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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Avis Banks murder 11/29/2006 Ridgeland, MS *Carla Hughes arrested on capital murder for the murder of Avis Banks and her unborn child*

Avis Banks
Avis Banks

Pittman Talks Only to News Channel 12
Jackson School Teacher Charged in Pregnant Woman’s Murder
Slain Teacher’s Fiance Confesses Affair with Suspect
Double Murder Update
Judge finds cause to take murder case to grand jury
Teacher Charged with Capital Murder
Testimony Raises Several Questions For Defense
Slaying Suspect To Ask For Leniency Because Of Slavery
Letters to judge urge bond for slaying suspect
Archive: Avis Banks murder

Carla Hughes


68 Responses

  1. my name is kathy i know she did not this crime she has such a sweet spirt i think it really ii bad that we cannot trust our police departments any better then this to find the real killer carla has not shown any kind of signs of being a killer let alone kill a unborn child i think there should have been a miss trial and bring in new jury. there was not enough evidance to prove her guilty i think she should not give up and fight for eveything she has with in her
    my prayers are with her and family
    ps if anything i can do let me know

    • i am kesha from Jackson and i know for a fact she did it!!!! what i dont understand is how others feel she didnt do it. she sat there during that trial and never gave him up, really. maybe because there was nothing to give up. DUH!!! You all say how smart and accomplished she is, but in the same breath you’re hinting that she’s not smart enough to save herself or at least make him go down with her. Even after knowing he married someone else, she still hasnt given him up. put yourself in her shoes, would you take the fall for a man that openly cheats on his woman with you? I think not. So how can you honestly believe she would? She knew she had to pay for what she did, thats why she didnt fight it. What she didnt expect was the longevity of the sentence being passed. it didnt hit her how serious it all was until she realized her life was over. I hate it for the girl, I truly do. But when you dig a ditch for someone, you might as well dig one for yourself too.

      • I definitely agree with that.

      • pretty much ….. so smart that u throw your life away for a whole bunch of nothing…… had it all now nothing …… first thing to do is not mess wit a married person in the beginning or if u do not to let ur feelings get involved

      • All I can say is…NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED EXCEPT FOR THE PEOPLE INVOLVED! Granted, from the news reports and media coverage, Carla Hughes looks guilty and I don’t doubt that she had something to do w/ Avis Banks death, but to say with certainty that she did it, is simply a statement none of us can make…unless we actually witnessed the murder. What I do find a little disturbing is that none of the neighbors saw anything. I am a 911 operator and whenever there is gunfire, we get calls out of the woodworks. By all accounts, the neighborhood where the incident occurred appeared to be in a non-violent area so, I am little baffled that after numerous shots, no one saw carla leaving the scene. In fact, according to media reports, they didn’t even know their had been a shooting, until the fiancee contacted a neighbor w/ the horrible news…very strange…and for those who believe in Carla’s Innocence based on the fact that she was smart and didn’t show signs of psychopathic tendancies…News flash! there isn’t a specific MO for a murderer to fit into, but there are specific circumstances that cause an individual to act on impulse rather than common sense. If Carla Hughes was the shooter, her crime was committed out of passion and was typical of someone who did not specialize or engage in this type of behavior as a normality, but of someone who was desperate and overcome w/ a need to destroy what she felt was the source of her pain. Based on her achievements, it is safe to assume that she was not one to accept defeat and perceived Avis as an obstacle that simply had to be removed…a rational thought, residing in an irrational mind. I would even be willing to bet that Keyon Pittman unknowingly planted the seeds that caused this unfortunate circumstance to occur. What I mean by that is…he suggested that if Avis was no longer a part of the equation, they could be a family. Again, my thoughts, as well as all of the comments here, are simply assumptions. I hope that if Carla Hughes did not participate in the murder of Avis Banks, she is released and the real killer is brought to justice and if she did, I pray that she will eventually admit her wrong and give the Banks family the closure they need to move forward.

      • I agree! The gun, knife, and shoes all point to her, and I would think if he helped her do this she would have said something years ago. Because at this point she has a life sentence so she has Nothing else to lose by saying he did it or helped.

    • Cathy let’s be real!!! The gun!!! The missing bullets!! An please don’t say u believe dat target shooting crap?!?! The blood splatter on her shoes?!?! The shoe impression on the glass!!! Killers are born everyday an I don’t mean at birth, she got what she deserved!!! An although u may not wanna beleive it, the truth is she guilty as all sin:-( sad but true…..

