• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Denise Amber Lee murder 1/17/08 Nort Port, FL *Denise Lee’s body was identified; kidnapped from her home; suspect, Michael Lee King, arrested Thurs. before body found*


Witness: Kidnapped woman screamed for help
Police arrest suspect in woman’s abduction
Suspect in missing mother case taken into custody
Search for kidnapped North Port mother shifts north after sandals found near Parrish
Neighbors: Man charged in kidnapping drove through area repeatedly
Cops Find Body in Search for Mother of 2 Believed Abducted From Florida Home
Timeline of kidnapping
Body Identified as That of Missing Florida Mom
Authorities say body was woman taken from her home
Family confirms: Remains identified as Denise Lee
Medical Examiner ID’s Body In Shallow Grave As Denise Lee
Police: Have you seen this car?
Friends and family portray Denise Lee as a loving mother
The suspect’s cousin urges a confession



57 Responses

  1. RIP and God blss you.

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  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the Denise Amber Lee’s family.I have a child of my own and I would have done anything and everything to keep him safe from harm too. I have been following this case since day one. I really have a problem with this case being called ” a random act of evil”. I know that North Port residents were asked if they had seen anything suspicious that Thursday. I also know that someone said that Michael King had stopped at their home at about 2:00- 2:30 P.M. Thursday before Denise was abducted. They stated that he asked specifically for Denise. So if this was random, why was he searching for her by name at other houses. None of this was ever reported in the news. Why? The area was off of Cranberry Blvd. I wish someone had the answer to this. I have relatives there, so I hope Michael King is the murderer or do I need to worry about my family there?

  4. Nichole,
    Please tell your relatives to be safe and very careful.

  5. Trust me, he’s the guy. You have no need to worry about the person that did this particular evil, since he’s locked up in a dark room. I don’t believe it’s true he asked for her by name, it is most likely one of the many rumors surrounding the case. She did not know him, that is 100% for sure. But stay safe and tell your family and friends how much you love them every chance you get.

  6. Could their be other eye witnesses that saw him that day?
    Could their be a time line the authorities don’t know about?
    Could their be others who suffered in some way by Michael King?

    We all could know… one day…

  7. Silent witness,
    What gives??

  8. I also feel that it is possible that he may have done this to someone else in the past. Especially since there is evidence of him traveling a lot.

    As far as other witnesses go I do not feel that there would be any. There are plenty of witnesses at this point why would someone be uncomfortable coming forward?

    Mostly, I feel for Denise’s family. May God bless them all, especially her babies.

    I hope that her husband wins his Civil suit. There was definately gross negligence from the 911 operators right down to the law enforcement officers.

  9. I knew Mike for several years. I helped him do work on his green Camero. I would have never in my whole life ever thought he was that kind of person. 911 thought it was some teens joking on the phone. I have been depressed ever since this happened I can’t believe that I once partied and hungout with this moron. We would go out to bars and get into brawls. I would have put my life and freedom on the line for him. I wish I could take it all back. I would take a baseball bat to his nuts if I was to ever see him again.

  10. I am watching this story on Dateline right now and I am in shock at how many opportunities to save this poor child were so carelessly squandered. Michael King should definitely NOT be the only one held accountable for the death of this beautiful young woman. Shame on those who should and COULD have come to her rescue, but are now spening their time making pitiful excuses for helping that sick, evil man pull the trigger. Yes, I said help him and that’s what I mean. How could a 911 dispacther “forget” to relay a message of such magnitude? Okay, so they got suspended from work. I am sure that makes her poor family rest easier at night. What about that man who saw her struggling with King? He should be in jail right beside King right now. The whole story makes my skin crawl. I have family that lived in North Port up until last year when the construction of new houses slowed down. THANK GOD for that. They live in Augusta, GA now.

  11. I am currently watching the update of Denise lee on primetime. My heart goes out to her spouse, children, parents, other family and friends. I pray that GOD gives them the strenght to get through this horrible crime against them. I cried as I watched Denise’s spouse cry and my heart became heavy as her death/murder was confirmed. I pray that what happened to this poor young woman will motivate people to get involved.

