Wendy Cook: What a shining example of motherhood – NOT!

“Mothers” like this make me ill. OK, she is a prostitute. I guess I could get past that (but not really), but this shining example of motherhood was snorting cocaine off of the stomach of her 8 week old son. It was also determined the she committed sex acts in the car WITH HER CHILDREN IN IT (she also has a 5 year old daughter) and was smoking crack in the car. What was she thinking? OK, I know – she wasn’t thinking, obviously. Well, the children have been taken away and are now with other family members. Hopefully they are better off.


Cops: Prostitute Mom Used Tot as Drug Prop
Cops: Prostitute Snorted Cocaine Off Infant’s Stomach While Breastfeeding
Mother of two faces prostitution, drug charges
Daughter of Funny Cide owner faces new drug charges

2 Responses

  1. I agree with you Bonnie. That is plain out trashy. I know there is no such thing as a perfect mother. We all make mistakes sometimes but this is absolutely crazy to put your child at risk like that. Smoking crack with your children in the car. Second hand smoke– has she ever heard of it and cocaine. Her kids could have gotten a hold of it and take it. Talking about being empty headed. She needs some serious help and I hope the courts make her get the helps she needs.


  2. Hello

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