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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Devin Owens murder 9/18/2007 Joliet, IL *Mother, Julie Miller Owens, and her boyfriend, Gilbert Knowles, arrested for the murder of her 2-year-old son, Devin Owens*


Devin Owens (both pictures)

Man Charged With Beating 2-Year-Old Boy To Death
Mom, boyfriend arrested after toddler killed
Couple Charged In Death Of 2-Year-Old In Joliet
Mother ignored abuse, prosecutors say
$5M bond set for man accused of killing baby

gerald-knowles.JPG julie-owens.JPG
Gilbert A. Knowles                       Julie Owens


620 Responses

  1. This is BULLSHIT!! Gilbert is my brother!! He is the most loving, caring person you will ever know! Especially when it comes to children!!! He has 3 daughters of his own and a new baby, he couldnt hurt a fly let alone do this! This is SOOOOOOOOO wrong, there is definitly foul play and my brother has NOTHING to do with this! This makes me so sick just finding his picture here..HE IS INNOCENT!!!!!! I hope the truth comes out in Court, because the truth always prevails!!! Hang in there little brother! I love you!!! Your Sis Ginina

  2. This is messed up, I don’t know your brother but I did once know Julie, in fact we were best friends from jr. high to end of high school and I haven’t spoken to her in nearly 5 years but she loved children, that is all she wanted was to have her children and I can’t picture her letting someone hurt them.
    Poor Devin, may he rest in peace

  3. I never met Julie either…But from what you say, they both definitly loved children. Gil’s neices and nephews have been crying over this, because they love him so much. Can you imagine how all his daughters feel? Or maybe the Ex-wifey-Danielle-didnt tell the girls. And yes may Devin rest in peace, he never got a chance to have a life..We will all pray for the innocent life that was taken, and we will pray for my brother too!

  4. This is Gilberts niece, Brittany. He’s the most loving Uncle I’ve ever had. I don’t believe Gil could do such a thing like this! When Gil came to Vegas all he did was cry at the airport because he was so sad to leave us kids. And while he was here in Vegas, he cried because he had never been away from his girls, and he missed them so much! I love you Gil, I know you didnt do this!

  5. I am someone who knows Gilbert and his family. There is no way Gillbert could have done this. He is innocent. Julie as well. They are not even allowed to greive the death of that precious innocent baby boy in the proper way. They are suffering more than anyone knows. This is so horrible that someone could do this. It is so evil. Gilbert and his family are the most loving people.Gilbert loved children, especially all of his own. He absolutely adored little Devin they were best buddies. No way, no way. He is innocent. May precious Devin rest in peace with the Lord and all of his angels. He is an angel. And, all of the truth will come out. My prayers are that justice prevails. Everyone misses you, little one and will always love you. You know the your Gilbert is just devastated and in shock.

  6. I grew up with Julie. We had our first children together, I was at her wedding. I often looked up to her as a mother. She was amazeing with Maddi. Not to mention what a wondeful child she was. I cant imagine what Julie is going though now but I do have to say you all say Gil is so innocent but then what happened to that poor innocent lil boy? I never met him nor would I ever care too, but I know Julie and I KNOW she would never hurt her children. I only know what I have seen on the news and in the papers but nobody ever knows what happens behind closed doors & I hope the truth does come out for Devin’s sake. My heart breaks for Julie, Brian and the rest of those twos families. God Bless you Devin.

  7. gil did not do this he loves all 6 of those children ,his four and julies 2..he has been around my 2 children there whole life and has been aone with them several times…gil brian and julie had problems that these poor children were the brun of and obviously little devin was the out come….did any one know that maddi devin and allen were all with there father the night of the murder? hmmmmm where is he in all of this..ive seen julie with her shildren , gils and mine…i dont see her doing this! there is foul paly involved and the truth will come out!
    anyone wanting to start a campaign for gilbert contact me at 1815 545 7822

  8. I encourage no one to “start a campaign” for this man, or the mother for that matter. They were the one’s who were responsible for the children when the murder happened. It’s obvious, one of them beat this poor little boy to death. You don’t need a campaign. If they are innocent, the truth will be found out. Why don’t you worry about the innocent victim before you start worrying about the people who hurt him?

  9. I went to plainfield with the owens family. GINA your brother is a coward for doing that to a little child like that. WHEN and i mean when not if hes convicted, he will get whats comming to him in prison. When they find out what hes in for they will take care of him. you better visit him often when he gets in because hes not gonna last long in jail. I hope they make him suffer a worse death in prison then what he did to that defensless child. what a joyous day it will be when he gets his. i would love to then go spit on his grave. what a piece of shit he is

  10. I think he did do it. No one will change my mind about it. Don’t you try to blame the father for this I know he did not do this. He had the kids that night but took them home later that night and Devin was still alive. You all can say that Gil was so loving and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well people act differently around family and friends. The change behind closed doors.

  11. I went to school with Julie and was pretty good friends with her before she even had children. I’m not here to point fingers in any direction because that sure isn’t going to solve anything. All I know is an innocent child was hurt and that’s where my sympathy lies at the moment. Julie was a great person in the time that I knew her. From the sound of everyone niether of them would have done something like this but unfortunately that’s not the case. The truth will come out and I’ll be there to point fingers then but until then my prayers are with the families of Devin.

  12. Christina Milburn, you are a damn idiot. Suggesting that Devin’s father had anything to do with this only shows how ignorant you truly are. The responding police officer said that it was “the worst case of child abuse he had ever witnessed.” If Gilbert loved those children so much, wouldn’t he have noticed this too? And wouldn’t he have alerted athorities if Devin was brought home by his father in that condition? Truth is, Gilbert is a coward. Julie is as much to blame for this as well. Any mother who could ignore what was happening to her child is just as worthless. Nothing society can do will ever truly punish them for this unspeakable crime. One day, the day the earth is rid of these wastes of life, they will have to stand before the King. And for their sakes I hope they will find a way to ask for forgiveness.
    As the father of a 2 year old boy myself, It pains me to even think how someone can be so selfish. That anger could consume a cowardly man to the point of striking a child. I look into my sons eyes and I see love. Devin’s father is wishing he had mentioned what he suspected as abuse sooner. Imagine the guilt he feels know. He will never again be able to look into his sons eyes and see that love.

  13. The truth is that you all make me sick. Who appointed all of you judge and jury? In given time the truth will come out. For now, why don’t everyone just shut up and let the law handle it. There are a lot of people hurting over all of this and if you really cared about that you would just keep your comments to yourself. Who knows….there may just be an innocent man in jail right now. Remember the Riley Fox case? Well, they had the wrong man there didn’t they? Could be that everyone is jumping to conclusions here. Let the lawyers and investigators do their jobs and see where this goes. I, too am angry that an innocent child has died and my prayers go out to the family. However, there are a lot of things that the press don’t know and that the investigators don’t tell. The truth will come out in the end. Until then, everyone should just stay out of it.

  14. Gina,

    As a detective, I can say that a person was not arrested for such a crime unless there is very sufficient evidence. A toddler who is killed, especially via a “beating”, is almost 100% by someone within the home. A lot of people don’t realize that although people may be wonderful to their “own” children, they may not be so “patient” with other children or may be jealous. Of course, your brother is innocent until proven guilty. Maybe he is trying to keep the mother out of trouble? The truth always comes out. It may take time, but be patient. Just be aware that people are people and we ALL have it in us to do things out of emotion. I have seen children die very slow deaths by the hands of their own parents and other family members who have never been known to be violent. We are human and sometimes people just can’t take it anymore. I don’t know the facts of this crime, but if your brother did not actually touch the child, he probably observed what happened, assisted, or was told by the mother. We also do very odd things when we love someone and “they” do something horrible, we often don’t want to lose them so we try to take the “heat” off of them. Just be prepared for what you may learn about what really happened. I am just being honest with you. You may be close to your brother, but we don’t know EVERYTHING about everyone. Just be prepared that he may be guilty, but also be prepared that he may be protecting the mother. Just don’t try and dig anything out of him just yet. If you are truly close to your brother, he himself will tell you the truth and the complete truth. AND if your brother is a “loving” father and is in fact guilty of this crime, it should and/or will bother him tremendously and he will do the right thing and confess to what he did or to what he knows. If he did this he needs to think about some other guy beating one of his daughters to death. WHAT WOULD HE WANT THAT GUY TO DO? CONFESS CONFESS CONFESS AND PAY PAY PAY. It is his responsibility to relieve his family and the child’s family of ALL unanswered questions.

  15. Is there any proof or evidence made public of why they arrested Gilbert suspecting him of murder (besides the fact that he was the stepfather)? Was there enough evidence to not charge Julie with murder and only charge her with endangering the life of Devin?

    And for you that believe that justice always prevails… why is O.J.Simpson and others like him walking free and why are some people proven innocent after spending years and years in jail?

  16. So what are you all trying to say? These two people are not capable of losing thier tempers? John Gacy was a clown at parties and he had young men buried in the floor of his crawl space. Face the facts someone killed that cute,innocent, harmless little baby and the only two capable are the two in jail. I pray that little guy gets his revenge and may either one of them useless lower than maggot shit bastards see the outside again!



  18. Gina,

    You are so naive to think that that Gil was a saint. Don’t you remember when he tried to kick his 8 month pregnant “ex-wifey-Danielle” in the stomach because he wanted her to abort baby Angie? He kicked her so hard, that when she blocked her stomach, he broke her arm. She told everyone she fell down, but told some of us the truth. He was abusive to “ex-wifey” and showed abusive tendancies during the entire marriage. I wouldn’t blame Danielle if she didn’t tell the girls. But they probably wouldn’t notice him gone anyway, since they have barely seen them since the divorce. And he hasn’t paid any sort of child support since the divorce, so he probably would have ended up in jail eventually anyway for non-support. Maybe “ex-wifey” should have had him arrested sooner for non-support, and poor Devin would still be alive.

  19. Are you kidding me? I only had the pleasure of meeting sweet little Devin a few times and times I did he brought a smile to my face and that was with his father’s family. The Owens are the most loving family I have ever met and to see them go through this tragic loss is so horrific to me. Bryan is a loving father and I have been around him and Julie many of times and to think she would ever let this go on sickens me. Everyone says they can’t believe it, but who would believe she would dismiss her husband for his best friend????????? I thought that was the worst thing to ever hear but I could never imagine letting some other individual around my child only for them to kill him. You people need to come in grip w/ reality your brother/ family member/ so called friend has a lot to explain b/c HE F’D UP and will have to deal w/ the consequences for the rest of his sorry life.
    PS.. If Gil & Julie are so innocent why is she begging for Bryan back??????????? Must be some guilt somewhere

    I pray for the Owens family and Bryan’s children they are in my prayers and I hope justice will be served.

  20. Everyone here seems to be taking sides w/ whomever side they were already on prior to this horrific incident! I am truly neutral. However, very curious why the mother wasn’t charged too with the murder, but instead charged with endangering a child’s life. Besides your own opinions does anybody know if there was any evidence, did he confess, did the mother tell or did the 5 y.o. daughter say something? I am reading this from abroad and haven’t seen much updated on any web type news. Has anybody heard anything more? This is truly disgusting whoever is too blame be it the mother, step-father, father, etc. deserve what is coming… I just hope nobody is jumping to conclusions to fast! For the Dad… he was waiting for more proof before reporting any suspected abuse! Wow… that seems pretty odd… usually if some man stole your wife you would think he would be ready to jump at any revenge… and to think if a man stole your wife and you suspected was harming your child you wouldn’t beat the living bleep-bleep out of him!? All I can say as a mother of two anybody if I suspected man (or whomever) of hurting one of my children or I saw them hurt any other child I would report it in an instant if the law didn’t protect them then I would find a way!!!
    I am not taking side I hope the one or ones’ who are guilty get what they deserve!!! But, on the other hand:
    In America it is said “innocent until proven guilty”, but reading this blog it doesn’t seem you all agree with that!? Also “justice always prevails and the truth always comes out in the end”….why not believe in fairy tales while you’re at it! In the real world there is sickness, evil and corruption in every direction whether you look with in families, the law, the government, churches, hospitals, etc. This world is falling apart! Wake up people! Morals, family, culture and religion are necessary for a healthy society and until we bring that back more and more of these twisted incidents will continue to happen!

  21. I agree that we shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions and if the dad is so innocent why didn’t he report the suspected abuse? Unless he really didn’t suspect abuse. Why did he drop the kids off with him that night if he suspected abuse? There are a lot of unanswered questions here and everyone is trying to fill in their own blanks. That’s really not our job now is it? I have a feeling that when the truth starts to come out, we will find that there is a lot more to this that what the media is telling. I don’t know that. It’s just a feeling. Another reason that we need to stop judging anyone right now and let the investigators do their jobs. There’s always more to it than what the media knows or tells.

  22. I knew Gill from sunnyland. He was always a greasy dirtbag, and a total piece of shit.

  23. I do have to say although like I said I was friends with Julie and grew up with her it is very hard for me to see her doing something like this (allowing it to happen). But at the same time again as I said before you never know what happens behind closed doors. I just hope that the truth does come out and that Maddi & her sister can be taken care of and hopefully try to have a normal life growing up. I have 2 children and just can”t imagine my life without them let alone something this horrible to happen. God Bless Devin & his sisters.

  24. I feel so sad for Devin and the innocent ones in this matter! It is a shame and I hope whoever is the deserving one gets what they deserve. Lets not all cast the first stone though!!!

    Just remember while we are all raising our children that love creates love and anger and hate create horrible things in this world! Teach our children love so they too will grow up as loving people (however, every once in a while it is true too that there are people who do evil things because that somehow is part of their nature… but that is a rarity usually it is a cycle!)

  25. Yes, the law SHOULD handle this–and I pray that they do, for Devin’s sake. However, we are just concerned parents that get’s absolutely sick to hear this type of horror– and to hear the family say I “KNOW” that Mr. Gilbert did (NOT) do this… Were they there? I doubt it!! IF they were then why didn’t “they” stop it? If they weren’t -then SHUT-UP! It sickens me to hear this. I have 2 little girls that were “raped” by their father– and guess what? “HIS” family says the same thing… They “KNOW” that he didn’t do this… GUESS WHAT???? HE DID!!!!!! This guy is arrested and put in jail—- they DO have “PROOF” that he is the culprit. Investigations go through soooooo many channels before it even gets to the prosecutor for an arrest!! STUDY UP…. Mr. shithead Gilbert’s not telling you, his family, everything!!!!! And the authorities “can’t” until everything is done… I realize you love your brother, nephew, or whatever he may be to you…. but don’t take up for “WRONG” AND THINK OF THIS INNOCENT LITTLE ANGEL AND WHAT HE WENT THROUGH…….My prayers are with baby Devin…. and I pray that JUSTICE is done….

  26. I’m Devon’s second cousin and I just want to say GOD BLESS DEVON. I can’t imagine what the Owens family is going through. This all makes me feel sick to hear what happened to innocent poor little Devon. I hope that the person that did this gets what they deserve.

  27. I am a friend of the owens family. To think about what Julie and that piece of shit did to Devin truly makes my heart ache. I can’t imagine what a 2 year old can do to make you hurt them. WALK AWAY!!!! He couldn’t have done ANYTHING to make someone want to hurt him. It absolutely kills me to know that that baby suffered. Julie and Gilbert you will get yours. You are going to Hell.
    Bryan, I cannot fathom the amount of pain you are in right now. I know in my heart you had nothing to do with this. Don’t let anyone bring you down. These people on here are sticking up for a man that hurt your child. There is nothing we can do to bring Devin back but we can keep his memory alive. Think of all the positive things that happened in his life. The truth will come out and Julie and Gil will be rotting in jail, which to me they should recieve something much more than that. Sitting in jail for the rest of your life thinking about what you did is not enough for those 2. They are not in their right minds anyways if they were capable of this.
    God Bless you Devin. You are now a bright shining star and I know you are being treated the way you should be up in heaven. You are everyones guardian angel now baby. Rest In Peace baby boy everyone loves you!!!

  28. I grew up down the street from gil. he was always a kiss ass/ass kisser. my ? to you all is……… he was watching him and the only 1 there. so….. why doesn’t he know what happened?, druged up?, drunk? so what happened? gil knows! but he is such a spinless cumbubble he’ll try to say anything except the truth. which is gilbert knowles killed a 2yr old inocent litte boy, a baby, to all those who have children. HAVE FUN IN JAIL

  29. I truly hope little Devon is in the arms of the angels being rocked to sleep and held tenderly. With many loving kisses to heel his broken little body and heart.
    May the animal who did this have to answer to the fire of hell and be crushed by satan.

  30. As a mother of a 2 yr. old myself I cannot phathom how anyone could harm any child; let alone a baby! What a man you are if you beat on a child that cannot defend himself .Must make you feel like a real champ! O.K. FREAK !And if you are such a great parent & love children so much; how is it that you allow this to happen to one in your care. Futher more, I attended the wake on Sunday. I understand that everyone grieves differently. But what I saw was a father in absolute physical & mental distress. And a mother that looked like see was using all her acting tools to get thru the day.SICK!!! Not to add her mother wouldn’t even attend, as to not support her. Good for her! Nevertheless, this whole discusting mess started with a MARRIED woman who preformed infidelity with her husbands best friend . Another example of a prize winning mother; great example/situation for her kids. And now her son has been killed, a man has lost his son, & a sister has lost her brother and soon her mother. I wonder, was it all worth it for you!!! As for Gill you know what happened. And so does GOD!

  31. “The children’s biological father indicated to police that there had been signs of child abuse to the 2-year-old, but they were not reported to authorities, Hayes said. They were suspicions and he was waiting for something more concrete to occur.” Why would ANYONE wait? Brians dad was an IL state trooper and he would NEVER advise to wait. Isnt that child endangerment? Does that not raise RED flags? The truth will come out in court and justice will be served. May this child be charished by the lord and those that are the true guilty parties be punished in the eyes of justice and the lord god almighty.

  32. Well, aren’t we all so quick to judge? The main issue at hand is the grief for this baby. Then we have to look at the negligence of all these people who claimed to have known what was going on. Are you kidding me? “We were waiting for something more concrete?” Excuse me? You were taking photos of his injuries and documenting all this ALLEGED abuse, but what were you doing about it? Who did you report it to? Not a damn soul!! I have known Gilbert since he was 17. Do I think he is a punk-ass? Of course I do. He has made some bad choices. He stole his best friend’s girl, he had a volitile marriage(on both behalves, not just his), he hasn’t walked along streets paved with gold. But as far as I know, neither have I. The only question I have to ask myself is, in spite of all his other indifferences, is he capable of harming a baby? My answer is no. There have been many times I saw his children doing damaging things to where I thought they needed an ass-whoopin’ and he wouldn’t do it. It just isn’t in his nature. He is a push over with little kids. Is he a good mate? Was he husband of the year? These are not the issues in which they are trying to accuse anyone of…they are just scars in his past that all these people are trying to now use to destroy his credibility. Unless you wear a long flowing robe and have angels singing out your name…I suggest you don’t be so quick to judge the character of others…his character is not going to trial, it is his actions that are. I know deep in my heart and within the pit of my soul, he is not capable of any actions as damning as these.

  33. I am a cousin of Devin and Bryan. You sick fuckers will rott in hell!!! I can’t even begin to believe that Julie showed up to the wake and the funeral knowing why her lil baby was lying there! I could of fucking spit on you.. You guys will rott in hell while innocent little Devin is up in heaven looking down at you sick people!!!! I can’t even being to think of what everyone else is goin through all the pain that those two people brought to soooo many people! You guys will get what you deserve and I hope it fucking eats you alive!!!!! God Bless you little Devin.. Your in Heaven with uncle Billy.. I love you!

  34. God came today and picked up his little boy. He brought him back to Heaven in his arms and kissed his broken body and wiped the tears away. He laid him in his arms and watched as so many pointed fingers and yelled at each other. The sound was defenying and he held the boy closer so he couldn’t hear. The hours will turn into days and days into years and the answers will come out, the little boy and his god knows what happened.


    Please please watch your language. There is NO NEED at all for profanity here. I understand that emotions run high however, please act maturely when commenting. I WILL remove any more posts that contain profanity. Have respect for the other readers of my blog. If not, I will block you.

  36. I am a cousin of Devin and Bryan and I wanted to let you know that most of you can say anything you want about this but you are going by what the papers say. Most of you don’t know everything. There are things about this that were not in the paper. I have heard about what happend that night and it sickens me to hear it. The people who say that Gil would never hurt a child make me sick. People are different around their family. John Gacy had a wife and kids and was a clown at parties but yet he had dead boys buried under his house. Think about that!
    God bless you Devin may your sweet soul rest in peace

  37. Family Member,

    Does it really matter if we all “don’t know everything” and know only “what’s in the papers?” It looks to me like the only thing that matters here is that SOMEONE who was supposed to care for and love this child betrayed him greatly.

  38. Yes what happens in the home can be far different then in public, which includes EVERYONE even if you think you know them or even a CLOSE relitive. I agree that you NEVER know about someone. What I don’t understand is why people think they know what happened when they were not there, are we to assume the story that they are hearing is the facts or do they really know who that person is inside the home and NOT in public eye telling the story. To be pointing fingers on such a sad day with the faint screams from friends and family members blaming is very sad. When in fact they just don’t know because they were not there. May god carry this blessed child beyond his hearing so he is not to hear such sadness. God bless.

  39. Again…it does NOT matter what went on in the house. What matters is an adult (someone who should know better), killed an innocent child!

  40. Lets just say what the person FAMILY MEMBER wrote about there was more that happened that night then what they put in the papers is SO TRUE!! I could get people fired at JOLIET POLICE DEPARTMENT for the things I saw for myself and things I heard!! But how the investigators think that baby died!! The BLUNT OBJECT that this man used! I hope he gets what he deserves. And how I heard that the baby killer did this and then went to sleep on the couch. It brought me to Tears and I dont even no this little baby or the family. I really wonder what this baby did to make him beat him to death. Would he not go to bed? This is what I heard not sure if its true. Was Devin crying for his mom that was out parting it up with Gil’s brother(who someone said she was messing around with), on Gil’s b-day, why Gil is home with the kids. Why wasnt she there when Brian dropped them off. Would Devin still be alive then??? Was Gil on some Drugs or something. If he didnt do it ??? Who Did??? No one else was in the house??? No one broke in. I heard Julie passed a lie dector test??? You have no idea how badly I want to go to court and here this trial, that is if he even pleads gulity. Why didn’t Brian turn those pics in sooner. God I wish he would of. Well I am so sorry for your loss. And Devin is in my thoughts and prayers every night. Trust me!! Gil is in County for a month till his court date. Lets just pray he gets what he deserves in there.

  41. Gil did not go to sleep on the couch after it happened. He put the child in bed and fled the house leaving the children home alone. He was hiding at a friends house. Now you tell me if that does not spell GUILTY!!! God bless Devin and the Owens family.

  42. I am tired of everyone talking about the father. You all need to remember Gil was the one home with him. No one broke in so he is Guilty. All the answers will come out in court. Rest in peace little Angel.

  43. Only God knows who the guilty party is and regardless if he or she is caught, imprisoned, etc. in this lifetime, rest assured that person will BURN in hell for what has been done… for ETERNITY. Till then, know that for certain there will be sweet justice in the afterlife if the courts don’t get *him* first.

  44. Oh shit! He left the kids home alone! Well shit that would make me think he was guilty. So Julie didnt wonder where he was? Or why her kids where home alone???

  45. She didn’t know he wasn’t home or that the kids were home alone. When she came home she past out on the couch. When she woke up she went into his room and that is when she found him.

  46. Does she think he did it?? He is probably saying he didnt. There are a lot of people that think that she is involved also. Someone said that they found his clothes he was wearing. I still wonder what that poor baby said or did to make him snap like that.

  47. The 5 yr old daughter didnt hear anything??? I hope that that poor baby was knocked out after the first blow

  48. I cant believe that anyone would ever even accuse bryan. I also can’t believe that Gil’s family even doubts that low lifes guilt. Despite what they say here they all know that S.O.B. is a back stabbing P.O.S. He was alone with the children, yet he heard absolutely nothing, YEAH RIGHT. You deserve to rot. You better pray you go to jail. It’s nothing compared to what is gonna happen to that Heartless bastard if he walks…..

  49. Again… I am reading this from abroad and can’t find any of this information you are all posting on any (news) website. The only information I was able to find was the original news from 18th to 20th. Are you people finding this information in a newspaper or by word of mouth?

    I am neutral in my thoughts of who did this. Seems like there were a lot of irresponsible adults in Devin’s life! The only thing I would like to see is that the guilty one gets what he/she or they deserve… I am sure it won’t be enough though…no matter what it is!!!

    I just don’t know how one could even do something so horrible! I have a child similar in age and could never imagine how a person could even…uh its repulsive!!!

    Just remember there is a judge on earth, but there is no lying to the real judge our heavenly father… he knows… he remembers and he will hold the one/ones’ accountable! Our heavenly father has already washed all the pain and suffering from Devin’s face and now I am sure Devin is living it up in heaven where he will only be showered with love and tender touches. All these bad memories will be washed from his recollection and he will be waiting for the ones’ who loved him and it will be a joyous reunion someday! His pain is over now and is now going to begin for the guilty!

    Like I mentioned before I am neutral here! Curious about the facts though! And, don’t want to see any guilty party get away with this, by judging the obvious. I know that may be offensive for somebody who knows all the people involved, but for somebody who doesn’t they are just logical questions… not targeting anyone in particular! If anybody knows any current news website’s where there is more information please post the link.

  50. There is a reason Gil is in jail with 5,000,000 BOND. They don’t hold you unless they have evidence against you. There is a shit ton of evidence against gil. I could go into detail but the details are horrific. Not to mention i don’t have the right. Trust me when i say when trial comes around there is so much evidence against gil all of your doubts will be gone. And there is PLENTY of evidence that says he is a MURDERER.

  51. “Snow White” I’m just wondering how you know so much if you say that you don’t know the family? Do you work at the police station? Are you doing anything to get involved regarding the things that you claim to have seen/heard the police do wrong?

  52. This is just what I heard from people that I know that know the family and No, I dont work at the Police station but I know a lot of people that do, thats why I know stuff. I know some firemen that arrived on the scene. I just heard alot and and people saw pics, I didnt want to see the pics cause I heard they where that bad. Joliet is not a big town. And something as bad as this gets around fast. I think that the investegtors have a lot of what they need for evidence. Thats all I know. I dont want to be invoved, I dont think I need to be. The police station has everything they need. I guess I was just bothered by the whole thing so I commented what I heard and new.

  53. Gil was NOT Devin’s stepfather, Bryan and Julie’s divorce wasn’t even finalized yet!! As for having the wrong man in jail like Riley Fox those were totally different circumstances. Riley was missing not shoved between the wall and the mattress. As far as all of you judinging Bryan for not doing something sooner he was following what the lawyers and judge told him to do only for poor Devin it turned up to late. Bryan was trying to get custody and he had to follow the laws in order to even see his children, haven’t any of you been through a nasty divorce you have to listen to other people in order to keep the ones you love and not go to jail.Gil being a push-over for children , well, he pushed Devin right in to his grave. God Bless all of the owens family and Devin’s little soul

  54. Hey Heather,
    I’m not too familiar with the Illinois statutes on custodial laws, but I am sure that they don’t state to stand back for 6 months and gather multitudes of eviidence…then react.Anyone that was in any way a role model or influence in this boy’s life should be charged with neglect. Bottom line, they all stood back, forming opinions, pointing fingers, playing Law and Order, more like Desperate Housewives…while someone was doing this. Taking into no account what the result of it could ultimately be. We could come up with theories and analogies until we run out of ideas, it doesn’t change the fact that there are numerous people that partook in this horrific travesty. Now they are merely lashing out at each other, trading insults as a consequence of their own guilty feelings about feeling somewhat accountable for this occurring. As they should.My heart cries out every night over a boy I barely knew, while all these people are here still and yet, worried about themselves and their drama.

  55. Most of everything on here is hear say. There is much more to this than anyone knows. I don’t know all sides nor does anyone else because none of us were there that night or all the time that led up to this. Therefore, instead of being so quick to judge, sling mud, threaten, and whatever else it is that I have seen going on in these forums, why don’t everyone just shut up and let the professionals do their jobs? I will NOT sling mud in any direction. Gil has NOT been convicted of any crime and neither has Julie. As for Bryan, well I refuse to go there also…out of respect for ALL parties involved. A word of advice for everyone here….SHUT UP and GROW UP. Have a little respect for ALL parties involved.

    Food for thought: Instead of wasting your time slinging mud…why not take that energy and do something positive? Maybe help a child in need or something?

  56. i know both of them (men ) they were friends, why bryan didnt beat the shit out of gil for taking his wife and kids well gil was a crazy sob on drugs seen him on drugs ..all this talk about he loved his kids , devin wasnt HIS kid big diffrence ….. forget who posted it up there but there right i think the fact that his bond is 5,000,000 tells they have his number …….


  58. The bond is so high because of the NATURE of the crime, regardless of who they are accusing. This isn’t armed robbery, it is of a higher magnitude…they have to do that.

  59. The nature of the crime ……ummmm….a violent gang leader who recruited a bunch of young kids to sell drugs , steal and be a misfit in society like himself … like i said they have his number and it will be with him for awhile something like inmate number125498…… anyway i haven’t dealt with either of them in a long while and i have a strong feeling he is capable of doing this crime …scumbag…

  60. Are you saying he (gil) was a gang leader? If so then that is just ridiculious. This guy does not fit the profile of a child abuser or gang leader. There is something not right in all of this. Another Fox case in Will Co.? The truth will lead them to the right person who commited this horrific crime and free the innocent. This family needs justice and justice shall prevail.

  61. Confused you are a fool. No this is NOT another Fox case in Will Co. – and you say something is not right in all of this.. umm yea, that would be the SORRY BASTARD MURDERER GIL. Helloooo .. And I don’t know what fantasy world you are living in thinking that Gil ‘the innocent’ will be freed anytime soon… you must really be stupid.. And where is justice for baby Devin? Screw gil’s family…they are just as dumb for believing him.

  62. That was uncalled for. How old are you? two, three maybe? Grow up! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am telling you that none of us know all the facts and the name calling and BS is getting really ridiculous. Just because Gil doesn’t come from a family of status (or what ever you want to call it), that doesn’t mean that they are not good people. Gil’s parents ARE very good people with good morals and good hearts. You have absolutely no reason to be bashing Gil’s family.
    All of you that are so quick to bash Gil and his family need to sit back and think about what you’re saying here. Gil and Bryan were good friends for how many years? Hmmm…think about it. If Bryan is such an angel and Gil is so bad, then why did they hang out together for so many years? Why did Bryan allow Gil around his kids from the time they were born? If everything that all of you are saying is true, how does that make Bryan look? Do you really think that just because Bryan comes from such a GREAT family (as some of you have stated previously) that the investigators are going to just overlook the fact that Bryan and Gil were good friends and that Bryan exposed/welcomed Gil into the kids lives from birth. If Bryan really thought that Gil was so rotten and a threat to his kids, why did he do that? Could it be that Bryan has some hidden secrets that he doesn’t want out and that is why all of you are so quick to see Gil locked up and this case closed? Well, let me tell you something…Bryan of all people should know that is NOT how it works. The investigators will dig and find out everything. I am not trying to bash Bryans family in any way as I am sure that they are good people. I am merely trying to make a point here.
    None of us really know what went on because we weren’t there, but one thing that I do know is to sit here and call Gil’s family names in uncalled for. Gil’s parents are great people and they don’t deserve to be called names and raked through the coals. Maybe you should think before you are so quick to judge people that you don’t even know. You should also think before lashing out with all the names and accusations because if you’re doing that to protect Bryan in some way, it’s only making Bryan look worse.
    An awful thing has happened here and no one knows who the culprit is for sure. What we do know is that there are a lot of people hurting over this and its not fair to any of them to be lashing out at each other. Again, I am not putting either family down. I am just trying to make a point.

  63. I just can not get over the fact that the dad just sat back and took pictures of his son that was being abused. I mean who is the world does such a thing? I really hate to hear the excuse of “he was following the law and advice of his lawyer because I would NEVER drop my kids off knowing this was going on. So there for I think it was NOT going on at all. Your username says Mother so let me ask you, would you ever drop your kids off thinking that they will be abused in any way? I know what your answer is already but you now have to ask yourself WHY would he (the dad) make a statement to the paper that he knew or suspected abuse was going on but wanting something more concrete before reporting it. Again mother, would you drop your kids off thinking they might be abused, no matter what a judge, lawyer, the law or anyone else for that matter told you?

  64. Thank You Mother!!!
    I have been raising eyebrows over some of the issues at hand and it seems to me that the father had more animosity than anyone. He had vandalized Gil’s car, broken into their home and stole a toolbox, and he had his own kids all night that night and conveniently dropped them off to Gil and Julie and within hours Devin is in the spiritual world. I have followed this story since it first came out, researching information, talking to people, and his behavior at Gil’s 1st court appearance was not that of a grieving father that is in the company of a man that allegedly killed his son. He was in a celebratory mood, while Gil’s family watched in horror, because 24 hours prior to that he (this is still Bryan, I am referring to)was told of his son’s passing. He was losing his ass in the divorce, he had lost his house, his woman, and his kids loved Gil, which would add fuel to any fire. I am not saying that anyone could be so DIABOLICAL, but I am starting to be more suspicious of some of the things I have learned. He was taking all these pictures of what? His artwork? I don’t think there is an investigator out there that would not find any of this suspicious. Gil wasn’t the one full of hate and malice towards this guy. Gil didn’t lose anything and certainly had nothing to gain by defying his God. We must keep our minds and our eyes open. The truth sometimes hurts, but the truth will SET YOU FREE!!!

  65. Wow! I wasn’t able to get on the computer yesterday, but “Enough Already & Suspicious” all that I can say is good job. You said it perfectly.

  66. I made a mistake yesterday by thanking MOTHER, I meant to thank ENOUGH ALEADY for their analogy on the situation. I do not think Confused is a fool, their point was are we just so quick to grab a suspect to keep ourselves out of the limelight? Or are we actually going to look at this from different viewpoints to see who actually had something to gain by doing something like this? Gil had nothing to gain by Devin being out of the picture. Just like Riley Fox’s dad had nothing to gain by sexually abusing and killing his daughter. As far as Gil’s family being “stupid” for believing in him? Why wouldn’t they? As far as I know, all you need is reasonable doubt as to whether he is guilty for him to be released. And as far as I can see, there is plenty of doubt. That shows you how strong a family to be. I only wish poor Devin had a family that had anything remotely close to that kind of bond, because he would still be here and the rest of us wouldn’t be in this forum portraying Judge, Jury, and Executioner with a man’s life; in spite of what you think of him as a person…

  67. The only people who have any doubt that gil did it are his family. All of Gil’s friends do not deny he did it. The injuries on devin were so bad, if bryan had done it before he dropped the kids off It would have been completely noticable. I understand gil’s family wants to believe in him. They need to come to the realization that Gil was never a “Stand up Citizen”. He was also drugged up. My heart goes out to his family. But as far as Gil goes that man is a murderer. BTW bryan never stole any toolbox. The tool box was given to a friend of Julie’s and was later confiscated by the police from that friend. YET ANOTHER LIE.