  12. I just watched the prime time speacial on denise and was the first time of me even hearing about the case…i felt a variety of emotions sad, frustrated, but most off all anger…the sherriff has the audacity to play it off as a “missed oppurtunity” give me break he should own up to the disspatchers mistakes and accept that he and his crew should to some degree be held accountable for the death of Denise…my heart goes out to her enitre family.. when is the case suppose to go to trial??i dont believe it was said in primetime

  13. I am so disapointed in the critical incident communicators, this is a serious let down. My thought’s go out to the family,

  14. I was watching this on prime time and this story touched my heart. This girl is the same age has me and had her whole life ahead of her. She was very bright and beautiful and had a lot to live for. It is sad that her life was taken away from her so soon and in such a horrible way. My heart goes out to her family and her loved ones. It just saddens me that she did everything to survive but died anyway. People made stupid choices and decisions that day. Hopefully, the choices/mistakes these people made will open their eyes and show them that in case they see anything funny to follow their instincts. Perhaps this can be a lesson to us all. Our instincts are usually never wrong. Call 911 when you believe you have to, what do you have to lose? I believe the only person that made the right choice was the woman who tried to follow the green camaro and place that 911 call. R.I.P Denise you will forever be remembered for your bravery.

  15. My husband and I just watched the Primetime show about Denise Amber Lee. Our emotions ran rampant. It is so sad to see this happen and then to realize so many people did nothing. Nothing! I hope that Denise’s family gets to see this jerk executed. I also hope that everyone watching has learned not to think twice about calling for help. My prayers are with her family.

  16. My thought’s and prayers go out to the family. I can’t imagine the feeling of being so close to getting your loved one back but because of human error and lack of involvement a life is gone. As for all the people that had the opportunity to help this woman and didn’t they should have pulled the trigger themselves. What has happened to us as a society? Are we so unwilling to help our fellow man in need? And the sheriff with his “missed opportunity” excuse showed no emotion at all. I wonder if he has a wife, a daughter. You would hope that someone would help. I could never forgive myself knowing that one phone call could have made the difference between life and death for someone.

  17. I just learned of Denise Lee’s story on Primetime this evening, July 23. My heart is breaking over this terrible incident. What a scary dose of reality! Our society has become so self centered we don’t want to get involved with strangers, especially on our way home from work. And the audacity of the Sheriff who wouldn’t or couldn’t show any remorse by at the very least convey how sorry he is for the “missed opportunity” as he put it. I hope the woman who decided to get involved and not only call 911 but follow the car finds a way to have faith in the law and will not hesitate to do the same thing if ever faced with that situation again. I hope the cousin who ignored Denise’s plea to call the cops was honest about what he thought he witnessed. If he wasn’t honest and did suspect foul play but chose to do nothing to protect his relative, I hope he lives with brutal guilt that gnaws at his soul for the remainder of his life! As for Mike King, the death penalty will be too easy. I hope he gets some true punishment and ends up tormented by his fellow inmates the same way he did Denise before he shot her. Most of all I hope Denise’s family finds joy again in raising those beautiful boys. I hope her family finds some solice in knowing Denise’s story will educate so many people about what to do if ever in that situation. She will be in my thoughts forever more and I will share her story with others. I wish her family the best in their efforts to find peace once again!

  18. I just watched the Primetime Crime show this evening and it saddens me how this could happen. It seems like there is some neglect in how the emergency calls were handled. My heart goes out to the family but especially to her two beautiful children who will grow up without their mother. God bless the family and know that you are in many prayers.

  19. We still don’t know what sort of relationship Michael had with Denise. This might put the whole story in context.

  20. I too watched this on Primetime Crime.

  21. It’s the next morning after the prime time show and I am haunted by this story. I couldn’t sleep last night. Never has a criminal story felt so personal. I can not believe that so many men who witnessed this crime………didn’t want to get involved! Where are your BALLS??????????The cousin should be charged as an accessory to murder. No one is that stupid. Thank God his daughter did not inherit her inteligence from her father. The 911 dispatchers should be fired. They have no business answering emergency calls. And, the sheriff should also be fired just because of his pompass cover-up attitude that offended everyone who saw his interview.
    As for Mr. King……he should have done to him, what he did to Denise…..over and over and over. He should be made to feel everything she felt and then put to death in the most painful way possible. He does not deserve to live on this earth, and he will certainly not be going to heaven.

