Miami Shootout 9/13/2007 4 Police Officers shot, 1 dead; shooter Shawn Sherwin LaBeet killed during second gunfight with police*

Officer Jose Somohano

Officer Jose Somohano, 37, killed
Officer Jody Wright, 31, wounded
Officer Christopher Carlin, 34, wounded
Officer Tomas Tundidor, 37, wounded

Shawn Sherwin LaBeet

Arrested for helping Shawn LaBeet:
Shane LaBeet, 32 (brother)
Jaleel Torres, 22 (nephew)
Alba Bello, 47
Alain Gonzalez, 24 (Bello’s son)
Lazaro Guardiola, 35. (Bello’s boyfriend)
Renee Dangelo, 26 (LaBeet’s girlfriend)

Shane LaBeet, Renee D’Angelo, Alain Gonzalez, Jaleel Torres, Alba Bello and Lazaro Guardiola

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  1. Im sorry this happend..such a tragedy

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