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    Kim Marie Swann

    November 9: 1984: Kim, 21, was raped and killed in Tampa, FL by serial killer, Bobby Joe Long, who now resides on FL death row.

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Kevin Shepherd murder 8/11/07 Copperton, UT *Steven Lovendahl charged with his murder*


Argument Leads to Deadly Shooting
West Jordan man fatally shot in Copperton early Saturday
Police investigate bizarre Copperton shooting


6 Responses

  1. Kevin Shepherd was my bother- in-law. We miss him very much. I would like to know what has happened to the guy that murdered him. I hope he gets a long sentence.

  2. Tricia,

    I am Kevin’s sister. I too miss him very much. Steven Lovendahl has been charged with First Degree Murder…Murder One…I too hope he gets a long sentence. Something that has not been made public yet, but which is extremely disturbing happened…and Steven and all those there should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t know if you can get my contact info through this site…but Tricia, you are welcome to get in touch with me.

  3. Rest in Peace Kevin.

  4. It would seem that there have been quite a few strong words given by those that have a limited understanding of what transversed on the night of the occurrence of the events that surround this situation. I am not here to advocate the behavior of any of the parties involved in the scenario. I simply wish to place into clearer perspective the actions that did actually come to pass. Let us start at the beginning, as it would seem a good place to start. Did Kevin make passes at a woman that did not desire them, I’m sure he did. Was the situation agitated by Kevin and others that were present, most certainly. Was the woman almost raped, certainly not. The fight began late at the bar and carried on at the residence of the woman in question and her fiancé. Kevin had to pick up his child and his vehicle from that residence, so of course there was still controversy at that time. Was the woman attacked unprovoked, not at all. She attacked Kevin from behind and he reacted in turn, did he realize it was her and did not care or did he attack her in a fit of rage, we can not know. What is known, through the given testimony in the preliminary hearing from an eye-witness, is that Kevin was in his vehicle with his son when he was shot. Now, I will give you that the situation itself was certainly extreme. And that given how drunk on alcohol and whatever else the participants where inebriated with can most certainly be counted towards clouding of judgment, self-defense can not be applied towards an individual who is sitting in their car in an attempt to vacate said premises. Hence the very reason that Mr. Lovendahl is being charged with First Degree Murder. I’m not saying that the preceding behavior of Mr. Shepherd is in any way justified, excused, or acceptable. However, it was Mr. Lovendahl’s conscious choice to use such force. As such, he will be tried for it. So, if anyone else would like to comment on the situation, I do hope that you will have the sound of mind to reflect on what factual information there is available, rather than the misinformed media attention that was given to a situation. Kevin should not have behaved the way he did, but that in no way justifies his murder by an individual who clearly had other options.

  5. Hi Bonnie. Thank you for your blog. Discussion on these kinds of events are always good I believe, and I have been following this story. Allow me to explain why. I am married to a woman that Kevin Shepherd had a relationship with, over many years. That relationship ended with her fleeing for her life across the continent. Kevin called us and attempted to contact us numerous times and even threatened me and my life. It ended when I showed him the business end of what is referred to in Texas as “The Castle Doctrine.” I took no pleasure in it. Kevin is dead. Everything I know tells me that you do not speak ill of the dead. In fact, I don’t share this with my wife but my beliefs dictate that I pray for the man. I believe that where Kevin is right now, with a full and perfect recollection of his life (with his twin brother in the afterlife also) must be hell because all Humans are at their core, good. The good man that Kevin Shepherd once was is having to reconcile with the Man that got shot and killed by Mr. Lovendahl. As one who this very day comforts his wife and the mother of his children with the nightmares she still has from what this man has done, I say that Steven Lovendahl is not a hero. We all have faults, myself especially. Everyone deserves as much time on this earth as possible to become better. Including Kevin Shepherd. For those of you still full of hate and anger for those he hurt, I will pray for you too, regardless of you wanting it or not. Life is too short to live with hate, to not forgive, to not improve ourselves. That is all I have to say.

  6. Just a few responses:

    To all of those supporting S.Lovendahl, you are all as big of cowards as he is. There is murder, and there is self defense and the defense of others. That is when you or they are confronted with “DEATH”. If someone has the balls to fight another person with their hands and they can’t finish, then they deserve to get their asses kicked. As far as the girlfriend who got assaulted goes…..she has recovered from her wounds. Kevin and his family have not.

    To Steve (not the murdering coward) it is safe to say that I can now place you in the category of a coward too. You are obviously the type of person that can’t even offer your wife (Laurel) a sense of protection. Just remember there are two sides to every story and only a few (or now two) that know the REAL truth. It seems kind of funny that you didn’t have the balls to speak until now. And just so you know, Kevin knew exactly where she ended up with all of his stuff and money. He was just as glad to see her gone as she was to go.

    Melanie, you should be ashamed of yourself for using this as a platform.

    Obviously this is a nice place that we can all come and vent our feelings. I am glad I was able to get these messages out to the few of you.

    The one message that should be made clear is that Kevin Shepherd was a good man that put himself in a not so good position that night, and he knew this. He paid the ultimate price by placing himself in the situation of being around another that was capable of murder. We all never know when we are around these types of people and just have to be aware and make good decisions in life. Kevin was a great person, friend, brother and father and did not deserve to have a coward cut his life short. He is missed every day that passes.

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