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    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Triniti and Shawn Campbell murders 7/30/2007 Hanahan, SC *Left in car while mother, Sametta Heyward, was at work, found in garbage bags at home; Sentenced to 9 years in prison*

Shawn and Triniti Campbell

Shawn & Triniti Campbell obituary
Family, friends celebrate 2 young lives
Stolen Lives: Shawn Jr and Triniti Campbell
Two South Carolina Toddlers Found Dead in Trash Bags Under Sink
S.C. Children Found Dead Under Sink
Two Children Found Dead In Trash Bags
2 S.C. Kids Left in Car Later Found Dead
Berkeley County officials identify children found dead in trash
2 Children Found Dead in Trash Bags Under Sink
Berkeley County officials identify children found dead in trash bags
Toddlers Dead: Names Released
Autopsy: Two children left alone in car died in trunk after passing out
Mother describes path to children’s deaths
Mother on trial in deaths of her kids
Mom found guilty
People You’ll See In Hell: Sametta Heyward
SC – Shawn, 4, & Triniti Campbell, 1, die in hot car, Hanahan, 29 July 2007


Probationer/Parolee Name: HEYWARD, SAMETTA
Status: Community Supervision
Age: 37
Race: African American


23 Responses

  1. Ok. I saw this woman on Nancy Grace last night. She didn’t look sane enough to be raising 2 small children. When she found out the children were dead from leaving them in an overheated car, why didn’t she call the police and medics instead of putting them in trash bags under the kitchen sink? These are not the actions of an innocent person, or a person who did not do this purposely. Then she went to Arby’s?? I’m not buying the whole “insane” act. Her ass should be going to jail. Do not pass GO, Do not collect S**T!

  2. Actually, they should just put her in a 103 degree car for about 15 hours and let her die. Justice served!

    • perfect…these kinds of people should suffer worse if not the same as what these innocent children has to go through that’s really how it should be!

  3. Shauncey, I agree with you. I can not believe a mother, who is suppose to love and protect their children could do something so horrible. I don’t even leave my kids in the car to pay for gas at the store.

  4. Amy07,
    When my son was about 2, we were on our way to the park. It had to be at least 95 degrees out, so imagine how hot it would be in a car with windows cracked. Anyways, somehow I locked my precious son AND the keys in the car. (this was the diaper bag, stroller/pak-n-play days). I didn’t even hesitate, one new window coming right up! Just that quick I found a big rock and broke the passenger window to get my son out of there. He was free in 30 seconds flat. Another time I was at Walmart and saw a lady do the same thing when she locked her daughter in their mini-van by mistake. When it comes to your children, you react first and think later. Especially regarding their safety.

  5. Shauncey
    You are obsolutely correct. There is nothing I wouldnt do for the safety of my children.

  6. How quick you are to judge this woman about whom you know very little.

    Did you know that she was evicted from her home because she owed She owed $169.75 in property taxes. The government put a single mother and two children out on the street for $169.75!

    Now, check the prices of apartments in her area and you will find that they are quite expensive.

    Further searches will reveal that her area is 4th in poverty for the U.S.

    Now, look again at her situation and wonder what you might have done if for example you have been recently evicted and had to spring for deposit and rent on an apt. Maybe there was no money for a baby sitter. They don’t just hang around on the street corners waiting to keep children for free.

    Did she make a bad choice? Sure. But don’t be so sure she had an abundance of other choices available to her.

  7. TXsharon,
    You call leaving your children in a hot car until they die, putting them in GARBAGE BAGS under the sink, then going to Arby’s, “a bad choice”?? Are you kidding me. There are ALWAYS other choices when it comes to children, humans. Adoption, foster care, or drop them off at the nearset grocery store and run. There is no need for me to check apartment prices, do research, go on the internet, etc… I don’t think I’m being cruel when I say it’s people like you that let people like HER think it’s ok to kill their children because of everyday problems that ALOT of people have, not just her.
    Had it of have been me evicted with my children, we would’ve been at the nearest shelter, or sleeping in a car. There is NO excuse for what she did.

  8. Txsharon I agree with you!!! People are so quick to judge others and everyone in this world has made mistakes and everyone in this world will be forgiven!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel for the kids, but God seen something in the kids future that he did not want them to suffer with. I dont care how much you try to keep your child away from harm, you can’t keep them from death. Last year my brother was at the bus stop and bent down to tie his shoe an old lady lost control and rolled over him just as i turn to get into my car that was only 4ft away. People in my community judged our family so quckly not even knowing that I was at the bus stop with him, he and i sat in the car until the bus completely stopped, then we got out. I walked him to line he was the fourth child waiting to go up the bus steps. ( the bus stop was 10 ft away from our porch, but i still drove him….. So when you all judge someone and say what you would have done!!!!!!!!!!! Remember you can plan action, but not the reaction

  9. Let me just tell you all something, I have been in a situation where I had no where to go with my children and I sure as hell didnt leave them in a hot car all day. I sent my kids to live with someone who could take care of them until I could get back on my feet. That is unconditional love, maybe she should have put them first instead of her feelings. I know she loved her children but she should have done what was best for them and that wasnt leaving them in a car all day.
    So how dare you tell me not to judge? I know exactly what she was going through but my kids are still alive and now living with me.

