• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Brianna Lopez murder *Convictions of father and uncle reinstated*

Stephanie Lopez and Andrew Walters, parents of Brianna Lopez, along with Steven Lopez, baby Brianna’s uncle

Andrew Walters (father) – 63 years in prison (poss. parole date 10/19/2025)
Snake River Correctional Facilty
777 Stanton Blvd
Ontario, Oregon 97914-8335
(You will not find him on the inmate locator however. He was transferred to Oregon for “safety reasons”)

Stephanie Lopez (mother) – 27 years in prison – inmate #59941
Western New Mexico Correctional Facility
P.O. Drawer 250 Grants, New Mexico 87020

Here is the link to sign the petition to block the egg donor’s (Stephanie Lopez) parole: The New Mexico Parole Board: Revoke parole for Stephanie Lopez NMCD Inmate #59941. These petitions have helped in the past with other cases. I am hoping it does here. She needs to serve her entire sentence. **Update** Stephanie Lopez has been released to Plainview, TX Baby Brianna’s mom paroled to Plainview area and Stephanie Lopez, mother of Baby Brianna, released from prison after serving nearly 13 years

Steven Lopez (uncle) – 57 years in prison – inmate #59927
Level VI Penitentiary of New Mexico
P.O. Box 1059 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-1059

Brianna Lopez murder
Child Abuse Convictions Reinstated

**note from blog owner**
When leaving a comment, please do not post in ALL CAPS. It will not be approved and it will be sent to the spam folder, regardless of what it says. In fact, it will not be read.


173 Responses

  1. My precious angel..May you live a life full of happiness with the angels up above…
    I have seen alot of horrific cases with domestic violence and sexual assault as a state advocate.. I still wonder where it is that justice is served? although the supreme court did overturn the decision and it does bring closure..but it doesn’t bring this precious child back. I see drug dealers getting 3 consecutive life sentences on first offenses.. this is an innocent baby who couldn’t defend herself.. and all they got was 50 years for taking a LIFE!! come on now..Where is justice served here? The families that hurt are the ones who are left behind..

  2. I’m pretty much speechless……….while reading baby Brianna’s story I could just feel my muscles getting tense from all the hate that has grown in me in a matter of seconds for this indespicable worthless fuckers…..honestly they dont deserve the death penalty……they deserve to rot in that hell hole for the rest of their miserable lives…..they deserve to get their asses raped like no tomorrow by every single one of those inmates in there with them……they deserve stale bread and water for the rest of the disgusting lives…….I look at those crazy assholes pictures and my stomach turns a million times over…….I hope nothing but the worst for them…NOTHING BUT THE WORST! Mamasita Brianna……if you were mine I would call you Bri Bri……anyhow… heart is your mami……you didnt deserve what happened to you and I pray to GOD to take matters into his own hands… promise to you my little mama is that my babies will never have to see anything like that…..that you may look upon us from upstairs and that you will always be in my heart baby girl……you might not have felt much love but believe me….theres a ton a love from my heart to you………more than necessary. Te adoro mi chiquita bella…….nunca te olvidare! NUNCA!

  3. These people are so disgusting! I feel so sorry for Brianna, but I get comfort realizing that she is with Christ and that these people are left here only by God’s mercy. He is more merciful than I am, because I personally think that the death penalty is too good for them.
    I hope that Brianna’s face haunts them the rest of their lives and wakes them up from their sleep.

  4. My heart has gone out to this poor child since july of 2002 when this all started how can someone be so ill and evil I have no children of my own but I do have my nephews and my niece and I couldn’t even think in my wildest to ever hurt one of them half as bad as those idiots hurt this 5 month old lil girl I thank god for taking her away from this world of hurt sleep with the angels mamas

  5. i cant believe a mother could be so heartless to do that to her own child this precious baby didnt deserve this i cried when i first seen the broadcast it makes me want to get sent to prison and kill this bitch!!!!

  6. I follow God and beleive that he is a forgiving God and I do not judge but can I help that I feel lots of anger for what they put this poor baby through, I had a child and she died due to an accident and I miss her with all my heart I know she is with God and I know I will see her someday. This baby brianna died due to the neglegence and stupidity at the hands of people that were supposed to love her and protect her. As a mother I love my children with all my heart and would never do anything to hurt them what could possibly make not only someone do this but 3 people 3 freaken adults in that house that night and not one of them protected her or loved her enough to keep her safe from all that pain she endured in her short life. I don’t judge them God will do that in the end, am I angry? your dam right! I could tell you this much though I don’t know what prison is like but I do know it’s not a walk in the park, I don’t know what they deserve but they don’t deserve to die, that is too easy, than it will all be over for them! They need to stay right here on this earth until God calls on them and let God make the final judgement!

  7. teresa,
    You can have “back cuts”, get in line behind me. I could easily choke the life out of her for what they did to precious Bree.
    Ruthie, our names for her are almost the same. I’m feeling your pain, everyone on this blog. God bless you all, and of course you too little Bree.

  8. How many of you follow your faith in God? He is the ultimate judge in our lives and we have no say and no right to judge and I think a lot of you should really consider not posting anything. I am sure if it would be your family member who did this you would not be saying a word.

    note from blog owner

    I can’t speak for everyone, but even if it WAS my family member, I would feel the same way. I would be even more disgusted and revolted if one of my family members did this. You assume a lot. Most families do not condone this type of behavior, even from their own family members. Only sociopathic, evil ones.

    • Brianna was defensless only a five month old baby. she should have been hugged, kissed, loved by that fricken family of hers but what did tortured her and killed her. they are sick ‘BASTARDS’ why didn’t the uncle rape he’s own sister same goes for the father? All three of them need to get raped by their inmates. even that will not be enough.

    • Seriously!!!!? If it were my family member I would turn them in. You use God to make a point then let’s use God, God gave children as a gift from him he called parents to PROTECT them. He calls husbands to protect their wives and family. He tells us he is our father. He has never taught us that women are less then men or children. We are all equally loved and treasured by him. Were to walk with him so we never stray away and fall into this kind of crap. Just because he is a forgiving and loving God doesn’t mean their won’t be a judgement day for theses scumbags. You can bet Briana is with her real family and with her father in heaven. The ones who didn’t care about her or protect her and want everyone to forget her and put a cage around her but God is enjoying her uncaged unabused in heaven. After all she is his creation and they tried to destroy her but they can’t.

  9. JENN, I have faith in God, and I truly do believe that Brianna is in a much better place. But I don’t really think you have a right to say we can’t post anything about our anger at those scum bags that killed that Beautifu Innocent child, What they did wasn’t an accident, the entire sick family was involved, her father and uncle RAPED her, she had tear marks on her Vagina and anus, she was beaten, thrown, bitten, and just tortured during her entire 6 months of life, she was unloved by everyone that should have protected her. Not only was she abused by her Mother, father, and uncle but her own grandmother and uncle sat by and let this happen. if a member of my family committed a crime like this I would not stand by them and I woud NOT defend them because I can not justify those sick bastards actions at all. so I will continue to share Brianna’s story to everyone and share my hatred of those vile humans to everyone who will listen. when they meet their god they will finally get what’s coming to them. Rest in Peace Angel.

  10. I was appauled by this, how could someone abuse a poor inoccent helpless child that could do nothing but go through the agony and pain this baby went through. with all of the perverts and child molesters in the world, it was a stranger off the street it was her own father and uncle having intercourse with baby brianna. i think the entire family should be put to death. why should these corrupt individuals be able to live and sit in a cell while this childs life was taken so quickly and by such disgusting animals. i hope no one has mercy on there souls, but may st. peter open the gates of heaven welcoming in brianna to a place where she’ll never experience pain again.

  11. God’s most precious baby girl!!!
    I am so sorry that this happened to you. You did not deserve to suffer & be abused. I hate the pain that you had to go through – I would take it for you. Your little body should have never been battered like that. I too am glad that you were taken out of this world – so you did not have to suffer anymore! Your parents will pay for their evilness but no amount of torture that they will receive will add up to how they tortured you. I know that God holds you in his arms. The only bright side to your story is that maybe because of what happened to you – another sweet innocent baby will be saved.
    We love you little angel – Brianna! Rest peacefully!!!

  12. I live in NM and I never even knew of this case. I was searcing through the KRQE news site when I found that the anniversary of her death had just passed. I can’t believe what these disgusting people did to that poor little baby. I read about it last night, but today, it’s all I can think about. That poor child was torchered and there’s no other way to look at it. I hope those sick people rott in hell.

  13. I am speechless at this freakin atrosity. I think a life of daily torture for these people would be appropriate. As for Jenn who submitted that non of us would say anything if it was one of our family members who did this…I sincerely encourage you to die as soon as possible. I have nothing but hate for anyone that could do anything like this or anyone that could defend them in any way. I wish there was a hell for you to rot in Jenn

  14. If I was the detective in this case when it happened, there would be three bodies missing.Baby Brianna’s mother, father, and uncle.I would have tortured them to death. I am not a violent person but when a person causes this much pain on an innocent child, I want the person to suffer as well.. A child should not ever have to go through pain like that.

  15. Quote Jenn: How many of you follow your faith in God? He is the ultimate judge in our lives and we have no say and no right to judge and I think a lot of you should really consider not posting anything. I am sure if it would be your family member who did this you would not be saying a word.

    If it was my family member that did this, they wouldnt even be considered a family member after something like this. They would be disowned and who knows what I would do to them!!

    Baby Brianna couldnt even defend herself to these monsters! I hope they rot in jail for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  16. Jenn. Fuck your faith in god, and your stupid, ignorant words. If a family member of mine did that to any child, I would personally kill the motherfucker. This child did not deserve the pain and hell that she endured. And these monsters will get what they deserve. So while you are saying your nightly prayers, just try to imagine the horrible pain and suffering this innocent, DEFENSELESS, little girl went through. And died from. Where was God for her?

  17. God forgive me!!! But its stories like this that really test my faith. Rest in peace baby bree, fly with the angels and live out the childhood you deserve.

  18. Andrew Walters #59926 Lvel VI
    Steven Lopez #59927 Level VI
    Penitentiary of New Mexico
    P.O. Box 1059
    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-1059

    Stephanie Lopez #59941
    Western New Mexico Correctional Facility
    P.O. Drawer 250
    Grants, New Mexico 87020

  19. Lori, I know what you mean about having your faith tested.
    This shit makes me want to pull a Dexter and start killing them all!!! I’m at peace knowing this baby is in heaven and will not endure these demons any longer then she did.

