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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Two mothers and their two young children killed in Indianapolis shooting 1/16/08 Indianapolis, IN

      Andrea Yarrell

Gina Hunt , 24
Andrea Yarrell, 24
Charlii Yarrell, 4 months
Jordan Hunt, 23 months

Manhunt After 2 Women, 2 Kids Shot Dead in Indianapolis
2 Women, 2 Children Killed in Ind.
Two women, two young children killed in Indianapolis shooting
2 babies, 2 women killed in shooting
Gunmen kill 2 mothers, 2 kids
Two infants among four killed in overnight shooting
Two moms, two young children gunned down in home
Hovey Street Murders (has some links to videos)

3283 Hovey St. Indianapolis, IN


48 Responses

  1. My God, why in the world would someone shoot a 4 month old? I hope those pieces of crap are found and I think they get death by letting the family shoot them.
    They should die the same way they killed.

  2. What is the world coming to? Why didn’t the killers just walk away???

  3. Not that it makes it ok, but this sounds like it had something to do with drugs. I find it hard to believe two men just walked into a house and shot 2 women and 2 babies for no reason. Maybe I’m just wishful thinking here that there were drugs involved. That way I know it won’t happen to me. Very sad story.

    • Whether it was drugs involved or not. It shouldn’t have happened. Just know that it can happen to anybody.

  4. Robbery gone wrong??? Maybe.
    So maybe mom was pushing weed. A reason to kill?? Hell no. A reason to get robbed and murdered?? Apparently so. Another example of how ANY kind of drugs can change your life drastically, and NOT for the better. Where was hubby, or baby daddy? Look how beautiful her little girl was. Shame. God bless. I hope they catch these sickos soon.

  5. Even IF drugs was involved why shoot the innocent babies? They didn’t harm no one and it wasn’t like they were goinig to tell on them.
    They are sickos and I think they should die!

  6. Yeah, they all died for the value of what can be scrapped off the bottom of the lawnmower after running over rat shit.
    That’s the class of animals your dealing with. Less than Rats.
    When you find them, chop them into pieces starting at their limbs as they try to convince you to stop with no arms and legs.
    Then burn the rest in blast furnace.

  7. I agree. I don’t know how you can kill innocent children like that and still look at yourself in the mirror. Anyone that can do that has no soul, and they are very dangerous indeed. They will kill again.

  8. FYI the pic you have is of Andrea, not Gina.

  9. Indy,

    Thanks for letting me know. It was marked as Gina, so that is why I labeled it as such.

  10. Gina was a beautiful person inside and out, who loved her kids. Yes she may have had flaws that you and I might not agree with. She loved her kids and they loved her. The first thing I would do is sit the bastards down and tell them now you explain to these other two kids why their mother and brother are gone. No one deserves to be hunted down like they did. A 4 month old and a 23 month old. I only have comfort in knowing that God is cradling those babies in his arms singing along with the angels. Welome home my children, you shall not know any pain,and any suffering. But you will enjoy all the love you heart can desire. That is what those babies deserve.

  11. I have alway been told you die by the life you lead. I still cannot understand why the babies were killed, but mother should have known better to put themselves and there children in that kind of danger. The local news has reported three break in at this home in less then 4 months. I would have moved after the 1st issue. Also there were there was drugs found in her safe. I think that it is really sad that really sad that this happen to this family, but a real mother would have moved before it came to this.

  12. friend of a friend,

    That’s what I was trying to say in my earlier post. I don’t think drugs are a reason to kill someone, especially innocent children, but they were unnecessarily put in that dangerous situation by their mothers.

  13. friend of a friend,
    I feel everything your saying. I think either Mom was selling weed, or baby daddy, or both. Word got around town that these parents keep the drugs where they lay their heads at night. Unfornately, their beautiful, beautiful children paid for their lack of judgement. I have been thinking about this case for days. It stays with me at night. This is a very, very disturbing case.

