• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Gary Michael Hilton – Serial Killer?

In the wake of the case of Meredith Emerson, questions arise about other cases that are unsolved still, but have similar traits to those of Meredith Emerson. Which brings the inevitable question:Is Gary Michael Hilton responsible for all of these disappearances and/or murders? Here are some that are being checked out to see if there is a connection:

John and Irene Bryant
John and Irene Bryant: A couple in their 80s who disappeared in October while hiking in the western North Carolina mountains. Irene Bryant’s body was found the next month; her husband remains missing but is presumed to have been killed.

Patrice Tamber-Endres: Her body was found behind a Dawson County church in December 2004 several months after she disappeared in 2006. She was a hairdresser in Cumming

Cayle Bywater: She was last seen with her dog at Memorial Park in Athens on the afternoon of Dec. 29.


Cheryl Hodges Dunlap : Her body was found Dec. 15 in the Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County, FL. It is rumored, but unconfirmed that she was also decapitated. Authorities announced today, Jan. 9, that Gary Michael Hilton is indeed a suspect in her murder.

Now I wonder if there are others and how many?

Hikers’ Disappearances May Be Related
Missing hiker cases connect
Missing woman suspect linked to 4 murders?
Suspect in hiker’s disappearance may be linked to 3 other cases
HIKER’S BODY FOUND: Similar cases may be linked
Meredith Emerson Case Linked to John and Irene Bryant Murder

Come and discuss this case (and many others) at my new discussion forum: Discussion Forum


132 Responses

  1. […] January 9, 2008 · No Comments Gary Michael Hilton – Serial Killer? […]

  2. Do you think he murdered Cheryl Hodges Dunlap? It’s likely Hilton is well-practiced in the taking of human life. (I’ve hiked in the area where Emerson was abducted. One must be extremely cautious on these Appalachian Trail access paths.) I think we have another serial murderer on our hands- a “Watcher in the Woods”, so to speak. For the sake of the families of these missing/deceased people, I certainly hope they can tie Hilton to other unsolved cases. In any event, we should all be extremely relieved that this dangerous psychopath is in custody.

  3. Yes, he has been identified in the Cheryl Dunlap case.

  4. And what about the 1997 killing of 9 year old Levi Frady?

    Gary Hilton was released from prison in 1995, and in 1997 Levi’s body was found dumped in the same forest area where they have now found Meredith Emerson.

    Plus, the police composite of the suspect looks a lot like Gary Hilton, and was described as “a white male, in his 50’s and “scruffy” looking, and walked “stooped”.

    It’s possible that Gary Hilton may have been killing people and dumping them in various parks for over 12 years… and was the reason for Georgia creating the ‘Levi’s Alert’ system for missing children.

  5. Alan,

    You have a good point. That is one that should be checked out. I am going to look at that one and post on it also. I am glad you said something.

  6. I know that life imprisonment for Gary Hilton would be cheaper than putting him to death…But it just seems that when a crime is so horrendous–that he made her his captive for 3 days, and probably raped Meredith Emerson–that monster should pay with his life.

  7. Gary Hilton committed such a heinous crime that the death penalty seems to be the only way to assure the public that this monster will not kill again.

  8. I saw this guy in my neighborhood several times, and he always gave me a very creepy feeling. I knew something was not right about him. I just wish he could have been convicted of some small crime and put behind bars and potentially detained from committing more severe crimes such as what it appears he may be responsible for now. It’s truly horrible.

  9. Somewhere online there’s a man by this same name connected with a Doctor and a tax scam. Interstingly enough the Doctor ran a mental health facility and the patients were in on the sacam. Could this be him?

  10. Peter, if they find that he indeed is responsible for Cheryl Dunlaps murder … I can almost assure you that the prosecutors in Leon/Wakulla Counties will seek the death penalty. Georgia may not seek the death penalty, but Florida will fry him if he is found guilty!

  11. Mikah – It appear the mental patient in Colorado involved in a tax scam is a different Gary Michael Hilton.

  12. Ironically, in early 2007 there was a widely distributed email warning that there was a serial killer stalking the hiking trails of Georgia, Florida, Tenessee, and the Carolinas. The email said the killer was raping/killing female hikers, decapitating them, and that the police were covering up the simularities of the killings. Police were asked about the email, and responded that it was a hoax.

    But in December, after Cheryl Hodges Dunlap was discovered in a forest park near Tallahasee there was a rumor she had been decapitated. When asked if the body had been decapitated the police refused to deny or confirm the issue. Meanwhile, a forest ranger had written the tag number of Hilton’s van for camping in the area, and the masked man that used Dunlap’s Debit Card has exactly the same build and posture as Hilton.

  13. What about the recent disappearances of Kyle Fleischmann and Justin Gaines? They were never found and both disappeared under strange circumstances.

    I really think this Hilton guy could be responsible for numerous murders and I hope he is really looked into for many cases. This guy has been grazing around the southern US (or even broader) without a physical home and living out of the mountains.

    I hate to get into his mind…but if he was mentally messed up enough to kill this girl, he could have became obsessed with it long before and went to a life of murdering people and really…go unnoticed because of his living circumstances and unusual behavior.

    This guy could have some kind of hideout in the mountains where he has multiple bodies or even people still alive that he has kidnapped. I fear that unless he cracks, we may never know. Fortunately, the serial killers usually do eventually spill the beans because they always want to be “more famous” than the last serial killer.

    This is all just horrible and my VERY first thought whenever the Meredith girl went missing was that he was connected to the Bryant’s disappearance. I have an eerie feeling he is now, and for many others’ since they are now thinking he is responsible for one in Florida.

  14. The Florida police have now admitted that Cheryl Hodges was also decapitated.

    A Tallahassee ATM video camera showed a thin man wearing a homemade mask, long sleeve shirt, gloves, goggles, and a black knit cap using Hodges debit card.

    In October, a police car dash camera taped Gary Hilton (wearing a black knit cap) being chased off private land by a Georgia police officer.

    In December, Hilton was repeatedly seen camping in the Tallahassee area from December 7th (by a hunter) until December 28th (by a forest ranger). A check by an officer showed there was an outstanding warrant for Hilton for recieving stolen merchandise in Miami… but it HAD EXPIRED NOVEMBER 9TH.

    This means that when the Georgia officer questioned Hilton on October… there was an outstanding warrant for him! I bet the police officer is kicking himself today for not running a full check. If he had, both Meredith and (apparently) Cheryl would have been alive today.

    Also, while Hilton was in the Tallahassee area, on December 15th an elderly woman named Osteen was abducted in the middle of the night. (She is still missing) Her sister described the intruder as ‘a white man who is balding and has short gray hair’. Sound familiar?

  15. I remeber hiking in the smokies (tn) in 1996 with my family and there were signs posted everywhere warning that there had been two female hikers murdered on the Appalachian Trail that May. After doing some research, I have since found out that they arrested a man they thought had committed these murders, but have since let him go since they have DNA evidence of a male suspect, but it wasn’t his……just wondering…

  16. This guy looks like a man who came into our walmart store to do a return without a receipt. We turned him down because when we used his ID he already had 5 previous at 5 different stores. When we looked at the store list they were all in the N.C., Ga., and Tennessee mountain areas. Might be how he was getting gas money to travel around?

  17. I hike the North Carolina area frequently where the older
    couple was killed and am always amazed to see young women hikers alone. I always hike with my German Shepherd and can take care of myself.
    I reported this at the hiking store recently after a hike and commented to the store owner”whats wrong with these girls”?
    Everyone should appreciate that not everyone you meet on the trail is out enjoying Gods creation.
    Be cautious ,wary,and use good judgment and never hike alone. Mace is not a bad idea either.

  18. This reminds me of a case that goes back 20 years ago in VA. The Colonial Parkway Murders. Couples were being murdered along the parkway and along trails. There are some differences. But serial killers change and develop as they go on. I keep wondering if this psycho was in VA during that time. He’s 60 years old, and I cringe to think how long he has been doing this or how many victims are out there. I read most of thiese killers begin in their 30’s or so. It’s scary and so sad. I used to hike alone until the Parkway Murders and that made the woods look so different and less appealing to me.

  19. Even death penalty is too good for this psychopathic monster. He should be executed by Ling Chi, an ancient Chinese execution method, meaning “death by a thousand cuts”.

  20. There is a case here in Murfreesboro, TN of an elderly woman named Marcy Smith. She disappeared on or around the 5th of December. Her family reported her missing and her SUV was found at Wal Mart. An elderly man was seen driving it, and he was caught on video leaving the vehichle after parking it between 2 big trucks, taking a bike which was not hers out of the back and peddling away. The video is blurry and his face is not decernable. Her body has not been found, and interest has shifted to her husband. From what I’ve seen, Hilton could very well have been in the Murfreesboro area. If he was involved in the murder of the elderly couple and tried to use their bank cards in Ducktown, that is only about 2 and a half hours east of Murfreesboro. His next known location was at the forest in Tallahasse, FL., only 8 hours south of Murfreesboro on the 7th, plenty of time to drive from Murfreesboro after the 5th. Just a thought. Even though the suspect left on a bike, it is suspected he had a vehicle somewhere else. Although Marcy Smith was 69, she does bare a striking resemblance to some of the other victims. Of course, I am only going on bits and pieces I catch on the news. I don’t know if Hiltons whereabouts are accounted for for any of this time and I’m sure there are things about the Marcy Smith case that are kept out, but I would like to know.

  21. I am hoping that FL, GA, NC, SC, and TN will be able to close some cold cases for many years back…I would not be surprised to hear he’s been doing this for 30 years or more. I’d bet money that he isn’t new to this.
    A timeline of his whereabouts for at least 30 years needs to be done. Hope law enforcement will ASK the public to help and actually follow up on the leads.
    I’m willing to bet Hilton had something to do with at least 4 murders/disappearances here in the Tallahassee, Fl area while he was “visiting”. (a man found o Tram Rd, a man found in an RV, Cheryl Dunlap, and the disappearance of Judith Osteen from Old Town, FL).
    I suspect he just circles TN, FL, GA, SC, NC back and forth….commits his crimes and heads out…I am sure he is the man that drove into my driveway one day as I was unloading plants from my truck….said he needed gas money as he had left his wallet at home…constantly looking over his shoulder at traffic, and chatting on and on….even though he tried to smile and look pleasant there was an underlying creepinees that set me instantly on edge. Think this is one of his ways to get people up close….I am glad for the traffic that day!
    I hope anyone that thinks they have seen him (anywhere) will get the info to Law Enforcement to build a timeline.
    He’s been doing this for a long time….hope no more deals for him….unfortunately, he would still live on for a long time in prison before the sentence could be carried out (appeals). We could hope for an escape attemt and a good marksmanship of a deputy….
    I am hoping that Law Enforcement will cooperate with each other, and allow the public to help….Public turned out to be of great help in catching him….Law Enforcement, quit cutting the public out(as they did in Tallahassee)….even going so far as to call the public” liars” when one tried to warn people of a possible serial killer. I hope Law Enforcement will also make more of an effort to follow up on leads (instead of ignoring some GREAT tips in Tallahassee).
    I admit I am angry about Cheryl Dunlap…and the way her case was handled (only info the public got from the sheriff’s dept. was incorrect/inaccurate)…This very sweet, kind woman deserved a better investigation.

  22. I was doing a web search on Gary Michael Hilton and came across your blog. I’m wondering if he has ever been in Texas. Around the year 2000, back when I was in college, I was driving home late (2am) from a friends house and was followed and almost driven off the rode by a man in a Chevy Astro van (white). I have never forgotton his face nor his long forhead and bald head. I see his picture on the news and I get a little wigged out seeing it (almost like he is familiar to me). I can’t help but wonder if this is who was following me and trying to run me off the rode 8 years ago. Just a thought. Wish I knew where he had lived before.

  23. He may have also been responsible for the death of my mother.


  25. This guy is the Zodiac Killer – fits the profile to a “T” (age, hair color – when younger, motive – just likes to kill, military history, etc…) – and if I recall correctly Zodiac’s last letter stated he was “headed to the mountains for a while”… We need to get this guy’s DNA into a database quick!! Bet it would solve numerous crimes!!

  26. […] visitor resource centre – Last Updated – Thursday January 31  Request a Trackback Gary Michael Hilton – Serial Killer? In the wake of the case of Meredith Emerson, questions arise about other cases that are unsolved […]

  27. I live in North Georgia Mountains. He lived in the Rockcreek and Deep Hole area for several month until Game wardens went head to head with him. He laid out in a parking lot of a local store talking to his dog. He became upset that a store up in this part of the mountain did not sell Iams. I think he has been killing for a very long time and his love for dogs helped get him caught. I would like to know what this man has done and where he has lived. I feel there is a long trail.
    Many of us ladies have always felt safe in the woods. I hike with my boys . We have never known fear up here. I do now. I reminded the boys of the day we encountered him and who he was. He acted like he was sick and weak my oldest son thought I was mean for not helping him. He gave me cold chills. I can not get over how close we could have come. I believe Meridith tried to help the poor old man and it got her killed. A very slow death which makes him even scarier. This man has been encountered multiple times by law enforcement and managed to get away with out alarming them. The zodiac killer is very interesting. I just feel in my heart he has been killing for a very long time. He was not running in fear. He was very calm. He let the dog go which put the police on his trail. Ella got to have her say.

  28. Wanda, you were so right in listening to the “still, small voice” within your head. Bless her heart, Cheryl Dunlap was such a strong Christian, that she helped him anyway, even though the still small voice may have been crying “no, no!”. But that voice is put there within us by God to keep us safe.

    Yin Bin, I have to admit to so many thoughts just like yours ever since Hilton was caught. I, like many on this blog, am a woman who used to hike along a LOT. Scary to think that Hilton may have been waiting for me, too. He probably has a long trail; I agree with the other bloggers here.

    Let the punishment fit the crime! If he’s in prison for any length of time, he may get his just desserts, it will just take time. The cops didn’t put a bullet proof jacket on him in the trial for nothing.