  20. Bree, my heart is with you baby girl…my prayer and hearts cry for you is this…

    May the Heavenly angels kiss your beautiful face…may they embrace you with Heavenly hugs….may God bestow His unfailing love….may you forever rest in eternal peace filled with laughter and joy, with kindness and love xox

  21. hey baby gurl brianna baby is a bit younger than u once were and also looks like you kind of and you died on her birthday.hearing your story makes mee want 2 hug and kiss her as much as i can.if you were my baby i would love you protect u with all my mite kiss u everyday and cuddle.if i could change things and go back in time i would go 2 NM and kidnap u from your careless family.but i know jesus is taking care of you. I know you are getting lots of hugs and kisses now. No more pain or tears for you sweetie.your story touched my heart and i will forever have you in my heart and prayers.your an angel now baby gurl. Your a hero for many many other babies and children.because of you the punishement is more harsh for heartless people like your family.they didnt deserve you.and you didnt deserve what they gave you. You will always be my hero and in my heart. Ill kiss my baby everyday because of you.may you rest in peace and have everlasting life in heaven.when it is my time 2 die i hope to see you 2 hug

  22. they are all fricken sick and its too bad that they are still living. sometimes I really have to question the Biblical phrase” an eye for an eye” but in this case there is no question about it. May they all endure what they did to that precious angel Briana. Love ya baby. You are in better hands now with GOD.

  23. Hey Baby Brianna, it’s me. Been thinking of you lots lately. I am so sorry for the abuse and pain you were made to suffer at the hands of the very people who should have been protecting you from such things. I wish you were my baby. I would have loved you more than words can say. My promise to you is that I will love and take care of my children as any parent should, I will kiss them every day and tell them how much I love them. I take comfort in the fact that God took you away so you wouldn’t have to suffer any more pain. I am just sorry you had to go through that pain at all. I feel you all around me and I know you are watching over us. I never knew you Brianna but I love you with all my heart. One day, it will my turn to make the journey to heaven and I know you will be waiting for me. Can’t wait to meet you. I have lots of hugs and kisses for you. I love you. xxx.
    PS: Thanks for the “sign” I asked you for the other day; I knew you wouldn’t let me down!!! xxx

  24. You should really get your fact straight! The father is Andrew (Andy) Walters and the uncle is Steven Lopez.

    Steven & Stephanie are twins.

  25. Jae,

    It was an error on my part. I do apologize. Any chance you could have been more civil and simply emailed me rather than acting like you did?

  26. Dearest Baby Brianna,
    Sweet little child how I wish that you could have been mine. It makes me ill to think of all those loney, painful nights that you endured at the hands of those who were supposed to love you. I wish that I could have rescued you and endured all the pain for you. Did you ever even smile? Did you ever recieve a kiss on your cheek? Did you even just once know what it was like to be loved? God rest your prescious, beautiful soul. I will never forget you although I never knew you. I vow to you to love and nuture my own children with all my heart and soul. And I pray that no other child goes through what you did, sweet baby. I love you. Now be free and feel love and comfort in the arms of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. God Bless You Brianna. I Love You. XOXOXOXO

  27. Sorry if I came out strong. My apologies! Its just I feel very strongly about Brianna and even made a Facebook Group for her!

    I even have her autopsy photos of her if you are interested!

  28. Jae,

    Most people feel strongly on this case as the comments show. I do have the autopsy photos, but felt it was completely inappropriate to put them up here.

  29. I don’t want to see them. It breaks my heart to know what she went through and the one picture of her on the other page was enough for me.
    RIP precious baby

  30. are the sick idiots still alive in prison. they deserve nothing short of their own deaths for what they did to that precious angel

  31. No words for this. This is the a perfect example of our HORRIBLE Justice System. None of them, don’t deserve nor serve no purpose to be in society for the rest of their lives. But them the especially anti-child crime population and let them serve “prison justice” if you ask me.

  32. I apologize for the poor grammar and confusing post I just made. I didn’t proof read it obviously, point being- may they ROT!

  33. I can’t even express the anger I feel towards these monsters. I would never call them people or animals because that would be a knock at those two species! I hope they put them in general population in their respective prisons because I have certainly heard stories of what they do to “short-eyes” and child killers in prison. Even the most hardened criminals find them scum! I was also a child of abuse (not nearly as atrocious as this) but I would never wish anyone to endure what a child endures while being abused. I have a son now, and I love him more than ANYTHING! I would NEVER do anything to make him hurt. To say they were probably abused as children would be a cop out excuse because you can either do what you learned and repeat the horrible history or you can do what you know is right. I chose to do what I know was right and love my child unconditionally the way a mother ought to. I am soooo angry! I hope Brianna finds the peace, warmth and love that she should have been able to find here on earth but was denied. Sleep tight angel.

  34. Wow!!!! I have never read or seen such horrific things as I have with this case. I am a proud Mom and just became a Nana. I love my children and my grandson. They are a gift. I seen Brianna and all I could see was such a beautiful little girl! Her mother must have been jealous!! Brianna’s face looked at peace and thats how I am going to remember her. She is now with God. It is hard for me to not hate and wish horrible, unspeakable things on the father, mother, uncle and the rest of the family who new: but in the bible it says that Gods wrath is worse than anything I or prison can do so I will just pray every night that God take care of them, by making them see thier evil ways and show them they will reap what they sow . They will than wish that they had loved and protected that sweet little angel. Brianna I love you and in my heart send you a million hugs and kisses…..You are now home with the Lord and a guardian angel to protect all the abused children. I will pray everynight for all the abused children to be protected and loved! I know this is hard and I hope and pray we can all find peace with this situation.


  36. Just think of the children now who are being abused. Don’t forget what Brianna’s situation taught us….keep an ever watchful eye on our own children and speak up for others. Just because it isn’t your kid doesn’t mean that it negates your responsibilty. Children are 100% defenseless and it is EVERYBODY’S responsibilty to speak up for those who don’t have an voice for themselves. If we go silent…
    If you even think that a child is being abused, call your local police. It can be an anonymous call, but could save a life.

  37. no words can express, no mind can possibley fathom..

    i cried myself to sleep last night because of this story, i held my daughter a little longer today, and prayed for her to always be protected.

    may god rain down upon little brianna eternal happiness..

    how can this happen… no punishment will sufice for such people… something needs to be done

  38. I have just read and researched carefully this story. I am a Social Worker and I am supposed to be an empathetic person, one that not only can listen with her ears, but also listen with my heart. I have also learned to walk in their shoes of that the person, or guilty person to understand their motive. I only have one thing to say…to the people involved, and with God’s forgiveness that I write this, because you are supposed to forgive, is to say that the people involved in this savage killing deserve more that what this child has lived through. To these people, I wish that you are tormented in prision for everything that you have put this child through and more. I also wish that this torment does not end your life because this should be done each and every day until your scheduled day for leaving this world, whether you be 50 or a 100 years old. There will come a judgement day in which people will be held accountable for their actions. With forgiveness, you have a chance, as long as it is sincere. But with little baby Brianna and her abductors, baby Brianna has already won her wings in heaven and her spirit has gone back to Our Heavenly Creator…but for the abductors, your place is waiting for you in hell, this being forever lasting. This is just a horrific crime that only people that do not know how to be humain can commit. Again, and with God’s forgiven in this saying this, I wish for all of you pure torture and more and that you endure it for many years until your scheduled time for leaving this earth.

  39. those bitches didnt even deserved a baby she looked like a little angel hope those thing that they did to her happened to them but worse. well that little girl is in heaven. hope they go to hell i mean the uncle ,dad, and mom

  40. poor little girl

  41. how could they do that….i cant believe there wasnt 1 single person in that house to help or stick up for that poor little girl….im so mad and hurt at the same time…..i wish nothing but pain and suffering for the rest of there lives….and yet at the same time i wish they were dead….i cried when i read what happend to that poor little girl how could they……

  42. There are so many people who want to have a baby – who would give anything to have a baby of their own to love and cherish! Why is it that people who want a baby to love can have such a hard time getting pregnant, and then people like this who are blessed with such a beautiful child, can do such horrible disgusting things to the child? That baby was premature – they should have been taking extra good care of her, and been even MORE thankful that she was healthy and okay! I agree with everyone who has posted – there is no punishment horrible enough for that family, unless they could somehow feel the pain and torture they inflicted on that baby! God Bless you Brianna! Thank God you are in Heaven now and know no more pain!

  43. oh my god! i cant believe these thing could happen! i read this and i at the end i cried. i was searching for info about fatal car crash (r.i.p. rivas family)i seen this and i clicked on the link even while writing this my heart is breaking, how could any one do this to a humanbeing let alone a precios baby girl? i have a duaghter and i would not, could not let any thing like this happen to her i would kill them before they came near my baby! and that goes for any other child! children are our most precios and valuable things we have in life we need to protect them! my heart and my prayers are with brianna. r.i.p. brianna lopez please keep me posted on those monsters i would love to see that they get what they derserve.

  44. Well,little Bri…you would have been 7 now and I bet a gorgeous little girl,bringing joy to anyone you came into contact with.I think about you often and you will always be in my heart.All my love always,little angel.

  45. Mimi…….
    I think you summed it up!!!
    RIP little girl

  46. Tina Says:
    September 23, 2008 at 2:56 pm
    Jenn. Fuck your faith in god, and your stupid, ignorant words. If a family member of mine did that to any child, I would personally kill the motherfucker. This child did not deserve the pain and hell that she endured. And these monsters will get what they deserve. So while you are saying your nightly prayers, just try to imagine the horrible pain and suffering this innocent, DEFENSELESS, little girl went through. And died from. Where was God for her?

    I’m with you Tina.

    That poor poor baby.

  47. You guys are fighting here among eachother and making this about u and its not!!You want to fight about somethings these sick ass holes might be getting out of prison due to a miss trial so if you sll want to yell and swear do it where it will do some good

  48. It’s sad to say out loud….but I’m glad God took this sweet angel away…..I’m sure there are alot of babies going through this every day and survive the horror….not knowing how different life should be for them….baffles me how her mother did not hear her crying….she must’ve been crying really loudly…..babies hurt so easily….she must’ve been in alot of pain…they used her, those sick animals, got their satisfaction left her on the floor for the night….this must’ve been their ordinary Friday night lime…. oh God I pray they meet you soon!!!!

