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Fathers From Hell: Yaser Abdel Said charged with the murders of his 2 teen daughters – Sarah and Amina – as he believed they became too “Americanized”

Amina Yaser Said, 18
Sarah Yaser Said, 17

Find-A-Grave: Amina Yaser Said
Find-A-Grave: Sarah Yaser Said
Dying teen names dad as killer
Manhunt for Father Suspected of Killing Teen Girls
Police seek father in girls’ slayings
Cab driver sought in death of two daughters in Irving
Police searching for father suspected of killing teen girls
Police Search For Man Suspected Of Killing Daughters
Teen Girls Found Dead In Irving; Dad Accused
For years, friends say, slain sisters lived with their father’s threats of violence and abuse
Capital Murder Suspect Added to FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List
FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Yaser Abdel Said Now in Custody
Man accused of killing 2 teen daughters in 2008 has been captured, Irving police and FBI announce
One of the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives has been taken into custody
FBI’s ‘10 Most Wanted’ fugitive accused in teen daughters’ ‘honor killings’ captured after 12 years
Capital Murder Suspect In Taxicab Killings Of 2 Daughters, Yaser Abdel Said Captured
‘They’re becoming too American’: Ex-wife of captured ‘honor killings’ father, who killed daughters for dating non-Muslim boys, speaks out

The Price of Honor

Yaser Abdel Said
Islam Said (son) – harboring a fugitive
Yassein Said (brother) – harboring a fugitive

Yaser Abdel Said

67 Responses

  1. Honor killing? He’s probably headed back to whatever islamic rock he crawled out from under in the first place. He won’t come back to the U.S. Infidels aren’t worthy of judging him.


  2. I think honor killing is a very ignorant thing to say, and even more ignorant to believe. I listned to the great aunt that said they were “too american”. WHat does that mean? Egyptian girls in Egypt dress the same way, and do the same things. The great aunt who heard from someone that was told by someone else does not have any credibility,especially since she was, in her own words, “kept out of the loop”. I cant believe that she even used that to support her argument. Why is that the first thing people jump to. Hey, and just an FYI; people in Egypt stopped doing Honor killings long,long ago. People see that it is a major sin to commit murder. So dont be so ignorant to associate it with Islam! I guess every time we hear that a mother kills her five kids in the bath tub or or while their sleeping or even when they throw them in the river because of because they want to win their boyfriend back, we should say they were Christian honor killings.


  3. Egyptian girl im sooooo glad u commented
    its ridiculous how ignorant people are
    they will take any chance to propogate hate for islam out of their fearful ignorance i suppose they think that in arab or islamic countries that everyone is wearing an afghani CULTURAL burka …..im so disgusted indeed why if this was such an oppresive man would his wife the mother of these to beautiful angels return to irving after she was able to “escape” whateverrrrrrrr this has nothing to do with islam or honor its a family affair


  4. Egyptian Girl and Lin…I understand that you feel insulted that Islam is given responsibility for these crimes against Muslim women, but in virtually every honor killing, it is not the men, but it is the daughter, sister, or wife who are killed, and this is not new in Islamic societies, it is simply becoming more and more publicized and exposed “beacuse” Muslim girls in the “west” are being killed by their family for becoming too westernized. It is the women who are killed for a perceived immoral act or lifestyle, and they are killed by their brothers, uncles, fathers. Male siblings killing their female siblings with a pattern of very similar circumstances and motivations. If you need insite into the minds of the girls who were killed, just listen to the statements of their friends, who will inevitably have more knowledge regarding the thoughts and concerns of their Muslim friends than even the victims own family members.

    This kind of act is most prevalent in societies where women are not viewed as equal to men.

    Yes in the U.S. women are killed by men, men are killed by women, and women kill women, and men kill men…children are also victims of crime. It does not change that there is a very real problem with Muslim honor killings.

    The very real difference is that within non westernized societies: Middle Eastern and Asian societies, the killing of women is not prosecuted as are crimes against men because women are considered less than men, and their value is less than men in the eyes of the government so their death is not held to account by the authorities who deem it a family matter. Religious and Community Leaders do not speak out against honor killing, or preach that it is sinful. Even in the eyes of their own families women are often seen as commodities to further the fortune of the family as a whole, or are seen as a disfavorable drain on family resources (i.e. china where female babies have been killed in mass numbers due to the limit on the number of children each family can have).

    The heirarchy in Middle Eastern and Asian Countries…where Islam, and Hinduism are the majority religions, is strictly Patriarchal. Men rule the women, and that is that. In some more westernized cities in said countries, women may have more freedoms, but these freedoms are in direct threat by those who still hold to the idea that women are less than men.

    In the U.S. and other Western countries where it is predominantly “Christian” and I say this in complete awareness that many who claim to follow Christ, do not actually live as Christ would have them live, but there is an understanding that men and women are equal in God’s sight.

    Honor killings to protect the family honor are not a part of Western ideology. Murder because of infidelity is certainly committed, as is murder for many other reasons, but the motivation is generally revenge, money, drugs etc…not to maintain the “purity” of the family as happens in Islamic societies.

    So long as the attitude exists that women are of less value than men, you will continue to see honor killings, and dowry killings.

    This is not “only” a problem of Islamic communities…it is a world wide problem of ignorance and prejudice towards women, but if Islamic countries do not stop contributing to acts of Muslims practicing honor killings, this kind of ignorant ideological thinking will continue.



  5. Dear All
    I just have a comment on Siylencedogood , he is right in some of what he said about honor killing that in some eastern socities men might kill women for making relationships and they might not be blamed for that as it happens mostly in countryside in egypt , but this is culture issue and has nothing to do with Islam as in Islam women and men punishment for commiting adultery is the same , and Islam doesn’t agree about father kills his daughters for honor , if it happened . Thanks