  68. Oh “Friend of family”… it’s pretty funny that you ended your post with “yet another lie”, because there are many “lies”/falsifications in your post. First, I know for a fact that more people doubt that Gil did this besides his family & you say “all of Gil’s friends do not deny he did it” who do you think you are? Myself & many others on here keep telling those of you that are seemingly overly confident about his guilt to stick to the facts & now you are claiming to know that ALL of Gil’s friend’s think that he did it…get a clue. Then, you continue to go on & say that he hasn’t been a “Stand up citizen”… to start- who determines what a stand up citizen is, do you want me to bring up things that would prove that others involved in this haven’t been stand up citizens, I thought that we were talking about a murder case not a character trial, I could go on all day… My question is why do you keep posting? Are you trying to convince us that he’s guilty…or yourself? If you are so confident that he did it & will get convicted, then what’s your problem? Many of us on here have tried to stay open-minded & not tell you what we believe might have happened, because we know that we weren’t there when it happened, we know that there are facts that the investigation will uncover that you don’t seem to know, & quite frankly I don’t think that you can handle it, but this is getting really old, so if you are confident that he’s guilty & will get what he deserves then take “Enough Already”‘s advice & find a way to help another child before it’s too late for them. You could also start doing leg stretches in case you feel the need to put your foot in your mouth after the trial.

  69. I am speaking for the whole ramirez family. We know that Gilbert is not capable of doing this. We’ve known Gilbert since he was born, he has always been loving and caring to anyone he has ever met. He loves his kids more than anything in this world and would never hurt them. The poem below was written by a member of our family and we want all to see it. If you don’t know Gilbert don’t judge him. Keep your negative comments to yourself. We will stick beside him no matter what.

    A little boy’s life has been ended
    and they think that it was you
    Time seems to slow
    and you don’t know what to do.
    You showed you loved him dearly
    you loved him with all your heart
    but now that he is gone
    you feel like you’ve been torn apart
    They’re trying to stick a murder
    on someone who’s hand are clean
    They just keep overlooking
    the clues that are unseen
    You sit and wait for visitors
    to help you talk and cope
    but deep down you think their bringing
    false stories of truth and hope
    we see you breaking down
    and we know it wasn’t you
    but they’re trying to make you agree
    with lies they’re trying to prove true
    We want you to know that we love you
    we want you to know we care
    and whatever the verdict comes down to
    just know that we will always be there

  70. Friend of family:
    Do you honestly think that the only ones that are supportive of Gil is his family? What kind of “friends” would he have if they thought he was a murderer? You need to put down your crack pipe and realize that you are contradicting everything you say in every post. Not to mention the cause of death on baby Devin was bluntforce trauma, which happens to be INTERNAL injuries, not external, so no, you would not have SEEN it when he was dropped off by Bryan. You better get a pull up on yourself and thank your lucky stars that stupidity isn’t a crime, because that would make you “America’s Most Wanted”..
    Ignorance truly must be bliss and you are probably the happiest idiot on the planet!!!


  72. Wow MOTHER, where did you get your medical degree?You must have been there that night and saw his injuries, impressive, they even let you in the area of the crime scene. Well why do we even need a trial with you on the case? Well let’s all just pack up and go home then. Now there was just blood EVERYWHERE!!! They have released those records for public knowledge as well? All these rock solid facts you are spewing out like you even know what you are talking about. Why don’t you wake up and realize that the sun does not rise and set in the crack of Bryan’s ass and that he is the ONLY one who had anything to gain…As far as I remember from law classes that I have taken, MOTIVE plays a key role in every case. And how with all of your multiple careers as detective, criminal psychologist, forensic science expert, and crime scene investigator do you find the time to post in this forum? Amazing, can I have your autograph???

  73. Reading these posts is making me sick. Bryan is a honest hardworking man. I feel so sorry for the Owens family they have gone through so much & now they people have the nerve to start accusing Bryan of doing this. It’s ridiculous!!! Hasn’t he been through enough? He found out that his new baby might not be his, because his wife was cheating on him with his best friend, had to move out of his house & sit back & watch his best friend move in, was going through hell with the divorce, his lawyer made him sit back & watch as his child was being abused by this monster, & then he finds out that his son has been beat to death before he was allowed to do anything about the abuse…I’d be nuts & I don’t even have his condition to deal with. To Bryan & the Owens family, I’m here for you and hope that Gil gets what he deserves. I haven’t talked to Bryan since this happened, because I know that he has a lot to deal with & don’t want to bother him, but if anyone is on here that is close to him at this time…is he doing okay? It worries me that someone posted that he seemed to be in a celebratory mood at court…is he keeping up on his appointments & meds.?

  74. Hey! I thought Blunt Force Trama meant it was an object?

  75. A lot of men have been known to work hard, Ted Bundy was an attorney, I believe. Gacy was a Union worker and a part-time clown. They all had jobs. I don’t think anyone was accusing Bryan, he just should not be ruled out as a suspect. No one should at this point, since as far as I know this case has not been resolved. Blunt force trauma does mean with an object, but that cannot be determined unless they examine the skull. Someone mentioned his brain swelled or something. Regardless, I think it is uncalled for to say some of the things being said without having the case file in front of you. Some of us need to get lives of our own, since we have all learned out of this: that life is precious and nobody is promised tomorrow…

  76. Remember what i said suspicious… just remember what I said…. Mark my words…

  77. Mother, even though I stated that I knew what your answer would be about dropping your kids off knowing they were going to be abused, I would still like to hear the answer from you. Unless your answer is YES I would drop them off because your lawyer told you too. WOW never would have thought that. If ANYONE here suspects your kids are being abused PLEASE report it to the DCFS and DO NOT hand your kids over to someone who might abuse them. It’s becoming more and more obvious that this gil guy is innocent while the accused runs free laughing and joking with friends as if nothing happend.

  78. To “Friend of Bryan'”, a lot criminals have been hard working people including the people that “Neutral Party” mentioned. Get a clue. What I’m curious about is what condition are you talking about & what appointments & medications? Is Bryan sick?

  79. Parents, If you think your kids are possibly being abused please report it to DCFS no matter what your lawyer says. Kids need to be protected from any type of abuse, DO NOT sit back and wait for “something more concrete”. If the DCFS does not find any abuse then you can feel better about yourself for doing ALL you can to protect the most precious things in your life, your children.

  80. Whatever drugs Bryan is on, I want some of them. ANyone that can appear in court the day after his son was taken away from him, and seem to be in a cheerful mood needs medication of some sort. Maybe because he saw it more as a victory than a loss. He was now getting his life back. He would take back possession of his house, his kids, not pay out the ass in the divorce, and the man that took it all away from him would be gone out of his face and taken away from his wife who ultimately betrayed him. To him, the score would be settled. He has gotten even with both of them now, he can reclaim his life, at the expense of others. My mama always taught me, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. The game isn’t over, it has only just begun. There are consequences in life for every choice we make. I pay for mistakes I have made all the time, so I know others do as well. In the end, someone will pay for this, I just want to be there to see it…

  81. Thats face it folks if the biological father had hurt the boy in his custody then Devins mother would have diffently reported it to the police and taken the boy to the hospital but it didn’t go down like that did it? She let her boyfriend beat the shit out of her baby. Maybe the were drunk drugged out. Who cares they are worthless trash who were unable to appreciate a precious life that had been given to them to nurture and love. I hope they enjoy all the jailhouse loving they are sure to receive.

  82. So you all know. A friend of gil and julie had already reported to dcfs about gilbert. I know plenty of the details and i do not want to have to post them here. I know what the murder weapon was. And lets just say bryan had no access to it. only 2 people had the ability to do this, Gil and Julie. I know both of them and i could never see Julie doing this to her kids. Gil on the other hand wouldn’t surprise me. Basically unless someone broke in rolled up the murder weapon and did all this while gil slept is such a stretch its not Possible. There have been no further arrests or questioning. Sounds to me like like they have this case locked down. I don’t mean to offend Gil’s family or friends. Im sure you guys are hurting just as much as the owens and miller families. I just post it as i see it. I just happen to know a lot of the truely horrific details. Again i never posted this to offend anyone but Gil. I am sorry if my anger was taken the wrong way

  83. Gills friend,
    I just read you comment so I had to post. First off unless you are a toddler and have been abused you don’t know how a child reacts. I have a 2 year old niece (who is safe now) that was being mentally and physically abused by her mother and her father. Even though they were doing this to her she would cry everytime they left her at her at anyone’s house. Kids that age do not understand what is going on and as time goes by and they get older they believe that this is the way their parents show their love because they are not old enough to know the difference. Another thing is, that you NEVER really know someone. Only GOD knows who someone really is deep down inside. Ted Bundy’s victims never thought he would do what he did, Jeffery Dahmer’s family didn’t think he was capable of what he did. I never thought in a million years that one of my friends (old friend) would rape a women and set her trailor on fire but he did. He didn’t seem like that type of person. I understand you wanting to defend your loved one or whoever he is to you but people have got to take off the blinders and realize. YOU CAN”T TRUST ANYONE WITH THE LIFE OF YOUR CHILD. Put your trust in the Lord and no-one else.



    I am posting a link for all of you, I think you will get something out of this. You are not alone and there is people out there that understand your hurt. This forum I thought would be good for you all. This forum was started for a little girl name Kelsey Briggs. She was murdered by her step-father. You can read the story at

    I pray for your family and hope that you get the justice that you seek for baby Devon. I am truly sorry for your lost. I won’t say I understand how you all are feeling because I have never lost a loved one to violence especially an innocent child. No-one could possibly understand what you are going through unless they have walked in your shoes. That is another reason I posted that link for you. God Bless each and every one of you.

  85. They are still investigating this case, they are still questioning people, which tells me that they are not satisfied that they have their man. No stones will be left unturned and I now think the outcome will shock and horrify us all. I can’t wait for Gil to walk free again. I hope his heart mends by the time he does…

  86. By the way, I have seen Gil sleep through his daughters trashing the room around him. So for someone to say that he couldn’t have slept through it, is not true…he could have.Especially after a night of celebrating his birthday and partying…I know it sounds hard to believe, but dad’s don’t have that same maternal instinct, they don’t hear every noise and breath like us moms. I realize that his character is shady, yes he has drank, yes, he has done some illegal drugs sporadically, but that is a far cry from being capable of taking someone else’s life away from them…

  87. Gil has a background, has made some bad choices…Bryan has been under a lot of stress, lost everything precious to him, has a disorder/condition (sorry don’t know the correct terminology)
    Gil’s family and friends say there’s no way he could have done it. Bryan’s family and friends say there’s no way he could have done it. Gil stole Bryan’s wife, Bryan was waiting for more proof. Gil was living with Bryan’s kids, Bryan was paying out the ass in the divorce. Bryan’s “celebratory” in court, Gil is behind bars. Bryan feels like he can reclaim his life instead of grieving for his son??? Sorry, I am just recapping some of the posts here. WOW! What a mess! Friendship gone sour? love triangle? Sounds like a mess to me. “Case locked down”??? How could that be? So quick? With this mess? I read this stuff and get confused. I don’t know who did this…I’m just praying for justice.

  88. Suspicious,

    The continued investigation is normal for any case, even when they have tons of evidence. It does not necessarily indicate that they have doubt. Wait until the preliminary hearing and then the evidence will come out.

    Everyone needs to really calm down. Both sides are very emotional and opinionated on this subject, as is normal. But please remember when you are direcctly involved in such a situation, it is hard to be open-minded and be objective.

    I understand that Gil’s family and friends love him and cannot believe he would do that to anyone, let alone a child. However, what could really the answer then? If he was the only one home with Devin, then what other reasonable explanation is there? Just using common sense alone does not leave many possibilities for Gil. Especially when there were reports to DCFS about abuse. Just wait until the Preliminary Hearing. Then the evidence will come out.

    Ted Bundy was studying to be a lawyer. He was not a lawyer yet. He also worked on a suicide hotline. Scary, huh?

  89. I can vouch for Gil being a very sound sleeper. he was sleeping when someone came over one night and never woke up and he hadn’t been drinking or anything that night. I had to tell him that we had company the next day. PRAYING FOR JUSTICE is the disorder/condition that you’re talking about Bryan having the one that he says that he has where he has multiple personalities? Does anyone know if they tested Devin for any drugs or anyhting when they did the autopsy? It would be nice to think that maybe the person that did this to him at least gave him something to knock him out first instead of making him suffer through a beating like that. I agree that this is a mess and hope that whoever did this gets theirs.

  90. Gil was NOT, I repeat NOT the only one home with Devin that night…Julie was there too.Thought I would clear that one up. Bryan did NOT drop the kids off to Gil without Julie there and if he did, that is twisted if he thought Gil was abusing him…

  91. i second that

    yeah i lived with gill for awhile with my four yr old…he def. slept threw alot …he yelled at me if i even put my daughter in time out i just really dont believe he did it..i can look at his pic and see it in his eyes that he didnt do it……o0o0o and to clear alil bit up for everyone….the last baby born is gills not brians….

    suspicious….i would love to know how u know all this about the case…….were u the one there????? im glad ur kinda standing up for gill b/c he was like my older brother and it saddens me to see ppl fighting like this yeah i know gill wouldnt even punish his girls .;…i dontknow this is all just a HUGE mess i pray for gill and julie and whoever did it….should get the death penalty..BUT those who r putting it all on gill i really hope u r proven wrong b.c then u all would look like SOB’s……yeah goes to show who really cared for gill and who was really his friends

  92. I was the first one to post about my brother, and I may be the last. First…I apologize for starting the foul language in this blog. I was upset because my grandma Knowles called to tell me about what happened, of course she couldn’t tell me any details, because she’s Very Old. She just told me to get on the internet to find out what happened to my brother. I dont live in Joliet, in fact I live clear across the U.S. But I have sat back and read what everyone in here has typed…Lets just say its amazing some of the details some of you know. I feel alot of you were close to both parties to be saying the things you have said. I’m not going to point fingers or say who is guilty or not, I have my own opinion, and the way this blog has gone, I choose not to share how I feel. To the Owens family I truly feel for your loss and have said many prayers. To Gilberts family I am still praying that justice will prevail. This has been obviously very hurtful to both sides of the family and I just pray that our Heavenly Father will bless all of those in pain. If and thats a BIG IF, my brother did this may our Heavenly Father have mercy on his soul. Lets NOT crucify the wrong man…..????
    Love Ginina(Gils Sister)

  93. I will not disclose my resources as far as to where I get my knowledge on this case. I can assure you that nothing I say is without some standing. I will be at every court hearing and I will continue to follow this case until it is solved. As will many of you, I’m sure. Regardless of what side of the fence anyone is on, we all want the same result…

  94. miss JULIE is not as good a girl as you think!

    ask her what she said to her child, IN THE CAR, on their way home that night!
    ask her why she WENT BACK OUT that night after 1am!
    ask her who the FATHERS of her children are!

    i think the stress, from being a LYING, CHEATING and DECEITFUL person in front of all her friends, lovers, and family that night caught up with her.

  95. Is the court case even gonna be open to the public????

  96. It’s not that some of us know who did it. It’s what most of us know who did NOT do it. Right now all I blame is the system and it’s complete failiure to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

  97. By the way, why would Gil resent a 2 year old???That is just stupid, try this scenerio…maybe after a night of partying, Gil passed out on the couch(more believable than murder), and doesn’t know what the hell happened. That sounds more like Gil. He loved that boy, and he loved Julie, I just don’t think he knew her very well. Obviously not well enough.

  98. I have to say… After they came back from ‘bobby mcgee’s’ bar that nite.. the kids were dropped off with both of them, then JULIE went back to the bar.. so to the comment above.. no she wasn’t there. Again.. the truth will come out.. but all of the fingers AND evidence thus far is pointing at Gil. Sucks to be him… he’s got a public defender… OUCH

  99. Mother, did you read previous post? Can you answer the questions I asked? As far as what you think you know about this and that blah blah blah, I’m sorry but you don’t know anything about that night other then hear say. Like I said a couple of posts ago.
    “It’s not that some of us know who did it. It’s what most of us know who did NOT do it.”

  100. Mother,
    The answers to your previous post…

    NO, NO, AND NO….

  101. I, too have witnessed Gil sleeping soundly with kids running all over the house playing loudly on more than one occasion and none of those times had Gil been drinking or anything. Also none of those times did it phase him. He sleeps soundly. Everyone needs to sit back, take a deep breath, and maybe read through these posts. I have and if you take just a little of the emotion out of it and really think about it, you can tell who is filling in their own blanks and who actually knows a little something about the people involved and what is going on. You can tell who is close to who and who isn’t close to any of the parties involved and is just trying to get emotions flying higher than they already are. You can tell where each persons anger lies. If people close to Gil, Julie, and/or Bryan can get this much anger going, if people that barely knows any of them can have so much anger, then what do you think some one is capable of if they were pushed to their limits? I am not blaming anyone for this horrible crime. I am merely trying to make yet another point. None of us were there and none of us were involved beside some of us knowing/being friends of one or more of the parties involved and there is so much anger and hatred on some of these posts. Now take that analogy and think about who could have had so much anger built up inside to finally be at their limit and finally snap. In my opinion, I don’t see that as being Gil. But like I said before I wasn’t there. None of us were. Therefore, none of us know for sure. Again, I don’t know. I don’t believe that Gil is capable or that he was stressed out or angry in a way that would make him snap. On the other hand, if I were on the other side of it…losing my ass in the divorce, had lost my wife to my best friend, etc…I would be angry, very angry and each time I had to face the two of them together, it would kill me inside. I am not blaming Bryan for this either though as again, I was not there. I am just trying to keep an open mind and look at this from every side. No one knows some one elses limits. People sit here and bash and point fingers, then some also take it to the point of filling in blanks incorrectly just to get the others going. I really don’t see the point in that unless you are getting some thrill at making this more difficult than what it already is. Remember, anger comes from hurt. Everyone is hurting over this and very rightly so but the name calling and the incorrect information is not going to take that pain away. The healing process will start when there is some closure and that closure will not even really begin until the investigation is over. Let’s try to keep in mind that the investigation is NOT over, accused does NOT mean convicted, and no one on here has all the facts of this case. Some have more facts than others but since none of us were there, none of us have ALL the facts.

    Let’s also keep in mind that it’s not only us adults that are hurting over all of this but there are a lot of kids hurting over this…The children of the families involved as well as children of Julie, Gil, and Bryan’s friends and extended families. If we adults are having this hard of a time handling this, how do you think all of those kids are feeling right now? Maybe we should all think about that and take some of this energy to help them deal with what has happened. Everyone here is hurt and confused. Those kids are most likely hurt, confused, and scared about what they are feeling and the things that are going on around them right now. Let’s remember that they need us to be the example. They need us to help them through this difficult time. Since none of us are investigators, attorneys, etc…there is really nothing we can do. So maybe we should put our focus on helping the kids through this.

  102. Child murder cases horrify families and communities in a manner that has all stakeholders wanting the crimes solved as quickly as possible. It is essential that the pursuit of swift justice coincides with the pursuit of TRUTH. While it is important to bring closure to cases it is equally important to get it RIGHT. Step up to the plate Will Co. even your own people are now questioning how these crimes are handled.

  103. Suspicious: Very good point and very well said!

  104. suspicious,
    Best post yet, now thats the truth. To quick to blame instead of investigate. So yeah Will CO. get with it and find the horrible person who did this. Folks we have doubt and thats all that is needed.

  105. Wow! Looks like everyone knows what happen and they figured it out they better go tell Will County then since they are the experts!

    Rest in Peace Devon my prayers are with you.

  106. This is something that has been bothering me since 100 posts ago, if you were so close to Devin and your heart goes out to him…then PLEASE spell his name correctly…
    His name was DEVIN MATTHEW OWENS…

    Thank You…

  107. i was thinking the same thing suspicious…..i talk to gilbert everyday almost and all i can say is that the truth will come out………everyone will see

  108. So what are saying…I agree? You don’t think Gil had anything to do with this?

  109. I have a thought. Why don’t all of you people stop for a minute and say a prayer for little Devin. This poor little baby boy’s life was tragically cut short and all of you want to argue about who did it. Guess what? We don’t know who did it. We all have assumptions as to who did it, but no one really knows. What I do know is that I attended the wake and I will never get that image out of my head. I will never forget how upset the families looked. The whole family, the Owens and the Millers. I saw a father that was grieving and a mother that was hysterical. Whether or not Julie or Bryan were acting, I don’t know, and I am going to keep my opinions regarding that to myself. If Gilbert did this, I hope he rots in hell. If he didn’t do it, I hope the authorities arrest the right person and I hope that person rots in hell.

  110. It never hurts to say a prayer. The person(s) responsible for his death doesn’t deserve prayers, God’s help or forgiveness.

  111. If one believes in God then they truly must do there best to understand that when God gives us life we are overwhelmed with joy, happiness and most importantly LOVE, but when God takes a life from us we tend to not be as forgiving as God and the human emotion of anger, sadness and worst of all HATE engulfs us to the point of wondering why God would let such a horrific event such as this happen. You should not be asking God for one and not expect the other, God accepts all prayers but just can’t fullfill all of them. No I don’t have the answers as to why God does this and Yes I have the same question as you do, WHY?
    God Bless Devin and may his soul rest in peace.

  112. Pathetic
    Were you there? If not, then SHUT UP! If so, then go tell the investigators your story. And about the name calling…you don’t know any of us and unless you were there and saw what happened (which I highly doubt) then you have no right to judge and call anyone names. Losers are those who don’t care/want the truth. They just want to start crap. I think most of us just want the TRUTH and JUSTICE! Think about that for a while. If you need help finding the meanings of TRUTH and/or JUSTICE, look in the dictionary. There’s a big difference between having an opinion and just being a down right idiot. Maybe you should look that up to.

    PS: pathetic…very clever name for yourself

  113. Pathetic,
    Your name is a self-portrait in which you paint, then you have the audacity to come into a forum that is beyond your realm of intelligence and say something so stupid and unoriginal. Go back to the streets where you belong, hope you don’t meet up with Gil there one day…

  114. Just to let you know I’ve known Gil all my life regardless of how long that is I was around him constantly and I have never seen him even show violence toward any child or infant. He is the most thoughtful father that I’ve ever been around and I would trust him with any child in my family if he was here right now regardless of what any site or person says, because unless you have seen hands on how he interacts with any child then you wouldn’t understand.

  115. Nobody is trying to “candy-coat” the fact that someone did alter the fate of this little boy. Whether it was the “live-in boyfriend”, “the jealous enraged father”, or “Mommy Dearest” is remained to be seen. No one wants to think that anyone in an adult setting could possibly want to do this to a helpless child. But the fact is somone did. We are all in reality on that one. I will be there at every trial, see every ounce of evidence and I will accept the conclusion, regardless of which way it turns. If the state proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Gil did this, I will be the first one in here apolgizing to the other families for my metaphoric bashings to the other parties involved. I won’t claim that there are conspiritors or pink elephants produced the weapon, or any other fabrication…I am very much a REALIST. I haven’t lost sight that this crime is very REAL. The person that did do this should pay the ultimate price. If the authorities prove this and leave no stones unturned there is really nothing to dispute. But, UNLESS or UNTIL that happens, I will continue to believe in Gil, support him, and have his back in here…since he is not capable in defending himself in here. I only wish someone would’ve had Devin’s back and protected him, as defenseless as he was against an adult….then none of us would be here playing Sherlock Holmes and having to argue all these issues. Let the guilty pay….

  116. Suspicious

    I have to say again…very well said. I agree 100%.


    We’ll have to go out and have a drink after this is over…I think we share the same thought process…In fact, we probably already know each other…It is a small world we live in.

  118. Suspicious:

    I am pretty sure that we do know each other. If you are who I think you are that is. Looking at previous posts, we obviously both know Gil and his family. So, chances are we do know each other. I look forward to the day that this is over for everyones sake. I also believe that we have the same or at least very similar thoughts on this. You are better at putting it all into words than I am though. I would love to get together for a drink. Stay tough. Someday, hopefully sooner than later, the truth will come out.

  119. Since this blog has lost its momentum, I guess I’ll get sappy with a very inspirational poem that I came across a few years ago, that most of us can relate to. It may or may not pertain to this situation, but it is good reading, just the same…
    People are oftenunreasonable and self-centered.
    Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives.
    Be kind anyway.
    If you are honest, people may cheat you.
    Be honest anyway.
    If you find happiness, people may be jealous.
    Be happy anyway.
    The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.
    Do good anyway.
    Give the world the best you have,
    And it may never be enough.
    Give your best anyway.
    For you see in the end,
    It is between you and God.
    It never was between you and them anyway.

    I framed that and pick it up and read it at least once a week. These are words to live by…

  120. While reading the blog I found people defending Gill by saying that he is so good with kids and bla bla bla.
    Yet they say he would sleep through everything the kids did while drunk.
    Does anyone stop to think how careless it is to be responsible for children while intoxicated. Or in the world you people live in is that acceptable behavior?

  121. Wow

    Your right about that. I couldn’t agree more. That is acceptable behavior to gutter trash.

  122. Nobody said it was acceptable behavior. But I would damn sure rather be accused of negligence than murder. Carolyn, wow, you have such a way with words….I see you attended the “HOMEBOY’ vocabulary class…You are familiar with trailer parks and gutters, as well. I will just consider the source and take your opinions for what they are worth….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

  123. The ones you need to pray for are those kids. Growing up around alcoholism, drug abuse, beatings of your siblings, and general scumbaggery… that’s no way to live. I hope the state’s attorney’s office makes an example of both of Knowles and Owens.

  124. Wow:
    If you would calm down a minute and read the previous posts you would see that I stated that I have witnessed Gil sleeping soundly when he was totally sober. That does not make him a bad person. If men were arrested for sleeping soundly and not hearing the kids, then most likely 95% or more of the male population would be in jail. I can tell you that my kids father never once heard the kids, got up with them during the middle of the night, etc… and he is not a drinker or ever done any drugs. Most men just don’t have that instinct that a woman/mother does. That instinct that causes us to wake up at every little sound or not be able to sleep until our kids are home safe and sound. Sound sleeping is not a crime.

    I think we have established that we should pray for whomever we feel we need to. Yes, it’s always good to pray for all children. Who are you to accuse the families of being scumbaggery, alcoholism, beating of siblings, drug abuse and whatever else you would like to sling? Were you there all these people’s lives? Do you know all of this for a fact? I bet not. Therefore, SHUT UP! How would you feel if this was your good friend or family member? Would you still want the the State’s Attorney to make an example out of them? Hmmmm…what if it turns out that they have the wrong person? Would you still feel the same way? Or is it that you really don’t care if they did this and you just want them to take the blame because in your eyes they are just scumbags anyway? I bet you wouldn’t feel the same way if Mr. Super Trooper was the one behind bars now would you?
    Whoever did this needs to be punished. I just hope and pray that this case is getting a complete investigation because if so, I have a feeling that some ghosts are going to come out of others closets and you could be eating your words. If you don’t know the facts, keep your mouth shut. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I hope you’re smart enough to understand that.

    Now I’m really confused. I don’t think you are who I thought you were. I thought we were both related to a set of twins. Either way, I do still agree with you on most everything as previously stated and would love to get together for drinks. Please tell Gil that the twins mom and aunt say hi and we will be visiting very soon.

  125. -Enough Already,

    I will tell Gil, I just figured out who you are, now… He will be happy to hear that from you guys… Hope all is doin’ well, down yonder… Glad to know Gil has support coming from all directions…

  126. I can’t wait to come back and laugh when they fry his ass.

  127. Carolyn:

    Maybe you should take the same advice that “The Truth is What’s Important” gave to a few others and start doing some leg stretches just in case you feel the need to put your foot in your mouth at some point. Just a thought.

  128. According to the Chicago Tribune I won’t need to insert foot in mouth. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Julie ends up testifying againist him.

  129. Carolyn,
    The Chicago Tribune only reported to what was said in court, it in NO WAY means it’s the truth. For the biological parents of a child say they have known about the abuse and did nothing is a BIG hole in a story. 1 says they were waiting for something more concrete before reporting the crime (a 6 month wait that is) and the other only stating she knew about it, but the paper did not disclose why she did nothing. Either way you look at it, there are more then 1 admissions of guilt in there statements and only 1 of them was not charged. As for her possibly testifying against him, we will see how that goes in court. I am not saying who did this or why, all I am saying is who it did NOT do this horrific crime and that is Gil.

  130. Isn’t the trial next week? Why doesn’t everyone relax and wait until we hear the answers we all are seeking? All the mud slinging is degrading the bloggers to juevnilles..People are checking out the blog. But it has become a nasty little fight over who knows more. It is suppose to be a place to help the sad to heal… To be informed. We aren’t in the postion to judge. Only listen…

  131. Julie and Gil are both scheduled to appear in court next week, October 17. I pray that the persons responsible for Devin’s murder are punished to the fullest extent. Knowing about it and not doing something about it is just as bad.

  132. Gina:

    In response to your comment…”knowing about it and not doing something about it is just as bad.”

    Then all that claim they knew and didn’t do anything should be punished. IF and that’s a big IF, Devin was really being abused!

    Remember that Bryan was supposedly taking photos and waiting for something more concrete.

  133. I was never passing judgement on anyone unless they came in here spouting off about Gil. Then I basically started bashing people, the reason? Gil is not here to defend himself, so that is the only reason I am here. Am I a cop? No, but I took law enforcement classes and criminal psychology, and criminal justice classes. That is what I went to college for. Why didn’t I become a cop? Because during that spell, I married one and then he started beating the shit out of me and none of the other cops want to help a battered wife of a cop. So, I thought that would not be the ultimate career choice for me. Since this blog is not about me, that is all I care to say about that. You can be as sick of me as you want, but I will not go away, nor will I back down. As far as JUlie testifying? That ought to be interesting…does anyone recall the movie “Mommy Dearest”? The truth will come out, all the red flags that have been raised during the investigation, will be considered. 8 more days, the countdown is on….

  134. Suspicious:

    Since you are in a jovial mood, I take it the visit went well. 🙂 I just talked to the folks down yonder and updated them on what’s happening on this blog as I do every evening. Now that you know who we are, if at any time, there is something we can do or if you would like to get together for a drink or even would just like to talk, you can call down yonder and they will let you know how to get in touch with me. All of us have known Gil for a long time and have been there through thick and thin throughout the years and that is not about to stop now. My father, especially, is and has been really torn up about this and he also believes that there is no way that Gil did this. I guess I just wanted you to know where we stand with all of this. We know the side of Gil that not everyone knows…the true, goodhearted person that he is and always has been. We also know the side of Gil that has made some bad choices, but we have always loved him no matter what. I personally have told him off a time or two when we made bad choices just as I have my own kids. The bottom line is that we have always loved Gil and we always will no matter how this turns out. We don’t believe that Gil did this and we will stand by him as we have in the past. We do realize that accused don’t mean convicted.

  135. I couldn’t have said it better myself…we all just want answers as well as justice for that boy…

  136. I am one of the closest persons in Bryan’s life. Some of these comments are so ridiculous. Here are some of the things that I know to be true.

    Gil was not Devin’s stepfather. Gil was only a male figure in Devins life (and what a figure he turned out to be).

    Bryan’s family wasn’t waiting for anything more concrete, that’s only what the papers wanted to say. Julie always hand an excuse for Bryan of why Devin had bruises. There was never a court order for visitation for the times that Bryan could see all three of his kids and at the same time there were numerous times that Julie would not let Bryan see his kids because they were “sick”. One of the times that Bryan did have the kids was on Easter when half of Devins face was swollen. Julie gave the family an excuse for that one too. Bryan proceeded to go to St Joes because he thought the injury was bad but instead was instructed by Julie to go to Silver Cross were they were met by who other than her mother because she works there.

    As for Gil, the police have gathered enough evidence in and outside the house that I am sure they have enough to convict him. One of Bryan’s siblings had entered the house right after the police had left and there was still the blue illumina(sorry if the spelling is incorrect) sprayed all over the house. There were very many adult handprints in the house and what is much worse is that there were little boy handprints also. Does Gil have his fingerprints on file? I wonder. There is no way a person can sleep through what torture Devin went through.

    From the mouths of babes will the truth come out.

  137. To all commentors:

    Please remember that this is not the Gil fan club space. This post if for the VICTIM of the crime. It bothers me that so many of you just leave comments about Gil’s innocence. However, this is not the place for that. I will be removing any more comments that are about Gil’s innocence rather than about the crime and the victim.

  138. Although I agree with your post and should ALWAYS keep focus on the victim of a crime. But shouldnt we also remove any posts that point the finger at the accused? We do still have innocent until provin guiltly in this great country right?
    As for what the papers did say or not say, we can’t assume what you or anyone else is hearing is the truth or not, since we were NOT there. For a child to be abused like this for 6 months and the parents (mom and dad) do nothing is also a crime and only 1 of those parents is being charged with a crime while the other is not. Not to mention the many many other family members that should have seen some kind of indication that this child needs DCFS to step in for that little helpless boys protection. There is not anyone here on this website who knows who commited this horrific crime without reasonible doubt. I just hope the investigators do justice for this little boy and find the guilty party of this crime so that person can be punished to the full extent of the law.

  139. Enough Already:

    I will repeat myself, knowing about it and not doing something about it is just as bad. I don’t care who knew about it. If they did, they should be punished. Why on earth would someone let a child be abused? If Bryan knew about it, then he should be punished too. I’m not saying anyone is innocent because I don’t know who is innocent and I don’t know who is guilty. And I don’t see how you can say IF Devin was abused. How else do you think he got those bruises? Again, I am not pointing my finger at anyone because I don’t know who is responsible for this. All I am saying is that this child was abused. I think it’s called abuse when a two year old dies from those types of injuries. And I am keeping my opinion to myself as to who I think is guilty. You can’t express your opinion on this site without someone blowing up.

  140. I dont think the paper or any other news media would print or say this if the police chief (Hayes) indeed did say it. “The children’s biological father indicated to police that there had been signs of child abuse to the 2-year-old, but they were not reported to authorities, Hayes said. They were suspicions and he was waiting for something more concrete to occur.” CBS 2 Chicago
    Does the media make mistakes YES but would they have corrected it by now? I would sure hope so.

  141. On September 22nd DD put in entry in. Maybe you guys need to revisit it.
    Maybe people need to start worrying about the other children involved. It was said that there was a five year old sister. Anyone worried about her? She is going to need some counseling as to why her brother is gone. Her life is shatttered. Her parents are not together and her mom will problably do some time over this. Who is supporting Gil’s three other children? I would hope he was supplying some type of support for them. There is no mention of the welfare of those children. Who is going to pick up all the shattered pieces of the families who lives are broken? I hope the fan club will help asssist in raising the children if necessarry. That guy would not be behind bars with such a high bond if there wasn’t some good evidence against him.
    The courts will decide his fate, but the community can help with the childrens fate.

  142. “Wow” that was totally uncalled for. Have you ever been abused? I’ve learned that when I get too opinionated about other people & what they should be able to do, etc. It seems to come back to bite me. I’ve thought about people that were struggling financially or over-weight & thought that they were just lazy & should just be able to work harder or decide to be better & was pretty rude to them. Then, I got to try out their shoes & realize that it is WAY more complicated than it seems. You need to stick to the topic at hand which is making sure that justice is found for little Devin.