  49. I have premature kids of my own and know that they are very fragile and need extra care, so just to think that this premature angel was treated like a rag doll sickens me to my stomach. I cannot write everything that i feel right now because it hurts….but I can sure say that those 3 worthless things (they don’t deserve to be called humans) deserve to be thrown into a giant pot of boiling water……

  50. Hi all i am working to have the cage removed from Brianna Lopez grave site removed, below is a link to the petition, please sign and support our cause in removing the cage.

    Below is a link to the facebook group i have created as a tribute to Brianna lopez and other little angels who have left this world too early.

  51. The uncle is a pedophile I´m sure with that uglyness he has he would not be able to find anybody to have sex with I hope somebody trows them up in the air and lets them fall too it was their own blood and they don’t even show any remorse…Hope they die in jail..I would even pay somebody if I could to liquidate the three of them….but they don’t even worth that

  52. I just came across this today, i hadnt heard anything about it before, cant believe there are people like that in the world, those sick sick sick sick fuckers, their own child/niece, how can anyone even comprehend that, its absolutely disgusting, i couldnt come up with a good enough punishment for actions like that, its hard to believe ANYONE would do that, no matter what state of mind or anything else, animals wouldnt do that, i hope they suffer eternally for what they did, 5 months old, she never even had the chance to live, that family should be killed, blood of there’s shouldnt be left in this world for doin such an incredibly inhuman thing, i can’t get over it, rot in hell, sick cunts.

  53. I just happen to be on the internet, then when i saw Brianna’s story i FLIPPED out and cryed…
    I felt like i was there, but couldn’t do anythingto save her…
    I am soo sorry for briannas death i know that shes in a better place know but i hope things like this NEVER happen again people can be so selfish…

  54. Please! Please! Please! to any body out there that knows anyone in the same prison as these pathetic excuses for humans! please somehow oraganise an excact replica of events that happened to brianna to happen to them!!!!! yes let the biggest tatooted, intimidating inmate pick up steven and andrew and, smash em against concrete, continually stick a fat ass pole up there asses…. time after time…. after time…. then add a couple of police dogs to bite the shit out of there bodies, a nice strong police bashing…. rub salt in the wounds, cut their dicks right off and last but not least…. life in the “hole” solitary confinment!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhh how that would please me. as for the “mum” and the stupid grandparents i wish jigsaw was a real person… he would know how to deal with these devils … let me know if my dreams come true!!!!!!!


  56. Those 3 people deserves to be ridiculed for what they did.
    They should be allow to have visitors (anyone can visit) and be tortured by the world, let everyone bullied them the way they did to that beautiful baby… a story should be written–a movie should be made to show the world what kind of monsters her parents and uncle were and feel the hatred from everyone..
    My heart aches for that little girl who didn’t even get a chance to live, a chance to smile, a chance to be a baby..a chance to be loved…she didn’t get to be Brianna–the most beautiful baby God sent to earth to live…Her monstrous parents took that away from her…No child should ever have to endure that kind of heinous crime…

  57. I cant believe god would let that happen to such a precious baby girl…how could a mother do that to her baby and allow that to happen.How can you not want to protect the little human that you grow in your uterus, from the first little tug in your stomach, the little kicks, to the first time you see your reason for living. I cant even begin to fathom what that baby must of went through… those mother fuckers deserve everything they did to that beautiful child to happen to them. what a worthless bitch i feel like traveling there and paying someone to hurt her the same with her supposed father and uncle…sick son of a bitches… i hate them so much I would have loved that baby so much and took such good care of her like she soooo deserved…i will pray for you sweet sweet angel and lord please make her forget those terrible things and give her all the love and attention she deserved…..

  58. I hope that if and when they are released baby Briannas story is re-aired to remind society what these people have done so that society will continue to punish them. I don’t want them to commit suicide nor recieve the death penalty. They deserve nothing less than to recieve the beating they gave only not in a span of a mere 5 mos. God rest your soul Brianna, you hurt no longer. The suffering you endured cannot be blamed on postpartem depression or insanity but pure evil. You never felt the love of your family but under God your loving family of different races love you so much. I feel physical pain and sickness to see you treated this way and wish I could have met you and saved you from your pain. In all my years in the line of duty I have not seen a worse case. I will share your story and vow to put my life and career on the line even to save one child from your pain…I love you.

  59. I can’t get this little girl out of my heart and mind. Such a precious little girl and no one loved her like she deserved to be loved. I wish I could have been there to stop it.

    I know it is hard to understand why God let this happen. Things like this happen so show us why we need God. Yeah God could have stopped it but maybe he is trying to teach all of us a lesson. God was with her everyday and felt every bruise and broken bone. I don’t know why God let this happen but I do know that everything happens for a reason. Brianna is with God now and he is taking care of her and she is safe now. Her abusers will get what they deserve but God will be the one to do it.

    RIP in the arms of Jesus Brianna
    He loves you more than anyone else ever could.
    You are safe and no one will ever hurt you again.

  60. alot of people could’ve loved this child alot more then her crappy parents, i cannot fathom a reason anyone could’ve had to treat a baby .. a BABY this way. calling it not fair isn’t right b/c it was so much worse then that. was it b/c the baby was a girl? there were 2 more .. boys and they were fine, how could they teach violence to their other child? violence and pure hatred?! how could this woman conceive this child .. carry her to term, become a part of her and kill her slowly every day of her short life? it is disgusting and it wont leave my head since i received an invite to “hang baby killers via facebook. maybe that’s what’s wrong, so much hatred and vulgarity in the world made this OK to happen. it’s sick, and i am sickened. i have a newly-turned one year old daughter and to think somebody could waste a precious gift like a baby from God, makes me, i dont know. sick to my stomach and heart and speechless.

  61. I don’t know what prompted those people to do that to a baby. The grandmother who knew is not any better either. There isn’t an insult big enough, or a word despicable enough to describe what those empty bodies represent. Stephanie, you are a the worst out of all them because you allowed it! Even an animal defends their offspring. You were working?! What a sorry excuse to let your “partner” and brother do those horrific things to that baby. Oh! BTW Jenn, if it was my family I would not have turned to the police until I got to torture them myself. I figure it would be worth to do a little time for. Of course I would talking trash if it were my family why cover it up, unless of course that is what you would do…sort of like that “grandmother”

  62. I am deeply disturbed by this horrific story, i have been since i saw the video on facebook yesterday..i have never seen or heard anything so discusting and upsetting in my life. i dont have words to describe how it makes me feel to know that parents can do this and allow others to do these terrible things to their beautiful babies. I cant get this poor little baby out of my head. I would give anything for little beautiful Brianna to be bak in this world with a family who would love and care for the little sweet heart exacty how she should have been from the day she arrived. May God be with u baby girl, we will see u in heaven, nobody can hurt u now xx

  63. i cant beieve that Jenn person!!! are you frigin out of your mind!!!I have twin girls 5 months old, they are so small and couldnt even imagine the hell that poor innocent baby went thru… i cried and felt someone was kicking me in my stomach… obviously you have NO CHILDREN !!! IF any of my family member EVER DID THAT I WOULD REPORT THEM WITH A QUICKNESS AND TAKE THE BABY THAT DAY!! YOU STUPIND B—TCH!!! GET A CLUE!!! MAY they get raped and beaten evvery nite in prison!! rest in peace my angel!!! i wish i could have endured your pain instead!!!

  64. I hope and pray the family of Baby Brianna never have a day left on this earth in peace! When they lay their heads to rest at night I pray they are comsumed with reminders of what horrible things they did to her and I hope that each waking hour they are in a constant state f torment! These things might be bad for me to say but it’s not nearly as bad as what was done to that innocent child!

  65. Jenn, saying that someone has done something wrong is not judgement. We know its wrong to lie, steal and murder (which is different than killing) Read Romans 13 in your Bible. God tells us that the government has the right to “bear the sword” … it goes on to say that the government is Gods servant and Angel of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. (paraphrased). I cannot put these people to death, but I can plead for the governing authorities to do so.

  66. I am so glad I found this you ladies do not know how long I’ve been looking for the prison they are in. When i first heard of this was a few months ago I could not stop crying but then I knew that if she had lived and no one would have known about what had happened imagine the life she would have lived with a mother and father like that. Our children our a gift from God and he took her back because that woman did not deserve such a beautiful and precious gift that brianna was. I hope these three repent because if they don’t they are going to burn for eternity. Rest in Peace lil angel. I promise that if I ever see or suspect of a child being mistreated i will not hesitate to do something about it!!!!!!

  67. The system failed this baby because we let it. People like them only do these crimes because they can. The community (including law enforcement) should have settled this themselves rather than turning them in. Inflicting fear upon evil doers is the only way. The community should have set an example with these animals (regardless of the outcome), so those who want to harm a child will always think twice about doing so. Where are our morals. This case should have been in the National news. I live in New York and I just found this out through facebook. Where are our morals? RIP little angel, I will never forget you.

  68. Oh, Brianna, how I wish you would have had a chance at life with other parents. I wish I could have hugged and kissed you, to let you know that there are people in the world that love, that all touch doesn’t hurt. I love you sweet little girl, and I certainly hope there is a heaven because if this is all you got it is so ridiculously wrong! This really tests my faith in God. Was there ever a moment that this precious little baby didn’t hurt, didn’t fear? Oh my God, this is so horrifying. She had to depend on these fucking monsters for everything, and they hurt her and raped her and neglected her. I hope they are raped and beaten daily in prison. The death penalty is too easy on them, I hope to one day read about their own horrific deaths in prison, caused by other inmates who appreciat the disgustin scum they are. I hope they suffer, and that they never have a peaceful or happy moment ever in the remainder of their pathetic lives.

    Jenn- people like you like to look the other way, don’t you? Maybe Brianna’s grandmother said, God will look out, I don’t need to. We all need to do what we can to prevent these horrible events from occuring, not leave things to God. God needs our help, depends on it, as these poor children like Brianna do. I personally would never speak to a family member that raped their 5 month old. I actually feel my anger would be a thousand times worse since I would actually know the child. Shame on you Jenn, for judging the rest of us for our well justified anger.

