Famous Murders of the 20th Century: Jacques Mossler murder 6/30/1964 Miami, FL

Jacques Mossler
Jacques Mossler

Mossler case was sensational story of murder, intrigue
Candace Mossier and Melvin Lane Powers Trial: 1966 – Sexual Perversions, Preparing An Alibi, More Unsolved Mysteries
Mossler Children Testify
Glamorous widow faces jury in a titillating trial (about 1/2 way down)
Mel, Candace Arrive For Hearing
Mossler, Powers – Lived Together Witness Claims
Mossler Trial Witness Tells Of Print Find
Accused Murderer Described As Being Quick With Knife
Convict testifies in Mossler trial
Woman Heard Scream Night Mossler Slain
Mossler Trial Goes Into Its Fourth Week
Oratory Holds Sway At Mossler Trial
Mossler Case Goes To Jury (part 1)
Mossler (part 2)
Mossler Case Jury Decries Pair Innocent
Candy Mossler is found dead
Melvin Lane Powers Is Dead at 68; Cleared of Murder With Lover-Aunt
Melvin Powers obituary
crimelibrary: A Million Dollar Murder
Wikipedia: Candy Mossler
Wikipedia: Melvin Lane Powers
Mesmerism in Miami
“There Is No Better Than Me”
Incest and Murder in Key Biscayne

Headline Justice: Inside the Courtroom — The Country’s Most Controversial Trials
Forever Texas: Texas, The Way Those Who Lived It Wrote It

Dominick Dunne: Power, Privilege and Justice: The Candy Scandal
A Crime To Remember: Candyland

Mossler and Powers
Candace Mossler and Melvin Powers

5 Responses

  1. My dad’s name was Melvin L. Powers. L standing for Luther. He often traveled since he was a salesman and people would learn what his name was and just look at him with hatred. He has passed now and I was just curious about this true story.

  2. I would like a complete biography of Jacques Mossler.

    Thank you,

    ghislaine abitbol

  3. According to a newspaper article, Candace Mossler told Melvin Lane Powers after the verdict was read “We made it”.

  4. I lived in Houston during the Mossler trial. Houston Chronical posted on front page the letters written between Mel & Candy and they were steamy. I didn’t miss an issue. Very scandalous for the time.
    Had I been on the jury, I wouldn’t have convicted them either. for another business man a few months earlier was murdered in his office by his male lover and his body was burned. That was also sensational and to date no one has been charged in this murder, so I beleive the jury was not totally certain beyond a shadow of doubt of mel & Candy’s guilt. Proven that they had an ilicit affair, but that wasn’t what they were on trial for.

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