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Christy Freeman murders *bodies of 4 infants found, so far* 7/30/07 Ocean City, MD

christy-freeman.jpgChristy Freeman, a 37 year old woman in Ocean City, MD was arrested and charged with first and second degree murders. Police were called to her home after emergency personnel determined that she had given birth very recently, but there was no body. Not only that, she denied having been pregnant or having delivered a baby. The body of the newborn was found hidden in bloody towels in a bathroom vanity. Then, during a search, police found the remains of up to 3 more “infants” (none were full-term) in garbage bags in a trunk and a motor home on the property. They also discovered a garbage bag with a placenta inside it. Police are still searching the property to see if there are any more remains. Ms. Freeman has been denied bail at this time also and scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 27.

Ms. Freeman lives with her boyfriend and 4 other children. As normal, her neighbors and friends appear “shocked” by freeman-residence.jpgthis. They say she was quiet and introverted. However, that does not mean she could not have done this. And what about her boyfriend, Raymond Godman, with whom she has been with since 1988 and had 4 other children with. I doubt that she could have gone through 4 more pregnancies and he not know about it at all. And I realize that the “infants/fetuses” were found in garbage bags, but would they not start to smell after a while? I would think so. Maybe she had air freshners everywhere to disguise it… I am sorry to sound “crude” but these kinds of horrible incidents seem to be happening almost every week and I do not understand why a woman, no matter her age, would do this. And Ms. Freeman was not a scared teenage girl either. She is older and knows better. I mean, she has even had 4 other children who are just fine, apparently. She says she wants to clear her name, and I am interested to see how she can possibly do this. Especially when she lied to the police about having the baby and then saying, sorry, it was born deformed without hands and legs (which was completely false as well). And how do you explain having the other “infants/fetuses” around? I don’t get it myself.

Remains of Four Infants Found on Maryland Mom’s Property, Search Continues
Police: Bodies of 3 babies found at scene of newborn’s killing
3 Bodies and Dead Infant Found at Home
Christy Freeman Had The Remains Of 3 More Dead Infants At Her Home
Documents describe discovery of babies’ bodies at woman’s home
Bodies of 3 infants found at Ocean City home
3 More Infants Found Where Baby Died


15 Responses

  1. This is just absolutely disgusting. Who in their right mind delivers a stillborn fetus, hides it in their bathroom, and then attempts to lie to medical practitioners? And as far as the “boyfriend” of 8,487 years, who has never married her, I’m sorry but you are a complete MORON if you did not see all of this going on… How could you not? There’s a dead baby in your bathroom, to name one of the spots where she “strategically” hid the remains of a an innocent baby fetus. I cannot wait until they get to the bottom of this horrifying story, so we may know the truth behind this woman’s sick lifestyle… whether the children are all, in fact, her’s… or if she was performing illegal abortions… Illegal on more than one level- one being that she is in no way, shape, or form qualified or licensed to give an abortion. Two being that these fetuses are well over the legal “age” of a fetus to have a legal abortion. I used to live in Ocean City, MD for a few years, and thought I hardly new the suspect, I used her cab company frequently… and to be quite frank, I always knew the lady was a piece of garbage.

  2. Honestly, this is just too much for mr right now. I’m speechless.

  3. I think that this is a very sad and dark story. I can’t imagine why anyone would do such things to their own flesh and blood, but also to be realistic, was this fate as bad as say being molested by a parent? At least they are in peace now and did not have to live a life time full of sadness and depravation. I think there is obviously something very wrong with this woman and I hope that she gets the help that she needs. That being said, she does deserve to go to jail as well, what she did was wrong no matter how you look at it. I pray for all affected by these awful events.

  4. The help she needs??? She needs a good ass-kicking, then taken directly to jail. And her husband should be right behind her for being with someone so stupid.