    When is this trail?

  22. I can’t believe what I saw on television last night. How on earth could the 911 operators drop the ball like that. It is their job be cool under pressure. I am OUTRAGED that this beautiful young women had to go out in a way that she did. BEGGING for her life in front of SO many people…and yet the most essential part of our emergency system failed her. I was fighting tears watching that story.

    I hope the culprit gets a similar treatment in prison. I really, really do.

    Michael Day

    Houston, Tx

  23. I too watched the primetime special last night. I just can’t believe people these days. If God were to give me the chance to save a life, you bet I would do everything in my power to do so. I simply can’t believe how some men resort to this kind of violence just to fulfill their sexual fantasy’s. It’s a good thing I’m not a cop b/c I think I’d cut off any mans balls who raped a woman and killed her like she was nothing in this world. I’m 28 and getting married soon, hoping to have children. I just pray that God keep us safe from these horrible men. God bless you Denise.

  24. I also watched this show on primetime last night and was very upset to see how this situation turned out. It’s sad that the police could not coordinate with each other to save this woman’s life. I know this must be a terrible time for her family and my heart goes out to them. I am disgusted by the reaction of the police chief and the 911 operators; I hate the fact that they are making excuses for their inexcusable actions. There were many missed opportunities to save this woman’s life. I’m appalled that the chief said he is sure the situation would have had the same outcome even if the call got dispatched. Now, no one will ever know….they have to live with that and I hope that haunts them. As for that monster, I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life and gets a taste of his own medicine everyday.

  25. honestly, what is going ON with the objectification of women ON THIS EARTH. I work in New York City and walking down the street I must endure the sexual comments and disgusting demeaning looks from men who believe they are completely justified in turning women into their sexual playthings. it is MEN who are going into the porn shops and strip clubs on 8th avenue, oogling women and AGAIn feeling it is completely within their rights to see women as nothing more than sex objects. I read about serial killers all the time and 90-95 PERCENT of all of them are MEN WITH THE INABILITY TO CONTROL their sexual urges or MEN who have denied the fact that they are gay or men who were raised to believe sex is evil, so they must kill the women they cant “help” from violating. I am so completely DISGUSTED by this COWARDLY NASTY HUMAN (king) and i believe his gonads should be knawed off by a scorpian. MEN STOP USING YOUR PENISES as weaopons and RESPECT WOMEN and OUR BODIES. IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT TO FORCE WOMEN or overpower them, control them, demean them, TAKE THEM FROM THEIR HOMES and FAMILIES. I ALSO think its pretty interesting that of all the eye witnesses (INCLUDING THAT BARBARIC AND DISGUSTING cousin of King’s) ONLY TWO CALLED 911! THE 17 YEAR OLD NEICE OF KING’S COUSIN AND A FEMALE MOTORIST WHO SAW DENISE STRUGGLING. THE MEN DID NOTHING BUT SIT IDLEY BY AS a VIOLATION of the most EVIL kind was committed on someone WHO deserved NONE of this. The only consilation is that Denise is somewhere beautiful and King has made a pact with the devil and WILL NEVER HAVE PEACE in this life or Beyond. Bless you Lee family and know that you are thought about and you have a beautiful angel always around you. I’m so sorry this happened.

  26. I do not know the name of Denise’s husband, but I want to tell him how sorry I am for this great loss in his life. She was a beautiful woman, wife, mother, daughter. She had a long life to live and it has been ed out in a senseless crime by this so- called man. May you somehow find peace in your life and the life of your children. I am so tired of helpless lives being taken by predators trying to fulfill their insane needs. I want to stop this destruction of lives but I don’t know how and I feel helpless.

  27. I too watched the PrimeTime show last night. I can’t believe how the police dispatchers screwed up the call. Then not to put it out to the other police. YOU TAKE THE CALL YOU DO THE DISPATCHING. HOW STUPID CAN A PERSON BE. I HOPE THE FEEL HORRIBLE TO THIS DAY.

    My prayers to the husband and father.

  28. Another thing, when watching the show they started the search back at all the houses in the community. Why did they not start the search from where the woman was following him from to where they arrested him. Talk about a short distance to cover rather than everywhere else first. God ya think it was rocket science. Police have to really start getting it together. They have the power and utilities these days just no god dam brains.