      • I agree…look at Mary Winkler this woman was a woman of good and she killed her pastor husband. Idc if people never show signs of craziness or psychotic tendencies, passion can make you snap. I believe passion clouded Carla’s judgement. I believe she snapped and killed Avis, period. There are a handful of women envolced in love triangles and they are overcome with so much passion that they break…the people that say Carla is innocent is confusing because there are only two choice…..keyon and Carla. I believe the right person is in jail. God bless the banks family!

      • Yep

  2. I am Chandra from Texas and I am outraged at our judicial system. I don’t believe that Carla did this crime and a unjust has been done. The police, proscecutors and all have let the true murderer go free and this young lady her life is over as well. Two women have lost their lives, one to grave and one to jail behind a good for nothing man who is probally still ruining some innocent woman’s life. WE have a God that sits on high and he will over turn this situation. My heart aches for the Banks family as well because they have lost a beautiful daughter as well. But we should at least as a society want to see justice done and I don’t think in this case it was done

    • she is as guilty as sin, and she deserves to be in prison for the rest of her pittiful life. You are right about one things, God still has to pass judgement on her as well, it’s not over. Yo wil be surprised what a women will do for a man without him even asking. She did this on her on. If he wanted to leave her; all he had to do was leave, men leave women and children everyday! Wake up!!!!!

  3. Yet another sad depiction of breakdown of humanity. Here’s someone who was raised so properly as to become a teacher, be in the church, volunteer on humanitarian services, and all in all reflect good citizenship, and then somehow became so lacking in self-respect and respect of human life to (at least as evidence showed) borrow a knife and loaded gun returned empty) that were used in the crime! This is sad. Instead of pleading on her behalf and heaping blame on the judicial system, why don’t people take up a cause to impress upon especially their young girls that there actually ARE men who will play them and it is not worthwhile to forfeit their potentials.

  4. Why is the fiancee not in police custody ? Why is Hughes protecting Pittman? Gun powder residue was found on Pittman hands. I think she should have testified in court. This was a trifling investigation. Pittman is guilty before proven guilty!!!!!!!!

    • if you found your husband or wife dead, the first thing you would do is run to the body, hold the body, cry, hold the body some more and so on and so on. in doing this, if there is gunpowder residue or gsr on the body, when you got done handling the body, it would be on you too. so do we arrest you for testing positive for gsr?

      • that’s true , and what I don’t understand is why did he call Carla , instead of 911 when discovered his fiance / babys mother dead , and then get up on the stand and make it look like it was just the sex , I can’t say that i feel sorry for anybody in this situation except for avis & the baby ! carla threw her life away andshe will pay for it with her life , while that little bastard just left & got married , ;life goes on , but he is just as much to blame even tho he did not pull the trigger & was not even there !

  5. BLOOD WAS FOUND ON HER SHOES. Magically appeared? …..NO. As for Pittman-Small forehead, small shoes. Moved to another state and married soon after the murder of one of his victims.

  6. I was the other women, the one that did not have a clue that her fiancee was double dipping. But he was and when the bipolar bitch he was sleeping with during the day, and playing house at night with me found out we were expecting a child and making plans to taste the cake for the wedding. From him slipping up and saying where it was latter that night when I call to tell him the time had changed. Yes he later learned she was fake sleeping when he was talking with me at there huk-up This crazy as bitch showed up and faked being the hostess and posioned the both of us. Had he not been te worst off, he probaley would have never said boo be cause I got sick first and then he passed out driving home from the hospital the same evening after I was admitted. Im guessing he planned to sleep over with her because after he never called her back she came to the hospital and was arrested and that when the search of her car turned up the posion.
    I have a felling it was staged by both but Avis was not suspousd to die I think she found out and called Carla and ask er to come over and help comfront mr. Pittman and that when things got out of hand. Carla went there to kill Keyon but Avis got there first. So I fell Carla is Guilty and should be sent to death to let other women dating married or some ones fiancee, and man know this kind of things are going to life in prison or death if your state has the death penality……..

    I fell sorry for all those that think Carla not-guilty We all should be more careful when choosing a mate.

