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Update: Michele Harris murder *Calvin Harris’ conviction overturned; he is released on bail; new trial ordered*


Michele Harris
Michele Harris

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Calvin Harris

Please read my comment policy before commenting. Also, please try to keep your comments focused on the victim, Michelle Harris, as she is the focus of this and the important one here.

19 Responses

  1. Just curious, how come this guy gets out of jail while he waits for a new trial???? Most have to wait in jail for the new trial.

    Pay off here?????


  2. This is sad, and I can only imagine how her family is feeling knowing the man who killed their daughter, sister and/or friend, has been basically let of the hook.


  3. On just what I have read how do you convict with so little evidence. Either wait until you have it or find it. People seem to always think the worst Myself seems little fishy to me . His behavior was as I would expect of a man who is going through a divorce. His wife as well as him were living individual lives. Bad taste to have his mistress , girlfriend there , yes. Did he care about his children’s feeling . Nope. Guilty of murder . Not enough evidence . Did he do it . Probably.


  4. i am an intutive and when this case first came out and even now i had an instant vision that this woman was indeed murdered by her husband and he put her body in a 50 gallon drum filled with oil. i believe the drum was in or near to his place of work and that he could keep his eye on it at all times. they need to check to see where he disposes of the oil waist. i have a strong feeling the answers are all there. please let me know of any help i can be in this case. thankyou


  5. This case was a travestey. There was no a single shred of evidence put forth by the state that Calvin Harris murdered his wife, much less that she was even murdered. What we have here is a community that is shocked and embarassed by the disappearence of his wife, so they had to get somebody. On top of that were over zealous prosecutors and police. The jurors attitude was “Well someone must have killed her”, so lets find Calvin Harris guilty. What we had in the jury was complet ignorance of civics and the law. Even if he is guilty, if the state cannot prove its case, as it did not, then the accused must be found not guilty. This case is similar to the Melanie McGuire case in NJ. No evidence, no weapon, just a s desire to find someone guilty. Bench trials look better and better .


  6. reading the comments of bobby he must suspect the ghost of ted bundy is responsible for this case….i guess you have to completely dismiss the blood spatter (michelle’s blood) on the kitchen walls and on the rug and then trailing to the garage….circumstantial evidence but adequate for a conviction….the state ought to keeep close tabs on tubbs’ bank account and that of the judge who ordered a new trial…


  7. jan,
    Wow. Your post, mindblowing because it’s true. You said, “Did he do it. Probably”. Not enough evidence to convict him. So sad. This happens ALL the time. Alot of these people who sit on juries KNOW the suspect is guilty, they just can’t PROVE it. And thats how murderers, violent criminals and child molesters walk all the time. The truly tragic part is the defense lawyers mostly KNOW thier clients are guilty, they just don’t care. (as long as their families are safe) Right on jan, for calling it how it is. God bless you.


  8. I saw Cal Harris last night at The Ithaca Boatyard restaurant in Ithaca, NY. He gallantly opened the door for me when I entered the restaurant. He was there romancing a young woman with long blonde hair. How sweet. I wonder if anyone else recognized him.


  9. Oh yeah, the woman he was romancing is/was his nanny!!!!! How original!!!!


  10. Guilty as OJ!


  11. How many Nannies did this guy have. I happen to know one of them and she is extremely devoted to her husband. It wasn’t her that he was having dinner with.


  12. Cal is not a good man from what I know of him. He had little care for anyone but himself. Im sure his character was a big issue that counted against him. I think his retrial should be set well away from his community to give him a fair trial. After all, a man of his character and situation would be an easy set up. He is a very smart man and continued building a very succesful business because he was smart, calculating and controled; and would seem far to much so to commit her murder in such a way. What little I know him I don’t like him at all but I wouldnt consider it justice if he was to do 20 years for a murder he didn’t commit.


  13. When telling a story people usually add or subtract some or all of the details. I always believed you could never believe just a story you need all the facts to know the whole truth, but in some situations you only get part of the story. I have a truth to tell about a county full of hatred money power, and greed. A truth about a man who only because of the color of his skin was convicted of a crime he did not commit. This truth stars in the south in a place called Hall County Georgia. A small southern town that so desperately wants to become a big city without valuing, or respecting human beings for who they are and not for the color of there skin. You would think that this was a story from the 1950 but it is not it started in the year 2007 and still has not ended. So now let me paint a true picture for you of events as they actually happen.

