    Mary Ann Mcqueen

  43. mary ann mcqueen please e mail me,thanks christine

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