  7. Rosanne, did you know that Pittman often wore Carla’s shoes? Did you know that they didn’t even do a ballistics test on the gun? How many millions of people have a .38? When he found his pregnant “fiance” dead in the garage, he didn’t even call 911 and when the police arrived, he refused to talk to them…why???? There were way to many holes in this case…i.e. REASONABLE DOUBT to sentence this woman to prison for the rest of her life! I just pray to GOD that she has an appeal one day and the real person can be put behind bars.

  8. Mr.Pittman! Does anybody but me believe that he is responsible for the murders of his future wife and unborn child. He should have been the prime suspect. He is such a coward wat man pleads his fifth admenent right not to talk, not talking is a sign of being guilty. i feel if she not telling because she would like to protect him then she should get wat she deserves if that is the case. But if she is innocent then god will see that and her case will be appealled and justice will really be served.

  9. I feel sorry for ms. hughes, But my heart goes out to avis family , there is a dead person that was at her place , and they will not be able to see or hear her again. some how in our society the deceased person is forgotten. the bible also say an eye for an eye.

  10. Carla Hughes was afforded every opportunity in life; inclufing two Master degrees. The balistics proved it was the gun borrowed from her uncle and the borrowed knife was missing. She had an opportunity to take the stand and explain why she was innocent- she failed to explain. She could not explain the gun and missing knife. Sadly, Carla Hughes murdered Avis Banks and will exit the big house in a box. I pity her but will pray for Avis Banks and her unborn child.

  11. If she is SO innocent then why did she not take the stand and tell the truth? Avis Banks was a wonderful person, she was a college graduate, and had a prominent future ahead of her. Keyon told Avis that he did not want anymore children and Carla told him that she was pregnant(A LIE) She did it, maybe not by herself, but she it nonetheless. She should be put to death the same way that she killed Avis and he unborn child. Life in prison isn’t enough punishment.

    • Everyone needs to remember that every person has the right to not testify in their own trial and it should not be held against them. There could be any number of reasons that someone does not testify. For example, if it was me, no matter how innocent I was, I would NOT take the stand. I would make a TERRIBLE witness as I cannot speak in public or with people watching me. It would make me look guilty. This type of thing sounds silly, but it is so true. Our Constitution guarantees this right to us and she should not be judged due to that.

      • I know what you mean, I have always said I could never pass a lie detector test no matter how innocent I was. Just being looked at as a suspect would make me sweat and my heart rate sky rocket so I can relate. I do think that Carla Hughs and Mr. Pittman conspired, he just threw her under the bus first. Carla probably thought that she would take the blame, then get out of her sentence some how and then she and Mr. Pittman could pick up where they left off without Avis and the baby in their way. Twisted people have twisted views of life. Ms. Hughs foot print on the door, a case of extreme overkill, an act of humilliation(pulling Avis’ pants down), the gun according to the show scorned, was Carla Hughs cousin’s gun SHE borrowed,then returned 2 days after the murder empty. If she really borrowed the gun for her own protection like she told her cousin she wanted it for, wouldn’t she want to keep the gun even more after Avis’ murder? I mean what if that person broke into her house and tried to kill her next? Unless she KNEW it wasn’t just a random break in at Avis’ house. C’mon people, Ms. Hughs was stalking Mr.Pittman and his wife everywhere they went and she wanted Avis’ life to be hers so she hated Avis for having what she wanted so yeah, the over kill was just Carla’s rage being exacted upon Avis for having what she felt should be hers. All the evidence points to Carla Hughs but I also think Mr. Pittman put her up to it.

    • No, they should not give her the death penalty (not because I don’t believe in putting someone to death), but it would be too easy, her suffering would be over. Life in prison is a harsh punishment, where she would have to sit and suffer and think about what she did everyday for a “MAN” that she will never have.

      • I agree…death would be the easy way out because the person will not have to sit and suffer everyday

  12. Ladies if a man doesn’t want you..move on. Never be #2. Why is it when we get mad at the man, we take it out on the woman? The woman didn’t do anything to you? Get a clue! I can’t do it, I don’t look good in jumpsuits!

  13. It is so easy to blame a BLACK man anytime a black woman gets in trouble. Carla should have gotten the DEATH penalty for the cold-blooded murder of a woman and child.. senseless crime. The only crime Pittman committed is being stupid for sleeping with 2 women at the same time…..

