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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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This Day in History: Kathryn J. Anderson murder 7/27/1983 Worcester, MA

From Bruce Anderson’s appeal: There was evidence that the defendant had been separated from the victim for a short time and was subject to a restraining order to stay away from her. In the early morning hours of July 27, 1983, the defendant went to the victim’s apartment. She refused him entry but he broke in forcibly. The defendant saw a man in the bedroom, and attempted to attack him. After a confrontation, the defendant armed himself with a butcher knife from the kitchen pantry. The man fled and the defendant briefly gave chase. The man last saw the defendant at the entrance of the building waving a knife.

In the meantime, the victim ran upstairs to get away from the defendant, took shelter in another apartment with another couple, and tried to call the police. The defendant then returned, forced his way into the apartment, told the man and woman in the apartment to get out of his way, and stabbed the victim repeatedly. The defendant then left the room, but returned soon after and stabbed the victim several more times. After that, the defendant left and did not return. Later, he surrendered to the police.

There was evidence that the defendant and the victim had argued frequently during their marriage, and that she had urged him to obtain a good job so that he could support her, their young child, and his five-year-old son from a previous relationship who was living with them. There was also evidence that the defendant had become very upset when he caught one of his friends in bed with his first wife, and that the defendant and the victim had agreed not to see anyone else while they were separated.

A psychiatrist testified that the defendant had a narcissistic personality which made him self-centered to the point of being uncaring of others. In the psychiatrist’s opinion, the defendant did not suffer from a psychotic disorder. However, the psychiatrist testified that the defendant had acted in an impulsive way when he killed the victim because he was overwhelmed with rage and anger. As the psychiatrist put it, the defendant was at the time in a “state of loss of temper.”

A clinical psychologist agreed that the defendant had a narcissistic personality. He testified that the defendant was anxious about his sexuality and that he was upset by the victim’s demands that he find a way to support his family. In the psychologist’s opinion, the stimulus to the defendant of seeing the victim with another man (after an incident in which he had found his first wife to be unfaithful) caused the defendant “to become enraged to the point of bizarre and irrational behavior and violence.”

Anderson convicted of murder
Human factor is central in Anderson murder trial
Stabbing scene described as bloodbath
SJC upholds conviction in ’83 murder
Commonwealth of Massachusetts v Bruce W. Anderson 1986 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts v Bruce W. Anderson 1990 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

First Name: BRUCE
Agency: MCI Gardner (Medium)
Custody Status: In Custody
Date of Birth:
Race: Unknown
Offender ID: W40318
Gender: Male


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