• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Erica Michelle Maria Green murder *Precious Doe* 4/28/2001 (approximately) Kansas City, MO *Mother, Michelle Johnson, pleads guilty for Erica’s murder*

child abuse prevention

Erica “Precious Doe” Green

Find-A-Grave: Erica Michelle Maria “Precious Doe” Green
Beheaded Toddler’s Final Days
Decapitated Body Of Young Girl Found
Investigators Exhume Body Of ‘Precious Doe’
FBI Team Taking New Look At ‘Precious Doe’ Murder Case
New Leads In Precious Doe Case Bring Cautious Optimism
2 In Custody In Connection With Precious Doe Case
2 Charged With Murder In ‘Precious Doe’ Slaying
Mom Charged With Murder In ‘Precious Doe’ Slaying
Mother, stepfather charged in ‘Precious Doe’ killing
Man Committed to Finding Precious Doe’s Killers
Prosecutor to seek death penalty in “Precious Doe” case
First-degree murder charges still possible in Precious Doe
Muskogee couple to be extradited Tuesday in Precious Doe killing
Beheaded Toddler’s Final Days
Mother of ‘Precious Doe’ Pleads Guilty in Daughter’s Death
Mother Of Precious Doe Pleads Guilty In Daughter’s Death
Precious Doe’s mother admits guilt, agrees to testify against husband
Judge sentences mother of ‘Precious Doe’ to 25 years
Mother of ‘Precious Doe’ sentenced in Kansas City
Update: Erica “Precious Doe” Green murder *Harrell Johnson convicted of her murder; Sentenced to LWOP*


HarrellJohnson prison mug

DOC Id 1185304
Offender Name Harrell L Johnson
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 09/07/1979
Height/Weight 5’9″ / 185
Hair/Eyes Black /Brown
Assigned Location Jefferson City Correctional Center
Address 8200 No More Victims, Jefferson City, MO 65101
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 751-3224

Sentence Summary Life W/O Parole (Life W/O, 4, 25 CS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Harrell Laron Johnson; Stauss Nickname; Harrell L Johnson


MichelleJohnson prison mug

DOC Id 1169768
Offender Name Michelle M Johnson
Race Black
Sex Female
Date of Birth 01/09/1975
Height/Weight 5’9″ / 232
Hair/Eyes Brown /Brown
Assigned Location Chillicothe Correctional Center
Address 3151 Litton Road, Chillicothe, MO 64601
Assigned Officer Phone Number (660) 646-4032

Sentence Summary 25 YRS (15 + 4 + 4 + 2 CS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Michelle Marie Pierce (LEGAL NAME); Michelle Pierce; Michelle Green; Michelle Pierece; Tonya Nudley; Michelle Marie Johnson; Michelle D Green; Michelle Marie Green; Tonya Annette Nudley; Michelle Desire Pierce; Michelle M Johnson; Michelle Marie Pierece; Michelle M Green; Michelle Shaute Desha Green; Michelle M Pierce


33 Responses

  1. I was in jail with the mother right before she was arrested for the murder. She was not a very nice person seemed more worried about her husband and getting out so she could go get crack and get high. She was mean to other inmates and I thought she was a cruel person then!

  2. Marianne-

    You just confirmed what I thought about her. So that is not a surprise. I am glad you shared that.

  3. dont say that about my mom. she is a nice person and she would not do that to her like that. so you reallyt need to stop

    • Fuck your mama, that bitch should’ve got the death sentence. Hope she rot in hell ragged crackhead hoe

  4. The thing i cant figure out , and im sure none of us really can is how can you let someone do that to your child? it or alcohol is involved you cant neglect a child. as a parent she shouldve been more responsble and has some heart toward Erica. Substance abuse is proof of her immaturity and lack of love toward that poor child. Ive been around people that use drugs but when their children need them they always do their best to help them even if they are under the influence. People like Michelle need to be put behind bars for life if not given a death penalty. I dont see how anyone can do such harmfull thing to such a beautiful little girl. R.I.P. ErIcA MiChElLe MaRiA GrEeN!!!