  69. I am still so shocked and so sad after seeing the video of Brianna. I too wonder how such a tiny, innocent little baby endured the horrific abuse she had to go through. Yes I do believe in God but I also agree with others that we here on earth need to take a stand against monsters like her parents and uncles. I guess what I don’t understand is how in God’s name could the Grandmother turn the other cheek. The love I have for my grandchildren is beyond what words can describe. To see the Grandmother wiping away tears….please… are no better than the ones that did the abuse. I also think they should be put in a prison among other prisoners and let them endure whatever comes their way. Hopefully the guards at the prison will turn the other cheek and not see anything….just like the Grandmother did. We are not here to judge but we also do not have the right to take the life of another human…especially a small defenseless baby. I pray that God is holding her in his arms especially tight and any pain that she endured while living in the hell on earth that she did, is forever forgotten. I sincerely hope in my heart that while Brianna lived through the abuse, just maybe God made her numb to all the pain. I really hope someone posts any updates on the family as I would really like to see how they are being dealt with. I will pray for Brianna everyday for the rest of my life as seeing the pictures of her has left a small hole in my heart and a sadness that will always be with me. May you people out there abusing your children, let them go live with someone that will love them and care for them and you then can go find a corner and rot.

  70. I have never been so disgusted and horrified in my life. I saw this for the first time on facebook last night and cannot get poor Brianna out of my head. I work in retail and today, every time a baby cried in the store, my heart would sink and all I could think of is how much she must have cried in her few months here and that no one was there to ever comfort her. Not to mention all I can think of is that she just must of cried all the time and they would keep doing this to her??? How is this even possible??? I have never been so disturbed before. The death penalty would be too good for them and they all need to suffer for the rest of their lives, be beaten and tortured. I signed the petition to have her cage removed.
    What is wrong with everyone in that family?? She can’t even rest in peace properly. So many people would have loved you and I am so sorry for what happened and if even before this I would report anything.

  71. I saw Brianna’s story on facebook last night and was speechless, then after the intial shock wore off I cried like a child. How could anyone do this to an innocent BABY. Who would have blamed the arresting officers if they shot the parents and uncle down like the rabid dogs they are. I only pray that they get raped and killed in prison, And even that would be to good for them.

  72. I cant belive this why how could people do this Poor angel she suffered way too much…. I wish they would do the same thing to all three of them… And all they got was 50 years this is discusting… I just dont have words about this story iam a parent myself and i would kill anyone that hurt my kids there a gift from god that every parent should enjoy and tresure them……. Baby Brianna iam so sorry for what you went through!!! For the person that gave birth to her i cant even call her mother you just a fucken discuting part of hell that came down to the world for nothing… Dont open your fucken leggs again all threes are all dirty stupiid i have no words to say what i feel about all three of you guys… Go rote in hell you bastards!!!! REST IN PEACE LITTLE ANGEL.. IAM SORRY TO SAY THAT I DONT THINK JUSTICE WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS CAUSE IT WONT.

  73. I like a lot of other people saw and read
    about her a few days ago and still can’t
    get her out of my mind…. Her family are
    very sick people and deserve all the
    punishment they will receive in the general
    population in prison … lol …
    Rest in Peace baby girl…. you deserve it !!

  74. Dear Jenn – my true thoughts for your comment will be left unspoken but I will say that you must be related or at the very least know the evil people that did this. Who could possibly feel anything but contempt and sheer rage at the injustice done to that baby. The Bible does not say DON’T judge, it does say judge not lest ye be judged. I think anyone on this blog would be happy to be judged against this horrific crime. A spade is a spade. In case you didn’t know, we are governed by laws which hold people accountable for their actions and they are judged on those basis. They are what they are and any HUMAN with a conscious would never feel sorrow for them – please, if you know the animals or are related – you are worse than any of them and just as guilty. You can defend them and not this poor innocent child – you disgust me and you mind and hear are depraved.

  75. I am mother of twin girls who are almost 5 months old – I just learned of this story and I can’t stop crying, my heart is haunted. I’m so grieved and outraged. I am a Christian who truly loves Jesus but I am struggling so much with this. WHY??? I don’t understand – how could He allow all she knew of life in her short time was sheer pain, loneliness & evil. Where are you Lord? Where were you for this littlest of these? You said it’s better for a milestone to be tied around your neck and to be thrown into deep waters then to harm one of these (speaking of children). I pray that You harden their hearts so they may never experience forgiveness and grace and that they might never feel salvation and rest. I pray that even their sleep is haunted. Allow them to experience all they put her through. I say an eye for an eye when it comes to children especially your OWN. WTF! May they NEVER see the face of precious Brianna again. The night I first found out about this story, I was so messed up that I woke my twins and toddler and we all slept together. I wept all night and in my heart I became a mother of 4. I cried for this baby like she was my own (what mother didn’t)… I read that there were SIX adults in that house and a maternal grandmother??? Well, I can tell you this, Stephanie and Stephen learned this somewhere. Every adult in that house – you deserve everything that little girl received. I hope you are someone’s bitch in prison. And to the grandmother, uncle and as well as the abusers – your daughter did this to your grandaughter and neice and you stayed silent – God help you both. I actually think you might be worse. You should never be let out of prison, you shoud get what they do. I hope you are sodomized, raped, bitten and slammed around and deemed as little to no value and then tossed about in the air until you hit the ground and die -All of you. Sweet baby girl, I know your safe in heaven but I can’t forget all that you endured in your little life. Every moment I stare at my daughter, I think of you. When they cry, I think of you, when they need to be snuggled, I think of you and when they need to sleep and eat – I think of you. I will think of you the rest of my life and I will always speak up if I ever suspect a child is being abused. I will commit to getting my hands dirty if I must but I will not be silent. You are so loved baby girl and I will cry for you for a long time. And I’m sure I will wrestle with God over this for a long time. I’m so sorry for all you went through. Did anyone ever kiss you and tell you that you were precious, snuggle you and sing you songs until you fell asleep? To all that defend/knew/participated – there is a special place in hell for you! AND for those who have compassion for the abusers, murders, pedophiles & rapist – you are just as evil.

  76. Jenn, the more I go back and read you comment the more it all makes sense – you are related to this family and may I say you are COWARD and have a lot to learn about the character of God. Shoud we become a lawless society and let it be a free forall and stand and say ‘God will judge’ You are heartless and there is guilt in your voice sister! You truly disgust me and you will get yours honey don’t you worry.oooooo you really are a coward and I wish you the worst.

  77. I had the misfortune of seeing this story via Facebook 2 days ago. I don’t know how I missed it all those years ago, but I do know my life will never be the same. I have been depressed and sick ever since. I am outraged, shocked, disgusted and horrified. I have lost all faith in humanity. I can’t help but question how a loving God could let this beautiful creation suffer they way she did. It’s senseless and evil. I don’t care if people have free will–it NEVER should have happened!! I hope those monsters suffer everday for the rest of their lives, but knowing they won’t enrages me. Sure, they’ve had their freedom taken away, but they still get to eat 3 meals a day, and aren’t tortured and beaten and raped–which is what they deserve. I could think of many ways to cause them pain. I wonder if they’ve ever shown any sort of remorse. If they ever mentioned to anyone that they are sorry for what they did. I also wonder how they are still alive? Aren’t child abusers/rapists/killers usually murdered in prison by other prisoners? I’m so sorry Brianna. You weren’t loved in life, but you are loved now. I’m sorry that love is too little too late. I would’ve hugged and kissed and sang to you and played with you and given you all the love and devotion you deserved. You would’ve never felt pain or evil. Why does God give beautiful gifts to people that don’t deserve them just so they can hurt them? I am scarred forever and will do what I can to prevent this from ever happening to another child.

  78. Sweet baby Bri… your memory will never be forgotten. I was a child abuse victim much like yourself. I now have a daughter of my own and I vow never to let her be witness to such abuse as you and I both have been through. I hope that others who see this will do the same for their children.

    If you suspect child abuse is happening- be it in your family or someone you know- PLEASE STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I can recall many people who have witnessed me being abused, yet they chose to do absolutely nothing about it.

    To others who have also been a victim of child abuse, please join us at

    It is a wonderful place of healing and a great source for support.

  79. My body trembles and tears just don’t want to go away from my eyes when I even attempt to think of all the things this INFANT beautiful human being had to go thru at the hands of her sorry ass parents. I can not even wrap my mind around anything that is even close to a justifiable punishment. Brianna you are no longer in this pathetic place of misery and I have to believe that you are with God in order to have a little bit of sleep and/or comfort in my life as I go on. Rest in peace angel.. you have returned home.

  80. omg…i just feel like crying..this is so sad never saw anything like this in my life…i will remenber this angel for ever

  81. I have not stopped crying randomly for days now. I have a 5 month old son and it breaks my heart when I think of Brianna. I made a promise to her that I would love my son as if he was her and that every kiss and lullaby I sing to him I also do for her. I will never forget you Brianna. I love you sweet child. I hope your abusers have asked for forgiveness and may God be merciful to them. I know I could not be.

  82. I saw the Baby Brianna video a few days ago on You Tube and i just cannot get it out of my mind. Every day i shed tears thinking about this poor little baby. I have a 10 month old baby girl at home and i just keep thinking, “oh my god, what if that were my daughter?” I love my baby so much and it just makes me so sad to even think of her enduring anything that baby Brianna endured. That poor, poor child. Why not just put the baby up for adoption if she didn’t want it? It is so scary to know that there are people out there that would torture a baby in this way. I have heard that child molesters get poor treatment in prison and I truly hope that these horrible animals are beaten and raped every day for the rest of their lives.

  83. i watched this video over a month ago and i am still upset.. the night i watched it i had to stop the video twice because i was crying so bad. I had twin girls in december of 08′ they are my LIFE! i will never understand as a parent and an uncle how in the world you could do something this horrific to a beautiful, innocent, precious little baby girl? i hope the 3 of you get tortured, raped repeatedly, biten, slapped around, thrown up against walls, thrown up in the air and let drop to the floor.. and even all that isnt enough punishment for what you did to baby brianna. everyday i look at my beautiful babies and think how in the world could something be this beautiful and precious? god gave these THINGS a beautiful gift ” a precious beautiful baby girl’ and they would do this to her? what sick pieces of shit! my heart is broken. i wish i could have saved brianna and raised her as my own then she would have never endured the horrible things she did..R.I.P WE LOVE U BABY GIRL!

  84. I just read this on a facebook group, literally 10 minutes ago.

    And I’ll write the same thing that i wrote on the wall of that group.

    “…God help us…Humanity is becoming so, Corrupt.
    Rest in peace, Little one.”

    Oddly enough i dont feel anger, or hatred towards the three that failed to protect her… I just feel extremely, extremely sad towards everything that happend towards this little girl. I couldnt for the life of me hold back tears.

