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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Children who kill their parents: Columbo Family murders 5/7/1976 Elk Grove Village, IL

Columbo Family

Frank Columbo
Mary Columbo
Michael Columbo

Patty Columbo – the baddest girl in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs (an excellent article on the murders)
Exclusive Interview: Patty Columbo Talks
Carol Marin interviews Patty Columbo
Lead cop: ‘What I saw was very curious’: Ray Rose is credited with
Columbo again denied parole — but vote isn’t unanimous: 2 on panel
Up for parole, Columbo elicits protest, praise: Emotions still high
A twisted tale of murder and perversion: The chaotic crime scene
Patty Columbo makes bid for parole again
Parole denied for woman who killed family
Murderpedia: Patricia Columbo

Love’s Blood
Killer Kids: Shocking True Stories Of Children Who Murdered Their Parents

Deadly Women: D.I.Y. Orphans



Patricia “Trish” Columbo:

Parent Institution: Dwight Correctional Center
Inmate Status: IN CUSTODY
Location: DWIGHT
Discharge Reason:

Sex Offender Registry Required

Date of Birth: 06-21-1956
Weight: 138 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Sex: Female
Height: 5 ft. 07 in.
Race: White
Eyes: Brown


Custody Date: 10/01/1977
Projected Parole Date: 08/15/1984
Paroled Date: —
Tentative Discharge Date:
Discharge From Parole: 01/05/2119

MITTIMUS: 764046
CUSTODY DATE: 05/15/1976

MITTIMUS: 764046
CUSTODY DATE: 05/15/1976


Frank DeLuca:

Parent Institution: Centralia Correctional Center
Inmate Status: IN CUSTODY
Discharge Reason:

Date of Birth: 06-25-1938
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Race: White
Eyes: Brown


Custody Date: 10/03/1977
Projected Parole Date: 04/22/1979
Paroled Date: —
Tentative Discharge Date:
Discharge From Parole: 03/30/2119

MITTIMUS: 764046
CUSTODY DATE: 04/18/1976

MITTIMUS: 764046
CUSTODY DATE: 04/18/1976


40 Responses

  1. you should pay close attion to the jacob brighton case fort perice florida

  2. […] to “Children who kill their parents: Columbo Family murders 5/7/76 Elk Grove Village, IL……The Oakland Press: Local News: Couple decide to help other families of … … his 24-year-old son, […]

  3. Patty should be granted parole….if this was today and a 37 yr creep and a 16 yr girl he would be locked away….

  4. Ms. Columbo should be granted parole. After all I am sure her parents would be proud that she finally turned her life around. What mother or father could not forgive their child. She can help some of these kids that are killing each other and maybe even if she helps one thats alot. We are a correctional state and I believe she is no risk to move next door to my family and children….please give her parole

    • Since she went to prison in 1977, she’s learned a lot from psychology and has obviously learned a lot of fancy terminology that didn’t exist in public discourse at the time of the crime, specifically all those words and terminology and theory that female murderers sometimes use when they want to blame men for that they did. Her partner didn’t force her to do anything, She killed because she wanted to. The last thing the parole wants to hear from a criminal is that they killed because they were under someone’s influence. That’s why she is exactly where she belongs. She butchered her parents and woever said her parents would be proud of her today is on crack as another poster suggested.

  5. Ken/Donna, obviously you feel the need to reinforce your opinion twice under different names because you know most people will disagree! Patty’s parents would be proud of her for turning her life around!? You think? Well we’ll never know since she brutally murdered them both and their 13 year old son, her own little brother. It doesn’t matter how long she has served, or how well behaved she is now her victims are still dead. And she should be too.

  6. Ken and Donna both of you must be sharing the crack pipe. They do NOT deserve to be society in fact they don’t deserve to be breathing. They should have been put to death years ago.

  7. Lavonna, look at the little symbol besides “their” names…. “Ken” and “Donna” is actually the same person!
    No surprise really that she just has the one supporter. She should NEVER be let loose on society, she’s sadistic.

  8. Bella,

    Good eye! And yes, they are the same person! It is stupid for people to do that, since I can see other settings behind the scenes!

    Your opinion means nothing. Spamming my blog that way, BAD idea.

  9. mylifeofcrime,

    I figured surely there couldn’t be TWO different people supporting her to be paroled! LOL

    RIP Frank, Mary & Michael Columbo

  10. WOW I am surprised anyone would want to see this psychopath bitch released, all i can say is she should be strung up by ankles and drown in maple syrup, make sure the dog is not around to help her. I have read alot of books on killers and she is at the top on my list as crazy as hell and should be put down, why should we pay for her in jail, just don’t make sense to me.

  11. Bella, I hadn’t even noticed that! You are very observant 🙂
    Rich, I like the way you think.

  12. What ever happened to Frank DeLuca’s children? I am sure they are messed up. Didn’t he have 5?

  13. Rich,

  14. I lived in Elk Grove ,and my brother and sister went to school with Michael. This was the worst thing that could have ever happened to our town… Parole? Not even. She knew exactly what she was doing. Her parents didn’t approve of the married man she was seeing who was older than her. Man what rotten parents(sarcasm)!!! Let the witch burn in Hell.

  15. I knew Patty well (12 years worth) and considered her my friend. Nonetheless, to parole her (and Frank)would undo the intent of the sentence handed down by her Judge. He meant for them to be locked away for the rest of their lives.

    Lisa did your last name start with a K?


  16. That was an airhead remark from Donna. So as long as she doesn’t move next door to you it’s ok? What about some other “nice” family that she moves close to?
    Not only was that a dumb comment, it also made NO sense.

  17. marty, was the school she and you attended elk grove high school? and is her house still around?