  5. Poor erica green better known to us as precious doe she was a beautiful little girl and what her stepfather did to her was terrible I have two girls of my own and there is no reason for what he did to that child I understand that the mother was on drugs I hope she can get some help for that but I will always wonder why she just did nonthing when he did bad things to her child

  6. […] was inspired to write Tethered after hearing the horrifying real-life-and-death story of Erica Michelle Maria Green (Precious Doe) on NPR. Amy just finished reading: Matters of Faith by Kristy Kiernan , “A fantastic book […]

  7. […] was inspired to write Tethered after hearing the horrifying real-life-and-death story of Erica Michelle Maria Green (Precious Doe) on NPR. Amy just finished reading: Matters of Faith by Kristy Kiernan , “A fantastic book […]

  8. sorry that you have to have that nasty trash as a mom kiya. but nice people would be more worried about keeping their child from getting beaten to death and decapitated with hedgeclippers than chasing their next high. so you are wrong in your opinion.

  9. that is so sad what happend to preciuose doe and she is
    in a safe place now.

  10. I am outraged that he won’t get the death penalty and that her Mom is testifying against him they both deserve to die for this crime. Why would any Mom let any man do this to her child, yet she gets a deal to testify against him for a reduced sentence or to take the death penalty off the table. I am sick of the system.

  11. I was drawn in to this story as it unfolded in Kansas City. What this precious little girl had gone thru the last few days of her life, I am so sorry this happens in our country. I remember going to those Saturday night vigil’s, hoping to find her identity. So many politics that got involved along with ego centric people and their hidden agenda’s. Only added to this cities embarrassment. Once Erica died, a very lonely death. She would have her head cut off in the woods by her mother and her boyfriend. Then discarded like trash. I am glad that Erica now knows no pain. That is why we dedicated a song written by myself and my daughter and Savannah. At the time we did not know her identity. To all those who went to those vigils, thanks for never giving up. Ty

  12. KIYA,

  13. To Maria, did Michelle grow up in Aurora Colorado or Aurora Illinois???

  14. i dont care dont say bad shit about her… you was not saying shit about her when yall was friends.. so dont say it now ok…..also i dont care if she put her man 1st people change. You did bad things in ur life and people make mistakes……… now you n33d to shut the hell up and stop talkin about her…. ok and if yall have anything 2 say hit me Up on my email (lames)

    • Fuck your punk ass mama and fuck you too with that attitude. Hopefully you don’t grow up to be a nothing as human as your mother. Hope the bitch get everything she deserves

  15. Poor child. I can’t believe it. I know it was her grandfather who identified her, but wouldn’t anyone know who she was before then? But know she’s free in heaven. She would have been 12 if she was alive today.

  16. yep and i love my sister with all my heart,,,,,, and yall need to grown up ok

  17. kiya,

    Just because people don’t agree with you and your feelings does not mean that they are wrong, or need to grow up. My feeling is that you need to grow up and realize that if Michelle Johnson is your mother, she pled guilty to Erica’s murder and that DOES make her a murderer. Doing nothing when your child has been murdered, including having her head cut off and just thrown away, does NOT make her a good person at all. In fact, I would say it makes her an evil person. A mother should always protect her children, no matter what. She failed (but then again, by her own admission, did not try)

    And interestingly enough, if Michelle is your mother, then Erica is your SISTER, but yet, not a word of kindness, sympathy or compassion for her, and she is ALL that matters in this. How cold and vicious are you? Maybe you are just like your mother. I hope not, but if you are, don’t have children.

  18. I truly believe that we should let the punishment fit the crime. Whatever horror you have visited upon another being, you should receive. Behead someone, face decapitation. Through gasoline on your ex and toss a match, be dipped in gasoline and set ablaze. This may not deter crime, but, this is Biblical justice and it makes sense. I would rather support this policy than paying for some piece of dreck’s room and board for 30 to 90 years as a taxpayer.

  19. *throw* gasoline on your ex..

  20. Aefae,
    I totally agree!!
    Kiya, you should be down on your knees thanking God that it wasn’t YOU that had your head chopped off. Your mom is a waste of air and space, period. Nothing else needs to be said. RIP Precious.

  21. Wow, where do I start? First and Foremost I want to say to everyone that put in countless days and sleepless nights trying to find out this Precious child’s identity. Thank you, you guys are Heaven sent…I do not know the family nor the lil angle, but I do know that sometimes our hard work goes unnoticed and without a small thank you, that sometimes make all the difference in the world and can go a long way..We now know this wonderful child can Rest In Peace..