  29. curious in cola- the bad thing is he wont confess because he doesnt want the death penalty which he got out of for meredith but if he confesses to others they can give him the death penalty if i could only get my hands on him the son of a bitch would talk i guarentee it maybe one day i will in which case ill make him confess on tape and then kill him and leave him to rot in the woods

  30. I personally knew Cheryl Dunlap. She was undoubtedly one of the sweetest, most caring and loving individuals I have ever known. My mother and her were very close and as were my sisters and I. I find this whole thing to be sickening and gut wrenching. It makes my heart ache for all of these friends and families. One thing I do know for sure is that Cheryl was devout in her faith in God. She had a profound trust and belief in God and she professed it daily in her actions and words. I am pleased to know that she is in a much better place today, but the thought of her family, her sons and friends having to go on without her here brings tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart. Of course to lose someone so dear to your heart is already one of the most painful things, but in this manner and way is absolutely horrifying. I pray peace upon the family of Cheryl, Meredith, The Bryants and any other dear people who might have been a victim of Gary Michael Hilton. I hope that Florida authorities find and confirm evidence to give him the death penalty. I am so sorry for everyones loss because of the horrible acts of this wicked man. I so wish that there was something we could do to bring them back. All I know is that I hope a lot of people (women especially) are a lot more careful when alone doing anything. It only takes a matter of seconds, you can never be too prepared. Also, authorities and officials will not disregard criminals for “small” acts of violence. It always starts with ust a “little”, Gary Hilton didn’t become a serial killer overnight. It was little by little. Be careful out there, we live in a world full of hatred and violence. It’s sad but true. God have mercy and protect us.
    ~Amber Collins (Pensacola, FL)

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    After I made the video montage dedicated to Steve and Meredith, Steve asked me … This is a video response to Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008 … – 63k – Similar pages

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    Nancy, I have found women clothes, shoes, purses, his burial grounds etc. Why is the media avoiding this story like the plague? He helped write for Murder Run in the North GA Mountains: Sauel Rael. How simple is this, A serial killer with a script? How many movies were in the past or in the future? How mny victims; alive and dead? Why aren’t these questions nswered? Shame on the Media. Here’s why: Meredith should have been rescued, she did her part. She was my neighbor for just 4 days… glennindawson:L Retired: AFD Squad #%
    – epic poems, spoken poetry, poem interpretation, life poetry, famous poetry
    Web ResultsYouTube – Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008
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    YouTube – In Memory of Meredith Emerson
    After I made the video montage dedicated to Steve and Meredith, Steve asked me … This is a video response to Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008 … – 63k – Similar pages

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    Firstgiving Blog: Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 – 20…
    Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 – 2008. Firstgiving would like to thank Susan Bongiorno for creating and sending along this incredible video in …… – 18k – Similar pages
    Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008 – Video Spider….
    Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008 I’m sure most of you have heard about the tragic disappearance and murder of hiker Meredith Emerson. … – 51k – Similar pages
    World All Offerings For Prayers, Worships, departed, traditi…
    Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008 · Bless · Alvin and the Chipmunks-Bleed it Out … Brad Renfro Tribute · My message to. … – 96k – Similar pages
    UGA Scholarship Fund In Memory of Meredith Emerson | News Ch…
    Jan 28, 2008 … “I think this is a wonderful tribute to her, I think the spirit of Meredith … Once established, the “Meredith Hope Emerson Award for Study … – 29k – Similar pages
    Meredith Emerson – Mahalo
    Official MySpace Page: Meredith WARNING: Set to private; YouTube: Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008 (Time 4:23) … – 62k – Similar pages

    Meredith is only one of Gary Hilton’s many victims both living and deceased, many are in prison, and many are in graves. I feel that our Justice System is broken to allow such a tragic incident to happen. He was the creative Writer for the Movie: “Murder Run in the North GA Mountains: Wolfcratch. How many movies did he act out/ How many victims are there, and why is the media shut down. I feel that Hilton is not the first, last, or only. God, I hope I am wrong, but I am confident that I m not. Please help me get Justice for Meredith and his many other victims.

    Sincerely: Glenn Adams: Wolfscratch

    I have backtracked Hilton since 01/06/08, he is the Hannibal Lectar of the 21st century. It is my opinion that he is not the first, last or only, or the Murder Run Movie ios not the only movie he stared in or intended on making.
    I am a dowser, and have found 6 of his burial grounds, I feel he has many more. This is not conjecture. I called out the K9’s, they were blocked. Safety tips blog was shut down twice with 3000 comments total. Contact WXIA TV, Atlanta, GA, and voice your opinion of this censorship; nonsense. Lack of media truth is why he was allowed to do his evil deeds for decades!…
    I documented my findings for protection and memory purposes. I know where he has been in;”Wolfscratch”, and what he did while he was here. I even took on his physical apearance and was assaulted twice, because of this.
    I will not give up on getting justice for his victims until: I am committed, arrested, or my dowsing rods point to me!…

    Glenn Adams; wolfscratch

  32. In my search for the truth concerning Hilton’s rein of terror, I have uncovered many ironies; He was arrested for 3 counts of attempted murder when he torched his fiancees house with her and her parents inside. This was in Dekalb Co., GA. The arrest records are available, the Court Records: Vanished! Who was the Judge? DA? Arson Investigator? Arresting Officer? Does the Brian Nichols case or fiasco have anything to do with the records disapearing?
    Hilton was ritual killer. This is why he had no victim profile. I have tied 15 identical traits to; Joshua from the “Old Testament. He was a soldier, as Hilton portrayed. Hilton hijacked hs traits in an evil way. Joshua took the helm when Moses died at the top of Mount Pisgah. The Bryants were captured at Pisgah National Forrest. It is my opinion that Hilton’s next movie would have been tittled “The Jerrico Wall”.. I will elaborate later……


  33. Finding the white clay substance, at two of his campsites that is similar to the white clay, of the mask Hilton, used when he us; Mrs. Duncan’s; ATM cards is why I am leaning in this direction: Hilton emulating Joshua in an evil way.

    White clay substance: Dowsing rods indicate it is of human origin.
    Hilton carried a Huge Huntint Knife; similar to machette
    Appalacian Mountains: Ancient; oldest in the world.
    Steve Watson: “I saw him standing in front of the abandoned; Densmore House like a statue.” Joshua did this after conquering a people.
    Joshua stood on a mound, like a statue, after conquering Jerusalem, Hilton always camped near East Mississipian; Indian Mound. The Cherokees called them; “The Ancient Ones.”
    Gary Hilton collected the Mound Dwellers; Artifacts, and adorned his victims graves with them. He could read the signs in these artifacts, which were tools and artwork made from rocks.

    Appalachicola Indians: Appalaciatian Mountains named after them. Appalacicola; where Mrs. Duncan, was taken.
    Amicacola River; same size as Jordan river, where it dumps into the dead sea.
    Ritual Killer; Joshua, would hang victims from a tree until sundown, then perform rituals on them.
    Joshua was the Soldier’s soldier; Hilton claimed to be a two tour of Vietnam; Airborn Army Ranger. He actually went to Germany, as I. In his deviated mind he believed this to be true, and carried himself as it were true. While back-tracking him, this was very obvious. He left his campsites as they were when he arrived; as rangers are trained. He would bury his trash in black plastic bags.
    If you observe; Hilto, in court, he carries himself as a Soldier, showing no remorse, as did the Oklahoma; Fed Bldg. bomber; McVay…
    Joshua, ha one member from each tribe under his command. I am concerned that Hilton, did not act alone!
    How many decades, has this Evil, demonic, ritualistic, cannibalistic: SERIAL KILLER, of Hannibal Lectur; magnitude, been doing his dirty deeds? How many others are involved? Why was he not encarcerated in 1982; for life, in Dekalb Co., GA. Why have the Court Records Vanished?
    These are only a few of the questions, that the media needs to be asked…
    Will it be 40 years before Hilton’s victims are reunited with their families? The Truth will perservere!…

    Wolfscratch; may they rest in peace…

  34. A few points that were left out in my last post:
    The white clay mask was placed on the Skull during burial rituals in the Neolithic(Stone) Age. The people buried their dead beneath the floors of their dwellings. The burials were very elaborate, and included the molding of a clay shell over the skull. Sea shells were used as the eyes. This clay mask is identical to the one Hilton wore.

    The E. Mississippian Indians built rock walls that were used to trap fish when the river got out of it’s banks. Hilton Stayed near these walls in Wolfscratch/Dawson Forest; WMA. The Jerrico wall.
    He marks his burial grounds, which have multiple graves, with multiple remains in many of them, with glass canning jars. His victims are decapitated with glass jars. And Hilton destroyed; man, woman, young and old, with the edge of his sword, as did Joshua..
    Joshua rose early in the morning. The abandoned house is less than 300 yards from my home, it is for sale, with sign. I woke up at 4 AM, every morning he was here with knots in my stomach. I have never done this before or since…

    It was reported by the GBI that; Hilton has MS. He was self diagnosed MS, and had a DR., Prescribing him Riddilin in large doses. I feel he has CJD; Creichfield Jacobs Disease. Research this. The GBI; PR unit said Hilton held Meredith for 3 days: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday = 4 days: GBI Math! Following SOP, and a simple 911 call by John Tabor would have captured Hilton and rescued Meredith Emerson, I am confident of this. I saw his vehicle in the woods next to my house on thurs., but thought it was campers. The GBI, did not get this info to the media…
    He used broomsticks, in a perverted way. IMO

    Wolfscratch: may they rest in peace…

  35. Bonnie, by the way, that’s my wife’s name. I have put my family and friends through severe stress through out my journey to get Justice for Meredith and Hilton’s many, many victims. I feel that I am being led by his victims. I can not explain why I can see things that I shouldn’t, know things that I shouldn’t, or find things that dogs cvan’t find. I just know that I have, and I can’t get any help from Law Enforcement, only hinderance. They don’t have a clue and don’t want one. IMO I feel that tyhey are in the PR; CYA mode due to the ramifications of what I have been reporting since 01/06/08: Over 100+ victims in graves and in Prisons. Just my Humble Opinion.
    If anyone saw the new show; “Castlebury’s Law”, this will give a clue to my knowledge on this subject. I would much rather the news media do this, but they seemed to be in hiding…

    Wolfscratch; may they rest in peace…

  36. This is my response to another bloggers question; why is the media silenced about Hilton? Why do they keep censoring my posts and closing blogs that I comment o? There are many possible reasons for the silence:

    Indictment; against the Justice System: 100’s of innocent people in Prison. If your spouse or lover came up missing, and you did not have an alibi, you would be charged, and with an indictment above 90%, chances are you will go to prison. Gary Hilton was a secret until; January of 08…

    The “Good Ole Boy”; network, has been retributing amnd intimidating the common folks, while letting this evil demonic serial killer, live in our community, oblivious to LE.

    Embarrassment and Pending litigation from admitting incompetence.

    Upcoming Presidential and other Elections; politics.

    Truth of 1982 Court records; Dekalb County; 3 counts of attempted murder by Arson.

    For this to have gone on for so many decades, there has to be other people involved, IMO. Were they people in authority? Is this being investigated by a higher power? In my opinion, it is….may Hilton’s many, many victims rest in peace….


  37. If it has not been sensored yet, you can click my name and go to my blog where I have a few pics of my journey and the Tribute memorial I built for Meredith Hope Emerson.
    My plan for the Memorial is; Get media attention while letting people visit it at 105 Goshen Church Rd, Dawsonville GA, 30534. I am in the process of adding music and placing it on Utube and My Space. After a few months I will try to get sponsors to place it at Licensed Animal Rescues for a few months, to help them with donations and adoptions, then pass it on to another. I feel that this is the least I can do in her memory, she was my neighbor for just four days…


  38. This blog was censored by : “The King” at WXIA T, for not agreeing with his philosophy. It had 2000 comments, The next blog which was started by loyal bloggers was: What happened to safety Tips? It had 1200 comments in 4 days. The 3rd blog, was called What Happened? If you say: Santa says Ho Ho Ho Ho merry Christmas, it will display as “Santa says ** ** ** ** Merry Christmas. What is Santa to do? That’s WXIA TV, ridiculous!

    —– Wrote —–

    Oops! We can’t find the webpage you’re looking for
    Here are some suggestions:

    Check the address for typing errors such as instead of
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s internet connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that your browser is permitted to access the Web.
    ORTry a Search

    enhanced by google
    AOL Search


  39. Linda Bass, Most of these LE Departments are in the pre 09/11/08; mode or strategy. It is the us against them attitude, or the “This case is under investigation;” routine.
    This policy is causing precious lives, due to the loss of resources. The American public could be the eyes and ears of LE, but due to EGO’s, it is not utilized, and it is free. AMW; 985 Fugitives apprehended due to public involvement. When will they learn, lives are too precious to gamble with!


  40. I am going to give a descriptive name to Gary Hilton that should paint a picture for the bloggers, that is based on my findings: Evil, Demonic, Caniballistic, Ritual: SERIAL KILLER: The Hannibal Lectur, of the 20th and 21st century. I would to love to put him to death for his evil deeds, revive him, and repeat, however he doesn’t care. He would be a Lieutenant upon arrival in Hell! If he has CJD, he has a short life span. He needs to be studied and interrogated to get the truth about any accomplices…..

    Wolfscratch; taking a break so someone can post…


  41. My reply to Sleddog, from another blog. He is a researcher, and had a map with Hilton’s possible victims on it. Over 200, from Vermont to Florida, and west to Memphis, TN. M. King at WXIA, censorsed this valuable info. He should be ashamed..
    Sleddog, how was the Ididarod? Notice you are plural. How’s the trip? I am very concerned that the fox is investigating the henhouse robbery in this incidence. Seems obvious to me that he had accomplices, I feel that they are destroying evidence as these items and info, that I have discovered are being ignored.
    The room in the Abandoned house by my home is identical to the one on the Tallahassee News; site Murder Movie of Rael’s.
    Sleddogs, thanks for your concern and much apreciated support, trust me, the PTSS, is only a minuet part of this equation.
    I sure do miss your victim map. Could you re post it? How many possible victims are on it now? Did you ever find Vann Mason.
    By the way, you sure show up at the darnedest times..
    About your BIL, tell him I said hello, and he knows the old, “you go we go; rule, well Hilton’s victims, are gone

  42. This poem is inscribed in the White Cherokee; marble memorial, with a scene of Meredith and Ella, enjoying the peace , tranquility and spectacular views of the Appalacians…

    Glenn Adams
    February 17th, 2008 at 2:31 am Meredith Hope Emerson, loving, caring, an important part of nature, She and her dog Ella, loved the mountains and outdoors. Where the rhodendrum grow , the hemlock stand tall, and the Eagle soars, Just sitting marvelling at the appalacians; so majestic with splendor, She and Ella, playing, hiking, and bonding with love, The forest, inhabitants; birds, and deer meander, The meadows in Bucktown, will take your breath, and wild azaleas bloom, The sun rising high, the forest comes alive, the honey bees and Butterflys. Black bears just lumbering along, the birds singing mother nature’s favorite song. Hikers come from all over to hike the AT, some hiking it short, some hiking it long, She and Ella thought of this as a paradise, for whatever it’s worth, When they were one, with the earth, my only request is, and I pray, That they meet again on that endless Rainbow Bridge, entering Heaven , Someday. In nature she’ll be missed, by family, friends, and loved ones. As our somber nation prays, she was my neighbor for just Four Days….

  43. wolfscratch

    There are two metal real estate signs; From two different Mountain Properties;located near an abandoned house at Hwy 183 and Afton Rd., Dawsonville, GA 30534. The RE companies are located in; Murphy, NC. Hilton used these signs for two purposes: 1. In case LE caught him on the posted land, he would tell them that he worked for the RE company, and was placing the land on the market; cagey and calculating. 2. He also used the two signs for blinds to hide his and Meredith’s presence, under a large hemlock tree.
    I called the broker, the signs were like new. I ask if he and his competitor were missing them. He said yes, so I ask him to find out where the property is that they came from, and report to LE. He camped at these locations nd graves may be located there. I called Murphy, NC; Sheriffs, Dawsonville Sheriffs Dept. This was weeks ago. The Signs are still there. I rode back by a couple of days later and 2 wo Buzzards were perched above two gravesites that I located. Damn

  44. From Wolfscratch: someone email the: “; wxia KING”, CBS and ABC together lost nearly 2 million viewers, or a combined 10 percent, during the Iraq war period, according to NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH. tell him: with love from “Wolfscratch”.

    Hello bloggers: I hijacked LB’s PC…
    Fungsway: Google earth zip code 30534, Dawsonville, GA Hwy 9 South of dawsonville about 5 miles: Atlanta tract of Dawson Forrest: WMA; Lockheed nuclear testing facility, near where Levi frady was found. Hilton and another man’s sketch is on his site, and Hilton is on Patrice Endres’ site. Check it out.

    LB; told me that Hilton’s ID# has 666; in it. Not to scare anyone, but my ss# does too. Had it since I was about 17 years old= 40 years…never thought about it before now…

    All my emails and comments on gretawire are vannishing, like the DC;GA court records.

    Check to see who represented Hilton in the Arson case. If it was the moviemaker. Wouldn’t Arson be a violent crime, especially with 3 people, inside?