    Oct 1 2007 a man calls 911 his girlfriend has shot herself. The dispatcher from 911 sends out the call of a man who is armed and a victim with a gunshot wound to the head. The first responder shows up on the seen and asks where the body is the man shows him in a state of shock. The first responder takes the gun from the young ladies hand so that the gun does not go off and paramedics can administer to the victim “no pictures are taken of the scene”. The young Ladies children are in there room playing the paramedics ask the children if they are ok and if they saw anything they say they are ok and they didn’t see what happen. The man is brought to the police station for questioning. Where he is shown graphic pictures of his girlfriend of seven years lying lifeless on a couch with a gunshot wound to the head. Now at this point he is being told he has committed this horrible crime and will be charged with murder. The officers tell him that they know the trajectory of the bullet and that he cold bloodedly shot her while she was lying down on the couch. The young mans story never changes they where arguing because he was moving out she didn’t want him to go she has the gun in her hand they argue back and forth she puts the gun to her head he reaches for it the gun goes off… He does not understand how or why this has happen all he knows is he just lost his loved one and everyone is telling him he did it . He tells the officers the same thing over and over and over never missing a word of what he knows happen. The man is booked a charged with Murder…

    The Young Ladies Children are sent to live with Family members and never asked anymore questions on this Night. The Children are only asked a week after what they saw or heard.

    It only takes a night for the speculations to come out of what happen. The following morning the front page of the Gainesville times WOMEN KILLED BY LIVE IN BOYFRIEND… The next day’s front page headline CHILDREN OF SLAIN MOTHER… With no real proof that the man has really even committed the crime yet these are the headlines everyone first sees. Not innocent until proven guilty just a black man who lives with his white girlfriend and her children. So it has to be murder? There are nothing in the articles that they had been together for years and had lived as a happy couple other than the now and then argument never any signs of physical abuse never any reports that the couples regular relationship problems had ever gotten out of hand. They don’t tell of her past or her emotional problems in the days before the horrible accident happened. Just that the man has been arrested for murdering his live in girl friend.

    NOW it’s a little over a year later and the trial is about to start March 9 2009. But first is jury selection. There are 40 jurors to choose from all jurors are ask questions pertaining to the case at hand the main question is do you agree with interracial relationships 12 jurors and two alternates answered no they do not agree with interracial relationships but would not let that affect there judgment on the case were chosen as a jury of his peers.

    Opening statements begin… Then comes states witness first The first responding officers testify that the young lady was lying on her right side feet on the floor clutching a cigarette lighter in her right hand, and her left hand one finger in the trigger guard and her hand just lying on top of the gun why take the gun from her hand there would be no grip on the gun and no way for the gun to go off. So why remove the gun before pictures where taken? The officer also tells that the young man seems to have no emotions about the situation. Then the next states witness Former GBI firearms agent Chris Robinson testifies the young ladies head is lying all the way down on the couch cushion, and that the “halo” blood spatter came from the entrance wound. Next there is also an independent witness for the state Kelly Fights who gave what he thought was the true trajectory in March of 2009 not as the officer has told the young man that they already knew the trajectory in2007. Kelly Fites also testified that the young Ladies head was not lying on the directly on the couch it was 5 to 11 inches off the couch and that the blood spatter did not come from the entrance wound but from the exit wound. Although witness did agree on one thing though that it would have been awkward for the victim to shoot herself because she was right handed. What they did not know was that she was not just right handed she could use both her right and left Hands to do everything with she learned how to use both hands when she had broken her right arm when she was younger… The authorities where able to determine the orientation from the “muzzle Stamp” on the left side of the victims head. Which indicates the gun was pressed hard against her head. But if someone is trying to kill you wouldn’t you try to move away. and wouldn’t the killer have some kind of gun powder residue or blood or something be on them “Yes there would be but none of these things where found on this murder suspect nothing on his cloths nothing in the sinks in the home giving any clues that he had washed is hands and no blood on the phone he used to call 911. Now the oldest daughters story has changed “once again” she says she did see her mom lying on the couch blood coming from her head and smoke of a cigarette coming from her chest. But when first responders came to the scene the children where in there room playing. As 9 and 10 if they had seen this wouldn’t you think instead of being in there room playing they would be upset that they had just seen this horrible thing happen to there mother.