  14. This is really sad, that we as black women always go after the woman that is with the man first, this is sick and I Am a woman that has lived up North for 27 years and I have lived in MS. for 14 years and I see that the women in the south have issues when It comes to men and being the other woman. We as women need to stop settling for less, we have to feel good about ourselves, regardless if we have a man in our lives or not a man don’t make you. We have got to start loving ourselves before we love a man? A man is only going to do what we allowed him to do. We have to do better ladies we have kids out here fighting and killing each other girls having babies like its going out of style, we have got to stop worrying about a Man? And start being mothers and not mammes. Ours kids don’t have role modles in there homes anymore that got parents running the streets just as much as they are. Wake up black America lets do better by our kids. It donest matter what kind of education you have if you dont have some common sense you will always think you can do what ever you like, We need to teach our daughters and sons this. Tell these kids about this crime of passion and how this women lost thier lives over a man? A baby dont keep no man and a baby dont keep a no woman

  15. Carla DID IT!! Did everyone forget about the Gun and Knife that Carla asked her cousin to use?????Carla and Keyon did it TOGETHER!Instead of feeling sorry for Carla feel sorry for Avis and her baby.

  16. C’mon. It is all quite obvious here. That bastard killed her. He had gun residue on his hands. He framed Carla. He had keys to her apartment. He was dating other women. Someone else was involved. Another woman. He framed her Carla. She was too smart for all of this nonsense. Very sad.

    • If Carla was so smart, why was she engaging in a relationship with a man who was living and by all other accounts committed to someone else. She may have had intellectual sense, but NO common sense. With all her personal accomplishments, she should have never given Keyon the time of day.

  17. FREE CARLA……
    Keyon had gun residue on hands, he said he was playing basketball, not hunting.
    Keyon had blood splatter on his shirt, which would be from forced entry into a human body. IF, he had of HELD the mother of his unborn child(Avis) in in remorse, his clothes would have been covered in her blood, not just splattered. The garage door was down Keyon said, but shouldn’t he have attempted to pull into the drive way and lift the garage with the door open just as Avis had? Why is it that he was parked along the side of the street instead of pulled on to the driveway? Carla had a previous relationship with the father of her two year old, and apparently would have made it through without disppointment as prior experience had proven her strengh. She was a beauty queen with talent, and Keyon saw what those judges on the stage saw in her. Keyon liked thrill and excitment, the bike that he was permitted to use just as any of your friends have borrowed your things and you had no idea as to how they were handling these items due to TRUST….The same thing that Carla had for Keyon. The mother of the deceased vicitim even said Keyon was bored during a family gathering when he was with them. I believe that he was ready to get back to a more exciting adventure with one of his other women, on another vacation. Should she spend the rest of her life in prison because she trusted someon with into her home and life. No!!! The ratio to men and women is unbalanced in Mississippi. Everyone starts families sooner due to the lack of recreational and extracirricular activity. There is nothing to do but mate and date!!! This is a statement from personal experience. Men in the area love to have thier cake and eat it to! The old saying is, “Men are like hunters, the like the chase, and once hunted and caught…..They look for the next thing to hunt and catch for after the prey has been caught, the excitment is gone.” God bless both families as both are friends to my family who Alcorn State University. God Bless Avis’ Family as they grieve and the Hughes Family as well for as thier fathers metioned, both lost wonderful young women were lost to society though Keyon. May God Bless Keyon, as every knee must bow and tounge confess that God is God, You Will Reap What You Sew. I hope the Police pick Keyon up at his new residence in Michigan.

  18. I just read about this story and to me right off the bat it sounds suspicious regardless of what u think about Carla KEYON had something to do with it too.What person laughs when being questioned by the police who gets gun residue on their hands if they were really at basketball practice the whole come on peopl 2 people are dead and one didnt even take its first breath.KEYON deserves to be in a cell point blank period.

  19. I just saw Snapped last evening. This case really disturbed my soul. I believe that Ms. Hughes is Guilty, Guilty, Guilty. What is so sad is that she was an intelligent, beautuful young woman who let a penis control her thought process! What else could it have been. She has ruined her life and destroyed the Banks family!

    She should thank her lucky stars that she was spared the death penalty. Her mom and dad can still see her, get letters and report the progress of her son’s development. The Bank’s DO NOT have that luxury. She should never be let out, and if she is willing to take the heat for the LOSER, so be it!