  85. I cannot even imagine the horror of what was done to this little child. I’m at a loss. How could a mother and a father have so little love for their child. I do not believe justice has been served here. What ever time they received for this horrific crime will never be enough. An entire family failed little Brianna! God will seek justice. I hope they rot!!!!

  86. i am like so many others and baby brianna is on my mind all the time.i am telling every 1 i know and see bout her story and where to find a recovering addict and recovering drunk,as well as a proud supporter of b.c.a.{bikers against child abuse,and she has given me a real reason to stay clean.i saw that her puke killers were goin through a case of beer the nite they killed her.1 way or the other they will get theres in prison,ive had freinds in there and 1 has told me that they hate child rapists and child killers. we all love u little ray of sunshine.

  87. fast question,is this jenn chick related to them?

  88. bo b – I believe so…. what a MONSTER she (JENN) is – she’s sick and will get hers too. How ANYONE could ever defend these parents to this precious defenseless little baby girl is mind blowing …may she ROT right along with them and be haunted the rest of her sorry life … they should all be looking over their shoulders.


  89. JENN – you’re a COWARD. You wore big enough pants to write such an offensive statement in the midst of a community of people who have come together to mourn this senseless death so why don’t you respond to everyone? I’m sure you get ALL the emails. You’re a coward who hangs out behind a lap top with a moral compass that’s completey evil…!


  90. I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind can beat, bite rape a 5 month old baby I am a mother of 5/ 4 girls and a 5 mth boy and just the thought of a child suffering the way that little angel brianna did just tears my heart. What that child suffered no one should ever suffer she couldn’t defend herself. What kind of fucked up family is that mother, father, uncle and the gradmother should have steped up. grandmother is like a mother 2x how can she allow her grandchild to suffer that way. I think the grandmother and other uncle should rot in jail because they knew what was happening and let it happen. I hope they get the worst kind of suffering in jail. And in the end die just like brianna did. I also don’t believe that none of the neibors knew nothing wouldn’t they hear the baby always crying i’m sure others knew and kept quite if so I hope they suffer in life.
    Brianna is now in a place where she will feel loved at least the suffering is gone. God bless you Brianna

  91. I just learned of this story today and I have but one question… They are still in prison? I always thought that other inmates ‘took care’ of people that harm children. It’s a shame that tax dollars are housing, feeding and giving medical care to these soul-less things.

  92. Being a Mom of two beautiful daughters I am not even going to speak of that animal who carried that precisious baby . But I can’t rap my head around those two other things and what they did to such an innocent beautiful little girl be yound sick .Having just learned of this horrific story I cant get it out of my head .I cant imagine a punishment good enough for these three . and as far as i am concerned the grandmother and other uncle are just as guilty

  93. Hi my darling baby! From the moment I knew you I can’t forget about you. I am claiming you as if you are mine, I will love you now and for the rest of my life. I am a mother of two girls and they are very happy because you are now their sister. Brianna, I am happy because you are safe and happy. Thank you because you helped a lot of people to open their eyes and see that babies and kids are precious gifts that needs love. you will be loved forever by everyone. Love you never had with your so-called ‘family.’ May they be reminded everyday of what they did to you.

  94. Hi my baby my beautful baby girl,
    I would like to say HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO YOU.
    you are enjoying your big BIRTHDAY CAKE made by angels in the heaven…

  95. i could hardly believed until now, my heart is still in pain since i heard about what happen to baby brianne, i know she is peacefully in heaven with jesus.. godluck to her fathe and her mother, unlce because they need to face their karma in life. multiple. even they born again they will still suffer. they will never escape… HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN.. baby bree..

  96. I hope that they are killed in prison. They deserve it. I can’t believe they killed a defensless baby and they didn’t get the death penalty or life. What’s wrong with our system. They killed a baby! How can anyone do such a horrible thing. They must be monsters on drugs. Why people, why is it that when someone doesn’t want their child why is it that they just don’t give the child away to someone who wants a child. There are so many people who want a baby, who would have loved her and nurtured her. I can’t even think of the pain and suffering this poor precious little angle suffered at the hands of these dogs.

    • Roberta,

      You make it all sound so easy, but in reality, it is not so simple or straightforward. The courts can only charge them what is allowed by law. As heinous as this crime was, it was not a death penalty case, even though it should have been. I believe they are working on changing those laws. If you believe so strongly, you should check on the laws in your State and see where your State stands on crimes like this. Work to change the laws if need be. Charges are not brought to a suspect due to emotions. It has to be based on law. If everything was based on opinion and emotions, I bet almost everyone could spend life in prison or be lynched due to just one person’s opinion. Justice must be justice and fair.

  97. Dear baby Briana,
    When i saw this newscast, which was a couple days ago, my stomach was turning with discust. It impacted me so much that I really couldn’t stop crying for a good while. I hope that the day I go to jail that they put me in the same cell with you mother i want to kill the fucken bitch……A for you father and uncle they will get their turn…..we all pay for what we do GOD watches everything. I know you are in a better place know thats were beautiful little girls like you deserve to be. my prayers go out. I saw your picture and you look like a porcelin doll so beautiful, you look in peaceful sleep. R.I.P beautifull baby Briana

  98. Dear Brianna,
    I hope I meet you in heaven when I get there. I just had a babygirl and hug her so much, sometimes I hold her and love her in your name. I would love you so much if you were my baby. Your mommy was evil, very evil. You will be in my heart always even if I never met you, I know you were a beautiful baby that lived with monsters, but it’s over now honey, you now live with my little nephew baby Joshua, what a nice place. People here love you and think of you.

  99. This sad story of baby brianna just open the eye of my heart..This guys deserve to be on the electric chair: Steven Lopez, Stephanie Lopez, Andrew Walters and the gradmother also..They all deserve to die…Make them suffer” KILL” or be blind folded and shoot them. Take the sharp stick and stick it up thier anus…Die….Die….Die….Die….

    “To baby Brianna”
    May you rest in god’s hand.

    From: CNMI (SAIPAN 670)

  100. I can’t hardly talk or type…sweet little baby. I wish I hadn’t watched it …. all I feel is anger and I hope those people friggin suffer and die lonely and in pain….MAKE THEM SUFFER. Or give me 5 minutes with any one of them. Die bitches!!!

  101. my heart is broken for the lost of this angel… what i can’t seem to understand is why the father is place somewhere safe???? he didn’t think of the saftey of this beautiful baby, why should we care if justice is served to him in jail, put in general population….. show no mercy – he didn’t show that baby any ……. i will keep up with these people so incase any chance they might get out i can atleast write letters to try to stop it. Brianna was not able to fight for herself, so we need to do it for her…..

  102. Why can’t the law do onto them what they did onto this poor child!
    That would be JUSTICE!!

  103. You better believe if I was a prison guard at any of the prisons they’ll be sent to, i’d get the word out of what exactly they did.

    I’d happily sacrifice a career to see those animals torn apart.

  104. I recently received an e-mail containing the news video of the story. I can’t “un-see” it now. I think of Baby Briana all the time, now. That beautiful, precious baby girl knew only two emotions: pain and fear. How could those “disgusting, vile, pieces of shit” do those despicable things to that baby? I can’t get my head around that! I have five kids and one grand daughter that I would walk through fire for. For that grandmother to just sit back and do nothing, she deseves worse than death. As a matter of fact, I beleive that whole family deserves nothing better than what they all did to Briana. When “Judgement Day” comes, I doubt if even Hell would welcome them! But if Hell does take them: BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!!!!!

  105. To Briana: You were here and gone in the blink of an eye, but you made a huge dent on this old heart..along with many others, who like me, never had the privelege to know you and see you in life. If you were mine, you would have known many emotions…love, happiness, laughter..every thing you deserved in this world! Rest in peace beautiful baby girl. God hold you, comfort you and fill you with His love.

  106. Im ashamed to say that I just now found out about baby Brianna…I have 3 daughters and love them with my entire heart and soul and could never imagine hurting them or standing by…My mind has been displaced since learning about this and my tears are constant. The horrors this defenseless child had to endure break my heart…I keep looking at her picture willing her back to life! How could someone do this to a CHILD?! I am so sickened that these monsters did not get the death penalty. How hard is it for our justice system to get it right?! My heart breaks for this little beautiful defenseless baby. Brianna, you are in my thoughts and my heart now forever. xo

  107. My heart goes out to baby Brianna, This story brought tears to my face. today is the first time hearing of this awful story. I thought about her all day long. I am glad they change the law in NM. I feel for her. I can’t imagine how someone could hurt a child. I have six children, two are step children but love as my own. I could never hurt any of them. I love them all will all my heart. We are protectors of our children. Our children depend on us for love, comfort, warmth, security, the list goes on. The horror that baby Brianna went through haunts me but it makes me determine to help other children. Brianna slip through the cracks of child service. I hope this is a wake up call to who ever else will read her story. I know some states need to be strict with there reporting guidelines.
    Karma will come to the ones that hurt baby Brianna!

    My love and prayers go out to baby Brianna. **RIP Baby Brianna**

  108. Sweet, Darling, Beautiful Baby Briana, I just saw your story last night on Facebook. I am so completely heartbroken over the horrible life that you led the short time you were here on earth!

    I have no words to describe the anger and hate I have for the souless monsters that did this to you! The woman who gave birth to you (she is not a mother) should have her uterus yanked out with a knitting needle so she can never have a child again. The men that did this to you should be raped everyday of their lives and if there is any justice in prison, they will.

    May they not die until God calls them for their judgement as I want them to NEVER REST, NEVER FEEL JOY, NEVER FEEL LOVE……I want them to only feel hurt everyday the rest of their lives, JUST LIKE YOU DID, you sweet angel! My heart breaks for you!!

    I have thought of you off and on all day. Everytime I kissed my babies today I thought of you and how you never knew a loving touch or a kind word. Did you ever have a new toy or a new dress, did anyone ever sing to you or just hold you and snuggle with you? I know you never knew love……OH the heartache for you!!

    Your story has touched me to my very core and I will never be the same, I will never turn my back on a child in need again, if I ever suspect a child is being abused I will do what I have to do to get that child help!

    You are with the Lord and the Angels now. Rest In Peace sweet Baby Briana! You are my heart baby now and I will never forget you!