    I would also like to say to every one that has wrote in, in regards to this case that just because we feel the pain, the sorrow and the hurt for this child, do not give us the right to put blame and/or judgment on the siblings of Precious Doe, they too are victims and have had hard life’s.. A child only knows what they are thought…I have read some of the statement made to one of the daughters that lashed out on her mothers behalf, stating that her mother is not an evil person…Listen in this child’s eyes her mother is her mother right or wrong, we as adults should lay off this child that knows no better and you can tell she knows no better just by her conversation. What we as adults need to do and/or say is…Kiya, I’m so sorry that you have had to Indore such pain and heart ache in your young life…Please do not let such tragic brake you, but only make you a better person than what you came from.. I know you loved your sister as we all did, this is a hard time for us all not just you and I pray that one day you will see that and understand what has happened to your sister as we know as Precious Doe did not have to happen and that it was an act of selfishness and evilness, now who this child puts the blame on, is on her. Who are we as people to judge this child for taken up for her mother…WRONG or RIGHT…When we judge remember we will be judge…Lets remember Erica Green as the Precious and Beautiful child she was and thou she may have not been love by her mother, she became loved by the world…
    Do not stand at her grave and forever weep
    she is not there, she does not sleep
    she is a thousand winds that blow
    she is the diamond glints on snow
    she is the sunlight on ripened grain
    she is the gentle autumn’s rain
    when we awake in the morning hush
    Erica Green our (Precious Does)
    will be the swift uplifting rush
    of quiet birds in circled flight
    she will be the stars that shine at night
    So please do not stand at her grave and forever cry
    She is not there, she did not die.

  22. Hey, why are those monsters smiling in their mugshots? Michelle Johnson is a stupid vile fat whore so-called mom that had no remorse for her dead daughter! I hope those so-called parents get theirs in prison! Rest in peace, Erica Green, no one can hurt you now.

  23. I hope they string her sorry a$$ up. Let some of the Mothers in jail beat her down. Just too stupid to bear children. When you put a “man”, and I use that term loosely, in front of your children, you are one sorry female. They gave her 25 yrs to life. I hope she stays in jail until her childbearing years are over. And as for him, life with no parole is too good. I think the Gas chamber is in order here.

    May the Lord hold you and love you, Little Miss Erica R.I.P

  24. For what they did to that little girl they deserve to be killed just like they killed Erica. They are stupid and crazy and I’m not going to be satisfied until I look on the news one day and hear that they have been executed. Erica didn’t deserve this at all. I hope that they’re are having a bad life and when they die, I hope they’re next life be hell. I HATE THEM!!!!! R.I.P. Erica Green.

  25. Stacy,
    I was confused by your post. If Kiya can’t take the heat for her comments, she should stay out the kitchen. You or no one else has the right to tell us how to feel about that murdering bitch-of-a-mother Michelle and her “man”. No one is JUDGING Kiya for “STICKING UP” for her “mom” and I use that term VERY losely. All were saying is she needs to thank God it wasn’t HER who got her head chopped off. Reverse the roles. I’ll talk about her if I damn well please, she needs to get the death penality for what she did to that baby. “Bad things” in life??? Try MURDER. Thats alot more than “bad things”. Why am I even wasting my breath? Oh yeah, and I can tell how much you “love” your sister. What a joke.

  26. That momma & boyfriend need to be set on fire for what they did to that child.

  27. I wouldn’t b on her defending her if she did some like dis to my suster

  28. I used to walk past the park that she was found at every single day &’ ask myself what type of person would take a babies life. She was a innocent soul that didn’t deserve for her life to be taken like that. Kiya sweetie you can feel how you feel but the fact still remains that your “MOTHER” &’ her husband not only killed your baby sister but they BRUTALLY MURDERED HER…..

  29. I was young to young when this happen but today as a 27 year old man the pain is still that much strong… how could u even amagine the thought of hurting anybody like that. Let alone your own child. We love and miss precious still. And as far as the parents. The got the easy way out cause it would have been 3 funerals with me…. r.i.p bby girl

  30. Stupid ass ugh people like them are horrible

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