Monica Thomas-Harris murder 1/05/08 Whittier, CA *killed by her husband, Curtis Bernard Harris, who then killed himself*

monica-thomas-harris.jpg curtis-bernard-harris.jpg
    Monica Thomas-Harris            Curtis Bernard Harris

Freed without bail — with a deadly result
Two people found shot to death in Whittier motel
Freed Without Bail — With A Deadly Result
D.A. to probe lapses in murder-suicide

                                 Whittier Inn Motel

6 Responses

  1. The murder of Monica Thomas-Harris should never have happened, but for bureaucrats slacking during the “holiday” season.
    This crime is an OUTRAGE! It pains me.


  2. […] people found shot to death in Whittier motel Freed Without Bail — With A Deadly Result … credit : […]


  3. This poor woman, what a disgrace. Now two children w/o a mom.


  4. well all i can say is that god needed an angel and evrything happens for a reason…i wish the children a happy life…


  5. Update on Monica Thomas Harris – The Los Angeles County Distirct Attorney released a 66 page report into Monica’s death. The report was issued the day after the DA’s re-election. The report details that every DA employee involved in the case violated office policies, the Victim’s Bill of Rights and Penal Code Sections. The report shows that the actions of his staff directly led to Monica’s murder.


  6. […] When I think about protective orders, the first case I think about is the murder of Monica Thomas-Harris by her estranged husband.  In that case, the district attorney’s office did not seek a criminal protective order against the husband, Curtis Harris, even though he had a long rap sheet and had acosted his estranged wife several times.  He pled guilty to false imprisonment of Monica and possession of a firearm and was released from jail to get his affairs in order prior to serving a prison term.  He abducted Monica Thomas-Harris again, killed her, and then killed himself. […]


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