    Now is time for the defense to call there first witness Dr. Emily Ward Forensic pathologist from Alabama department of Forensic Science. Who was hired to testify just as the states witnesses where hired to testify. Dr. Ward testified that the injuries the victim suffered pointed to a self –inflected wound she examined crime scene photos and reports and gave her expert opinion on the manner of death

    Ward noted the marks on the side of her head the so called “muzzle Stamp was an indication that the gun was pressed hard against her head when the shot was fired and that it is characteristically a wound that is self-inflicted She also testified that if someone else where going to try to inflict this wound there is a natural reaction to move away and there would be no “Muzzle Stamp” Ward also testified that there would be no way her head could have been pressed hard enough against the sofa cushion there is to much elasticity and the young lady would have still moved her head away. Next she testified that the curled fingers of the young ladies left hand seen in crime scene photos indicated a “death grip” Known as a cadaveric spasm. That gives proof that the gun was in the victims hand when the trigger was pulled. Ward also testifies that she believe the young lady was sitting up on the couch just as the diffident had stated in his integration. And that the position in which the gun was held by the victim was not Unusual or awkward. Ward also testified that an unidentified white shape seen in photos to her looked like bone fragment which would support the theory that the victim was sitting upright when the shot was fired. She said “Its not part of the sofa and what else could it be, and her answer is nothing else.

    Another defense witness Lt. Bobby Elliot one of the first responders testified that when he saw the young man he was bewildered in a state of shock. Not emotionless as the officers and friends of the young ladies grandfather had testified before. The defense rest…

    Both Sides do closing arguments … The jury deliberates the first day for maybe half an hour they send a note to the judge asking if they can call there Families the request is denied . An hour later they are ready to go home and the request was granted. The following the jury is there at 9am at 11 they have a verdict of Guilty on all counts so in approximately 3 hours with NO reasonable doubt a mans Life was taken away. By a jury of 8 white Men 5 White women and 1 Black woman not quite a jury of his peers. “But in the Gainesville Times it was said that the jury deliberated for 5 or 6 hours.”

    If you go onto any web sight to look up murders or suicide you will find that all of Dr Emily Wards Statements of the “Muzzle Stamp to the head are characteristics of a self inflicted wound and had the young lady been murdered there would ha been NO “ Muzzle Stamp”.

    If you can help us Clear Solomon V Hester or have Questions or comment please contact me at blgoss2002@yahoo.com. All of the things written here are facts brought out in this case none are opinions.


  14. From the beginning, i found it hard to belive he was the only one capable of this given the number of women who have disappeared in this area in the last 10 years alone. It took 10 years to solve one murder case. how long will it take for them to figure out what happened to them other women. dosnt seem strange that many women in a three county area have just vanished! It almost reads like a serial killer novel written by James Patterson.


  15. the amount of blood that was found should’nt have been considered evidence. there was’nt enough loss for a person to pass out let alone die.
    my wife and i injure ourselves while working on the house, cleaning, cooking, ect. i hope she does’nt go missing or i may be in jail.


    • Nico,

      Of course it should be considered as evidence. It is blood, indicating that someone was hurt. I bet if you or your wife were hurt in your home and then discovered missing, you would not want police to ignore the blood. Maybe they should, as you are bleeding to death somewhere. But who cared about the blood? It meant nothing!


  16. This is such a sad case! I have watched the NBC show twice concerning the Harris family. I’m sure Cal did it, but it would be nice if they could find a weapon or body. How sad that he would leave his 4 children without a mother! That is selfish!! He seems like a very selfish man anyway! He didn’t want her to take part of his fortune, so he kills her?? And the poor kids are the ones suffering. I’m a firm believer, that eventually, what comes around, goes around. Cal will get what’s coming to him, I’m sure. God Bless Michele’s family and the Harris children!!


  17. I know Cal and based on my experience with him I have NO DOUBT that he murdered his wife.Trust me, he deserves every second that he spends in jail. I hope he’s there for the rest of his life. I feel badly that his children have lost their mother but in my opinion they’re better off without his influence. He’s very smart and a natural born liar but the man is void of a heart.


  18. I am sorry there is not enough evidence or even a body to convict someone of murder, it does not matter if you like someone or not, it is the facts that should matter and as far as the blood is concerned between my kids and myself someone is always managing to cut themselves and bleed alittle. Cal deserves a trial outside of his small community, I honestly do not think he is getting a fair trial.


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