  109. My response to Jenn that post her comment on july 22 2008, I just read her post, she seems to be a family member.. What a coward she is. she is horrible person. she is hiding behind GOD. I am religious. but this horrible horrific act that was done to baby Brianna, I will judge that family. they deserve what they get in prison, I know the father and uncle got transfer out of state, you know what that means, they were being harassed in prison, i bet they got raped too. I know they had to get beaten too. So good enough for them, i hope they keep getting theres in prison. I know they will. that is judgement for them and when they die, they will get judgement. They will live life here on earth like hell because the inmates will get them. even if they go into PC. someone will find there way in there and still get them, it always happens. If that was my family that did that, i would of turn there asses in real quick. I wouldn’t let that happen or allow it. I don’t care family or not. you don’t hurt children and you don’t just sit back and ignore abuse. Jenn is a dumb ass.

    ***Baby Brianna your always with me, I am always thinking of you, I love you baby girl. she is a sweet cute little baby girl***

  110. ……

    I read the story of Brianna a couple months ago. I just can’t believe what these “monsters” did to baby Brianna!!! Why the fuck would they want to do something like this to her?! Better question, why the hell would they GIVE BIRTH to her? Did you create that precious life just so you could have something to unleash your sadistic tendencies on?! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “mom” punched her stomach every day she was pregnant with Brianna. AND she bit her?! What must’ve been inside her “mind” that made her do such a thing to her own child?

    And the “father” and “uncle”,…..why did they FUCKING RAPE her?! Too bad the “dad” didn’t have enough common sense to have sex with his own WIFE instead!!!!! Geez, motherfucking pedophiles!!!! I’m glad this baby died (DONT TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY, what I meant was that I’m happy those bastards could never torture her again)! And I heard that the “mom” said, “Her death is the worst thing that happened to me”…well yeah, that’s because she has nothing to ABUSE ANYMORE!!!!!!

    I hope those “people” end up living in conditions just like those of concentration camps during the Holocaust. They should be dismembered Very slowly, have salt put in all of their stub wounds, and beaten to death with the severed limbs.

    R.I.P. Brianna

    (Sorry about the length, I can get REALLY passionate when it comes to stuff like this)

  111. I personally cried when I read this story. That precious, sweet, innocent child should not have had to endure an excruciatingly painful life, and death at the hands of those irresponsible, sick, stone cold cowards. It’s a shame that baby had such a terrible family. I find comfort in knowing she’s with the Lord now and no longer has any pain, and won’t for an eternity. I know that it is not my place to judge these people, they will stand before God on judgement day and I pray that the Father has that sweet girl sitting on his lap smiling when he tells all three of them they’re going to hell. I truly wish nothing but ill will against the abusers and rapists. I just can’t grasp ever even thinking about harming a precious, innocent baby. I don’t know how the mother could do such things to her own child, a child she chose to bring into this world, a child she gave life to! It sickens me to think someone could be evil enough to do the things they did. That mother sat back and watched that baby be raped by two grown men, cowards. You rape a defenseless child, because anyone old enough to consent to sex with you would turn you down and fight you off-or at least yell for help. And to toss a baby to the ceiling and let them drop??? They deserve to sizzle in hell forever. As for the grandmother and uncle who did not touch her, they may as well have. By not stepping up and reporting the three or even personally taking care of the problem, they are just as responsible for the death of little Brianna as the three that were convicted. I’m just grateful that God has her now and is without a doubt taking better care of her than anyone else could and that she is loving her eternity in heaven…

    R.I.P. Brianna

  112. Unbelievable how can parents do something like this??? In prison they must beat all 3 the way they beat Brianna. Since i saw this last week about this beautifull little girl i must think about her and her pain every day. What kind of “father, mother and uncle” are this? Even grandma know about this. How could they?
    RIP little girl Brianna.
    And how many other childeren would be abused, that we don’t know??? I would like to take care of those little childeren, hugg them en give love…..

  113. Jenn:

    It must be so blissful to be so ignorant. I am a devout christian, my husband graduated from 2 bible colleges, we know what the Bible text says. You should probably actually read the Bible before you go trying to quote it. I truly pray your family that did such terrible things to that baby burn in hell for an eternity. You reap what you sow. You, my dear, are a coward. Your family is sadistic. I pray everyone in your gene pool becomes infertile, none of you should reproduce. I personally think there should be a spaying and neutering order given to all of you-dogs. It would save the life of at least one more child. You’re a very pathetic person. Your entire family is, well, pathetic. I only wish that precious child could decide your family’s eternal fate. For anyone who knew and didn’t do anything, that makes y’all murderers and rapists too-think about that when you lay your head down to sleep tonight, if you can sleep at all monster.

  114. Just saw the video in facebook last night. This is one of the worst child abuse case I ever knew. The people involved including the rest of Briana’s family who preferred to kept silent with what was happening to Briana, deserved to stay in hell eternally. They are so sick! I couldn’t imagine the life of that little angel with them while she was still alive. Rest in peace baby Briana you are now with our Lord Jesus our great healer.

  115. Brianna, may you rest in peace sweety. I came across this traggic story from Facebook, now I wish I hadn’t. My heart, body, and soul aches for you sweet Angel. You precious body no longer aches, your tears no longer fall from your face, for now you are in a better place.

  116. I read this story about 2 weeks ago and still every day when I do certain things like eat, sleep cuddle my children, shower or say I Love You to someone I just feel sick thinking that this little girl probably never in her life felt anything at all close to love. Did they even feed her…probably just enough to keep her alive for their own sadistic pleasure. Did she ever even get to play in the water of a warm bath? I cry still when I think about this poor baby. I have 2 children, 6 yrs and a baby that is 10 months. I love them every day when I get home from work so much because I can’t help but think about the struggle for life this child dealt with. And what hurts me most is that children are so forgiving that this poor baby probably still hung on to these monsters and smiled at them with love (when she wasn’t full of tears). I know only God has the final judgement on the sick people but I wish that they could feel every inch of pain they gave her every minute of the rest of their lives. I also know that other children experience these types of things quietly as well and either nobody knows its happening to them as they are too small to voice it like Brianna or the people around them are too selfish to say anything. Poor baby who is now an AWESOME ANGEL!! Please keep others close to you and protect them from things you were too young to understand. God saw you suffering and could not let it continue so he pulled you so close to his side that you became a part of his kingdom to never feel pain again. They should castrate her father and uncle and give her mother a full hysterectomy so there is never a chance that they reproduce again. God Bless you little one

  117. Oh My dear Lord! I’ve just learned about baby Briana’s case last night and I’m just not myself anymore. I have a 9 months old darling boy and every time I look at him sweet baby Briana’s face is hunting me. I can’t stop thinking about the pain and suffering she was going through. I just can’t comprehend that ANYBODY would do such crime.
    Fucking fucker evil bastards!!! Does anybody know anything about these fucks? Are they still alive?? I want them to suffer EVERY DAY!!!!! But do they??? I wonder!!!!
    I want God to give me a sign that Briana is there with him in Heaven and she fells loved every second. I would have loved you and cared or you with all my being little darling. I love you for ever and ever!!!!

  118. As I was posting my comment the sun reappeared on the sky. (it’s been raining) Okay it’s a sign for me!!!! THank you God!!!! Angel Briana we are thinking of you!!!

  119. You know these are one of the reasons why mankind just wants to get up leave this FUCKEN world, shit it fucken disgusts me….. We dont need to be living throught this damn shit.. but you know what god puts tests in this world for all of us and wants to see how we will be able to put up with all this crazines.. Anyways the child would be in great hands becuase she will be with all the angels, prophets, and mosty importantly god. I must say we should be happy for her that she is in comfort and happiness. I’m sorry for all the verbal misuse but I just had to say it i had to express my anger… but may satan stay away from all of yall and keep your faith verry veryy veryyyy close…..
    God bless ya’ll

  120. There is no god if there was a god this would not happen.
    Love u baby girl.

  121. I want to state something that I find highly offensive. I think the thumpers and the cussers should look where they are at. This is a place to post love for Briana a baby who suffered so much violence, cussing, sexual, physical abuse. Do you think everyone can back off of the language and violence. I simply don’t want baby Brianna to see and hear even more. I know the little spirit to have survived all that for 5 months is here. If not respect it as a possibility. I wrote a poem for Briana. I would like to post it and share.
    Briana’s Secret

    I was born to a young mommy
    after nine months in her tummy.
    I know you were supposed to love me.
    Yet somehow that was not meant to be.
    I had a fractured and battered body.
    How could you let them do that ?
    I was 5 months old when peace in death came to get me.
    My secret was finally out and you never cared.
    How often I was thrown in the air
    into the ceiling and onto the floor.
    All you had to do was walk out the hospital doors.
    So someone wonderful could claim me as their own.
    Yet it was somehow easier for you to hear me whimper and moan.
    How could you let my uncle have sex with me the life you created.
    I can’t imagine how I an innocent angel could be so hated.
    So now the world all knows…
    The better place I go.
    You sentenced me to death.
    You were sentenced to life.
    Every time the steel bars slam.
    That’s where I am.
    Every tray you get to eat and live
    Was due to the life I had to give.
    There is a plan in every ones life
    Mine was never to be a wife.
    You had so many choices.
    Yet I had no voice.
    You took my life slowly every day.
    For your hatreds I had to pay.
    You never knew how much I would have loved you.
    Because you threw me one too many times into the ceiling above you.
    In that final moment did you even feel regret?
    When the wind blows, in your cell, you can never feel it.
    For you it is me that you’ll never forget.
    There were so many other things we could of done.
    But in the end your evil has won.
    It’s a secret no one knew.
    Not until you killed me hit the 5 o’clock news.
    Thats the way you chose my life to end.
    Maybe in prison yours can finally begin.
    You sentenced me to death.
    They sentenced you to life you get to live free in 27 short years! .
    For taking from me my very last breath.
    And you didn’t even have a single tear!

    Here is a reminder there are choices.
    For Briana find your voices.
    Don’t allow her secret to be yours.
    Choose a life to be blessed
    don’t destroy because yours is a mess.
    There are hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers in waiting.
    Don’t destroy a life instead give a blessing.
    For all the parents like me to have and to hold.
    Don’t make your angel a statistic. Break the cycle.
    Give that child a chance to love and grow old.
    For if not it will be your story told.