  14. It is definitely praying time folks! This is ridiculous and getting out of hand! The world we live in is be overpowered by sick twisted greedy individuals and we have to stop this mess by praying to our higher power! Noone deserves to day clinging to their babies..noone! My heart hurts but my prayers and my strength goes out to the families! Hopefully these fools will be caught very soon!

  15. I am from Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. These horrific murders are being associated with what is known in Indiana as a “pea shake house”. A residentail property known for illegal gambling (Lottery style). There was a swat team called this very afternoon to an apartment building north of Indy were a “person of interest” was hancuffed and taken in for questioning. I am sure they will find those responsible as it has become a personal mission for the police force.

  16. This wasn’t called for. For all the people that keep saying they would have moved, you may not know or understand why she may have had to live there. Do you think people know when they are going to get murdered? If they knew that anything like this was going to happen don’t you think they would have tried to prevent it. People shouldn’t be so judgemental or even focus on anything from their past. The important thing is that they was killed in their home along with their children. I don’t care if they was selling weapons of mass destruction, they did not deserve to die like this.

  17. I do not live in Idiana at all but I have read about this case on the internet and I have been praying that those that are responsible would be held accountable for this tragedy. Thankfully, God is still answering prayers and arrests have been made. I would just like to say that we will never know why these two women stayed in that home even after the break-ins. More than likely it was economical reasons. Where were they going to move to? Did they have the funds to move? I’m sure if they did they would have moved because noone wants harm to come to theirs kids not for real. It does disturb me that this story only appeared as a blurb on but I have to hear about San Franciso tiger attacks and Lindsey Lohans community service. I pray that this horrific incident is a wake up call for everyone. Dope boys, women’s dope girls, mama’s of dopes boys, baby mama’s etc…. we need to take a greater investment in loving and raising our kids. Also, we need to take an investment in other peoples lives. When you see a sister headed in the wrong direction, maybe a direction you have already been we should encourage and mentor that sister or brother in the right way instead of turning a blind eye.

  18. You can’t say what you would or would not have done because you were never in that situation. I don’t care how they were living or what they were doing, they (including Gina and Andrea) did not deserve to die like that. No one deserves to die like that. Let God judge them for how they may have been living. No one even knows for sure the entire situation. So how could you even begin to comment on something like this without having all the facts. If someone really wanted them dead, which apparently they did, it wouldn’t have mattered where they moved.

    • I agree with u all the way. Some people are soo judgemental. Who are we to judge somebody by what they do for a living or what they have done. And for those who think it can’t happened to you because drugs was involved. You’re wrong!!!! It can happen to anybody, wheher you’re selling drugs or you’re working a 9 to 5.

  19. CNN can kiss ass. Who gives a shit about Lindsey Lohan’s community service? She needs to go to jail. There are real problems out here. People are dying and all we hear about is rich girls who have nothing better to do than to go out and drink and drive and go to jail. Real life. People are struggling to survive, to see another day and CNN thinks we care about that irrelevant bullshit. It’s sad. It’s a sign of the times tho. When women and children can be heartlessly murdered and no one cares, we are all in big trouble.

  20. I am not saying that they deserved to die at all; and I have been held at gun point before so I do know a level of the fear that they must have felt at that moment. Some of the facts have already been presented but again regardless of what was going on they did not deserve to die. Our God is a forgiving God and I am not passing judgement on them or anyone. My heart aches for them and our society because I know that as a whole we need to take back our communities and that takes actions not just words. I am going to continue to lift this situation up in prayer. I too have experienced senseless murders in my own family and of course in my own community and each causes painstaking recovery and they are only wounds that the Lord can heal and it will take time. I would encourage everyone to continue to lift the family up in prayer and even pray for the souls of those 4 victims. God Bless!

  21. I live in Indy and went to high school w/ Gina. I have kept up with the story and even the facts of what was found in the home and the status of the men in their lives. A lot of people look at the fact that drugs, a scale, etc were found in the house or the connection to the drug ring one’s boyfriend was part of as motive. Personally, no matter what it was, those babies didn’t have to die.