    Yall take care and keep in touch, their is LE; everywhere in Wolfscratch, don’t know what their doing. Hope they do. I will come back tonight when it cools down. I will be lerking, but will keep it toned down, so yall can blog.
    2 and 5 tv’s; filmed the abandoned house on 01/07/08. Am I the only one that thinks the room with the mattresses, is identical to the one in the movie. Read up on Joshua, Moses, and Neamiah; Jerrico Wall, We haven’t led you astray yet, I am not going to start now. This scenerio began 40 years ago, when I was sent to live with my Aunt Grace: “Amazing Grace”, I am confident of this….

    Wolfscratch. I will attempt to post on Gretawire: sent her some pics, fox news is going to the Supreme Court; to fight for the 1st Amendment; seems that Cher let, a 4 letter word slip during a concert they were broadcasting. Cher, is a 4 letter word, isn’t it? I told them they should use the Stormy Weather: Defense. What ya think?


  45. I have learned of a PR campaign, that started on 01/06/08. The press conference by the GBI, concerning Meredise Emerson: Blood Mtn. Hiler; AT, and the Capture of Gary Michael Hilton. I am still wondering why they labeled this a press conference. The only answer that I heard quoted by the GBI; agent in charge of the mission wsa’ “NO COMMENT THIS IS UNDER INVESTIGATION”.

    This attitude of us against them, leave the public and the media is the pre 09/11/01; strategy that contributed to the demise of Meredith Hope Emerson, and the incompetence that caused her life, his mny other victims, both in graves and in prison due to Hilton. being oblivious to LE. From info, that I have gathered backtracking Hilton for 2 months, info from the internet, and near of a dozen of his prey, that go back decades, as well as two of the GBI’s; own website, with their own; Sketch Artist, that have been on the web for 10 years: Levi Frady, and Patrtice Endres. I met the other person on Levi’s site. Why hasn’t he been interviewed in 10 years. Why wasn’t Hilton encarcerater for life when he torched his fiancee’s house with her and her parents inside; 1982; Dekalb Co., GA ?

    He made the ‘Murder Run”;Sameul Rael: movie in 1995. A SERIAL KILLER WITH A SCRIPT:
    How simple cvan that be.

    I know their is alot of Justice Dept officials and Law Enforcement that are very Honorable. Please stop giving them a bad name and quit spinning this “BLUNDER!
    A simple 911 call at the Huddle House at 5 Pm on 01/03/08; from Hilton, to John Tabor would have captured Hilton and Rescued Meredith Hope Emerson, In My Opinion.

    The Spin the GBI PR unit and the GA State Legislature is putting on this Story is a Disgrace! In my Humble Opinion. Please stop the Backpatting, this operation was not a success, due to incompetence and the pre 09/11/01: antiquated Strategy.. May his many, many; victims rest in peace..
    Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams

  46. Meredith Hope Emerson, was a typo on my last, I apologize for this error…

  47. I just received an email about the AJC: article. This article has been spoon fed by the GBI’s Elite PR Squad; ‘Propaganda and Rumor’ SQUAD. IMO. After reading the article at about Meredith Emerson; fighting Hilton, it is filled with half truths and info to intentionally paint an eroneous picture in the mind of the reader. One example of this is: she appeared to be going along with her abductor, as Hilton described, Keenan said it was only to survive. “She struggled to live,” the GBI director said.

    Hilton knew he was a wanted man, telling investigators he had followed the AJC’s coverage of Emerson’s abduction. On the day she died, Jan. 4, he was pictured on the newspaper’s front page alongside a story in which police named him a “person of interest” in the Buford hiker’s disappearance.

    That day, Hilton said that he told Emerson “she was going home.”

    Although the AJC paper referred too, was Jan 4, 2008(papers arrive one day early here) one block from where he made the Huddle House phone call. He had the paper in hand when he ask directions to a pay phone, and called John Tabor for money to get out of town with. Tabor who was working in conjunction with the GBI; set the scheme, or sting up, that in my opinion not only contributed too, but CAUSED MEREDITH’S DEATH! A SIMPLE 911 CALL, THAT ANY 7 YEAR OLD CHILD WOULD MADE, would have resulted in the capture of Hilton and the RESCUE OF MEREDITH. Due to this deviation in SOP, Hilton went into the “Rid evidence; mode”, which included Meredith. I feel that Meredith, would be celebrating Easter with her loved ones, including her precious lab; Ella, if the GBI had put the info out to the public sooner(I saw his van in the field at 6PM: Thurs1/03/08), and thought they were campers. The GBI didn’t notify the local Law Enforcement, of his presence, according to my info, and missled the media, by corraling them and the volunteers at Blood Mountain, to prevent interference with their investigation.
    Their pre 09/11/01; strategy, in my opinion contributed to her demise and prevented her from being Rescued on the first day.
    Hilton was the creative writer of the Murder Run Movie: by Samuel Rael. I have located his burial grounds: EIGHT TOTAL. I called the K9’s to verify and they were blocked by Law Enforcement? WHY? How hard is it to apprehend an : EVIL, DEMONIC, CANNIBALISTIC, RITUAL: SERIAL KILLER, that has a moviescript.
    May all Hilton’s Many, many
    ,receive Justice! May they rest in peace!!!

    WOLFSCRATCH; vinny

    The ladies pants, with the pink panties attached, that I found after Law Enforcement responded t, Hilton’s Wildcat Tract: Dawson Forest; Campsite, are still on the ground with a few more leaves on them; like a piece of discarded trash. You can view them at

    Keep Meredith, and his other victims in your prayers this Easter. May they rest in Peace….

    Glenn Adams: wolfscratch

  48. Bloggers, Happy Easter. I can’t think of a better day for Devine Intervention to take hold, can you?

    As I said 2 months ago, I have much more info to share, as I get that missing piece of the puzzle. Please help me diseminate this info to other websites and news media. As the little facts slip out here and there the truth will eventually emerge, and the Victims will receive Justice, despite certain media outlets and the Justice Systems efforts to impeach the messenger and sweep this tragic affair under the rug. Thank everyone for their support and encouragment:

    Hello bloggers, you too shippy. Shippy, you sure have been stirring up a lot of bloggers, on a lot of different sites, you furry wascal..
    I can talk until I am blue in the face, but you are so good at what you do, you remind me of a camelian; “Solid Gold”. Too bad you can’t do nothin else…

    Man I have bigger and more important things to get my BP; up about:
    Heres one of them:

    janetlsingh // January 9, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    thats very sad that a woman is not safe to do what she wants to do. these are some trying times. what he did to her was unreal and i pray he gets what hes got comeing to him and not set free. he had no right to kill her. it makes me so angry about people like him walking the face of the earth.

    Linda Bass // January 14, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    I am hoping that Gary Hilton is looked at for any unsolved murders for Fl, Ga, NC, SC, TN for at least the last several years….minimum.
    He didn’t “just start” murdering….I’d love to see him looked at for murders in this same area for at least 35 years (or back to just before his DUI in 73 or thereabouts).
    In the Tallahassee Florida area about the time he was here there were 4 “deaths”…2 men and 2 women….1 man in an RV, one man found off Tram Road, Cheryl Dunlap and in nearby Old Town, FL Judith Osteen was abducted from her home by a man fitting Hiltons description….I am hoping FDLE looks at Hilton for all these (if the shoe fits).
    I had an encounter with Hilton in my driveway…he drove into my driveway as I was unloading plants from my truck and started a rambling, nervous, odd conversation along the lines of needing gas money as he had left his wallet at home….I was instantly uneasy with this man and dug into my pocket and handed him a few dollars….never taking my eyes off him….he left with “I’ll come back in a few days and repay you…” A few days later I found a butcher knife on my back deck…..didn’t put it together then….
    I hope a LOT of unsolved cases are looked at now and I expect Hilton will fit the perp to a T.
    I’d even like to see him looked at for Adam Walsh’s murder….I think he’s been active that long…..

    The other is the “Proclamation by the Legislature”, on a job well done by Law Enforcement; The Meredith Emerson Fiasco; This is a disgrace and they should be ashamed!..

    This evil demon has been slaughtering our families, friends, and love ones for decades, oblivious to LE, and should have been encarcerated in 1982, had the Justice System worked. The truth would be an Indictment on the Justice system The Truth will prevail! May Gary Hilton and Associates; many, many victims rest in peace……

    The truth is coming out slowly: cannibal, rapist, were two new verifications of what I visioned on 01/06/08, and for a few days later. I could not only see where he had been, but what he did when he got there. He tortured his victims, as well as performed rituals, and marked his gravesites with glass canning jars, to be able to relocate them, in case of his extended absence.
    Is imperative, that bright minds research the connection between him and Joshua, of the Old Testament. He has no less than 15 identicle traits. Hershey says, “There is no such thing as coincidence!”
    I found another book yesterday; “The Dead Sea Scrolls”, don’t know what this means, but it must be pertinent. I guess I m just talking to myself. My comments are vanishing….like the 1982 Dekalb County, GA; Court Records when Hilton, torched his fiance’s house, with her and her parents inside: Three counts of attempted murder by Arson; a cowardly crime and a feeble attempt to cover this miscarriage of justice, up! A “Nifong”; manuever, in my opinion. I know the answer, I just need verification. Does the Brian Nichols; case; have any significance?


  49. The AT stats aren’t that accurate in my opinion. Van Mason Oct. 2004; found near where Meredith was taken, had a broke neck. Had a treelimb in his hand: Ruled accidental fall from tree. Yea right!
    Gary Hilton, tried to capture another female hiker the day before he took Meredith. Says he took her for her money, yea right. Took Mr Bryant instead of Mrs. Bryant for PIN numbers. Yea Right.
    One more time: Gary Michael “Mack” Hilton: Evil, Demonic, Cannibal, Ritual: SERIAL KILLER. In my opinion, and this is not conjecture, Hilton had no victim Profile, due to the ritual killing. 11 year old: Levi Frady,Forsyth Co, GA, Oct 22, 1997. Patrice Endres: Hairdressor; Forsyth Co, GA 2004, and Mrs Bryant; Pisgah Nat. Forrest, NC; 83 years old.
    The verification of cannibalism, lends credence to the Creichfield Jacobs Disease; theory. This can be a result of Cannibalism; symptoms similar to MS; causes cell mutation; which in turn causes a demonic personality. Hilton fits the Bill! Check the Harvard University Study, on a New Gennea tribe of cannibals.


  50. Wolf: Happy Easter to you. Looks like I finally found where you have been posting your new info. Will check back here since never catch you ” you know where”.

  51. Had The “King” at WXIA TV #11 not “Shut Down” the “Safety Tips; blog”, and 3 others, they could have read this breaking news on or about 01/10/08…

    I would like to Salute the AJC and the Reporter that reported this story: a flicker of light shining through;


    Hiker never gave up fight, Hilton said

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Published on: 03/23/08

    Gary Michael Hilton acknowledged that the petite woman nearly overpowered him when he first accosted her. As they struggled near the Appalachian Trail, Meredith Emerson disarmed her attacker of a knife and baton.

    Hilton eventually subdued Emerson, kidnapped her and later killed her. She did not make it easy for him, according to interviews Hilton gave to investigators that were obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    • More Atlanta news
    • More Metro news
    • Metro photo galleries

    Speaking to Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Clay Bridges only days after killing the young woman, Hilton said: “I think it was you probably, or one of the GBIs, said ‘That little 120-pound-girl about probably came close to whipping your ass.’ She about did.”

    Her life in danger, Emerson fought back using her strength, her wits and a large measure of courage and determination. In the four days after she disappeared on a Blood Mountain hiking trail in Union County, investigators said, Emerson never gave up.

    Bridges said he talked with the South Florida-born vagrant as authorities drove him from the Union County Jail to the Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area, where Hilton killed Emerson. Hilton made a deal with prosecutors that he would lead investigators to her remains, if they would not seek the death penalty.

    As they descended the winding North Georgia mountain roads, the Army veteran casually detailed the abduction and slaying of the 24-year-old University of Georgia graduate.

    Bridges said Hilton clearly relished the attention, and authorities described his account as “self-serving.”

    Still, Emerson’s tenacity and smarts are evident throughout, and, despite Hilton’s best attempts, her actions overwhelm the one-sided narrative.

    “She was doing everything she could to stay alive,” GBI Director Vernon Keenan said. “It’s not something you can train for. Instinct kicks in. … She nearly got the best of him. … She’s very much a hero.”

    Meredith Emerson was described as “feisty” by her roommate and close friend. Her Judo teacher said at 5 feet 4 inches and 120 pounds, she “trained with us like she lived every day — hard and with everything she had.”

    Hilton, 61, told investigators he abducted her because she was a woman.

    Easy prey, he figured.

    ‘Wouldn’t stop fighting’

    Both were with their dogs when they met near the Appalachian Trail in Union County on New Year’s Day. For a time they walked together, but, as Hilton later admitted, he couldn’t keep up with her and fell behind. He intercepted her on her way down, producing a military-style knife and demanding her ATM card.

    Without pause, Emerson fought back.

    “The bayonet is probably still up there,” Hilton told Bridges. “I lost control, and … she fought. And as I read in the paper, she’s a martial artist.”

    Emerson, who held a green belt and a blue belt in two different martial arts, grabbed the blade.

    He countered with a baton. She grabbed it, too. They stepped off the trail and fell down a slope, leaving the weapons behind.

    “I had to hand-fight her,” Hilton said. “She wouldn’t stop. She wouldn’t stop fighting,” he said. “And yelling at the same time. … So I needed to both control her and silence her.”

    He kept punching her, so hard it left both her eyes black and may have fractured her nose. Hilton said his hand was broken by the blows. He figured she had worn down, and they moved farther off the trail.

    Then Emerson started fighting again. He finally got her to stop by telling her all he wanted was her credit card and PIN. He then restrained her hands with a zip tie.

    Then, Hilton told Bridges, “I had to go back and clean the crime scene.”

    But he couldn’t find any of his weapons. He said he spotted three hikers nearby and assumed they had found the knife and baton.

    It was one of several close calls that continue to haunt Hilton’s captors. On at least three other occasions before he killed Emerson, Hilton crossed paths or was in the vicinity of law-enforcement officials.

    On the day he abducted her, he was worried police officers might be waiting for him in the parking lot as he led Emerson back down the mountain, staying off the established trails. He assumed whoever retrieved his baton and knives had called police, or perhaps they had heard Emerson’s cries for help.

    Apparently no one did.

    Without incident, Hilton placed Emerson and her dog, Ella, in his van and secured his victim with a padlocked chain.

    Chained or bound

    In the following hours and days, Emerson kept Hilton off-balance by repeatedly giving him the wrong PIN for her ATM card but assuring each time that this time the numbers were correct.

    She bought time with that ploy. Three days.

    “That’s one thing that broke my heart in this case,” Bridges said. “She was doing everything she was supposed to do to stay alive, and we didn’t get there in time.”

    In recounting conversations with Emerson, Hilton revealed himself as a killer without shame or remorse — and unwittingly provided testament to her resolve.

    Hilton said he and Emerson camped all three nights during a spell of bitter cold.

    To keep her from running away, he usually kept a chain or nylon rope around her neck and she was often tethered to a tree or inside the van. When they slept, Emerson was tied to him so he would know if she tried to escape.

    Hilton claimed he tried to make Emerson comfortable, at one point saying he gave her the warmer sleeping bag because temperatures had dropped to 4 degrees. He offered her aspirin for a lingering headache that followed their fight the first day.

    “I was solicitous of her … comfort and everything else,” said Hilton, seemingly oblivious to the contradiction.

    Perhaps one of the most chilling details followed, as Hilton nonchalantly told Bridges, he raped Emerson that first night. He was angry she’d made him drive around from bank to bank and still had nothing to show for it.