    “Alice” made a good point…as well as hoping that the person/people that are responsible for what happened to Devin get what they deserve, everyone needs to try to be there for the other children involved…who knows what his older sister saw or heard, the baby needs to be protected & with her family, & Gil’s other three girls have their mom & other family, but still have to deal with this as well. Let’s help all of the victims any way that we can.

  143. It certainly was never intended for me to simulate that I was trying to start a Gil fan club. All through my posts I kept referring back to the case. I was merely trying to encourage people to consider different options as to what may have happened. Since NOONE has been formally indicted yet. I was always trying to reference the case until people would just get on here to post personal attacks against Gil and say absolutely nothing else. I knew and loved Devin as well, he had a contagious smile and personality…unlike some of the people posting in this forum. I also tried to make my comments in a tasteful manner, that was offensive, yet to make a point. I never meant for people to divert the whole blog to throwing out insults and slandering everyone.
    The house would have been sprayed up with lluminol , not to obtain fingerprints, but to determine blood spatter, and bodily fluids, the reason it is apparent with fingerprints is because of the oils you have in your skin.
    WOW: Thanks for your utmost concern regarding my first marriage that ended over 15 years ago. It is not a cake walk being abused, but it is Hell when it is a cop doing it. You don’t know the circumstances and the fears involved, so I will just consider your lack of knowledge to be your subsequent lack of concern on the subject of abuse. Which incidently happens to be the subject of this BLOG!

  144. confused:

    I was there every time Bryan had the kids and Julie had an excuse for every bruise that Devin had. All of those facts will come out.


    The blue Luminol that was sprayed in the house detects blood. It detects the iron that is in the blood. It does not pick up on any oils that may come off of a persons skin.

    I can assure everyone that the two little girls are being well cared for. The family is getting the help that they need.

  145. t j 20,
    Why was DCFS not called? Please don’t give the excuse that a lawyer, judge or any other official told him to wait for something more concrete. As a parent I could never drop my kids off knowing there was even a small chance he or she might be abused. If the DCFS determines that her excuses are valid then fine, but for someone who is seeing the possible abuse and not looking further into it then I say they too are guilty of child endangerment as well. Kids do get bruises and yes Devin was a bit clumsy sometimes (Iv seen with my own eyes) but not to the extent of what the police & DA is saying. I will not accept any excuses as to why this was not reported because bottom line is >>> IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

  146. I thought the subject of this blog was a Devin? Not who abused you or Gil’s innocence. I’m sorry if it is hard to be concerned about you, when I came here looking for peace about why a helpless 2 year old boy had his life beaten out of him by his mothers live in boyfriend.

  147. WOW,
    Another post that should be deleted because it shows prejudice towards an accused individual not a guilty one. At least one thing you state is correct and a fact, there was abuse. However the abuse was recognized by some and nothing was reported. I would expect another poster to give some type of explanation as to there angle on abuse if they experienced it in life without making it about themselves. I am here for JUSTICE for Devin, family and friends. Shame on you and your post, save your banter for another place. When the individual is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt then I would say posting should be allowed about that individual until then they should stop just like the ones proclaiming innocence.

  148. WOW:
    Refer to my previous post, I said this WASN’T about me. I was simply explaining something to someone who asked if I was a cop. I never was looking for your concern. Your comment about my judge of character was uncalled for. Stick to the subject at hand, so that you can find peace…

  149. to tj:
    I have to say I agree with you . Who are you all to say that DCFS was never called? Or whos to say that they may have been called but nothing was done? And who posted earlier that Oct 17 th was ‘the big day’.. no it’s not. It ‘s just a hearing – no big deal… the (gil and julie) will probably wont even be brought to the ct. house. and the trial wont happen for easily 2 years. So why does everyone think that this will all get resolved so quickly?
    Gil is going to rot. So all of you who hopped on the ‘justice for gil’ bandwagon… let me know how it all works out for you when he'[s found guilty (from all of the EVIDENCE not based on his trailer park, alcoholic ‘character’).. Face it.. he was a drunk with no self control and a crappy temper. So next time you go visit your buddy gil… tell him he’d be better off sitting in jail forever.. b/c from the sounds of everyone on here, my guess is he wouldn’t last 10 minutes out from behind his shiny bars.

  150. October 17th is a preliminary hearing, it gets the ball rolling. Yes these trials take a long time…doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be “rotting”…we’ll have to see about that one. Yes, I believe they will both be in court that day. Julie with her counsel, Gil with his. Don’t know much about him being a drunk, he had 3 beers the night of his birthday(the night in question), wasn’t aware that makes you ready for the 10 step program…He had to get up for work the next morning, which shows self control. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how long he lasts on the streets, just may take a while to get there. Just a reminder, this is not a blog for personal attacks, it is still and will continue to remain about finding justice for Devin…

  151. Patience people,
    I can’t imagine that Brian or anyone else called DCFS when in the news media the police chief was saying >>>>> “The children’s biological father indicated to police that there had been signs of child abuse to the 2-year-old, but they were not reported to authorities, Hayes said. They were suspicions and he was waiting for something more concrete to occur.” CBS 2 Chicago Again it says NOT REPORTED TO AUTORITIES which would include DCFS. Again Im a NOT accusing anyone of this horrific crime, however I am pushing towards the fact that individuals suspected abuse and did not report it. It’s called child endangerment and we are led to believe that this poor little boy was in danger for 6 months or more (according to the Will Co investigators) and you think DCFS was called without any action or investigation? I doubt that very very much.

  152. Poor Devin and his poor sisters. Hopefully little Devin can watch over his sisters from heaven. I pray that his sisters are raised with more mature responsible, nurturing people than Gil and Julie. When it is all said and done I would also like to hear the reason Gil snapped and killed a two year old little boy. What in the world was going throuh his mind to beleive any innocent child deserved such a beating.

  153. That is so weird! I was thinking the same thing , only I was wondering what made Julie snap and blame Gil? Since she has told an array of stories, never telling the same one twice…and still continuing to try and contact Gil’s family, against the advice of her public defender…Sure doesn’t seem like she is acting as if anything is different….That just makes me wonder………………………………………………???

  154. Enabling child abuse. That is what it is called when you suspect child abuse but continue to ignore it by not reporting it. Kelsey Briggs mother got 27 or 29 years for enabling child abuse, her husband killed Kelsey (kelsey’s stepfather)

  155. Not here to defend or deny Gil’s innocent..You guys need to find a seperate blog for that.

  156. Julie Beth, we LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and are praying for you and your family always…. May God watch over and guide you every step of the way.. God Bless you are an Angel….

  157. Little Devin,

    Your day of Justice begins tomorrow.



  158. Okay so I want to clear some things up. For one, I have been best friends with Bryan for over 13 years. I am also real close to his family as well as I also was friends with Gil and Julie. Bryan had nothing to do with any of this! It pisses me off that any of you could sit here and accuse him. It also sickens me that I gave up reading all these damn comments when I read that Bryan was in court the day after his son was murdered in a cheerful mood. I WAS THERE! I went with him, his brother, his 2 sisters and another close friend of his. He was no way close to a cheerfel mood. He was crying his eyes out especially when they were reading off all the injuries poor Devin had. So before any of you messed up people say anything about him you better get your facts straight. I have been with him every single day since this all happened, trying to help him and support him. I am a mother of 2 with another on the way and my 5 year old son has been playing with his daughter Madi since she and him were babies. I will not allow any of you talk bad about him cause he is a great father. Tell me this, how would you feel if you were married to Julie and Gil was your best man in your wedding and you move him into your house cause he needed to get back on his feet from his divorce and to find out while you are sleeping upstairs your wife is sneaking downstairs to sleep with your best friend/best man???? Also to find out later down the road that this affair has been going on way longer than that? More like almost 2 years. So then you are facing a ugly divorce as well as an ugly custody battle for your babies. Then 2 weeks before your son is murdered Julie comes to you and tells you that Aleena may not be yours, after you have supported and loved her as your own for 10 months?? I am sure you wouldnt be all cheerful you sick people. As to the abuse allegations- yes Bryan started noticing bruises and was told by his lawyer to take pictures. This was recently- not 6 months ago. Whoever was abusing him was covering the abuse up pretty well. So Bryan was going to the DCFS as soon as his lawyer told him he had solid proof. Then to also be informed that 2 days before Devin is murdered, he goes to his mom and tells her that Gilby is mean. As soon as Gil jumps up and starts asking what Devin said, Devin walks away and stops talking. Yes Gil loved his kids. Ill give him that since I was his friend. But he was a mess up. He abused Danielle (ex wife) and rarely worked. He loved to do drugs and drink and he was a want to be gang banger when we were younger. So those facts are true about him. He admitted to being drunk and on cocaine the night of the murder. He was the only one in the house and no he didnt leave the house til 6am. So yes he beat Devin to death and then went to sleep on the couch. Not all the facts are in the papers or on the web for you to see. I too have friends in the Coroners office and the Joliet Police Department. I am actually friends with the officer that arrived on the scene first. My oppinon is Gil is guilty and only the judge will decide- not you or me have a say. I can tell you this, Gil looked like he had no remorse when he was on the court tv. I never thought he could hurt a child but drugs, booze and other factors can change you in a heart beat. Plus, Devin was not his child. It was someone elses so he didnt look at Devin as his own. What happened to him was horrific and you people dont even know the half of it. Bryan tried to get the courts to kick him out but they wouldnt so the whole time Julie and Gil are living there Bryan is forced to pay a $1400 mortgage. Bryan also had to get a court order to put the house up for sale and Julie would never let the realtor to come in. So he was in the middle of taking her to court for that as well not to mention fighting for sole custody of his children. As to Julie, she was a loving mother til Gil brought her down hill. She was too wrapped up in her personal life than worrying about her babies. She deserves just as much cause she was suppose to protect her baby. So before you all start judging anyone in this case you better know the facts or keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Thank you very much!!!

  159. The Real story will come out in the proceedings…but thank you for sharing your rendition of events with us.It is funny how a story can change so much in accordance to who is telling it…I want to see things in black and white with a Will County letterhead on it and then I will have to accept it as FACT…but not until then.

  160. Yes thats why I commented. I wasnt going too but after reading some of the comments people left and realized how much of the facts have been flipped around upset me. Everything will come out in trial and you are right. Justice will be served and if Gil is guilty (as I believe he is) he will get what he deserves. So will Julie. But other than that, I am going to be here for the Owens and those two beautiful girls that now have to live their lives without their brother that they both loved deeply. Madi acted like a mini mom to him. She is so heart broken.

  161. And so they both entered an innocent plea. Not guilty of a thing. Nooooosireee.

    Too bad (for them) that saying “not guilty” won’t keep you from going to Hell.

  162. Ok. Everyone can all say what a “GREAT” person Gil was, or is. The point is a child is dead, and only 2 people could have done. And he is ONE of them.

  163. PS,
    No one can ever assume what another human being is capable of. We don’t know what goes thru other peoples minds. Read any serial murder book, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

  164. PSS,
    The mother looks just as capable, and if she was there, she’s just as guilty.

  165. to confused

    Read what I wrote. Bryan did bring Devin to the hospital. The hospital didn’t think that there was any reason to get any one else involved. Bryan did what he thought was right for his son.

  166. Correct me if I’m wrong, but anyone who is a parent will do ANYTHING, I repeat ANYTHING to protect your child. I would lay down my life, if it means to save my babies. If I in any way shape or form thought someone was violating my child in a mental, physical, or sexual way, I would not comply with a stupid court order to make them return to that environment. I would just as well rather end up in contempt or be jailed if it meant protecting my babies. I would not drop them off to the very person that I thought was abusing them. I would not drop them off PERIOD!! My obligation to my children is unfounded, the laws, lawyers, hospital personnel, nor any judge in any state of the union would be able to hinder that. I would have raised so much attention to the fact that someone was doing this to my baby, everyone in a 250 mile radius would have known it. I certainly would NOT have been concerned with rules that I was supposed to follow….a prime example of when RULES SHOULD HAVE BEEN BROKEN!!! I realize that not everyone has the same aggression level as I do, but at some point, instinct should have taken over…

  167. Suspicious: I find your last post interesting. You don’t know what you would do unless you are in the exact same situation. I would not let my husband beat me! You do not know all the circumstances so don’t talk. You only want to be open minded for yourself and your murderous friend. Everyone elses actions should be justified? Your not bias not bias at all!

  168. I know that I would never and could never put my kids at risk. As far as myself? Sure, I have put my ass on a limb on more than one occasion. I have screamed at neighborhood kids for picking on my kids, I have gone off on teachers that I didn’t think were grading my son fairly, so don’t tell me what I would or wouldn’t do for my kids. My husband and I fight quite a bit over how protective and obsessive I am about making their lives a better place to be. I am remaining open minded about who may have done this horrific crime, but I won’t open up my mind as far as how far you should go to protect your kids. I was just saying that some of us would have handled it differently, that is a fact. I wasn’t personally attacking Bryan for the way he handled it. He did things the “proper” way, which isn’t always the “best” way…

  169. Yikes! no need for swearing. I was only trying to have an adult conversation.

  170. Pardon me misusing the dictionary word “ass”, my intent was not to offend anyone that reads this blog.

  171. Reading everyone’s comments is showing me how emotional everyone is about this child. He will not be forgotten. Let’s make the responsible parties pay for cutting this young child’s life short. Let’s put more energy into that. God bless everyone on this blog and be safe.

  172. God Bless You Devin! You are , nor never will be forgotten!

  173. Suspicious, I totally agree with what you said about protecting your children with every fiber of your being, because I am the exact same way when it comes to my children!

  174. This has turned into the “poor Bryan”, “Gil’s a killer” “Julie was a good mom until Gil brought her down” blog… What about Devin???? I have said this multiple times throughout this blog, ANYBODY, who knew of these unthinkable things that were being done to this boy, whether they delivered the fatal blows or whether they stood back and were a member of the audience is guilty of NEGLIGENCE!!! This being father, mother, grandparents, anyone that this boy depended on to be his voice, since he was too young to represent himself. They are all guilty, the only one I want justice for is that boy! He deserves the vindication for this since NO ONE heard his voice. Do I feel sympathetic for the families? Sure I do, if they all knew, I am sure it is not easy to live with that. People are angry and outraged that such a thing could occur and no one prevented it. Emotions will continue to flow strong throughout this whole judicial process, but until they convict that person who has been proven without a reasonable doubt to have done this, I would sure appreciate it if we could keep the focus on Devin and not your personal opinions of the accused. It is getting old and tiresome…

  175. suspicious, I totally agree with you! The focus should be on Devin, that poor child endured something horrific and now he is gone, only to remain in our memories. I am very sympathetic to the parents, grandparents aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, ect… I know that “IF” the mother and stepfather had nothing to do with this, they must being going insane, but if they did, may god have mercy on their poor souls!

  176. I know that Bryan must be just sick over this also, if in fact that he noticed or sensed some type of abuse it must be killing him inside at the fact that he did’nt report it! I am so crazy when it comes to my children it’s insane! I too go wayyy to far to protect my kids, I know every scratch on their bodies, and I will be damned if I suspect anyone of abusing my kids that I would not report it! I don’t give a damn about what my husband or anyone else says, a mothers love is like no other!!! At least for some of us!

  177. Dear close friend, I am really amazed at the things that you said about Gil, and I believe evey single word! People that are not close to them, or people that did not live with them, or know them does not know the true story behind this terrible crime! It just broke my heart when you said that the little girl said “Mommy Gil is mean” Wow I am willing to bet that, that little girl will tell something that she has seen! I know that Gina may want to protect her brother, but for christs sake there has been sooooo many cases where everyone thought that the criminal would never do this or that, and how kind that person is or whatever, when in fact they turn out to be just that, a guilty criminal! I have read blog after blog on this case, and I must admit there are lots of people that seem to know Gil and have said things like Gil is a coward, Gil is a drunk & drug addict, Gil is violent, Gil beat his ex-wife, I am sure that Gina MUST know at least some of these things! I am waiting for the outcome, but this is just my guess & opinion, but I believe both Gil & Julie will be found guilty! Poor little Devin’s battered, bruised body will tell everyone what happened to him! God bless your little soul Devin, after all this is over, may you rest in peace precious little one!!!

  178. And as I posted yesterday, but it was removed…On the court hearing on the 17th, the Will County prosecuting attorney was asked if he had ANY evidence to submit to Gil’s attorney, and the reply was, “NO, none at this time.” According to all these people in the blog, there is mounds of evidence, it is funny that the posecutor doesn’t seem to think so. You just can’t believe everything you read…

  179. I was also at the court when the judge asked about the evidence and the judge said that the prosecutor had until October 31st to present the defense with their “discovery” which is when the prosecutor gives the defense attorney the evidence and witness statements. It does not mean that there is no evidence.

  180. That”s right t j 20!!!

  181. The key words were, “Not at this time” Mr. Suspicious, and speaking of that, you sound suspicious! LOL… Do you know ANYTHING about the law? Apparently not because if you did you would already know that the prosecuter is in fact going to have mounds of evidence by the 31st, lol.

  182. That would be Mrs. Suspicious, to illiterates….I guess I don’t know as much about the law as you, considering the fact that you have a criminal background. Glad you think it is so funny, like how you know so much about the case because you were under suspicion in the case!!!I know who you are and what your agenda is….Too bad I’ll be the one laughing….LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOOL

  183. I apologize for losing my intelligence and maturity to anger. It is sick and twisted to find anything funny about this case. Regardless of who wins or loses, we all know who ultimately lost in the gist of things. May God forgive me for trivializing on the death of this boy to lash out at someone who isn’t worthy of my time or effort to do so….

  184. People,

    Please just stop. Stop playing childish word games. Wait and see what happens in court. There is no reason to speculate either way.

    Also, suspicious, this is not a game. No one “wins” or “loses”. For me, you actually saying that was a bit offensive.

  185. I have spent my entire life with gil and his family, i find this hoorifing yet unbelievable. I am not going to take sides as i do know all of the parties involved and not a one of them has a better background then the other it is just that a couple of them were able to hide there mishaps better. I feel soooo sorry for that poor baby,and my prayeres are with everyone involved. I pray that the God of my understanding discloses the truth and if they are innocent sets them free and if they are guilty i just pray that the lord deal with him how ever he may see fit.

  186. Devin my prayers are with you and im sorry its to late. may god give you justice and the guilty pay and the innocent go free. Gil and Julie please pray,keep faith and for god’s sake start telling the truth for the sake of that poor little boy who suffered so much.

  187. What is the use apologizing for your “stupidity” if you are gonna say something else stupid! You are right I have a “Criminal Law” backround dummy and I went to school for a loooong time to earn my degrees! I may have questioned you, and you may be one of the suspects, oh no wait; that’s Gil and Julie that’s right!! MR/MRS or what ever the hell you are, but I have one thing right, you are in fact suspicious! You think you know who I am, fool det means detective! Why a I wasting my time with you? There are other people on this blog that actually care about Devin, by the way that is why I am working my butt off to get the likes of you off of the street (People that protect the criminal)!

  188. Coco, you speak such warming words! I pray also that people start telling the truth because someone knows something! I just want little Devin to be able to rest in peace, his lttle life was cut short at the hands of a maniac. You said that you have spent your entire life with Gil and his family, if in fact Gil and Julie are innocent ok, but it is so hard to fathem that one of them don’t know ANYTHING about poor little Devin’s tragety. Devin, may you rest in peace precious little boy, my prayers are with you and your family!!! Suspicious, you seem to know so much, then why not solve the case? And yes your laughing and acting like a kid is sickening!

  189. mylifeofcrime,
    I am in NO way speculating anything, I have facts ok! I am just tired of people like suspicious and his/her dumb comments and he/she knows nothing about the case, he/she only knows Gil or whoever, and evidentally he/she don’t even know Gil the way he/she thinks! Like I said I want justice for Devin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Also, I find it highly unprofessional for someone in such an important position to be spouting off on an Internet Blog about a high profile case that hasn’t even gotten off the ground. How can we expect them to pick a biased jury when there are people like you around ensuring that there are internal leaks in the department. So spare me with your “stupid this” and dummy that…you have made it clear that STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES…..

  191. Knowles and Owens BOTH need to do some heavy prison time. Society will not miss them one bit, as they were worthless druging and boozing wastes of space.

  192. Suspicious, did you read one word about me giving any evidence about the case? No I said we have alot of evidence, so you are “stupid!!!” You see you are the one that has been on here telling so much about “GIL”! And as far as picking a biased jury, there are a whole bunch of you on this blog spouting out things about Gilbert, & Julie “Dummy”.I am just curious as what to everyone has to say about old Gil! I will never disclose ANY kind of evidence to ANYONE except the proper authorities, So MR/MRS/WHATEVER Suspicious, I do in fact know how far to go, hey it’s my job to be nosy! And by the way If you have seen a badge, by the sounds of your stupid comments, I find it hard to believe that the officer/officers misused it, especially if you are friends with Gil! LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL

  193. Whatever, dude, find someone else to spout out your ignorant jibberish to, because I am no longer even remotely convinced that you even passed the psychological test to be a cop. So far you have been obsessing about how stupid Gil’s family is and how ignorant his friends are for standing by him, when that would be TOTAL “CONDUCT UNBECOMING OF AN OFFICER” to be in an internet blog shooting off his mouth and making incinuations about the case. If you are a detective, I’m sure you aren’t a GOOD one because you don’t even have the right demeanor, For God’s sake. If you are so busy trying to find justice for Devin, why are you wasting precious Joliet taxpaying dollars on an Internet blog rather than logging in your multitudes of evidence that you have such top secret information about? I am done talking with you and I will no longer respond to your ignorance and lack of respect for your job!!!! God Bless Devin!!!!

  194. yes i would like to add my thoughts about devin

    i miss you sooo much little man

    i wish you were still with us today

    i miss your brown eyes and your devilish smile

    i have you in my heart every minute of every day

    i will see you when the time is right

    i love you

  195. People grieve in different ways, sure is sad when the focus of this whole message board has encompassed this kind of juvenile brain games. We are all sorry about your son, Bryan…we loved him too. You are diverting the subject from your baby by doing these “unhealthy” gestures. Do not demean and degrade his precious name by resorting to this behavior…Justice will prevail, you cannot be angry that Gil’s family and friends are supporting him. That is what friends and family do. I hope and pray that you are getting the emotional support you need at a time like this. But using Gilbert’s personal life and involving people that have done nothing harmful to you is just wrong!

  196. This post is supposed to be about grieving the loss of Devin & now you have turned it into your own war…this is ridiculous! I know that false names are being used tonight. It is very easy to find out who you are regardless of what name you use on your post, so for your own sake…you need to stop. Here’s a question…why is all of this going down tonight???? Is the lack of evidence & the fact that the 10/31/07 date is coming up quickly starting to make someone snap? I think that it is now time to make sure that all of the other victims (children espescially) are safe.

  197. As soon as justice is served for this baby, I will leave….not until then.

  198. so suspicious are you defending Gil? Im confused

  199. I’m not an attorney, it is to my understanding he already has legal counsel.

  200. you act like you think he is innocent?

  201. I hope that the detectives are looking at this blog and getting all of the email addresses, IP addresses, etc…so everyone here can be questioned and so they can see that some one here is using other peoples names. Everyone here should be investigated. I have nothing to hide so it wouldn’t bother me. I would welcome it. You never know, it could help in solving this case.


    Yes, the police are aware of the comments on this blogs, even some specific ones. They are looking into things and I will turn over any and all IP addresses and email address that are requested.

  202. I am all about a man getting a FAIR trial by a jury of his peers. I realize through some of my postings that I seem like Gil’s personal Rottweiler, but that is only when people come in here just wanting to vent their personal opinions about Gil and not say anything in reference to Devin or the sorrow surrounding his untimely death. This blog is about that baby, if he did not have to be put through this, none of these people would be able to come on here with their assorted “Jerry Springer” opinions and use it for their own personal enjoyment. So I start bashing only those people, because this is not the place for that riff-raff…I am first and foremost about JUSTICE, but there has to be fairness in achieving it. He is still not guilty, as of now, and if I were scooped up for some crime, I would only hope that my trial would be based on the facts and evidence, not whether I smoked weed or ran the streets, or had a physical altercation with my ex-wife, or any other idiotic thing I have done. Because if they convicted people solely based on character flaws, the streets would be empty….trust me.

  203. suspicious,
    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  204. as a reader of this blog I have noticed the “no” or “know” words being used incorrectly! For those of you who don’t KNOW…. no is like- no more bread please or no, I don’t care to discuss that topic. Know is like… I know the truth or does anybody know who has the multiple personalities on this blog? Not that a blog needs to have perfect spelling or grammar, but “No” and “Know” are different words if you didn’t Know! However, I am sure most of you are getting caught up in emotions while writing. And, since we’re on the topic another common misuse on this blog is “to” or “too” i.e. “to go to the store” or “I like that too”(as in also)… is how the 2’s should be used!

  205. God bless that child.

    This blog has gone crazy!!! To the loveall and Gretz family, you all know who i am and my love is with all of you. My dad said to tell all of you hi as he is in florida right now. I know that are emotions are running very high right now, but coming on here and pretending to be somebody you are not is a new all time low. People are cutting down the accused famalies family and there is no reason for that. Just because some people in the family may have made bad choices does not mean that the entire family is trash. Gil has a very loving family and i have had the blessing of knowing them all of my life. Yes some have made poor choices and chosen wring paths, but God gave them all the paths they have taken to make them stronger, god does NOT make mistakes and everything happens for a reason. I know that to everyone here that child dieing there truly is no reason,but there was a reason for this happening that none of us may ever understand. Maybe we are not suppose to understand. I just wish people would stop cutting down other people and start praying for everyone involved. To gils family i know you all and my prayers are with each and everyone of you and so are my dads. I never have and never will stop praying for you all. Scooby, and stephen your brother needs you right now so stand by your own and forget what everyone else has to say. God knows what truly happened and he will allow the truth to be told. Aunt nelly I love and miss you and please stay strong through this. Send gil my love.

  206. Sorry about all of the spelling errors above, I was very upset and typing way to fast. God bless you devin and my prayers are with everyone involved in the nightmare.

  207. SHE IS JUST AS GUILY!! If you see abuse and do NOTHING you to are guilty. This is from msnbc!!Officials say mom ignored abuse
    By Hal Dardick

    Chicago Tribune

    September 19, 2007

    Original Chicago Tribune article: Officials say mom ignored abuse
    Read all 70 comments »
    The mother of a 2-year-old boy who was beaten to death this week allowed her boyfriend to abuse the child for more than six months, Will County prosecutors said Wednesday.

    The allegation, made in a document charging Julie Owens with endangering the life of a child, was read in Bond Court, where Circuit Judge Robert Lorz set bail for Owens at $400,000.

    Lorz set bail for Gilbert A. Knowles, Owens’ boyfriend, charged with first-degree murder, at $5 million.

    ‘These are serious allegations, and that’s the reason the bond is so high,’ Lorz told Knowles, who appeared in court via video hookup from the Will County Jail.

    Joliet police arrested Knowles, 33, and Owens, 24, on Tuesday. Police were called at 8 a.m. to a home in the 1300 block of North Burry Street, where they found Owens holding Devin Owens.

    Devin had numerous bruises on his head and body and blood on his face, Assistant State’s Atty. Debra Wendling told Lorz. Paramedics quickly determined he had died, she said.

    An autopsy determined the boy had suffered at least five internal injuries, numerous bruises, a broken jaw, a swollen brain and a fractured skull, Wendling said.

    The official cause of death, she said, was blunt-force trauma to his head.

    The autopsy also determined Devin had injuries that dated back to March, when the toddler’s father began noticing bruises on his face, Wendling said.

    Sharon Doran, 24, who described herself as Owens’ best friend, said after the hearing that she saw Devin often and spotted no injuries that alarmed her. ‘I’ve seen bumps and bruises, and I thought it never went past a 2-year-old boy being a 2-year-old boy,’ she said.

    During her bail hearing, also over video hookup, Owens sobbed at times while the judge explained the charges against her and the conditions of her bail, which included no contact with her children, except at Devin’s funeral.

    Owens told police that on Monday she was with Knowles at a bar and in the evening returned home, where her estranged husband, Bryan Owens, dropped off their three children, Wendling said. Julie Owens left the children with Knowles between 1 and 2 a.m. while she went to a bar, returning home at 2:30, Wendling said.

    Knowles left for work at 6:30 a.m., and when Owens went into Devin’s room, he was ‘stiff and cold,’ Wendling said. Owens then called 911.

    The Department of Children and Family Services placed the other two children, girls ages 5 years and 9 months, in the custody of Bryan Owens, Wendling said. The department had no prior contact with the family, an agency spokesman said.

    Meanwhile, an attorney for Bryan Owens has filed an emergency petition to take sole custody of the children and the couple’s home, where Julie Owens and Knowles were living with the three children.

    Bryan Owens, who was at the bail hearings, declined to comment, as did members of Knowles’ family, who said they could not come up with the $500,000, or 10 percent of the bail amount, it would take to get him out of jail.

    In 2003, Knowles pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic battery and served 1 year of supervision, court records say.

    Julie Owens’ mother told Lorz she could come up with $40,000 to get her daughter out of jail pending trial.

  208. I’m glad it was finally cleared up that Julie only left the house to go and take someone home from the bar, since all these previous posts indicated that Gil was alone at the house with the kids the whole entire time. Which a lot of us knew that was not true. Maybe others will realize that she was just as capable and was there at the house, too. So did she ignore the abuse or was she the one inflicting it on Baby Devin? That is my question…

  209. To the founder of this blog:

    Thank you for showing courtesy to the families by removing all their personal names off of here. Someone obviously got really upset and started using that to punish members of Gil’s family. I think they have had enough pain in a short month to last them a lifetime. It was a prime example of strong emotions being channeled in the wrong direction and using immaturity and poor taste to passify their own pain. Everyone who knew and loved that boy is in their own anguish right now.Nobody seems to take into consideration, they all loved Devin, too. For such a little guy, he sure had a HUGE impact on a lot of people, and all of those same people want JUSTICE for him….regardless of the outcome.

  210. suspicious,
    I think i may know who you are but am not for sure. I only want pople to know the truth and i understand that the ppers are not always a reliable source,but they can not qote officials unless it is the truth. I love gil and his family but am not taking sides tell all the facts are out. I will continue to pray for everyone involved. My love goes out to the loveall,and gretz family and ii hope they know my dad and i are here for them even though we are no longer in the area. i am niw in southern illinois and he is in florida but they are in our hearts and prayers.

  211. Thanks, Coco, it is always nice to have extra prayers and be blessed with great friends and a strongly-bonded family. You start to realize that these are very important in times of need like this. I will pass along your sympathies and love…

  212. thank you. how is the family holding up? i know this has to be hard on them. I am jason’s sister and if you know then family like i think you do then we know each other. I feel so bad for nelly. I know that her and mark raised there kids well and i am tired of people calling them white trash cause they are good people in a horrible situation.

  213. Suspicious,

    Please understand that I did not do it for Gil or his family or even for Julie. I did it because they had nothing to do with Devin or respect for this blog. While I understand that people have their opinions and I do respect that, everyone should understand that this blog is NOT for family feuds, name calling, gossip, accusations, or to save the accused.

    I personally do not know what happened that night. I was not there. But no one else reading this blog was either. Even if you think you know the accused, that does not mean that they did not do this. Someone did and they were the two home. I personally believe that they are BOTH responsible for what happened. That is my personal belief. Maybe I am wrong. However, this blog is NOT a place to defend either of the accused. No matter who they are to you.

    I just want to see justice done for Devin.

  214. I don’t care about Gil or his family none of this is even about him or his family have your private converstions in your private boxes. Gil was nothing but Devin’s murderer, a drug addict, a home wrecker, a woman abuser and a two time loser. So no one wants to hear about his family or his friends or from them.
    If this blog is supposed to be about Devin as Suspicous has said herself it is then why don’t we stick to poor Devin whose life was actually worth something, unlike Gil his worthless murderer!.

  215. to no or to know,
    What the hell are you talking about?? I am quite sure that these people “know” the difference! do you “Know” that we all use computer talk? that means to cut the words short, so that we don’t have to make these long comments! And “NO” I don’t want butter on my bread, lol! You are way off of the subject, everyone “knows” what the other means!

  216. I feel that THIS blog as any other is to state whatever opinion about whomever is involved, because the top of the blog gives you sites to go to to read about this horrific crime! Of course we all feel terrible for poor little Devin, but we also have our own opinions about the accused. Nowhere does it say that this blog is solely about Devin and we can’t write about how we feel about the people who did this to Devin! We are upset that someone could do something like this to an innocent child! Gilbert And Julie are both responsible for this, because one or the other knew or knows more than they are telling! It only takes common sense to know that they are guilty as sin!! BOTH of them.

  217. yes gil has a bad past,but if you know all involved,none of there past are the best. it is not fair to judge a person for past convictions,NO matter what he or she did. It is not the parents fault if the child did not grow up with the morals they imposed,so why blame them? NONE of us knowwho did what and i agree that yes they are both to blame to a certain degree,i just hope that they start telling what they really know if not for themselves then for the sake of that poor child. Yes we all have a right to our opinions,yes we should be able to voice them,BUT to sling mud at the entire family for the sins of 1 person is NOT right and God will judge you the way you judge others as karma is a wonderfull thing. I am an example, i was raised proper,yet i have been in and out of prison, that is NOT my parents fault it is MY own fault, i made my choices NOT my parents!! the same goes for gil,julie,and brian!!!

  218. WOW:
    Why don’t you practice what you preach! As you go on and on about your “OPINIONS” about Gil, you don’t even mention Devin until the very end of your post. But you sure had all sorts of “colorful” things to say about Gil. I guess you are only allowed to post slanderous things about the accused, nothing pleasant, right? Sorry to inform you that the road you travel goes both ways. Others are entitled to their opinions as well as you…

  219. Suspicious,
    I have to say that I agree with you on that one about others being entitled to their own opinions!! And coco, honey I know that we all do not follow our parents advice and up bringings, I am a prime example of that one myself! But sweetheart Devin was only 2 years old, he had’nt even had a chance to grow up and make a choice! I am not the judge, jury or anyone in law enforcement, but a blind person can see that either Julie, Gil, or both know something about the terrible death of thieir son/stepson Devin! I am sorry if I ofended anyone on this panel, but I have my own beliefs, I am not judging anyone, as only GOD can do that, but I do have my own thoughts and beliefs and I do not think that is a sin! God Bless you Devin!!!!

  220. Will everyone please stop referring to Devin as gil’s stepson. He was not his son or stepson.


    Thank you for the penny today. I miss you.



  221. kim,
    i know that devin was only 2 and i was not saying that the three who could have done it or who know something were good people or that they were innocent, all i was saying was that people do not need to sling mud at the families of the accoused as it was not there fault it was the guilty parties fault. I do not want anybody to think that i was sticking up for gil,julie or brian,i was only sticking up for there famlies as they dont control the acctions of there childre,they were not there. I did know all of the parties involved,but i was not there so i do not know what happened and all i can do is pray that somebody will start talking and telling what really happened in that house that dreadfull night that an innocent child lost his life. May god bless devin and all the famlies that are beeing torn apart by all of this. Now you are with the angels devin and im sorry that your life is over so soon as that just is not fair.