    Shan, your situation is in no way any where close to this one. An old woman accidently ran over your brother. This lady killed her own children whether it was intentional or not.

    How many of you in your life time, has gotten in your car after it has been sitting all day and say wow it is cooler outside than it is in here.

  10. Shan,
    God “saw something in the kids future that he did not want them to suffer through”. I just really can’t believe you said that. So basically your saying that it was just “their time to go”. Those children would be alive and well had their mother made a better choice than what she did. Do I think she should be held accountable for what she’s done? Hell yes. I haven’t had an easy life either. You have to be able to handle the curve balls that life throws, and get over and through the adversity. No one is promised a good life, you have to go and GET it.
    It’s people like Amy07’s husband who risks their lives at War everyday so we can have CHOICES.
    Sorry people, I’m just not buying what your selling. You want to feel sorry for her? Not me. I feel sorry for her dead children.

  11. May God have mercy on this woman’s soul!! Clearly she is possessed by demons. There is no excuse for leaving your children in a hot care with sweltering tempertures in excess of 130 degrees inside of a sealed vehicle!!! Our children are our most precious resouces we have got to stop being sensitive to senseless acts of murder and abuse of our defenseless children!!! If poverty and eviction are reason enough to murder your babies then I wonder how people survived the depression in the forties?? They didn’t kill their babies!! Many single mothers are faced with equal or worse circumstances they don’t see murder as an option!!

  12. Shan and TXSharon, she may not have meant for her children to die but that was the reaction to her actions of leaving her children in that car. I have sat here and thought about this lady and I think she needs to be held accountable for her actions. The way you two make it sound, it sounds as if you think she shouldnt be held responsible. Maybe she shouldn’t be charged with murder since it wasnt intentional, if she is telling the truth, but she should be charged with manslaugher. People cant go around and do whatever they wish and not be held accountable for the reactions. You should really think about things yourself. Yes we all are quick to judge people who do horrible things but how many times have you done something horrible that resulted in someone’s death.

  13. TXSharon,
    Her aunt said she would have kept the children but Ms. Heyward never contacted her the day the babysitter she had canceled. She had better options than the one she chose. She could have called her aunt, taken the kids inside with her and if her supervisor said she couldn’t have them there she could have said “Okay, my children and I will see you later” and left (there are other jobs). She could have tried to get assistance from the Government which she never tried to get because she said she wanted to make it on her own (not knocking her for this but if there comes a time when things get too much to handle go for the help).

    Shan- your situation is apples compared to the oranges in this case. You didn’t put your child in a dangerous situation. This woman decided to leave her children in a hot car for 8 hours. I left my car sealed up for 10 minutes yeaterday to test how quickly it heats up and when I opened the door the amount of heat in there was unbelieveble. After only 10 minutes and I had the air on before shutting the car off so the car was cool when I first left. Imagine the agony those kids were in while that car was sitting out for those last hours while the sun was beating down on them.

    Also, we have the right to be angry when people do something as stupid and as thoughless as this. Battery-powered fans? Are you kidding? All they did was circulate the heat. And what did the four year do when he had to go to the bathroom and what about the one year old’s diaper. Then she took them home, bathed and dressed them, and put them in garbage bags which she stuffed under the kitchen sink. How accidental was that part of it all?

  14. I am so tired of hearing people say it was God’s will or it was their time to go. That’s such crap! You can say all you want to make yourself feel better, but the bottom line is another human being took it upon themselves to end the lives of two INNOCENT children. Are you saying the rest of us who are alive aren’t wanted by God?

  15. Amen Melissa………. You are so right. God had nothing to do with this. This was the actions of this woman and this woman alone.

    allwoman, yes she could have seeked help. I know there is help out there from the government. In NC, there is a program called the work first program. A parent can go back to school full-time and work or volunteer as long as all together it equals to 32 hours a week and the state will pay for daycare. There was no excuse for leaving them kids in that car. I didnt know she bathed them before she put them in garbage bags. Utterly sickening.

  16. lol

  17. well this how i see it.. i think she is guilty aint no until proven innocent. 70 degrees is to hot to leave babies in the car.. i am not judges but it is the principal of the whole situation. am i do think she needs to be check, because for any mother to bathe them and dress them and then go get something to eat is sick..i dont have any kids but it just the matter. i hate to be the on to say that was a very ignorant thing for her to even consider.

