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  1. R.I.P sean u were one of the best players ive seen its a shame the nfl lost a great player and ur kids lost a great dad

  2. It’s such a shame that people do such horrible things to such nice people.

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  3. Somehow this just doesn’t feel right to me. The story goes, 8 days prior that Sean’s home was burglerized and some sort of weapon was left in his residence. Ok, so what are the odds of the same home being burglerized twice in less than 10 days??? This time it results in the MURDER of an NFL player. I think there is way more to this story, and details will start emerging soon. I still haven’t recovered from the Darrent Williams Denver Bronco murder!! RIP Sean, and God Bless your family and friends.

  4. […] Sean Taylor murder 11/25/07 Miami, FL *NFL player died from gunshot wound received during home inva… [image] NFL’s Sean Taylor dies of gunshot wound Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Dies One Day After Being Shot in His […] […]

  5. Murder is always sad. I will never understand it.

  6. r.i.p sean taylor one of the best players the redskins have ever seen…hope all ya famikly are okay

    consolences from australia

  7. R.I.P Sean Taylor……
    A great player a team could ever dream of having. One of Miami’s best players ever. I was very disappointed when i heard the news about the perennial pro bowler being shot and killed. I no i never met him or actually seen him play live but i had so much love for what he did. He inspired me a lot and i didn’t really realize it until he was gone. From playing football out on the block i would always imagine that i was Sean. Fantasy drafting on madden and playing as a team on the game he would be chosen. When i thought of the Washington redskins I thought of Sean Taylor and Clintin Portis. They were the face of they Washington Redskins. I guess the world would never know how Sean Taylor and Strong Safety Laron Landry would of shown the world how they would have been the best safety duo in the NFL.
    Once again Rest In Peace Sean Taylor and we would truly miss you.

    Sean Taylor #36, #21……… The greatest!

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