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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Update: Wisconsin Shooting Rampage *Tyler Peterson fired 30 rounds and killed 6, leaving a small community in shock*

Lindsey Stahl, one of the victims


Bradley Schultz
Lindsey Stahl
Jordanne Murray
Katrina McCorkle
LiAnna Thomas
Aaron Smith
Charlie Neitzel (only survivor)
Tyler Peterson (shooter)

Fast Facts: Victims of Wisconsin Shooting Rampage
Shooting victims include high school freshman who loved animals
Police: Wisconsin Shooter Acted Alone, Exchanged Gunfire With Cops
Deputy fired 30 shots from rifle in killing 6, officials say
Attorney General Release New Details of Shootings
Mother of Shooting Victim Struggles with Questions
Gunman’s family expresses shock, sorrow, shame
Devastation Left in Shooter’s Wake Compounded by His Law-Enforcement Roots
NEW INFO: Survivor’s Condition Improves

Tyler Peterson


19 Responses

  1. Are the names of the victims spelled correctly?

    LiAnna Thomas I believe is the correct spelling of her name. I think it is important to honor the victims by getting their information correct.

  2. […] Update: Wisconsin Shooting Rampage *Tyler Peterson fired 30 rounds … Jordanne Murray Katrina McCorkle Leanna Thomas Aaron Smith Charlie Neitzel (only survivor) Tyler Peterson (shooter). Fast Facts: Victims of Wisconsin Shooting Rampage Shooting victims include high school freshman who loved animals … […]

  3. Mark,

    I have corrected her name. I had a hard time finding her name so I took it the first and only place I found it. I do apologoze.

  4. 14 and her mother lets her stay out till 2:45? She is dead because her mother is/was a bad parent.

  5. Patrick,

    She was at a sleepover. I went to sleepovers as a teen. Maybe you didn’t, but many teens have, especially girls. She was not out running the streets.

    Her mother deserves your empathy and compassion, not any kind of undeserved judgment. Her daughter is NOT dead because of her. She is dead because a narcissistic person could not control his temper.

  6. The girl is dead because she has a bunch of bullets embedded in her body by a cop nut-job. Rather than worrying about a 14 year old’s bedtime perhaps we should be more worried at why a 20 year old spurned lover with a state-issued gun felt that the only way to feel good about himself was to blow 6 people to bits.

    Get your priorities straight.

  7. Lindsey Stahl and i were not that closes but we were family.
    We hang out one time on the 4th of july. I only saw here a few times in the summer when i came out to see family. But even tho i dont really know her im really going to miss Lindsey.

  8. WOW Patrick Stewart its was homecoming week end for them. And dont call my cuzin a bad parent b/c she ia a really good mom to her kids.

  9. The focus of the news articles is either on the “nice guy” who tries to protect a female during an attack or how the families cope afterward. The focus of all the news articles is never on the gender-based violence against women, which is always minimized, trivialized, or sanitized.

    This is the same pattern in all cases whenever there is reports of violence against females. It’s almost as if the reporters go out of their way to avoid even mentioning it. One CNN article even quoted a family member of Tyler’s rampage, “they could not find any reason for the killing”.

    No mention is ever made of the resourceful females who manage to escape on their own. Notice that our attention is always directed somewhere else, and notice where that attention is always shunted. We are supposed to notice the “nice guy” and ignore the harm done to ALL woman by sexism.

    In the case of the Amish school shootings and mass rapes of women during war, pleas for forgiveness and reconcilation are shouted from the rooftops. Why is it only when the victims are female is the topic of forgiveness emphasized so vigorously? When is the last time you saw a group of men encouraged to forgive anybody for anything?

    Bloggers, please remind your readers about the following two things:

    1. The news media always changes the focus from gender-based VAW to some other angle.

    2. Forgiveness is strongly emphasized when the victims are primarily female and the reasons for the attack are based on gender.

    They’re both important topics which are universally ignored by the mass media, and only repeated discussion will bring first awareness and then change. Please blog about both of them whenever possible. If you’re interested, my blog note on Nigel riffs one aspect.

  10. “Her mother deserves your empathy and compassion, not any kind of undeserved judgment. Her daughter is NOT dead because of her. She is dead because a narcissistic person could not control his temper.”

    All these victim’s parents, family members, and friends need our support, empathy, sympathy, and anything else we can give.

    Patrick Steward, and others like him, seems to be on this furious headlong charge toward judging others around them based on very scant information. They seem to think that it’s their duty to allow their mouths (and their fingers) to precede their brains. In other words, Patrick Steward seems to think that “Guilty Until Proven Innocent,” is the rule of law in this country.

    Tyler Peterson displayed some extremely pathologic thinking and actions, even in the face of his training as a police officer and sheriff’s deputy, which resulted in him killing the children of at least sixteen parents and an untold number of family and friends.