  6. Someone who cares, those are some good points.


  7. As a relative of both these girls I am a Muslim, and Amina and Sarah where like my sisters and my uncle was a really fun person to hang around i am still confused as to what happened. I have known them for ever and they where very bright and intelligent young women. And there mother was not a good person she use to lie and steal money from her husband and as a matter of fact not to long ago she committed an affair my uncle for gave her for the kids sake. my aunt use to tell me how she envied Amina because of how much her father spoiled her more than his wife. And my aunts her side of the family has not seen those kids in i don’t know how many years but its because she told them to stay away. let me tell yall something that the news papers didn’t tell you things that i have hear and that are facts that lead up to that horrible night. first off the girls and there mother tried to poison my uncle in the first time in i don’t know how many years they cooked for him — fyi my uncle always cooked dinner for his family– so when he sat down he told his family to come and eat and his wife and girls said no thank you were not hungry and so his son said i will eat with you, but his mother whispered to him not to eat because the food is rotten so he quietly told his dad what his mother said so before my uncle took a bit he took the whole pot and gave the food to the dogs. the next day the girls and his wife disappear and he hasn’t a clue as to why. he calls someone and says look they ran away again oh and get this they steal from him 9,000 dollars which he finds out as well he tells this person all this and he said that all the dogs are dead and that i am worried they tried to kill me. he tells this person that you know what its okay forget about it amina and sarah are very smart so if they run away they know what they are doing and that money was for there college so its okay that they took the money i will just take care of my son from now on. so do you think that this is a man with a motive no when they came back he was extremely happy and he hugged both his daughters and told them that i don’t care why you ran away but we are going to move on and all i want you to do is to consentrait on your college…. the next day or that day i cant remember he takes his daughter for a bite to eat at ihop to be exact because he called his brother and told him to come and get a bite to eat with us we are on our way but they never showed up…. during this time for i believe a few months there was a white unmarked vehicle following my uncle every time he went to work he told one of his brothers that someone is following him he thought maybe the police or something he also said that he didn’t do anything wrong so thats why he didn’t report it or even worry about it. come to find out it was the girls boyfriends they had there dad followed day in and day out every time he went to work. and not to mention from what i heard they where following him the day that the girls where killed these boys are part of a gang just so you know… and that fateful day they where following them they even called one of the girls and thats when my uncle realized that the car was with them and during that time he was trying to lose them. my uncle would freeze in his taxi to save a few dollars on gas he was saving all of his money so that one day he could marry his daughters and pay for there college and maybe even buy them there own home. he would go home and give the kids what ever he could so that they could go shopping and have fun. we are Americans and we are Muslims, but what happened to them was wrong. we use to hang out together go to the mall, movies everything. i have traveled and so i know what its like in other countries and trust me the women in Egypt are just like the girls over there …. we all like to have fun hang with friends and that was amina and sarah as well… i don’t think that we will ever know the whole truth because those that could have told us have passed and what my uncle knows was what happened in that car if he did it then he must have went insane. because i know him and i know he could never do it..

    i just want to say that i do think that in a since that you are right Siylencedogood but i will say something i am not that religious and now i am learning a lot about Islam and if Muslims follow Islam correctly then women have rights and lot of them but you are right they are not always followed through and as a matter of fact these types of killings are condemned by Islam but what you will find is that these killings may continue as more of a cultural thing then a religious thing but the fact is people no matter where you go kill and you can not say the a certain religion supports it no thats not true.


  8. This page is for Sarah and Amina, not for anyone to defend dad or put their mother down. .. It really doesn’t matter what good you think he was, here in America we don’t have honor killing.. if we did then we would be honoring all of those who have died by killing those who killed them.
    Sarah and Amina may you rest in peace.


  9. Nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. The girl’s father is a sick man. In his world view, his girls were whores for having boyfriends. Yes, dating is ‘haram’ (against the rules) in Islam, but so is murder. Murder is a worse sin than sex outside marriage (assuming there was any sex at all in this case).


  10. TO: friends forever….I also as a relative, am here to state what I know. First of all,if the mother had really had an affair,as you stated, she would have been dead pronto!And as far as why the “aunts or great-aunts” were not around is not because the mother told us to stay away. It is because WE knew of the sexual abuse,and had turned them in for that! Of course,they managed to make the girls lie and say it did’nt happen!(When it did.) And so if they kept the girls away from us,they would not have to worry about being turned in again! And so, you say: the news papers did’nt tell everything,and you know the “facts” that led up to that horrible night. So, please tell us. We all want to know why a so called “father” would murder his own daughters, for any reason? And are you saying the girls tried to kill their father by poisoning him? So,that’s why he killed them,huh?And you say the son told the father what the mother said about the food, well, that’s right up his alley! As he spied on his sisters and told the father every move! He went to the girls job and watched them clock in only to come back later several times in a shift to make sure they were still there. YES DADDY DEAREST, they are still at work. I’ll go back in an hour and check again! And why in the world are you telling a lie about the dogs being poisoned by that food?I happen to have been at that house the day after the murders when the tactical squad was there. What happened to those dogs were: the police department called the pound,the pound took 3-4 dogs, and the neighbor down the street took 2 dogs! That is a FACT. So that waters down that story about the “poisoned” food. And another thing,if someone was following me,rather I did anything wrong or not, I would call the police. That is not true that the “boyfriends” or their families were following your UNCLE. FYI they followed that fateful day because they were scared he was taking them to kill them! Sarah texted and told them :everything is ok.You can turn around now.Obviously she had Not yet realized they were not going to EAT, or drink TEA, or TALK! And the boys,part of a gang? Who are you trying to kid? But you did get one thing right, your UNCLE was saving money to “marry” his daughters! Exactly, arranged marriage in Egypt, in which the girls were refusing! So, I don’t understand what happened either. I know we all, both sides of the family have questions that will probably never be answered. And maybe the mom is not telling us everything. But I would like to know why the mom would return with the girls if the 3 of them had tried to poison him? Don’t you think they would have known that the dogs were dead and he had figured out what they had tried to do? I think they would have been scared. We don’t understand why she took the girls back to him,when she said she knew he would kill them, does that make sense? And here again she’s not really talking to us, so I don’t know what she is hiding. I don’t even know if she’s telling the truth. These girls should not have died, no matter what.


  11. I am just trying to figure out why you are just now, after almost three months writing these things about your aunt and uncle. What is the point in writing all of that stuff? Which is only here say,what proof do you have to back your accusations? Dont you think that your aunt has been through enough, with you and her other aunts trying to run her down. If all of the things you wrote are true, Why does it matter? Nothing can bring the girls back. So what do you hope to gain from your accusations? Your uncle has two capital murder warrants out for his arrest, the police would not have issued those warrants unless they have some sort of proof that he shot his girls. Your family keeps bringing up these ”SO CALLED GANG MEMBERS” but my question to you is if your uncle is so innocent, Why is he on the run? Why doesn’t he be a real-man and come forward? I bet your family won’t answer that question”WILL YA??” Why are you the one defending him, explain that to the world!! Honestly, Dont you have anything else better to do?? What’s the real reason you are saying such nasty things about your aunt and her girls. It seems to me that your a coward just like your uncle why didn’t you say these things to her face, or even give her time to explain her side of things. Does your accusations really even matter at this point. This is not how Sarah and Amina would want to be remembered. Grow up and let these girls rest in peace. O’ one more thing as for us knowing the whole truth because they passed, WRONG!! Sarah told the 911 operator that her dad shot her and her sister before he finished her off. EXPLAIN THAT!?! As for your FRIENDS FOR EVER sign I would hate to be your enemy if this is how you treat your own family.