  222. His life was cut way too short
    He never was given a chance;
    He’ll never learn to ride a bike,
    He’ll never learn to dance.
    He’ll never get his first “big boy” tooth
    He’ll never go to school on the bus;
    That was all taken away from him,
    As he was taken from all of us.
    His first kiss was stolen
    As his many days playing childhood games;
    He’ll never score a touchdown,
    We need to punish who’s to blame.
    For taking away years of memories
    That wasn’t for another to take;
    May that person suffer every night,
    From a nightmare in which they can’t wake.
    Every time I feel the rain
    He’s crying down for justice to be done;
    Punish the person who did this to me,
    And took away all of my fun.
    His life had so much purpose
    There was so much he’ll never see;
    Our lives have been forever changed by this,
    Something to which we all agree.
    He can’t rest in peace in his heavenly home
    Until closure has been brought here on Earth;
    Who in the hell thinks they have a right,
    To judge what his life was worth?
    Soon, precious little one
    You’ll be able to eternally sleep;
    And find the peace you have been searching for,
    And in our hearts your memory will forever keep.

  223. I just wanted all to know, that I am not as bad as I sometimes seem. My heart and thoughts are ALWAYS in the right place.

  224. coco,
    I hear you honey! I did’nt mean to give a bad impression about what you said ok. You are RIGHT and I do agree with you about the mud slinging and everything, I know the families of poor Devin are just in pieces! I could not imagine something like that happening to one of my children, oh my, I don’t know what I would do! coco I apologize if I came off wrong, I was not trying to. Devin I did’nt know you, but you are truly in my heart honey, god bless all of you!

  225. Auntie,
    My name is kim not everyone ok! I know you must be really hurting right now, but the reason I said son/stepson is because Devin was in fact Julie’s son, and whether you like it or not Devin was Gil’s stepson! I know you were referring that comment to me, but as far as I am concerned, Devin WAS Gil’s stepson!

  226. suspicious,
    That was one of the most BEAUTIFUL poems that I have ever read! I write poery myself, but the emotion and the love that you put in that poem for Devin has me literally in tears right now! I could’nt have done it better myself! I don’t think that you are all bad, you are just stating how you feel! We all have our own feelings, and I agree with you about one thing, Devin is going to missed missed dearly by family and friends that knew him! I really love that poem!

  227. I just wanted to write something to the Owens and Miller families to let them know that I , too, have a son and I could NEVER imagine how they feel knowing all the things they’ll miss out on. My heart truly does go out to them, in spite of what side of the fence I am on, as far as my theories go. I am still a mother, first, and foremost. Justice will be served for him…

  228. Well it is a very nice poem, and I too have 3 children and a 15 month old grandson, and when I first read about what happened to Devin, my heart sank!!! I looked at my 15 month old grandson and said “How could someone do something like that to an innocent child?” I could not imagine someone beating my (Snoopy) like that! Oh Devin I am so sorry about what happened to you, you precious little boy, I am praying to god that justice prevails for you! GOD BLESS YOU DEVIN!!!!

  229. The poem was beautiful. I to am a mother of 5 my youngest beeing 6 and my oldest being 14. I do not know what would make another peraon take the life of an innocent child such as devine and my prayers go out to his family. I do not know how i would feel if i were in the shoes of any of these people involved. I just pray that the god of my understanding lays a heavy burden of guilt on the accused so that they will start telling authorities what realy went on the night that innocent child’s life was taken. I pray that the truth comes out and that it comes out soon so that BABY can rest in peace. I don’t know WHICH person did this, but what i do know is that NOBODY could have done this horrific crime without the other person seeing,hearing or knowing somthing and whichever person saw or knew of this crime NEEDS to start telling what they know!!!

  230. I want aunt nelly and uncle mark to know that mine and my dad’s prayers are with them and that I love them no matter what the outcome may be. I also want Devin’s family to know that they to are in my prayers and I am so very sorry for there loss.

  231. Suspicious,
    That was a beautiful poem.

    I don’t understand how you think that Devin was Gil’s stepson since Julie and Gil are not married.

  232. Suspicious,
    I have to agree…very beautiful poem.

    Kim and Gina,
    Please, let’s not argue over whether Devin was Gil’s stepson or not. Everyone’s emotions are at the max right now and very rightly so. We don’t need to understand why one would think one thing and one another. I think all our hearts are in the right place…wanting justice for Devin. That’s what is truly important right now.

    My heart and prayers go out to everyone that has been affected by this horrible tragedy. We all have our own beliefs, but I do believe that we all want the same thing…Justice for Devin.

  233. so um does anybody on here know that there is NO evidence convicting gil of anything….gee i wonder why….there is so much more to this story than ALOT of ppl on here dont even know about….take it from some one who talks to julie and gil BOTH almost on a weekley basis since this has happened….the truth will come out in the end and i think you will all be VERY surprised!
    Everyone needs to be concerned aboy justice for Devin AND STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT

  234. by the way…does any one on here know that julie was left at home with those kids for 3- 4 hours BEFORE gil got there that night,and the kids were ALL sleeping…..and that gil was only alone with them for an hour and a half while julie brought his brother home……hmmmmm
    3 hours hur and a half

  235. so what are you trying to say LALALALa, there are alot of things in this case that dont add up for julie..I for one have caught her in acouple of lies…others can agree…..and what about this jeff guy…where is he in all of this?

  236. The only people who will ever really know the truth about that night are the ones that were physically there, Devon and GOD. Anything else is just speculation and heresay. Unless there is DNA on that little boy, no-one will ever really know who hurt that child. Everything is just circumstantial evidence ( bruises, any internal injuries) for those of you who don’t know what is considered circumstantial evidence.

  237. I don’t think a lot of people know about the “notorious” Jeff that lived with Gil and Julie. It has been said that he left on bad terms and had a lot of animocity towards them both. I don’t know this for fact, but have heard it on more than one occasion.

  238. Gina:
    honey I said stepson because they were together, I am sorry if I offended you, I thought since gil is your brother, that you would’nt mind being poor Devin’s step-aunt! Oh I forgot Gil is your only concern!!
    Enough Already:
    I was not arguing with Gina, I was commenting on someone elses post, and Gina said what she said. I do care that justice is served for Devin! And yes honey I know that I want justice for Devin, just like any other caring loving person!
    Whether you talk to Julie & Gil almost weekly or daily, that does not mean a thing! Do you honestly think that they have NO evidence against one or the other or both? Well I find that very hard to believe, hey and whoever this Jeff guy is they may even have something on him. Nobody truly knows what the police have on anyone whether you talk to the murderers or not!

  239. Christina:
    U are the only one talking bullshit! Because what u said don’t even make sense! Who cares who u talk to? Of course Gil & Julie are gonna say “They have nothing on us” Typical for a criminal to say! Sweetie just because you talk to them don;t make you no damn detective!!! And if you have been reading this WHOLE blog MOST of the comments are about justice for that poor little boy Devin!

  240. Her exact words were”THERE IS NO EVIDENCE CONVICTING GIL OF ANYTHING” and she is absolutely 100% correct. NOBODY has been convicted of anything…..

  241. Kim:
    I happened to know Christina personally, I don’t think she said there was NO evidence. Any one that has ever seen an episode of Law and Order, knows there’s something…Is it scientific? Is it circumstantial? That is what we all anticipate.As far as your reference to her talking to the murderers? If we are still waiting on the actual trial to begin, how did you gain access to the verdict? Christina was giving her viewpoint on the subject, the same as the fact that you already have them both convicted as being your stance on the subject. An what an open-minded one it is…Before you go attacking others, while we all have respected your opinions thus far, that does not necessarily mean that we all agree with them…

  242. Since I haven’t been around much today, I will clear this up right now. Gil loved Devin as his stepson, but legally Julie was still married to her husband Bryan, hence meaning in the eyes of Illinois state law, he was not his stepson. In the eyes of the modern”commonlaw” practices, Illinois does not recognize commonlaw marriages or practices. So he would still not be recognized as his stepson. Refer to Illinois statutes if you have any further complaints on that subject.

  243. It doesn’t matter if the evidence is circumstantial or scientific it just has to convince a jury. I don’t know a person in the right mind who won’t see Gil for the monster he is. Gil will be convicted, locked up and sent to jail to rot. I’m sure you can all visit him through a glass window.

  244. Regardless of what evidence they have, all it takes to acquit someone is reasonable doubt. There is already plenty of that. Wow, you have such an enlighting analogy of foretelling future events, can I have a tarot reading, too???

  245. Kim,
    You must have me confused with the someone else. I am not Gil’s sister. I don’t even know Gil.

  246. Think before you assume.

  247. I also think it does matter if the evidence is circumstantial or physical, or even trace evidence. There is a huge difference! Circumstantial is just some attorney trying to plant a scenerio in the minds of the jury to convince them that is what happened. Physical/Forensic evidence actually puts you there on the scene while you wear the proof. I believe trace evidence is like a hair fiber, carpet fiber, single blood droplet,etc. that could possibly link you to the crime. So yes, depending on what evidence they are claiming to have, that can make an enormous amount of difference in the outcome of the trial…

  248. Watch and see he will be convicted. I don’t worry about I know it will happen. I don’t care why you say he won’t he will.

  249. Nevermind, I change my mind Gil is guilty as sin!

  250. Are you going to eloborate Suspicous?

  251. Weather any are guilty or not, the truth is only known by God and he himself will face the guilty party/parties and pass judgement. On a personal basis all are guilty who had knowledge and didn’t report it. My heart goes out to both families, I know Gils family and they are very loving to all of their children and are deeply sadden, I also feel for Brian’s family and the fact that their child/grandchild/brother nephew was taken from them at such a young age. This whole situation is a lose/lose situation everyone has lost and will lose something. Such a shame the world we live in has come to this. When was the last time we walked down the street and actually made eye contact with someone and smiled just because we wanted to. Life has come to we miss a lot of little pleasures and smiling, laughing and loving are very important and shouldn’t be lost to any of us under any circumstance so the next time you walk down the street smile at the next person you see. You’ll feel better about life and yourself when they smile back. There are never stangers just friends we haven’t met. I’ll pray for everyone involved, my heart goes out to everyone who has been on this blog, I hope we can all forgive and forget (but never forget Devin) and bury the hatchet.
    Bless You All
    Just Me

  252. In my opinion you have all already made up your minds as o who should or should not be convicted. I can only pray that NONE of you are called for jury duty in this case as yall truly do not care about the evidence or lack there of, all you care about is that your opinions are all that matter. Like I have said before NO child deserves to loose there life to somebody they trust and i hope they find justice for devin’s sake, BUT NONE of the parties involved had a very good past, also there families are NOT to blame for what happened and thank GOD that we must judge on the evidence and NOT the charecter flaws from the past. I love gil and his fammily, that will NEVER change,but if they can proove without a resonable doubt in COURT that he is guilty then i agree he will deserve to be punished, BUT right now he is innocent until PROVEN guilty!!! I will love him and his family whether innocent or guilty, that does NOT mean i approve of what happened it just means that family means alot and even GOD fogives us for our sins and gives us another choice. The bible tells us to treat others as we would want to be treated, all that says is that you should NOT throw stones at gil or his family cause karma is a mf and it will come back to bite us in the a**. God bless you all and i will keep all of you in my prayers.

  253. Aunt Alice,Aunt Nelly,

    if yall are following this blog,I want you to know that i love and miss you all. I would like to keep in touch with yall. Please know that my prayers are with everyone. Please feel free to email me

  254. Whoever that was that posted as me while I was at work, i WILL REPORT YOU TO THE BLOG CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  255. Gil is my family and I would never say that about him!!! you all should know that I just do not post one sentence forums. As you well know, I ramble on and explain all of my findings and theories!!!

  256. WoW:
    Don’t worry I won’t sit and bore you with the same old song and dance. Since you are so knowledgable about the case ! All you can manage to say is a bunch of stupid adjectives about the accused, None to which are very intelligent, might I say. You have no facts or evidence of your own to coaberate your opinions, they are just based on the fact that you simply don’t like the guy. It is a good thing they don’t convict people for being unlikeable or you just may be sittin’ there right next to your buddy, Gil. By the way, has Devin entered your thoughts lately???? For you see, this blog is about him, remember….

  257. Scew u Gina, (Not Gil’s sister)! I did’nt come here to even talk to you abou ANYTHING ok lil girl! So move the fu*k around fool!

  258. Oh and Gina, I assume u are a jackass!

  259. suspicious:
    Nobody has been convicted of anything YET, ok! I am not even going to go there with you suspicious because you think you know so much also! You have argued with everyone on this panel, just because they have an opinion! So you and Christina can stop acting like you know so much about what happened just because you know the killers! Were you there that night? No just like I was not there, but we all should be able to voice our opinions without some know-it-all/s trying to correct every single word a person has to say, damn get a life!


  261. LOL, Goooooo Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  263. Just me:
    Thank you for such a warming post! I honestly was/am not here to argue with anyone, I was just voicing my opinion as EVERYONE else has! It just seems that suspicious can say whatever suspicious wants to say, and no one else can say a damn thing without her commenting something negative about their thoughts and opinions! I thought we all were here to voice our opinions, that is what these blogs are for right? I pray that Devin will be able to rest in peace when all of this controversy is over, so from what you posted, you really made me snap back to the reason I am really here, and that is for Devin and his family, God bless you all!

  264. Suspicious,
    That was a wonderful poem.


  266. why don’t you use your name instead of mine coward!!
    This is the REAL GREG!

  267. Gllie Gee Willikers only whie people use that term, lol!

  268. I know that I am a trouble maker! I am sorry that I think I know so much just because the murderers are my family! I know they did it. I apologize with all of my heart. I hope my stupidity does not cause me to think I know it all, ever again!!! I will get off of my ass and start doing something worth while instead of attacking others just because they have an opinion. I am Sooooooo Sorry….

    NOTE FROM BLOG OWNER: This is NOT the real “Suspicious”. This is the person who posted as GREG. I just wanted this to be clear. It is very immature to try to post as another person so blatantly and try to get people stirred up like this. While people will not always agree on things, you should always be adult about it.

  269. Greg,
    Who the heck are you to be calling anyone dumb ass or trailer trash? Some of us do like suspicious and if you really were reading this blog you would know that suspicious is employed. Maybe you should stop the name calling, stop talking for other people, and get your facts straight!

  270. Well once again, everyone is losing sight of the purpose of the blog! I do not respond to degenerates that do not typically have even close to the same intelect that I have. This includes Greg and Kim or whoever they are. Don’t know, don’t care!!!! Devin, baby, we will find justice for you that I can promise. I have a job and that is why I have not been here to respond to half of this NONSENSE! I won’t begin to have a “Battle of the wits with someone that isn’t even in my league to begin with…I realize that others become threatened and insulted by others intelligence, especially when they come in and post some garbage not even remotely related to Devin. Get a life? I have one and I have put myself on a “crusade” of sorts to find justice for that boy and find out why h is life was ended. I could argue with people all day long, but it doesn’t change the fact that this boy suffered a tremendous amount of pain over the course of 6 months. So your words, insults, and ridiculous pandemonium is irrelevant to the reason I am here. So smoke your own crack pipes and leave me out of your bantering, I am here for one reason, and trust me when I say, it is not to make friends with half the likes of the people I have found in here, that is for sure!!!! It is for that baby and to come to a resolution with that….

  271. By the way, I will protect and defend whom I choose while I am on this pursuit of justice…

  272. Greg,
    I already know who posted as you, it must have been one of those multiple people that “DO NOT LIKE ME” that must be why they had my back….glad to keep my enemies so close….

  273. Greg,
    As I am reading back through all the posts that I missed while I was running my own business and found the one comical that you thought I posted as you….THAT IS ONE IDENTITY THAT I HAVE NO DESIRE TO ASSUME….and KIm? Didn’t you mention that you were a GRANDMOTHER? Maybe it is time you grow up then, sweetie….

  274. Kim,
    Excuse me for trying to clarify who I am. I am so sorry that I don’t want people thinking I am Gil’s sister. And I am so sorry that I am a jackass in your eyes. I apologize for not being perfect like you and not having YOUR opinions. Last time I checked, it was a free country and I can express my own opinions. Again, so sorry for not agreeing with you that Devin was Gil’s stepson, when he wasn’t! Next time I won’t ask a simple question. I had no clue I would offend you by expressing my own opinions or by telling you that I am not his sister. I think you’re the jackass for assuming things. I guess no one ever told you that you will make an ass out of yourself for assuming. But I am the jackass.

  275. Oh and Kim, if you don’t come here to talk to a little girl like me, why even respond to my comments? I’m just a little girl.

    You start in on me honey, and I am going to give it right back.

  276. Gina,
    You do not have to aplogize for having feelings and expressive comments to anyone…That is one thing I love about this great country we live in, sweetie….Freedom of speech….. we are all emotional in here. Some, for the actual fact that this little boy sacrificed his life for no reason whatsoever…………and others, unfortunately have their own agendas…..You say whatever you want and even if people don’t agree with you, you still have that right to express yourself.

  277. It seems that the closer to the trial, the higher tempers are getting. Really people weather we like each other or not or agree with each other or not isn’t what this blog is about. Just try and put yourself in anyone of these peoples positions ( the one’s that have lost Devin) reading this probably only saddens them, due to the fact that it has stirred up a lot of hatred , Devin’s life wasn’t meant to cause people to hate. Children are innocent and should only inspire love in peoples hearts not anger. Unforturnatually, even thought Devin did inspire that love while he was alive someone took that from him and now all we are left with is all this hate, name calling and finger pointing? I pray that not one of us on this blog ever has to personally ever have to go throught this and to remember the love that Devin inspired and forget all the hateful things that are being said. Remember the LOVE people! Lets act like the adults we’re supposed to be and set examples for our children and others around us.
    Just Me

  278. Just Me,
    I agree with you 100%, but I am sorry, if someone has the nerve to call me a name for simply asking a question, or clarifying something, I am going to fight back. This blog is about Devin and it’s a shame that some people flip out at others because they express their opinions. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions, and I am sorry, but NO ONE on this blog knows what kind of evidence the prosecuters have against Gil and Julie unless they work for the police department, states attorneys office or the courthouse. And if anyone knows who did this, they need to do the right thing and speak up. What matters here is that an innocent baby lost his life. I just hope that if Gil and Julie are responsible, justice is served. If they are not responsible, I hope the person(s) responsible is/are brought to justice. And, in my opinion, it is just as bad to know about it and not do something about it. I think that anyone who knew this baby was being abused should be punished too. I just don’t understand what could make someone snap and want to inflict so much pain onto someone who is so helpless and innocent. Again, I apologize to everyone for getting an attitude. I’m not one to let someone talk their smack and ignore it.

  279. This is to ALL of you that are talking crazy to or about me! First of all I have NO idea who this Greg person is, I don’t even know a Greg! Greg Whoever you are stop being a coward and say who the hell you really are instead of posting shit in other peoples names!!! I am very pissed right now: And Gina, you came off as being sarcastic to me, I also am not one to sit here and let someone talk smack to me, without me saying something back ok. Now I apologize to you for calling you a jackass, and dumbass ect.. I am apologizing because I am woman enough to do so! I am just sick of the fact that every time someone posts anything that a certain person does not like they always have something negative to say! So I guess everyone ASSUMED that I know this greg or had something to do with the dumb stuff that he/she wrote, he/she could be the same damn person that posted as suspicious while she said she was at work! I DO NOT call people trailor trash and say that they don’t have a job and all of that other crap that greg posted! Nobody knows anything about me! I have read things that others have posted that I did’nt agree with, but I did’nt go trying to correct them or say something stupid about what they had to say. Yes it is a free country, and yes we all have our opinions, and I will voice my opinions as I see fit. Alot of people also have assumed things on this blog, but I never said that you should’nt have assumptions. Suspicious: You assumed that I know this greg person, and you said all kinds of bad things about me not being in your league and everything like that, I never said anything like that to you, so you are assuming that you are better than me, well sorry to burst your bubble, I am not better than anyone and no one damn sure is better than me! Yes I am a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, wife, judge, ect… But I do not think that no one is in my league, I think we are all equal, and no one is going to stop me from coming here and praising Devin! That is why I came here, not to argue with anyone, (I hear enough of that in the courtroom) But I am here to give Devin’s family support, and to say my daily God bless you’s to Devin! I still think that the poem you wrote is beautiful, no matter what you or gina or anyone else thinks of me! I have grown up, I’ve been that way for 67 years, so why don’t we ALL grow up! God Bless you Devin you are in my prayers, and to Devin’s family you are also in my prayers ok. To greg; you really need to do the most growing up and stop being a coward!!!!

  280. Oh and Gina; I totally agree with you when you say that the guilty need to be brought to justice! I also feel that whoever even knew that this dear child was being abused, should also be punished! What’s in the dark will come to light, trust me I have seen alot being a judge for 40 years! If Gil & Julie are innocent they will be free and maybe then they will have their time to grieve! God bless all!

  281. Just Me;
    I will and am apologizing to EVERYONE that I have offended! Your words really inspire me! I am sorry EVERYONE for acting like a child, I am never afraid to say i’m sorry. I hope everyone accepts my apologies, because I am sure we all are going to keep coming back to praise Devin, I know I am.

  282. I was never incinuating that I was better than anyone else, just above some of the childish word games….. I respect everyone’s opinions, even if I don’t like what they say. I will always repect anyone’s right to express themselves…that is how we cope, that is how we vent….but when it does not pertain to the case at hand….I get irritated….if we focused as much of our energy on justice for this baby, as we do bashing each other, we would’ve already had this solved….

  283. Kim,

    I do apologize for attacking you….my name has also been taken on here and used against me as well. It is very frustrating and uncalled for. Greg probably needed his own fan club because he knew damn well that nobody else would back what he said. As long as we all have the same common goal, I think we will all get along just fine…

  284. Suspicious;
    Thank you for accepting my apologies, and thank you for apologizing to me, I really appriciate the WOMAN that you are. I am not a bad person, and my heart is in the right place, and that is for Devin’s sake. I just feel so horrible about what happened to that poor little boy, what has this world come to? That greg person is in fact someone that needs his own fan club, LOL that tickled me when you said that, LOL. I did notice that someone did the same thing to you while you were at work, and when I read what that person wrote, common sense told me that YOU did NOT post that comment! Well no more name calling from me, and Gina I am truly sorry ok. God bless everyone that is here for Devin! God bless you little Devin!!!

  285. It has been a long time since I look at this and that’s for a reason. I have to say that I am truly saddened by the he said she said, name calling and everything else. Whether or not Gill and Julie are guilty of anything is up to a judge, a jury and lawyers to determine. My opinion of it is irrelevant. The only option I have right now is to wait and see how it will turn out. If I may make a suggestion…can we shift the focus of this discussion to Devin? I have something everyone can reply to…What is everyone’s most fond memory of Devin? I have so many but mine is how fearless he was. At around 1 year or so, Julie and I were sitting with him on the couch and he just took a nose dive off the couch simply because he wanted down. Julie grabbed him by his diaper and he just looked at us and laughed and laughed like “Ha ha, gotcha!” I will always miss and love my little guy!

  286. I miss those “ducky-lipped” kisses. That cute little ducky billed mouth and those little twinkly eyes…what a baby doll.

  287. Waiting;
    I did’nt know Devin, but I can just imagine those memories that the people that had the pleasure of knowing him for that short time have. I could just imagine him nose diving off of the couch, lol my granson is also fearless, and little kids have a way to make you jump out of your skin! Oh and suspicious and I were clearing up something, but Devin is always in my posts, some of us never had the pleasure of knowing Devin so we ALL can’t talk about the fond memories, but I sure wish I did know him! God bless you Devin!

  288. thank you “waiting”

    there are so many favorite memories of devin that i can’t even think of my favorite one

    one of my most favorite memories was of devin watching his sister’s baseball game while my son was playing on the field next to hers and he was getting his daddy and his nana to go between fields so he could see his sister and his cousin play

    one of the things that i will never forget about devin are those big brown, wonderous eyes, and that cute little devilish smile. it puts a smile on my face just to write about him and how adorable and wonderful he is.

    there are people who say that this blog is supposed to be for him, there are no comments about him and how beautiful or funny he was. when is the last time that some of the people putting posts out here were at devin’s grave site.


    you already know how many people you have that love you and we all feel it in our hearts

    we thank you for all the pennies that you have tossed down to us

    i love you


  289. What is going on with the case? When is the next hearing and will it be a trial???? Has there been anymore posting in the news/media about the this case? Just curious… reading this from abroad???

  290. Just stopping by to say God bless you little Devin! My thoughts and my heart are with you little man!!!

  291. I posted something I missed about Devin, but it was removed…I guess if you are in the “accused’s” family then you are Not allowed to say anything nice like that….Then why wasn’t my poem removed? Just don’t understand that, I thought that was what this blog was all about. What a bunch of contradiction, I swear….The next court hearing is Nov. 14th…

  292. Nevermind, it must have been my eyes….It is there….Sorry about that…

  293. I really wish that I knew where he was buried, because I would go visit him. My daughter and I were in Joliet yesterday and were just discussing that we wish we could go see him. She, being pretty young wanted to go driving through all the cemeteries there until we found him. Most of us did not come to the services because we did not know what was the appropriate thing to do. When you are on the other side, but yet you loved him, too…it is a very tough call. You don’t want to disrespect the family by paying “respects”and you don’t know how you would be perceived by showing up. That is the only reason I wasn’t in attendance. I did not want a lot of anger and disruption to break out and defy the very purpose that you are there for. He was such a happy boy and he would not want hatred and violence to be the subject of everyone’s attention at his very own memorial. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and get irrate at all the things in everyday life, that we all take for granted, that he will never get to experience. Like Halloween coming up, for example. All children love that holiday to get dressed up and get all the candy. So I am sure that some of you on here find me to be hypocritical on my opinions, but I assure you that I am NOT! Whoever did this should PAY!!!! My mind will never change on that. I just have my own opinions as to who that was, that is the only difference between me and others on here….So, auntie, as I felt you were directing your question at me, I hope I was able to clear some of that up for you. May God be with you during your time of sorrow…

  294. Suspicious,

    I have not removed any of your posts that I recall. When did you post that? I will look and see if it went to the spam folder (I don’t know why some do that when it is not set up for those to go there).

  295. Next court hearing is on November 14th…

  296. Annoyed:

    Although I respect your opinion, I will be here to see the trial through….but thanks again for posting!!!!

  297. P.S. This is about Devin, ANNOYED< not about Gil. So whatever “Bandwagon” I am on pertains to that boy. But THANKS AGAIN for your opinion….it means sooooo much.

  298. suspicious,

    my comment was not towards you, it was towards everyone that is forgetting about our wonderful, sweet boy Devin

    there are alot of posts on here that have nothing to do with the reason that we are all posting here on this website and that happens to be Devin Matthew Owens

    i think that this a place to remember him and share our memories of him as “waiting” replied

    Devin is buried at woodlawn cemetery in the very back on the left


    i would like to hear what your most memorable moment of being with Devin was

    i keep talking about pennies here is the poem that goes with that

    I found a penny today
    Just laying on the ground
    But it’s not just a penny
    This little coin that I’ve found.

    Found pennies come from Heaven
    That’s what my Grandpa told me,
    He daid, “Angels toss them down.”
    Oh, how I loved that story.

    He said, “When an angel misses you
    They toss a penny down,
    Sometimes just to cheer you up
    To make a smile out of your frown.”

    So don’t pass by that penny
    When you’re feeling blue
    It may be a penny from Heaven
    That an Angel tossed to you.

    By Charles Mashburn

    Let’s all think about Devin

  299. Auntie,

    Well, there was this one time that he was flirting with me and smiling at me while he was walking to go find his mom. He kept looking back at me, while I was telling him how handsome he was and that I wanted to take him home with me…while as all this is going on, he was not paying attention to where he was going and ran right into the wall of the garage and fell backwards. So I went over to ask him if he was okay, he got up and gave me that devilish grin and said, “that didn’t hurt…” Then there was another time that him and Maddie were playing hide and seek with my daughter and some of the other kids, he was the only one who they couldn’t find, so finally, they are calling out for Devin, and he replied….”I’m not in here”, of course implicating to them where he was….that was hilarious. I only got to be around him maybe a handful of times, but he sure made an impact on all of us. Everyone seems to think that I am on a mission for Gilbert….when that is not the case. Whoever did this to him, should pay the ultimate price. Nobody has the right to take the life of another. I don’t care WHO they are!!! I just have a different viewpoint as to who I think is responsible…THAT IS ALL!!!! I am not on a bandwagon, nor have I ever been a follower…. Devin will be missed by all that knew him…..

  300. Kim,
    Apology accepted.

    I never had the privilege of meeting little Devin, I just know some of his family members. The one and only time I saw him was at his wake, unfortunately. But I did see all of the pictures that were up and I got the impression that he was a little boy filled with love and energy and he looked so happy. I hope that his loved ones have fond memories of him and know that he is in a much better place now. What happened to Devin is a tragic story and I just hope that maybe his story will save at least one child’s life. If you know abuse is going on, say something. Make sure something is done about it. No one’s life should be cut short like that. Devin should be anticipating Halloween right now. He should be excited about getting dressed up and going trick or treating. Devin, rest in peace little one. You will be missed by all.

    God Bless.

  301. I’m so glad to see that this blog is getting back to the main point or it’s origin. I love that everyone is thinking about little Devin and the LOVE he inspired in all that knew him. I cried the other day because we got a call from someone in the family asking my daughter to stop by and play with his sister. Ce was really distrought when she got home, because she told me that she told her that she really missed him( out of the mouths of babes). It broke my heart, all I could do was to hold on to my little girl and Thank God for what I have. We all have to remember what we have and Thank God for the things and the people we have in our lives, but also remember the time we have with our loved ones, it’s always to brief. God always takes the good ones first, to end their suffering ( in this case I would like to think that). I’ll pray for you all.
    Just Me

  302. suspicious

    what wonderful memories of Devin you have. it put a smile on my face reading them

    thank you

  303. ok,so why is it that when i post the TRUTH ,my comments get deleted… ive said before…i talk to gilbert almost everyday sometimes twice a day…i talk to julie alot will probably all be surprised to find out what the ACTUAL EVIDENCE will turn up….
    godbless everyone involved and my thoughts and prayers go out to devin

  304. Let’s keep the focus on DEVIN!!!!

  305. I think these Gilbert posts were thrown in here to get me riled up so I go off on one of my tangents, but it isn’t going to work this time. On November 14th, they should start to submit their evidence, then we will ALL find out the truth….Not on a blog, not at the local Amoco station….In the courtroom from real people working on the case…..Otherwise, leave this blog for Devin’s well-wishers and comments to commemorate him…..

  306. I completely agree with maintaining a focus on Devin, so I have another one! When I would make visits to the house I always remember coming in the side stairs and saying “Hello, I’m home!” (not that I lived there). Immediately Madi races to the door with warm hugs and kisses. Probably 10 seconds later Devin’s little legs got him there and I got the same big smiles and of course the little stinker just ran…I have to chase him! For the whole visit I had my Madi snuggling with me and Devin doing some stunt to be the little center of attention/star that he was. I think Aleena was just discovering her toes at the time! God Bless all those kids, I love them so much!

  307. what?!

    Your posts are removed because this is NOT Gil’s fan club page. I am removing any post that is like that. If that is what you want to do, go elsewhere. I am ready to turn off comments here as it is.

  308. gils fan club?! are you kidding me? nowhere in my comment did i say anything about being pro – gilbert. please learn to read. what i did say was that i talked to BOTH (meaning gil and JULIE) and that everyone will be surprised of the out come. i was friends of both of them and know them both very well….besides,this is a BLOG ppl can take what they read on here or leave it…..i didnt say anything i shouldnt have

  309. to suspicious,
    I totaly agree with you about keeping this about Devin.I hadnt been on here in a while and didnt realize the nasty things ppl were saying about gil and julie…..on the other hand this blog is called BONNIES BLOG OF CRIME so you would assume that ppl are going to talk about the crime itself,including the ppl they think did it.But as usual there are some asanine ppl out there that only say things to hurt other ppl that have posted comments.I understand the free speech thing but ppl definantly take it a little far.And you are right , the main concern is Devin, but it is really hard not to think of the other aspects of the case.All im saying is that both of us are right in defending what we belive, and that all im doin ……COME ON NOVEMBER 14TH!!!!!!!!

  310. o yeah to suspicious…thank you for sticking up for me…i just noticed in a previous comment that was posted by some GREG guy…at least i think you were anyway….but thank you

  311. You’re welcome, girl, we both stand for the same thing and we believe in what we are proclaiming. Unfortunately, on these type of crime blogs, they do not want to hear anything positive about the accused. To them, he is the one who did this….there is no open-minded opinions. It is not open for discussion, case closed. We have to wait and try as hard as we can to be patient while all the proof and evidence is presented, then maybe when it is clear in black and white, people will listen. They don’t realize that we loved that boy, too, and we want justice for him as much as everyone on here…and that justice should be brought about by having a FAIR trial and basing our opinions and accusations on the outcome. Rather than basing them on what they think of someone, or something they heard, or his “assorted” past. WE know that the law will prevail and find the proper means to find restitution for Devin. That is our main focus, that is what needs to be done. So, as hard as it seems to not keep diverting back to defending Gil, because you do have knowledge about the case, we have to keep our energies aimed at Devin and know that the wrong person will not have to pay for this crime. Just remember, God has a little helper now….his voice was not heard here on Earth, but it will be now….

  312. you know whats funny is that everyone says this blog is for devin….come on now! are there any pictures of sweet little devin up here…no…only picture of the two being acuused …so if we wanna “keep this about devin” mabey we should put up some memorable pics of him and remeber him for who he was and not what happend to him in his last few moments of his precious little life

  313. Pro Life,
    You have a very excellent point!!! They do have very strict guidelines involving juveniles, when it comes to criminal cases. That is probably the only reason why…it would be nice to see something started like that…

  314. Pro Life;
    I swear when I said almost the same thing that you just said, I did not get any you’re rights or nothing like that! We all hate what happened to Devin, but there are 2 really big photos of the accused at the top, and once again I say we all have our own thoughts and opinions about things, though some may not agree, it’s is just what it is! I pray for justice for that little boy every single day, and I don’t even know him or his family, but my heart goes out to them ALL! These blogs are to state how we feel about the situation at hand and I feel that we should be able to write what we feel about whomever is involved in the case without someone else getting mad because they did’nt like what we wrote! They give you links to go to, to read about this horrific crime, and they have photos of the people that are being accused, but yet we are not supposed to speak what’s on our minds? That is just not right at ALL! Devin I will continue to pray for your justice so that you may rest in peace honey, but please forgive me if I don’t come back to this non-sense!

  315. Pro Life,

    I agree that it would be WONDERFUL to have pictures of Devin to put on here. Please send me some as I have found none online anywhere. And obviously you have some. So please send them to me to post.

    And it is not only about Devin here, but JUSTICE for Devin.

  316. Kim,
    I know it sucks, honey, like traveling down a one way street going the wrong way…

  317. happy halloween little man

    i really wish you were here with us
    i can just see you in your spiderman costume and saying just treats
    from all of us

    we miss you and love you


    all of us

  318. Devin,

    Today is all saints day and you are definetily a saint to me.
    Do you see all your candles?

