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  1. go those animals belong in jail

  2. No… those animals should be tortured and set on fire, just like they did to their victims. They both deserve the death penalty…

  3. It makes me wonder how the dumb asses in New Jersey could ban the death penalty when one day they will face a crime as hideous as this one……and what? they will happily send these guys to prison for life? stupid liberals make decisions like this from the safety of their homes…..but are we really safe in our homes any longer????

  4. OK too much talk and not enough action. You cannot get 2 criminals caught with more incriminating evidence who deserve the death penalty. Out justice system will take years – they need to be dead in months. So lets use the “Criminal” justice system. Since the only people who are going to have access to these creeps for the next few years are other criminal I say we start a fund for the family of whatever criminal kills either or both of these 2. We can let the “Criminal” community know that this fund will reward their family. The sooner they are dead the more money we will pay their family.

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  6. Pure and simple, those 2 animals should be tortured and executed in the same fashion as their victims were. To spend a penny of tax payers money on the defense of this scum is disgusting. The justice system needs a serious hard look/overhaul.

  7. Don,

    Our Founding Fathers built this Country on a philosophy quite the opposite of yours. They wrote the Constitution, which is still in place, by the way, to protect everyone’s rights, not just the obviously innocent. While the criminal justice system may indeed need to be overhauled, it is for different reasons than you suggest. What you are suggesting is vigilantism, which does not solve the issues at hand. Think rationally, not impulsively.

  8. Who’s thinking rationally when those scumbags are put back on the street???????

  9. tracy,

    Both of these defendants are still in jail, and I seriously doubt will EVER be released. In fact, I bet they get the death penalty. So what do you mean by them being back out on the street?

  10. These bastards should be tortured and put to death. They should have never been put out on parole. Once a criminal commits a crime they will be repeat offenders. Even though the crimes they committed before this heinous act, weren’t violent, they were still a threat to society. Burglary and breaking into people homes while they are asleep is a threat to those peoples’ lives. They should have never been set out on parole, or this wouldn’t have happened. What are the people who let them out thinking!?

  11. First of all who says the Death Penalty is the worst that could happen. – Why put them out of their misery! I say keep them in jail the rest of their lives – and hopefully some ruthless inmates will torture them each and every day!

  12. these two pigs should die the way they killed!!

  13. I live in this town, these two should be in jail for life and tortured every day!

  14. How a court could ever give custody of a little girl to this child rapist and murderer defies belief! Theres only one thing that can be done to these animals thats to euthanize them as you would rabid dogs , because thats exactly what they are.
    I feel sorry for USA citzens who have to pay to keep the likes of these two and so many others like them in your jails . DP Im glad they have it in the state this crime was commited

  15. Once a covict becomes a repeater the whole serve 1/2 & parol should be scratched,I know there are instances where they can still turn there life around but they are rare and should be scrutinized harshly.Is it the system saying they can’t predict what some of these guys are capable of?Can they get a better psycic evaluation especially if drug addicts are involved?Already wretched and weak souled people frustrated with life and numbed up on something like crack could do anything.And as far as the death penalty,life in prison is probably just as bad but they should let the ones closest to the victims decide.The father should be given the power over them immediately,and the choice to carry it out himself if he’d like with any means up to or as horrible as the treatment shown his family.He could show mercy or feel his family avenged.Either way if it helped him even one tiny bit through the terrible time he is facing now I would consider it taxes well spent.And no one should think twice about those butchers,we should all forget those two names like they never existed.

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