  20. I just watched this case on Snapped last night, it was very sad. My prayers is for all of them, especially Avis and her unborn child. This was a botched up case and I feel that Keyon is guilty of murder no matter what. He should be in prison too. Carla could be just as guilty but he had something to do with it too. Like the gun residue on his hand, please and that he could wear Carla’s shoes, come on, very small feet for a man. That tells me that he wasn’t all that anyway. And he didn’t even call 911 first but he called Carla, come on now. They kept on showing this picture with him and Avis, and the way he was looking at her in that picture, wasn’t like I truly love this woman, if he did, he wouldn’t have still been a womanizer. He admitted that on that same night that he was flirting with a married woman at his practice, now really. Yes, Carla got snowed, tricked, brainwashed and the whole nine yards by this nothing of a man. And to think that some woman still married him. But we as women must stop letting ourselves get caught up in that type of mess, we are born of a King and deserved to be treated as queens not as nothing or anything. But a woman has to know this for herself and about herself. Don’t be desperate, just believe that your prayers will be answered. This is why we must always have the armour of God on because whether you believe it or not the devil is on the war path and he’s seeking to destroy and devour as many souls as he possibly can. But God is still in control and thank Him for His grace and mercy.

  21. I don”t see carla kicking a door down or any other women kicking aa door down to get in the house to kill avis. If you cut someones throat there should have been alot of blood on carla, no doubt. As emotional as women are do you think she could be that careful to get no blood on her , killing someone for the first time youn would be crazy, in shock even if you wanted to do it. I don”t believe for one minute carla did this. Why on that day did this guy go to her house twice, I repeat twice to pick his groceries, please, to get sex twice, please . I think he needed a reason to pick up the gun and drop it off. I think when carla knew what happened she took the gun back thinking they would look at her. She probably knew her did it but did”nt see it go down. It hurts me deep to see her go to prison, I hope she gets a new trail and I hope keyon goes to hell where I think the man belongs.

    • well first, what makes you think she didnt have blood on her? she wasnt questioned by police until the next day. thats plenty of time to get rid of bloody clothes. secondly, I have kicked in a door before, although not to kill, I do believe that he knew she was thinking about making herself known to his fiance, but i dont think he took her seriously. during the time of the murder, which was scientificaly proven to be between 5:45 and 6:30 pm, not only was he in a basketball practice with dozens of witnesses, he was texting a third young lady on his cell. technology being what it is today, the authorities were able to use his signal from his cell to see exactly where he was. So are you saying that not only he dupped carla but he dupped technology as well?

    • wow didn’t think of all of that. you might be right.

  22. Keyon may have egged her on and helped her plan it, but Carla was the evil bitch that masterminded the whole plot. I’m not fooled by her acting or her crying. She had no right to murder Avis and her baby. The bitch deserved the death penalty. There is no evidence that Keyon had her shoes on that day. Carla lied multiple times to the police. If she is so innocent, why did she lie and say she had no gun and no access to a gun? Why did she claim to be “cool with Avis” when that wasn’t true? She told the police that she “told Keyon I would never want him to leave Avis for me or for anybody”. What woman in a love triangle would say some mess like that? Carla is a liar, a manipulator, and worst of all she is a cold blooded killer. God, please cover the Banks’ family with Your Mercy.

