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    June 14: 2007: Jessie Marie Davis, 26, and 9 months pregnant with a girl (Chloe) was murdered by her boyfriend, Bobbie Cutts. He was sentenced to 57 years to life in prison.

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Amanda Buckley murder 7/20/2007 Palm Beach Gardens, FL *Victim’s body found in closet; Jason Shenfeld pled guilty; Sentenced to LWOP*

Amanda Buckely

Suspect in Buckley slaying denied bail
Man Charged In Softball Star’s Death Denied Bail
Teammates, Friends Hold Vigil For Slain Softball Player
Florida Father Finds Dead Girl in Son’s Closet
Police: Murder Suspect’s Father Found Girl’s Body In Closet
Man accused of murdering Palm Beach Gardens teen had rape arrest
Man vents that chance missed to stop killing
Man, 27, pleads guilty to killing Palm Beach Gardens High softball player
Jason Shenfeld sentenced to life
Life Since Amanda
People You’ll See In Hell: Jason Shenfeld


DC Number: W20114
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: GREEN
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 235 lbs.
Birth Date: 11/28/1980
Initial Receipt Date: 12/08/2008
Current Facility: DESOTO ANNEX
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE


19 Responses

  1. Previously prosecutors had decided not to file charges for raping 2 other women by this creep?? See, this is exactly the kind of bulls**t I’m speaking on regarding people in these positions that have the power to letg these monsters back on the street. I guess as long as their families and friens are safe, they don’t have to worry about anything. It’s all bullshit, and it’s high time people like me try to figure out a way to prevent this from happening.

  2. Sorry about my misspelled words on my comment, but I am pissed regarding this matter.

  3. Shauncey,

    Just the Christopher Barrios story. One of his murders was in court just 3 days prior for molesting two young boys and the judge put him on probation. Nice!

  4. Melissa,
    Are you serious??? Thats crazy! I’m trying to work something out. I’ll let you guys know the details when I come up with something.

    Amy 07, Melissa, Panther, Hellfire, Iory and all the other loyals dedicated to Bonnie’s Blog.

  5. And my friends’ son, a young black man, allegedly sexually molested a woman, I say allegedly because I don’t know the exact details. He was sent to prison to ‘rot’ for 40years in Florida. My friends’ son is from a very good home, well brought up in a closely knit family. How could things go so wrong for him.

  6. Because some people are just f**ked up… no rhyme or reason. One incident in a young human’s life can turn one kid into a serial killer, and another into a saint. It takes the good people in the world to take a proactive stance to protect the innocent and helpless.

    The universe is hostile,
    So impersonal.
    Devour to survive, so it is,
    So it’s always been.


  7. I honestly believe some people are born evil. Just as I believe you are born gay. Anyone agree?

  8. I believe this monster needs to be put to death for what he has done to Amanda. She will never see another loved one on this earth and I don’t see why he should have that right either. If I worried about her seeing him “on the other side” I wouldn’t even want that, but I know this monster is going DOWN! My daughter has lost one of her best friend’s and I have to watch her everyday as she deals with the horror of hearing what Shenfeld did to Amanda. I keep hearing what nice people Shenfeld’s parents are .. WELL I KNOW AMANDA’S PARENTS AND THEY ARE NICE TOO!! I don’t really care about Shenfeld or his parents or his attorney for that matter who represented him in the first place.

  9. I THINK ABOUT HER EVERY DAY. I wish there was something I could do. I cant believe they allowed a repeat sexual offender out again and again and now a beautiful girl is dead. Amanda was a fighter and a firecracker, you could tell by her eyes she feared nothing. I only hope she kicked the s…… out of him. God is with her know and I know she is safe.

  10. wendy you did not know amanda did you? keep believing she was an angel. Obviously the media has formed the perception they would like you to harbor about Jason and Amanda (See pic above) but they were best of friends, and neither was obediently well behaved. I dont know what happened that night, and neither do you. Perhaps someone needs to address the behavioral patterns of both individuals which culminated into whatever happened that night. Since you obviously did not know Jason or Amanda, my suggestion to you wendy is simple, ideology we should all live by, don’t call someone a monster or savage unless you have a reason.

    *note from blog owner*
    This comment borders on violating my comment policy. Please DO NOT insult, bad mouth or infer that the victim is at fault or deserved being murdered. You are obviosly a friend of Jason’s, which is fine, but do not come here and suggest that this is the victim’s fault.

    Please remember, most people call ANYONE who kills another human a monster or savage. You may not believe that Jason is capable of this, but do not fault others for normal reactions as that. If someone murdered your loved one, you would understand that.

  11. God bless her family.

    Excuse me? what do you mean “”don’t call someone a monster or savage unless you have a reason.””
    He fricking killed this child and left her in his closet after raping and abusing her.
    HE is a MONSTER.

  12. Lavonna,

  13. this is for =wendy?- i knew amanda and i dont havr to know jason to know he is a scumbag regardless of amandas “behavior” no person has the right to take another persons life. jason is a monster and his parents should be charged also for not alerting authorities immedietly. regardless of what you thought of amanda she was and is an angel in my eyes and in everyone’s eyes who loved her

  14. Can I just throw up right now?? Wendy ?’s comment severly disgusted me.

  15. “wendy?”,
    Amanda was one of my best friends since sixth grade, and i miss her dearly. I also knew Shenfeld. I tell you right now: HE IS A SAVAGE MONSTER, but very lucky that he is in jail and out of everyones reach…

  16. Excuse me but my name is Wendy and I knew amanda and my daughter was best friends with her. I just wanted to establish that whoever the other wendy is not me. I cant believe how this monster has mad her look like a drug addict. Alot of kids try things. Now all because she experimented alittle bit she is a drug addict. People get real. Jason was the adult here. He was the monster. He was the reason she tried drugs. Do not judge Amanda or though shall be judged for all your faults. Amanda was a human being who made a mistake like everyone else has. She was human. She was not a drug addict She was a firecracker. And she fought for her life as hard as she could.
    She deserved none of this. She was defineately the victim. Whoever is using the name Wendy? has to be a realitive of Jasons. Last time I went on this website I had been threatened because I defended amanda and I just want to say Amanda is gods angel and always will be

  17. Omg! this is so sad! especially considering that i knew Amanda when i was little. My sister and her used to be best friends. She even lived down the street from me. I cant believe she was murdered! she was such a nice girl with lots of inteligence and talent. People that kill like this should be living on this earth.. they shouldnt get the joys of living when they take lives.

  18. I have family that knew this young lady, and by all accounts she was destined for a good life, from what I gather it was the parent’s wishes not to seek the death penalty, I would be of different opinion, that being said, It is odvious no matter how hard parent’s try to protect their children, there will be wolves waiting, so lock your doors

  19. What a horrible story. what a beautiful girl you can look at the picture of the murderer and see he isn’t right. Everyone please stay vigilant to ensure justice. Justice is being bought every which way. Money is such a big factor in sentencing. You must press that this animal gets serious time in the slammer

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