    Their second day together, Hilton set up camp in Dawson Forest, where they hiked for several hours. He insisted she was free, but he also said he told her he would shoot her and anyone around if she tried to get away.

    “We took both dogs and went hiking along Shoal Creek,” Hilton said. He said she was not bound while they hiked.

    If she appeared to be going along with her abductor, as Hilton described, Keenan said it was only to survive. “She struggled to live,” the GBI director said.

    Hilton knew he was a wanted man, telling investigators he had followed the AJC’s coverage of Emerson’s abduction. On the day she died, Jan. 4, he was pictured on the newspaper’s front page alongside a story in which police named him a “person of interest” in the Buford hiker’s disappearance.

    That day, Hilton said that he told Emerson “she was going home.”

    “I said, ‘I’m giving you all your stuff back.’ I had all her stuff bagged up together. I made a point of showing her.”

    They drove to the spot where he would kill her. On the way, they passed a law-enforcement officer.

    “I waved at him,” Hilton said. “It was that close.”

    Though a police bulletin had been issued for Hilton’s van with a DeKalb County license plate, by then he had switched that tag for a stolen North Carolina tag.

    “I walked her into the woods,” Hilton said. He carried two sleeping bags, an air mattress “for her to sit on,” two bags and a chain.

    “Secured her to a tree. Walked back to the van. Kinda got myself together. Made some coffee.”

    Killing was difficult

    When he came back to her, Hilton said with a little laugh, Emerson told him, ” ‘I was afraid you weren’t coming back.’ ”

    He gave her a book to read, “Cannibals and Kings: Origins of Cultures” by Marvin Harris, walked behind her as if he were going to remove the chains holding her to the tree and hit her several times with the handle from a tire jack.

    Hilton both killed and decapitated Emerson in a vain effort to destroy evidence that might incriminate him.

    Hilton was worried about another piece of evidence that might link him to the slaying — Emerson’s dog. She had told him the Lab-mix carried a microchip identifying it as her pet.

    “If I wanted to ensure that no one would associate the dog with her, I would’ve killed the dog,” Hilton said. “But there’s no way I could do that.”

    He had no such reservations about killing Emerson.

    “Was it difficult for you at all?” GBI agent Bridges asked after Hilton finished his account of the murder.

    “It was like an out-of-body experience. It was surreal. … You look back on it, and you say ‘That wasn’t even real.’ You might say it was an altered state. …

    “It was hard,” Hilton continued. “You gotta remember we had spent several good days together.”

    More on
    Hiker never gave up fighting, her killer told investigators

    Hiker never gave up fight, her killer said

    LEGISLATIVE BRIEFS: Bill would aid solving of crimes

    Case closed

    Serial killer experts target Hilton case

    Meredith Emerson’s death haunts lead GBI investigator

    Hilton indicted in killing in Florida

    Hilton, a serial killer? Experts examine profile

    Women vow to ‘take back’ hiking trail

    Hiker fought Hilton until death.

    Wolfscratch; May she rest in peace. She was a kindred spirit, and a fighter. If we could only fight half as hard….

  52. WolfS: In your own way, you are fighting hard to see that the true story comes out. Reading this article was a heartbreaker. Sounds like she did everything “right” to make a friend with Hilton…forget what that’s called…but nothing worked.
    Now I’m wondering if one should just run if you ever find yourself in this situation…and take your chance at being shot. Sounds like she was trying to build up his trust by hiking with him waiting for a chance to get away when he would be “off guard”.
    Glad to see that Rhonda and Christian cared enough to write this story. They’re talking about it now on Fox and Friends!
    Take care dear friends in Georgia.

  53. Hilton oughta be tied to a tree and set on fire!

  54. If I remember correctly Hilton, had 3 bb pistols in his van, when he was apprehended. IMO, these pistols were used to keep dogs, away from him and Dandy, and any other dogs in his presence. It could possibly have been used in the Murder Run scenario. My question; Why Three?


  55. Bloggers,
    The following is the interview with GARY MICHAEL HILTON: SERIAL KILLER. It is very Graphic. It is very traumatic to read. I am very confident that he has been doing his evil deeds for decades. May his many, many victims rest in peace…


  56. Reb, fire is his friend, he is Satan’s Desciple….


  57. If you complete this lenthy interview, you will see where Hilton says that he went from Gainesville to Daholonega. and Hwy 52 W. This is the direction of the abandoned House, where he actually held Meredith. He was visualoly sighted ther by Steve Watson, at 9 AM on Friday, 01/04/08. He was also confronted at little Mill and Hwy 306 at 2 PM, on that same day, trying to gain entrance through the fence at the Nuclear Facility, and a locked Dumpster. He does not Law Enforcement to know where his other victims are hidden. Meredith was placed in the Atlanta Tract, temporarily. This is why he only covered her remains with leaves.
    This is similar to alot of birds deflection of preditors from their young….


  58. WolfS: maybe he used bb’s guns to kill small animals like rabbits, squirrels for food. What do you think about that? He seems like he was resourceful. BBL…we need food in house here, too. Can’t survive much longer on candy bars and hot chocolate.

  59. Gary Hilton, while held in the Dawson County,GA; Detention Center, was asked, by one of the correction officers,” If you are so intelligent, why did you get arrested. Hilton’s reply, “They haven’t caught me since I was; Fourteen Years old!” Was he just boasting” I am confident that he has been killing for decades….This is not based on conjecture….


  60. Meredith Hope Emerson, loving, caring, an important part of nature, She and her dog Ella, loved the mountains and outdoors. Where the rhodendrum grow , the hemlock stand tall, and the Eagle soars, Just sitting marvelling at the appalacians; so majestic with splendor, She and Ella, playing, hiking, and bonding with love, The forest, inhabitants; birds, and deer meander, The meadows in Bucktown, will take your breath, and wild azaleas bloom, The sun rising high, the forest comes alive, the honey bees and Butterflys. Black bears just lumbering along, the birds singing mother nature’s favorite song. Hikers come from all over to hike the AT, some hiking it short, some hiking it long, She and Ella thought of this as a paradise, for whatever it’s worth, When they were one, with the earth, my only request is, and I pray, That they meet again on that endless Rainbow Bridge, entering Heaven , Someday. In nature she’ll be missed, by family, friends, and loved ones. As our somber nation prays, she was my neighbor for just Four Days

  61. Arrests Made in Dangerous Forest Park Armed Robbery

    Last Edited: Friday, 04 Apr 2008, 11:26 PM EDT
    Created: Friday, 04 Apr 2008, 11:26 PM EDT

    Arrests in Forest Park Armed Robbery
    ATLANTA (FOX 5) — FOX 5 viewers have helped police captured some dangerous armed robbers. Last Friday FOX 5 showed you the incredible surveillance video from a hold up in Forest Park. Five men — all armed — roughed up and robbed a clerk and some customers. Doug Evans reports. Click video for more information. SideBar

    Related Items
    Chilling Forest Park Armed Robbery Caught on Tape
    Forest Park Police Search for 6 Armed Robbery Suspects

    This is why Law Enforcement and the American Citizens are winners when the natural resources of the Public are utilized in crime investigations, as opposed to the us against them strategy employed by many agencies today. Kudoos to Fox 5 Atlanta…


    Comment by SISSI

  62. Comment by Wolfscratch
    April 5th, 2008 at 5:36 am
    PJ, he was my teacher:

    Wonder or wives’ tale?
    Local dowser sounds ground with brass rods
    By Jeff Warren

    Trying is believing. I stepped slowly across a burying ground, carrying two brass dowsing rods ahead of me. Held level and a little higher than my waist, the 21-inch rods pointed straight ahead. An additional five and a half inches of brass turned down at 90 degrees through my fingers.
    With my fingers curled, the long brass of the rods lay across my index fingers between the hand and first knuckle. At the 90-degree bend, the short handles pointed straight down, curled inside my fingers, excluding the two smallest digits. The brass rode against the outside of my pinkie fingers. Thumbs stayed folded out of the way.
    As I moved on to a grave, the rods turned inward toward each other and aligned parallel to the plot. The sensation was only as eerie as watching the play of a compass needle. I was doing this under the tutelage of an expert, Jasper dowser Joe Chastain.
    A longtime resident of Pickens County, Chastain is retired from Lockheed. He started dowsing when he was nineteen years old.
    “I didn’t have a teacher,” Chastain said. “The first time I ever used the rods, an old farmer had some. I was in a little disbelief.” But as the rods acted in his hands, Chastain discovered there was something to it.
    Tradition calls for a forked peach branch when hunting for water, but that is unnecessary, Chastain says. Any forked stick, dry or green, works just as good, the expert said. “The forked stick that the old-timers use works very good with water,” Chastain said. “It works with me too. I just don’t like it.”
    “Brass is easier,” Chastain explained. “I like to think it picks up better, but that’s just me. Aluminum is not good, because it’s too light. It doesn’t feel right in your hands.”
    Fine-tuning the art, Chastain discovered he could find most anything with the rods: water pipes; mineral veins; a quarter tossed out on the ground. Chastain said that when crossing a vein of iron ore “the rods will open, close and open again.”
    “Water is the most pronounced thing you’ll find when you look for something,” Chastain said. But he said the rods’ reaction to graves is also pronounced.
    Some fifteen years ago, Chastain taught Carl Etheridge to use the rods. Now retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Etheridge was chief ranger in charge of land management at the Corps’ Allatoona reservoir when Chastain taught him the dowser’s art.
    With some information from a member of the Brooke family and his newfound dowsing skills, Etheridge said he located the old Brooke family cemetery on Corps land after a topographical map plotted the graveyard in the wrong position. He located the graveyard in the Sweetwater Campground near Lake Allatoona in Cherokee County, Etheridge said. A monument marks the site today.
    Etheridge has practiced his dowsing to a point where he now assists land developers in locating graves to move them. Etheridge said he once assisted an archaeologist, moving some graves. Using his dowsing rods, Etheridge said, he found one more grave than the archaeologist. The scientist told Etheridge he had only found a stump hole and wrapped up the dig without exploring the final find.
    Etheridge said he shortly returned to the finished dig and conducted a dig of his own. He said he found an infant grave: coffin hardware and glass from a porthole-style coffin, popular in the late 1800s. Under the glass was the one piece of bone Etheridge discovered in the grave, the back of a child’s skull.
    Etheridge said in Georgia’s acidic soil, sometimes all you find in an old grave is a blue residue in the soil indicating where the body lay.
    Etheridge said he boxed all the contents of the child grave he found and presented them to the doubting archaeologist.
    But if dowsing for graves works, the question is why. Chastain says anything buried, whether once living or not, gives off rings of energy–something like the magnetic lines of force surrounding a magnet.
    For the Pickens County Historical Society, Chastain has located what are believed to be unmarked graves at the Fitzsimmons Cemetery at Marble Hill. Society members also believe he has found 20 graves of the previously lost Daniels Cemetery near Tate.
    But if folks ask too many questions regarding the science of the process, Chastain sometimes tells them it might more than they need to know. Soft-spoken and slightly mystical in demeanor, Chastain’s large brown eyes peer through eyeglasses with gentle intensity. Around him, you get the sense Chastain is tuned to the natural world.
    And while science might attempt to explain Chastain’s locating technique, it would fall all over itself trying to explain some of his other claimed abilities with the rods. The rods can tell him the gender of a grave occupant, Chastain says.
    “Normally, on a female, the rod will point to the head,” he explained. “On a male, to the feet.”
    Chastain admits he is the only dowser he knows who can make the gender determination. Chastain says he can know if there is more than one occupant in a grave. Sometimes women who died in childbirth were buried with the child lost in the birthing.
    But more eerie still, Chastain says he can feel through the rods if a grave occupant died a violent death. He says the brass goes crazy in his hands.
    Wives tales? Maybe. I can only say I know the rods aligned with a grave when I stepped across it.
    Chastain says focusing your mind on what you are hunting is the key to finding with the rods–tuning yourself to the pointing brass.
    “You have to know how to use ‘em. You have to know how to hold ‘em. You have to know how to read ‘em,” Chastain said.
    “Don’t bury it,” he said. “I’ll find it.”


  63. I have had support emotionaly from friends, family, and complete strangers, and they will never know how valuable it has been in the journey to get Justice for his victims; both alive and deceased. I have experienced many coincidences, ironies, and said you son of a ****, so many times, I can’t count them all. The journey is not over and I am comitted(Pardon the Pun) to see this through!
    I made this statement early in my journey and meant it: I will continue our journey until: I am locked up, comitted, or until my dowsing rods point to me! I hve not waivered, and don’t intend too.
    If you want some irony: I found out today; Meredith Hope Emerson’s Boyfriend is a Gwinett Co., GA: Firefighter…


  64. on or about the 10th of Jan., I received info from Steve an eyewitness that saw him in the Wildcat Campgronud of Dawson Forest. My wife had had enough on my weirdness by then and went to stay at my daughters. I went to the campground. When I got 100 yards from his site the demon left my head and I felt euphoria. I knew then his victims had to be near.
    After searching and exploring his capsite, I went home, and documented what I found, stayed up all night, talked to Joe Chstin a master Dowser. Got a refresher course from him, made me some dowsing rods from coat hngers, and called my son to meet me there at daylght. He said, “Your Crazy”, “I am not going to do no such thing, I said fine! Well, I got there 2 hours before daylight. Drank coffee, and felt so peaceful and serene. When daybreak came, the woods came alive, and I have never experienced anything as magnificient in my life.! It was as if the animals knew that that Evil Demonic Beast, would never return…..I dowsed the area amd found multiple graves with multiple remains in some. so sad. may they rest in peace…

  65. PJ, I am a dowser, I have located 8 of his burial grounds, he marks them with canning jars. I have found his icebox, he is cannibal. he uses broomsticks. makes ice with 5 gal buckets. Sleddog; a researcher, and a darn good one has a map that is on Go back few weeks or to glenn in dawson, which has multiple victims on the Eastern US. Jeremy Jones is one of his associates, I have 5 ore that I feel are involved, two for sure.

    It would take weeks for me to tell you all that I know, and all the pieces have not been put together.
    I found a religious tpe that describes my journey since 01/06/08, word for word. I am a retired Fire Cptain From AFD Haz Mat High Rise Rescue, help call Squad #%. Demons are very similart to fighting fires. The fire is a demon; tries to prevent you from extinguishing it!


  66. Yes, once I have had reflection time I have put many unexplained events together.
    I purchased this property to Turkey Hunt; the
    Dawson Forest WMA. It had a trailer with a concrete front porch. While sleeping about 2;30 am, someone walked in on me. I was asleep, and told them they must have the wrong address, couldn’t see except his siloutte, and they had 30 seconds to leave or I was going to crank my turkey gun up on them. I heard them close the door, and walk across the porch, went back to sleep. I am confident; That was Hilton.
    When I marked the driveway on the ridge behind the house, I found a military tripwire that extended the length of the property;500′. It was his. He carries himself as a soldier.
    He moves around with neccessity and from habit…

    Hilton tried to capture a hiker Dec 31, 07; the day before Meredith, she was lucky. Hilton had no victim profile: 11 year old Levi Frady to 83 year old Mrs Bryant: NC Hikers, black, white. He didn’t care, he was just evil..

    I found the scarf, and a 20# bag of dogfood under the bridge, a few days after he was arrested; 50 ‘ from my property line. I saw his van in the field thursday, at 6 pm, thought they were campers…..