    I and the rest of your family love you.

    missing you


  319. Although it is wonderful to hear the memories of Devin… This appears to be more than just a site for memories. It appears to be a place to be informed of the progress/process of the case… and as an outsider I like hearing different sides of the story whether it be from Bryan’s family, Julie’s family, Gil’s family or just from By-standers… it just helps to know what is going on and to form my own opinion. The lying and faking Id’s isn’t helping much, but the calm explanations of people point’s of views are helpful in reading. So, I agree this should be a place to remember Devin, however the site is kind of set up (if you look all over the website) to discuss all aspects of the case.

    And,… possibly it sounds like the modifier has become biased by their own opinion, just read the last comment!!!???

    “In reference to appering to be more than just a memoir of a child brutally beaten”
    “Mom, boyfriend arrested after toddler killed
    Couple Charged In Death Of 2-Year-Old In Joliet
    Mother ignored abuse, prosecutors say
    $5M bond set for man accused of killing baby

    Posted in crime, murder, murder in the 21st Century. Tags: 2007, arrest, child abuse, child abuse murder, child murder, crimes against children, Devin Owens, Gilbert Knowles, homicide, Illinois, Julie Miller Owens. “

  320. i mean’t second to last comment of modifier

  321. i’ll be surprised if this makes the blog:

    Are you talking about me? Because I do not know what happened to Devin that night and have made no “judgement”, however, I do have a personal “opinion”, which is only based on what I have read so far and such.

    And yes, this is a place to keep people informed, but it is NOT to be a “fan club” of the accused. Keeping it rational is the point. Both sides can be heard, but I am not here to defend the accused. Think of the victim, which is Devin (not Julie or Gil, especially if they are guilty) and the rest of his family. They should not read here praises of the ones accused of hurting Devin. It is that simple. If people want to sing the praises of Gil or Julie, they can go elsewhere. I don’t allow people to praise Charles Manson either.

    And I AM allowed to have opinions also. Sorry. That is life.

  322. Christina…..TODAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!
    Devin, baby, thank you for the wonderful news this morning……we are loving you, little one, we know you are a force from Heaven beyond your means here on Earth… I hear you, LOUD AND CLEAR…..

  323. To the blog owner:
    Very bad analogy, comparing this case to that of Charles Manson. Multiple slayings-one homicide
    Brainwashing followers with hallucinagenic drugs to have them act out these haneous activities all the while trying to convince them that you are Jesus Christ. Gil going out partying for his birthday, passing out, getting up, going to work, being accused of murder.

    I don’t see the likenesses and I do not follow your thought process….

    NOTE FROM BLOG OWNER: It had nothing to do with the specifics of each crime. But the fact that each have been accused of a heinous crime (and Charles Manson has quite a fan club). I could have said Scott Peterson just as well. I was not comparing Gil to Manson at all. Just the situation of the “fan club” type of posts I will not allow.

  324. mylifeofcrime:
    It pisses me off to see you having to defend ANYTHING you print on YOUR OWN blog. Alot of these people may be new to this site, and that’s fine. However, I have been on your blog like FOREVER, and never once have you ever printed anything tasteless, or made comments that make people uneasy. I feel it is my duty to speak up and let these bloggers know that if they don’t like or understand what your trying to do and what you stand for, then they should take their asses to another site.

  325. Shauncey,

    I just love you! You are too cool for words.

  326. Love you too!!

    Bonnie’s Blog of Crime ROCKS!!!!!!
    Get on the bus, or stay the hell back so you won’t get ran over!!!

    Miss you girl!!

  327. I’m sorry, and what does any of this have to do with DEVIN MATTHEW OWENS? That would be the topic of this particular blog!!!! I’m sure you have some forum gathering room for your personal comments that do not pertain to this blog….

  328. Auntie:
    My kids and I are going to see Devin this week…I’m bringing him a duckie because those ducky-lipped kisses were the best!!! We miss him…

  329. Devin i am so sorry you life was cut so short. You will be very missed.

    Does anybody know what happened at the last court date? I have not been online much lately so i dont know,some updates would be nice.

    To all the famalies who are in this mess,May god be with you all and please remember each and every one of you are forever in my prayers.

  330. Coco,
    The court day was a preliminary hearing to ask if the state had any evidence to submit….they didn’t…they had to have the evidence turned in by Oct. 31….they submitted it…LOL and the next court date is Nov. 14th, hopefully at which time, they will have to release him or reduce his bail based on lack of evidence. That is what we hope for, we will have to see what happens….Keep your faith….

  331. to supicious,

    i know you are all for gil being innocent but what about all of the owens’ family and friends.

    think about what the owens’ family(my family) and friends are going through.

    you have children, imagine one of them being brutally murdered and the authorities have someone in custodity. how would you feel about this person; would you hate them or would you want to hear their side?

    we hate gil; according to what the charges are he killed our baby boy. we don’t believe he is innocent. julie also had alot to do with Devin’s death. there is so much anger and hurt from us and there are only two people who have been charged with this haneous crime. if it was you would you be mad at the accused or would you wait until all the facts.

    you seem to be on the gil bandwagon talking about him getting out of jail

    if it is someone different will you be on this blog agian or will you be done?

    i’m just curious?

  332. I do think about the families that are directly related to Devin, my heart goes out to them. I am on here, for one, because I was exposed to that little boy long enough to put him into my heart as well. Gil’s family loved him too. I know you hate him, but you need to think about the reasons for that. He took Bryan’s wife, he took up residency in his home with her, and was actively involved in his childrens lives. Not to mention the rumors of one of the Owens children not possibly belonging to Bryan. I as a woman, as a wife, and as a mother understand why you hate Gilbert. I do not harbor bad feelings for any of you for that. Especially considering that Gil and Bryan were the best of friends, that type of betrayal is unforgivable. I am also an aunt, in fact I am Gilbert’s aunt. I know his choices in life are anything shy of sensible to the rest of us, his idiocies and “punk-assed” ways are what put him in this perdicament in the first place. I am a realist, I never claimed he was an altar boy, but what I have proclaimed from the very beginning is that he simply is not capable of this crime. All I have been waiting for is for the proof of that to surface.Just because a person has proven themselves to be an idiot, does not make them a murderer. This is not a bandwagon, it is family standing by their own, as you have with Bryan, who incidently does have his home back, but I am curious, why are his parents raising those kids? I thought he wanted sole custody and was made out to be this ultimate role model earlier in the blogs. I saw the way Gil was with Devin and the way Devin was with GIl, there is no way he could ever feel contempt and malice towards that boy. I don’t see how anyone could. My point is, Gilbert is a lot of the things that you have called him, but he did not kill that little boy , and you should not allow yourself to think that based on your hatred for him for reasons unrelated to that. The facts will come out, honey, and we will find out what happened to Devin. I hope God allows for your anger to heal with time. No, I do not go on a bunch of blogs spouting my opinion, this one directly involved me and people I love, so that is why I have been on here incessantly. Trust me when I say this, if I thought for one minute that Gil did this, or if I thought there was a way for them to prove this, then I would be saying he should pay, he should be punished. I may even sign up for the executioners job. I want justice for your baby boy, too, but not at the expense of someone who simply has a bad reputation that has now got him fighting for his life. I am a BITCH, but I’d like to think I am a fair one!!!

  333. auntie,
    I am sorry that ou have so much hate in your heart towards gil, but do you have the same hate for julie? If gil is guilty then he should be punished,but in my opinion they are both guilty to some degree as one of them knew what the other was doing and they are not talking. I just pray that the person who saw what was going on would open there mouth and tell what they saw for devin’s sake.

    I also know that bry is not one to judge somebody’s past as he used to come to my house in marseilles and rob potatoe chip trucks and car stereos. i know the police imponded his car and released it only because his dad was a state trooper. How did he suspect child abuse and NOT call dcfs and report it?

    As for julie she has never been the innocent one in the marriage. she tried to get my brother babyface to move in with them cause she had the hot for him.

    We were not ther that horrible night or the monthsd before, but one of them know hat happened and the previous abuse, all we can do is pray that they will talk.

    I have one question, did the kids say anything about what mommy or gil did as far as abuse when they visited there dad or family? Children do not keep secrets so they had to of said SOMETHING at one point and time?

    Please do not judge a person on there past mistakes, if i were in your shoes i to would be upset, but i would also want PROOF before i judged and hated a person.

    I am sorry for all of your pain and i am not sticking up for anybody, I just want PROOF!!! Gil and Julie are BOTH innocent to some degree but to charge him with murder and NOT provide PROOF is NOT justice!!!!!!!! They are innocent untill proven GUILTY.

  334. It is true everybody deserves to have an opinion… I was not saying that to the moderator, however the moderator made the comment that this was not a fan site for Gilbert and that he/she were not going to allow any post that support the accused and was about ready to turn off all comments! So… I interpret that as saying he is guilty… so the moderator will not allow any comments supporting him or in reference to any good he may have done in the past… “Since this is not his fan club!” However, the moderator has no problems with coming to discuss any wrongs he may have done in his past… all of his wrongs and mistakes will be welcomed because the moderator made his/her opinion! That is typical even in the media even though it is not suppose to be that way! The media lets us hear what they want us to believe and block anything other wise; we as sheep believe what they say and follow the shepherd i.e. media blindly. If this is a website to be “informed” then all people as long as they are respectful should be able to comment and post their opinions and memories from all sides and points of view. That way people who have not formed a concrete opinion can hear all sides. That is at least what America is supposed to stand for, right? Freedom of speech?! However to the, Moderator and Shauncey, You are both right… This is the moderator’s site therefore he/she are allowed to do whatever they want with the site! On the other hand… is that what American’s supports and is that what you want your website to be about (even dictator’s do the same)? i.e. If accused that means guilty? So you will not allow anything positive to be posted about Gil? Justice is supposed to be blind!!! What happened with “Innocent until Proven Guilty” I thought all American’s supported that belief! But, sadly that is not so… is it? I understand that Bryan’s relatives want to point their finger at Gil and if I was one of them I probably would too! This is the reason why family/friends usually are not chosen to be on the Jury. And… sadly some criminal have even been found guilty in court, sentenced and even executed and were later found Innocent…. “Where is their justice, huh?” For the prisoner found guilty even though innocent after execution? I am sure there were plenty of people that were bringing up all their bad mistakes and not wanting to allow any of their “fan club” or “bandwagon” (as referenced to previously) messages to be spoken. So… what my point is to the moderator if you want to be fair you should allow all post as long as they are respectful! Yes, we should remember Devin and say only respectful things in regards to him. It was wrong what happened to him. But Gil has not been found guilty yet! I am sure it hurts Bryan’s family to see any positive posts on Gil as I am sure it will hurt them too when Gil’s lawyer tries to defend him in court! But, that is what America stands for “freedom of speech and liberty for all!” Another thing America stands for is “innocent until proven guilty! And, that is why America is such a great county. Now you should decide what you want your website to stand for. Do you want your website to reflect what America stands for or do you want to dictate and wave power as a moderator over those who want to share their opinions that go against yours?

    p/s I am a relative of Gil’s. However, he doesn’t know me nor do I know him! I haven’t made my opinion concretely as I do not know him. It disgust me to think a relative of mine “could” have done such a horrible thing. If I would have been there trust me as a mother and a woman I would have beat the **** out of whomever did this (be it a relative or not) and exposed them! I love children and believe they are the most precious! If he did this crime he deserve what he gets! I am on that band wagon! However, I was not there that night! Nor, has the media posted any more on the case. So, this is where I come for information. I just want to hear all sides… the good and the bad so I can understand/learn something from different points of view and maybe understand a little more about the case and who Gil is as a person. Yes, I have heard the bad and those things were horrible and wrong. But other people in this world have horrible morals yet wouldn’t murder. And, then I have seen cases where murders have appeared to be saint’s! As I mentioned I don’t know Gil personally… so learning a lil’ about him whether it be good or bad, I appreciate. I am not on his “band wagon or fan club” I am just curious and trying to find out the truth and trying to keep my mind open along the way (and still be respectful to all parties involved)!!!

    NOTE FROM BLOG OWNER I am not the moderator, I am the blog owner. And actually, I do not have an opinion on where Gil is guilty or not. You are making assumptions there. It is not “supporters” that I have a problem with, it is the “fan club” type I have a problem with and those whose sole focus is on Gil, what he is doing, how he is, etc. That is not about Devin or Justice. That is my point. And please point out where I have discussed Gil’s past at all. Please. Be specific too, because to my knowledge, I have not. I do not know Gil or Julie. I cannot discuss their pasts. Maybe you are confusing me with another commentor. Very possible. But I have never discussed his past.

    But please remember, how would you feel if your loved one was murdered and all people talked about was how wonderful the accused was? Not about the victim, but the accused? I know how much it bothers me to see it where my mother is concerned. I understand that you believe I should just let anyone come in and post any comment that they want, no matter how offensive it is or goes against what my blog is for, but I can’t do that. And yes, it is my blog. And I believe everyone has the right to their own opinions. But sometimes they are not appropriate everywhere. If mine offends you (and funny, I have no opinion on Gil, but I am being told I do), then please don’t come here. I cannot make everyone happy, nor am I trying to. I will not defend myself any longer on this.

  335. Suspicious
    I wanted to repost your lovely poem. I have enjoyed reading it over and over again. I hope it places a tear on your cheek that runs down and turns it into a smile on everyones faces here today.

    His life was cut way too short
    He never was given a chance;
    He’ll never learn to ride a bike,
    He’ll never learn to dance.
    He’ll never get his first “big boy” tooth
    He’ll never go to school on the bus;
    That was all taken away from him,
    As he was taken from all of us.
    His first kiss was stolen
    As his many days playing childhood games;
    He’ll never score a touchdown,
    We need to punish who’s to blame.
    For taking away years of memories
    That wasn’t for another to take;
    May that person suffer every night,
    From a nightmare in which they can’t wake.
    Every time I feel the rain
    He’s crying down for justice to be done;
    Punish the person who did this to me,
    And took away all of my fun.
    His life had so much purpose
    There was so much he’ll never see;
    Our lives have been forever changed by this,
    Something to which we all agree.
    He can’t rest in peace in his heavenly home
    Until closure has been brought here on Earth;
    Who in the hell thinks they have a right,
    To judge what his life was worth?
    Soon, precious little one
    You’ll be able to eternally sleep;
    And find the peace you have been searching for,
    And in our hearts your memory will forever keep.

  336. suspicious: WHAT GREAT NEWS!!!! Like ive posted many times before, and BY THE WAY IM STILL BEING DELETED !!!



    Christina: You are not being deleting unless your comments are only about Gil and his family and such and not about the case. I have not deleted many comments lately at all. Or if the spam filter catches your posts. I do not have time to go through the 100+ posts that are caught by the spam filter everyday. Sorry. I do have a job and a life also.

    The other reasons I delete comments are if they are offensive or if people cannot take the time to use proper grammar, punctuation or capitalization. Like using “ive” rather than I’ve. Stuff like that tells me people have no consideration or respect for others. This is NOT a chatroom.


    NOTE AGAIN FROM BLOG OWNER: Christina, THIS is the type of comment that I delete. It is sarcastic and adds NOTHING to this blog. What does it have to do with Devin or Justice.


    I have received some photos of Devin and will be posting them this week. I am having computer issues, so I am not able to post alot lately. But I will get them up.

    However, I am considering turning off comments on this post. It is getting out of hand and I am at a point that I dread checking my blog lately. Which is very sad for me.

  339. Christina,
    Not everybody appreciates your sense of humor, darlin’. That is all it is. It is going to be very hard for the other families to accept it when all of this starts surfacing. They have convinced themselves that he is guilty and should pay for ALL of his indiscretions through this crime. I am glad that the judicial system does not recognize that. The best thing of all will be when they actually solve the mystery as to what REALLY happened to Devin. These families need peace, they are restless and angered, and I can’t blame them…they just need to learn to base it on fact, not fantasy. I can’t wait for court myself…

  340. By the way, I’ll be Surprised…..

    Excellent post, you have a lot of valid points….

  341. Suspicous and Christina,

    Both you state emphatically that Gil did not do this. You don’t state that it is your opinion he could not, but you state that he absolutely did not do this. My belief is that unless you were actually present there that night, you cannot know one way or the other for an absolute fact. You can have your belief in Gil that he could not have done this (just like I would believe my husband would never do anything like this). But unless you were there, you cannot KNOW that.

    So, since both of you are so vocal about this, please tell the details of that night and how you know what happened and who did what. Not just what you think happened, as that is not sufficient. There have been people who have said Gil could not do this and then there have been people who said yes, he could have.

    I am not trying to offend anyone or cause trouble myself, but I keep reading about how the truth will come out and we will all see that Gil did not do this. I personally do not know what happened. I do not know who killed Devin, but I know that both Gil and Julie were allegedley there. If one person killed Devin and the other did nothing to help Devin, then they are BOTH guilty.

    Please understand, I DO understand where you ware coming from in a way. I have had 2 brothers do horrible crimes that I would have never believed they would do. But they did. And one of them is currently in prison for his crime, right where he belongs. (the other, no one knows where he is and his crimes are no unprosecutable, but they are still unforgiveable). My mother was also murdered. So my life has not been without violent crime. I hope you understand what I am saying. My head is killing me today!

  342. Yeah, I would also like to know. Tell us all what really happened that night since some of you are so sure that Gil didn’t do this. I’m not saying that he did, but someone did. Devin didn’t do this to himself. You can’t know for sure that Gil did not do this UNLESS you were there and saw the crime happen.

  343. Of course I would be a fool to divulge anything that it is going to harm this case at all. No, I was not there that night, but your sarcasm is appreciated, just the same. I am just going to wait and watch all the facts and details come out one by one and we will all have to wait for the conclusion together. I’m tired of closed-minded opinions, I’m tired of “Colonel Mustard did it with the lead pipe…” analogies. I say nothing on here that does not have some validity to it. I do not like liars or thieves, those are my pet peeves, and I have nothing to gain by coming on here talking smack. Christina said it best, people will be VERY surprised at different aspects of the case that are going to alarm those of you who are not open to entertaining different viewpoints. It is as simple as that. I probably should have kept my mouth shut to begin with, as to not arouse curiosity, but it is hard not to feel some amount of relief.

    I knew there had to be some incentive to starting this crime blog, I just didn’t realize how MUCH exposure to it that you have had. I do want to extend my heartfelt sympathies for ALL the grief you have had to endure. I do feel as though you are doing a good thing here and I now understand why your opinions are the way they are. I am not on here to cause you migraines or discredit your blog. Just to find out what happened to that boy…

    No one on my blog is the cause of my migraines! Unfortunately, it is a long time problem, but I deal. But on a side note, I have had an interest in crime long before these events happened in my life or I knew of them. Just kind of a strange coincidence.

    Again for the record, I have no opinion of guilt or innocence of anyone in this case at this time. However, I wish I could find more updates. I have searched and found nothing. Probably due to the Stacy Peterson issue, which I have yet to post, but will soon. Hopefully today.

  344. Suspicious,
    I have to agree with auntie (or “honey” as you called her). Despite the fact that he preyed on a vulnerable and delicate situation, it was his best friend…plain and simple. A dog has more loyalty! This whole Bryan’s family raising the kids, where is that source coming from? Wait I know because I hear the same sob story…and I don’t believe a word! As a mother you can answer this for me…what is a parent’s #1 priority? The safety and well being of the children! So whether or not Julie and Gil are “not guilty” of murder, they still had the children that night. They failed at the first step, THEY DID NOT PROTECT DEVIN!!!!! There is no other over elaborate way to explain that, it is a fact. So I am waiting, as I stated before, for the facts to surface. I also know quite a bit but I find other ways to cope with this rather than promoting anyone’s fate (which I doubt you can predict).

  345. Waiting,
    I am going to assume that you are aware of the fact that you yourself were not there and you also must realize that Brian “DID NOT PROTECT DEVIN” when he was dropping his kids off at a place where he THOUGHT abuse was taking place. (Brian quoted in the paper he thought it to be going on for 6 months) Are you saying Brian is in fact taking care of his kids at this time? As a mother, could or would you drop your kids off if you thought for 1 second they were going to be abused? I know for a fact as a parent myself that I would NOT drop my kids off, I dont care what a judge, lawyer or the cops told me I had to do because as you said that is our #1 priority to protect our kids, RIGHT? Are you not “promoting” someones fate by assuming they are guilty?

  346. Confused,
    I did not claim anyone was guilty or not guilty (basically because I don’t know). I also didn’t say that Bryan (correct spelling) was taking care of the kids. I said I heard that same story and the source hasn’t been a credible one for about a year now. Once I hear it from a person that is unbias or doesn’t have a history of lying I’ll believe it. In repsonse to Bryan dropping off the kids, yes we can say that he should have done something different. He can take that responsibility. But he is not the one on trial and the kids were not in his care. I have realized that, but blame shifting still doesn’t get Gil and Julie off the spot. If this were something they were not involved in then he is not guilty of murder…they are both guilty of endargering him, no way around that. Kids don’t just die!

  347. Yes, I agree, Gil and Julie had the kids that NIGHT…but who had them all DAY???? Bryan!!! My questions are was the alleged abuse inflicted earlier? There has to be ways of telling this. Devin was found in a bunk bed between the wall and the bed, maybe consistant with falling from the top bunk to the bottom. Did he get up in the middle of the night without his glasses on and climb up to Maddies bunk and fall? Could all of this just be a horrible accident that happened to him and was mistook for abuse? Were his injuries consistant with that? These are questions I have. I want to see autopsy reports and proof that this in fact was abuse! These are things that should come out in the court hearing. Just because Will County said it was the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen, they can look at a bruised up body on first instinct and already tell it was abuse before he had been examined????That is impressive. He could have gotten battered up by hitting those railings on his way down the bed. I am not saying this is what happened, I just want PROOF that he was in fact, ABUSED!!!! I rely on documentation to render my opinions from now on….some of the storytellers in this blog are well on their way to a career in screenplay writing. I am glad I didn’t put any faith in those tales….Let’s just all wait and see instead of arguing about what could have….should have….would have….been…..

  348. Even if it was a plausible scenario. The parents shouldn’t have had a two year old in a bunk bed without bed rails. WOW!!!

  349. I agree, some of the older models were not that safe for children. But then again, I grew up in a time era where there were no child seats or regulations about such. I remember one time when I was about 6 when my mom got into a fender bender and I flew around the car like a lottery ball on Sat. night. There were no safety belt laws, either, thus causing multiple fatalities of children, which statistics have proven. I am just trying to show you how easy it is to show doubts, without staring at the proof…………

  350. hmm, my kids have bunk beds, they have fallen, but they never have had a FRACTURED skull or a BROKEN JAW. And we don’t even have carpert. Is the boy’s home made out of concrete? Goodness maybe someone needs to post a recall on those bunk beds. I sure hope I did not purchase the same one.

  351. I said before, I was just trying to show doubt, since we do not have access to the medical examiner reports….I did not say that is what happened……Jesus Christ, anything just to argue…..

  352. I was trying to show how stupid your doubt was.

  353. Waiting,
    So my question is this, WHY was he not charged if he made a statment to the police that he suspected abuse but was waiting for something more concrete? As a mother would you wait for something more concrete or take action NOW? As a parent I would have taken action at the first thought of any type of abuse. So if he even suspected it (for 6 long months) and it came out to be true then WHY was he not charged with child endangerment? Did his dad help out? I mean with his background in law enforcement as a state trooper you would think he would have helped Devin to stop the abuse. If in fact there was abuse in the first place.

  354. Here is something I found on myspace. You all should really read this and try to understand how Devon must have felt.

    My name is Chris

    I am three,

    My eyes are swollen

    I cannot see,

    I must be stupid

    I must be bad,

    What else could have made

    My daddy so mad?

    I wish I were better

    I wish I weren’t ugly,

    Then maybe my mommy

    Would still want to hug me.

    I cant do a wrong

    I cant speak at all

    Or else im locked up

    All day long.

    When im awake im all alone

    The house is dark

    My folks arent home

    When my mommy does come home

    I’ll try and be nice,

    So maybe ill just get

    One whipping tonight.

    I just heard a car

    My daddy is back

    From Chariles bar

    I hear him curse

    My name is called

    I press myself

    Against the wall

    I try to hide

    From his evil eyes

    Im so afraid now

    I’m starting to cry

    He finds me weeping

    Calls me ugly words,

    He says its my fault

    He suffers at work

    He slaps and hits me

    And yells at me more,

    I finally get free

    And run to the door

    Hes already locked it

    And I start to bawl,

    He takes me and throws me

    Against the hard wall

    I fall to the floor

    With my bones nearly broken,

    And my daddy continues

    With more bad words spoken,

    “Im sorry!”, I scream

    But its now much to late

    His face has been twisted

    Into a unimaginable shape

    The hurt and the pain

    Again and again

    O please God, have mercy!

    O please let it end!

    And he finally stops

    And heads for the door

    While I lay there motionless

    Sprawled on the floor

    My name is Chris

    I am three,

    Tonight my daddy

    Murdered me

    And you can help

    Sickens me to the soul,

    And if you read this

    and don’t pass it on

    I pray for your forgivness

    Because you would have to be

    One heartless person

    To not be affected

    By this Poem

    And because U R affected,

    Do something about it!

    So all i ask you to do

    Is pass this on!


    repost this as daddy it hurts

  355. Very compelling poem, I notice it makes reference to the father, that is why I find it so compelling…..

  356. Ah, yes, the boy simply fell out of bed. Well, I guess it’s settled then, and everyone can go about their business.
    Anyone up for a round of golf with OJ?

  357. Nobody said he fell out of bed….I was merely stating that there is PLENTY of doubt without actually SEEING the reports….but I’m glad that everyone thinks this is some whimsical little SMARTASS contest when we are still talking about the life of a 2 year old….Grow up!!!!

  358. And yes, I would shoot 9 holes with the juice…..I doubt that lightening would strike TWICE in the same place!!!!

  359. Confused,
    You make the assumption I am a mother, well you assume I am even a woman. I asked suspicious as a mother what she would have done, not that I am a mother. I don’t have children for a reason, I am not ready. I am not able to provide a stable environment with the love and PROTECTION that a child is entitled to. It’s a shame that wasn’t the mind set to start with, “Don’t have children until you are ready”. Julie and Gill did not provide them with a safe environment. I have seen the Owens, the Millers and the Knowles…I know what each of them are like. Those two invited dangerous elements in their lives and Devin was a direct impact of those poor choices. You continue to say what Bryan’s family did and did not do…when will you admit what that child was living with? Trashy people that were constantly drugged and drunk. And why, because that is what Julie and Gill chose as a lifestyle. People can claim that Bryan was abusing them until they are blue in the face…and the facts will still remain the same. Julie and Gill were with the kids the night it happened and Julie did not check on her own children at whatever ungodly hour she walked in that door. Now I am supposed to have some sympathy for them? Gill and Julie wound up in jail for a reason, they are pathetic excuses for parents. I have seen Madi and Aleena since and I can guarantee they are in a much better place than they were 2 months ago. Took bad Devin wasn’t taken from them. Notice please I didn’t accuse either of them of anything more than horrific parenting and that is because I don’t know what happened that night. So then answer this confused, how often do you check you children and why?

  360. And to clear up this bunk bed thing…Madi and Devin slept in the bottom full size bed. The top was used to store toys.

  361. I have been sitting back just reading all of your comments for a while, but I can’t resist commenting now. First, “Amy07” that was a very sad poem, but a good one to post, because it really makes you think about how scared Devin must have been. It is so sad. I’m not sure what to say about all of this arguing about items being deleted other than this is a blog- if you don’t see your post try again, if you still don’t see your post & are unhappy with the owner then try changing your wording or start your own blog. Just stop arguing about it. Second, I really do think that the fact that Bryan’s (“Super Trooper”s), dad is a state trooper is affecting this case for many reason’s including: the lack of media coverage (Stacy didn’t disappear until 10/28/07, so that’s not why. Wouldn’t you think that the media would be all over this considering how messed up the situation and the people involved are?), the eagerness of a lot of people to name the only suspect & not consider the whole picture, and the fact that no one really wants to discuss that Bryan claims to have some major mental problems, may not be the biological father of one or more of their children, and had reason to want revenge or just completely have enough & snap. I know that I wasn’t there that night, so I know that I don’t really know what happenned, but read that poem again & realize that no matter how scary it is to think that someone you know & love could have done that to poor little Devin…somebody (Gil?, Julie?, Byran?, someone else?) did & Devin deserves justice at the very least, so put your own fears and hatred aside and do anything that you can to make sure that the person/people that did this to Devin are punished in the worst possible way.

  362. Wow, waiting, you have seen the Knowles???I have been in this family for 15 years and I never have. In fact, I think Gil’s biological (sperm donor) as he calls it, father,
    is deceased. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so….

  363. Call them the Knowles, the family, or whatever you like. I will restate it, I met the family. Happy? I don’t know, nor care, what name they go by.

  364. My point being, if you claim to all the parties involved and all their credentials, then you may have known that HUGE piece of information. Also, having piss-poor parenting skills and killing someone aren’t even a good comparison. Yes, Devin was at risk….but from WHO???????

  365. I guess poor Devin was in a NO-WIN situation, on one side, he had Gil and JUlie….as everyone says is white trash, drunken drug addicts, then on the other side you have daddy mental problems with 6 point gang tattoos on his right middle finger, robbing trucks, stealing from his friends girlfriends, doing very little time with the co-conspirator trooper using every favor that he has to cover it all up. Well that baby certainly never saw Mr. Rogers neighborhood, did he???Thankfully he is with the BEST protector of all now…..

  366. Waiting For the Facts:
    Very excellent post, you make a lot of good points….

  367. Same to you, thanks. I really think that there are people that do know what happened to Devin…I just think that they are being selfish and cowardly by choosing not to tell the authorities the truth about what they know.

  368. If lying was a paying job, Julie would be a millionaire. She would lie about the color of orange juice.
    She believes that there is no evidence against either of them, and she has a string of completely absurd lies prepared as a defense.
    Justice may be blind, but it isn’t stupid.
    She may say that the boy got the injuries when she picked him up, that the coke was accidentally blown up her nose by a gust of wind, and that she was a fairy-tale perfect Kool Aid mom.
    Her total lack of regret and remorse, and her boastful claims that she and Gil will get off scott free, speak volumes about her as a person.

  369. Waiting,
    I am sorry for the mistake, yes I did misread your post and again I apologize for that. As far as your question goes, I really don’t remember saying anything about checking on the kids. However when they were Devins age they were checked on often and for many reasons.
    1) Just to say “I love you” ( Not so much now because they say there embarresed by it ) geshh go figure
    2) Ask “what did you do to your sister and why is she crying”?
    3) Make sure they have not gotten into any small toys or objects that they could choke on.
    4) Ask them if they were hungry.
    5) Ask “what did you do to your brother and why is he crying’?
    6) Clean up your room
    7) It’s tubbie time
    8) Who want’s a snack?
    9) Did you brush your teeth after your snack?
    10) Take them water to set next to the bed so they have something to drink.
    11) Story time. (more mommy then me)
    12) Get home from working nights and peek in just to give em a kiss on the forhead and say “I love you”
    13) I could go on n on as to why I would check on my kids but I think you get the point.

    Im glad your not saying who is guilty, I just wanted to know WHY if someone says they suspected abuse (for 6 long months) and supposedly took pictures and then for some God awful continues to drop him off suspecting he would be abused. According to the Joliet Police Chief and investigators this was the worst abuse case they have ever seen and the coroner saying it had been going on for around 5 months and then someone saying ,”yeah I suspected it was going on for 6 months ,but hey I wanted something more concrete.” I’m sorry but WTF how in the hell could anyone drop off any kid (ecspecially your own kid )and think there is even the slightest chance of abuse?

  370. “I’m sorry but WTF how in the hell could anyone drop off any kid (ecspecially your own kid )and think there is even the slightest chance of abuse?”

    Because a judge and his custody order said you HAD to.

  371. Well then he should be disbarred, I have never heard of such a mockery of the justice system in my life. We will have to see what documentation there really is in those reports. That will all be brought up at trial, if in fact, that is what really happened.

  372. Disgusted,
    Would you drop a child off at a place you even suspected that child was being abused? So in FACT ,you have seen this custody order and read that he must drop his children off ,even if he suspects abuse, and he is to take pictures of these acts until the next court date so he can have proof that is more concrete? I am not accusing anyone of this crime, if in fact a crime took place. I am just amazed that anyone would defend such actions and blame it on a judge. Those were his kids for God’s sake. I would NEVER do such a thing. NEVER!!! WHY? Because they are my children for God’s sake. THATS WHY!!!

  373. Custody orders do not say “even if you suspect abuse”.
    They just say that you have to drop your kids off on certain days at certain places. If you don’t comply, you get hauled into court again.
    If you suspect abuse, you should contact authorities and get the order changed.

  374. I have been with my brother at ever court hearing and every police inerview. He was never quoted in the papers as him saying that he knew the abuse was going on for six months. The autopsy showed that there were signs of abuse from six months ago, that was said in court, not out of Bryan’s mouth. Yes we do have pictures that have Devin with bruises on him but they are also pictures of him playing with his cousins.

    We had seen bruises on Devin when Bryan had the kids, Julie always had a reason why he had every bruise. After too many excuses of where the bruises did come from Bryan and my father proceeded to take him to the hospital. They took him to the hospital were Julie’s mother works (not their first choice of hospitals) The hospital said that there was nothing to worry about that Devin was ok. With medical staff from a hospital saying that everything is okay wouldn’t you believe it? There was alot of information that was kept from Bryan. I am wondering why, maybe because Julie’s mother works there? We will see how that all lays out eventually.

    Everyone seems to know all the facts about this case and everyone keeps saying that Bryan dropped the kids off that night, he did not, he was sleeping because he had to get up for work the next day and Julie delayed the drop off yet again and one of our family dropped the kids off that night. Our family was together that night so all the kids could play together. There was only a happy little boy that we seen that night. Not one of us hit, slapped, spanked or even yelled at Devin that night. There are some people that suggested that the abuse took place at my parent’s home NO WAY DID THAT HAPPEN

    Devin did not fall off of the top bunk in his bedroom. Bryan has possesion of the house. He has since this horrific crime happened. The police or investigators do not clean up a house after their investigation is done, that is the responsibilitiy of the homeowner. Well Bryan was not ready go go into the house so some of us did. The scene was horrific. I can’t talk about it anymore

  375. Okay I have composed myself. Please leave my father out of this. He has been retired from the State Police for many yeary now. He his greiving his grandson since the first day that this has happened. We have declined the only media question that we have been asked. My father has no control over the media. Someone quoted my father as being a “super trooper” YEP! My father is a great man I only hope that you get to meet him someday to really realize what a great man he is. He is only helping Bryan out in the way that a father and a papa would. My family and I would appreciate if everyone would not speak about our father in a negative way.

    “Waiting for the facts”

    You would be priveleged to know my father. Gil and Julie knew him and know what a wonderful man he is.

  376. Auntie,
    Okay, so you all had to go back into that house because Bryan could not deal with it, yet he lives there now without his other 2 kids? I am not following the reasoning behind that. Why are your parents having to now raise his kids while he lives in the house where his son was ALLEGEDLY beaten to death, and as you said the scene was horrific. But apparently suitable enough to live in for Bryan. Your family was apparently having visitation with the kids that night while Bryan was sleeping, so there again he wasn’t being attentive to his kids. So tell me exactly who has been the role model for Devin, who has provided the stability for those kids exactly? Before we paint these colorful pictures of how lowly the environment Devin was in with Gil and Julie, we might want to know who was the caretaker of these kids ? ANd what in the hell kind of life that baby must have had. May God have mercy on those other 2 kids. They are the ones who suffer the most now….

