This Week on America’s Most Wanted


Dan Hiers: Dan Hiers, a former cop as well as an accused murderer and child molester, is on the U.S. Marshals’ 15 Most Wanted and is one of AMW’s Dirty Dozen. It’s been two years since cops say he killed his wife, stole her truck, and fled South Carolina. Now, this week, we’re hoping you can help us track him down and teach him a thing or two about good police work.

Dan Hiers

Unknown Jose Gurley Killer: 17-year-old Jose Gurley was a high school superstar in West Bridgewater, Mass. But when he returned home to Brockton, he was just another kid on the street, fighting for his life. At a party late last month, he lost that battle to a group of gang members shooting blindly into the night. Police locked up a man they say drove the getaway car, but even with almost 75 eyewitnesses to the crime, cops are still searching for the gunman. You can see a tribute to Jose on, then this week; tune in to help us bring his killer to justice.

Unknown Jose Gurley Killer

Kenneth Cofer: AMW tipsters have provided several clues that investigators followed up on. But unfortunately, nothing concrete has panned out. But now, we’ve released a picture of one of Cofer’s tattoos in hopes that someone will recognize it and make the call that will finally put him behind bars.

Kenneth Cofer

Edmundo Cerda-Anima: The manhunt for accused killer Edmundo Cerda-Anima has gone international. Police now believe the former Hurricane Katrina contractor may be going back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico—and if he’s caught, he’ll have to answer for a lot more than crossing the border. Cerda-Anima was a featured case in this week’s addition of the AMW Insider Newsletter. On, you can sign up for the Insider, as well as check out the details on this case.

Edmundo Cerda-Anima

William Plemons: Police say William Plemons has a reputation as a real romantic… that is, until you get to know him better. Plemons carried on a series of pen pal relationships from behind bars – but according to authorities, he was more interested in money than love. When one woman threatened to unravel his alleged scheme, police say Plemons turned from Casanova… to killer.

William Plemons

Juan Palacios: It’s hard to believe that anyone would kill over a dispute concerning sixty bucks, but Tustin, Calif. police say that’s exactly what Juan Palacios did on January 5, 2003. Witnesses to the argument say that Palacios actually got the money he was looking for, but cops say it was his wounded pride that led him to kill his co-worker, Mario Santomaria. Get a good look at Palacios on, then tune in this week to help us take him down.

Juan Palacios

Daniel Andreas San Diego: The FBI says Daniel San Diego is a cold-blooded terrorist, accused of savagely bombing the offices of medical researchers in California. His distinctive tattoos may be the clue that leads to his capture, and cops need your tips to bring him in before he detonates another one of his deadly weapons.

Daniel Andreas San Diego

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