  29. I too watched the Primetime show last night… i was outraged to say the least…911 dispatchers ..don’t meet the standards of what most people think they do! So many times things like this happen in life or death matters.Denises life could have been saved …and kudos to the woman who tried to follow her..she SHOULD have been saved.My heart goes out to her husband and children…his job is cut out for him for he will have to try to make them understand what happened to their mother at a very young age..perhaps when they go to school. I know this monster will get what the law allows but it is does not bring forth “closure”..I know this b/c right now there are 2 young people serving a life w/o parole sentence for murdering my daughters room mate, here in Pennsylvania.
    I also would like to know when this trial is..if it is aired I will be watching..My prayers are for all Denise’s family must be difficult for her father to go to work everyday.

  30. This story about made me sick! I’ll tell you one thing, if I ever were to witness a girl tied in duct tape screaming in someones back seat of their car, I would do everything in my power to end that situation, I don’t care if its a domestic dispute (as that one motorist stated) or otherwise. The 911 dispatchers should be unemployed not suspended (what a joke) If I did my job so carelessly I wouldn’t have a job anymore, they shouldn’t either.

  31. this made me sick i really started to second guess my view on the death penalty after watching this last night. This man should be punished to the full extent of the law he is a sick person who should pay for his crime. i only can wish i was there behind the green camero when this occured. I would of taken that guy out of his car and done god knows what.

    just sick hope he gets what he deserves

  32. God Bless the Lee family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Nathan is a wonderful loving man that should have his beautiful wife with him.

    This was one of the most unbelievable stories I ever heard. What it came down to were the dispatchers listening to the calls coming in, having the important imformation and not relaying it to the officers waiting in their cars. Unbelievable! They should not be 911 dispatchers. If they were in doubt, which they were, why didn’t they ask their supervisor?

    Men driving, seeing a women in distress, and not wanting get involved. What involvement was there anyway? All they had to do was call on the cell phone and give the police some information. OOPS! The dispatchers would have sat on that information too.

    The state needs to get their computers updated with the tag numbers immediately for nut jobs like Michael King. There are lots of people needing jobs and the police should be able to locate someone by their tag number without a 90 day delay.

  33. I watched the review of Denise Lee’s story last night on primetime. I am utterly shocked – at how selfish and cruel people are these days… They just don’t care ?? What kind of world are we living in, when you know that someone is crying for help and yet we do nothing, we contemplate the idea of getting involved. And as for Michael Kings cousin ! He is the spuagma of the world! He knew exactly what was going on, and let this girl – have NO peace, he should be going to prison for conspiracy.

  34. I’m so sickened at the level of incompetence by all of those involved in this storyu!! What kind of a world are we living in now where things like this happen and clue after clue we lie to ourselves because of our “fear” of getting involved and give petty pathetic excuses of reasons to justify why we turned the other cheek!! Shame on all of you who are like that and when it hits you close to home, you turn over a new leaf and then you’re proactive…..We as a society should wake up and LEARN from unfortunate situations like these so we not only reflect upon ourselves and your loved ones but other as well who are in situations every day that is life threatening.
    God bless poor Denise’s family and may God take care of her boys and provide for them all the things that we need from our mothers in some other way. I’m so upset at this story that I went to bed crying while looking into the eyes of my own son and I couldn’t wrap my ming into just imaging what she went through during the last minutes of her life. He deserves the death penalty and so does his cousin. Justice needs to be served in this case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. So, here’s what I’m wondering. Those two guys they interviewed who’d seen Denise’s hands DUCT TAPED and struggling in the window, say they thought it was a domestic dispute and didn’t want to get involved are idiots, to put it mildly. Husbands KILL their wives every day on this planet, but you know, that’s okay because they’re MARRIED??? What if it were a 6-year-old? Killing happens in families, it’s still tragic and unnecesary, so don’t use that as an excuse to not help someone when you’ve been given the chance. When those two were being interviewed, I was yelling at the tv.