  18. Mary,
    Yes, it was Elk Grove HS, though Patty did not graduate, she dropped out her junior year, after meeting Frank. She did however, receive her diploma in prison, as well as becoming the first female prisoner to receive a bachelor’s degree while behind bars.

    The house is still there as well, 55 Brantwood. I actually just drove by it the other day (I live a few blocks away) and wondered to myself if the lovely young family living there now even knows the tragic story. That’s gotta be weird, huh?

    Not that it matters, but I am actually of the opinion that her eventually being paroled would not be the worst thing ever, on the other hand, she seems to somehow be rather content locked up, very much an institutionalized case. Within the prison, she is well regarded, and does a terrific amount of work with young new inmates, doing what she can to help them “see the light” if you will, so that they might make better of their lives upon release.

    It should also be noted that being paroled requires (literally, in a legal sense) outside support. She needs a significant support system to be released to (as do all paroled inmates.) At this point, she has a very limited amount of support in the outside world, much less a network of people willing to take her into their homes, where she would most likely be on house arrest for a significant amount of time.

    Just my random two cents…

    • My Mom and her four brothers were going to move there after the unfortunate murders but one of the brothers wouldn’t even go into the house because it freaked him out too much.

  19. Michael was one of my students at Lively Jr. High. His classmates were devasted and so grief counselors were made available to them. My classroom had an empty seat that no one would sit in. We planted a tree in the front of the school in memory of Michael…but his absence would always be there. Patty shook their world. How could thirteen year olds come to understand that Michael was forever gone? His future was taken from him. And even today, I am sure his friends still think about him…as I do. I will never forget his empty seat in my classroom. I just pray that Patty’s seat remains behind bars forever.

  20. I live right down the street and the Gomez family lives there now. They own a auto shop in Elk Grove that is very sucessful. I graduated hs with two of the guys who lived in that house all their life, and yes they know what happened in that house. It doesnt seem to bother them. I personally couldnt do it.

  21. I hope that, if paroled, Patty does find the support she needs. How very sad for all concerned.

  22. ken and donna: you made me realize there are stupid people in this world who believes that this “BAD SEED” deserves a second opportunity.

    I cannot believe that “BAD SEED” has the nerve to ask for parole after what she did to her parents and little brother

  23. being a parent you could forgive your kids for anything. but the poor boy. GOD REST THEIR SOULS!

  24. Do I think she should ever be released? NO WAY! But I won’t talk about her with hatred in my heart. Regardless of what she did, she is still a human being.

    John 8:7 “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

    I, for one, am thankful that the Lord forgives – ALL of us. Liars, thieves, adulterers, murderers, cheaters. If we ASK for His forgiveness – WE ARE FORGIVEN!

  25. how could they do that that is sad

  26. i think kids who do this needed to have more time with their familes thats why they did that because their familes might have ben vary mean to them on even mooshed them away

  27. Does anyone posting actually know Patty? If so, what can you tell us about her? She seems to have turned her life around?…

  28. I went to school with Micheal all thru grade school and up to his death. He was a great kid. Loved by many. Patty deserves to rot in jail for the rest of her life as does that scum deLuca. After all of these years it still brings tears to my eyes thinking of this. I really wish the death penalty could be put upon people like Patty and De Luca even after the fact. To think that we as tax payers, have to pay for them to live, eat and go to school for the rest of their sorry lives, makes me sick. They both deserve to die the same way they killed this family. Go to hell and burn!

  29. To: A.Miller
    I was one of your students , in his class. I remember that tree we planted and the sign that was made in memory of him. The tree and sign are now gone, thanks to Pirate’s Cove. I asked a lawnkeeper about it when I took my child there. They had no idea where the sign was. Lost and gone forever most likely. But… alot of us still think of him often. What a smile he had. He was so cute and funny. Thank you for remembering him with us. God bless you. To all of the bleeding hearts out there, that think Patty deserves a second chance…screw you. Where is Micheal’s and his parents second chance. They didn’t get one. KEEP HER LOCKED UP TILL SHE DIES!!!

  30. Since the jr high was torn down I have always wondered what has happened to the tree and plaque. I was only in grade school when the murders happend but everyone who walked through those doors knew who that tree and plaque were for.

    It is a shame that junior high kids could treat something with such reverence but the park district, the community and its leaders could not.

    Shame on the Elk Grove for forgetting a 13 year old boy and the children and teachers who needed to plant a tree and post a sign to remember.

  31. I miss my Friend mike,and I knew patty did it the second I found out!!! She should have been put to death!!! It’s not to late!!!

  32. i was in Dwight in the early 90’s Patty Columbo was on the honor cottage !!!! being around her made me physcally ill there is truly an aura of eveil that emanates from her , Are you aware she has been involved in all types of scandals while in Dwight? Do you know the Wardenat Dwight before Jane Huch was her lover and Columbo was given day passes ( what other 300 years server would be given day passes? ) this stank deserves to die in prison if you let her out society will suffer she is NOT rehabilitated all she has done is FOOL you .don’t be stupid she was given her time for a reason .let her rot in prison and burn in hell for eternity

  33. so patricia has graduated and done good deeds while in prison. She took three lives that will never get the chance to do good. She is a waste of life. Her only life now should be behindbars. The older man was an influence, but she was all on her own when she made her mind up to kill. I hope she rots in there. I cant see anyone actually gaining anything positive from her release.

  34. mike was 1 of my new best friends I met at lively , I never saw this coming , , nobody can , we were going to his house after school 1 day and we stoped by the mall so mike could get a hair cut . then we went over to walgreens watch my bike 2 weeks before this happeed he didn’t tell me what was up with his sister and his dad . he kept it to himself , he didn’t know .

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