  122. Jeanie – I wanted to respond to your remarks above if I may. You have a right to your thoughts and feelings and we have a right to ours – it’s called free speech. Some of us are angered and grieved for months after reading about this baby – we have a right to vent and express our thoughts and feelings no matter how angry we feel. Who are you to stifle someone’s expression of grief and anger over this? I for one hope the abusers find the same end this little baby met. I hope they suffer forever. I hope they are tossed about, raped and tortured, bruised and beaten. They are the true face of evil. There is such a thing as righteous anger. If you think some of our comments and thought are bad, why don’t you look a little deeper as to what Jesus has to say about those who harm His children? This is a safe place of FREE expression, it’s our prerogative to feel how we choose and it’s not your place to school others on how they feel and respond. I say this in peace.


    • I agree with you. free speech. allot of us are in grief for baby Brianna. I still am til this day. but I do like the poem she posted. but I do agree with you and i feel anger and haterd towards Baby Brianna abusers.

  123. Baby Brianna, my heart goes out to you. May you rest in peace and learn the definition of love in god’s arms. I wish all the suffering and pain you went through could be taken away! I never met you but love you as if you were my own. All my love to you and may you rest in peace beautiful baby girl!

  124. I can’t believe how anyone can harm a beautiful harmless baby. Baby brianna is at a better place. hope those heartless people die in prision a slow painful death. Eventhough I don’t know you I love baby girl and I hope you can watch over our children

  125. hey briana,i love you.I’m so sorry your family is messed up,mine was too,i feel what u felt 😦 and u didn’t deserve that baby. i would’ve went through that for u so u wouldn’t have too. i’m mad at god,i wonder why he wasn’t helping u through’re the reason why i have so much patience for my baby girl that is only 16 months,no child deserves to be hurt. to bad your stupid mom couldn;t protect and your stupid dad didn’t stick up for u. mom and dad were suppose to be the ones to protect u from bad things and they didn’ y r they still alive? i hope ur daddy is going through what he put u through,same goes for ur stupid uncle,and dumb mom. visit me anytime in my dreams Briana,i promise I’ll hold u and kiss u inmy dreams

  126. I understand why everyone want to kill or want these people who hurt Brianna filled with pain for an eternity, but i say to you all, you must learn to forgive, no matter how hard it is. I have forgiven these people for what they did to this innocent girl. And i try my best to forgive every evil person on this planet no matter what they did. For without forgiveness there will be no peace.
    You should be glad that there are so many who love Brianna instead of not caring, this shows that there is more love than hate.

  127. why the mother father and uncle of baby brianna dont get torture and kill in jail this history broke my hurt and got me in to tears rest in peace this little angel of god

  128. I read about this story months ago and it keeps coming back to me. So upsetting, unsetlling, disturbing on so many levels.
    I am going to write a list because that is what will help me process. I am writing in a way that will help me work it through. I hope my thoughts will spark your thoughts, and most of all i hope for peace:
    1. Child abuse – physical, verbal, sexual, or social- is never about pleasure for the abuser. It is about power. The abuser was abused and felt powerless, so he (or she) abuses as soon as he (or she) can, or will look the other way.
    So when people write “how could they have gotten pleasure. . .” it is a complete misunderstanding – rape is not sexual. it is about overpowering the vulnerable.
    These monsters became monsters because someone did something horrible to them. And then they did not self-reflect, or were sick and could not , and the cycle of violence continued. It must be stopped.
    If we are honest, and truly intend for something to happen “NEVER Again” we must learn from those around us.

    2. This is a horrible tragedy. we all know that. we all have read the disgusting, awful details. The thing to do, for me, is to try to reflect – ok, this is horific. We all keep thinking about it. What is there to learn here? And what part of me (or you) tries to overpower someone else even in a small way?
    3. So it’s like a traffic accident – you keep looking and then it’s a reminder to drive more safely.
    4. So imagine how many young innocent (or elderly vulnerable) are abused in equally horific, large and even very small ways every single day???
    5. So i think about how many people are disturbed by this tragedy and as a result are moved to be more gentle with their own children, to slow down, to touch their children with more respect, more kindness, to listen more carefully in the name of the innocent, the completly vulnerable and totally unprotected Baby Briana? In her name, I kiss my baby one more time today, I put her down on her changing table even more carefully, i slow down and tell my baby what I am going to do before i touch her so gently to change her clothes, put on her bib, offer her nursies, change her diaper – anything. And I honor Baby Briana, and I am ever even more gentle with my own girl.
    6. Here is where I get vindictive: People who are stuck in the cycle of violence and abuse have lost the Gd given privelege to have sexuality. It should be removed: If a person cannot handle being in posession of normal, healthy functioning genetalia, then they should be castrated. Just like a known criminal is not permitted to own a weapon, so to a person who missuses his “equipment” should have it all removed.

    I feel a bit better and hope my words will help others too.

  129. I don’t care if these people were drunk, on PCP or Heroine or whatever! I don’t care if the mother was a schizophrenic or the sky was falling.Who cares!!! It takes some true monsters to do this horrible crime. It’s like there demons instead of human beings. I have two children, and seeing this poor little angel, has left me shocked, angry and sad. What pisses me off the most is how can they not have been given the death penalty? To be honest, its not that much of a surprise that people like them are walking around, considering how lenient are laws are these days. People can commit such a horrific crime and get to go to prison with 3 meals a day, internet, TV, free medical and dental, live off our taxes, free room and board and then they get out eventually too! What is this world coming to? What about Brianna?She didn’t get to live, so neither should they. I bet if the law stated that every child murderer be executed on the spot than more psychopaths would keep there asses in line! Those types of weirdoes should be discarded like the trash that they are. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore, or waste our tax dollars! Allot of them get let out and then go and hurt or even kill another innocent child. And it’s the systems fault. But unfortunately things will never work that way cause the sissy government wouldn’t want to be too mean to the child rapists and murderers like the ones who brutally tortured and killed poor little Brianna Lopez. God bless your soul little one!!!

  130. Wow! How the hell can someone do this to a baby? i have 3 kids, and another on the way, and i just cant even imagine hurting my children.. These people are savages! They are the scum of this world! They deserve to be tourtured and killed! Poor baby girl.. Shes in Gods hands now. RIP

  131. It was a sad and tragic thing that happened to this precious baby girl! She never did any wrong to deserve to go through what she did! I believe in the lord, and It’s hard for me not to feel some kind of anger and hate towards these people. who were they to determine how long she were to live on this earth! this baby girl was not given a chance. she wasn’t given a chance to grow, a chance to be loved or adored the way all babies should be. It’s a very sad thing to think that their are people out there that bring babies into this world and don’t feel any type of emotion for the children they gave life to! I am a mother of 3 daughters and still very young, and yes I get frustrated at times like most mothers do, but I would never hurt my children! They are my world! I wish if these people knew they didn’t want her they should have given her up to people who couldn’t have children. Maybe if someone would have spoken up for her maybe just maybe baby brianna would be here on earth doing 8 in a half year old girls do! May you rest in peace sweet angel!! You will always be loved and missed by people who if would have known this was happening to you would have stopped it!

  132. well jenn you are wrong,if my brother, mother,or sister ever hurt a child in manner’s such as this i would be the first one to step up to the plate for justice and your right about god being the infinate judge,if your so bible thumping then you know too that he made men judge’s here on earth(look it up)a false witness shall not be unpunished,and he that speakethlie’s shall not escape.and blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

  133. and love, angel kisse’s on your cheek’s, and much happiness in heaven, brianna.

  134. and as for you elaine practice what you preach,for you see i belive in a power greater than my self, i do chose to call this greater power god,so….god setteth the solitary in families;he bringeth out those with chain’s;but the rebellios dwell in dry land’ you shouldnt be hypocritic that too is a sin.this is not to argue but to find peace with myself after learning and hearing of this tradgedy,it truly break’s my heart.may she dwell in the house of the lord and find peace.alway’s and everlasting through christ our lord.

  135. I just came across this story on Valentine’s Day which would have been Brianna B-day and I have a 5 month baby myself and ever since I read this horrific story I haven’t been able to put her down or keep my eyes off her. I sit and think about the things this poor little girl went threw and it makes so sense to me and I’m sure it never will. I’ve read these post and the things been said but we post things on here as what we feel not for anyone else to judge what we have to say. Which I’m sure some of you all will have alot to say about what I have to post but its how I feel and I’m entitled to freedom of speech. First off it pisses me off that my taxes dollars has to keep this bastards up while they get to live the rest of their lifes out. Yes they are in prison but big damn deal they get wake up every morning but Brianna doesn’t get to wake up anymore. I’ve read how some of you talk about watch we post because of the family well I say fuck the rest of the family because why should we spare their feelings? No one had a picture of baby Brianna and they put a steal cage around her little grave to keep everyone out so why should we worry about the family because if the family cared why we they keep people away from her grave to show love that she never had while she will alive. I also I see alot of you all posting about lot god and let him handle it but where was god when these monster’s was abusing this poor child? I know we are not suppose to question god but if these poor innocent children are god’s children then why does he allow them to suffer in the horrible manner in which they do? God knows what all of our fate is so is this is the fate that god has created for our innocent children? I have prayed many of times to god to answer these questions but they are still unanswered. My heart knows some of the suffering that this percious baby encountered. I was bruitly raped at the age of 5 by my 23yr old uncle and when I being raped at 5yrs old I was in so much pain I would sometimes pass out or I’d beg god to let me die because it hurt so much so I couldn’t even imagine what the pain this 6 month went threw while being raped by her own father and uncle. As I write this I look at my baby laying her sleeping and I wonder what baby Brianna done so wrong in her little life so make anyone treat her that especially the one’s that was suppose to love and pretect her. It just breaks my heart to know that is goes on 10 seconds so if there is a god then please have mercy on these poor innocent child. My you and your soul be at peace now baby Brianna and know how many hearts and lifes you have touched in your short little life and how much your loved now even tho you never felt that love while you was here.

  136. how long they are in prison, for now? 27 years? 37 years ? it should be for the rest of their lives , they are deranged mentally , disturbed evil bunch of lower than life.
    They abused the innocent baby like she was a toy, tossing it around , throwing it up to the ceiling to let her fall on the floor, biting her as if she was something they detested, just like a bunch of children at play with a toy they got tired of. I hope they are in prison and each day of their rotting lives they suffer a much worse fate.