  67. While googling the GBI Interogation of GMH, I was corrected; FBI Interogation of Gary M. Hilton. We visited the site where Meredith’s remains were found yesterday. It was a very traumatic and sombering experienced.
    First, let me say, that I feel that a shabby job was done searching the area where her remains were found. We found a paper towel with fluids on it and singed edges, in the shallow dug hole that contained her head.
    I also picked up another gravesite with the dowsing rods, aproximately 80′ NW, of this spot. It may be a grave from an old homesite, don’t think so, it was only one grave. The reason that I feel that it was not searched properly is; a pile of roofing material that had not been disturbed by LE, aproximately 100′ from the site of her head. Hilton would put tin roofing, and other covers over his graves sometimes.
    I feel very strongly that Hilton placed these remains there, only temporarily. Once he received the money promised by John Tabor, in Atlanta, I am confident he was going to retrieve them to place in on of his burial grounds. The places he left the remains are too close to hunter, and hiker trails, and would have been discovered. The reason he didn’t dispose of the clothes 20′ from the head, is he was going to wrap it in them when he retrieved it. IMO
    I will disect his interogation in the next couple of days. He is very calculating and deflecting.


    Go: to Appalacian Trail Murders and share. Please spread the word!

  68. What I want to know is how many folks in his past tried to warn THE LAW about him, and what type of trouble they brought on themselves for their efforts.

  69. 676213198/1008/NEWS/NEWS/Hendersonville_native_eye s_record_hike

    Now this is what I call comittment and dedication! “IN MEMORY OF MEREDITH HOPE EMERSON: BLOOD MTN., GA HIKER”

    Hendersonville native Jennifer Pharr will attempt to break the supported female speed record for completing the Appalachian Trail, beginning June 20.
    Click here to enlarge.
    Buy a copy of this picture.
    Hendersonville native Jennifer Pharr will attempt to break the supported female speed record for completing the Appalachian Trail, beginning June 20.

    As a lifelong customer, she will rely on Diamond Brand Outdoors as her primary sponsor for the journey.

    Pharr, 25, hopes to complete the hike between 60 and 80 days. The current record is 87 days, held by Jenny Jardine.

    Diamond Brand will provide all the essentials — gear, footwear, socks, maps, and a plentiful supply of energy bars.

    Pharr will travel north to south on the Appalachian Trail, beginning in Katahdin, Maine, right after her honeymoon.

    Her husband, Brew Davis, will run support for her along the trail. The couple were married June 8 in Charlottesville, Va.

    Pharr is attempting the feat in honor of Meredith Emerson, who was murdered on Blood Mountain by serial killer Gary Michael Hilton earlier this year. Hilton is also the prime suspect in the murder of John and Irene Bryant, a retired couple from Horse Shoe who were avid hikers.

    In 25 years, Pharr has amassed an impressive athletic resume, having played Division I tennis at Samford University and having successfully completed both road marathons and ultra-trail marathons.

    She began hiking in 2005 and since then has covered over 6,000 miles of U.S. National Scenic Trail. She has successfully completed hikes on six continents. This fall after she completes her journey, she plans on starting a hiking business in Asheville.

    Wolfscratch: shared by HGTV from TPF C/P by Wolfscratch

  70. Is there any evidence that GMH may have been in Pennsylvania in 1969 and 1994. There is an unsolved murder of a young female in the Allegheny region in 1969. The sketches of an unknown man strongly resembles GMH. A postcard, possibly from the perp, was received by le postmarked from either Atlanta, GA or New Orleans in 1979. A memorial was set up on the very spot of her death in 1994 with original newspaper articles from the time of her murder.

  71. Jennifer Pharr-Davis, feels Meredith’s Kindred Spirit as many across the Nation and World does.
    She has channeled these emotions in a positive manner by devoting this challenge to her Memory…

    Not Backing Down:

    by Jennifer Pharr

    My phone rang on January 3rd.

    “Hey, Jen. Glad you picked up. I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

    “Yeah, I’m fine.” I reassured my friend. “What’s up?”

    “Well, I heard a report on the news that a 24-year-old female was missing after hiking alone in the Southern Blue Ridge and, well…I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

    That phone call marked the moment that Meredith Emerson began to impact my life.

    Within the past four months, the deaths of Irene Bryant, Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, and especially Meredith Emerson have deeply penetrated my thoughts and emotions. Like all three women, I love hiking. I have hiked over 5,000 miles in the past three years, and 95 percent of those steps have been taken alone as a solo hiker.

    When Irene Bryant, who lived 15 minutes from my hometown of Hendersonville, N.C., was found murdered on a popular trail 20 miles away, I was sickened by how close the event was to me, both physically and emotionally. I remember second-guessing my upcoming day and overnight hikes in the area, and I particularly remember a phone conversation with my concerned dad who begged me to be extra cautious of people and surroundings while hiking in the local parks.

    Then, two months later when I heard Cheryl Hodges Dunlap’s body had been recovered in a Florida national forest, I felt violated and angered that someone would prey on a single female hiking alone. The event further confirmed my recent decision not to hike the 1,400-mile Florida Trail alone this winter.

    But when the story of Meredith Emerson’s tragic death began to surface, I couldn’t verbalize my emotions. I didn’t know how to feel. The only thing I could do was cry. For a full week after her body was recovered, I would turn on my computer every morning and cry over a new article. I cried over her disappearance, and then I cried over her confirmed death. I cried over the touching sentiments of Meredith’s friends and family in the wake of her passing. I cried over her obituary and the many internet memorials that testified to a life well lived, but one that was cut short. I cried for Meredith, I cried for her family, and—unknowingly—I cried for myself.

    Meredith’s bio is eerily similar to my own. We were the same age, the same marital status, and the same race. We were recent college graduates with similar degrees. We both loved wine and foreign culture, four-legged creatures, and good books. We both loved creation and the Creator to the point that both of us volunteered in a Presbyterian Church nursery during our college years. On top of that, we both loved the woods, loved to hike, and felt safe and experienced in the wilderness. Reading Meredith’s obituary was like staring death in the face. The realization of her fate shook me because I could not separate what happened to her from what could or may still happen to me.

    I don’t remember school psychology so I don’t know what stages of grief I went through. All I know is that initially I felt scared. I felt scared to hike, scared to pursue what I love. I felt anxious on my next trail run and paranoid on my next hike. I even flipped out when a neighbor of mine unexpectedly approached me in the dark. As someone not easily upset or scared, I was now constantly looking over my shoulder.

    Eventually, though, my fear evolved into anger. How could someone carry out such a hateful and twisted act? What kind of deranged background and mental disorder does this killer have that would cause him to do such evil? How dare he end such a beautiful life with his sinister motives? And why Meredith? Why this gracious, loving woman in the prime of her youth? Why not someone else? Why not me?

    I’m not sure why Meredith experienced this painful departure, but what I do know is that in her passing I witnessed sincere sorrow for of this 24-year old hiker. Meredith’s memorial page on the internet was bombarded with messages and prayers from men and women, young and old, East-Coasters, West-Coasters, and residents everywhere in between. The page had posts from animal lovers, tree huggers, and people who simply recognized a shining star snuffed out by the evil of the world. After several weeks of reading about and praying for Meredith Emerson, I now carry peace that she lived life to the fullest, that she loved and was dearly loved, and that she will never be forgotten.

    Although I sometimes feel guilty that fate called Meredith home early when it just as easily could have been me, I have found peace and purpose in attempting to keep her memory alive and her passion ablaze. This summer I am thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail for myself, for Cheryl, for Irene, and especially for Meredith. I am thru-hiking as a statement to any human predators who disturb the serenity, peace, and safety of the woods. Such men cannot take stifle my love of nature and solitude; they can only make me appreciate it more.

    I am hiking the trail north to south this year. Providentially, on my second to last day of the trail, I will pass over Blood Mountain, the site of Meredith’s last hike. There I will pause, pray, and remember Meredith Emerson. I will sit on the mountain and whisper words into the breeze, and the words will be carried away to where Meredith can hear them. I will thank her for her courage and her example. I will tell her how she inspired me to hike, and more importantly, I will tell her how she inspired me to live. I will remind her that she hasn’t been forgotten, and that she never will be forgotten. Then, I will stand up and do exactly what Meredith would want me to do – I’ll keep hiking.

    C/P by Wolfscratch: A salut to Jennifer for such a powerful statement!

  72. The following is a possible victim map of Hilton’s: may they rest in peace…

    rozey, it is very possible. If you go to the link above, you will see that GMH, traveled to PA, on his evil trail of terror. He was oblivious to Law Enforcement, and had no victim profile, only a preference..
    Go to this linl for the discussion forum on Cheryl Dunlap. This is the Tallahassee Democrat News Forum:
    Wolfscratch: May his many victims rest in peace..

    GMH’s words, “Since I was 14 years old.” That’s 47 years of possible victims…

  73. Thank you i was watching a movie and looked up something and this came up this has interested me and i thank you very much for all that you are doing this man should burn in hell

    I find it offensive that this man was ever in the army as i am an Army Medic i believe he should die a slow agonizing death such as the mayans used to give

    Wolfscratch i read all of your articles i thank you for what you do keep it up

  74. The media has been silent since March 2008, concerning Gary M Hilton & Associates ‘Trail of Terror’. It is my opinion that it is due to the magnitude and duration.
    His many, many victims need to be revealed. Silence was his most effective weapon.

  75. Hunting Humans
    Alaskan Serial Killer: Robert Hansen,

    Whenever Hansen got a victim under his control, he would normally take her to his plane and fly them out to his remote cabin. According to Newton, he would brutally rape and torture the women. Afterwards, he would strip them naked, sometimes going so far as blindfolding them, and set them free in the woods. Hansen would give his victim a brief head start and then hunt them down with a hunting knife or a high-powered rifle. In describing his hunts to investigators, Hansen said that it was like “going after a trophy Dall sheep or a grizzly bear..


    “Deadly Run” was loosely based on Alaskan serial killer,Robert Hansen, who was also a trophy animal hunter that lured an assortment of females to his remote cabin.

    The film’s plot: a serial killer who murders women in the north Georgia mountains.

    The film was made in 1995. Fast forward to 2008 — Gary Hilton has confessed to killing a hiker in the north Georgia mountains. He is also suspected in three other murders, each in National Parks.

    Samuel Rael is not only a lawyer, he has also produced movies — including one that went straight to video in 1995. The title: “Deadly Run.” It’s about a man who stalks and kills women in the north Georgia mountains.

    Rael said Gary Michael Hilton helped him with the plot — the same Gary Michael Hilton who has admitted he stalked and killed Meredith Emerson in the north Georgia mountains in January.

    A bearded and much younger Gary Michael Hilton is pictured long before he would earn a reputation as one of Georgia’s most notorious killers. In those days, Hilton faced a variety of criminal charges, like arson, theft and drugs. In those days, Hilton’s lawyer was Samuel Rael.

    “It was clear he was a sociopath,” said Rael. “But I thought he had a very creative imagination.”

    In 1995, Samuel Rael the lawyer became Samuel Rael the movie producer. He wanted to make an action film about a killer. He said he shared his idea with Gary Michael Hilton.

    “He was very enthused about that,” Rael said. “And helped me outline the plot, the concept, and the ideas behind it.”

    Rael said Hilton was bubbling with suggestions for the plot.

    “He had ideas of how we could do what we did, which was ‘Deadly Run’,” Rael said. “Having people let lose in the woods then hunted down like prey.”

    In the movie, the main character would meet women, then take them to the north Georgia mountains.

    “He would have people tied up in a cabin somewhere in the mountains, and then let them go and see if he could catch up with them,” Rael said.

    Wolfscratch: GMH, was/is the master of evil emulation…

  76. Thanks guys, good info.

  77. It has been a while since I visited this site. The tragic abduction and murder of Meredith Hope Emerson, has touched many people from all over the world. Although it has been almost 2 years now, people are still sharing their heartfelt thoughts on her Legacy; Guest Book.
    The media(local & national) is continuing their silence
    about GMH & Associates; ‘Trail of Terror’, and although a little more calm and patient now, I have uncovered a lot of info and verified many revelations from early in the journey.
    I will attempt update this info:

    Sometimes Life imitates Art.
    I have been backtracking & researching a Serial Killer named Gary Michael Hilton, since 01/06/08 when he held a victim within 200 yards of my home in an abandoned house.(Blood Mountain Hiker). The information that I have gathered has come from conventional and nonconventional investigative methods.
    When he was arrested, he was thought to be a petty drifter. After backtracking him only a few days, it was obvious to me that he was very intelligent, cagey, calculating, evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual; Serial Killer, with no victim profile and had been preying on his victims for decades. My analogy of him was that of a mountain lion. He would hunt his prey, capture them, return them to his primary den, then devour them.
    GMH’s victims range in age between 11 year old to 84 year old, no victim profile, only a preference; female mid 20s.

    GMH’s IQ when he entered the military 167.. He could have been Ted Bundy’s Professor…
    A LE officer close to the case, working a cold case of a missing GA school teacher was asked by me, why did he have no victim profile”? The Agents response: ‘ Food’…different cuts of meat….

    In 1994, Hilton, helped to creatively write a movie that went straight to video: “Deadly Run”. He helped write, handpicked the cast & crew, shoot locations, and tutored the lead actor in the ‘Art’ of Serial Kiling. The movie’s plot; luring young girls to a cabin in the North GA Mtns, holding them captive, releasing them into the forest, then hunting them as prey…
    The movie’s producer; Samuel Rael/Hilton’s Defense Attorney in an Arson case said, “I knew that he was Sociopath, but didn’t know that he was violent.”
    A Serial Killer with a script… GMH was a master at emulation, he was a copycat of many with an added tyrst of his own creativity.
    In the attic of the abandoned farmhouse, he had a frigid weather room which was complete with a wood burning stove, which he used newspaper and cardboard as fuel. I found an article from a 1989 Gainesville, GA Times: Night Stalker says Lucifer will avenge me…

    In many of his interviews, he states that he reads constantly. I talked to a Thrift Store Volunteer, that eye witnessed him at the Jasper, GA Thrift Store, checked out their book supply, and here I am over 50 books later….

    Wolfscratch (continued)

  78. Bear with me if I am repetitive laying the foundation:

    Gary Hilton held his last victim; Meredith Hope Emerson(Blood Mountain, GA Hiker) within 2oo yards of my home in an abandoned house. She fought him for four days, physically, mentally, and spiritually. He had been doing his evil deeds for decades and if not for good, over Evil, he would still be preying on innocent victims.
    GMH, was thought to be a petty drifter. He was arrested on 01/04/08, yet her remains had not been located. I started an independent search at daybreak on 01/06/08 in the area of Dawson Forest WMA.
    I located the Abandoned house and one other location where he held her. I alerted authorities and they took several items in for testing. (they have twice returned for more items)
    Once I located the first staging areas, I would get tips from the local Appalacian people that saw him in other areas. When I located his primary den(campsite/staging area) which contained his trash pile buried in black garbage bags, which contained purses, backpack, kid clothes, women clothes, men cloths, hairbow, etc. I called the local Sheriff, and they responded with 2 squad cars and a k9 unit. They said that he had only killed a couple of women for the money from their charge cards and that I was consumed, was hindering them from doing their job, and needed to seek therapy. Utilizing the ancient art of dowsing, I was able to locate his icebox (in the ground) and several spots that indicated graves, with multiple remains.
    From the signs and residue, it was obvious that he was very intelligent and cagey. I analogized him as a mountain lion; hunting his prey, bringing them back to his primary den and devouring them.
    After a few months and several threats from family members to have me comitted, the truth began to emerge. News broke on the ‘Deadly Run’ movie, which is a remake of the Most Dangerous Game, Robert Hansen(Alaska), ‘Wolf Creek’ (Australia), which GMH & his Defense Attorney; Samuel Rael, produced in 1994; about a serial killer hunting women in the Forest.
    Here it is over 18 months later, they haven’t comitted me yet and I find more info each day, GMH, was an anomaly. He was a copycat of copycat serial killers with a tyrst of his own thrown in for confusion and contrast. He honed his skills, creativity, changing his signature and MO to cause confusion for LE, Vicap, and the Behavior Analysis Unit of the FBI.
    Although GMH, is serving a life sentence in GA, which was primarily agreed, to allow his DNA to be distributed to Cold Case detectives in the Eastern US and beyond. He is facing a Death Penalty Trial in FL for Cheryl Dunlap; retired nurse; very spiritual. GMH, is now linked to 13 possible victims according to media. This number will grow rapidly and tremendously. GMH is the Hannibal Lecter of the 20th & 21st Century..
    I am confident that he had sidekicks.
    I am confident that Gary Michael Hilton, had Associates.