    I am a mother who works and attends school full-time, never touched or know much about drugs, never been in trouble with the law, yet discovered the father of my children was selling them outta my home when someone broke in. I always thought he was working hard like me until the second break-in when I found the dope and then I moved.
    I pray every day that me and my children didn’t suffer and end up like these women. Cops would have found the dope and guns in my house and I would have been labeled just like that, taking away from the fact that a monster just murdered innocent children.

  22. I read this story over the internet. It is very sad to hear this happen yet again. Not only in Indiana everywhere in our “black communities”. Its obvious we are poor as a race of people, but hurting eachother is not a way to deal with poverty. My friend and her son died Oct. 25, 2007 in Washington DC. The first incident just like this I’ve heard. Afterwards, I hear it as common as a holiday each month. It is bothering knowing the young are destroying the future.

  23. I received an email about this story from one of my friends. I spent hours on the internet researching the murders. It sadends me to know that our brothers and sisters are still suffering. These things are going to take God and the people of faith crying out to Him to heal “our” land. We need to help one another instead of hurting each other.. this is not going to help us get ahead. One man gets a dollar, and innocent children, that could have been great contributors to society, loose their life for that dollar. As mothers, we will do anything to make sure that we protect our children… No matter what they found in the house or what the case may be I do believe that these women died protecting their chilren. We all have had things in our past… they just didn’t get exposed, so that leaves no room for anyone to judge. Let’s get together and strengthen each other.. if you see someone in need help them! Praying is great, but we need to add works to our faith as well. I will be sending money to the funds that have been set up for the families.. I ask that anyone who reads this would do the same. To the families of this horrific crime… We here in Texas are praying that God gives you strength to endure. God does everything for a reason, just know that this could spark “our” people in taking a stand against this in our communities.

  24. We are living in the last of the last days! Everything that is going on in the world today is written clearly in the word of God “The Bible” There is no need for us to try to figure out why these things are happening because all of it happens for a reason and only God knows that reason. I am very heartbroken over this incident but we have to learn to pray, move on and let God deal with the rest. I pray that these young women were saved and are now in heaven with no more worries or cares. People please get your life right TODAY!!!

    God Bless Us All

  25. i hope them guys fry in hell for killing them girls and their babies like that

  26. Every since I heard about thi story it has been weighing heavy on my mind. People are so quick to judge, but we dont know what those girls had to do to feed , cloth and have a roof for their children. There is no reason what so ever that those cowards had to kill them. My heart and prayers are with the family.

  27. My heart goes out to these ladies family and friends. This is going on all over the world now days husband killing their wives and kids,A Mother in DC kills her 4 daughters, Father throws his 3 kids off the bridge, girl friend or boy friends killing there mates come on this world is coming to a end. Only thing I can say everyone needs to pray in get their life together so when god do comes you wont have no worries. and For the guys that took those girls and their babies lives away dont worry they going to have it rough in jail.

  28. I believe everything happens for a reason. The Bible speaks of these things. Jesus is coming back real soon. No one can judge these girls or anyone. Only the father in heaven can. I pray for the families that they will go through this test and trail. And I know this hurts because it hurts me. But this situation should make us stronger, and to step up and pray for our generation and the future generations. It’s sad that these two girls and babies didn’t get to live their lives to the fullest. I hope that everyone that read this that have not except Jesus Christ in their lives do so as soon as possible. No one know when their day is going to come or when Jesus is going to crack the sky. I just want everyone to know that I love you.

  29. hi everyone, I’m down here in st.louis and I’m very touch by this. I hope to to these person/people get what they deserve!!