  377. I don’t even know Brian or any of you, but…. Who was directly responsible for Devin at the time of his death/murder?
    That would be Julie. She was (some say allegedly drunk and drugged out) just a few feet away.
    Devin was in her care and her care only. She was supposed to make sure that none of the kids got brutally killed in their beds on that particular night.

  378. suspicious,

    Bryan does not live at his house. He spends some time there when he needs to. I spend some time there when I need to. My parents spend some time there when they need to. Nobody lives in the house. Bryan has sole possesion of the house. It does not mean that he has to live there.

    Yes the scene was horrific. Bryan never seen the house after the police left it the way it was. The girls haven’t been back since that terrible day. Yes there were some of us that needed to be there for our own selves. Not all of us needed to be there. Bryan can now go into the house because we had to hire a company that specializes in cleaning up a house after it has been a crime scene. There are actually a lot of companies out there that do that.

    Bryan was not asleep while he had his children. When Julie called to have Bryan bring the kids back Bryan asked one of us to do it so he could get some sleep because he has to wake up at 4 in the morning. Yes we was being attentive to his kids. They had sooo much fun that day.

    I am done with this website. Suspicious it is all yours and whatever you want to say about whatever because you don’t care what anybody else has to say unless they agree with you.

  379. I respect everyone’s opinions on here, even if I don’t agree with them. I was just obviously confused as to some of the details about what is going on. I do feel very bad for your family and what you have had to go through these past couple of months. I am sure all the details will surface so this can be resolved. Although your pain will subside, it will never completely go away. I know you might think I am some heartless bitch that just wants to praise Gilbert, but that is not the case. I have lots of nieces and nephews myself, and I couldn’t imagine losing one of them to a violent crime such as this. But you will have to try and see past your anger when I say, forgive me, but I feel as though I have lost one to this crime as well. He is fighting for his life and so far nobody has proven anything to me to constitute that. Devin needs vindication to be able to rest peacefully….none of us will be at peace until this has come to its conclusion. These blogs are for everyone’s opinions and input, whether some of it is harmful, ignorant, or tasteless…they all still have the right to their own opinions and I DO respect that. I am just more vocal and defensive than others. I am sorry if I personally offended you or your family. That is not my intent, my methods might seem a little whacked, but my intentions are genuine, I assure you.

  380. Auntie,
    I am so sorry that you are done with the website (I agree with you) but I hope you do read this. Every word about Bryan living there, abuse occuring at your parents’ place…every attempt to not be responsible, I heard it too! Infact I heard it this week. I don’t believe a word of it. I mentioned before, those that lie aren’t credible. No one has a clue about your dad because if the did they would never utter such lies. He loves everyone of his grandchildren, children, inlaws, friends and anyone else that he meets. He is a wonderful loving man and nothing short of that! I am sorry that his name was bashed.

    For those of you that hear these “facts”…I did too. I will say that not a SINGLE one of Julie’s friends back her anymore. Not the mutual friends between her and Gill (they got her so far in life), the ones that she shut out when he came in the picture. The ones that she forgot when this “lifestyle” took over everything. That’s because she lied about everything at any chance. So why is it that she will only talk to those that listen to her BS stories? We will never have that Julie back and I assure you, we don’t want this one. She got off lucky since she was bailed out but they both deserve to be behind bars (either reason deserves that)!

    Waiting for the facts,
    You apparently do not know Julie. Revenge? Snapping? Every word that came from her mouth talked about screwing Bryan over. I have never met a more hateful, vindictive and spiteful woman in my life. She would sit and try to come up with ways to hurt him! If what you are insinuating were the case, Bryan would be the one in jail! However that sounds familiar too, wonder who concocked that one?!?!

  381. Auntie,
    So this part of the artical in the Joliet Herald & NBC 5 is incorrect then? I would be going after that Police chief for saying that then.

    “The children’s biological father indicated to police that there had been signs of child abuse to the 2-year-old, but they were not reported to authorities, Hayes said. They were suspicions and he was waiting for something more concrete to occur.”

    Again Im am not saying anyone is guiltly of this crime, if in fact a crime occured.

  382. Auntie,
    First I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure you have heard it all. I can’t imagine how badly you feel.
    I just want to ask you though if you could be brave for the rest of us? You see, there are strangers out there that are sad for your family too. I met your in-laws a few times. It was the fall before Julie got pregnant with Devin. She kept telling me how she was ready for another baby. She was too brash for me and we didn’t stay friends. Then I saw her somewhere with her new baby. I was happy for her, she got what she want. Then a few years I read about her in the paper. How terrible, I remember her telling how badly she wanted a baby. How can you not protect what you wanted so badly? Any ways you are the only informed one on this webiste. Suspicouis is just a mean person with no regard for anyone’s feelings. I mean I get it her stance, Over and over. She likes to pick at people for attacking her but she seems to able to spill her own venom. Any how please just ignore her at keep the masses informed. Maybe for Devin’s sake? Maybe to let us know the outcome.

  383. I like to pick at people for attacking me????Hmmm, what exactly am I supposed to do when people are attacking me? I’m sorry Alice, but Auntie is not the only one INFORMED on this website. Her side sways one way and one way only. I was asking people to keep an open mind about this entire investigation because that is what it still is.It is not A CONVICTION, it is not an INDICTMENT, it is STILL an investigation. I never said her father wasn’t a NICE man. He is and a very TOLERANT one if you ask me. Do I think some of his favors and political pull has hindered this investigation? Of course I do . He called his own people in on this case when there were already people that were qualified to handle it. The only one in her family that I attacked was her brother. He was the FATHER of that baby. He should have done something, my mind will not change on that! And if he is such a GOOD one, then why isn’t he raising his other 2 kids right now? You have ONE person sitting in jail right now for this crime, am I expected to believe that he is the only one that should be held accountable for the death of this boy? All these others that did nothing, they are not guilty of anything, right? Give me a break, I may be mean and venemous and whatever the hell else you want to call me, but at least my eyes are wide open and I call it as I see it, not as I want it to be. There is a handful of people that should have to show some accountability for his death…the perpetrator and the audience that watched it all happen….Justice will serve that is all that matters, it just may not be the justice that YOU were expecting…..but it will prevail; nevertheless….

  384. First of all, I never bashed Bryan’s dad & I didn’t call him Super Trooper (I called Bryan Super Trooper). Next, I have never & will never defend Julie in any way, because I do not know anything good about her. The times that I met her & heard about her it was all bad. When I made the reference about revenge, I was meaning that Julie & Gile gave Bryan many reasons to want to get revenge on them. I am concerned about people’s stories changing (even on here in a matter of a few posts). I do know some facts & am sure that “Suspicious” & some others on here do as well. I have more to say about other things that have been said recently (especially about going to the house when you need to), but I’ll keep that to myself for now. I think that the next hearing should be interesting for many.

  385. While everyone else here seems to have forgotten about the victm in this case and are more concerned about the who did it, I would just like to say to Devin that you will never be forgotten and rest in peace little boy.

    To everyone here:

    Why don’t you spend your time putting down prayers and thoughts to Devin, not defending and talking about the people who you think killed him? Why give them anymore attention?

  386. Suspicous, thank you. You didn’t let me down. I am glad your eyes are wide open. Don’t care. I just hope that you may be able to handle it if indeed the pedestal you have Gil on crumbles. Maybe safety glasses will protect your eyes?
    Will you apologize for your brash behavior for all those you have inflicted your mean spirited words on if inded he is the bad guy? Because that is what it means be OPEN minded or with your eyes whatever…I was just wondering. I don’t have an opinion on who did it. Wasn’t there. Not privy to “extra” info. If the person doesn’t get there conviction in this life they will in the next.

  387. I believe that making sure that justice is served for Devin is of utmost importance right now & that those of us that are keeping our eyes and minds open and discussing the case are indeed doing so for Devin’s sake & will be all for the worst punishment possible for the person/people that are responsible for what happened to him no matter if it means that we are right or wrong in our current opinions. It is important to remember Devin in whatever way you feel fit (sharing memories, prayers, etc.), but it is pretty ignorant to think that fighting for/rooting for his justice isn’t important as well.

  388. Okay Melissa so you say “Why don’t you spend your time putting down prayers and thoughts to Devin”. Well unfortunately Devin is no longer alive… so in my belief prayers are for the living… after one is dead they no longer need prayers because they are with our Creator. Also, I believe all children will go to heaven! So, I believe Devin is safe now and nothing could be harming him… his pain is over. But, that is my belief and other may have other beliefs and I will respect their’s :). On the “thoughts” I do think of Devin and that is why I want justice for him… not to just convict because somebody appears to the guilty one! On this part of your statement… why give more time and talking about the people we think killed him,” Why give them anymore attention?”
    Well… I don’t know who killed Devin and since the media is not covering this story since it happened I have been curious and getting information from this blog! Are you saying just let it go? Gil is guilty and forget about him and let him rot in jail? Wonder just wonder if he is not guilty??? What about that possibility… then what JUSTICE is that for Devin or Gil, huh? Is Gil guilty… I don’t know for sure? Is Julie guilty, I don’t know for sure? Is Bryan guilty, I don’t know? But, do I believe that this case needs a thorough investigation? Definitely! It seems Gil, Julie and Bryan all had their problems, but who is responsible for a murder that is what needs to be confirmed! In the past if people just went with the flow and not investigated thoroughly then maybe innocent people would have been convicted. Things are not always as they appear! That is a fact in life.

    Could there be more to the story? Can anyone prove there is not? Could having a relative in law enforcement have any weight on the case, hmmm? It has happened in the past!!! I am not saying Bryan’s father said anything, however his father being a “wonderful person and in law enforcement” may have affected the way other law (troopers/court) officials have judged Bryan. Treating him as if he could have nothing to do with it because of having a great father/role model. Could Bryan have had an extra key and therefore not needed to break into the house… to get even? Have stepfather’s, fathers and mother murdered their children in the past? YES…. as disgusting as it may seem! Have people got away with murder? “well I guess that is why it is a famous quote!” Do Gil and Julie have bad character? From what I read it seems so! Does Bryan have mental issues… from what I read it seems so. So… who really knows the answers? If you are from Bryan’s side they have their answers! If you’re from Julie side they think they have the answers! If you’re from Gil’s side they too have their answers. But…. honestly only God and Devin have the answers. Sadly we may never know the real truth! That is a fact! But again in my belief…. the judge that sits in a court gives the ruling will hold nothing against the real Judge and that is God and no lawyer will rewrite the scenario. God will judge on judgment day and then Devin will get his truth spoken.

    And… in regards to Suspicious being venomous… considering she is related to the one in jail… I think she has been very fair and respectful to all parties. She has made several references to that if you read through the blog!

  389. Great post “I’ll be surpised”!

  390. Suspicious Says:
    November 6th, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    Wow, waiting, you have seen the Knowles???I have been in this family for 15 years and I never have. In fact, I think Gil’s biological (sperm donor) as he calls it, father,
    is deceased. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so….

    Gil’s father is dead. For about 9years now! All of his immediate family live on the other side of the country! Yes… his father did make some mistakes in his past and had some problems. But, his father was a nice man and wished things would have been different! He had two children Gil and Gina. His father’s family are very nice people and respectable. Gil’s grandparent’s hadn’t seen Gil since he was a young boy. The rest of the relatives never met Gil. Just a little info. on the Knowles!

  391. i’ll be surprised,

    Not sure what the Knowles’ reputation has to do with considering no one knows them according to suspicious, but thanks for the info.

    As far as Bryan having a key, nice try but Julie and Gill changed the locks on him so he had absolutely no access into the house. Got another off the wall scenario that can’t be backed by anything other than a blind guess? Suspicious is so open minded? Ok, then why hasn’t she admitted to the fact Gill could have done it? Rather than being so determined he did not? Everyone of us that knew these people are devastated and prayed to God for some other explanation than him being killed by hand of one of his care takers. We toil with that on a day to day, hour by hour even min by min basis. That is why when the evidence is shown we will have some real answers. Her info is given by a drunken pill popping woman that is trying to save her own skin. If that is all I got then I too would be so blind, ooops I mean open minded, to all the possibilities. I also don’t have sympathy for someone whining and crying about be attacked over a blog. Get real, the only one attacked was Devin!

  392. waiting,

    I was just commenting on the Knowles family since it was brought up in a couple earlier post.

    I don’t know “Suspicious”, but as a reader who isn’t connected to these people I have read her comment that it is hard for her (knowing him) to believe he did it. But, then if he is found guilty then she would (in a nutshell) be against it and she wanted justice for Devin!

    Also… it is nice to know about the key/lock/door fact. Thanks for clearing that up. Like I said I come to this website for information not to insult or be insulted. Just to communicate and maybe be able to understand more!

    I don’t know who is guilty. But, I do hope the guilty one/ones get what they deserve! Whomever it is/are! 🙂

  393. Wow, thanks for having my back, guys….
    WAITING: I don’t know any drunken pill-popping women, if you are referring to JUlie, I cannot defend or bash her, I don’t know much about her at all….she has not given me any information. I only listen to my direct family who has the 100 page reports from the attornies office. I don’t base my opinions on hearsay and exaggerated rhetoric that I pick up from this blog. I have said before, if Gil is guilty, he should pay, anyone who could harm a child should pay. They should be bludgeoned to death, just like that boy. Based on things that I have learned I am convinced that Gilbert did not do this, but if the state is able to prove otherwise, I will be back on here with a heartfelt apology and I won’t even respond to everyone’s verbal commentaries, for I will feel as though they are well deserved on my behalf. If I remotely thought there was any chance of that, I would have never gone to bat for Gil, but I know him, his ways, and his habits, and I am confident that I won’t have to eat my own words. I know how much Gil loved that boy, I will be elated when justice is finally served…

  394. As far as whining and crying about being attacked, I was responding to something ALICE said. I do NOT whine and cry about anything….I welcome people’s opinions and commentaries, even if they want to throw insults and be rude and ignorant to me. I took enough psychology and human behavior classes to know why people react in different ways, I cannot judge others, I have no right. We all have to cope with this situation the best that we know how. Some people just can’t deal with opposing opinions because they believe so strongly in their own. I am okay with that… mind remains open to whatever PROOF can be shown to me….

  395. Guys,
    We do respect your opinions, but they should be stated in a tasteful, non-profane manner. We are still trying to never lose sight that this blog is in honor of that baby. The judicial system will find out what happened to Devin, they will not fail in vindicating that child….this I believe.

  396. yes i know for a fact gilbert didnt do it cause he would never harm a kid he has allways wanted a lot of kids and thats wut he got i think bryan did the babys dad because he is knowen for abuse

  397. ONCE AGAIN I WAS DELETED i just wanted to say thanx for postng pics of devin!!!!


    Christina, I have NOT deleted any comments in a few days. I am having computer problems and have not been on very much. If your comments are not showing up, then it is the spam filter or due to your IP address being on a moderated status. So, if you think you are being deleted, it is not by me, the blog owner. Send me copie of your comments and I will look into it.

  398. Girl you were NOT deleted this time…you better check again, you are moving up in the ranks…. I am also glad to see those pictures…The kids and I are going to see him this weekend…It will be bittersweet.

  399. WOW, is what I really gotta say. This blog has gone to hell to visit the seat reserved for Gil himself and back.
    Suspicious you attack everyone from the blog owner to Bryan’s sister to the poor old lady crossing the street. Having no moral or respect for anyone else, and being selfish must run in your family. I am definitely starting to see a trend. If you do not like this blog or what is said in this blog what is deleted and condoned I suggest you add a few computer classes to your already impressive resume you have been boasting about (criminology classes, law classes, psychology classes etc.) and create your own blog where you can control it.
    I find you distasteful and rude to everyone on this blog. I cannot believe you would attack Bryan’s sister who is obviously closer to this child and the parties involved than any of us!
    You tell everyone else to keep an open mind, hut you are a hypocrite because the only information you are accepting is the information that suits your opinion. I do not think you have all the facts yourself and you are getting most of your information from Gil. Of course Gill is going to lie through his teeth. Most people in jail claim their innocence. What exactly are you so defensive about though suspicious? What are you hiding?

  400. Oh yes, it becomes the “attack suspicious” blog again. Although I respect your opinion, I certainly think you are a little misconstrued on your facts, sweetie. As I have said numerous times, I get my FACTS from the defense attorney’s paperwork. But yes, whatever, I am just the glorified white trash version of Gil’s SO SELFISH family. I was asking the sister legitimate questions that remain unanswered. I have taken some computer classes in high school, but thanks for offering your VALUED opinion on what I should or shouldn’t do in my life. I will continue to be on this blog until we have found justice for Devin. If I have to defend the honor of my family along the way down this road, then SO BE IT! I am not going to tolerate people coming on here with their personal opinions about the accused! This is still about that baby and since Gilbert didn’t do it, then I want to be informed as to who did…I have not found any of my words to be anything but tasteful, it is my intelligence that has always threatened people that don’t want to hear anything other than a guilty verdict, so your words really don’t mean anything to me. I want justice and when justice is served, let’s see if you have the nerve to come back in here and face up to me.Bryan’s sister was obviously close to Devin, but I guess Gil wasn’t, right???Well how can that be when Gil and Gil alone is being held accountable for what happened to that child? Give me a break, with your argumentative bantering bullshit….try focusing on that baby as much as you focus on my opinions. If you find me to be so selfish and annoying, then quit responding to what I have to say, quit intentionally coming on here to see what I’ve said, and maybe in your free time, belt out a cure for cancer….because I will be the one standing tall in the end, right next to my nephew, trying to help him pick up the pieces of his shattered life…..

  401. By the way, if you want to hear the FACTS that are the basis of my opinions, court is November 14th….see you there….

  402. I find it very interesting that you (suspicious) cannot even respond without using foul language. I am not afraid of you intelligence most intelligent people do not struggle to have an argument without using such language.
    Once again I have my doubts that you will be standing tall when it is all said and done. When Justice is served and Gill is sent to jail for life. You will be left behind to bite your tongue and then I will be expecting my apology.

  403. Keep waiting for it, for as the old addage goes….”a watched pot never boils…” foul language is merely a release for me, I believe I used one word, BULLSHIT, and such a descriptive and appropriate one it was for the comical content of some of your particular forum postings. I know that the state of Illinois has convicted so many others on NO EVIDENCE, right??? I will be at court, we’ll see if you are there to seek justice for Devin, remember him? The real reason that SOME of us are here. Others have their own agendas, that is clear. Glad to know that you are not afraid of “you intelligence”, add spelling to your roster since we’ll be taking classes at the same time….Next Wednesday, honey……Next Wednesday….

  404. Just might be catch 22 if justice for Devin is Gilbert going to jail.

  405. Yes, Alice, what would any topic be without your positive insight????? I’m tired of playing “Blues Clues” with both of you, why don’t you start basing your opinions on something factual, rather than just trying to come up with some negative comments to get to me?? Because to be perfectly honest, I don’t think either one of you is that concerned with justice for that baby, you more have a quest with bad feelings towards Gilbert. It is starting to bore me and amuse me, I don’t even find it challenging anymore. So you say what you want, be it good or bad, I have nothing more to say to you.

  406. Why is it that all the cases going on in the Chicagoland area are in the news ALL of the time and yet this case has had very little coverage and continues to be that way? They claimed (JPD), that this was the worst case of child abuse they have ever seen and yet they have nothing to say about it? It can’t be because they don’t wan’t information getting out because it seems to be all here on this blog. These people seem to have direct contact with those involved ,so I would take this information for the truth and more so the truth because of the lack of media attention. Maybe there is more, but wow I sure would think that this would be a HIGH priority case in the media. Look back in the archives of the Herald News when the Fox case was going on, there was a lot of front page news and they were quick to judge and had no evidence other then their pure ignorant tactics when questioning a grieving person by telling lies and proclaiming it will be over if you just tell us. One has to think they are looking in other directions and now realizing something else might have happened. This little boy needs justice and it seems the detectives and investigators are wanting someone to blame rather than finding out the truth. Come on WILL CO. stop pointing fingers, I’m sure you don’t wan’t yet another civil suit against your ignorance of the constitutional RIGHTS we have and cherish in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  407. My heart truly goes out to all of the famialies involved in this horror. I sometimes hate reading these blogs where yall are just bashing gil and his family. EVEN if Gil is guilty, tell me please why you must bash his family as they are all good and decent people who would give there last to help someone in need. I grew up with aunt nelly and uncle mark all of my life, they are not my blood but they may as well be. I do NOT believe that gil did this horrible crime, but like i have said before, i was NOT there that night, I do know that the God of my understanding will not allow gil to go away for life if he did NOT do this. I pray for all of you every night and my love goes out to ALL of gil’s family and to gil himself. My dad kevin brooks also wants me to tell gils family he said hello and his thoughts are with you all. Devin, may god keep you safe and may the guilty party be punished so you may rest in peace.

  408. Thank You, Coco… I have passed on your blessings and sympathies to the family.

    To Confused:
    You are quite the observant one….my theory on that is if Will County was indeed sitting on a mound of evidence, as has been stated by multiple super sleuths in this blog, there would be so much hype over this case, people would be tired of hearing about it. There has been no mention of anything, which I find to be ridiculous because there SHOULD be a public outcry over the death of a baby. Will County is going to look foolish once again to botch a case such as this. I can guarantee once this is over, I personally will be contacting every newspaper in the tri-county area, and maybe even some of the news media as well, because this story needs to end in justice for that baby. His life DID matter, people SHOULD care what happened to him, and if Will County cannot come up with the culprit, then someone in a higher authoritive position should. If you utilize enough resources and make your voice loud enough, someone will listen…

  409. God Bless You, Devin….

    You beautiful “ducky-lipped” boy!!!!!

  410. I will be by to visit you in these next few days baby! I love and miss…not a day goes by without you in my mind little man.

  411. Did anyone see the article in the Chicago Tribune about the two year old that fell from the top bunk bed & died because of a head injury? I’m not saying that that’s what happened to Devin, I just thought that it was ironic since it was brought up on here a while back.

  412. In the chicago tribune article about the boy falling out of bed, it also states that the boy suffered a medical condtion affecting his balance.

  413. Reading that aritical is so eerily familiar to this case. Not knowing for sure if it was a top bunk bed in this case though (something that was posted). It still goes to show, some investigators and prosecutors don’t rush to judgement until AFTER the investigations are completed ie: evidence & statements. Is it election year? God bless you Devin and may the families be at peace soon.

  414. “Nice Try”- as I stated in my post, I wasn’t trying anything. I simply thought that it was kind of ironic. Yes, it did say that he had a medical condition affecting his balance; I’m not sure why they would have had him on a bunk bed with that since two year olds don’t typically have that great of balance to begin with. Who knows, but thanks for attacking a simple post.

  415. So what is happening tomorrow? Is it a court date for this case?

  416. I believe Devin had a depth perception problem with his vision that caused him to not be able to judge how far away objects really were. I watched him a few times run into things, like walls, garage doors, that caused him to get injuries. So that case is very eery and very familiar and coming around at a very bizarre time, to maybe bring awareness….

  417. gee mother have you read the actual reports? or spoken to anyone involved?

  418. Who is mother?

  419. dear blog owner,

    Im sorry that i accused you of deleting my comments,and actualy i prommised a certain someone that i wouldnt even come on here anymore,but it makes me happy to see devins little face on this blog now…..thank you for taking my ideas seriously!!!!!

  420. Just because some kid fell out of bed in Chicago…
    I wouldn’t look for a triumphant victory for the defense tomorrow, with confetti and streamers and Gil and Juie go skipping arm-in-arm off into the sunset.

    My money is on the fact that they both get what they deserve, which isn’t gonna be pretty.

  421. Could anyone tell me what time court is tomorrow? I would really appreciate it.

  422. forget it. I got the info. Thanks anyway.

  423. Hey what happened today in court??? Does anyone know???

  424. I can only say this, they are hopefully getting closer to finding out what happened to Devin…each day is a step towards progress in putting him into a peaceful rest…

  425. Suspicious,

    That is not a very straight-forward answer. Did the court appearance get continued? Did they get bound over for trial? Be a bit more specific.

    However, I am going to try to call the court tomorrow during my lunch and see what happened.

  426. can somebody tell me the specifics as to what happened in court today?

  427. Suspicious somehow equates Devin’s rest with Gil being found not guilty.

    I think Devin is already at peaceful rest. If Gil has a conscience… then probably not so much.

  428. Suspicious is keeping this blog about that baby, not focusing all of her efforts on her nephew….it is still about Devin, as much as I would like to say other things, I am above that, I want to know what happened to that boy!!

  429. Coco,
    You need to contact me privately per e-mail or whatever and I will tell you some specifics…

  430. I got a very nice phone call from Gils family that will surprise you all on Friday. And NO I dont want to be part of this hashing and slaying that you all do around here, dont you people have jobs or something?????

  431. Big Sheesh,
    Since you are so knowledgable about the case, why don’t you inform everyone of what you think you know?

  432. suspicious,
    I would love to contact you privetly about the specifics in court today, but i do not have an email addy to contact you on. please email me.

    Gina(Gils Sister now),
    You mentioned a phone call that will surprise us on friday, please can you tell us what it was all about? I am 5 hours away from gil and aunt nelly and would like to be kept posted as to what is going on.

  433. suspicious,

    i am just curious if you are one of the aunts of gils that i have met. Did my parents hang with you? Please email me and let me know what is going on. You are all in my daily prayers and i also pray that the god of my understanding helps give gil and all of you the strength to get through this. I also hope that devin is at peace and that his family finds the strength and answers that they so desperatly need right now.

  434. my email addy is

  435. Coco, check your e-mail.
    God Bless you, Devin!!

  436. suspicious,
    thank you

  437. To the Blog Owner:
    I am sorry that I didn’t give you a credible update on court yesterday. I promised the family that I would not be spouting off on here much and would limit the amount of details that I reveal to others. If you have difficulties obtaining information from the courthouse, you may contact me, I know you know how, and I will update you on the criteria that will become public record, anyway. I respect your interest in criminology and feel as though you have been more than tolerant of me, so I owe you that much. I did not mean to be evasive towards you yesterday, I am trying to respect the feelings of everyone involved in this case. I know that you understand…

  438. I was in court and I certianly don’t mind informing those that are interested in the injustice Devin is receiving.

    First Julie went up. The lawyer motioned to set another pretrial hearing after he said there were 3 new discoveries, this motion was granted and that date is set for December. He was then cut off in mid sentence by the judge in a motion to change bond to see the children. He was not going to simply allow her to get what she wants and override another judge’s decision. Boohoo, Julie was finally told “NO” for once in her life. IF she can come up with evidence, such as an expert testimony or her own words, he will hear it on Dec. 6. He will not allow the kids to be placed in another dangerous situation, so she must prove she can safely be around the children. This means lock up the pills and bottles. She was clearly livid by the judge’s decision.

    After a 20 minute recess court presumed and Gil went up. His lawyer motioned for a bond reduction due to lack of concrete evidence. He said Gil should have the presumption of innocence. Then the prosecutor objected and descriped the injuries in detail that Devin received while in the care of Julie and Gil. His lawyer tried to claim this could happen by falling off a bed and there is a large window of time when these injuries could have occured. I can assume that it is due to the large amount of circumstantial evidence is why he is reduced from $5 million to $1 million. He is required to stay with his parents and be on house arrest from 10 pm to 6 am. He is required to make at least 2 contacts a day Monday-Saturday at getting a job. Once he has one he is to show check stubs as proof. One more major component is that Gil is to have NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY CHILDREN! As the judge stated, even in a resturant.

    For those of you that are interested the Will County Circuit Court’s website has a list of everyone’s court dates from speeding tickets to divorce to first degree murder.

    I do find it interested that Suspicious has all of a sudden found a mute button when court goes in the favor of her family. It was open to the public so if she won’t tell people I will.

    Don’t assume that they will be getting off scott free. Say it’s an accident all you want but there are elements that cannot be explained so easily. I was sickened by Julie’s sigh of relief when the reduced his bail. Then to hug and embrace his family! I didn’t see that much emotion at Devin’s wake and funeral.

    Suspicious won’t be the only one contacting media. People will not be ok with the murder suspect and the girlfriend acting as though everything is just grand in life. Time to move on! Sorry but that is where the out cry will be, not making people take responsibilty for their actions. She claims Will County will be the foolish looking one! Whatch what you said because you may need to eat your words later. This isn’t over, not by a long shot. Plenty of people are ready and willing to testify what Julie and Gil are really all about. And that isn’t an “Ooops, baby died!”

  439. Court Specifics:
    I would like to thank you for your detailed encounter of events yesterday. It was very helpful. I would also like to thank you for your insight. This is such a horrible tragic case and the lack of care from the mother, “I was sickened by Julie’s sigh of relief when the reduced his bail. Then to hug and embrace his family! I didn’t see that much emotion at Devin’s wake and funeral” makes one wonder. I pray that all guilty parties are brought to Justice. What a sick world we live in.

  440. What I find to be interesting is that it seems as if there are people that actually WANT this to be a crime, instead of facing the stone cold fact that this may have been nothing more than a horrible accident. But I am no forensic expert, nor do I work for the medical examiner’s office so I will have to wait and see as the details unfold one by one. I also find it mortifying that people are trivializing the death of a child based on their own selfish, ignorant feelings about Gil and Julie. I see that timeline of WHEN the injuries occurred to be very crucial considering the fact that Gil and JUlie didn’t have the kids till night. My mute button was on due to my consideration for others and the fact that the other families are upset, but don’t worry, I turned it off…..

  441. Court Specifics,

    You must be an owens to be so hurt and angry. It is expected that you would feel the way you do,but you have got to STOP judging people by there past mistakes and look and the concrete evidence,forensic evidence or should i say lack there off in this case. Neither of us were there, neither of us really know what happened, BUT i can’t help but ask myself would you be spouting off like this if the tables were turnned and it was bryan who was the accused. You have to trust that your GOD will provide the answers that you seek and stop trying to hurt people just because you have been hurt. STOP attacking gil’s family as they were NOT there that night either. Maybe just maybe this was a horrible accident, if it was will you be able to face that fact if it is proven in court or will you still blame the accused and there entire family. GOD does not just take people away if it is not there time, he must have a BETTER plan for little devin and all you can do is believe that the truth will come out. The entire owens family is in my prayers and i pray that you will find the strength to get through this horrible ordeal, I pray that you will be able to rid yourselves of all your anger and hate one day. I know that this is hard on everyone involved, but if there is NO concrete evidence why are you still attacking everyone involved. God does not want us to judge with hatefull eyes, he wants us to judge only as we would want to be judged so please pray and if you think you are right so be it, but if you have NO proof then leave gil and julie’s family alone. I would trust gil with my life and my children’s and i believe that GOD will prove to all of you that you are WRONG!! May god bless you,protect you and provide you the strenth and answers you seek right now in your time of despaire. Devin is watching over all of you please be a better person for his sake.

  442. A child id dead and all the people on this blog can do is point fingers and hete each other. STOP! is this what devin would have wanted all of you doing? NO! he would have wanted you to find some peace within yourselves, he would have wanted you to find the answers that so many are looking for. /maybe just maybe this was NOT a crime, would devin want you to act as if it was,to turn your backs on the people he looked up to and loved? NO! he would have wanted you to open your eyes, your ears and your hearts, he would have wanted you to come together rather than ripping each other apart. IF there is a lack of evidence then what makes you all so sure that it was a CRIME? Have you seen ANY proof that leads you to believe that it was Gil or Julie? I said PROOF not opinions about what the accused could have done, or what you believe they did. PROOF!!! please if you have it show it to the rest of us including the D.A. cause obviously he doesnt have any PROOF either all he has is what he believes to have happened. STOP attacking each other STOP beeing to heartless as that is NOT what devin would have wanted and that is NOT what he needs to see as he looks down from heaven upon us. May god be with you all!!

  443. Will County is always behind in updating the website. Is Gil’s next court date in December too?

  444. WOW:
    You are such a hypocrite! First it is suspicious is going to eat her words, now that things don’t seem to be proceeding the way you intended, now the whole world is sick? Does that include the judge, attornies and everybody? They are just going to let someone walk free that kills children, right? There was no evidence to submit to the judge, so the state’s attorney had to focus on the injuries that the child sustained. Luckily the judge has been on the bench and involved with law for 27 years and still NEEDS PROOF! The sympathy card did not work in a case that seems to be based on circumstances. We are all disgusted by the multiple injuries the child had, but there was no proof to link Gil to any of them. Might I suggest therapy to those who cannot cope with realism. I tried to be considerate, I tried to not be a selfish bitch and gloat on the outcome yesterday, but yet and still there are people that have their own agendas. That’s what makes me SICK!

  445. Gina,

    yes if you do an inmate search for gil on will counties site it tells you his next court date.

  446. suspicious,

    you go girl! I am only an email away if ever you need to talk. The people up here want drama so try not to give them what they are after.

  447. to see the court records on the Will County site do you have to pay fee’s or how do you get access. Because the way I was trying to access was requiring one to subsrcibe. I was confused because where I live the court website is open and free to the public.

  448. This is what i was able to find on the will county jail site when i did an inmate search. as far as court reports i have never tried to look for them so i dont know if they charge or not.Information for GILBERT KNOWLES

    20070008727 GILBERT KNOWLES A

    ( Click on the location for the Visitation schedule )
    $100,000.00 DD

    ** If Bail amount is equal to $0.00, then no Bail has been set. Bail amount is subject to change.

    Click Here to Register For Notification
    For Any Changes to This Offender’s Custody Status

    CASE NUMBER COURT DATE M07CF1926 12/19/2007

  449. Suspicious: There you go spouting out childish swear words again. I hope you don’t swear around your children like that. I am not eating my words nor do I believe I will be. Gil’s bond was merely decreased. He still has very strict rules like TO STAY AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN. He has not been given a get out of jail free pass.
    Yes, the world is sick. It is disgusting on one part or the other either people lied through their teeth about the facts of the case (blood all over the house) “worst case of child abuse ever seen,” Or in a desperate attempt to get a way with murder. Gil and his attorney created a tall tale about how Devin accidentally fell and died in his sleep.
    As much as I would love to believe this was a tragic accident. I don’t want to believe people can be that selfish, cruel, and sick. But every time I read the newspaper or watch the news it stares you in the face.
    It is funny how Suspicious and Coco can try to place the blame on everyone else, including God, and they can talk about the Owens family or anyone else they want, but as soon as anyone says anything back they attack them and try to say they are only here for Devin.
    If you are only here for Devin would you not at least hesitate to stand up for the only person labeled a suspect in his horrible death. The same person who told his mom “Gil is mean” shortly before his death. The last person who saw him alive.
    Actually believe it or not I am a stranger to this case, I do not know Gil, Julie, Bryan or anyone else. But, from reading this blog and hearing the details. It suspiciously sounds like Gil is as guilty as the devil himself.
    As far as his friends believing in his innocence remember even the Devil started out as God’s head angel. Perception is deceiving.

  450. Sorry Coco, but I am not an Owens. I WAS in fact Julie’s best friend. I stood up in her wedding, I watched Madi when Devin was born and I was there for most of the kids’ birthdays. My family accepted her as a close friend to the family. There’s a reason we are no longer her friends. I stood by her when she had an affair and tried to get her to see some common sense. I was there when she got out of jail and at the funeral and wake. Her emotions were fake. I have known her for 10 years and I don’t need a word of your advice.