    Wolfscratch (continued)

  79. For those people that are following the Gary Michael Hilton & Associates’ Trail of Terror and are skeptical as to whether the revealations are speculation or conjecture, I will update the verification over the next few days.

    For the families of the many victims of GMH & Associates, to begin closure, the truth must be revealed by Law Enforcement and the Justice System.. Until the silence is broken the victims will continue to be denied Justice..

    ruse – Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    Etymology: French, from Old French, roundabout path taken by fleeing game, trickery, from reuser. Date: 1625. : a wily subterfuge. synonyms see trick …
    EXHIBIT 21
    10 DATA:
    hb 1/22/2008 .
    Page 2 of 2 172798
    Further dissemination is prohibited without written approval of a GBI Supervisor

    Then on Jan. 18, 2008, what finally came to be admitted?

    S/A HOWARD asked TABOR if he attempted to contact the GBI when HILTON had called him on January 3,2008. TABOR became visually upset and began to cry. He stated that he did not attempt to call anyone. HILTON contacted TABOR at approximately 4:41 p.m. and asked him for money. After taking the call, TABOR attended to some business requirements prior to receiving a call from ASAC JESSE MADDOX at approximately 6:30 p.m Though during the phone conversation TABOR told ASAC MADDOX that he had been trying to call, TABOR clarified to S/A HOWARD he had not actually tried to contact law enforcement. TABOR stated that “I thought we had him, the ruse was set up for tomorrow”. TABOR never contacted anyone about a “ruse” or about HILTON calling him. TABOR only provided the information about HILTON’s 4:41 p.m. call when he was directly asked by ASAC MADDOX (Two and half hours later on the phone, in the late evening of Jan. 3, 2008). EXHIBIT 174 (cross ref. Exhibit 21)


    The phone call to John Tabor was made at 4:41 PM on 01/03/08. The response time to the Huddle House; Marble Hill, GA , 30148 by the GBI on 01/03/08 was ‘four hours due to Tabor’s failure to dial 911. ‘Huddle House & the Phone number; is indicated on caller ID, as verrified by me, yet Tabor, indicated that GMH called from a cell phone. The GBI’s time of arrival was 9:00PM. Meredith Hope Emerson was alive at the time the phone call was placed according to the Medical Examiner.
    Why has this been silenced by the media (Local and National)? Precious Victim’s Lives depend on ‘Truth in the Media’.

    They should hang their heads in shame…


  80. Due to the comments vanishing I am reposting this;
    The following is a “transcripts of law enforcement interviews on 01/07/08, with Gary Michael Hilton, the man accused of murdering Meredith Emerson” while enroute to Dawson Forest WMA; Atlanta Tract, where her remains were located in two locations aproximately 1/2 mile apart.
    The interview is laced with deflections, half truths, and obvious lies, however gives the reader insights to Hilton’s evil and demonic mind.
    One example of his calculating responses is when ask if he raped MHE. He first answers no. When told that if he is caught lying on any of the questions, his other answers will be considered untruthful. GMH, then answered “yes”. When asked, how many times, he answered “once”….
    GMH, states in the interview that this is not the only body that has been dumped here…
    Note that he never mentions the Wildcat Tract of Dawson Forest WMA, in the interview although he was eyewitnessed by many people, including myself on 01/03/08 at 6:30 PM, in this area. There is a reason for this exclusion. This is his primary den location, ritual, torture, and burial grounds. I am confident that his souveneirs will eventually be located here, unless he takes this info to his grave..
    ‘Warning: the transcript contains very graphic details about Meredith Hope Emerson’s death that may be considered disturbing to most of humanity.’
    (Note: The interview is in Large Caps, which is a transcript from the GBI in its original form.)


  81. Gary Michael Hilton, Killer of Meredith Emerson: Campsite found
    Share: by LarryDeezell | September 17, 2009 at 10:42 am
    354 views | 0 Recommendations | 7 comments
    Convicted murderer Gary Michael Hilton’s campsite was found in Chattahoochee National Forest, northern Georgia. Gary Hilton was convicted of murdering Meredith Emerson last year, and is now on trial for the murder of Cheryl Dunlap. Gary Michael Hilton is suspected of killing Jack and Irene Bryant, but has not been charged.


  82. I have previously posted that Gary Hilton torched his fiancee’s home with her family inside the dweololing:

    From a concerned citizen(GA Peach), who filed a FOIA request and after numerous delays:
    HE: Gary Michael Hilton
    ************************************************** *************…urrentPage=529
    He set two gallon jugs of gasoline in the carport of the Green family home with 2 strings leading up the driveway where he sat in his “BLACK CAMERO” ( A NEW CAR TO ADD TO THE LIST OF HIS VEHICLES) then set the strings on fire. They, Ms. Green and her family (her sister and brother) members heard a noise ran out of the house and were able to put out the fire with a hose. It happened at 0001 hours. When Hilton was driving off he hit a parked car, thus the hit & run charge. One of the young ladies in the Green family had dated Hilton a few times, but broke it off. That was in Feb. 1982. In May, 2 weeks before the fire on May 28, 1982 he started calling to harass her asking if she wanted to make some money prostituting for him. She said he sounded like he had eaten a few ludes and she hung up on him. He was arrested on First Degree Arson charges and booked into Dekalb County jail. He lived at the time at 5135 West Mountain St. #A-17, Stone Mountain, GA. The report indicates the Green’s signed statements that they knew who the arsonist was and could positively identify him as Hilton, but I guess he just found a way to talk his way out of it or the girls were just too afraid of him and what he might do next.

    Case #82-103081 & #82-103082, the report ends with case is closed and cleared, pending criminal prosecution. Hilton signed for a copy of the report on June 11, 1982.



  83. Gary Michael Hilton, Killer of Meredith Emerson: Campsite found …
    Sep 17, 2009 … Convicted murderer Gary Michael Hilton’s campsite was found in … drove up to …

    A hunter scouting for deer signs stumbled on the campsite Friday in Chattahoochee National Forest in Fannin County, Ga., near the border between Georgia and Tennessee, said Sgt. Justin Turner of the Fannin County Sheriff’s Department.


    After the generic newspaper article about GMH’s Campsite, I drove up to Coopers Creek WMA: Chattahoochee National Forest; Fannin County, GA, and located some campers that knew some of the exact items found in Gary Hilton’s Campsite.
    One of the items was a dog skeleton tied to a tree. This and GMH’s interview of 01/07/08 verifies that this was his destination on 01/01/08, after abducting Meredith Hope Emerson.
    Sevberal military duffle bags were located in the cache which contained a pair of ladies panties in a plastic garbage bagp; which had Gary Hilton’s name written on the bag, zip lock bags with hair enclosed, 4 pellet pistols(FYI: this totals 7 pellet pistols in GMH’s possession; very significant, IMO), novels(significant), camping supplies, hand trucks(dolly). More items were contained in the bags, but the game warden backed out when the bag with GMH’s name was located. The items were sent to FDLE for forensic testing, according to my info.


  84. In the previous comment several items of womens’ clothing were also discovered in the military style duffle bags.
    Although other items were contained in the bags, the Fannin Co, GAS Sheriff and the GBI was contacted and the search by the Game Warden ceased.
    The campers that revealed this information said that the GBI said that they wanted nothing to do with the newly discovered evidence…
    I drove back up to the WMA and dowsed the hidden campsite a couple of weeks later and experienced the wrath of the ‘Good Ole Boys’ Justice, at it’s finest.
    I will elaborate in a future post the trasumatic experience..


  85. Interesting Comment by NoGANative, from the Cheryl Dunlap Forum TDO:

    I think kidnapping, rape, torture, murder, mutilation, and decapitation, etc. confirmed in 4 states over several weeks qualifies as a depraved serial killer, as several separate victims are confirmed. That’s not glorifying this guy, that’s the facts.

    I saw this guy in the Chattahoochee National Forest in October ’07, and later took the GBI to a campsite (Lumpkin/Dawson County line, USFS FS road 28-1, Nimblewill Gap Road, camp confirmed by the GBI) on the same day of the recovery of Ms. Emerson’s body. I’ve met many others who say or dealt with him in Georgia before his capture.
    I believe the speculation that Hilton took Ga Hwy 53 west to Dawson Forest from the turn-around in the snow above Dahlonega on Hwy 129 is wrong. He turned off Hwy 129 at Turner’s Corner and drove in to national forest off Hwy 60 past Wimpy Field, the US Army’s Camp Merrill, on to FS 28-2, past Camp Wahsega, and later, on to Ga Hwy 52 then south to Ga Hwy. From Hwy 52. Bailey Waters road connects to Afton Bridge Rd, and Amicalola House and on to Lindsey Ford/6 mile camping area, site of the recent double-murder in Dawson Forest, and on to the north end of Dawson Forest off Hwy 53 to High Shoals Road, where Ms. Emerson was later killed. Passing along the area Wolfscratch writes about. The Huddle House and Ace Hardware are west on Hwy 53.

    Not only did the GBI fail to act on the direct tips from the Huddle House (not just the late admission by the complicit Tabor about the Hilton call from Marble Hill) that may have saved Ms. Emerson if the GBI had not bottle-necked tips and contacted county LEO in Pickens/Dawson/Lumpkin, but the GBI failed to act with smarts or dispatch to tips of sightings of Hilton in the Nimblewill area while he had Ms. Emerson. Instead of contacting local LEOs, including DNR rangers who know the area, and Amicalola State Park LEO/staff, GBI officers were sent to check the state park registry. Had they told the local services, and local media, the area would have been swarmed, instead of everyone wasting time on Blood Mountain.

    Why was the GSP and DNR helicopter not on Blood Mtn? SAR team was told high winds, yet WSBTV heli was all over the mountian, landing at Vogel State Park. Was the governor, who got his helicopter license last year, and has had to make restitution to the state for heli-taxi trips, out for a flight? Check that out.

    I have lots more on all this. I’ve waited the 2 years to start writing about it, and my focus will be on what the 4 states LEO contacts by federal FS, state officers, and county officers let slide, and most especially, how the old-school approach of the GBI worked against a good outcome. Had White County GA court filed the bench warrant for the abandonment of the other Astro van in the national forest above Unicoi State Park (2005), also near the AT, and also not far from Rabun County’s unsolved 2006 murder of a women found in the woods, this felon could have been arrested any of the many times he was pulled over or run off by the many officers who interacted with him. At least PC for a search would have lead to all the stolen goods he chose to retain from the car break-ins at trailheads, and cabin break-ins. Who were his fences? Who were his buddies?

    In today’s communication-driven era, the British approach to crime solving–especially abductions and murders–of getting as much information out to the public as quickly as possible–usually results in a better outcome and quicker arrest or rescue. The GBI did not want even the info about the baton in the news, and Ms. Emerson’s roommate and others acting to get that out on WSB-TV/AJC led to witnesses immediately coming forth who were on Blood Mtn who ID’d Hilton. He was known to Vogle park, USFS LEOs Tipton and Arrowood had run him out of Rock Creek in August, NC LEO had run him out of Rock Gap AT shelter earlier, and a NC conservation officer sent him on for camping in a wildlife clearing off Wayah Bald Road, NC, and both of these are near where John Bryant’s body was recovered, and the FL women was last seen (Bryson City). FL also reports multiple agencies with LEO contacts in more than the forest where Ms. Dunlap’s body was recovered. The shotgun shell parts at the John Bryant body recovery scene, along with the death by gunshot weren’t explained, yet USFS and ATF burned 400 acres of the Pisgah’s Pink Beds area last year after finding a felon’s camp with gunpowder and bullet-making gear near–a precaution we’re told. A buddy? This guy was a drifter, too, and also a felon.

    Much more to share, later, but the focus isn’t on how smart this guy and his deceit of being an ‘MS-stricken, Vietnam Vet on perpetual maneuvers’ odd-ball, but rather on how the multiple counties, states, and local, state, and federal agencies are not equipped to track such a person. Walmart does a better job of tracking shoplifters than our agncy databases. Isn’t that something we can affors to fix? LEO lives are on the line, too.

    My call and email to Transylvania county the morning of Jan 3 strongly encouraging them to contact and follow what’s going on in Union Co Ga was ignored, as was my call and email of Saturday night, Jan 6 to Leon County detectives that they also check out the then-arrested Hilton. In both cases, in a few days, they went from publicly telling the press ‘No Connection’ to ‘prime suspect’ as the van full of evidence told the story. That the GBI chose to completely ignore so much evidence at the site I showed them the following Tuesday, with no admitted knowledge of either the Bryant or Dunlap cases, was very unsettling. Their reason was ‘not in the time frame’ meaning they only were concerned with the soon-to-be-closed Emerson case, making no effort in the field to look at the weathered material on the ground in front of them. (Some of the clothes and pillow cases, etc. are still there.) We may have been looking at Ms. Dunlap’s or Mr. Bryant’s clothing–articles that NC LEO might need to tie Hilton to that yet-to-be-indicted double murder we know he did.

    I, for one, resent the new American politics of starving government, and my Republican Governor has reduced funding for the GBI, closing some of the offices that worked this case, and reduced the DNR game ranger (LEO) staff that works these woods. The Tuesday discovery of a dead, lost 84-year old Alzheimer’s sufferer in the Cohutta National forest, stuck in the forest service road, is another case of what happens when the safety net goes away. Same with the Saturday morning double-murder at the boat launch on the Amicalola River in Dawson Forest a few weeks ago. The Guv did get a new $18 million jet last year, and was at the Dubai Air Show last month. Meanwhile, the DNR goes wanting. And the federals, well the 6 officers and 2 ATVs for all of the 800,000+ acres of the Chattahoochee NF, is also close to having no coverage. Their budgets were stripped for off-shore wars, yet security in our public lands seems to be of a low priority. Subsidising airline security should be paid for by the flying public, protecting the commons should be a shared responsibility.

    And Florida national forests are worse, but at least USFS LEOs can carry shouldered AR-15s when they are driving out squatters and meth heads from our public lands. REade about squatters in the Ocala NF, and meth labs.

    And as to how many victims this guy got away with, who knows. The Troup county murder of December 07, unidentified burned decapitated women in bags with a Chamblee Dominos pizza coupon–that’s Hilton territory and on the path to Florida, but this nameless victim had a short news cycle. And the several missing women on the other side (west) of the Talladega NF in Alabama–Albertville and Sylacauga come to mind–any of those agencies even know of this guy Hilton? Or the unsolved murder of the 48 year old in Damascus VA, an AT town, fall of ’07–just a few hours north of the Pisgah? If not Hilton, then it sure makes the case for a big relational database-that could even have public and LEO partitions for data. Can that be the good that could be made to come of these crimes? Not if our political will doesn’t demand it–and it starts with a healthy questioning or even a stern criticism of how the GBI and others chose to treat this case.