  30. This is very hard to cope with, I have never seen such a crime so tragic, that I want to handle this personally ,and make sure these son of a B@#$ don.t ever set foot on ground again,I would not perfer the death penalty, because I want them to remember for everyday they sit a rot in those tiny cells of theirs, and always remember the innocem=nt lives they took ,over some damn change

  31. How senseless can one be……………I know this question is ask everyday by the victims family. My prayers are with the families. 2 beautiful babies and there mothers are gone. For all those people who are single mothers who never had to struggle should judge. Being a single parent is hard and sometimes you have to”Get it how u Live” It’s ashame that the children had to go like dat .

  32. The lawless thugs deserve to die a painful death for murdering those innocent babies and their mothers. May they all rest in God’s blessed peace. This story touched me in a matter like no other. The audacity that they believe that they can do this and run away. They should be hunted down, executed, and photographed as the poster thugs of the death penalty.

  33. I’m from Detroit, the murder capital . These are real tough times we are living in, the devil is rampid. My prayers go out to the familiy, it’s just senseless. When will we learn to stop the violence? These men are going to hell with a gasolene g-string on -Trust Me!

  34. Rachel,

    You may be happy to know that Detroit is no longer the murder capital. That award goes to Philadelphia, last I heard. It is no longer the City of Brotherly Love. 😦

  35. […] Two mothers and their two young children killed in Indianapolis …Two women, two young children killed in Indianapolis shooting 2 babies, 2 women killed in shooting Gunmen kill 2 mothers, 2 kids Two infants among four killed in overnight shooting Two moms, two young children gunned down in home … […]

  36. Regardless of what anyone else thinks..These men will have to pay for their sins..These beautiful babies hve died due to other s’ sins. My heart and Blessings go out to the families and friends of them ALL. This pisses me off. These men should get the same treatment as Jeffery Dahmer.. R.I.Hell U cake A– N—. R.I.P. Babies…All Four!!!!!!!



  39. I was born & raised in “Indy”, but moved to CA. 36 yrs ago.Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this type “infested filth” would have infiltrated Indiana.During the 50s-60s we were “dirt poor”, our parents were strict, we only had (1) TV,(1)phone and no designer shoes or clothes(heck,barely had clothes)but they loved us.
    We had truant officers at the schools but we didn’t need them, because our parents & neighbors beat our behinds if/when we did wrong!.We slept on the front porch on hot summer nights and no one had to lock their doors to their homes or cars!We went to church every Sunday!
    That is the “Indy”, I remember, now it’s become “Murder Inc”…..there’s a Bible quote folks better heed…Hosea 4:6…”my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..
    seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, “I”(Lord) will forget your children”…

  40. Good points Duchess 😀

  41. Please allow us to continue to reach out to family and friends of these victims. We are a part of Indianapolis’ “Mothers Against Senseless Killings”
    Fell free to contact us at the email or website provided. God’s Peace Philipians 4:6-7


  43. Your Damn right Bonnie, I live in philly. It’s being run ito the whole by a bunch of politicians that should’nt of been in office. His whole team was probed. We now have a new mayor he seems to have inteligence so well see.

  44. I got an e-mail about this story months ago and it broke my heart. I had to re-check and see if the pigs were prosecuted yet. I have to children and couldn’t imagine.

  45. For whatever reason it was for my buddies didnt have to get this… These babies didnt have to get done like this. & for the ones who really know you will get yours for sure. Its coming get ready because this was uncalled for and Carma will do its job!

  46. What shame.. No matter how you slice it, they didn’t deserve to die. There is no question, let’s OPEN OUR EYES NOW….BOTH of these girls may have been nice; but they WERE in to something they had absolutely should not have been. I have exausted every story linked to these murders.
    peashake, boyfriend in work release, Haughville Syndicate, come on these aren’t exactly church related clubs. These naive girls made an awful decision to live dangerously and it cost them their lives. Andreas father admitted that he didn’t even allow his younger daughter to go over to Hovey street. Andrea had to run for life previoulsy according to her father. The almighty livin’ on the high side lead to to HOMOCIDE!! I believe those who loved them had the eyes WIDE SHUT on this one.

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