  451. I am not here tryig to offend anyone so please do not assume that i am. I am just stating facts that there is No REAL evidence against gil. EVERYTHING that they have is curcumstantial. If they are able to show me REAL Proof that gil is guilty then so be it but i have not seen or heard any yet and i will stand by his side even IF he is found guilty as that is what family does. I know that alot of people have been hurt by this and a child has lost his life so emotions are running wild but everyone needs to sit back and OPEN there eyes. I NEVER blamed God i simply said that god does not take us away from our loved ones unless he has a better plan for us. I am sorry that Devin is gone and there is nothing i can say or do to bring him back but he is watching us from above and tell me is the way your acting the way you would want him to see. People are hurt,people are divided but attacking everyone who does not believe what you believe is NOT right. A jury will need EVIDENCE that is beyond a reasonable doubt to convict anybody, NOT what we believe happened so when they can show me something concrete then i will pray for forgiveness for gil,julie or whoever is convicted but untill then all i can ask is that god show us the truth. If julie’s emotions have been so FAKE as you say, did ya ever STOP to think that maybe SHE is the GUILTY one and NOT gil. yall are so sure he did it, where is your proof????

  452. Coco,
    You crack me up. You say “i will stand by his side even IF he is found guilty as that is what family does,” however you also say (Devin is watching) “us from above and tell me is the way your acting the way you would want him to see”. The answer to your question is yes, I would like Devin to know he got justice.
    But I really hope God protects him from all of this name calling, bantering blog (including my own). I hope God shields his eyes from any violence or hatred and he can only see and know love.

  453. wow,
    i understand you want justice for devin, but are you willing to get what you call justice even if it is attacking an innocent man? you have NO proof he is guilty and i have NO proof that he is innocent, but the law says he is innocent untill PROVIN guilty and so far thy cant proove anything. So you go ahead and attack me for my opinion as that is ok cause i know your hurting and if attacking people who do not believe what you believe makes you feel better then attack me cause i believe gil will be found innocent beyond a reasonable doubt.

  454. Yes, WOW, I do swear around my children, not all the time, but when the occasion calls for it. I do not candy-coat my childrens lives as if the world is a dream come true. I make them watch internet predator shows, child abduction cases, I show them that reality sometimes sucks, that is THE REAL WORLD!!! I wish I could depict life to be like Willy Wonka, with chocolate rivers, but our rivers sometimes have bodies floating in them, I need to raise them to be ready for that harsh, brisk world out there that awaits them. Did you in fact hear Devin say that Gil is mean? You need to base your opinions on facts like some of the rest of us. A two year old would call you mean if you had to scold him for something. Now maybe if he said Gilbie hit me, or something of that nature I might consider that to be more credible. I’m quite sure Gil’s attornies have better things to do with their expensive time than to fabricate fictitious stories to spite the judicial system and lessen the value of how this boy died. Show me FACTS, not opinions, show me PROOF, not make-believe, and maybe I will consider our conversations to have some substance or meaning, but otherwise, I don’t care about your FANTASY world, I live in the REAL one, where objects and people are not always as they aoppear to be…

  455. Here are three statements I made that never said Gil was guilty of murder so do not assume that I did:

    “I can ASSUME that it is due to the large amount of circumstantial evidence”

    “Say it’s an accident all you want but there are elements that cannot be explained so easily”

    “not making people take responsibility for their actions”

    Those elements will be addressed in court at the when the time is right. I never said that Julie was so innocent but if this ridiculous accident theory was right, if she would have checked on the kids like a good mother rather than being in drunken stupor or drugged out then Devin could be alive. Gil was there as well and never checked on them either. That alone is enough to take responsibility for, it’s called Child Endangerment. I never claimed to be there but I did say there were parts of the puzzle that don’t fit. There is a TON of circumstantial evidence and no one knows who that points to right now. Could be Julie, Gil, or Anyone. No one can argue that they were with the kids when these injuries occurred and they did not respond in a timely fashion (if it was an accident). Sorry “yall” but that is responsibility. If there is no concrete evidence doesn’t mean anyone didn’t do that to him. I watch kids of all ages all day long and have done so for years. Accidents happen all the time but I have to say I have never witnessed one with such a magnitude. But if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, talks like a duck…it surely can’t be one right?

  456. Suspicous,
    Treat others how you want to be treated. Don’t fix other people spelling and grammar if you don’t check your own.
    attornies = attorney’s
    aoppear = appear
    Also remember no one is attacking you but replying to your attacks toward them. Your family is telling you to watch what you say on this blog because you are not making Gil look any better.

  457. Suspicious,
    I do not live in a perfect fairy tale life. Apparently it is you who is trying to. So convince this is just an “accident”.
    Check up on your cartoons. Willy Wonka was not all good. Little Charlie had nothing, but problems and Mr. Wonka was actually really mean and deceptive, His family disowned him and he was tortured in his childhood. I hope that is not your idea of fairy tales!

  458. It really irritates me that someone said that Coco was blaming God for something…she has only asked people to look to him for guidance and understanding to help them cope, instead of lashing out at people with malice and contempt. Maybe if people were more in touch with him, they wouldn’t have to justify their actions by trying to destroy someone else to soothe their own pain. I, myself, do not get offended very easily, in fact, almost never. Words are words, whether they are good or bad, they do not harm me, they do not take away from who I am. I put more emphasis on actions. I am putting my faith in God and the judicial system that they will not fail in vindicating that boy. It may not be the result that most of you are WISHING for, but it will be the conclusion that is proven to be the truth by these people that are the experts, they are trained in their investigatory field, and that will be the final word on how the state will rest on the matter. That will be in spite of all of your PERSONAL theories. Boy, with people like this out there, jury selection ought to be like finding a ruby in a pile of rocks….God be with us all…..

  459. attornies is the plural version….meaning having more than one
    the other one was a type-o,
    If that’s all you have for me, TRY AGAIN….

  460. Stop hiding behind the little boy as you hurl stones at those who don’t share your “Free Gil! The boy simply fell out of bed!” agenda.
    I don’t need “therapy” to know that the boy did not die by falling out of bed or to see that you are in massive denial.

    Someone brutally beat the boy to death in his own bed.
    The only two around were Gil and Julie.
    Julie has claimed that the injuries came about when she picked him up in a panic. Does that sound plausible to you?
    Lies, lies, and more lies. Delusions abound. Denial everywhere. “Not I, said the pig.”

  461. Nobody is claiming it is an accident or in denial, or whatever other jibberish that I half-way comprehended….The paperwork friom the courthouse, the evidence that doesn’t exist, and the “Gil’s a murderer” chant is getting so old…..We will see if the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Gilbert A. Knowles single-handedly bludgeoned this boy to death, then strategically placed him head first between the wall and the bed, went in, sat down and carefully orchestrated this story for him and Julie to tell police, then went to sleep, got up for work like Ward Cleaver as if nothing ever happened? Are you frickin’ kidding me? Ignorance must be bliss which means you must be the happiest idiot oon the planet……I don’t need to hide behind a little boy, I want justice for him, but I want the truth, and the PROOF!!!! The cause of death was blunt force trauma, but that doesn’t mean he was beaten to die from that. I don’t know what Julie claimed, that information has not come out yet……..Give me FACTS, NOT SMACK!!!!!

  462. Coco,
    I was told to ask you if you have fond memories of the ocean at Galveston???? Just wanted to add something uplifting after the vultures were done tearing apart your faith….

  463. ahh galveston, i remember those days they were back when we were sweet and still innocent, that was my first kiss and it was under water. I miss those days!!

  464. Please keep your ocean memories to your emails. It is apparent you have exchanged addresses and I can assure you we don’t care!

    go screw yourself!!

  466. Thought it may add light to a dismal day in this blog….I guess even copping a visual of an oceanfront in Galveston, Texas is offensive these days….

  467. Coco,
    You must be the most ill-mannered person I have ever encountered. Sorry it struck a cord but still it has nothing to do with the case, Devin, or anything other than your personal conversations. As stated before by the blog owner this is not a chat room so leave those comments to you emails. If you had consideration for others then you would do that. And Suspicious I think the nice comments of Devin that were on here earlier did the job of that.

  468. Trust me I’m not offended just annoyed.

  469. You go, coco, I heard about your tape too, you crazy girl….God Bless the absent-minded, the ill witted, and the closed-minded, may they find hope somewhere, somehow, and with some conviction. Devin, I am so sorry for what I saw at your gravesite….the sick way that some people grieve is beneath my understanding…

  470. Here’s a question, why is it that Gil’s fan club is the one that throws mean and hateful name calling around? I guess it is the class and etiquette that keeps the childish name calling and Rikki Lake “You go girl” mentality. Wish we could be so blissful! Keep to what the blog is about please!

  471. suspicious,
    I have heard “rumors” that people have been leaving alcohol bottles at that poor babies grave. they say that we are disrespectfull for beeing on gils side but yet they go and disrespect a childs grave,that is just wrong. I will continue to pray for ALL of devins family as they will never find peace once gil is found innocent because they will not allow themselves to find peace. I am not a fan club for Gil, i jst believe that EVERYONE is innocent untill proven guilty beyond areasonable doubt and from what i hear, there isnt enough evedince to place any doubt let alona reasonable doubt. Tell Gil i love him and he is forever in my prayers along with devin and devins family.

  472. Yes, it would be a fan of Bud Light, they actually go to his grave, and party? Total disrespect and disregard for that baby…or are they so grief stricken that they forget to pick up the cans? A 2 year old, barely had a life, much less making it to legal drinking age. I retract my statement from earlier, this world has gotten sick…

  473. How do you know where the Bud Light comes from? That is the beer of choice for many involved, including the accused. Hmmmm….?

  474. yes it is the beer of choice for many,i never claimed to know where it came from i simply stated that it was VERY disrespectful. One of the accused are still ocked up so i guess gil is innocent on that one to.

  475. “they say that we are disrespectfull for beeing on gils side but yet they go and disrespect a childs grave”
    Please specify “they” and by the way I think Suspicious is the grammar expert, perhaps she should proof read your comments.

  476. I hate beer! I don’t know who drinks what, I don’t care! But when someone that is of obvious drinking age has no more regard for this baby than to come and litter the remainder of their habits onto that child’s final resting place? “THEY”, yes that would be a pronoun, meaning more than one…have got NO REGARD for him, even in the spiritual world…. I believe Bud Light comes from the Anhauser-Busch manufacturing plant…I worked at a liquor store briefly after high school….As far as where it comes from on the grave? Have no clue, have my theories, but it is disrespectful, and dishonoring to him, to me it’s like someone spitting on your grave. Now if the circumstance is different, like you are visiting your drinking buddy’s grave and you are toasting one for you or him….acceptable. A 2-year old? Dispicable!

  477. I believe someone said a while ago that they feel Devin is resting in peace? I really don’t see how…I know he is in a better place than here, that is all I need to be at peace with any of this chaotic crap!

  478. I think you toasted one yourself before you wrote that! My 7th graders are not allowed to speak, let alone write, in that fashion. I am clearly confused on a pronoun and you are wise…please enlighten me.

    ” “THEY”, yes that would be a pronoun, meaning more than one…”

  479. Yet when he was here he was with Julie and Gil…ooops she ate her words! Come on give us a reason why you will, trust me we know you will, take those words back.

    “I know he is in a better place than here”

  480. Since drugs and alcohol were so prevalent in the household that claimed this child’s life, it is wildly disrespectful to leave beer bottles on his grave.
    Julie’s disgusting lifestyle choices contributed to what happened to Devin. If Gil didn’t kill Devin, one or more of her other choices probably did.
    I am reasonably capable of assuring that my childrens’ blood isn’t being splattered all over the walls while I sleep in the next room. I should be Parent of the Year!

  481. you are all poor excuses for human beeings if all you can do is nit pick with other people’s comments. Any place is BETTER than here in this sick and cruel world, it doesnt matter where you are. NO devin is not at peace because you people will NOT allow him to be at peace with everyone trying to pick away the people who were in his life, could you be at peace if people were comng to your grave and leaving there beer bottles? oh never mind you probably would be as your a bunch of tasteless excuses for humanbeeings. I do NOT need a proof reader, i am a big girl who just gets angry with idiots like yall and misspells stuff. You can cut me down and call me names because it truly does not hurt me to be disliked by ignorant people who have NO regard for others. Wheather you like it or not i want to find the person or reason devin is gone, BUT I do NOT believe that person to be gil and i have the right to my opinion. Untill the courts prove me wrong with PROOF beyond a reasonable doubt I will NEVER change my mind. I do NOT care how hatefull you people are cause i understand you are all in some form of pain or denial and you need somebody to blame and lash out at, if it makes you feel better for me to be that person then so be it cause if i am your target then you are leaving some other innocent person such as gil alone!!! So come on and lash out if it helps your iggnorant a**** sleep better at night!!!

  482. Just a simple poem:

    Sorry I didn’t get to stay.
    To laugh and run and play.
    To be there by your side.
    I’m sorry that I had to die.

    God sent me down to be with you,
    to make your loving heart anew.
    To help you look up and see
    Both God and little me.

    I wish I could stay.
    Just like I heard you pray.
    But, all the angels did cry
    when they told little me goodbye.

    God didn’t take me cause He’s mad.
    He didn’t send me to make you sad.
    But to give us all a chance to be
    a love so precious .. don’t you see?

    Up here no trouble do I see
    and the pretty angels sing to me.
    The streets of gold is where I play
    you’ll come here too, someday.

    Until the day you join me here,
    I’ll love you , dear.
    Each breeze you feel and see,
    brings love and a kiss from me

    This made me think of devin and all the people who are so hurt and angry because he is gone, I pray that this poem will bring you all a little comfort and peace. We have got to STOP lashing out at eaxh other and accept that we all have our own opinions as to what happened that night, but devin is the only one who truly mattersand he is in heaven now, i can only pray that when and if Gil is provin innocent those who prayed so hard for his conviction will be able to find some peace in there hearts! God bless you all!

  483. Blood spattered all over the walls???That isn’t in the court papers? If you have nothing better to do than to pick apart grammar, make ridiculous accusations about people’s lifestyles, and try to make yourselves feel better by TRYING to use degradation and insults…. then get a life! I am not here to win an english literature award, or a spelling bee, or even judge others, as I have been taught better mannerisms than that….We will see how the court rules….I never ate my words, nor will I , but one thing is for CERTAIN….I will be eating turkey dinner with my nephew on Thanksgiving…he will be with his family for the holidays…..and I feel for all of you, because it is clear that MISERY LOVES COMPANY…. good luck with that one…look within yourselves, are you that miserable that you want others to join you? These words mean nothing, I will still sleep good tonight, and unless it has a STATE OF ILLINOIS logo or a WILLCOUNTY letterhead on it…then it is considered to be hearsay, rhetoric, or just plain BULLSHIT(oh yes, she swore again)……I wish I could passify you and say that I am offended, but rather I am amused…….

  484. Coco,
    Cool poem….
    You take it from here, I have a life, I have a job, I have obligations….maybe some of the others in here might take notice….

  485. Finally, Suspicous can see that the world is indeed sick. She was stolen from her fantasy land woken up from her lollipop dreams. I find it so funny how she can attack who she wants but when we say anything back she cries. She says she is not offended but she lashes back with such hateful words.

  486. Why don’t you people just give Suspicious a break. She is doing nothing wrong here. The way I see it all Suspicious is doing is looking for JUSTICE and standing by her family at the same time. I believe that Suspicious doesn’t say anything unless it does have some standing. We all want justice for Devin and when I say all that includes suspicious and the entire family. We all are horrified by even thought of what happened to Devin. Attacking each other is not going to bring him back. I understand the anger, hurt and frustrations but when you think about it, everyone here wants the same thing and that is JUSTICE. No one has been found guilty of anything and as difficult as it is, we need to be patient and let the investigators do their jobs. The truth will come out in the end. Unfortunately, these things take time. In the end, the result will be JUSTICE. Why don’t we all just focus on justice for Devin instead of attacking each other? Slinging mud solves nothing. Gil has NOT been convicted of anything. His family should not be faulted for standing by him. It’s what family does. If you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes, you have no right to judge them.

  487. enough,
    thank you for that. They just can not stand the fact that we are supporting gil and maybe if i were in there shoes i would understand there point of views, but i am not and gil is family and we will continue to stand by him through thick and thin because that is what family does as you stated.

    I understand people are hurt and angry because gil will be home for thanksgiving instead of behind bars where THEY feel he should be, but my only fear is that if gil is found innocent that these people will never find peace due to the fact that they will have nobody to blame then.

    I continue to pray for all parties involved, but when i state that they think i am blaming God for devin’s death. I NEVER blamed God i simply stated that god does not take anybody on accident and that he must have had a better plan for devin. These people took those word twisted them around and made it sound like i was blaming God cause devin was gone.

    Then i merely asked if a rumor i heard abount bryan leaving bud light bottles at the babies grave was true, and they had to turn that in to a grammer and spelling lesson. I just find it so improper the way they reply.

    It is as if we are not suppose to love the accused cause if we do that means we dont love devin and to me that is just CRAZY as we are able to love everyone involved.

    I am sorry that i find it inappropriate for bryan to be going to the grave and getting drunk then leaving his bottles in Devin’s pumpkins and all over the grave, i know bryan is hurt and upset but he could at least have enough respect for is son to at least pick up his mess when he is done.

    Devin was loved by EVERYONE and we will continue to love him even though we are on Gil’s side. NOBODY can change our love for either of them!!!

  488. As the bible says…..I believe the old testament had it right….”An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”. It will be a sub-below zero temperature day in HELL before you will ever make me cry….but keep trying if that’s what makes you indeed happy…

  489. Thank you ENOUGH ALREADY… are absolutely correct….Everyone, including myself at times, keeps losing their focus on what this is ALL about….THAT BABY!!!!

  490. How does the saying go from when we were all kids?
    “sticks and stones may break my bones,but words can never hurt me”
    If it makes you feel better to try to crush with you words have at it at least your devoting your attention at me and not an innocent person who does not deserve it!!!

  491. The thing we have to remember here is that none of us can control how anyone else acts or reacts to this or any other situation. Each of us only has control of our own actions and reactions. I feel for everyone involved. My heart and prayers go out to everyone. This whole thing is nightmare. I want justice for Devin. Believe me, I want that more than anything. I believe that they have the wrong man, though. I have my own reasons for believing that. Just keep the faith and try to be patient. Someday, this nightmare will be over and JUSTICE will be served. I pray that all parties involved will someday find some peace.

  492. enough already,

    That is all any of us want. Justice for devin, but I to believe they have the wrong man in jail, i also believe that the truth will come out. I feel for devin’s family because they want gil to be the guilty one so badly that they may never find peace if it turns out that he is innocent. They need closure but NOT at the cost of an innocent man!!

  493. I have a feeling even when this is all said and done, whether they rule it as a horrible accident, or foul play, and Gil is exonerated of these charges, they will still NEVER find closure. They want this to be a crime, they want him to be the one convicted…bottom line. They all made unnecessary comments about Julie’s emotions and embracing our family when Gil’s bond was reduced….but nobody made mention of how Gil’s brother and Bryan embraced in the hallway of the courthouse, told each other they loved each other, Gil’s brother offered his sympathies about Devin, and said you know my brother didn’t do this….and Bryan’s reply? “I know, dude.” In the original documentation of the statements, Bryan said he did NOT believe that Gil could do anything like this…..So why is his whole family trying to be on this crusade to convict him???Don’t know where the logic is behind that….but we will see what the experts say….

  494. I wanted to make sure that everyone understood that I wasn’t accusing anyone of losing focus. I wasn’t trying to accuse anyone of anything. I get so angry myself and what helps me cope is faith and constantly reminding myself that I can’t control how others react. I can only control how I react. I said before that I have my own reasons for believing they have the wrong man. I have known Gil for many years and there is no way I believe he did this but it goes beyond that. I have other reasons for my beliefs that I can’t share on a blog. Just keep the faith. The truth will come out in the end.

  495. Suspicious:
    You make some very good points.

  496. enough already,
    i would like to hear more about your beliefs an how you know gil. please email me.

  497. suspicious,

    did mark come through for gil today?

  498. Coco,

    As we speak….

  499. coco: I have some stuff going on right now but will email you later on tonight.


    Please keep on track and stop calling names and the trash talk. No matter what you believe in this case, please be respectful here. No more name calling or nit-picking. I will be deleting a bunch of comments later that are just more than I want here. Please learn some respect EVERYONE.

  501. For those of you that are interested, I was able to spend time with Madi and Aleena twice this week while I was in Joliet. Both girls seem to be doing well. I received warm hugs from Madi, as always such a beautiful little girl. Aleena was restless and always found something to get into, she reminds me so much of her brother. I can’t wait to see my little angel turn one this month!

  502. Thank You waiting, I know I for one am glad that they are doing well….Madi likes kindergarten? I heard she goes full-time. She is the one we most worried about since she was the mother-hen to Devin. I hope counseling is part of her routine. We have all seen how hard it is for us adults to cope, I’m sure it is twice as hard on her. Our thoughts and prayers are with them…

  503. i loved devin

  504. he was a cool little guy

  505. u go suspicious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  506. hello fighters and what not!

  507. corolyn is a dork. suspicious can’t be dumb and drop out of high school.maybe u did carolyn.y r u so concerned

  508. hey suspicous r u there

  509. hello????????

  510. Yep, I’m here.

  511. A new blog person?

  512. Hey Coco,
    I just got off the phone with Gil and I didn’t have to push “0” to accept the charges…

  513. Suspicious,
    How is he?

  514. So much for that Gil’s family is white trash theory. Not too many white trash families are escorted to the clerk’s office by police escort with armored gurards to post $100,000 CASH… In fact it has never happened in the history of Will County. But it happened today….Now we will see how the justice system prevails in finding the justice that we are all seeking…….

  515. He sounds like a new man….I am wound up now…

  516. There is so much that I want to say right now but I am trying to stay focused on the purpose of this blog. So, I will just say this…A prayer was answered today. I will keep on praying for justice for little Devin.

  517. I know, me too, but now that we are coming closer to justice, although it will be a long ride, we WILL find out what happened to baby Devin……this I am sure of….

  518. I believe you’re right. It’s very difficult to be patient sometimes but I know we have to be. The truth will come out though.

  519. Yes, but I am sure there will still always be those that walk through life with tunnel vision. I don’t feel hate for any of these people, I feel sorry for a lot of them. I have to try and remember that others are not as strong minded and quick to react to painful situations. I hope that once it is all said and done that people CAN handle the conclusion….

  520. Suspicious and Coco:

    As soon as he/she said what happened in court you were still so quick to defend those who are being charged. And all along you keep saying how you know ‘all this ‘inside’ info’ but are holding it back and we can all wait and see… well we are waiting and you are full of it. You are living in fantasy land and all of your time wasted here babbling on about gil’s innocence is a joke. You are going to look like a fool when all is said and done. You should be ashamed of yourself. So here’s a question for you.. if you went on an ‘extended’ vacation to wherever, would you let Gil watch your children?? Honestly, could you? Would you let a man/women in custody for sexual abuse to a child (who has not yet gone to trial) watch them too? Because from all you claim about innocence I imagine you would think that would be ok. That makes me sick. That poor baby didn’t have a chance. And to think, his grandma/grandpa/cousins etc.. all saw him, and played with him that night, never imagining that would be the last time they were to see him alive. It makes me sick. I saw Julie hugging Gil’s family also that day. Why should she care. She;s out on bail from mommy’s money, not working, not having to raise kids, and living it up. All the while still supporting Gil, a man who is charged with murdering HER CHILD. What’s wrong with that picture? I seriously think, suspicious, you need to seek a doctor. You need meds- you;ve lost your mind.

  521. I posted this earlier but I think this would be an appropriate time to repost it.

    Why don’t you people just give Suspicious a break. She is doing nothing wrong here. The way I see it all Suspicious is doing is looking for JUSTICE and standing by her family at the same time. I believe that Suspicious doesn’t say anything unless it does have some standing. We all want justice for Devin and when I say all that includes suspicious and the entire family. We all are horrified by even thought of what happened to Devin. Attacking each other is not going to bring him back. I understand the anger, hurt and frustrations but when you think about it, everyone here wants the same thing and that is JUSTICE. No one has been found guilty of anything and as difficult as it is, we need to be patient and let the investigators do their jobs. The truth will come out in the end. Unfortunately, these things take time. In the end, the result will be JUSTICE. Why don’t we all just focus on justice for Devin instead of attacking each other? Slinging mud solves nothing. Gil has NOT been convicted of anything. His family should not be faulted for standing by him. It’s what family does. If you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes, you have no right to judge them.

  522. You are right, I lost my mind years ago, but that has nothing to do with this case. I don’t do synthetic drugs of any kind, but thanks, there isn’t any meds strong enough to make me stop believing in my family, or to try and not consider ALL options in this case, since I HAVEN’T got to read the TRILLION page reports, page by page. I don’t feel as though my time is WASTED when there hasn’t been justice for that baby and this trial is far from over.Would I let Gil be with my kids for an extended period of time? You are damn right I would, in fact I am angry that my kids can’t see him now. My daughter was crying tonight that she will go tell the judge that she feels safe and to let her see him. She is almost 11. Gil was always the one in the yard at gatherings playing with all the kids, acting like a bafoon, as if he never matured past that age himself. All the kids love (d)him, including Devin. A total stranger with a sex offense charge? No. Someone in my family, that I know did not commit a sexual offense? Yes. As far as Julie hugging Gil’s family? We love Julie, too, I don’t know her as well as some of the others do, but nobody has PROVEN to me that she is guilty of the crime she is charged with, so why should I be her JUDGE? Why should JUlie care? Because she gave birth to that child and he is no longer here, that is WHY! I highly doubt she is LIVING it up, and her faith in her man stems from the fact that she WAS there that night and has no reason to believe he killed her child, so why wouldn’t she stand by him? I am happy that she has a supportive mother, who obviously has seen her daughter’s parenting and believes in her innocence…we should all be so fortunate as to have families that have a bond such as that.I think that I have answered most all of your questions to the best of my ability…and some advice for you: you got SICK twice in your blog, you may need medical advisement as well, that could be the onset of an ulcer, or maybe just indigestion???

  523. I wasn’t speaking to you, but since you answered, when will you be letting an ‘accused’ child sex offender or an ‘accused’ murderer watch your kids? This weekend perhaps? Stop posting your ‘defend gil/julie’ garbage until you can answer my question. Only an oblibious person would actually believe some pathetic story that he fell from a bed, or ‘it was an accident’ . Please. This is real life. Not some lifetime story. Truth hurts. Its called reality, and beyond a reasonable doubt, the 2 people who are being held for this crime committed it. Either it be 1 of them or both of them. The police don’t just run around sending random people to jail for horrible crimes for fun. No he hasn’t been convicted, but he’s also not hanging out at the jail on a 1million $ bail for fun either. More likely than not he’s there because he committed a crime. SEE HOW THAT WORKS ?? Im not attacking anyone. Just trying to bring some back down to planet earth.Hellooo..

  524. Again suspicious you are not getting the picture – I asked you that question as for you to remove yourself from gil for one second, and let a pedophile or murderer (SOMEONE COMPLETELY OTHER THAN GIL) watch your kids, as in remove yourself for one second as a family member and put yoursef in someone else’s shoes. you cant do that.

  525. Irritated, Gil is home, read my earlier posts, it is you now who sounds ridiculous, I answered your post, it was taking me a while to type it all…Anything else?

  526. You keep saying how nobody in your family you know wouldnt do anything like that… again.. YOU WERE NOT THERE!!! You know this how? Wow, you must be the one living behind the white pickett fence!! For you to think that your family is perfect, and would never do anything wrong is naieve. We have no idea what goes on inside anyones head but our own. Any realtion to Criss Angel? Must be. You can now see inside people’s minds, and inside their houses even when you are no where near. amazing

  527. I can’t say what I would do in a fictitious scenerio, I have always been a leader, not a follower, so I don’t walk in the shoes of others,and I was always selective as to who watched my kids, only family members and my nanny when I went back to work, when they turned a certain age. No one on the outside, whatsoever. I don’t do “What if’s”, my grandaddy always said, “What if a frog had wings?His ass would never touch the ground.” Which told me to base my life on the facts, not what coul’ve, would’ve, should’ve been…

  528. I know he bonded out. I was there.

  529. I am just curious as to where this whole accused sex offender thing is coming from. If you’re asking me if I would let Gil watch my kids, the answer is yes I would. He has spent a lot of time with my kids and never, I repeat NEVER laid a hand on any of them or harmed them in any way. I never said this was an accident. All I said was that I believe that they have the wrong man and I believe that the truth will come out eventually. Even Bryan has stated that he don’t believe that Gil did this. You know, Bryan, Devin’s father….Gil’s best friend for many years. If he don’t believe that Gil did this, why is it so horrible that Gil’s family stand by him? Answer that one. You don’t have to bring me back to planet earth. I never left. Yes this is very much real life. Duh…obviously there are many, many people hurting and very angry over all of this. ME INCLUDED! I am just staing that there is nothing wrong with family standing by their family and that no one has been convicted. Also, as I stated before, slinging mud does no one any good. If slinging mud would bring Devin back, I would be slinging with the best of them, believe me. Let the officials do their jobs and see how this ends up. There is no reason to fault anyone for standing by their family.

  530. and unfortunately I’m there every stinkin day.

  531. I was using it as a what if scenerio

  532. You are just trying to create something challenging for me, and your attempt failed. Thank you for your concern, I do have a fence, it is not white, my property taxes are $6,000 a year, which I think is robbery…maybe I should charge my county with a crime…now if you will excuse me it is almost 1 o’clock in the morning and I have been up since 5:30 for work, and I am starting to make spelling mistakes, and that pisses me off, so I will resume again tomorrow…Good Night and God Bless…

  533. We are all anxiously awaiting your rise from bed manana. You have too much to talk about. I dont’ care about your taxes. As a matter of fact, go sue them it will give you something to do.

  534. If you work at the jail, then maybe you should know better than to be on a crime blog spouting your personal opinions. YOU OF ALL OTHERS should know the constitution and the presumption of innocence….SHAME ON YOU…

  535. Are you trying to incinuate your ethnicity by throwing spanish at me? Did you know Devin, or aree you just here to spite me? Your name is quite suitable, I am feeling that way about you….Good Night. Buenos Noches…

  536. Yeah to supicious!!! She was right all along!!!! My brother is home tonight, what does that tell you?



    What does your comment mean “what does that tell you” ? If it means what I think it does, it is offensive to me. Getting bail or getting bail reduced is part of teh system. Lowering someone’s bail DOES NOT mean that the person is innocent or that the Judge believes that. It happens alot more than you obviously know. It happened in the Denita Smith murder case. Her accused murderer is out on bail now. It happened with ex-Governor Ryan, but he was convicted and is now in prison. OJ Simpson recently got out of jail on bail. I bet you believe he is guilty of the crime he is now accused of, huh? It has happened with many charged with murder and who were then convicted of that murder and were sentenced to prison or death. So please don’t presume that it means more than that. It is offensive to me that people use the Constitution to prove their opinion. Yes, Gil got out of jail on bail, a rather large bail that his family obviously made a show of paying (per other comments here). Whether he is guilty of what he is STILL charged with (it does not appear that the charges have been dropped or changed either) has nothing to do with getting or making bail. Please don’t say it does. UNLESS THE JUDGE TOLD YOU OTHERWISE. And if that is the case, that Judge needs to be removed.

    But for the record, Gil has been bailed out and Julie has not (to my understanding). There has not been a trial yet, so he is still innocent until proven guilty. I have personally made no assumption in this case. Nothing either way jumps out at me. Just not enough information for me at this point.

  537. It says that your family has money for whatever reason and he is STILL CHARGED WITH MURDER 1! Nothing more, nothing less. And Suspicious, I don’t believe for a moment that Madi is a concern for you. Thank you God these girls are in safe hands now.

  538. Sorry i just got online and went through all the blogs so let me answer your question. I will remove myself from the family and tell you that i WILL let an accussed babysit my kids because the accused was charged with a sex crime,hell the accussed in my scinerio was also convicted and did time, BUT i would still let that person watch my children. WHY, you ask? NOT because i am sick or crazy but because i trust the convicted. Now as for GIl yes i would leave him with my children if i was to go on an extended visit, I have known him my WHOLE life, he would not even spank his or my children there fore i do not believe he would harm my children. If the judge said he could watch them then YES i would allow it. GIL did not do this and you are gonna be the one looking foolish in the end when he proves his innocence. As far as Julie beeing supportive of gil, she WAS there that night she DOES know what happened and if she is on his side that should say to you that she knows he did NOT do this. Will you be able to accept the verdict when it comes back that gil is NOT guilty or will you still be searching and wanting this to be a crime? AS far as the police running around arressting people for the fun of it, well obviously you have not heard about how they screwed up the Riley fox case and how they arrested her daddy for murder only to have to release him 8 months later cause THEY screwed up. We are in reality and maybe you should come down here and join us cause up there on you silver lined cloud things could get kinda lonely especially when gil overcomes and is proven INNOCENT!!!

  539. I was sincere in my thoughts of those children, I do hope and pray that this does not hinder their future as adults. Sorry that you feel that way. I guess that is a “no” to the counseling question. Gil is still presumed innocent in accordance to Illinois state laws. I was thanking you for the update, I don’t care about your PERSONAL opinions.

  540. If yall have a problem with me defending an innocent man, yahoo message me cause im not gonna stop!!!my yahoo id is jessica_childers69. Gil would NOT and could NOT do this. Devin loved gil and Gil loved devin if you cant accept that then you are the one with the problem NOT us and NOT gil.

  541. Coco,
    You make some very valid points….Good job!!!

  542. You know i love children,i would do anything to protect my children and if i believed that a person had caused them ANY form of harm i would not be embracing them and honestly i feel that if Julie believed gil hurt/killed her child she would NOT be embracing him or his family. Earlier in the blog somebody had mentioned there was a window where these injuries could have taken place, it would be nice to know what that time frame was since gil and julie didnt get the kids back till late in the evening. ALl of you who want gil to have committed this Crime you believed happened, will you be able to accept the outcome if in fact it is PROVEN that these injuries took place BEFORE the kids were dropped off???? will you be able to ACCEPT a decision if the courts prove that this was an accident??? Will you be able to accept the verdict if this wa in fact nothing more than an accident?? NOOOO!!!! you will NOT be able to accept the truth unless that truth says gil is guilty and that is sad. I pray that GOd opens your hearts,minds…I hope he helps rid you all of your anger and hate. Ya know God don’t like ugly and right now yall are walking around with visors on and tunnel vision. you have a one tracked mind that this is a crime and that the only person who could have done it was GIL if things do NOT come back the way you have created them it will NEVER be good enough and you will never have peace and that is sad. Therefore i will keep all of you in my prayers. As for devin,he will forever be in my thoughts and prayers and i pray he is happy and playing with the angels and that he is beeing shielded from all the hatefull things going on down here!!