  12. First of all little lady, the “aunts” are not trying to run the mother down! We have not SAID one “untrue” thing about her or her chosen family. Someone has got to “speak out” for these girls, is this your “first” blog in 3 months? Why have’nt you been speaking out FOR THE GIRLS, after all,that is what this is about. I did not see you at the rememberance for the girls, I did not see you helping pass out fliers the first time, I did not see you passing out fliers the second time, I did not see you helping draw “composites” to get Yaser caught, I did not see you in any of the interviews that had to be done, as a matter of fact, where is the rest of the family that should be “helping” get him arrested? Don’t you think Amina And Sarah would have wanted him put away? So, don’t be bad mouthing the aunts (who are the only ones out there) that are trying to keep this from being forgotten. And if you are really aware of what could be next, are you speaking out? Are you trying to get the mother to come back to the “american” way of thinking so that she will be safe. You do know her life may be in danger, don’t you? Are you trying to talk to her and get her in a safe place? We (the aunts,great-aunts) have tried until we are blue in the face.We know she is not safe.We can not force her, and she is not going to listen. As long as we keep it in the media, maybe she will be safe. We know her heart is broken,her spirit is broken, her whole life has changed.She lost more than we can ever imagine. Just understand, we do love her,she is a part of THIS family. She is the one that has chosen to push us away. She has chosen to be where she is. If you have truly tried to talk to her, then you understand, she is not going to listen to you either. She could answer alot of questions we all have, but is refusing! Instead, told what a good man yaser is,and told us to quit talking!She knows we speak the truth. Don’t she want him to pay?So we have no idea what she knows about what happened,but you can bet, she knows more than she is telling! As far as I am concerned, “friends forever” has as much right to speak out as anyone else. And I think the Said’s should speak out. They have that right. So get off his butt. This is America, you know? Anyway, my point is, the great-aunts have worked hard to keep his picture on the air. Do you think that is FUN for us? I don’t care what you think, but I can tell you one thing, Amina and Sarah WOULD WANT SOMEONE TO TAKE UP FOR THEM! AND IT DOES’NT LOOK LIKE IT IS GOING TO BE THE “CLOSEST” FAMILY MEMBERS, SO IT WILL BE “US!”


  13. friends forever Says:
    March 22, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    “when they came back he was extremely happy and he hugged both his daughters and told them that i don’t care why you ran away but we are going to move on and all i want you to do is to consentrait on your college…. the next day or that day i cant remember he takes his daughter for a bite to eat at ihop to be exact because he called his brother and told him to come and get a bite to eat with us we are on our way but they never showed up…”

    What is this? You said;

    “Called his brother” well ain’t that something to think about?

    Some one else had to helped him do this, not by pulling the trigger, because Sarah makes that clear on her 911 cry for help that “daddy” shot them, but some one had to have picked him up after the dirty deed. Some one in that righteous “Muslim community” maybe, someone who knows just where he is.

    As far as this following statement, it makes me wonder what kind of a friend, friends forever, truly is.
    “My uncle knows was what happened in that car if he did it then he must have went insane. Because I know he and I know he could never do it…

    “I know he could never do it”…
    “He must have went insane.” ??

    No, really, so called “friends forever”, where do you get off?
    You go back and play that 911 tape of Sarah, saying “my bloods all over” we’re DIEING, we’re DIEING, then listen to the car door open and shut and here her as she cries out “NO not again” listen to her whimper as she realizes it’s hopeless, they will die, think of the betrayal she must have felt as she and her sister die.
    You need to play the tape over and over; listen real close to the beginning, when she says “my dad shot me and my sister,” maybe then you can realize the truth, maybe hopefully, you can develop some empathy for the two girls.
    To say “”He must have went insane.” when it is clear that he killed them showing no mercy. Hear the door, open and close, he is a cold blooded murderer, one who plots, in complete control.
    You are one sorry sap, friends forever, you and as his son, Islam.
    He blames the girls, showing no emotion, no sympathy, only anger toward them because his “dad” is gone.

    This makes me so sad, maybe it’s that I’m not used to “honor killings”, the way they blame the victims,
    Really, very sad.

    I can’t wait till they catch “Dad’, and they will , and find who helped him, who is hiding him, trust me they will find him.


  14. To answer your question, I totally agree with that yaser needs to be kept in the media, As for where I have been well the mother was not told that any of you would be passing out Flies, She was told after the fact. I am with her often and just FYI, We have on several occassions gone to the hotel where the girls were found asking cab drivers and many other people if they may have any info on yaser. We have also gone to where he usaully worked, Asking around so it’s not like, She just doesn’t care. She has made mistakes in her past, Just as the rest of us have, And she has to pay for them and learn from them but constantly bringing up the past isn’t going to bring back her girls or help catch yaser. She is grieving for her precious girls, Did you ever stop to even consider the hell she goes through. If you really love her give her time and she’ll come around just stop judging her so much. Also she no longer lives with his family she has a place of her own now but she doesn’t want the world to know exactly where for the safety reasons. All I am trying to say is that you are not any better than her, So lets stop judging each other and consetrate on getting yaser!


  15. In Febuary, after an interview with the news that a couple of the great aunts had (which she knew about) we received phone calls demanding for us NOT to talk to the media, or anyone else because she did not want Yaser’s picture on the air. She wanted to get on with her life. Excuse me, I would not be able to “get on with MY life” if it was me, knowing the person that killed my daughters was running free! Some of the phone calls from Islam was threatening. So, at that point, it was and still is best for us to do what we need to do, and they can see it on the news. We are not going to inform them so they can maybe show up and cause a problem. She was contacted many,many times to do interviews and plead for Yaser to be caught, she always refused! So no, we did not ask, would you like to pass out fliers? We did’nt need help anyway, as our only intention was to get Yaser’s picture on t.v. We accomplished that. We were told that it was very important to keep it on the air so people would not forget what he looked like. Now, I did not say she does’nt care.Did I not say in my blog I know her heart is broken?Do you really think I don’t know a little bit about that? I am saying, I do not understand some of her actions. As far as bringing up the past, what past? My main concern is what happened January 1-2008 and hereafter. That’s it. And I am not “trying” to judge her, but remember, people do judge by actions. Yes, I do know she does not live with the killer’s family anymore as of last weekend, however she’s still close enough. What 3-5 minutes? And she does’nt want anyone to know where she moved for “safety” reasons? Are you kidding me? We know she lives down the road from you.I don’t think it’s this side she needs to worry about, do you? I want you to know we are very concerned for her. Everyday. And, she knows that. We have told her ourselves. We have reason to believe her life is in DANGER, and hope that you realize that too. And you may be “seeing” her everyday now, but how often did you “see” her before? Do you, honestly not have ANY questions about what has happened? And I am really glad you all are out talking to taxi drivers and whoever, but we still need his picture out there. So next time you are going to do that, please call the media!


  16. To answer your question about how many times I seen her before all of this happened I seen her more in the past year more than yall have in her whole LIFE!!!! Just FOR YOUR INFORMATION whether it is 3 minutes away or 30 minutes away if something is going to happen it will happen!! Because he has not been caught yet, and yes i do have many questions about what happened dont we all! Why dont yall let the police do their job they are not stupid!