  23. What amazes me is the people coming to the killers defense, I have never seen an innocent person not yell I did not do this. Carla said nothing and yes even good girls kill people ! Carla killed Avis for nothing more then a man, a man that wasnt worth the time as he was cheating on Avis with her what kind of thing did she think she had?? Why is it that young women are not raised to find a single man who is not already in a romantic relasonship? Why is eveyone so willing to say the police framed Carla after all the gun belonged to her uncle do you think the man gave Avis’s boyfriend the gun and didnt tell someone. No he went to a lawyer to make sure his own butt was covered, and as my mother always raised me the truth may be hidden for a while but the truth will always come to the light. I feel the most for the parents of Avis and her sisters, not only did they lose a child but a grandchild. I have been married for twenty years and in those years my husband has had affairs the last one got a little crazy. You see the girl was nineteen and very sweet everyone thought how great she was she is going to join the army. When my husband broke things off as he always did , she said she was pregant. When that didnt work she decided that I had to die, and that my then six year old son was in the way too. I had to ask my husband how he met this child, as she was still a teenager and he clearly was not. It seems the internet, I asked why he thought a pretty young women would want to meet someone online and start an affair with a married man. The answer was simple the boys her age knew already she was crazy!!! It took time but she messed up and sent text messages that she was going to kill my son, I had to take orders of protection out to protect my child who had done nothing and I was not going to allow him to get hurt!!!!!!! As a matter of fact I told my husband that was it for me, I would rather put him six feet under then deal with another crazy Bi–h. I had to tell my sons teachers so he could be safe at school, my family members knew and then I was being stalked as well at work. Thank god the poilice worked at my job and caught this women cutting my breaks. Well the order of protection prevented her from the army but why would I care do I really want this nut being trained to kill by the us army. I got strange looks by everyone who knew me for the sins my husband did sins that I did not do. I finally forgave him as my son took ill from the stress, but should I lose my life due to his lies to her, after all she was not the only one he was seeing at the time their were three others. It seems that while I worked sixty hours aweek he played the thirty five free hours he had. By the way the young girl had two other orders of protection against her, and she was not pregant and had never been. All this because she felt her feelings were more important the a marriage or my life or my sons life. So tell me what would you have done???????????

  24. Look at Elicia Hughes, Monique Johnson, Sharon Daniels, etc. These women were wronged by men, and they killed the men that wronged them, not the women that they fooled around with! Shocking. That does happen whether you’re black or white. Just because Keyon is a womanizer doesn’t make him a murderer.

  25. I think Carla Hughes was a nut plaine and simple. She wanted a man that she could not have. Keyon and Avis was due to be married in February and Carla had to act fast. If that wedding had of taken place she knew that she would be assed out. I think she killed after knowin this man only 3 months because of what. I dont know but I will say this. He must of had some serious game.

  26. I followed this trial, and I must say that playing “Miss Goodie 2 Shoes” worked for her parents and other family members. But, I saw right threw that fake demeanor of hers, and the fake tears. If you noticed she sighed a big sigh of relief once the sentence was read that she would have life in prison without the possibility of parole. If she didn’t do it, then she would have took the witness stand and exposed Keyon Pittman, since he was already married to someone else during the trial. He degraded her, and told everyone that it was merely for sex, only. What happens in the dark must come to light, and you reap what you sow, and karma is not to be played with at all! Hopefully, she will one day tell the truth, since she owes that much to her son, parents, as well as, Ava’s parents and family. I know for sure that I couldn’t live with such lies and secrets!

  27. Derielle, race and gender have nothing to do with this. Keyon was seen as a suspect because he was seeing other women. Plain and simple! Why is it that every time someone cheats in a relationship, it automatically makes them a murderer?

  28. […] Avis Banks murder 11/29/06 Ridgeland, MS *Carla Hughes arrested …Oct 14, 2007 … Avis Banks murder 11/29/06 Ridgeland, MS *Carla Hughes arrested on capital murder for the murder of Avis Banks and her unborn child* … […]

  29. I heard that the father of Carla’s child didn’t want to be a father either but he didn’t go and kill Carla and the kid. He called off the wedding like a nonviolent person would. Why would Keyon think he would need to resort to violence to get what he wants if he did this to Avis? Why couldn’t he call off the wedding as well as the father of Carla’s child?

  30. To everyone who thinks Keyon is guilty of murder answer these questions. We know he had motive to kill but did he have access to either the gun the knife or both? If so were his fingerprints and DNA on either or both of the murder weapons? What size shoe does he wear? Do he and Carla have different shoe sizes or the same sizes? You people are assuming he did this because he was seeing other women as well as Carla. I’m just asking these questions to get the facts straight.

    • He might not have held the gun or the knife, but he is no less guilty. Carla Hughes murdered that poor girl and in the process killed her baby. She is right where she belongs….behind bars. The boyfriend? after the trial, he changed his name and left the state, what does that say??? If he hadn’t been screwing around, it never would have happened, and Avis would still be with us.

    • I think Keyon used Carla’s fragile mental state and her obsession with him to get rid of his wife and unborn baby.He used a nut job to do his evil bidding.

  31. Since a knife was also used in this murder wouldn’t Keyon or Carla have defensive wounds on him/her if Avis fought either of them back as she was being killed?