  18. Why don’t you ALL give it a rest. Seriously. When the body has experienced a shock and or trauma it will react in ways we never thought were possible. Meaning, she could have bathed, dressed and hid them not from being sick with demonic spirits as one of you put it, but sick with the devastation of it all and just reacted. First of all, We ALL have done or will do something, whether it be past, present or the future that is NOT pleasing to GOD. And the Bible does teach us about judging (what do you think you are doing here?). Second of all, you do not know her circumstances, be it mentally, physically, emotionally or financially. You can say what you would do in those circumstances but until you have walked in her shoes then you can’t say which road she should have traveled. Should she have made better choices? I would have to say yes. but, I am judging her without knowing all of the facts. I don’t need to know all the facts..I only need to know that she was hurting, she is hurting and probably will hurt deep in her soul for the rest of her life. You say that you will do whatever to protect your kids..maybe she did whatever she could. Just because her “whatever” does nor did not measure up to what you believe it should does not mean she did do the very best she could.

  19. As I write this, tears are streaming down my face. I just found out about the story today from an email my cousin sent me (I live in L.A.) and I am utterly in shock. I came across this website in the hopes of getting more insight about the situation, but now I am just more in shock. The last time I checked, God didn’t have a spokesperson, so I totally disregarded everyone’s comments about God. Now if you would have quoted something from the Bible I would have been a little more responsive.
    Anyway, moving on to what’s important, instead taking time blaming and giving our opinions, we should be moved to action! As believers in God, we should be praying that this never happens to another family. It’s too late for Shawn and Triniti, but it’s not too late for the millions of other children out there that this could easily happen to. We need to reach out to those single mothers we know and make ourselves available if a situation like this arises. We need to contact our policy-makers and demand that affordable quality childcare be made available to EVERYONE. It’s disturbing that childcare is available to those who are unemployed and receiving government assistance, but the people who are working have wait outrageous lengths of time for assistance (I am speaking from experience). What’s also disturbing about this story is that I have heard no mention of the father of those precious angels. I realize that Heyward was a single mother, but have we as a country become so accustomed to single motherhood that fathers are taken completely off the hook? I know we can’t drag him into court and charge him, but in theory, he is just as guilty. Where was he when his children were suffering in that hot car? Heyward made some bad choices, I agree, but SHE IS NOT ALONE in the wrongdoing. Her babysitter cancelled at the last minute, her employer gave her an unfair ultimatum, the father of the children offered no assistance, and the government has failed her and many others miserably. This sad, unfortunate situation should be a wake up call to everyone, and we must not let anything like this happen again.

  20. I also just found out about the incident via email with the newspaper article as well as heartfelt pics from the funeral. I believe that the mother should be held accountable for this incident. She is guilty of many things and the reason she did is irrelavant. Me being a mother of 2 boys( 3 years and an 8 month old) can put myself in her shoes after this happened. No I wouldn’t have left my kids in the car but unfortunately some people(be it caregivers, relatives or friends) may find themselves in a situation like this and make the wrong deicision. I would have definitely taken my children to get medical treatment. But no one can argue what they would do or wht she should’ve done. It happened, it’s unfortunate and it can’t be reversed. But to shed some light on what she did when she came home… Her maternal instincts is what made her bath and dress her children.(The trash bag thing is still shaky to me) This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of someone who cleaned their loved one after death because they didn’t want them to be seen by others in a negative manner. Just pray for others no matter who you’re praying to. And try to put yourself in other’s shoes no matter how bad they are. If investigators and police didn’t know how to think like a criminal they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs most of the time. Solving crimes is just a matter of gathering evidence and context clues and coming up with a conclusion. But to make things seem fair we have juries decide on other’s fate.