  17. Yea. She told me “how many times” she saw you in the past year!Do you remember how many years went by when you DID NOT talk to her? So, young lady, do not even try to tell me how “CLOSE” you are! I know better. I did not know we were running a contest on who saw her the most, who cares? That is irrelevant here. What matters is putting that sorry piece of muslim in jail where he belongs! I can guarantee you the “police” are doing their job and they will get him. We are not keeping the police from doing their job, as a matter of “FACT” they told us it is “IMPORTANT” what we are doing! And “SOMEONE” needs to do it. Don’t you think if we were interfering with their investigation they would tell us to stop? Duh. You are correct, it does not matter how many minutes away you are,if they are going to do it, they ARE going to do it. But why put yourself in that position? Why be a “sitting duck?” That’s like saying: I know I’m going to get hit by a car and killed because I cross the busy highway everyday.Hello??? Take another route!


  18. I found both of you to be very interesting: I have known of this family for over 20 years, the first thing that was done wrong, her parents allowing her to marry him, then a man of his age marrying a child (that shows his mentality) and lets start with Patricia having an affair. DONT BELIEVE A WORD OF IT, she is too “Egyptian brain washed”.

    You said Patricia stole money from your uncle, well, since when in Texas is the money not community property. Maybe in Egypt, the women are nobody, in America, we are equal. By the way, it was she who made the living.
    About Yaser loving his daughters “SURE” he molested them when they were small children “DO YOU CONSIDER THIS LOVE”? The only thing I agree with you is that the mother may have been jealous of Amina, she was beautiful. It was the mother who brought them home to the killer.
    You said he was saving money to send the girls to college, these girls were making their own way, he wasn’t interested in college, he wanted to take them to Egypt and marry them off to some OLD pervert like himself.

    Shelly, where is your brain? you know his MUSLIM MUG FACE needs to be on the news daily. How else do you think they can find that murderer. About Patricia wanting to go on with her life, well, why didn’t she see to it that her daughters were not allowed to go own with their lives (she was in control, she had every opportunity to protect them), Oh, she felt guilty about leaving him. Does she feel guilty about their deaths? Apparently not, she allowed them to be buried in a grassy field.
    These girls had far more to offer the world than their parents, plus they just wanted to be Americans.
    Sure, she moved away from the killer’s family. WHY!!! was she there to start with? That tells a story (figure it out). Why did it take three months to make the move? If you were so close to her, why was she not living with you, afterall, you are married to her brother.


  19. Thank you for the last comment. I take it you are taking up for the great-aunts, and we really appreciate that. We only want justice for Amina and Sarah. That’s all. We should not have to go through this mess of “begging” certain “family members” to do the right thing, and that is: TELL THE TRUTH! But at least when this is SAID and done, we will be able to honestly say, we did everything possible, and we will not have a “GUILTY” conscience at all. Seems like every time we manage to get Yaser’s picture on the air, one of them gets upset and we hear about it! But like we SAID, we will never give up. This has become the most important thing for us right now. JUSTICE FOR AMINA & SARAH


  20. Amen, to the great aunts, its very obvious the mother is not taking any responsibility (not interested), if it were my daughters I would be working two jobs & having garage sales to increase the reward fund. Did she use any of the donated money from the school and put it in the reward fund? I would be trying to get on Dr. Phil, Geraldo, Montel show, etc., just any MEDIA attention to get that Molesting murderer off the streets.

    Futhermore, why hasn’t this been put on AMW, is the mother stopping that too? Is she telling them what a wonderful father he was.

    Has anyone contacted the FBI, to see if they are involved in the search? If not, they need to know how the mother is acting, they need to know how the brother acted at the birthday rememberance.

    Did you not hear the news this week where a mother went to prison for not protecting her child, she let the daddy beat him to death. What is the difference!! She knew when he left home with just the girls and she and Islam didn’t go, that he was going to do what he promised.

    Great Aunts and any other relatives who has their hearts in the right place, will do every thing in their power to KEEP his face on the news.

    Has anyone every thought of having some laminated pictures made and furnish them to long haul trucking companies, this would get them across the USA daily.


  21. Look, I usually do NOT blog about this issue…unless, it is a question in Yahoo Q&A’s! However, I see that I am being, once again, accused of something I have not done. Therefore, I thought it extremely important to educate you ignorant, ????????.

    First, if you are Shelley, I could care less. My dead sister told me about you and that is all I need to know! She was right on when she said what sort of person you are! In as much, I would be very careful, addressing anyone or, any issue!!

    Secondly, this is about Sarah and Amina! This is not about you! I will say this one time and one time only….what I do, I do for the sake of these two beautiful girls! I care not what Tissy thinks and even less, about what you think! All I have done has been approved by the Irving Police Department and will continue to be so! I have NO interest in being on any TV program! However, I will tell Amina and Sarah’s truths irregardless…the threatening phone calls, the yelling at me from Tissy (who should be with me in finding her murderous husband), the lies they weave and so forth! I will NOT stop until these girls stories are told! They deserve the truth to be told and it really should be, my neice, Tissy to tell this. None of us would have had to speak out, if only she had!

    You know, I told Tissy that I would be silent, if she spoke out and told the truth! I waited three weeks…nothing! She lied to me! As she said, Yaser was a good dad and a good man! I beg to differ! Yaser was and is a very radical thinking Islamic deviant! One who treated those girls like his own lovers and then, when they dared to think outside daddy’s beliefs…they had to die! Tissy knows this is true and so does the rest of the thinking world! No telling what Sarah and Amina went through…in the name of radical Islam.

    Now, you can play sides all day long as this is not a family feud! This is Tissy and Islam, wanting we aunts to shut-up! They want to get on with thier lives! Wow! Glad they can as I cannot seem to get past the scene which must have been very gruesome, in that cab! I cannot forget Sarah’s cries for her life! Begging, her dad….No, babba, no! Are you aware thta Sarah had NINE bullets in her when she made that 911 call? Yet, she desired to live and fought for that right! If you do not believe this, read the coroners report! I did! Sarah only had ONE tennis shoe on! She had kicked at him and one came off! That tells me that Sarah had a lot of my family’s blood in her! She is my Hero! She did not cower, like most of her relatives would have. Nope, she fought for those last few breaths! I thank God for Sarah’s ability to exercise her right to defend her life! Even so, he shot her repeatedly and continued his killing spree until she had no life left!

    So, you see, you want to come here and cause your usual trouble, amongst family. It is not going to happen as I have not hardly heard at all from any of my sister’s children, since her death! In as much, what have I to lose by speaking out for Sarah and Amina? Not a thing! So, if you want to talk to me young lady, you know how to get me! Just ask Tissy and Connie! They both have my number, as I am sure you know!

    Now, do not address me with your ignorance! If you do call me, you had better have some intelligent conversation or, information on Yaser!

    Now, I ask you….have you studied the Islamic religion and culture? I bet not! I have and I am continuing to do so. If you remain close, I suggest that you do this for your sake and the sake of your own children! Oh, I would narrow that research down to Egyptian Muslims, as there are many mindsets, in Islam. There are five basic tenants and from there….you have Sharia laws and so forth! Learn about Sharia laws and you will have a great insight into the horrible times which Sarah and Amina faced, when not in line with Daddy’s RULES! The breakage of rules, in this culturistic barbarasism….leads to womens deaths! Yes, they all deny Honor killings! But, the Koran says it is okay for them to lie to us too! I heard that one Imam said that it was ancient! Yeah, I bet it is and so are the pyramids but, they still EXIST! Same with Sharia law!!!!!!!! Now, go educate yourself before you call me!