    And, the last Hilton camp with the bagged trophies found in the Chattahoochee–that wouldn’t have even been looked at by federals if we weren’t still concerned about the most recent unsolved abduction in Union County…vote for resources and demand competent LEOs.

    CP by Wolfscratch

  86. ‘Right To Hike’… In Memory of ‘Meredith Hope Emerson’, “An Evening of Hope”:

    In Memory of the Victims of Crime:

    WS: Prospective:


  87. Sorry, above links not found: Evening of Hope: Meredith Hope Emerson…

    WS: Glenn Adams

  88. A Firestorm has erupted. Hustler Magazine has filed a Freedom of Information Act request, for the Meredith Hope Emerson Investigation by the GBI, which includes Crime Scene Photos:


    • And I have heard (and posted in a comment earlier) that the request was denied. They can fight it, but it I doubt it will help. The photos are not public domain and Hustler would not have any right to print them (at least that is what I read).

  89. @wolfscratch I appreciate your investigative commitment and I follow your posts with great interest. I am a young woman and a hiker and I tell you that I feel that Meredith would not have wanted you to estrange your wife. I know this for sure. Your wife is probably a really good person because, after all, she was the one you chose, and you are a good person. Meredith’s life was all about life and love and she fought like hell for it to the bitter end. In the end, it seems, living is our testament to each other, especially in the face of those who love death. Please promise me that you will take some time to celebrate life–that of your wife and your kids–in with all this crazy killing. We have to let the light of life shine out, or we will be overwhelmed by darkness.

  90. Steve Segars: Boyfriend of Meredith Hope Emerson Speaks Volumes: ‘Poem/Testimony’

    Have you ever known:

    · Someone who warmed you?

    · Someone who made you lose track of time?

    · Someone who made you grin at the thought of them?

    · Someone who complicated the picture?

    · Someone who made ‘being me’ okay?

    · Someone whose touch made you tingle?

    · Someone whose whisper made you swoon?

    · Someone whose pain hurt more than your own?

    · Someone who helped you find a better you?

    · Someone who kept you awake?

    · Someone who restored your faith?

    · Someone who made a dress very happy to wear her?

    · Someone whose eyes widen, just a little, when she looks at you?

    · Someone who said it?

    · Someone who wrote it?

    · Someone who meant it?

    · Someone who cared more about you than you did?

    · Someone who could make a perfect cup of tea?

    · Someone who kept you on her shoulder?

    · Someone who wouldn’t let you go home?

    · Someone who winked knowingly?

    · Someone who looked fantastic in your clothes?

    · Someone you looked forward to doing nothing with?

    · Someone you studied so closely, you could paint them from memory?

    · Someone who looked at you that way?

    · Someone who made your words fail you?

    · Someone who was your mirror image, only beautiful?

    · Someone who replaced your priority list?

    · Someone who knew how you liked to be kissed?

    · Someone who really didn’t care who was watching?

    · Someone who made the flight home the best part of the trip?

    · Someone who was worthy of your key?

    · Someone who was your perfect spoon?

    · Someone who held you a little too long to be appropriate?

    · Someone who knew and appreciated Ani DiFranco?

    · Someone whose memory is as devastating as it is beautiful?

    · Someone whose absence is crippling?

    · Someone you can’t wake up without?

    · Someone you fall on your knees to beg God for?

    cp by Wolfscratch

  91. I am confident that Meredith Hope Emerson, should have been rescued. Due to antiquated strategies utilized in the investigation, she was not.
    Meredith Hope Emerson fought Gary Michael Hilton, with her mind, body, and spirit, buying time for a rescue that never came.
    Unless we learn from this tragedy, the cycle will continue..


  92. As in any culture, or in any community spread across this great Nation, there are those who refuse or are unable to adapt to a civilized society, skirting the rules and laws that guide the rest of us through life. Fortunately they are the exception rather than the rule. Due to their selfish need to fulfill their evil desires or sexual fantasies, their lack of empathy for others, as well as their self assurance of remaining anonymous or stealth by hiding behind their masks of normalcy (at least in the darkness of their minds), they resort to the unimaginable, or unconscionable..
    These psycopathetic predators, who know no boundaries of sanity, prey on unsuspecting innocent victims. Many of these predators hone their skills with each innocent victim devoured, increasing confidence and causing escalation.
    Although, most of these predators have an uncanning ability to shield their motives, their expressionless face, hiding behind their fake smiles, combined with their lifeless eyes can not conceal this lie.

    The only effective weapon that we all posses, is detection: Be cautious, adhere to personal safety rules, and ‘Trust your Natural Instincts’.

    We all have to be on guard 24/7 and look out for each other..


  93. Pat Brown; Criminal Behaviorlist said…
    We could use a strong accountability system not dependent on appeals, but rather oversight. The public/citizens have a right to know exactly how decisions are made and cases are handled. It does not have to be in the midst of the case but certainly afterward there should be transparency. If there isn’t, how can we address issues of corruption, incompetance, and error? We need to know in order to fix problems and hold people accountable for what is supposed to be work done on behalf of the citizens. Somehow “the interest of the state” seems to preclude the citizenry which is odd considering the state IS the citizenry, well, at least in a democratic republic with a constitution.

    CP Wolfscratch

  94. For those who think that Prolific Serial Killer: Gary Michael Hilton’s Evil Reign of Terror, wasn’t brought to an abrupt end by Meredith Hope Emerson. Retrieve the Medical Report from the Gainesville, GA, Hospital, where he was taken for a physical and treatment after his arrest on 01/04/08. According to a person that I personally talked too, that was present when ther GBI brought him in, GMH had severe injuries to his body, specifically his back, when he arrived…The witness said that his back looked like a pit bull had mauled him…

    Meredith Hope Emerson, was a Kindred Spirit, a Fighter, and a Hero.. She still is…


    • Wolfscratch,

      You called Gary Michael Hilton a “prolific” serial killer, which is not something to take lightly. For that to be true, he would need numerous victims, but I am only aware of 3, I believe. Please list the others, as I have missed this.

  95. On Facebook, i befriended Fred Rosen: True Crime Writer, that filed the FOI Request in the Meredith Hope Emerson Investigation.

    I ask why he chose Gary Michael Hilton to write about, with all the other crimes to choose from. This was his response:

    Fred Rosen commented on your wall post:

    “He was a forensically aware serial killer. Guys like that are much rarer in
    real life than the movies. I also would love to see police correctly link him
    to other murders in which he is currently looked at as a suspect.”

    My reply:

    Fred, I am very glad that you are researching the Meredith Hope Emerson Investigation and Gary Michael Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer and Stealth Predator. The Media Management Strategy used by GA State Representatives David Ralston and Jill Chambers, is to deflect from the botched Investigation of the GBI and other factors. Dig deep and do your research.
    The GBI/FBI knew that an abnormally high rate of women were missing in GA alone, since 1980. Just didn’t know his identity. He had VICAP confused into thinking that several serial killers were active. Gary Hilton hid in plain sight and was oblivious to Law Enforcement. he was a Hunter, a Professional. His words, not mine.
    I have been backtracking GMH for over two years now. I analogized him as a Mountain Lion within four days, due to the residue and signs that I observed. He would hunt his prey, capture them return with them to his den and devour them, mind, body, and spirit…
    Meredith Hope Emerson, is the reason that his evil reign of terror was brought to an abrupt end on 01/04/08. She fought him with mind, body, and spirit, buying time for a rescue by Law enforcement which never came…

    Meredith Hope Emerson, should have been rescued…

    Wolfscratch: I am confident that GMH had Associates and Sidekicks…

  96. We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.

    Tom Stoppard,

    CP wolfscratch

  97. what the folks like Katie King and Amanda Peacock,both waitresses and Jim Barkley, the owner of the Marble Hill, GA, Huddle House, has to say about their close encounter with Serial Killer: Gary Michael Hilton..

    Listen to what was said about John Tabor cooperating fully with the GBI:

    what the folks like Katie King and Amanda Peacock,both waitresses and Jim Barkley, the owner of the Marble Hill, GA, Huddle House, has to say about their close encounter with Serial Killer: Gary Michael Hilton..


  98. 11.Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson; Blood Mountain Hiker and Kindred Spirit..

    “If not for her perception, courageous fight, and unselfish sacrifice, Gary Michael Hilton would still be preying on our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones”..

    Wolfscratch: May she rest in peace, high up on that mountain..

  99. MyLifeofCrime, thank you very much for your reply..

    Cayle Bywater
    Levi Frady
    Patrice Endres
    Rosana Milana
    John Bryant
    DR. Irene Bryant Cheryl Dunlap
    Meredith Hope Emerson
    Vann Mason
    Trevor McFarland
    Michael Scott Lewis
    5 Black trash Bags; Sticher Rd. Troup County, GA.(unknown)
    Jason Knapp

    Six of the above victims were within a 69 day period before Gary Michael Hilton’s capture.

    A GBI Special Agent confided in me that the primary reason that GMH was given a Life Sentence in GA was due to an antiquated Law on the books that prevented the sharing of his DNA with other Agencies or other States. Once convicted, GMHs DNA results were back in less than 24 hours and Cold Case Detectives in many Eastern US States were waiting on them.

    When GMH, asked by the Jailers and Baliff at the Dawson County Detention Center, “If you are so intelligent, why did you get caught?” GMH, responded, “They haven’t caught me since I was 14 Years old.” Thats 47 years, do the math..

    Wolfscratch: I will post the possible victims map link prepared by Sleddog with limited geographical and other info over 2 years ago.

    The info on GMH has been sealed, redacted, and silenced since March 1, 2008. The info that I share comes from conventional as well as unconventional sources..

    For those who believe, no proff is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no proof is possible.
    Stuart Chase

    Gary Michael Hilton

    • Actually, in our Criminal Justice System, proof IS necessary. I do not see anything to back up these names, except for a couple where it is suspected by the family. There has to be some kind of backup to these accusations. Just because they are in the area and around that time, that is not proof enough at all. It would be like saying that any and all young men between 16-23 in the Chicago area when John Wayne Gacy was active was his doing. And that is just crazy and untrue.

      You cannot just decide that he is guilty just because. He may be a socipathic killer, but that does not mean he needs to be blamed for all of the murders in the area, unless there is proof of some sort. Remember Henry Lee Lucas?

      Personally, as the daughter of a murder victim, whose murder there will never be justice for, victims loved ones want the RIGHT person convicted, not just anyone.

  100. I honor your opinion and am very sorry about your tragic loss.

    Lucas partner Otis Toole was deemed Adam Walshs Murderer due to a Death Bed Confession to his neice. Toole was a Satan Worshiper.

    MyLifeOfCrime, I have been backtracking and researching Gary Hilton for over two years now. II have many of the GBI investigative files, and have personally talked to LE Agents that have been involved in the investigation as well as 100s of concerned citizens that have very significant information.
    An example is a retired CIA Agent that eyewitnessed the POI #2 at on 10/22/1997 at Dawson Forest WMA; Atlanta tract, only a rocks throw from where Meredith Hope Emerson’s remains were located. Go to the GBIs website and see for yourself.

    Gary was a Stealth Predator. Tunnel vision. antiquated SOPs and Strategies by Law Enforcement, as well as silence by the media, is why he was oblivious to LE for almost 5 decades.

    I attended the CUE Conference for the Missing & Murdered a few weeks ago. There were SAs from the FBI as well as a Supervisor from VICAP, and Law Enforcement Officers from several States and Agencies.
    Many of the antiquated strategies have been corrected. They now accept the American Public as a very valuable resource.. This change has resulted im many serial killers being identified, located, and apprehended.


  101. RE: You cannot just decide that he is guilty just because. He may be a socipathic killer, but that does not mean he needs to be blamed for all of the murders in the area, unless there is proof of some sort. Remember Henry Lee Lucas?

    GMH, states in the 01/07/08 interview enroute to Dawson Forest WMA, “this is not the only body that has been dumped out here.”

    GMH says in the interview with the Pickens County SC Sheriff(Jason Knapp) that if they could make a deal, he could prolly locate her head..

    Wolfscratch: For those who believe…
    Stuart Chase

  102. An interview of Gary Michael Hilton by Pickens Co, SC; Sheriff at Jackson Prison, GA, concerning Jason Knapp. Pay close attention to the Cheryl Dunlap reference:

    [audio src="" /]


    • In your other response you said the sheriff of Pickens County was Jason Knapp. You are not being very clear. When was this interview at Jackson Prison in Georgia and exactly who was it with? You? Or Gary Michael Hilton and the Sheriff of Pickens County? Which is who?


    GMH sent Robin McKinney a letter from Jackson Prison. she was given permission to communicate due to a Slapp Suit filed against her by John Tabor and his Construction Company.
    He tells his explanation as to what he thought happened to Jason Knapp. His explanation was that Jason was climbing a Pluton(Mountion/Rock outcropping with climbing angle) He said that many inexperienced hikers/climbers lean too far forward causing them to loose their grip or footing and slip off the Pluton.

    GMH is very deflective, cagey, intelligent, and has an excellent memory.
    When asked if he raped Meredith Hope Emerson, in the GBI interview of 01/07/08, his first response was no. The SA told him that forensics would indicate the truth and if he was caught lying, they would his other answers as lies. He then responded that he had raped. When asked how many times, he responded, “once.” GMH, knew that the test wouldn’t indicate the number of rapes…
    As GMH, had a reason for his responses, the GBI SA also had a reason for asking specific questions.
    GMH, was asked if he had sexual relations with her, post mortem…
    In mid 2008 I was visited by a GBI SA, after being vetted or investigated, after calling in a tip on another cold case missing victim. Although I knew the answer, due to obvious signs and residue, I ask the SA, “Why did Gary Michael Hilton, not have a victim profile; 11 year old Levi Frady to 84 year old Dr Irene Bryant, white, black, male, female?”
    His response, “Food.”

    GMH, was Oepidus Complex,

  104. RE: GMH says in the interview with the Pickens County SC Sheriff(Jason Knapp) that if they could make a deal, he could prolly locate her head..

    I placed Jason Knapp, in parentheses for reference to the proper interview. (Sorry, if I didn’t make that clear.)

    There was also the Chief of Police from Jasper Co., GA that sat in on the interview.

    A retired Atlanta waterworks employee has a hunting club in that county(Jasper County, GA). He had an altercation with GMH a few years ago, when he found him staging on his hunting club which was posted. The Police was called but GMH had left before their arrival. An incident report was made. There was remains found in the adjacent county after this altercation.

    RE: When was this interview at Jackson Prison in Georgia and exactly who was it with? You? Or Gary Michael Hilton and the Sheriff of Pickens County? Which is who?

    What do you mean by this insinuation? Do your research. I gave you the link. Google it for more info.
    The audio is self explanatory…


  105. “Smoke and Mirrors”, IMO…

    “Very Important meeting that illustrates the ‘SMOKE and MIRRORS’ PR(Propaganda & Rumor) Strategy, used by Law Enforcement, and reported by the media(Local and National), in the Tragic Fiasco Labeled ‘The Meredith Emerson Investigation’…

    The last paragraph of Page 3, if not for the tragidc outcome, would be almost humorous…
    What galaxy are they living in..
    Pay close attention to Page 4: Psychological Arrests: Keenan says that Gary Hilton, was stopped by LE in Three States, but was a ‘Master’ at preventing his arrest….

    The ‘Four Hour Response Time to the Marble Hill Huddle House’ by the GBI & LE, on 01/03/08, was conviently omitted from the minutes of the meeting. Where were the GBI Helicopters on this date?

