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  1. Nora was a close family friend of ours and she will be greatly missed. She was a warm and loving mother who loved her friends and family with unconditional love. She lived in what I would consider to be a bad neighborhood and was always tormented with dope heads coming in her house to rob her, but all in all no matter how bad off they were or how threatening they were she offered all she had and even let them stay if they needed to sleep. There wasn’t a bad bone in this woman’s body and it breaks my heart to hear that such a tragic thing happened to her. I hope he receives the death penalty for his crimes, demented, sick or mentally unstable…. call him what you want but he’s a violent MURDERER!!! He viciously murdered his own mother in her house after she opened it up the him. She would have given him everything he needed or wanted but he killed her. This man deserves no sympathy and he deserves nothing but the worst. I shall be at his court date and I shall try everything in my power to see that this violent man is never released, or better receives the death penalty. At least it makes me feel better to know that Nora is in heaven and she is with her beloved daughter (who was also violently murdered) living in peace and away from all the heartache of the world. RIP Nora Cook, you will be forever be in our hearts and missed greatly, the world is truly a sadder place without you. God Bless

  2. Just a few words I don’t know who meagan finnegan is but I grew up with this family and never once heard anyone speak of a meagan??? This family was a very disfunctional family and Nora was NOT a warm hearted person. Further more she used francis as a slave and was the cause of her tumor that she got when she was 11 yrs old by throwing her down stairs.. come on now how well did you really know this family??? Not that well huh??

  3. Not saying that Doug doesnt deserve punishment but his mental state can be blamed partially on his own mother that he killed, I never once in my life saw this woman hug her children nor speak a word of love out of her mouth. Not even a “I love you” could you imagine not hearing I love you from your mom or dad??? NEVER!!! She constantly screamed at them and talked nothing but negatively. God bless her soul she will need it.

  4. Just to let everyone know that Douglas Cook’s court date is on April 28th 2008 at the Frank Crowley Court Building in Dallas

  5. Douglas took a plea and got off easy. 25 yrs

  6. I dated Doug Cook for a couple of years in High School. I knew his mother to be kind, but medling. Although her intentions seemed to be of a helpful nature, she would never let anything go, which was aggravating to Doug. The Doug I knew was very kind and loving to his sister Francis, but he blamed his mother for their situation of poverty and distance from his father.

  7. Oh my god! I have been looking for Doug for many years. I am a child hood friend. I ran into him in about 1978 or 79 and have’nt seen him since. This is unbelieveable! I knew his mother and sister as well. He was a good guy, but I think he got into drugs pretty bad. I am sorry to hear this.

  8. this is catherine evans. nora was my second mother when i lived in dallas. Doug i knew you and wish you the very worst. with love to nora.

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