    Nathan(?) Lee is one strong man, and I am so touched by the love he has for his wife and his young sons. When he said his 3-year-old kisses his mom’s picture every night before bed, I lost it. I have a 3-year-old son and I instantly felt sick picturing my husband and son doing that to my picture every night! Especially when her murder could have been avoided so many times. Mr. Lee deserves to win that suit. Michael King deserves all the evil and despair he’s got coming to him. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  36. I can not get this story out of my head. It is so sad. I don’t know what bothers me more…the cousin not calling the cops, when Denise said “Call the cops” or 911 not dispatching the call!

    I can’t help but think that if the cousin or the two men that saw her bound in the car had called 911 that Denise would be alive today.

  37. Please visit for more info and updates about this case. photos, events, blogs and more.

    note from blog owner:

    I did include that link in my last update on this case (about a week ago), just so you know.

  38. Everyone is saying on here that they are praying to God to be with the family. This is the best argument for there not being a God ive ever heard of.
    I was kidnapped and attacked by a serial killer when I was 20, I survived by playing dead after being repeadiatly strangled. Everyone would later pat me on the back and say “God must have been looking out for you that day”, this really pissed me off. and i would say without a doubt that it wasnt God that had me lie very still in the woods while the guy burried me alive in a shallow grave. It wasnt God, but my own hands that clawed my way, chocking and gasping for air, up out of the ground not even sure if my killer was still around. If it was God that saved me, then in my opinion he was just a little bit late, he could have maby came just before that rape, torture, and beating part, yeah im pretty sure that if there was a God he would have most definately spared me that, since im a good person and worshiped him in his churches for years. No Man nor woman should ever have to go thru that sort of thing if there is a God watching over us each and every day.
    So quit saying god be with the family, if God is all knowing and all seeing, then wtf was he doing that day when this beautiful child was being raped and shot in the head? dont tell me that he works in mysterious ways, that just doesnt cut it anymore.
    sorry, im just very upset about this poor girl and its brought back a lot of bad memories, which lead to the demise of my faith. even the mention of religion makes my skin crawl and makes me very angry now. I am deeply sorry for this family and this poor girl. deeply deeply sorry.

  39. You’ve got her date of birth wrong. She was born in 1986 and was only 21. Just wanted to let you know.

  40. Wombat,

    I got that picture from site and the dates are part of the picture. I can’t change them. It is on the 2nd link above. You may want to contact them.

  41. Michael, very sorry that you went through the horrific crime and I am very sure that God was went you that night. You did not die.. You say that years ago you went to church and worshipped.. Did you read about Job? All that he went through and how in his worst time did not even think to curse God or even deny him.

    God bless Denise’s family.

  42. KJ, You say that you spent time with Michael… I am wondering if he ever talked about seafood with you? And if so, what city and place did he say he went to? Thank you for answering this question for me.

  43. SilentWitness,
    In reading your two posts here, it seems you have something to say, yet, you’re hesitant to do so. Do you know of other rapes, or whatever, that this man has committed? Or do you know something more specific to this crime itself? If so, please don’t be silent about it. Call the proper authorities and tell them what you know. Even if you saw them together somewhere. Even if you had a chance to intervene and didn’t, for whatever reason. This man needs to be convicted and whatever your information is, her life and her family deserve your help on this. Maybe you’re feeling shame for not coming forward before, but, please do the right thing now. However slim a chance that he might get off, if you know something, please don’t keep it to yourself and make it the info that could have nailed him. Do what’s right now for her grieving family, her husband and those two little boys.

  44. Dear Michael,

    I totally understand where you’re coming from when you are expressing such anger at God. I’m Nathan’s mom and my faith has been completely shattered and tested this past year. My anger with God is still very raw. Sadly, evil has infiltrated my family. The loss of Denise this way, in such a manner, it just angers me. I think of Christ on the cross and honestly believe Denise suffered more. Why? Because she was given no choice. Christ “knew” why he was dying. Denise didn’t. She was terrorized, humiliated, dehumanized went went through unspeakable horror. I’ll never understand. Watching Nathan pick up the pieces of his shattered life, and not being able to ease any of his pain, well… it’s too painful for words. But if I allow this unspeakable horror to destroy my faith (and trust me it’s at it’s limit. I denounced God just yesterday on my blog) then evil wins. And that too is a tragedy.
    In any case, I just wanted to tell you, that I understand what you’re saying.
    We can’t let evil win, though. So, I’ve decided in my own life to continue to follow Christ’s teachings but as for God……
    I don’t know. I just can’t go there. I’m simply too angry.
    And if others presume to judge, let them.
    Feel free to visit my blog at
    It’s new and it’s cathartic. I suggest you start one. It’s been extremely beneficial to me. How? Instead of channeling my anger inward or even worse at my family, I channel it into the blog. It’s works wonders.
    Peace be with you.