  137. theses parents should die

  138. I just heard about this horrible story, I’m a grandmother of 4 beautiful grandchildren. I cannot imagine as a grandmother another grandparent turing their back on their grandchild. The grandmother and Uncle should also been put away forever. When I first read this story I cried and honestly I can’t seem to forget what happened to this precious beautiful baby girl. I just read that the father of this baby was moved to some Oregon state prison because of safety reasons. What about the Brianna’s saftey? They should have left the sorry piece of shit where he was at, what kind of justice is this? Seems like ciminals who commit this type of crime gets more protection that their own victim. That’s justice for you. I normally do not try to hate anyone, but I hope that all 3 rot in hell, I hope that the grandmother and the uncle get what they deserve. Rest in peace sweet baby girl, I loved you the minute I laid eyes on you.

  139. Brianna,

    I wish so much that I had known you. I wish I could have saved your precious, innocent life. You deserved the world and you got nothing from it. It makes me cry when I think about you. You poor, sweet baby. I’m so, so sorry that no one helped you. I believe in God. I do. I know you’re with Him. God gave us free will. It’s an amazing thing, but some people take the free will that was given to us and use it to do disgusting, horrific things. I just wish that I had known you… I wish I could have saved you, sweetheart. I would have held you and loved you the way you should have been. I would have showered you with so much love. You deserved it all and more. ❤ You're safe now, love. Those monsters will never hurt you again and they will be punished severely for what they did to you. Oh Brianna, I know you know now that there are so many people that feel exactly like I do. Even though I never met you, I love you. I think of you often. Rest in peace, sweet baby girl. ❤

  140. Ok 2 new thoughts:
    How does a parent begin to rape his own newborn child?

    How horribly fried was poor little Briana’s vulnerable brain- that’s what gets me lately, did she even have a chance to begin to process what washappening to her? I think that they killed her right away, even if she was still physically alive.
    What that horror must have been- just a life of terror. So tragic.

  141. Brianna,
    I just read about your story you were so precious I am so sorry these monsters did this to you. I set here and cry for you and I didn’t even know you and I love you already. How dare these monsters take your life this way. I am glad you are in heaven with God they can’t hurt you anymore. I wish I would have known you I would have loved so much like my own. I would have taken you away from these monsters. My heart hurts I can’t stop thinking of you precious Angel. May you rest in peace my little Angel.


  142. Brianna,

    You are an angel now, and your parents will ROT IN HELL. You are an angel and will forever stay that way. Thank the lord you were taken from this horrific god for saken ANIMALS. They are diseased, and you will live on forever in many peoples hearts.
    Goodbye Precious ONe.

  143. precious angel brianna

    it breaks my heart and im crying my eyes out!, what have they done to you!
    you are a helpless little baby, i wish that they gave you to me then i had raised you with love. but now youre in heaven where all the angels will take care of you and the people who done this to you they will burn in hell! youll always be in my heart

    bye precious one and maybe someday we will meet eachother

  144. Baby Brianna, I’m so sorry you had to go through all the pain that you went through. There is many people all around the world who care and love you including myself and my 17 year old daughter her name is Tila, you really touched her heart. she thinks of you often…she talks about you almost every single day!!!! Fly with the angles baby girl.

  145. I really cant believe, the mum should be sterilisd and to say the say the uncle and the dad shoulm die in prison, i have a son and when i read this i told my son i loved him and im having another baby and its just makes me upset to knw that the tiny life of her she was hurtin,rip in peace little girl. may god be with u

  146. I have learned about this story almost three months ago. The first time I learned about this I can’t stop crying for three consecutive days. I got so depressed. I can’t believe that her own mother let her down. I have an infant and a toddler. One is just 6 months old when I learned the story of Brianna. The other one is 1 year and 5 months old. I can’t stand leaving them to cry for even just a minute. I don’t want to hear them crying that the moment they show signs of crying I check if they feel sick, needs diaper change, feeding, or just simply wants to be cuddled and hugged.

    I always shower them with kisses and can’t even stand not seeing them for even just a split second everyday. I miss them when I have to go to work it breaks my heart leaving the house when I see them both sleeping. I feel like not going to work anymore when I see them looking so fragile and helpless with those innocent eyes. They always melt my heart. That’s the reason for the life of me I can’t understand how these could have been perpetrated by Brianna’s own parents and family.

    I always believe in the saying that, “There’s always goodness in the worst of human because human is basically good.” However, in this case I can’t see any goodness left at all. That goes to say they are not human anymore. For me they are monsters not deserving to be treated as human beings with rights.

    I’ve been very active now in activities and discussions related to promoting the rights of the children. I have been engaged in a Social Work before I entered the Corporate world. In fact, I have a degree with Community Development and Social Work specialized in Women and Children’s Rights. I knew stories of children who are abused even way back when I’m so active with the ground work as a Social Worker volunteer but have not seen a case as worst as this. This is the worst story I have heard next to the story of Sylvia Likens. In most of the cases I encountered before both the mother and child are abused and the perpetrators are usually the male partner. In Brianna’s case however, even the mother has a participation with her abuse and death. How unimaginable! It’s so depressing to know also that there are thousands more of cases like this.

    I do hope the penalty for these cases is automatic life sentence and death penalty. I need to go now. My 9 month old baby boy is crying… I love you Baby Bri…

  147. This is ridiculous, they made a defenseless 5 month old baby endure things that even adults could not have handled and they get years in prison? What a fucking joke. That poor baby, her story makes my heart and soul ache, I wish I could of saved her, intervened, something, anything….. this story is never far from my mind!! God rest your soul little Brianna…i hope you are in happiness now….

  148. I don’t know why people would call those devils her relatives, they’re nothing but a disgrace on this earth, i hope by now something really bad has happened to them, they really don’t deserve to live life normally, It saddens me too know that her own mother would let her husband and her own twin brother do such disgusting things to such a beautiful little girl 😦 i have a babygirl who is now 2mnths and a few weeks old and it just hurts me too know that there are cruel people like them out there doing stupid things like this, they’re worse than animals…why ?? Why in the world would you have a baby if you know you would do cruel things to her, now everytime i here the name Brianna it reminds me of this story, but i try n think about her being with me…

    Briana if you were mine
    I’d do anything and everything in my heart your my babygirl, even though you dnt know me but in my heart your mine, i love you so much, Our heavenly father needed you to go to him, he needed your help, to be angel for him, anyways We me n my daughter Love you so much you’ll live through us forever Love you Brianna Xx

  149. Baby Brianna my heart goes out to you my princess i am sorry that you went through all of that pain every time i look at the sky and i see a star i think of you because you will always be a shiny star to me you will always be in my heart love you

  150. Oh little angel I know I heard your story years ago but when I just read it again it was like a fresh wound. I am so glad that you do not have to endure anymore suffering. It’s all behind you sweet pea. You may have been failed by your parents here on earth baby but there is nothing to compare to the enternal love you recieve from our heavenly father. I love you baby!

  151. love you little angel Brianna . You are safe in Gods care. Please dont let these people out. please. For all our children and granchildrens sake.

  152. That was so me bar what they did they sholud get yeras in jall forma life becuse thats suma fukt up shit

  153. Ten years today this little angel recieved her wings…love you Brianna neverforget you

  154. I came across this story and how i wish i hadn’t.. Rip baby girl i cant help but crying little angel u will always b remembered… Am so discusted…. How could any one do such monsterous acts to a baby.. may u rot in hell mother fuckers god will have no mercy for u 3.. and the mother u piece of shit worthless bitch i would love to beat u to death all 3 of u. Am beyond outraged sicken god help us all.. justice system please treat child abuse with death penalty kill this fucken monsters!!!! Fucken bastards u will all burn in hell sickos

  155. i hope sb will do the same to them…

  156. Really sick group of people the prisoners want to beat them up much deserved hats off to the prisoners .Its sad that some children are born into a horrilble world that little house of horrors she went to heavan and is in the arms of our blessed Mary or our lady of Guadalupe.They take good care of little baby.

  157. I hope they come out of prison in a casket .Much deserved.

  158. may the people inside, do the same thing they did to Brianna…my heart was really broken the day i read her story always bother me and makes me sick ,,,,cant imagine her hardship………….

  159. How could anybody do the to such a sweet innocent baby. It just sickens me to no end. I look at my 6 month old son and my 5 year old daughter and cringe and feel sick to my stomach with anger when I think about anybody or myself hurting them. Brianna’s parents deserve to suffer everyday. I hope they are beaten raped tortured until they die. I hope they get what they deserve. I know it’s not nice to wish those things on people but they aren’t human. No human would ever do that. They are monsters who deserve nothing but cruelty for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  160. The only answer to the parole is it need to be denied her conviction needs to be reinstated she has no right to be out & free when she put her own flesh and blood through hell now she needs to live it for herself. Please keep her there & reinstate her conviction no one needs to be in her presence.

  161. Briana, I think about you so much baby girl. From the first time I heard of this case I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I can’t believe the very people that are supposed to protect & love you could do such a thing. I wish someone outside of that ugly house could have seen the pain you were in to take you away from their. My heart aches seeing the pictures of you like that. You are and will forever be in our hearts here in Dallas. You were a beautiful baby girl. We love you sweetheart!

  162. I am a retired psychologist.There was a great article in the Sunday paper that said in pack animals,animals who don,t protect their young are expelled from the pack,because they can,t be trusted to protect other members of the pack,s young.So true . The mom ,dad and uncle were drunken trash,also sociopaths who have no conscience,empathy or remorse. Death was a gift for this tortured angel.She was in constant pain and her crying probably got the family mad, so they inflicted more pain ,it was a vicious and horrific cycle.Why did they move the father to Oregon for safety purposes.They should protect them like they protected an innocent PREMATURE baby,MONSTERS All. They should all be sterilized!

  163. Just sickning those peoole are just sick and need help.. What a stupid ass whore she is for letting those men do that to a innocent child .my heart goes out to baby brinna. those people should get the exact same punishment . No one should get away with stuff like this I hope the worst for those people I wish they would get the death penalty. This is just very disturbing news I have ever heard. Sick “bastartds ” I hope every one of them rot in hell.

  164. Well it looks as if this twat is going to walk out of prison soon…For years I have signed and created petions to keep this bitch down, trust me all the petions,signatures 10xs have been completed but she is going to walk anyway…Take a good look at her face, remember her name and make her “freedom” hell from the moment she walks away from the prison.

  165. I am new to this blog and there are some links I would like to access but I cant..The one about the trial of that SOULLESS monsters that KILLED baby briana..I would really like to see HOW and what those animals and their lawyers had to say..DEAR JESUS..I pray for justice for this precious baby be it legal or street..forgive me

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