    Let’s please focus on giving support for those who are dealing with this tremendous loss until a fair, complete, and accurate investigation is concluded.

  11. Number one above is probably worded incorrectly. It is far too patronizing and clearly obvious to feminists. What I meant to emphasize is “changing the focus” and what happens when you don’t let people get away with it. People don’t want to talk about any concept which is painful, so they change the focus.

    Apologies if that too is obvious. I noticed this in relation to people changing the subject when I point out what stupid thing they just said. They change the subject from the stupid thing they said to my being rude and hurting their feelings. At what point do they take responsibility for the stupid thing they said???

  12. Kawika, the man murdered his ex-girlfriend and her friends during a sleep-over that he forced his way into. Not sure what kind of “investigation” you need to determine this was yet more gender-based violence against women.

  13. I pray that the families of these 8 victims are held up in prayer and are allowed time to heal. Yes, eight. Deputy Peterson too, was a victim, if not of anything else, the victim of Wisconsin’s ignorance of allowing a baby to be a peace officer. I can’t say how much my heart breaks for the families of these young people. May God give them the strength to forgive and heal and to recognize the special angels in their lives that’ll hold them up and help them on their new journey.

    As far as this being a “gender based” crime, I believe that there were three young ladies and three young men shot. Something happened in the mind of a young deputy, something that nobody will ever know. But in my own rational and deductive thinking, I hardly think the thought about gender during those moments that he went to his truck to get his gun. It’s information that we’re not meant to know. I also don’t believe that any of this happened because of “bad parenting”, or “cop nut-jobs”. I also pray that none of you EVER have to experience the loss of a loved one this way – for you that haven’t experienced, truly have no business with opinions that won’t make this tragedy any better for those lives touched by it. May God give YOU the wisdom to know when to keep your fingers off your keyboards. Don’t ever forget that these families COULD be you. By the grace of God, it wasn’t you and for that you should be grateful and hold those close to you dear. God Bless.

  14. You can all say what you want. A 14 year old child is at a party with twenty something year old men. A parent screwed up big time. Sure, I feel very sorry for the mom, but what the hell? A parent has to check and see where their 14 year old is staying, get to know the parents of that house and make a decision. If their is ANY reason to doubt that the child will be fully taken care of, then you don’t take a chance. This is your kid, not your friend. YOU are the only one who knows whats best.

  15. In response to the previous comments about where a 14 year-old should be at what time:

    I’m not sure about anyone else, but at one point (when I was a teenager), I would go where I wanted whether I was “supposed to” or not. I know now, as an adult, that I shouldn’t have been dishonest with my parents, but at times, I was. I was sneaky on occasion. I said my friends and I were doing one thing, but we actually did something else. Sometimes we got caught.

    I do not yet have children of my own, but if I did, I would attempt to educate them about protecting themselves and trying their best to stay safe. The unfortunate fact however, is that this could indeed happen to any of us, at any age, and at any time or place. Young people and adults can commit violent acts. Maybe we, ourselves, have even been guilty of some sort of violence (perhaps not to such a degree, but harmful nonetheless).

    Let’s try to keep an open mind regarding the plight of others. Let’s try to love one another the best we can, (and not get so testy with others if it’s not called for), and finally, let us also “look out” for each other.


  16. Two of the girls in the shooting were great friends of mine. One, was my bestfriend since kindergarden. Yeah, its crazy to let your child be at a “high school” sleepover…but she was in high school…and she looked up to those girls, maybe when her mom wasnt there or didnt know her daughters problems..maybe. So, dont judge…my town is hurt enough. I know a lot of families that should take care of their children and look out for them more…but this is Crandon, where everyone knows everyone. We never thought anything would or could happen. Now we know, we are moving on. With smiles and tears. We will always miss and love them. We will never forget and we will always remember the good times with them.

  17. one of the victims is my cousin. and like chad joe said everyone knows everyone in crandon. they didn’t send lindsey to a ALL boys house. she was there cuz of jordanne.. not the guys. these families need time to heal and don’t need people saying things about their kids… they r gone.. thats hard enough to deal with.. if ur child wasn’t in that house then i highly recommend u shut up. these families don’t need ur igronant comments. they have had enough…. go find a hobby or something instead of putting ur unwanted two cents in something u know nothing about…

  18. I can’t believe it has been a year already since the shooting had taken place. I live in Antigo which is not all that far from Crandon. I had friends that were friends with the victims and we all mourned together. The one thing we all had problems with is not only the death of friends but not being able to go to Crandon and be supportive. We will always keep the Crandon angels in our hearts. God Bless!

  19. Andrea we get it. You’re a feminist but MEN still run this imperfect world.

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