  32. I am so sick of you pathetic bleeding hearts. you idiots remind me of the juror’s on the Casey Anthony Trail. Circumstancial evidence is what cases have been rightfully so won on over for years. It’s something that alot of cases only have, but guess what! If it walks like a freaking duck, then it is a freaking duck. I don’t care if this Country Bunken was a Scholar from one of the most Prestigeous Private Colleges in America or if she was a Crack Head from the hood with a 5th grade education. I am so sick and tired of Dumb Desparate Dames doing the most idiotic things to be laid up next to a man. These type of females make me sick they don’t even deserve to be called women they are constantly making us look bad. On top of all that, yes he probably did have something to do with it, his actions after this case speaks volume’s and if he thinks for one second that he is going to change his name and run off into the sunset free and clear form this mess he created, he is sadly mistaken. These dames willingly choose to deal with these cheating, weak, disrespectful married men and or men that are in a relationships but not married. Bottom line she knew exactly what she was doing, PERIOD. She was overcome with jealousy, envy and developed that (IF I CANT HAVE YOU, NO ONE WILL) syndrome. She could care less about her son and anybody else involved. All you guys with these weak a*s comments, poor Karla this and poor Karla that, you guys make me sick to my stomach. Why don’t you view the crime scene picture’s before you keep saying poor Karla. AVIS BANKS was a human being a woman with freaking child, she was shot repeatedly, stabbed repeatedly and her freaking throat cut. HELLO YOU IDIOTS! Karla got exactly what the hell she deserved and the lesson of a lifetime to go with it. She is so freaking pathetic to me, I don’t feel sorry for her one iota. When he was on the stand testifying and said she meant nothing to him it was just sex, her dumb a*s heart dropped. She was so embarrassed and crushed at that time internally. The reality hit that she did something so dumb for someone that she was convinced actually cared for her was a shocking blow to her and she shut down, that’s why her sorry ass didn’t testify. THE LESSON OF THIS LADIES is love yourself know it’s ok to be by yourself and still enjoy life until you come across quality. If you don’t you might find yourself in a simular situation like this ragedy a*s, dumb a*s, jealous a*s, jailbird for life.

  33. Carla did it. As for her saying she didn’t do it, why would she not? She doesn’t want to hurt her family more by giving up that confession. But remember she lied to the dectectives during her initial interview. She said she didn’t have a gun and we now know she did. She tried to make it seem like Avis knew that her and Keyon went out to dinner sometimes just as co-workers and that Avis knew she had her motorcycle in the garage. Those were lies. She lied about ever even having a sexual relationship with Keyon and that was a lie. Carla was a woman that seemed to have everything going for her based on her academic achievements and beauty pagents and whatever other competitions she was involved in. Except for when it came to love. I don’t know what happened with the father of her child, but they were not together and then we know that Keyon was just using her for sex. She couldn’t handle losing because she was used to winning. She brutally murdered Avis and her unborn child. Is it messed up that Keyon gets to go on with his life and has remarried and had kids? Of course. But at the end of the day Carla knew better and they should have given her the death sentence because yes she did have a lot of achievements prior to the murder, but once she made the decision to brutally kill poor Avis and her unborn that over shadowed all of those achievements. Avis was a college grad and had potenial to offer a lot to the community as well but she will never get that chance because of a jilted lover.

  34. In my oppinion, judging from the two pictures of Carla and Avis,above, Avis is a bazzillion times prettier than Carla!!! No wonder Keyon wouldn’t leave Avis for Carla. Why would he want to walk around with an ugly,fat pig on his arm when he had the beautiful svelt sweethart Avis? Of course he would only meet with Carla behind closed doors. What is it, guys say, oh yes, it goes like this: “Riding a scooter is fun, but you don’t want your friends to see you with it”. I think this male lodgic came into play here.

  35. I was just putting out another way for there to be guilty of murder in addition to having blood and gunpowder residue on you when you found the victim’s body. If there were witnesses to the murder, they would have heard Avis scream at her killer before she was shot. I heard she was shot four times and stabbed three times.

  36. When I saw Carla’s entry on Murderpedia, why did they just say that Avis was shot? She was also stabbed. Why didn’t Murderpedia mention that method as well as the shooting?

  37. Ur kidding right??

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