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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Ohio Farmhouse murder-suicide 5/29/2005 Bellefontaine, OH *Scott Moody shot 5 people; then himself*


Paige Elizabeth Harshbarger, 14
Megan Renee Karus, 19
Sheri Kay Shafer, 37 (no picture)
Sharyl Sue Shafer, 66 (no picture)
Gary Shafer, 67 (no picture)
Scott Moody, 18 (shooter)

Find-A-Grave: Paige Elizabeth Harshbarger
Paige Elizabeth Harshbarger obituary
Find-A-Grave: Megan Renee Karus
Megan Renee Karus obituary
Find-A-Grave: Sheri Kay Shafer
Find-A-Grave: Sharyl Sue Shafer
Six found slain in Ohio homes
Police: Ohio killings murder-suicide
Six People Killed in Ohio Murder-Suicide
Six Killed in Ohio Farmhouse Shooting
Graduation Party, Then Mayhem
Friend saw nothing out of ordinary in teen at party before murder-suicide
Find-A-Grave: Scott Robert Moody


Killer Kids: Pop and Circumstance & Shell Shocked

Scott Moody
Scott Moody


24 Responses

  1. i have known scott since the 4th grade and i know he could have done sucha horrile thing or even could have thought of doing this i was their that weekend he took me home saturday and we talked he was so happy about graduateing and getting his knew truck and how he couldnt wat to go to collage and everything a normally teenager would want to talk about.

  2. HOW did scott schoot himself twice? Why was a police officer molesting his sister?

  3. i dont think scott did it at all i have heard some things that dont make sense at all i think john stout did it he had an affair with staci during the investigation and staci was shot in thev neck see if scott really did do it then why didnt he shot her in the head and also john stout is heavy set and about 40 years old and the police report said that staci saw a larger man so why are they trying to cover it up for

  4. Despite any questions and opinions we might have it will not bring any of these people back. My cousin Megan was one of the victims of this senseless murder. I am very sad for her brother and mother, you see my uncle, Megan’s father, had died of a heart attack shortly before this. Even though I didn’t know her well I will always remember her and her family in my prayers. I love you Megan.

  5. The problem is much larger and people need to put Logan county under the looking glass and show how corrupt the county is.Just one case that comes to mind is the murder of the policeman and a lady in Bellcenter,Oh. They tryed to pin it on a mentally handicap boy.Lucky for the boy he got a great one.The attorney mad a public statement to the Logan county news paper and it said,If I’m picked to be prosecutor,I will reveal the names of the murders.Sad to say he did not get picked as prosecutor.But the point I’m trying to get to is,you can not even find that the Bellcenter murders even happen.And if a policeman is murder the police don’t stop until it is solved.What does that say.

    note from blog owner

    What does this have to do with the murder-suicide in this post?

  6. My daughter’s softball team recently played in the Paige Harshbarger memorial tournament. After the tournament was over, my daughter’s coach had a talk with the girls and told them that they each needed to give their parents a big hug. Then he reminded them that Paige’s parents would never be able to get a hug from her again. It also made us, as parents, think about how it could have been any one of us in the Harshbarger’s place. Paige was a beautiful girl, and it was an honor for the girls to play softball in her memory. Along with the trophy, the girls were given a picture of Paige. My daughter has hers displayed on her trophy shelf. This is a tournament we will continue to support.

  7. scoot did not do it HOW do u shot yourself in the head 2 times

    • look adam is scott’s brother you need to back off.. he is a little kid.

      • unknown,

        He did not say that, nor does it matter. One, since he is a kid, he should not be commenting on my blog, since my blog is for adults. I have a strict policy to not allow comments from anyone under 18. So, his comment has been removed, as your response to him has been as well. Two, it is MY blog and I will not back off, regardless of age. Now, if you had not said he was a kid, there would not have been an issue!

        • Im so lost and I feel so much sympathy for this family,exspecialy Scott..he has been labled a killer when only,he is a victom!I am very confused how and why there is,or has not been a further investigation done,scotts name needs to be cleared so the young man can be put to rest the correct way since he was murdered as well…When all said and done each meets there maker and those who know they did this will live a life of shame,and a eternityof hell.

  8. It was not Scott Moody who did it, and it also was not John Stout who did it, unfortunately i know the crazy scary guy who did it, he was a good friend of John Stout’s and was trying to help him and keep him out of trouble. The guy that did it is a Sick man, and has also caused a lot of other people in Bellefontaine Ohio to come up missing or dead.

    • Really wish you would tell who the person is. It’s anonymous so please say so the truth comes out and the real killer is put away where he should.

  9. let me just say number one have your facts straight before you start something like this! there were 7 people shot all together and 6 people killed Scott’s Sister Stacy didn’t die!

  10. I was listening to Paul Harvey once and he said if you want to commit a murder go to Logan County OH. Interesting…….

  11. ok i think john stout had something to do with it the only person i know who is a very bad man and who has red hair and that is heavy set is ora tingler

  12. Scott DID NOT do this senseless and horrible crime! I had known him since grade school. Shortly before this all happened we had a very long conversation about the what John was doing to his sister Stacy. Scott informed me that he was planning on going over the heads of the Logan county sheriff and the cops in this god forsaken town!!! Until the day I die I will stand up for Scott Moody and let people know the young boy turned young man that I knew. John Stout and Mike Henry will get what they deserve when they die!! Scott you are very much on my mind everyday and I miss and Love you!!!

  13. I also believe that Scott did not do this. I believe this was some sort of conspiracy cover up and the entire county needs to be probed. The county is one of the most shady places in Ohio. There needs to be more public scrutiny about this case. I’ve heard about these other people involved and about what was happening with Stacy. So let’s not let this go

  14. scott did not do those murders it was the county covering up because they didnt want that kind of reputation from one of there officers being involved with a minor thanks alot you assholes from logan county you fucked up my life worse than what it already was so pat yourselves on the god damn back rot in hell

  15. i live here in bellefontaine, i know for a fact that there is a mafia here in this area that consist of police,sheriff,lawyers just to name a few! i was falsely arrested, they asked me to sign a paper sayin i would not sue them, i declined, i was followed, they kept ticketing my car, and using other intimidation techniques. i went and seen the first attorney, he had no interest in helping me, just the opposite, encouraged me to sign! the second attorney i went 2see just for advice b’cuz he was my deceased gr.father’s close friend! He told me that there is a mafia here, that he was associated w/it, i didn’t ask how, but he said people end up in ditches if u cross one of them! he said if i were u, i would go sign that paper today! i did! i was, and still am afraid! i believe everythng he told me, he was genuinely concearned for my life! so don’t b narrow minded or nieve when questions r raised over any death around here, or so-called accidents, or unlikely suicides ,especially when a cop is involved in the story!

  16. I read this blog after watching a TV show about this incident. I’m stunned at the grammar and spelling within these posts. What is going on in the schools in Ohio?

  17. Wasn’t him that cop was my neighbor an threated to kill me said that he done it once he’ll do it again and I looked at his wife and said how could u marry someone like that I could see it in his eyes he did it hope one day people will no hate how someone my age looks like a killer when he was murdered it’s unfair unlawful while the man who did it get a paycheck every year for surfing the state it’s fukd up even his own family knows 100 percent he’s guilty but don’t care I no to much

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