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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Brenetta Beck murder 10/30/2007 Aurora, IL *Found stabbed to death in her apartment*

Brenetta Beck

Brenetta Beck obituary
Aurora Mother Found Fatally Stabbed In Apartment
Young mother stabbed to death
Person is suspected but not held in fatal stabbing of Aurora mother
Aurora Woman Found Stabbed To Death
Aurora mother found stabbed to death
Update: Brenetta Beck murder *Ex-Boyfriend, Hezekiah Hamilton, convicted of her murder; sentenced to 55 years in prison*


17 Responses

  1. I hope they catch the heartless son-of-a-bitch who did this to her in front of her children. Unbelieveable!! God bless her family.

  2. I will be praying for the family of Brenetta. She attended Northern Illinois University in 2001 and I met her. She was a very sweet young lady, very happy all the time. As a young mother I pray that God watches over her babies as they grow up without a mother.
    I will also be praying that whoever committed this heartless crime is caught and brought to JUSTICE!

  3. Brenetta Beck was and still is my best friend. We know who did it, we have to prove it. Iwas with her family all day yesterday, and this family will NEVER be the same. Her children are in good hands and she will be put to rest soon but our hearts are still breaking for her. She was a great person and a great friend. I miss her, I miss her alot. Please pray for Brenetta and her family. The last day I saw her, she was happy and having breakfast with her kids and her other best friend DeQuisa. I spoke to her Monday before I went into work, and she was laughing at her daughter who was trying to brush her teeth, saying how much she loves her kids and is ready to move on with her life. I love her, and her family and all we need is prayers. Bless us with justice!

  4. Brenetta is my first cousin, she was the Baby. I Love and miss her so very much. I live in Minnesota and am currently am on my way to the services on Saturday, I know this has really happened but it does not seem real. I pray for mercy for the one, or ones responcible for her murder. I ask for prayer for our family, we have suffered 5 deaths in the past two years aoo which have been near and dear to our hearts equally. Chad(brenetta) I will miss you very much. Ihate this happened to you. I promise to do my part in helping to care for your children, even when my physical body can’t be there i will send presents for birthdays and holidays. I will pray above all things. My heart is broken today. but even as I’m here thinking about you, I remember much laughter and joy, I remember when you were little, and you slammed your pinky in the window, I remember when you were about 3 or 4 years old and Monique was telling on you, and you said ” you always in somebody’s business Mo-mique” you couldn’t say Monique. I love you, bye for now, rest with the Lord Sweet baby Chad.

    • Me and my nephew Bill was just talking about Brenetta, I raised her from 3 or 4yrs old to 16yrs. old. She was the most fun I had in life. A sweet child, in love with GOD. My heart is torn out behind this, she was my daughter. Love you nukie! Aaron Bayscaplous

  5. I knew Brenetta as a child. I was a friend of the family. She was always sweet and very kind and funny. I always wondered what kind of adults some children will grow to be. It sounds like Brenetta stayed kind and sweet. It sounds as if she was a caring mother, and a wonderful adult and I hate this happened to her. Having a loved one murdered is worst than death itself. Unfortunately, I know how this feels. My heart breaks for her family and especially her mother. Her mother. I remember her also. Very kind and sweet. We share the same birthday. I wish I could talk to her and tell her how sorry I am. I hope the killer is NOT caught. Because she was taken so violently by a fuckin coward piece of shit, jail is too kind of a punishment. He deservers a worst death that that he gave to this young woman. Something involving a ropes, a dark basment, nails, rusty pliers, needles and salt for the open cuts. She didn’t deserve this and I am praying for her family and children.

  6. I read about this tragic murder and was absolutely heart broken for her family. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family, especially her two young children. I was wondering if there were any donation sites available. I have a newborn and would like to donate any items that they may need, especially formulas, diapers, and clothing.

  7. I was good friends with Dequisa, Brenettas best friend. Quisa introduced me to Brenetta many times through out are friendship and she was always welcoming to my children and I, which personally proves to me that she was a great mother to her own. I would always listen to Quisa and her laughing and talking about girl stuff and hanging out when they were younger. She was a nice girl the kind of female you just didnt have problems with some one you wanted to add to your buddy list. If hell is as bad as it is written to be thats where this killer should reside because the person or persons that did this to her had a passion for murder and the intent to kill Who could have no morals and be so ignorantly violent and i hope they do not go free.

  8. I’m Praying for all of her Family members. This is such a sad sad sad story. I go to school with her Cousin Kelly, and I feel so helpless, knowing what happened. NO ONE should ever go thru that. It must be the estranged Boyfriend, especially if there was no breaking and entering as well as them going to court about child support. he must have wanted to get rid of her.


  9. Deb and all,

    I am a friend of Brenetta’s first cousin Sherome. I met Brenetta at my baby shower. She accompanied her cousin Sherome. I too have a newborn and am planning to send some things for the baby. I wanted to share the address with you. I’m sure your gifts will be greatly appreciated. The address is:
    Brenda Beck
    c/o Trevion and Tamia Hamilton
    1700 Molitor Rd.
    Apt. 101
    Aurora, IL 60505

    My prayers for peace go out to the family and friends of this fine young lady.

  10. I would like to say thank you to whoever created this blog. so many times stories like these are never heard again in the news. my deepest sympathies go out to her family. and for the man who committed this heinous crime my his days and nights be filled with thoughts of the beautiful life he took and his two children lives who he could have destroyed, but we know that GOD is awesome and he will watch over these babies and her family.

  11. I truly am sorry for the loss of this woman’s family and friend.. I pray that God will comfort you and those babies who will never know their mother.

  12. Merry Christmas sweet Brenetta.

  13. we are going to miss you best friend brenetta from your girl sophia a.k.a fe-fe your girl from minnesota i have alot thing to say about my girl but dont were to start but we had so many memories together im going to miss talking to you every weekend on the phone but one day im going to go see your beauiful children. and you family everyone no me. we love you and going to miss you netta

  14. I have also been keeping a close watch on this story as this girl lived in the same neighborhood from my daughter and her youngest child is a few days older than my daughters son plus my grand-daughter was 2 yrs old at the time also …all i ever did was come in and read and prayed until last Sunday night when i got that call that All Mothers dread my daughters boyfriend had beaten her and she refused to call the police instead she ran to a neighbors house and called me without shoes on her feet and without children the neighbour did let her in but when she found out that that the police had been called she asked my daughter to leave, to stand in the snow with a broken toe, bit arms , a swollen face … in her pyjamas …. where is the neighbourly love i ask

  15. we miss u!! I think about this all the time we went to school together you where a good person I will never for get

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