    Great AUNT GAIL


  22. Dear “great Aunt Gail”.
    I really feel sad for what happened to these girls.
    There are people who have the girls’ pictures up on web sites. So not to forget them.
    Here are just a few, I know there are many more,




    I try to educate people about Islam on my “you tube” account in creative entertaining ways.

    I was thinking of doing a clip on “you tube” using the 911 call Sarah made.
    That call is very powerful; it is what people need to here to wake them up on what happened to
    Sarah and Amina. And hopefully motivate them to find the “Killer Dad”.
    I partner with a professional singer, who sings in all but one clip on my “You tube”.

    I don’t really know if and how I can help, but I’ve been moved by their story.
    If you have any Ideas or if you think I can be helpful in getting this message out and putting this man behind bars, please feel free to e-mail through my “you tube account.



  23. I am not a family member, but I have known of this family for over 20 years, and I am asking you and anyone else that feels as you and I do, to PLEASE put something out that will get the reward fund built up, as we all know, MONEY is a big motivator. These three great aunts has worked endlessly, but it is going to take more than three people to take on this task.

    Everyone knows the mother wants to keep it HUSH HUSH, but that will not catch him. Their grandmother died knowing her granddaughters were being abused, she tried to get something done, but to no avail, she lost her battle, but I can assure you she is now with the girls she so loved.

    We really dont know all of the abuse these two girls went through, but I do feel if the REWARD was much larger that someone would blow him in. MONEY TALKS and that cowardly MURDERER has walked.


  24. To Gail. I wanted to take time to tell you what a wonderful person I think you are. I feel as close to you now as any of my sisters. You are now my sister! I feel sad sometimes because I really know how sick you are, and yet, you keep on going! You don’t give up on anything true to your heart. I admire you for what you are doing. It is wrong that Tissie chose not to let us all get to know the girls very well, but that’s okay. I know they are looking down and know what we are doing for them. At least we do have some memories, and no one can take that away from us! It may take us awhile, but we will get Yaser! God will see to that! (As the saying goes: you can eat an elephant, if you do it a bite at a time! So, we will keep biting and chewing! Hang in there. You have so much willpower and strength. I am proud of you, Gail. I mean that with all my heart! Because I know, what you have been through with your health, and sometimes I can see how weak you are and yet still so determined! God bless you 10 fold!! I love you sis! One thing that upsets me is knowing that the rest of the family knows how sick you are, and still don’t offer to help! Or even to call and say: I appreciate what you are doing Aunt Gail. Have you heard that from any of them? I think, total strangers have helped us the most, don’t you? And that’s just okay, because they truly mean it. We have alot of people on our side,lots of people we don’t even know! Thank you all! We know there are “total strangers” out there doing more than some of the girls “own family.” Sad. Anyway, I’m rambling on now. Sorry. But honestly, with all my heart, I love you Gail! I don’t want anything to happen to you, so please take care of yourself. I don’t want to lose you. It’s so hard not to be depressed over this, I am too. But if we get to where the 3 of us can’t do this anymore, what will happen? So keep in mind all the people that care about you, okay? And remember, we all love you, we will get this done. No matter what! No matter how! I love you and take care. Joyce


  25. hey this is tissie just because iam trying to move on does not mean iam a bad mom i love all of my kids VERY VERY MUCH I DO THING DAILY TO TRY TO BRING JUSTICE FOR AMINA AND SARAH i can not keep myself locked up in the house i have to live one day at time and no i did not tell yall to stop talking i thinked gail and joyce for all of thier work oh by the way the girls are not in a grassy field just because i did not bury amina and sarah where yall wanted me to oh by the since yall are so great have yall even been out to the cemetary ???????? i just want you all to know that i am not the bad person yall think i am .you all say that yall know me AND my KIDS but how do yall know us my mom and dad DID NOT even stay around the OWENS or Gails Faimly.CRAB AND SHELLY HAS BEEN HERE FOR ME THEY ASK ME TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO STAY WITH THEM .YEH SHELLY HAS DONE THING IN THE PASS BUT HAVENT WE ALL NONE OF US IS PERFECT. MOM LOVED SHELLY AS WELL AS SHE LOVED EVERYONE THOSE OF YALL WHO IS TRYING TO HELP GET YASER CAUGHT I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. LOVE TISSIE


  26. Tissy,
    YES, you did call us and yelled at me from the time you called! You told me Yasser was a good dad and NEVER beat your girls!!!

    Tissy, you know better as you even called the news stations and told them NOT to speak with me! Plus, Tissy, to see who has been lying, I have your conversation to me taped! Yes, it is on tape and you are praising your daughters murderer! Telling me, you had spoken to a lawyer and would sue me! Remember that? The police do, I assure you! So, keep talking and lying! The world is getting a real glimpse of what your precious daughters had to go through…..at the hands of thier dad and your inability to walk away and save them, since they were 7&8! Truly, I am glad God called Sissy home , as this would have surely killed her, in many ways! I know she would have spilled more tears than you have and did! You were cruel to her by not letting her see these girls…for Yaser’s sake! So, do not tell me what kind of great anything you are! I beg to differ….if your Mom could talk, she would say the same as I have! If Sarah and Amina could talk, they would say much as they would not be silenced as they have been in the past! Get off your high horse Tissy and truly think about what led to Yaser offing your daughters! I think if you did this, you would see what we see! NOT PRETTY!

    Does this mean I am no longer invited to your apartment for the baby shower?


  27. Joyce,

    I was so blessed by your loving words which I know are from your heart! If anything has come from this, which is good…it has been the addition of YOU, in my heart! I mean this with all my heart, mind and soul! I have NO maternal/paternal family members left, as you know but, Sissy has provided me with a beautiful heart, in her place and that would be you! What a gift she has bestowed upon us both!

    Joyce, you speak of my health. Yes, it is something which very few know about. I suppose if they came around. like you have, they too would know. Would they care? NO! That is the difference between you, me and them! True caring. I appreciate the love I have in my life and I know love is a gift from God! Therefore, I thank God so very much for bringing you back in my life, in such a profound manner (sisters at heart). Truly, God is faithful and has blessed us both! Joyce, these others, know how bad your health is too and yet, you are right….more strangers have helped us than family! I see your determination and marvel at how you deal with your physical pain and the pain which this has placed upon your own precious heart! I love you, respect you and so very much, admire the woman of Joyce!! What a precious gift…God has given to me!! Thank you Joyce, it is a pleasure to call YOU, family!!