  5. Just to let you know..the house didn’t smell good but it def. didnt smell like death or anything like that. Also, there wern’t a ton of air fresheners like you guess.
    Im not saying this isn’t horrific and Christy DOES need to pay the penalty of her crime, but the other 4 kids are very well cared for.. just b/c Christy did this does not mean she doesn’t love her other kids. Don’t forget the kids also have a wonderful father. Ray did not know about this! If he did, don’t you think he would have been charged?
    As to one of the responses.. if you thought she was such trash.. why didn’t you call one of the 20 other cab companies in OC?
    Attack Christy all you want.. leave her family out of it.

  6. Good lord! This woman has some serious mental issues. I think instead of getting the death penalty, she should be sentenced to a lifetime of hard physical labor (of course, she should have her tubes tied first so she can never do this ever again), because that is a fate far worse then death. And um..hello??? Ever hear of BIRTH CONTROL??? I feel so bad for those women who would love to have children but can’t because they’ve had cancer, or are sterile, etc. How are nut cases like Christy able to have children?? What a disgrace she is and what a sickening story altogether.

  7. I agree with Joy. This horrific crime is hard to hear about. Women who have never been able to have children will certainly feel disgust for a woman who callously disposed of small miracles. She should never feel like she has ‘cleared her name’ of all of this. She has diminished the value of her soul. I also do not believe that anyone who lived at her residence could not know what was happening in their own home. Four different times? If she didn’t want those poor infants, why didn’t she just turn them over to the hospital or the authorities ?

  8. In my view this woman comes into one of two catagories, she is either mentally unstable and therefore needs medical help. It is possible that she is suffering from post natal depression which is an illness that can seriously affect a persons ability to function. without the right medical intervention women can do strange things to the outsider, but which to them seem right. Psychosis bought on after child birth is quite common, in which case the woman has no control over her actions, again medical intervention is paramount. The other option is that she is fully aware of her actions and should therefore be punished accordingly, without knowing how she has cared for her 4 living siblings it is hard to make an informed judgement. No one knows how they will feel after giving birth, and most of us just have the post baby blues for a few days. i can’t condone what she has done, but untill the full picture emerges no one has the right to condem her.

  9. Post Natal Depression? I dont much care if she has Post Nasal Drip too… She wasnt so depressed that she killed her other four children, that she gave birth to. So did this PND just come and go or what? Your children are a gift from God and now her other four children will ultimately be the ones to suffer because of their mothers actions.
    Hope she gets the help she needs alright…. help to the table where they perform her hysterectomy.

  10. You all have no idea. I used to be friends with the family when I lived close by them. The other 4 children are well raised, well mannered, and quite frankly, delightful. Christy was at every pta meeting at their school. My friend has a daughter that went to the same school. Her girls were in chorus and she went to every one of their events let alone built the Christmas floats for years with Ray.

    Those of you attacking the family should stop. You don’t know them. I often took the kids to the beach or bikeriding and if we were lucky enough to get it, play in the snow.

    I never thought she could do something like this and was shocked to hear about it. If I ever needed anything, she was right there to help. She obviosly needs more than jail time. She needs professional mental help. No one in their right mind would do something like this.

    I’m basically saying if you don’t know, then you shouldn’t pass judgement. There are so many opionated people out there when they should be concerned about much more important issues.

    Oh and on more note. Anna, K is right, if that is what you thought of her, you should have contacted other companies or used the bus.

  11. As disgusted as I am at this woman for this act, I am probably more disgusted/disappointed/irritated with the media, who have given really no attention to this story, and have spent their time vilifying Michael Vick. Don’t get more wrong … Vick deserves all of the punishments he is going to get from the law and from the league … but it seems the media doesn’t has determined killing babies is not quite as bad as torturing and killing animals.

    They are both equally horrible and deserve the same level of intensity.

  12. I think I’m going to be sick. That’s horrifying! What on earth would make a person, a MOTHER do something like that. I thank God that my mother, despite her flaws, loves me and would never think of hurting me or my siblings (real and hypothetical) that way.

  13. People today should truly examine their relationship before
    having children with someone who may have no morals. These are two people who need serious help. The local authorities should examine the other children as well.

  14. that bitch is crazy and she should get the DEATH PENALTY!!! murder that murderer!!!!


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