  21. some of you people on here are so self-centered you actually have the time to sit and judge this woman and say that God had nothing to do with this situation when God had everything to do with it first off let me correct you on where you’re wrong at see first of all God controlls life and death not humans not even people who make stupid mistakes as this woman i’ve been shot in my chest once the bullett was 1 inch away from my heart a crazy person meant for that to be the death of me but God actually gave me a wake up call so yes people do put you in situations where you can die but only God says when like my brother he got shot also but he didn’t make it ummmm wander why it was his time for what ever reason and for you to doubt Gods power you’re not only sel-centered but you’re stupid why do you think that some people die in car crashes w/ the same injuries as the next person and they make it and live but anyway let’s go to my next point when you are first off in poverty see Amy said that she had been homeless before and she sent her children to someone else in the family to stay everybody isn’t that lucky let’s be real c/o that’s what we live in the real world they said she was denied daycare yes she made a very stupid decision to work and leave her children in the car but where was the family someone said the aunt said she wasn’t comtacted i might be wrong but i second guess that and further more where was the babydady now this fucker is the one that should get half of what ever her sentenced is c/o really where was he and if i’m wrong and he was a good father then I apologize for being wrong but if he had been a partiscipating parent then he could have had the children or atleast someone in his family I feel for these children but the bottom line is we have all made messed up decisions none that cost us the lives of our children so let’s take a poll `Who has been in this situation where you couldn’t miss anymore days at work and didn’t have a babysitter,how many of you have walked out and said it’s cold stay in this car it’s raining i’m going into the store I’ll be right back ,and how many of you said i’m going to get evicted and i need money school times coming for my 4year i need diapers for my 1year old and i need deposits to get everything connected for a new place but I can’t miss any days at work but i don’t have a sitter forget it i’m going to just call in and if they fire me then what ever yeah right you can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to me c/o i’m number one apart of the human race so i know how the mind tells you crazy things to do and just because i’m wrapped in Gods grace and he’s good enough to wake me up every morning in my right mind I don’t make moves that will cost me my livelyhood and or my childrens c/o the bottom lines is we all are flesh and blood and no body knows what makes the mind snapp we only know that it triggers something in the brain okay listen to this have you ever seen someone loose their mind ?????Well I have i seen a perfectly sane person loose it 1year ago and never bounced back see all we know is it’s a chemical imbalance see wait before you judge c/o first you people that’s judging don’t even have medical records of this woman and don’t know her as a person and futher more you probrably haven’t even taken any kind of physicology classes now I’m not defending i’m stating facts and it’s not c/o I’m black it’s because i’m educated and i know a sick person when i here of one i read earlier that this one woman said look at her how she looked when the cops arrested her that’s what you need to do is look at her they bought her out with her breast sagging no bra hair not even combed she didn’t even have the curtosy to tie her hospital gown her back was out and everything why no one cared enough to say well she innocent until proven guilty can i tie the back of your gown and comb your hair before we arrest you do you want to put on clothes what is you’r moms # call some family members right quick well c/o no one cared before the crime daycare fell through for some reason like ummm a wild guest would be she over qualified for daycare did you see the tape or did you see the tape see when i watched the tape on Nancy no grace on cnn news what i saw was a 4year old boy that had a fresh hair and a flatscreen t.v. did you pay attention to what was on the t.v. screen it was an educational game like an v-smile or something you don’t buy your kids stuff like that if you’re a murder what about the 1year old did you pay any attention to her she had on a clean diaper it wasn’t saggy or nothing what about her hair was it combed for no more than she had and what about her shirt it was even clean did you see all the clothes in the backgound no you probrably was being influenced by Nacncy rather thanbeing influenced by your own mind to pay attention to the signs and who’s video camera was it wander the botton line is we’re all humans and no we you and i haven’t made such decisions but how do you know you want later on today or tomarrow or even next year this time you hope and pray you don’t but the truth of the matter is that this was a situation made with poor decisions to be sick is a terrible thing but not to have any proper back plan see you know when you lay down with a guy if he’s a good possibility for a father or if he couldn’t possibly father a dog and we as mother make that decision it’s not always a good one and we sometimes are mis lead but someone failed her and it’s even worst see we all need somebody and end up with nobody it’s easy to take that for granted when you have it or to boast and bragg about it c/o i do c/o i have supporters but at times everybodies busy really but thank God something always come thru for the greater good for me and i thank God for that

  22. We lost our daughter in July of 2004 when my husband forgot she was in the car and didn’t take her to daycare. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to us, and we live with it everyday of our lives. I cannot even begin to describe the feelings that I go through and will always go through. Guilt because I was running late for work and had my husband take Mackenzee to daycare. Guilt because I am alive and she isn’t. Frustration because it continues to happen. Not because people are mean and hateful but because most people do no understand that it only takes 20 minutes for a child to succumb to hyperthermia inside of a car. If you really want to understand the seriousness of this situation, visit As for Miss Heyward, I am not going to judge her. I have been judged by so many others over the last 3 years because I chose to stay with my husband because I believe with all that is within me that if he could who would end his own life to have Mackenzee back with us. The pain that we have to live with is a punishment that no court of law could match. Our sentence is life long. My daughter cries when someone gets the hiccups because Mackenzee always had them. To see the pain in her eyes is almost unbearable. It never goes away. Do I know whether Ms. Heyward is going through the same thing? No, but once again, it is not for me to judge. We as parents can take action against these tragedies by helping to prevent more. Write your congressman and senators and encourage them to make it mandatory for car seats/vehicles to have alarms. The technology is out there, but there needs to be more people fighting for it. Think about all the children who were lost before car seats were made mandatory.

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