    With My Heart, GAIL


  28. Do you think that we are going to let you get away with lying and not defend ourselves? What is wrong with you? How can you keep lying? You most certainly did call us and tell us to stop talking and to stay off the t.v. You did not want Yaser’s picture on the air! Remember? Sure you do! You do not want people to know the truth, why is that? Don’t you realize, all you have to do is give an interview and tell everything you know.Then there would be no reason for anyone else to? You sat there on the phone telling me: the police said not to have it on the air! So, if you remember, as soon as we hung up I called the police and asked if they told you that and they said that was not true. They said it is VERY important to keep it on the air! I called you right back and told you what they SAID and you continued to lie, still insisting they told you different! UNBELIEVABLE!! And you did not call and tell me “thank you.” You told Connie to tell me, and I told Connie, why did’nt she call me herself? What you did tell me in our phone conversation (the one telling me to shut up) was: all we wanted was 15 minutes of fame. I still can not believe that you SAID that! How dare you to insult us as we are the ones trying to get justice for YOUR girls. Does’nt that mean anything to you? Do you think we are enjoying this? And the girls are buried in a grassy field! Are you kidding? You were there, you chose the spot! Did you see the newspaper? That was weeds 2 feet tall, in a barren field where you were following the casket! Hello?? What the hell do you mean, you did’nt bury the girls where we wanted? We never told you where to bury the girls! I remember you sitting at my table, straight from YOUR mouth that the girls DID NOT want to be buried muslim! And they wanted to be buried American! This came from your mouth. This was “supposed” to be the girls “last” wish, and you did the opposite! Because you respected the muslims wishes more than you did your own girls. I told you, if the girls told you that, then that is what you should do! Next thing we know, you chose the muslim way! Even going as far as allowing them to wrap the girls in sheets! In which, they hated the thought of that and you know it!! Another thing, besides the field cemetary, which is more than a hundred miles away in KRUM, now why would we want to go to that place? The girls do not even want to be there! It’s bad enough to think about where they were put, much less going to look at the place!

    And, you keep insisting your mom and dad was’nt around the Owens family? They lived with one of the different Owens families half of your life!! You don’t remember moving from place to place? Do you remember Charles Street in Irving? Do you remember Balla Way in Grand Prairie? Do you remember Duncanville? Do you remember Lancaster? Do you remember Oak Cliff? I rest my case! enough SAID




  30. Joe,
    I hope you read this post as I do not have a you tube account. In fact, it is unlike me to blog on any site outside of Yahoo Q&A’s. However, sir, I think it would be a great idea to make a video of that 911 call. Please, let the world hear what many young girls have cried out for centuries…no “daddy” no! I am certain this was NOT the first time Sarah had cried out like this! This time, was her last cry for help…noone heard that cry in time!

    Joe, I beg you to please help we great aunts to get out the real truth here and help others who are living like these girls had to live! Sharia laws do not allow these girls freedoms in which most American women take for granted! PLEASE, keep doing as you are. Know that I went to your site and I applaud you! Also, know that I will keep you lifted in prayer as you strive to be a truth teller to all!

    God bless you in your endeavor! We are now trying to get the reward uped for Yaser’s capture and the capture of those who had any part to play in this! I know this, he did NOT walk away from there as he would have had to be a bloody mess! This is an honor killing and it was planned well in advance, if not….he would have been caught by now! You and I know this and so do others who are educated enough or, simply lie to keep a relative from being looked at as a suspect too!

    Sir, I thank you and I would give you my e-mail; however, I would rather not do this in an open forum! God bless you!

    Aunt Gail


  31. Dear Great Aunt Gail,

    Please e-.mail me at




  32. The world needs more Aunt Gail’s & Aunt Joyce’d and less Tissie’s. We Aunts that care knows how important it is to keep this in the MEDIA. Joyce & Gail I want you to know how proud I am of you two, I have you in a place in m,y heart that no one else can touch. I love you both, I hate that I am so far away, but I do want you to know that I have set up a Benefit Dinner and a White Elephant Auction, everyone in town, plus a couple of near-by towns has been very generous and supportive to help raise the REWARD money. We have YASSER plastered on every telephone pole and in all of the business windows in all three towns, hopefully, we are going to do our best to get his pictures scatteres from here to Irving, Texas. I have just printed 700 more pictures of Yasser that my friend will see to it that they are plastered in Wichita.

    I am in the process of having a set of magnetic signs made for my car, so everywhere I go everyone can see his face with the Irving Police Dept’s phone number.

    I have furnished many people fliers to put in their back car windshields. ‘ WE MUST GET THIS MONSTER OFF OF THE STREETS’. So remember you are not alone, I know at times you feel that way, We, along with strangers help, we will get this MONSTER caught.

    You know it hurts me to know that I was the last one on our side of the family to see Sarah & Amina alive when their mother brought them here, along with their nice boyfriends. Just to think, their mother would sit here and tell me, if she took them back to their father, he would DEFINATELY KILL THEM, just to know six days later, their mother let their father walk out the door with her only two daughters, and let him RIDDLE their bodies with bullets, then their mother defends the father, saying he loved his daughters, but we know better! If he had loved his daughters, the girls would not have suffered the beatings, sexual abuse or the bullets.

    So you two Great Aunts in Texas, by the grace of God, for all you have done & all you are doing for our Great Neices SARAH & AMINA, a BIG THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!!.

    I love both of you Aunt Gail & Aunt Joyce………..Keep up the good work.

    Your sister, your friend.

    The Great Aunt Jill, in Kansas


  33. I have been keeping up with this story from the beginning and I am sorry to say an abused animal get more MEDIA that these lovely girls have gotten.

    I would like to dispute a remark made by their mother, she stated the girls were not buried in a grassy field. Were all of the cameras at the news stations and newspaper needing repair? Wth my eyes I saw several MONKS, with long nasty looking robes carry the girls across the grassy field. How embarrasing this is to any American family.

    About the mother doing something daily to bring justice to the girls, how is it, that only she is aware of it, no one has ever seen her on TV since aprox the second week after their deaths, only the Great Aunts, we did see her son spouting his mouth (it appears he knows something the viewing public is not aware of) BEWARE!!. I have never read anything where the mother was greatful for all the great work, or anything you people have done.

    In many of the blogs, she and other family members stated she kept the girls away from the mother’s family, does this not let all of you know she had something to hide? In America we do not allow our children to be beaten and sexually abused, she knew the family would pick up on it and have him put away.

    Has she taken any steps to divorce herself from this killer and his family, apparently not, what I get out of all of this is she just wants the family to SHUT-UP and hopefully let it fade away. Has she taken any steps to have her son evaluated? Apparently not, he is still mouthy. Did she stay in the same neighborhood, so his family could still CONTROL her?

    Great Aunts, if the mother really wanted justice she would be joining up with you’ll, she would be begging for MEDIA attention, she would never have lived with the killer’s family, you know they are going to TRY and protect their own family member. Give up on that woman and keep on doing the great things you are doing.

    Proud to see what the Aunt Jill is doing in Kansas, this will bring in lots of questions and hopefully the killer, hope this catches on in Texas.