  543. This is not ALL about money. After the judge’s ruling on Wednesday, they started treating Gil A LOT different in jail. Like giving him the same priveledges as the other inmates, where they didn’t before that. I think more people are starting to look at the case a lot differently, not because of MONEY, they had no clue that Gil would be bonded out. They are just starting to realize that MAYBE, just maybe, there is more to this than meets the eye…

  544. Suspicious,

    I believe there is more to this than meets the eye, but the sad reality is that those who believe this is a crime and the gill did it will NEVER have peace because they have there minds made up and if the outcome isnt what they expected than there will never be closure for them. I feel for the owens family and i understand they are in pain but vengence is dangerous and i can only pray that GOd will help them get through this. Tell gil i love him and my thoughts and prayers are with him. tell him to message me my yahoo messanger id is jessica_childers69. My prayers are with EVERYONE affected by this. I hope that the person littering on that babies grave snaps out of it and STOPS!! I also pray for strength and peace for everyone involved.

  545. I will tell him, girl. I do understand the viewpoint of the Owens’, they want SOMEONE to pay for the death of that child. They believe Gil’s life should should be sacrificed for the sake of Devin’s, and there is no doubt in my mind that Gil would sacrifice his life for that child…..JUST NOT UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES!!!! I hope they find peace and are able to put closure to this one day, and focus all of their energies on the positive memories of Devin, instead of walking around full of hate and anger. Justice will be served.

  546. Who was responsible for the well being of those children on the night the boy died of multiple blunt force traumas?
    Even if the boy wasn’t murdered, they still let him die in their care. The justice system will assess some sort of penalty to one or both of them, and it’s probably going to be a big one.

    Suspicious, your posts are hilarious. I am jealous of both your blissful naiveness and your large amounts of spare time.

  547. Huh,
    There are new investigators on the aspect of the boy’s death, as far as timeline, etc… Yes, I am sure that some punishment will be involved for some negligence issues, but not MURDER!!!! I am glad that you can find humor in a case as severe as this…. I am just sorry that I am the one that is making you laugh, my comments are not meant to be funny…I find NOTHING TO BE FUNNY about this situation….but thanks for sharing your emotions with me just the same…..

  548. And as far as my time goes? I have always been one with excellent time management skills, I have already done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned my 2 bathrooms, showered and went to the bank… and fed my kids and am now preparing for my son’s birthday party later….I just check in here alot, I don’t sit at a computer all day!!!! So there is your suspicious trivia questions answered….

  549. I never once said yes or no to your question of counseling, it is none of your business. I do not need to inform you on what they are doing for her. I simply went on here to say they are doing well. As far as this “innocent man” and that is why he is out business, he has a presumption of innocence because our law provides that. If there was no evidence on him then charges would be dropped. They clearly think he could have done it since he is so restricted on his day to day actions. Don’t confuse posting bond for dropping charges or being found innocent. I clearly remember you stating you have a job, obligations….blah blah blah. You clearly do not! Sorry “yall” I need to go to my job now. I look forward to the dozens of posts that will be on here when I can get back. Since everyone clearly has a life!

  550. And one more thing as far as this accident thing goes. How do you explain such severe injuries from simply falling. That baby only weighed 30-40 lbs. It simply doesn’t add up! I know a paramedic that has been doing that for a long time and has seen a great deal in the job. Anything from true accidents to homicides; it doesn’t add up. I remember falling for a top bunk bed at the age of 7 on to a hard surface floor. I didn’t even so much a break a bone. The trauma just isn’t going to happen from falling. Ignorance is bliss I suppose, enjoy your turkey dinner with that low life sum!

  551. I am relieved that Gil is out of jail. As I said in the beginning, I’ve had my own issues with Gil, but I’ve never seen him physically harm a child in anyway. On the contrary, I’ve actually seen him stand up for children when he felt that they were being abused by their parents. I truly don’t believe that he beat Devin, but will accept it if I’m proven wrong. I’m glad that Gil will now be able to be with his family & have a chance to grieve the loss of a child that he loved. I understand that this is hard on everyone. Everyone is dealing with pain, guilt, and feeling helpless, because no matter what happens, we can’t bring Devin back or erase what happened to him. I truly hope that the truth is proven about what happened to Devin so everyone can have at least a little bit of peace. I love Gil’s family & feel terrible that they are going through this. I have never met Brian’s or Julie’s families, but I feel for them too. I can understand that Gil had done some things to make Brian’s family hate him, but I hope that for Devin’s sake they can seperate that hate from the case at hand now & not push to make him suffer for a murder that they know that he didn’t commit, because if this was a murder the true murderer needs to be punish for killing that precious little boy and prevented from harming anyone else. I think that it’s a good time to remember Devin & also remember that your life can change in an instant, so make the most of every minute, do what you think is right, & remember that BS is a boomerang, so save yourself the trouble/embarrassment of having to eat your words or walk in someone else’s shoes after you’ve wronged them. In closing, I remember playing with Devin at Mark & Nelly’s house on Halloween in ’06. He was adorable & the house was filled with love. I sure wish that we could have a time machine.

  552. I never said it was an accident, or blah, blah, blah….I do have a job, but not on weekends, otherwise I would never be able to make my mortgage. If the welfare of those children was nobody’s concern, then why bother to post the update? Quit contradicting your own words! I am not interested in your theories or opinions on the innocence or guilt of MY family member, that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! Let the law handle it, that is what I intend to do. I personally am not trained in the medical field, so I cannot explain Devin’s injuries, I guess that is why there are EXPERTS out there to determine that. There is always restrictions when you leave jail….they don’t just say “see ya'”, that doesn’t mean that they “think he did it”. But keep pressing on with your crusade, good luck with it, and we will see who the fool ends up being….only time can tell!

  553. Excellent post, Waiting For The Facts…

  554. Suspicious,
    I said the way they are handling Madi’s coping is none of your business, I already informed you of her well being. Her family is taking care of her better than she has been before. I will not tell you details of that child’s personal life. I am very protective of her along with her family members and I won’t leave that part open to judgments and criticism. I will let you know the matter is being attended to. If a crusade is what you want to call it then do so…I am not the only crusading. You want the possible innocence of Gil to be right out there in the open and have everyone chanting along with you. I want the possible guilt of him to not be forgot or tossed aside because of personal feelings. I would love to hear that this was a horrible mistake or accident and that Gil is innocent. I just don’t see that and too many of the parts don’t fit. So don’t make the assumption I am on some crusade to take him down. I don’t know who did it or how it happened. I know there is enough on him for the charges to not be dropped so I will not stand behind him until there is beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is innocent. I am not the law so I won’t be satisfied with beyond a reasonable doubt. So the more posts about his innocence then I will continue to post about his possible guilt. I do think that many people have a clouded judgment and I can certainly understand that. If one of my family members were put in jail for murder then I can’t imagine how I could handle that. I will continue to say I am not certain that he did it and I am certainly not sure he did not. I understand that none of this will bring our little baby back. Not a moment goes by that he is not on my mind and in my heart. I love and miss him more than anything in this world and would do anything for just a couple more moments with him. I can always hear his giggles and laughs…I wake up in nightmares with the thought of his cries and screams for someone to help him. So say what you will, I am not hurt or offended by any comments that you or anyone else makes. There must be a reason Gil was charged and until those charges are dropped and the whole story is put together I will not sit by while the person that MAY HAVE harmed my Devin is glorified. It sickens me! I am happy that WAITING FOR THE FACTS is relieved about his release. Unfortunately not everyone is so ecstatic. Personally I will not sleep as sound tonight or any other night until I am sure he is innocent.

  555. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions, at least you are honest and forthcoming with your feelings. I know there is evidence that made him be accused, it is not forensic, that has been cleared, it is not physical, that has been cleared, and it also is not trace evidence, that has been cleared…so the only thing left is circumstantial…where they try and build a story based on the fact that you are involved in those circumstances. That we are all aware of. I don’t feel as though that is enough to convict someone of a crime of this magnitude. The testimony of a man that had 3 warrants out for his arrest and wanted them dropped in exchange for him to testify against Gil is not enough to convince me of anything and I can’t believe the county even agreed to that. That man’s credibility alone should not hold up in court. I am not a police expert and I have my doubts about Will County since they fired a lot of the people that were involved in botching the Fox trial. Not to mention the cop that I once was married to that liked to bounce my face off his fist, just for fun, happens to be high in the ranks there, so I have been down a long road with them. We will see how this all turns out, but you seem like you are mature enough to handle the outcome no matter what it may be. As I am also prepared to handle that. I am glad the girls are in good hands and I am through slinging mud at the Owens family, I know I would feel similar if the roles were reversed. It is human nature, and for that, I blame no one….

  556. I agree with you both huh? and waiting. . And as far as it goes with julie supporting him – she’s a fool. It was either her or gil. pick one. If she know’s she didn’t do it, then he did, she’s a pig for standing by his side.. and vice versa. Don’t be so thrilled that loser will be eating turkey with you.. – what is the whole family doing.. leaving their children at home while they go spend it with Gil? B/c that is what you must be doing b/c he can’t be around children under 18. If that’s the case you should get child endangerment. And I wouldn’t be so thrilled if I was you, why would he even want to leave jail with the charges he has pending? He’s safer in jail. And who really gives a crap if ‘he started getting treated better after his bond was reduced’? .. He was in JAIL

  557. I agree with you both huh? and waiting. . And as far as it goes with julie supporting him – she’s a fool. It was either her or gil. pick one. If she know’s she didn’t do it, then he did, she’s a pig for standing by his side.. and vice versa. Don’t be so thrilled that loser will be eating turkey with you.. – what is the whole family doing.. leaving their children at home while they go spend it with Gil? B/c that is what you must be doing b/c he can’t be around children under 18. If that’s the case you should get child endangerment. And I wouldn’t be so thrilled if I was you, why would he even want to leave jail with the charges he has pending? He’s safer in jail. And who really gives a crap if ‘he started getting treated better after his bond was reduced’? .. He was in JAIL for christ sakes. The people he is around are other criminals!! Who cares if they were ‘more understanding’ and nice to him!!! Don’t even reply suspicious.. you are getting on my nerves.. and NO YOU DONT have a life

  558. Oh he was cleared on all the evidence huh? Even the fingernail scraping???? you dont work in the crime lab.. so stop pretending to be Gil Grissam

  559. We heard you the first time, idiot….you don’t deserve any other response….

    Yeah, you must be right, his 3 attornies MUST have misread all the paperwork, well we just better send him back then….F*#@*#G LOSER…

  561. irritated,
    You are absolutely right about your opinions on Julie. I have known her for 10 years and I can say that there is something clearly wrong with her. If Gil is innocent she has a lot of explaining to do, and if he is not then she is the lowest form of life for not standing up for her baby boy. Either way she has shown some of the strangest behavior in the last year and the last two months have baffled me. I agree with you on it’s one or the other. I am bothered by the closeness she shows with Gil’s family and I hope for their sake the know how truly twisted and back-stabbing she is. I hope and pray to God that she doesn’t walk free from this. I know that if someone were to die in my home it surely wouldn’t take me hours to know about it, but if I were drugged and drunk then I suppose it may be a different story.

  562. How does anyone know if they were drugged and drunk? I know they were out, and I am sure they had some, but does anyone know how much they actually consumed and whether or not it completely hindered their ability of right from DEADLY wrong???I used to party, “back in the day” pretty frequently and I never remember being in a completely different dimension. I never did any harsh drugs, but I never left my own mind and certainly could never inflict pain on another….

  563. you people are all cold hearted people who hope and pray daily to be able to drag others down to your level. there is a child who lost his life and all yall can do is pray that gil is convicted and that julie goes with. for god’s sake grow up, let the law do there job and be prepared for the verdict just incase it isnt the one you been praying for. gil will prevail as far as murder1 charges and technically he shouldnt even be charged with neglect since the mother was there and responsible for her child’s well beeing. if they were always drunk and high why did the courts leave those children with her, come on there would have been grounds to remove them from her care. oh no!!!gil went out for his birthday,that is such a crime. nitpick all you want,continue to open your mouth and insert foot and make your threats about how gil was safer in jail cause your not doing anything but making yourselves look like idiots.

  564. coco get a grip with your ‘yall’ comments. Who are you brittney spears? Speak English, you are from Illinois . I am not inserting anything into my mouth btw, you are the one looking like a moron advertising your email everywhere. Who’s the idiot? Again – take your pick, its’ either her or him, and they both know who it was, so shame on both of them. they are losers and Gil is a fool for wanting to be out of jail, he was safer there. Again, will your children be attending turkey day with him? I’d love to call the authorities. You are pathetic for condoning a child killer. Whether it be him or her.. you are the sick one.. We’ll be reading about you soon after you let him babysit.

  565. irritated,
    sorry i will not be at thanksgiving…as i am down south. NO you wont be reading about me in the paper cause gil would NEVER harm my children. do you even know him, i mean the REAL him. were you there that night,i didnt think so, so tell me how do you know who knows what. ya know there is a window as to when the injury actually happened,the children were brought home late, hell for all anybody knows that baby was hurt while he was out of gil and julies care..i dont care who gets my email cause nothing YALL send can hurt me. If you want to threaten gils life,that makes you the looser,he is perfectly safe where he is as long as your stupid ass stays away!!!!!yes i am from illinois,NO i havent lived here all my life and right now im on the kentucky border, so if all you can do is nit pick at my using the term YALL then you must be a very bored individual and you need to get a life and stop making threats against people on a blog. may God have mercy on your STUPID soul.

  566. This blog should be called, “Suspicious’ Delusional Blog of Gil’s and Julie’s Angelic Innocence of ANY Wrongdoing Ever”

    coco said: “ya know there is a window as to when the injury actually happened,the children were brought home late, hell for all anybody knows that baby was hurt while he was out of gil and julies care..”

    So you’re saying he had already been murdered and was dead BEFORE Brian dropped him off and placed him in Gil’s and Julie’s care?? Because there was no “after”.
    That’s an interesting theory, but I don’t think the evidence will support it.

  567. Once again ignorance is bliss. Yes I can admit that I KNOW THEY WERE DRUGGED AND DRUNK. When I spoke to Julie afterward she admitted to the large amounts of drugs. It’s not just a stab in the dark. Let’s see they were out for HOURS on end and we can say maybe they were not drunk. If that is what you think then you didn’t know their drinking habits. Julie has never let a drink “got to waste” as she puts it. I can say that in any of my drunken stupors no one died! As I mentioned before I have known her for 10 years, and “yall” that never met her cant change my option of her. Coco, you do not have a damn clue about the law…the courts had not a single clue what those kids were exposed to and that is why they weren’t removed. Sorry to be so blantly rude but DUH???

  568. For one thing, BRYAN did not drop the kids off, a family member did. The bartender at Bobby McGee’s said they were NOT drunk, but I guess he is lying, too. You people are the ones that are delusional and are pulling information out of your asses. I have actually done research on this case, asked questions, and don’t post anything unless I have some FACTS to back them up. You are on here for your own personal vendettas or notoriety, or whatever your agendas are. And WAITING, I believe you were the BEST FRIEND of Julie that was quoted in the paper as saying that Devin had typical 2 year old bruises, but you did not consider them to be anything out of the norm. Now that you and Julie have had a falling out, you are on this big mission “FOR DEVIN”S SAKE”. Give me a break with your welfare of the children spiel….Well if I am the one to be considered delusional, then you people are certifiable LIARS…How did Julie pass her polygraph test, and when is yours scheduled????

  569. I agree 100% with waiting and sheesh.. Um that is a lovely idea, so coco seems to think that Gil and Julie took an already deceased person and let it go (didn’t call police)until 800 the next morning so it would look like her or gil did it?? Wow, that makes them look even more intelligent doesnt’ it.? And who is making threats? not I. It’s true. Who in the hell would want to even leave jail -to the outside world after being charged of such a crime? NOT me. Coco you are cluless. I would never help or stick up for any person in my family charged with such a horrible crime. Never. I’d let them rot. All of this Gil and Julie bandwagon crap is making me sick. Disgusting. They were drunken crackpots with piss poor parenting skills. end of story. You claim he was wonderful with kids, then why didn’t he take care of his own 3 daughters???

  570. The bartender is a ‘she’ ,who is a crackpot herself, who is dating a felon with a warrant for his arrest as we speak. So her word is not very credible. Try again.

  571. YALL truly are idiots arent you? blunt force trauma does not always kil right away, it causes a subduralhemotoma which in YALLS terms is a swelling of the brain and after the pressure builds then the person recieving the trauma dies. NEVER did i say the child was brought home already deceased, i said he may have recieved the injuries BEFORE he was dropped off late that night, the swelling took place and we can only hope he passed in his sleep not feeling any pain. Ya know my lil boy was a kluts when he was two, he fell on a cement patio,recieved no visable injuries but at the hospital the doctor said the injury under the skin was as if he had been hit with a hammer, he had BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA that NOBODY caused. He could have died from an injury we could NOT see and then YALL would be up here talking your bullshit about me. You say the courts had NO clue what that child’s life was like under that roof, well that makes ALL of you who claim to know just as guilty for this child’s death cause your hypocritical asses never reported it to ANYONE, it was one simple call to 1-800ABUSE were you to busy to make that call for that little boy. Hell bryan is quoted in the paper as saying he suspected abuse but was waiting for something more concrete, well is this concrete enough for all of you??? give me a break, this child is gone and all YALL can do is nock those of us who do NOT believe what your asses believe, get over it cause i will believe what i want and NOTHING you say can change that. GIL will be provine NOT guilty of murder 1 and all of you should turn yourselves in for child endangerment since you KNEW there was abuse but did nothing for so long. How does it make you feel now???

  572. Coco,
    So I assume Devin was walking around with a broken jaw and no one noticed? He must have been playing like little two year olds do with broken ribs right? Think before you speak, he could not have had those with out anyone noticing. So this he could have received the injuries while in Bryan’s care is ridiculous but nice Nancy Drew detective work!

    I can tell you that if you continue to ignore the signs of Julie’s obvious substance abuse problems then you both belong together. I can rattle off instance after instance on how and why she needs NA and AA.
    1. Her Realtor, who is her mother’s good friend, had serious doubts about the ability to sell a house with beer bottles all over the house and stacked up outside. Her mother told me this herself.
    2. After Julie was out of jail she made TWO separate statements , in front of me, saying “this sh*t sucks, I could go for a line right now”.
    3. She admitted to ME the amounts and the frequency of her drug use to afterward. I assure you that it was not recreational at all.
    4. Julie told me that her and Gil would go through at least a case of beer every night. This was going on while Bryan was paying the bills and neither had a job. Oh that’s right they were accepting government aid for food, clothes, medical….
    5. Every time I called her when she with Gil she talked about the massive hangover she had.
    6. The endless amounts of Patron from the neighbors.
    7. After her court date in October she cracked a beer at 10:30 am claiming it was a special occasion (that statement alone bothers me on so many levels) and was passed out by 5:30.
    8. She has replaced her illegal drugs with sedatives, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety…I think Anna Nicole is an obvious example of even if they are prescribed there is still an ability to abuse.
    I can continue if need be. So there is not a doubt in my mind the level of intoxication the night this happened, but if you do then once again ignorance must be blissful! What is this Bill Clinton “I smoke but didn’t inhale.”. Sorry but once again your theory seems to come up short!

  573. I finally got to finish reading what Coco wrote (what a chore that is). I’m sorry but no one on here claimed to know abuse was going on. Earlier it was said by Auntie that he did not say that. You seem to be the least informed on everything yet you rant and rave none stop. Can you please compose yourself like an adult and quit with the profanity? It simply isn’t necessary! Watch Jerry Springer, that should fill your white trash drama intake for a day.

  574. WAITING:
    And all this was acceptable to you while you were her BEST FRIEND for years, but now that you are not, you find it inappropriate….You were the company that she kept, so you were either involved, doing it right along with her, or guilty by association, so your HOLIER THAN THOU attitude now, where you prohibit swearing, isn’t going to fly with me….try another source sweetie…..,.You are right, ignorance is bliss, and you having been her BESTEST friend proves the Forrest Gump theory…STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!!!

  575. What are we all really doing on this blog? I came to it to hear & exchange facts & see if I could help in the horrible situation, but for a long time now, this blog has just been about getting each other going, putting each other down, & arguing about the same facts over & over. This trial/case is probably going to take quite a bit of time, so it would be really nice if everyone would stick to memories of Devin or new facts about the case. I was reading other areas of this blog as well & found some interesting links to other sites. One of the sites talked about a law that someone tried to pass that would require something like a divorce class for couples before they could get divorced. It seemed interesting to me, because the one thing that we all seem to agree about is that the divorce was messy & the children suffered. I am all for putting part of the energy that I’ve been putting into reading this trash talk into trying to come up with a way to help in some way.

  576. I will admit that I have been lurking on these posts because I have a child that is almost the same age and am so saddened that a little boy has lost his life in such a tragic way. I would like for this little one to have justice and to figure out why it happened so it won’t happen again.

    We adopted our child at 9 months old and both have to work full time. We get a full report of any injuries that happen (accidents happen) while she is not in our care. As anyone with an 18 month old child can attest to, they fall down and bump into things that can cause a lot of scrapes and bruises. It is up to me and my husband to determine if our child is properly watched and to take to the doctor if we see that said injuries need attention by a physician and not trusting the word of our caregiver.

    What I cannot understand is that we make sure we see our child every night before she is put to bed and even if my husband and I are out at an event and are not there for bedtime, we check on our child when we come home. I am posting the following for this reason:

    “Devin had numerous bruises on his head and body and blood on his face, Assistant State’s Atty. Debra Wendling told Lorz.

    An autopsy determined the boy had suffered at least five internal injuries, numerous bruises, a broken jaw, a swollen brain and a fractured skull, Wendling said.

    The official cause of death, she said, was blunt-force trauma to his head. ”

    If this news story is true, I find it hard to believe that these were injuries caused by playing with people the night before or falling out of a bed.

    Also if the news stories are true, I believe that the Mother found him unresponsive in his bed. We have a monitor and it is set so loud, we can hear everything that goes on in our child’s room.

    If we go out and it is a special event, we treat it just as we would having a designated driver. Someone can have a few more as long as there is a sober adult in the house when we get home. Someone in our house is never intoxicated enough not to be the responsible parent.

    I do not know the persons involved or the actual events that took place that night, but sadly, I believe that this could have been prevented if just one person at home was a responsible adult. If our child was brought home in this condition, we would notice. If we checked on her after a night out, we would notice bruises and blood on our child’s face, even with just a night light on. If she fell out of her bed, we hear anything out of the ordinary or when our child cries out in the night, one of us if there in a flash.

    All that said, we waited to have a child until we felt we were ready, financially and emotionally. It seems like the parents involved are very young but while that is no excuse, it seems like they are all carrying on with drinking and/or drug use without seriously contemplating parental responsibility. I am not saying that they are doing this on purpose, I just don’t think that they are thinking about it in the way that we had to in order to adopt a child.

    I feel that the courts will find the responsible person(s) but the lives that are devastated by this will linger on with the pain for so much longer. He looks so beautiful and I have learned from ALL of your comments that he had a lovely soul. I am sad for ALL parties involved and the world is less bright now that he is gone. Whoever is to blame, there are more children in this extended family and I hope that ALL of the parents get help so that the remaining children can be safe.

    Please stop with name calling. This case is sad enough.

  577. Good points.

  578. Sorry Suspicious but you are wrong. When Julie decided to have an affair she hid it from me and lied because she knew I would disapprove. I barely spoke to Julie for the past year because of her behavior, I have seen the kids a couple of times this year. When we were close and drugs weren’t her focus and the kids were, I was there a couple times a month. I live 2 hours away so I did not know for sure what she was doing and how often she did it. She admitted to this stuff after Devin was killed, not while she had the kids. If I knew then what I know now I would have been the first on the phone calling DCFS. I never gave this holier than thou speech so get a new impression of me. I did not condone much less participate in her life style. I have made my mistakes and have done things I am not proud of, we all do. But I did use common sense to not get lost on a path that would lead me nowhere in life. I didn’t get pregnant at 18, get into an unhappy marriage and do nothing to further myself. So I apologize for have common sense and understanding right from wrong! When this happened right away I did not want to stand by Julie but I did as a friend that was grieving the loss of her child. Our ties have been slowly severing for years. This was not the breaking point, her reaction and attitude was the final thread. Now that you have questioned my credibility will you please address the issue that was originally brought up? Julie was and still is abusing alcohol and drugs (now legal), so can you honestly tell me she was a capable and responsible parent to tend to those children? As far as your company theory I was not around however your nephew was! I am not hear to call names and play childish games. I state true facts about what I know of Julie and Gil. When someone says something you and Coco don’t like it turns into this “screw you”, name calling, “you go girl”, and everything else. If you can’t handle the facts that I comment on I am sorry, maybe you should compose yourself as well.

    Waiting for the Facts and Liz do make great and valid points.

  579. Devin,
    Today makes 2 months that we lost you. Everyday since I got that phone call has been hard and challenging. I am sorry that I wasn’t there with you baby to keep you safe and out of harms way. I still see your smiles, I still hear your laughs. I want so badly to hold and squeeze you just one last time. We will never forget you and you will always be in my heart. I fell in love for that first time I held you and adjusted you in your big sister’s lap. Please continue watch over us as I know you have been doing. I love you Devinator!

  580. WHAT A CROCK!!! now you say the police are lying on bryan, you say: no one on here claimed to know abuse was going on. Earlier it was said by Auntie that he did not say that,he was quoted by the police. so when the story does not fit your facts the police are liers. it was also stated earlier that abuse was suspected and they took devin to the hospital, but because her mom worked there i guess they were just covering the abuse up for julie.figure out your stories and let us know when yoou can get it straight.


    I have removed ALL comments from Sunday night. I do not have time to read them, but most were very inappropriate and not on track. So, poof, they are gone. Stop the immature bickering about Gil, Julie and yourselves. This is not the place for it. I am working on getting a bulletin board for my blog, so until then, don’t post that crap here.

  582. Blog Owner,
    sorry about my posts this weekend, its just that i to get angry when they cut down my blood,then i lash out. i apologize if i was inappropriate. god bless you devin and your family.

  583. to waiting……
    well this is at least the second time ive caught you in a lie and just havnt said anything…..because untill now it didnt really matter, but i know that julie and GIL on a couple of different occasions have gone to see you and you “APPROVED” so i just dont understand how you could posibly turn your back on you supposed best friend,especialy in a time of such need. i never agreed with the afair either, but who are we to sayif someone can love each other or not….you of all ppl should know the situaiton between brian and julie was over before it ever began….not that im condoning the afair , but who are we to judge…she needs you now more thanhever!

  584. and another thing…..did everyone forget that brian and gil were best friends?! they did the same things….drugs ,drinking…and who in the hell puts a pack of cigs, a beer and a joint in to ther 2 year old sons grave?!!!!! but “waiting”, you want to talk about good parenting? Devin was not a dead homie for gods sakes…and who the hell “parties” in the house their son was supposedly “killed” in … i dont know how you were raised “waiting”, but you need to pick up a parenting mag…or mabey have your OWN children before you say anything about the way ppl parent!

  585. wow,that’s all i can say. Waiting isnt as innocent as she seems

  586. coco – Did you not read the request of the blog owner?

    Your writing shows that you struggle with basic comprehension and writing skills, and it looks like your reading is not the best, either.
    Is there anyone around you who can help you with that?

  587. This blog is not about whether or not you are an MIT graduate or not, don’t you know why all of sunday night’s comments were deleted? We were all fighting and not keeping our focus on Devin. I exposed a lot of WAITING’s indiscretions last night. Anyone that read them now knows she WAS involved with the partying too. But obviously she has been reformed…

  588. Yes, Coco, Christina, Suspicious and whoever else seems to be so concerned with my FABRICATED life I am not innocent. I recall I stated that, but thanks for playing to repeat button. Yes I did allow them to visit on ONE occasion after several attempts at salvaging our friendship and that is one of the poor choices I made in life. I accept that and I WAS WRONG. Yet no one else can admit there are others that did wrong in life, hmmm. Being “in love” does not excuse their actions but if you feel that is does then ok, so be it. Trust me, I WILL NOT BE HAVING CHILDREN ANY TIME SOON because they deserve a loving and safe environment with a parent that is capable of providing that for them along with financial responsibility. That is one thing I was taught when I was raised, since you are so concerned with that too. So please list off any line of BS about me that you want, I assume this is what makes everyone sleep better at night. The facts are still what they are and it won’t change by trashing Bryan’s name, the Owens, me, the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, the store clerk, the bartender, the mailman or anyone else….Please continue to focus on everyone else. But I will promise everyone on here one thing and one thing alone, the court will not give one damn about anyone other than Julie and Gil’s behavior. So as Auntie has done, have the blog. Say what you will that makes them look like Ward and June Cleaver. I am done, as I am with the friendship that Julie and I HAD. You think she needs a friends so badly Christina, you may have the burden! She proved a long time ago that my advice as a friend is not what she wants so I am done wasting my breath. So congrats to all of you, I the friendship can be all that you imagine it will be. I know what it is and I certainly don’t care for it. I will no longer respond to a single comment on here because it’s not worth the time of day. Enjoy your much anticipated Thanksgiving!

  589. Leave “Waiting” alone! I don’t even know her but she is entitled to her opinion just like the rest of ya’s. I wouldn’t have nothing to do with my best friend either if she made choices as Julie has. Doesn’t matter about “Waiting’s” past because a child did not die because of her. Devin is dead because Julie (and Brian) did not protect him!

  590. Nobody would have had to stoop to drastic measures, if you indeed kept your focus on Devin….but you were so hell bent on turning this into the life and times of Gil and JUlie, that I had reached my limits. The only way you would have known their lives as well as you seemed to, is if you were there involving yourself with the activities that you described as so horrible. Nobody claims that they are as pure as the driven snow, but when you have tracks in your OWN snow….it is best not to judge….

  591. wait took me a min but i figured out who christina is gill calls her the biggen right? sounds like you have some good friends there. maybe you should follow suit

  592. “….but you were so hell bent on turning this into the life and times of Gil and JUlie”

    thought they did that when they killed the baby

  593. Oh, now this is about the Jenny Craig plan? Oh and I suppose you are Hollywood yourself? Get some concern, have some regard for the life of that child, who happened to love Christina and her girls….so quit turning this into insults and degradation for the sake of that boy, if not for the betterment of your own morals!!!!

  594. Yeah, I know, the county just lets murderers walk around free in the world… is called the constitution, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty…..

  595. anyone with a straight jacket and muzzle?

  596. Her comes the BLOG OWNER, again….

  597. you go girl

  598. Someone who calls themself DISTURBED has the nerve to try and say anything about anyone else???? Probably never even knew Devin or had the pleasure of seeing him smile….Just wants drama in their own pathetic life….might I suggest 1-800-JERRY….

  599. you go on with your bad self

  600. SHE SHUTUP!!!! only for a couplle min i’m sure

  601. Is anyone surprised that this woman’s husband used to beat her?

  602. Devin, We will ALL be there this week to see you, baby, I am bringing you a ducky, hopefully the scumbags will keep their Bud Light beer caps out of it….

  603. Suspicious
    I’ve been reading this blog since the beginning and I’m really sick of you! Gil, Julie and Brian are all guilty. It’s really ashame that any of them are parents.

  604. Christina,
    Are you going with to see Devin?

  605. Considering who you are and who you are related to, you are a sick woman to be so VERY fascinated by the grave site of an unrelated boy who you barely knew.
    While you’re there, you might wanna watch out for lightning bolts from above.

  606. I must agree that from reading the blog it sounds like poor Devin was brought from one horrible environment to the next. I do not know the parties involved or what information is true or fabricated.
    Suspicious, it sounds like you condone this behavior for parents so a straight jacket would fit you well. And I think anyone who reads this blog would like to muzzle you.
    Suspicious if you were beat yourself how do you stand next to Gil and protect him when you yourself were beat. According to this blog, he beat his pregnant ex wife and now he beat an innocent child to death. Maybe one time you got punched a little to hard and all your rocks fell out!

  607. I pity you suspicious and your sidekick coco.

  608. I actually finally hope that this blog is turned off to comments. You guys refuse to stop the bickering and immature attacks. Where is the respect? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so quit attacking Suspicious for hers as she’s not attacking you for yours. This kind of immaturity and lack of respect for other human beings is part of why crimes are committed. You all need to grow up & learn some respect. Devin had no choice but to suffer, because what happened to him was out of his control, but you all are capable of having control of yourselves, so try it.

  609. All I am willing to talk about anymore is Devin…

  610. I am sure the room will clear when all you are allowed to talk about is pleasant memories of a boy that probably no one in here even knows, all they care about is talking about someone else they don’t know…..I may have barely knew him, but I have heard lots of cute stories that make me feel as though I knew him better. Plus they take me back to that point in my kids’ lives, and I find it to be warming to the soul, and for that moment, and that moment only, you don’t think about the tragedy. It always is grueling when you have to go back to reality and the fact that he is gone….

  611. Seriously, if you barely knew him when he was alive, it’s kinda creepy that you are so obsessed with him now that he’s dead.
    Especially since your family member is accused in his murder.
    Sorry to point that out, but it really IS weird.

  612. It’s much like a friend I have, when someone passes away, she is suddenly their best friend. .. And no, as i said before, I am not suprised her hubby used to beat her. Not one bit

  613. I love children, and since I am involved in this situation, I do have compassion for the loss. I do not have to explain myself as far as my feelings about the death of this child. I could never imagine that happening to my beautiful kids….I don’t become “obsessed” about anything. Obsession is a very unhealthy behavior that I would not partake in, especially when referring to a child.

  614. more than 175 posts = obsession

  615. I suppose since I post under the SAME name all the time, it would seem obsessive to someone else. A lot of people on here are the same person posting under different names. I am very opinionated, so when people are just babbling their personal issues about my nephew, I spoke up. That is not what this blog is about. Our family is tight, but once AGAIN, this blog is NOT ABOUT ME….Jesus Christ people, get over your OBSESSIONS of who can get the best of suspicious….It’s over, I am no longer responding to IDIOCY, that is beneath me…..DEVIN MATTHEW OWENS….that is what you need to obsess about, how to help with finding justice for him……how to help others cope with the loss of him, and maybe that will be the NEW way you can feel better about yourselves….

  616. You are “involved ‘ in this situation how??? Being and obsessive stalker does not constitute as being ‘involved’ . You are having delusional thoughts. They have medicine for that. In the meantime we should all be worried about two people, who are charged with horrible crimes to a child, being out on bail and roaming the streets. There is no way they will get off. One of them did it, it was one of the two of them if not both. Shame on her, if she didn’t then she KNOWS he must have, and is still his biggest fan, and vice versa. What in the hell is this world coming too? People are sick. I am curious suspicious, you are the president of the gil and julie fan club and swear you were there and know they didn’t do this… but in your 175 posts, you have never said WHO YOU THINK DID.. The boogeyman perhaps? A random intruder. ???

  617. It doesn’t matter how well each person knew Devin. I don’t know Lisa Stebic or Stacy Peterson, but I still watch the news reports & feel bad for them. We all agree that Devin should still be here today (every human should whether they knew him or not), but we all have our own opinions about what happened to him & can’t proof ourselves right, so why don’t all just agree to disagree for now & let everyone greive.

  618. I agree , Waiting For Facts……I was glued to the O.J. trial, but it certainly wasn’t just me…..It was the most watched TV event, since Prince Charles and Diana got married…..Certain people take interest in certain things….to each his own….


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