  45. It is so difficult to watch this story. It makes me helpless and terribly sick to know the horrible outcome. God, how could so much have gone wrong when so many people intervened to prevent that beast from killing her? I hope Denise’s daddy got to spend some “quality” time alone with her killer. I am just so so sorry for her, for her children, and for her family.
    Cypress, Texas

  46. That dispatcher should have the tape of “…are you gona help me? Are you gonna help me now?”, played into earphones 24 hours a day for the rest of her life.

  47. This POS needs to be destroyed -plane and simple. Someone just simply needs to put an end to this garbage.

  48. I know thing are hard for denise amber lee’s family and my prayer’s go out to her husband and her family. I’m very sorry for what happened and hope justice is served.

  49. This story makes me cry… I have two boys the same age as hers, and know how it would kill my husband if this happened. I too am praying for the boys and her spouse.

  50. RIP Amber. Thank God this Jury found this monster who took this young wife/moms life away guilty and sentenced him to death! Hugs and prayers to her husband, sons and family!

  51. Do they know each other beforehand? Did the assailant just walked into their house and knew that there will be a 21 year old who lives there or he had been stalking her before?

    My heart goes to her family.

  52. I had a question asked today: What was the most compelling trial you have watched? I had to say Denise Amber Lee’s. I won’t go into all the discussion, but I had to say it was the saddest trial, the angriest I’ve been and the most heartsick. I had nightmares, depression and fear, and I only watched the trial on TV. I pray for some resolution for the entire family, and may Denise be happy with the angels! Debbie

  53. It’s hard to believe king didn’t run into her in public somewhere prior to. She seems like the type who would have engaged him in small talk. Someone mentioned he went knocking on doors asking for “Denise” and the neighbors say he drove slowly as if looking for her house.
    Maybe he caught a glimpse of her as he was moving out of his foreclosed home in the same neighborhood. What is certain is that he was determined to find her–so as to the question of premeditation there can be no doubt. He had spent the day practicing at a firing range so he probably got the gun from the friend who went to the range with him. (With a prior conviction for assault we would hope he’d encounter problems purchasing a firearm, though the state did drop the ball on everything else.)
    I am floored by the inability to stop the crime in progress as well as the beuraucratic CYA that ensued, but glomming onto that takes the focus off of king himself and the incredible callousness and gall he displayed in sauntering up to her front door in broad daylight then showing up at his cousins house and chit chatting with him, totally oblivious while Denise screamed and begged. Nor do I believe for a moment that the cousin thought is was a domestic dispute or a joke. Everything about this case is mind blowing, but this king guy is the worst. I still can’t believe she didn’t run into him somewhere…to go to the door like that when a stranger knocks with her being a sheriff deputy’s daughter…doesn’t add up sorry for ranting

  54. MICHAEL, my heart goes out to you and to anyone who has been victimized by a predator. They are evil people who have no faith – God is love – these predator’s dont know what love is – you do Mike- however, remember that we also have free will. God was with you – He had to have been ; you can still love- I believe that we are born with 2 dates – our birth date and our death date- either way if your good – love and forgiveness will always supercede the wrong doing – my love and condolences for both you and Denise and your families and mayGod be with you always. i will pray for all of you.

  55. Denise Lee’s family and former husband my prayers and my heart goes out to you and and Denise’s father comfort them and saturate them woth your genuine love and peace. I heard about the tragic murder of Denise Lee on TV and it broke my heart to hear that Michael raped and shot Denise in the head and buried her what a troubled soul but Denise seemed like a very genuine ,loving ,kind ,caring ,down to earth mother she seemed very loving and kind towards her kids and husband .I wish Micheal would have shot me in the head and murdered me instead Denise deserves a second chance she had so much going for her and she was very pretty I pray that Denise is in heaven smiling down on her husband and family and if Denise was alive today her husband and family would be so proud of her. God bless you Denise an Angel from heaven so sorry that her life was taken away so suddenly.

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