  34. well to “friends forever”, you say that they were like your sisters, yet you defend their father and try to make him out to be some sort of victim. they were loving and intellegent, and i would have to say that amina is one of the only TRUE friends i’ve ever had. and you write on this page trying to desicrate the wonderful memories that people have of them. nothing you have said even comes close for him to have had a reason to do what he did. they were good students, good athletes, and they both had a lot of things going for them. and then you say that he was ok with them leaving. what kind of crap is that? yeah. we can definatly tell by his actions that he supported them 100%. (sarcasm)

    and maybe instead of everyone focusing so hard on what the newspapers were saying about the murders being “honor killings” and defending islam saying that it wasn’t and “honor killing”, you should all write a few nice things about the two girls, because the ignorant will think as they please and it is not our jobs to educate them. this is a page for amina and sarah. write about some good memeories that you remember with them or about how much they are missed. not about islam, or honor killings, or try to defend their father. i’m sure they would appreciate something like that more.

    amina was a beautiful, bright girl, she had a warm, genuine smile, and she could have done wonderful things with her life. i must admit that i never met sarah, but i could tell that she and amina were close, and i have heard nothing but good things about her.

    i don’t care what anyone says. what their father did is wrong, he robbed them of their innocence, their youth, and their lives. nothing can change that. and i also blame their mother. i dont care that she had an affair, or stole his money, i dont even care if the whole “poisening” story was right, he probably deserved it; however, i hold a lot of the blame for what happened to amina and sarah on her: the only thing she ever did right was getting away from him and taking them to oklahoma, and then she brought them back. what was she thinking? who cares that he was the father. he was a bad person and she should have left him a long time ago. she should have grown a back bone and kept him away from them. honestly, she should be ashamed of her actions, and i hope she does feel guilty, and her son too because it was partially thier fault. they knew what was going on and stood by while it happened.


  35. I am really sorry you lost your friend. Amina was truly a good person, and true friend to you.There is nothing bad anyone can say about Amina or Sarah. We (the great-aunts) only have utmost respect for both of these girls. What I would give for a “daughter” like them. God sent. To parent’s that never realized who they really were.

    Again, I’m truly sorry for the loss of your best friend. I know this has been difficult for you. You know, Amina would want you to remember your times together as friends, as school mates, and the good times you shared together. Those are memories only you have to cherish forever. If you ever want to talk, you can send me a message on another great-aunts myspace. Thanks and I wish you the best. Remember, Amina cared about you and would want you to be well.


  36. myspace.com/justicebound


  37. To those who say honour killing is un-islamic:

    Please go educate the Pakistani parliament. Keep in mind that Pakistan is 96% Muslim.


  38. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4311055.stm


  39. Honor killings?? Ok, now I’ve heard it all. This asshole should be put to death. Yeah, they might roll like that where he’s from (women are about as important as a pair of socks there) but here in the USA, they should boil him in oil for what he did to his daughters. Sick freak! Why didn’t he just off himself?


  40. My belief is this is a honor killing and a cover up Tissie knew what was going to happen she lead those girls back and the fact that the gangbangers were following the girls I think they saw something and I also think the police should talk to them there are so many people flipping out so many stories and The mom the way she talks about her own family for trying to bring justice for her daughters shows there is something more to the story,Tissie was at one of the aunts house before she went back and now she says she doesn’t have any rights to tell the story, There is something wrong with that.As for Honor Killings they do exist but there are many muslims who do not belive in them and it DOES NOT STATE IN THE QUARON TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN !!!! People down the whole religon for a few nuts this is not normal …Yaser Said should get the death penalty that I am sure of I am also positive when he is caught Tissie will go down with him!!!!!


  41. Wrong


  42. @distant observer Your can comment on the blogs why don’t you talk to the media and help with the investigation and I know who you are….


  43. I notice Kathrine Lee Gartrell (Aunt Gail) has made news again for being brave and bold. The truth is, she is a coward who hides behind lies and the efforts of others. She waits for rumors and sends them out like facts. She is the one responsible for the You Tube Videos of Islam and Sarah, but she told Patricia she was not. How brave is it to lie about your actions and blame others when things go bad? Everyone talks about the press being slient, but what they didn’t tell you is…… SHE put a stop to a national story on Sarah and Amina, because of her own issues, such as failure to admit to Patricia Said what she had told others about her.


  44. Hello to all,
    I love amina and sarah they were so sweet and kind. what i don’t appreciate is the bad mouthing that almost every single person has done on this site. Amina wanted to be a doctor all she ever said is that she wanted to go to college and become a doctor and her family supported her both mother and father and all people who knew her including close friends like me. Sarah was a wonderful soccer player and she also played tinnies she was an all around great athlete. They where liked by everyone I don’t know a person who has met them and said anything bad about them. Amina was beautiful she had the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen. What happened to amina and sarah is the most horrible thing and i don’t wish it on even my worst enemies. But amina and sarah also liked there religion and they attended religious activities on there own will. They where also Americans and if you noticed by the pics they dressed like Americans as well. And just an FYI There is nothing in the religion of Islam that promotes the killing of innocents and anyone including there father that commits these horrible crimes are not Muslims and should have justice brought to them. For thoughts who are ignorant about Islam it is written in the Quran that toughs who kill one innocent human is as if they kill all of humanity. Any one who kills like this should be brought to justice. I think that yall should stop bad mouthing their families and their religion and pull together to catch a killer. What happened to them is terrible and we should help the mother to find the courage to stop hiding in fear and to help both sides of her family to pull together as one and find their father. I for one want answers why did he kill them? Apparently any person no matter the religion- because there are Christians who kill there children btw – have some type of mental disorder.


  45. to christina

    I do think that you are very correct and i do agree with you thank you for your comment.


  46. I am the most saddened by this story because I have daughters named sarah and amina and I know if I had lost them nothing on earth would scare me into sweeping this under the rug as Tissie has done,She should be thanking her aunts for keeping this story alive and trying to catch the killer of her daughters …well I have not seen her do anything I have seen her blogging to her aunts to shut up and stay out of it which is sad…I hope these girls get justice they seemed so precious in all their pictures and as a mother I do not understand her (tissie)actions….I am wondering why she has not had charges brought on her yet???


  47. Friendsforever is completely full of doggy doo.

    Trying to blame it on the girls’ boyfriends–even though the 911 call Sarah says her dad is shooting them?

    This bastard uncle of yours “penetrated” them when they were 7 and 8 years old. That’s against Islam you say? You’re right, in Islam, you have to wait until they are 9 years old to “penetrate” girls. Until then, it is lawful by sharia law to fondle and “thigh” little girls, even infants.

    Their dad was a trained killer. He knew how to kill Amina immediately and he knew how to shoot Sarah 9 times, many in the chest, but avoiding the heart and the arteries to prolong her death.

    Anyway, you are probably Islam Said, their older brainwashed and retarded brother.


