Update: Bruce Mendenhall, suspected serial killer *Possible suspect in Tammy Zywicki murder from 1992*

symantha-winters.jpg sara-nicole-hulbert.jpg dusty-shuck.jpg tammy-zywicki.jpg

Sarah Nicole Hulbert
Symantha Winters
Dusty Shuck
Tammy Zywicki (possible victim)
Michelle Carter (no picture)

News Archive: Serial Killer Bruce Mendenhall *Truck Stop Killer*
Confessed Killer May Be Linked To Zywicki Murder
Bruce Mendenhall Facing Charges In Death Of Sara Nicole Hulbert
Slaying suspect arrested
Suspect spawns search for a sixth body
Police probe new lead in 2006 murder
Small southern Ill. town stunned by truck driver’s confession
Truck Driver May Be Linked To Suwanee Killing
Trucker admits to killings

BruceMendenhall mug
Bruce Mendenhall

10 Responses

  1. One of the women he admitted to killing. Was a dear school friend of mine. I just wanted to say sorry to all gieving family’s. And think god he is off the streets. Hopefully those that were lost can be giving justice. Also let’s pray for he’s family. Because they to are victume’s of this man. They more then likely, didn’t know the other side of him.


  2. just cause he is caught. dosen’t replace anything. Nothing will. The only justice would be for thier familys to be able to do the same to him. Then again he will feel all there pain when he dies god well make sure!


  3. Hello,

    I assume that this is the web aimed for a citizens of U.S. Me as a European, I’ve got here completely coincidently, searching for some hilarious criminal pictures..To make one prank profile for the speeddate…LoL..? So In the end after looking around this page.I found it very freaky..So my question is,..What is all about?? What is the use of it?? What you suppose to search for here?? Is it some kind of good news page of America?? Or kind of fetishists ring of fire 😛 ?



  4. Olaf,
    This site is universal, not just for Americans. Welcome aboard. This site is a tribute to our fellow brothers and sisters who are victims of brutal, violent crimes.


  5. I wish someone would look into what I uncovered. Please pass the information along if you know of anyone. Click on link below:

    Suspected serial killers behind City of Fresno cover-up


  6. He has been charged with another murder in Tennessee. That brings the total to seven, I believe. He has also been charged with a conspiracy to have the investigators of his crimes murdered.

    Why isn’t this national news?


  7. i am the little sister of dusty shuck her murder was a shock to her son and the rest of her family she was the sweetest girl and nobody even thought that this would end up happening if this guy did this then i will pray to hte hevans above for justice and this family chain will always be brocken and it can never be fixed

    Always, Desirae shuck


  8. You have not put one of the sweetest victims that he killed that was closest to me. Carma Purpora. She was one of my best friends our oldest daughters grew up together and she was my roommate for several years. This was such a senseless brutal murder and they still haven’t found her body. I miss her terribly we were fighting when she came up missing and I wish I could go back. But I can’t he took that oppourtunity from me!!! We miss you Carma!


  9. my sister is a victim of this mans selfish acts.Latisha Milliken .she was my big sister.im glad this selfish bastard is off the streets.may god forgive him,but if not then i hope he rotes in hell for all the hurt and pain he has caused my family and others…


  10. I just wanted everyone to know that I was a friend of Samantha Winters and everytime I see that man’s face it pisses me off. No matter what she did in life she had a big heart. I know because she was my cellmate. And I miss seeing her very much. To the family my sympathy goes to you and just know that someone else saw the good in Samantha. I miss her.


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