    She should have been rescued. This Mission was far from being a Success. The Community and Meredith Hope Emerson’s family needs to know the truth…the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth…

    May She Rest in Peace…

    Glenn Adams


    Vice-Chairman Donald called the June Board meeting to order
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    finally, to Dawson County, where Meredith Emerson’s body was recovered…. Since the Missing Persons file was set up in 1972, there are 608 women entered in that … Lab to have scientists come in on Sunday to begin receiving some of DNA evidence…. how to keep law enforcement from not making an arrest on him…. …/cit…/106904179Boa…

    Link for above comment:


  106. ‘Excerpt from page 4 of the Public Safety Meeting’

    DirectorKeenan stated his comments on this case are based around how proud he is of state and local men and women law enforcement that worked the street; they are the ones that do this work. Director stated he is privileged to work with them and take some of the pressure off by going before the media.
    Director Keenan addressed the question of the prohibition that law enforcement officers cannot run a suspect through CODIS to see whether or not there are outstanding hits. Director Keenan stated there is not enabling legislation for a law enforcement agency, who is working a case and has a suspect, to enter that suspect into the DNA database. The GBI is working with the District Attorneys Association on preparing draft legislation for the Association to handle this issue.
    Director Keenan addressed a question on the issue of mental health. Director Keenan stated that under current Georgia law, someone could be in psychiatric crisis and law enforcement cannot do anything unless there is a crime being committed. Law enforcement cannot just deal with someone who is going through psychiatric crisis without a criminal charge. Most of the time, it will not be an issue. Such as,

    Gary Hilton had encountered law enforcement in three states and he was a master of knowing how to keep law enforcement from not making an arrest on him.

    Director Keenan stated Sheriffs and Department of Corrections are the mental hospitals for State of Georgia.

    CP Wolfscratch

  107. Wolf:

    If you believe GMH is not in the LCJ then provide some evidence. It is absurd that you throw that out there with no evidence then require others to prove that he is not there.

    Have you ever considered moderating your own blog? Go to (Dave Knechel) and observe that blog. That is a blog covering basically the Casey Anthony case. The judge on the case is even impressed with it and has become friends with Dave. Jose Baez, attorney for Casey Anthony, has requested that the judge be replaced on the Anthony case because of this perceived bias.

    I was pleased to learn that there are good blogs out there that are moderated professionally, contain a lot of information, have a lot of traffic with comments, and flows beautifully. You should observe that blog and start your own and not get bogged down with the unsuccessful blogs you are participating on now

  108. Response:

    ◦Snipet of 3 Page Comment by WS, on Green River Prosecution Strategy; Theory:

    A very tight lid was kept on what was happening behind the scenes. Gary Ridgeway’s attorneys had contacted the Proscecutor to ask if GR might avoid the death Penalty, if he would plead guilty to the original charges and show the location of the undiscovered victims. Although there were more than 50 possible victims of Gary Ridgeway, the state could only proscecute on the seven victims, the rest going unavenged. Considering the lengthy Appeals process, the now 54 year old Ridgeway. might very well die of natural causes before excecution could be carried out….

    On June 13, 2003, the proscecutors and the defense team entered into an agreement: the State would not seek the Death Penalty, but GR, would have to plead guilty to aggravated murder in the 1st degree for all the homicides that he had committed in Kings Co., Washington. The plea agreement was not revealed to the public or the innocent victims’ families. It was June 2003 when the rumors began: Where was Gary Ridgeway?

    It was certain that he was not in the King County Jail, but any info on his whereabouts had been ‘Sealed by a Judge’….

    Green River Task Force Members and Search & Rescue teams were spotted in areas where victim’s remains were previously located. Questions were asked, were proscecutors seeking evidence overlooked or or had they struck up some kind of plea deal with the defense team; ‘Ridgeway’s Life, in exchange for the identity and location of the unknown victims from Kings County, Washington? The plea deal did not include other geographical area that Ridgeway preyed.. The task force personnel wore civilian clothes to remain stealth to the media and behind the heavely tinted glass of the unmarked cars was a Prolific Serial Killer, wearing leg irons and handcuffs. Rumors of where Ridgeway was being out of control. It was reported that he was being kept secured under armed guard in a posh apartment. The public was outraged that he was being held in luxury after the body count that he had amassed.

    The Task Forces PIA , under this pressure anounced that a cell had been constructed in the Task Force Headquarters and GR was living among the investigators. It was the last place anyone thought to look… There had been no precedent for this strategy.. In order to get in to the head of Ridgeway, although it meant spending so much time with an evil cold blooded killer, tantamount to residing with a noncharismatic Hannibal Lecter, it was necessary to bridge the wall, erected by his team of Attorneys and seek the truth of his Terror Trail. GR had a captive audience and relished the attention paid to him as did Ted Bundy, was delighted of the attention given him by Florida detectives after his 1978 arrest. Ridgeway would now have the opportunity to gloat over the details of his ghastly deeds..


  109. In Response to Re: Cheryl Dunlap’s Forum: (Tallahassee Democrat)

    Awe…I can’t talk about it anymore…it just makes me too sad. I’ll never understand why he still went ahead with it knowing so many people witnessed them and the dogs together that day and had to know he’d be a main POI. Meredith sure did everything possible though. God love her.
    Posted by BandMom1

    Because she challenged him on the morning of 01/04/08, sacrificing her life for others..
    Hope we all could be so courageous..
    Meredith knew that GMH, never intended to let her go free..
    She fought him with mind, body, and spirit..
    She was Victorious…

    ‘Right To Hike’

    ‘In Memory of Meredith Hope Emerson’

    “An Evening of Hope”

    “If not for her perception, courageous fight, and unselfish sacrifice, Gary Michael Hilton would still be preying on our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones”..


  110. ‘GMH Trial Postponed, yet again…

    RE: Accused killer Gary Hilton?

    GMH is a confessed killer of Meredith Hope Emerson..

    Possible victim’s map of Gary Michael Hilton, prepared by sleddog:

    When GMH, was asked by the Pickens Co, SC Sheriff how the other prisoners and guards treat him at Jackson Prison, GA, where he is serving life W/O Parole:

    Gary Hilton’s view in his own words concerning the delay in Justice for his many, many victims including Cheryl Dunlap:

    “No one messes with me here. They treat me real good.”

    “I’ve got my own T.V.’I READ’. I’ve got my meals cooked, served…the dishes are washed. My laundry is done….Hey, I love it!”

    “I’m gonna f—— raise hell, total hell. I’m not gonna be happy unless it takes three to four years to go to trial. Unless we have a 1,000 person jury pool, and unless we have at least two changes of venue. And that’s just to begin with (laughs).”

    Wolfscratch: Prolific Serial Killer Gary Michael Hilton, is playing the Justice System like a fiddle…

  111. GAPeach, a concerned citizen, has posted a link on the heaven forum of an interview of Gary Michael Hilton’s mother by Special Agents of the GBI and the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. Although his mother is very skeptical of their motives and doesn’t want to reveal info that would harm her only son, it is obvious that an attempt is being made by the Agents, to mine various personal history and relationships to establish a timeline, and possible stressors(of which there were many) that triggered GMH’s reigh of terror, as well as his geographical area of operation. The interview is very revealing. The shooting of his stepfather by GMH at age 14, the arson of a barn & vehicle as a child, coupled with the torching of his fiance’s house in 1982 (Dekalb co, GA)with her and her brother and sister insideThe Shawn Stewart(estranged girlfriend that GMH called on 01/04/08) info is very significant, IMO, as well as the camping photos viewed at the conclusion of the interview. Although many of GMH’s camping photos had been discard by his Mother, due to limited storage space, one of the photos is of a Camping Trip out West… For some reason, that seems to raises the hair on the back of my neck..


  112. Thanks for sharing. Share is caring after all.

  113. Gary Hilton Helped With a Horror Movie – WCTV – Home
    Mar 14, 2008 … A suspected serial killer Gary Michael Hilton helped produce a horror film over a decade ago. – Similar
    [UPDATE] Gary Michael Hilton Trial – WCTV – Home
    Dec 17, 2010 … Thirteen motions had been sealed and Judge James Hankinson has ruled to unseal 10 of those motions. – Similar
    Gary Michael Hilton Trial – Court Motions – Part 1 – WCTV – Home
    Dec 17, 2010 … Gary Michael Hilton Trial – Court Motions – Part 1. Hilton motions 2 through 6 attached above. For other motions please see 3rd Anniversary … – Similar
    Gary Michael Hilton Trial – Court Motions – Part 2 – WCTV – Home
    Dec 17, 2010 … Hilton motions 1, 7, 8, 11, and 13 attached above. For other motions please see Gary Michael Hilton Trial – Court Motions – Part 1 and for … – Similar

  114. This is an earlier case of a friend that went missing from Tallahassee in late 2000.

    We are currently trying to contact the FBI to question Hilton.

  115. What is it with the whackjobs on this site making up stories that they came in contact with Gary Hilton or other criminals for that matter? Not only do people not believe your lies, posting such crap does not make you famous, respected, or important, and it is not funny, whimsical or cute. It is sick, and it mocks the memory of the victims. People who post such stuff are sick lonely people with empty lives who are disconnected from reality, and possibly mentally ill themselves. Go get some help, because if you don’t know you are disgusting immoral psychotic freaks who get off on falsely connecting themselves to a monster. Medication, psychotherapy, or commiting yourself to a psych ward would do you good.

    • Bob,

      How do you know that these people you speak of did not meet Gary Hilton or any other criminal? Guess what? Many people have met a criminal. Personally, I have. In fact, if you read my blog you would know that. One of my uncles was a notorious figure in Chicago. Also, I knew a woman who had been on death row in NC (before she was on death row). And I knew the victim of a high profile case here in Utah. Knowing these people or being a family member does not make a person any of the things you said. It is just a fact of life. Did you know that Gary Hilton or any other criminal had a mother and a father? Had a family? Had friends? Went to the grocery store? Probably went to school when he was young. Gary Hilton or any other criminal were not born and placed in a room without any human contact. They all met people at some point. Don’t be so judgmental and delusional.

  116. Thanx Bonnie.. GMHs’ Death Penalty Trial began Monday. The opening statements were at 8:30 AM 2/4/11 and several witnesses testified the first day. Some very important info & evidence was released.
    Her Head & Hands were found in his campsite/den burn pit, along with unidentified human bones.
    Cheryl Dunlaps’ DNA found in Hiking Boots that were found in a dumpster 01/04/08 upon GMHs’ arrest in GA, also blood of hers on a sleeping bag.
    TRU TV is airing the trial & it is being live streamed on WCTV(Free) (Tally, FL) and the Democrat NPaper online(Pay)..

    Replay of Opening Statements from 01/04/08:


  117. GMH, hid in plain sight. During the time he held Meredith Hope Emerson, the thermometer dipped below 0, the temp was very frigid and wind gusts up to 50 mph during the night. There was a campfire ban in Georgia due to the drought conditions. This is why he used the attic in the Densmore Farmhouse, where he had a frigid air room set up. It was furnished with a wood burning stove, wool clothes & blankets, and a ‘tuck me in heavy corrugated box to secure his innocent victims…

    GMH, read Encyclopedias and Dictionaries at age 5. He was offered triple promotion when changing schools.

    Set his first barn on fire at age 9.

    First arrest at age 12, burgulary..

    GMH shot his stepfather: a Horse Trainer in Hialeah, FL at age 14.

    A Murphy Bed collapsed on him at age 10 causing head injuries requiring over 200 stitches.

    GMH, is very intelligent, calculating, cagey, and creative, yet very evil.
    Here it is over 18 months after his capture. What do we know about him?

    His license was queried over 80 times in GA alone(many times acting suspicious and in restricted areas of State & National Forests or posted private property.

    Created a movie: ‘Deadly Run’, that depicts his evil deeds, in 1994, almost 15 years before his arrest. (Serial Killer with a Script?)

    He is Military Special Forces trained, and claims to have served two tours in Vietnam, yet was stationed in Germany.

    Upon coviction for the abduction and murder od Meredith Hope Emerson(Blood Mtn Hiker), his DNA was returned in less than 24 hours and Cold Case Detectives from every adjacent State were waiting for the results.

    He was sighted as far north as Pennsylvania, and lived in Miami in 1982.

    GMH’s IQ is within the top 10% of the world.

    GMH, had no victim profile, only a preference.

    GMH, tortures, rapes, and performs rituals on his victims.

    GMH, was evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual: Serial Killer with no human emotions.

    The GBI knew that an abnormally high number of women were vanishing without a trace since 1980.

    GMH, was a master emulator; travelling preacher, soldier, visually impaired person, etc.

    GMH, was very knowlegable about ancient Religion and History. He is the Devils Deciple.’

    GMH, frequented Churches for money, and food..

    That he was self diagnosed with MS, and was taking huge amounts of ridillin and other rxs with the side affect of homicidal tendacies. GMH said, “when I come off my Meds, thr Demons come back”…

    GMH’s Doctor that prescribed the medication he was consuming was fined $6,500.00.

    He emits an acrid odor that lingers in enclosed areas.

    Extracted his teeth to make himself look more evil.

    That he was a copycat of MOs and Signatures of many Serial Killers prior, creating the illusion of many active Serial Killers deeming him a Stealth Predator.

    GMH, had sidekicks and Associates.

    Torched his fiance’s house in Dekalb County, GA in 1982 with her and her brother and sister occupying the house…spent only 4 hours in jail, and was never prosecuted.

    GMH, bragged that he hasn’t been caught since he was 14 years old(47 years).

    GMH, is being investigated pre birth.

    Evidence is being gathered over 18 months after his arrest, and no trial date has been set.

    All media(local & National) has been silenced since March 2008, by the Feds.

    Criminal profilers have shyed away from attempting an analysis of GMH. He is an anomally. He fits no profile.

    GMH, is an emulator, a copycat of serial killers prior, as well as reading novels and then bringing them to life. The FBI and VICAP were confused into thinking that several SKs were active.

    Yet he is still looked at by many as a petty thief and drifter. His Defense Attorney in his Death Penalty trial for the abduction and murder of Cheryl Dunlap, complained to the media because he is being referred to as a Serial Killer in news reports. ‘go figure’


  118. Gary Hilton & Public Defender Inez Suber- ‘Before’ Makeover Pics:
    MIKE EWEN/Democrat
    Murder suspect Gary Michael Hilton shares a laugh with defense attorney Inez Suber during pretrial motions on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 inside of the Leon County Courthouse. Hilton’s defense attorney was trying to prevent the media from putting information out to the public about Hilton’s case.

    compare with the photo after the Trial makeover:

    Wolfscratch ‘Night & Day’ “camelean”

  119. Wolfscratch,

    I don’t know if you will believe this, but in late July or early August of 1996 about 8:30 or 9:00 just before the closing of the Amicalola Falls Park in Dawson County, I was sitting at a picnic table in the forrest off in a secluded area with my girlfriend at the time. We had a very disturbing dark feeling and both looked at each other, I asked, “did you feel that,” I got a strong feeling like a voice in my head that said, “don’t walk, run out of here.” We ran as far as fast as we could back to the car and drove away with locked doors.

    We didn’t talk about it until we got 20 miles away from there. To this day I have always wondered what would have happened had we stayed. I’ve never felt such a scary dark feeling. It was many years later that I heard of Hilton, but I have wondered where he was in the late summer of 1996. Do you have any information on that from your studies?

  120. I believe it, Keith. Hilton is a scary f’ing monster with a dark aura ten miles wide and 6 feet under (one day, and I can’t wait.)

    But you know what’s even scarier? How many of these cases remain “unsolved” because why? Who the H is protecting Gary Hilton and keeping the silence on all his many victims? Why can’t all of the above, and no doubt even more that haven’t been publicly identified, get the justice they deserve? What the HELL is wrong with the FBI? Since when did they get in the business of protecting serial killers?

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