  48. More Atlas crap, only a fool would think that while Yaser was shooting Sarah, she sat still so his shots would miss the heart and arteries. Even in that stupid video she is not fighting back, she just sits there and takes each shot. Those who know, know that Sarah fought back! She did not sit there and take 9 shots, placed in the right spots by Yaser. Why hasn’t anyone on either side of the family gone to Egypt to find Yaser? Granted if the Said’s went they would only hide him deeper. Buy why hasn’t the Aunt with the mouth gone over there. Didn’t she say she would never stop. Well here is her chance, put your money were your mouth is woman, go over there and look for him.


  49. I hope the aunt never goes there…honor killers are protected there!!! she will be the victum then ..Why don’t we as Americans help and make sure the whole family pays for what they have done The said brothers work in America and we can make that stop they do not deserve to prosper…Hopefully someone will post where they work and what they do so everyone can stop doing buissnes with these lower than life family…I think the brother that was in Egypt over the holidays was securing a spoy for his killer brother aidding and abedding and the other brother picked him up and got him to safety …why are the police doing nothing ???


  50. Both families are to blame! Niether did anything to protect the girls! As for the brother who was in Egypt, he could not have been doing as you say. He had NO CLUE when the mother would return with the girls, so how could he have set something up with his brother? He was also out of the country when the mother took-off in the first place. Now the other brother Mohsen, he drives a limo and for sure was involved. What is really sad, is that out of these two messed up family lines, the girls were the only thing good. Crazy Muslims and trailer trash were able to produce two smart young women. Like I said, the only thing good from 2 families is gone, that is sad. Yup I said trailer trash, who else would marry their 15 year old to a 30 year old man.


  51. How Dare you…Wow You are very cold!!!! Hasn’t this family suffered enough they were not allowed around the kids because they turned him in for sexual abuse and he was a pervert by marrying a 15yr old girl and all the family did not approve of this marriage they had no choice the papers were signed..how dare you whoever you are this family is grieving for the loss of such good girls and it seems they are the only ones who care…i think you are wrong all the family knew of the girls all were involved and helped him get away all should be shunned I just wish I lived in Texas i would be doing something to help those great aunts….ALL THE SAIDS WERE INVOLED ALL BROTHERS EVEN MOTHER AND FATHER SAID…..ALL SHOULD SUFFER!!!! Tissie should come clean she herself is in danger and no matter what she has done after all her suffering she will be forgiven by the american people and most of all her family!!!!


  52. To Watchful Eye;
    The video on You Tube, you don’t get it;
    The picture or “still” of Sarah in the back seat of the cab is not an actual picture oh Sarah.
    I drew the image of a young girl to look like Sarah using “Paint” a program on my computer.
    The Drawing is not animated, and not ment to be.
    I made it in hope of bringing people to the reality of how importaint it is to get this “HONOR KILLER”.
    To show that;
    Sarah and Amina were killed by a very cruel, cold heartless man, of whom they trusted, an man who showed no mercy, a man who was her very own father “Yaser Said.”
    This “dad”, right before Sarah’s eyes shoots Amina, a person who was Sarah’s companion.,a loved friend and sister.
    The song “Stand” playing in the video is Sarah’s favorite song.
    The song /video is meant to show the courage and fight in Sarah.
    To show how she wanted to live, and how much she wanted her sister to live, how she loved her life and the life of her sister.
    To show that after taking 9 bullets, she can find the strength to dial 911.
    If you read the autopsy report, the one thing that got to me the most
    and the one thing I didn’t not include in my video is this fact;
    Sarah died with her eyes wide open, Think about that for a while, Watchful Eye.
    Maybe then your anger, that is so misdirected, will find the right target…
    “Yaser Said”


  53. I just read your comments about me! I do know who you are and why you are trying to discount who I am! It won’t work, idiot!! At least I am trying to get the truth and justice for these girls and no, I do not have to lie! If I have stated a falsehood, it is because YOU and YOUR little co-hort, fed the lies to us! Yes, you are a bonified liar and a basket case too! The truth does surface and when it came out on you….the odor became overwhelming!

    You said, “I will get Yaser!” “When I catch him, I am going to DROP him.” If you, as you say, think he is in Egypt, then go get him as you claimed you would do so! For me, I am following what the detectives have told me to do ….concerning the Said’s. As for you and a few others….I am following what my lawyer says for me to do….thanks for putting my full name on again….I think this maybe what he has been waiting for!! Thus far, the many lies you and another have been spreading, have all been checked out and has dug a wonderful hole for a lawsuit! MULTIPLE law suits!! So, keep on keeping on with your venomous lies as they are about to come back on you like a viper!!

    Now, if I were you, I would try to catch Yaser to prove you were not totally hot air!! Best of luck!!


  54. Sorry but Yall got the wrong person again. No wonder this man got away.






  57. Watchful Eye,

    What do you mean? How do you know it was not Yaser Said? Were you there?


  58. Funny I was just on the phone yesterday with the other Aunt. Talking to the detective at the Irving police dept. The other Aunt ask about the blogs Islam was bloging to you GALL. The detective say you don’t have a leg to stand on. There was NOTHING you can do about anyone making threats or calling names to anyone else on the blogs. Gall here’s the # ( (972) 721-2518) for Irving Police give them a call before you waste your money on your lawer. Use the money for the reward fund.


  59. correction Irving Police# (972) 721-2518




  61. You do not have to explain one thing to “watchful eye” or anyone else! You have stood by these girls and helped in every way possible to get justice for them.
    You have put a lot of time, effort, money,tears and love into everything you have done for the girls. I want you to know, it has not gone unnoticed! I appreciate everything you do.
    You owe NO ONE any explanation!
    Go ahead, do what you do best! And we will get justice!
    Thank you from my heart.


  62. Note from blog owner:

    This petty crap needs to end NOW. The bickering between people will not continue. It is selfish and immature.

    FYI, you are actually incorrect. The police COULD find anyone who leaves a comment on this blog. And yes, if asked, I would provide any and all information to the police. No one has any expectation of privacy here.

    I will turn off comments if people cannot act like adults and discuss this heinous crime like adults, rather than arguing or calling each other names or patronizing each other.


  63. I am not trying to be disrespectful here, but it’s okay for certain ones to say whatever about other people and we can’t say anything back?


  64. My message was to EVERYONE who will be posting a comment on this post.


  65. Yes Scarlett. You are one in the same correct? If not, explain why screen names remain the same on both pages.
    How much money do you get per hit on your site? Do you not make money for the back and forth post? The more they argue the more your site is worth right?


  66. Your “message” was to “everyone?”
    Why was my blog the only one erased? We can’t respond when someone calls our family trailer trash? I do not think this is right.


  67. Excuse me? I am so sorry that I do not have so much time to do everything I need to in my life. I do have to work and I have a family. I did not have time last night to go through each and every comment and start removing them. The two I removed last night were ones right in front of me. It was so nice of you to give me some time to go through the comments. Maybe you don’t sleep, work, etc. But I do.

    So, I will now make it fair. I am closing comments.


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